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and to appeal mr cassatt the best team is preparing a motion to address mr skilling you falsified every day with the kind of thing is. that's why i took the action because be produced and starred in the family friendly sitcom the cosby show in the one nine hundred eighty s. it was about the life of an affluent african-american family and was the most watched television program in america from one nine hundred eighty four to eighty nine the nine hundred sixty five t.v. series i spy was the first american television drama to feature a black actor cause be played the lead role for most of his life as an actor and comedian caused be paved the way for african-americans and was considered a role model no more his defining legacy will be that he was the first celebrity convicted in the me two era the movement to end sexual violence gabriel's on doe al-jazeera new york. so i had hair out of there. we don't
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have any help from any side in this war and we don't have anything on the brink of famine and no medical care again many children struggling to stay alive. plus a new referendum in u.k.'s labor day to keep all options open after rejecting may's proposed breaks that deal with the e.u. . hello as the sun goes south so do the rains but they're pretty sporadic at the moment if you think that each of these is a shower cluster the route that many around we see in some decent downpours seventy millimeters or more in the cameron highlands and malaysia but that's not a huge amount to be honest full cost wise again they dotted around the shows including forecasts to be of
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a singapore jakarta still looks dry and most places will be the main land mass of southeast asia a must drive place and as the monsoon comes south that's true particularly for myanmar for thailand where so much drive picture the change of season the opposite way so spring rains seem likely in the southeast of australia and you've got these frontal systems running through which means temperatures change quite rapidly positive to negative in twenty four hour period twenty one in melbourne but take take a day forward and the next and ten fifty will be about sixteen days change and feel differently twenty seven in sydney as a contrast there are showers on the coast of southern queensland and new south wales and you think something might happen further west well person joining twenty three degrees that is what's happening as the new zealand a quiet couple of days not especially warm only thirteen or fourteen degrees.
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this muslim undertakers working here is just seven days a week that's grown with a community my father purchased a black. store to do the laundry and we saw the stock being faltering. business partners the stories we're told often here by the people who the. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. and again you're watching out of there as a reminder of our top stories this hour contrasting speeches ever availed deep
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divisions between european leaders us on the donald trump and general assembly bush's america first agenda. global cooperation. from the. province there's no word yet from the biggest group for me known as. an american comedian bill cosby has been jailed for up to ten years for sexual assault more than fifty women have accused of sexual abuse and most cases were too old to prosecute. a senior german bishop has apologized for thousands of sexual abuse cases that happened inside the catholic church in germany dating back to the end of the second world war reports covered that more than sixteen hundred priests abused almost four thousand people the mccain has more for many people in germany have wondered about. bruce committed against children in this
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country in recent times by elements within the catholic church here in the city of the catholic church in germany is holding its bishops conference and at a news conference a little earlier germany's leading catholic church man was confronted with some very harrowing insights into precisely herron many young people were abused by peter for priests. in all clarity i say sexual abuse is a crime whoever is guilty of it must be punished for far too long the church has either turned a blind eye to it or try to cover it up for all the failures on the hurt i asked the leader of the church in germany must apologize parts of the research we saw at that news conference pulled no punches basically saying that those that we know about now those cases are just the tip of the iceberg and for the victims who have
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heard what was said there the question now is is that enough what more do they want the catholic church to do to recognize the problem that it has created in this country and really hope there are some bishops. talking that way that at the end of the other week they will come up with a declaration saying that we admit that we as a as a church are guilty as an organization and that therefore we accept that a proper investigation an independent investigation needs to be done now an inquiry one element that emerged from this news conference is clear but these are the cases we know about these more than three thousand cases but the speculation the informed speculation is that there could be very many more victims out there who we just don't know about the question will be what does the catholic church do for them going on from this conference that's taking place in fold this why. the un is
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proposing new peace talks for yemen discussions were called off two weeks ago when who the representatives failed to get to geneva on the ground millions remain on the brink of famine as families struggle to get the help they need might find some of the images now anderson the report disturbing another arrival is a clinic in northern yemen. two years old. means he's in a critical condition starvation is threatening families who are among the poorest in the middle east those least capable of surviving. sam's grandmother is understandably distraught not. we don't have money to transport him to the treatment he can only get in sanaa we're in such a dilemma those who gave us money before can't do so anymore no one can keep giving in the situation we don't have any help from any side in this war and we don't have an afghan. bassam maybe two but he weighs less than five kilos
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that's ten pounds the capital sana'a where specialist care or medicine may give him a better chance might as well be a world away even though the distance from this clinic that as in how province is around a hundred kilometers. fighting on the supply line to sana'a from the red sea port of the data which like the capital is in control of the who the rebels is relentless but a trained government forces as still pushing to take away the control of the data now with the level of fighting as it stands there are worries about how long it will take to open up a humanitarian corridor but tween santa and her data the assurance came out of the un general assembly on monday heard a clamor of warnings that time is running out if a full scale famine is to be avoided for the first time the parents of
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a money attrition victims three year old zafer sack of have spoken of their daughter's death it was last week after she went to the same clinic as bassem had a house and in had your province. her father like the parents of bassem says he had no money to take his daughter to get better treatment elsewhere and xavier's mother is worried about her other children's chances of survival she's inconsolable pika and my daughter had malnutrition and her condition was so bad that you could count the ribs in her chest a feet was swollen from the rest of her body you could see all of her bones so in areas grew bigger but hours before her death the swelling disappeared and she returned to skin and. food aid is now arriving in this remote area and staff in the clinic who tried against the odds to save zafer are now doing what they can to save little bassam hundreds simmons.
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a chinese sophism has been arrested in chicago on charges of spying on behalf of beijing and seven or. is accused of trying to recruit american engineers and scientists and even defense contractors to work for the chinese government jim brown has more from beijing. well this could all be very embarrassing to china's government especially its security service but on wednesday a spokesman for china's foreign ministry told reporters that in his words i know nothing about this well that's not the case with officials at the u.s. justice department they say the g. child shown left china in two thousand and thirteen after being recruited by china's ministry of state security they say while in the united states g. studied electrical engineering at the illinois institute of technology and while there he had another job and that was to obtain biographical information on
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naturalized americans who'd been born in china and taiwan who were working in sensitive areas like defense as well as aerospace the idea being to eventually recruit those individuals to work for the chinese state now while all this was happening g. was somehow able to in list as a u.s. army reservist under a program which allows migrants to do this if they can prove they have skills that are vital to the united states now if g. is found guilty he could face up to ten years in jail and of course all of this happening at a time of deepening tension between china and the united states the wife of malaysia's former prime minister najib razak is being questioned for a second time ever allegations of corruption and money laundering rosmah mansor arrived at the anti corruption commission on wednesday morning and question comes less than a week after aspen faced a new strain of charges billion dollar looting of a state fund. people in vietnam are lining up to pay their last respects to the
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late president as the country begins two days of mourning. died on friday after suffering from a rare virus a state funeral be held on thursday quien was widely criticized internationally for his crackdown on political dissent vice president dan t. knocked in has been named acting president coming vietnam's first female leader britain's opposition labor party has voted to reject prime minister trees made bricks that plan and a possible new deal outcome party is backing a motion to hold a second that referendum lawrence lee reports from the labor party conference in liverpool. if you like reaching. for the true believers in the current labor passim theses the must have a conference never mind that their leader jeremy corbin has only a lukewarm relationship with the european union criticising it in the past as
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a capitalist club convincing him to defeat bricks it is everything now the labor party the democratic party well it's becoming a more democratic party and i think the leadership will accept. the voice of the members. about democracy and actually the call for a new referendum on brics it is also about democracy labor membership has boomed under a philosophy that says the wider the wealth gap in britain the harder you have to fight back until now this unrepentant socialism has maintained a deafening silence over brick sets but no longer over the course of this week the labor party has unveiled a whole theft of eye catching aggressively position policies in favor of redistributing wealth to working people things like putting workers on company boards re nationalizing case services that sort of thing and every single one of them could be achieved without the u.k. having to leave the european union. heads. so labor is now offering two
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things at once first a vote down any deal the government comes up with in parliament on the grounds that it will be economically damaging while simultaneously calling for a national election or a new vote which could include a choice of not leaving europe at all and they first see all those fever there was no doubting which way the vote was going to go. gradually it seems the time it is turning we knew already that the e.u. leaders would definitely extend the article fifty process if we were to have. a face on the deal or indeed general election they wouldn't interfere in a democratic process and make the line during that time so really that's not a worry what we need to do is to make sure that we do have that option so that it's the people of this country having the final say and not just a few politicians most labor m.p.'s who support breck's that haven't turned up this
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week they were there to u.-turn could alienate their own constituents who voted to leave this veteran looked suddenly like a stranger in his own policy when seventeen in the million people vote we know that cameron told you a different result but the truth is they bolted the other way and they voted to. and i don't think you're comply in the face of people seventy percent in some constituencies bolton to get. simple. breaks it is so important yet so impossibly complicated last week there was no future but brick's it even if nobody knows what that entails suddenly as appears a gap has emerged bracks it is by no means a certainty lawrence leigh al-jazeera liverpool player of chelsea football club has suffered another setback in his search for a residence in western europe as police classified russian roman abramovich
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a threat to public security. and invest a visa to britain but he ran into trouble were nearing its this year and applied for swiss residency in two thousand and sixteen hoping to make the ski resort of verbier his home was granted israelis have and may. unemployment designed to send an electrical jolt to the spinal cord is giving new hope to millions of people who are paralyzed a clinic in the u.s. has found some success with a procedure that's enabled three people who were just able to get is to take steps again so the job ari has more jared is doing what he once thought was impossible five years ago he was paralyzed from the waist down after snowmobile accident he is now able to take small steps to be able to move. my legs and. to walk even a stand it means a lot. that there is hope for not only me but other people
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jared was the first patients at the mayo clinic in the united states to have an electrical stimulation device implanted near his damaged spinal cord spinal injuries disrupt nerve paths that normally allow the brain to signal the legs to move in this study doctors implanted an electrical stimulator at the base of the spine between the vertebrae and spinal column when it's turned on the electrical signals appear to awaken those injured nerve pathways letting the brain communicate with the legs once again. after months of intense therapy jared can move back and forth a report on his progress has been published in nature medicine because we were able to stimulate directly the spinal cord itself and we believe that that was very important to be able to regain the volitional control or voluntary control jared's road to recovery has not been easy but he credits
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a woman he met after his accident for giving him the strength to fight were going on at the gym every day for five to six days a week a couple hours a day and the girl that helped me is now my wife and she pushes me hard. further research is being done to understand why does stimulators working and how it can help others we still have a long way to go before we can optimize this therapy make it relevant to other patients if successful this procedure could have the potential to help millions of people around the world who can't move because of a spinal cord injury. or such a party al-jazeera. know without zero these are our top stories contrasting speeches ever veiled deep
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divisions between european leaders and the u.s. under donald trump at the u.n. general assembly pushes america first agenda was frankly to emanuel. global cooperation. united nations is proposing new peace talks on yemen discussions were called off two weeks ago when the rebels were unable to attend but on the ground millions remain on the brink of famine and parents are struggling to get the help they need for the starving children. protests are taking place in refugee camps across the occupied west bank against the u.s. decision to end its funding of anwar and run comments that. these people boarded a flight school the boys there making is very loud and the message is clear dignity is what i suppose what i say is the u.s. d.c. refund those on the up programs that allow schools like this one in jos in refugee camp to function all these people are very goal oriented their school doesn't help another one to take them to even the most livable of the words that the school will
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cut that meets the face the the school is like this is the last of the key west but where this is. going to come from. withdrawing from the demilitarized zone in syria is. but is no word yet from the biggest armed group known as the new. the wife of malaysia. is being questioned for a second time allegations of corruption. less than a week. a new string of charges. respects to the president as the country begins two days of mourning. friday after suffering from a rare virus a state funeral be held on thursday and american comedian bill cosby has been jailed for up to ten years for sexual assault. have accused of sexual abuse but
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most cases were too old to prosecute as i had more news after this. what about the gentleman who died in north fundable this week is with us she said
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that paris is the guest when we're going to be able to oh please see you later when you stretch we bury him two more for we're going to work i'm still working here is a twenty four hour a day seven days a week job to do with the amount of stress that we experience sometimes is immense i can still hope to maybe go on these balls. looking for work of. i'm good i'm a muslim funeral director here in london. i've now part time and i'm letting the young people take over. so what will happen now is we have to take and miss valentino in front of the month to place this sentence in his coffin and we have another funeral happening today so after the
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prayers finish move will take the deceased down to the money and sometimes i do accept is that tall not in full building at the back of the most open and she lets the germans over will take you down to the money and some time and one of the marines will do it but if you look at this is a signature ready my colleagues will take it to us we are ok. and the lady says to who passed away was misnamed the. nephew and the people that came through it all feel that they're christian. i believe that a bit vague in terms of what happens in the muslim if you know as in a sonnet his name is very quick basic and simple in that sense but floor and off to the main explain what's happening.
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right now my grandson in college so i know he's coming in the last six months and we hope that we can train him to take over for me to carry on to do shrooms to carry on the service for the people who are you know under his. moment i'm. going to. want to be i want. my dad and. mom i do know. that you know. others. will be much more.
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as you said it was this will give it all. my whole family's four member who is with him and his so i've been overwhelmed on a day of death and even death is an every day thing. that's. carrying on my family's legacy. mom to walk up with three knowing. my mom dad she went into the company because my great grandfather wonder a little bit help so sure for we can then he turned the years and she just carried on. but she decided she wanted to go back teaching. was quite surprised you wanted
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to do this and i didn't know whether it was just because it was an easy option because you. just. really want to do it to. really enjoy doing. so my dad's a big character and it's really difficult because for twenty years over twenty years we struck we saw a stopping father and daughter and became business partners which challenge to stomach lay how i was dealing with him and talking to him and there's this very much disrespect thing. and we deal with things very very differently i was in partnership with my dad only up until recently. who know was here for twenty years and she decided to achieve would stand back for a while because maybe she wanted to direct her to trust in funerals and i was standing in her way we have women coming here their husbands have died and they can
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relate to a woman better than they can a man especially with asian women so we need a woman's touch here and i think he will be coming back. we have about thirty thousand plus muslim population here in the white chapel east london area and this is always been the kind of melting pot of southern england. you know them love you play polo visit the mosque every now and name and not only did i go. to the extent the most trouble the bit of a troll but islands. lovely little towns and causing quite a. they came the day was. consoled by the i think it was the it was the other night temperature leading to for what great britain's first was privileged to be in london i was speech she might be in belfast is someone that isn't and you always assume it's because the kids in the.
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working quite street was closed off because you had to buy and go to the same time i'm sure it was no for an era and you know i don't live in the area. something. well let me know what the it's simply you know the day and if you engage me we work together we go on to give a what. i want from me in the middle well. we all respect one another's views yeah to a point of we disagree sometimes but we don't ram as you spend people's fronts. the way i do you can't be fearful just in case you have you know that. when the downy i'm not ok and think we're going to happen is it going to happen yeah especially when you go to kate's.
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what i could. to get to your original question yes you have to give them the original green certificate last year which is slowing this country you have to have the greens and difficult original ok i do problems give me a ring but i think you're going by. you only bury somebody once and people remember things when they go wrong weddings and funerals and if you do it right the way my dad used to do it then that's good and if you do it wrong those people will never forget you and will always curse you. too. this is the picture of dad and me. yeah when i was about five years of age because my father it wasn't very happy about having photographs taken when mothers in the sari and i'm sure this was about nineteen fifty six this was taken.
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around about the mid sixty's when there was an influx of muslim people arriving here in east london mainly bangladeshis or at that time it was east pakistan. the need for a funeral service grew so my father purchased a black ambulance van and started to do the funerals here in london. tasneem army was only seventeen is anyone he deputized this far his father was away on pilgrimage to mecca i grew up here in this area and we had this phenomena called bashing we had right wing groups coming along looking for asians to beat up just for the sake of it. my father was beaten up and. it wasn't what wasn't a good time in east end of london. my mum was welsh she converted to islam too in
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the second world war with my father she was a coal miner's daughter can you imagine the stigma of a white lady marrying a dark person but she didn't care but i'm also proud to be a bangladeshi as well. oh yeah that's my dad that's my dad roughly. four weeks before he died and a smile when he graduated. and muna when she graduated she sees the world in a different way because being younger than me she can maybe project forward where i don't that's why i think politicians shouldn't be allowed to be politicians after sixty five that some young blood. a far worse away because they got better ideas and see things better than we do we're always thinking in the past and they're
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thinking in the future and that's important so i do miss her yes. today we have the you know gratian of the strong room for the first british muslim archives and guests who want different books of life have come to join us in the celebrations of this kind of pivotal moment. hygene taslima setup the country's first and indeed it was europe's first muslim burial service we hopefully can to see and the family members coming in. we're starting at five
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thirty so fingers crossed the ocean for make it on time i just got fifteen minutes . that's a very good movie she called. and. i can just misstep ok i did finished secretly timing but that was it ok so where is this that got a this is going to die in the marriage and oh it is before you go down to be struck by how many can see it if you want to hang it in ok to play to have that time play . thirty funny because i didn't. as in most of the on the mailing list right there is actually a plaque that we're old maybe you can take a photo and i can send it to. be nice for dad to say that i was expecting it
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to give him some idea of what went on. a bit of excitement in the room very very well come to see may. be mayor of london to city hall. why should one. explaining how my granddad became like a take out a fellow and love in the room for him so many people that i didn't actually know that knew of me or knew who i was came up to speak to me on this one here because that my dad was at the meeting of this. my grandad's. after some heated discussion the bill was approved impossible. at the time mr tessin alley was requested not to do any burials on behalf of the fund before getting prior consent from the on the you know found out my grandfather someone dies bury them quick
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places that's what you make today i think what they're saying there is you need to make sure you get the mission that you're going to get the money. for this. and of course so your family or your contribution. to building this through house is. this is crazy. so he was saying. you can see all the boats of engagement all destroyed i pulled away from calcutta to london to. see women come up to the grounds go back to calcutta rotterdam back in at my gran that was in birkenau. holding my dad and i go it started him oh really. white kid. because my dad is i am back then there were many makes us that bombay but i've seen the muslim community grown so much specially in the
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standard to what he is now and i wish my grandfather could see this now and my children would have no idea the struggles my granddad had you know when he first came over here trying to get how make you know where would you this sort of thing it shows how people came over and then just you know the struggles they probably had. work or work build. communities make prayers for my father we stopped at a she. just possibly literally in the morning seventy nine year old
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man in the mean to me ill. he suffered for three to four months what has been his country for many many years so my dad went for a lot you have a lot i don't think i was the best person as a son but the last five years i've changed ten years of changed or hunted a lot to a dean both of us father son brothers sisters and this is going to be a big time in our lives or means going to bring us close to a lot of business close to our family members and in the future people people recognize how how precious people are around them especially a fall victim of it and when they go they go and see this is not a place nicer is no place been brought up momentum that is see this is the time you know that you need you to be stand up and i commend now because it is the challenge is is not for your father is not only for you yes whatever you have that is what's our five just look at from the market after you says this
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a lot of these are going to be foreign and much you can't just work for your partner or the part become of the apprentice. very. bizarre that you can go for the five minutes and tell the government can do which. i want to say every day it sticks out for you somebody. something you walk in there and you can take lightly every single day you meet somebody that makes you feel. that your loved ones are still here. it's the way you view die and then how you deal with your family and your friends. was going on there. just intending to ask for. the amount that the whole trip
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place. the element she had from two thousand and. six we've come three forty five in the stand up and for example. scans been booked for four o'clock thank you. well escape question because of all that stuff that's what you'll get they don't really like what. we have five funerals be a god is a piece since i. need to update the law and the asylum will. be cut numbers two for six. they told me in today because a we've got so many funerals are they need to i was at the cemetery and kind of making trying to go stand well. because there will be pandemonium.
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you think. death is such a level and i see it all the time. you meet people from baker to king. and it gives me a big insight into life itself every day is a bonus callouses just please don't build the roads and do what your heart tells you to do the kind the kids may be the last case the anger maybe the loss and you show somebody forgive quickly don't hold it right. it is my one year old have all of this right please like this right this regular scares me please. we are all god's creatures whether we are muslim gentile jews it doesn't matter because we please saudi ok you stay this side of the state decide your brother you don't decide ok from underneath lift up please was my love that you know i lost. slowly
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please slowly. thank you bob was this real love. at the end of the day we go back to our korea and. i know when my father sussed a force on a moment to come in and made sure the business still runs smoothly and that everything starts because being. there in the past niceties. a few men you know some of them they really. are going to go to how are you. i'm a life and what about you. have you broken out from school. ok are you on your own no are you with your mother. ok woot when you ask a kindly to give me
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a ring could i need to know what time should be at the most more because i want to make sure i'm here at the same time. ok so it's a morning show ok. it is going to speak. to the c.b.c. the teaching and stuff. to be nice to see you in the office. i would like that you're right. it took us i just saw him let my son go through much smoke and you had. how you
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learned during that time to the has kids has one. thing and now that this is a new look this is b.s. that makes more sense. than it is that this is another life she really you know this this well yes i think so throw me back then move. for you to come back in a way that of a moron see where you have only come one going people. coming from an asian family do you try to leave your parents strains very often do what pleases them and i think i did that to a certain extent and it wasn't until i was sort of in my forty's i went back to teaching thinking we should have done this a lot earlier it really pulls you know clearly doesn't feel that way so clear behaving himself. he's a lovely guy. my plea is man isn't born he's a man yes. and he's behaving himself this is good this man is really the
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case is developing a family i. oh a marriage proposal well we still waiting on the last act. we. have a knife crime with mommy shall i give her my friend. i've always wanted to come back but she said she'd come back part time but this is not part time job. i need her to be here like five days a week. so for she's not ready for that yet so. my grandson with my guidance and his mom support he can monday do what i do body language is so important expressions on people's faces this is also an education
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and i need someone to stay the ship in the future and i think he will be very successful. if you can just follow the actual cost to the best or to someone. who. can't let go it's something that we've been doing since nineteen sixty seven just can't let go nine. one one mind is active and the body is active i want to help and assist. i want to retire now
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i'm just part time you can say i think i will leave it. when i die. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together twenty five years after the. al-jazeera world tells the behind the scenes story of norway's role in the oslo accords they wanted to have frozen in the ability and reveals how secret negotiations were. misread it. of how and why they're still here to deliver on so much that was promised the price of all is low. and shifting the receiving change in america tweak
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the listening post takes and questions the wilds the devil will be in the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language as their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while. we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on. this is al-jazeera. alarm has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the leaders of the u.s. and iran trade accusations ahead of a u.n.
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security council meeting chaired by donald trump. protests in the occupied west bank against the u.s. decision to cut funding for the u.n. agency helping palestinian refugees. it's the leading cause of death in south africa we'll find out what the government is doing to tackle tuberculosis. and concerns of a new satellite images that show china's expansion of its coal power plants despite promises to shut them down in sports tiger woods sends out a ryder cup warning to his european rivals the former world number one says he's back to his best is the u.s. team aim for a first win in europe to twenty five years. hello day two of the united nations general assembly but world leaders in new york are
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preparing for what many expect to be a critical day at the security council u.s. president donald trump is expected to chair the gathering in the coming hours the topic nuclear and chemical weapons he's expected to take aim again at iran already trump's been trading barbs with the country's leadership iran's leaders so as. death and destruction. they do not respect their neighbors or borders or the sovereign rights of nations instead iran's leaders plunder the nation's resurfaces. to enrich themselves and to spread mayhem across the middle east and far beyond a watching closely will be iranian president has center on me in his address to the general assembly on tuesday he accused him of waging what he called the economic terrorism he had britons he begins our coverage now from new york out of
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the u.n. general assembly the iranian president hassan rouhani attacked the doctrine put forward by donald trump a few hours earlier of patriotism and individual national sovereignty confronting multilateralism is not a sign of strength rather it is a symptom of the weakness of intellect it betrays an inability in understanding a complex and interconnected world and just as the e.u. russia and china have already emphasized president rouhani noted that the iranian deal was in trying to an international law and it was the us who was in violation rouhani also pointed to this contradiction as the us continues to suggest negotiations with iran may be possible it is ironic that the us government does not even conceal its plan for overthrowing the syrian government it invites the talks across town that contradiction was on full display both secretary of state might compare and national security advisor john bolton addressed an extreme conservative
6:52 pm
group that's long pushed for conflict with iran recent language by both men insisting that the goal of the trumpet ministration isn't regime change in iran seemed undermined to say the least. if you cross us our allies or our partners if you harm our citizens if you continue to lie cheat and deceive yes there will indeed be held to say we are watching and we will come after you and pump air had this to say about the plans announced here at the un general assembly on monday night by the remaining signatories of the iranian deal to establish a mechanism to ensure mutual international trade can continue without the possibility of interference from the us i was disturbed and deeply disappointed to hear remaining parties of the deal announced they're setting up a special payment system to bypass u.s. sanctions this is one of the most counterproductive measures imaginable for regional and global peace and security and bolton to scoffed at the lack of detail
6:53 pm
or timeframe for implementation of the plan she had the al-jazeera new york or mohammad marandi is a professor of english literature and orientalism at the university of tehran he joins us now from the iranian capital thanks very much for being with us now imagine there's no shortage of opinions on what the u.s. leaders have been saying over the last twenty four hours we heard from john bolton and from from my pump there is what is president trump but with all of this rhetoric going back and forth on the practical level what do you expect to happen here. well economic warfare aside and the intense intention of the united states government to. impose mass suffering on ordinary iranians. the iranians believe that in many ways trump is a gift and so is peo and bolton as well because they are so crude
6:54 pm
in the way in which they present the united states that they are rapidly increasing its isolation even traditional u.s. allies are very upset with u.s. behavior and trump himself yesterday by lashing out at different countries the germans the chinese and the the russians even indirectly among others he is basically helping the iranians to corner the united states in the international community and we saw in response to trump's very image scheurer speech and bolton as well as speeches we saw the iranian president behaving very much like the adult in the room so this helps iran in many ways but we have to wait and see how things play out but with regard to for example the agreement between the p four plus one but in the main point is that the united
6:55 pm
states has isolated itself despite the fact that the western media is very much affiliated to the u.s. deep state in the political establishment. what do you there's been we were reporting as well that this that the when you call the p four plus one the other the other nations that were part of this nuclear deal with iran are trying to sort of go it alone so to speak and set up a megane is a mechanism to continue trading with iran and sidestep u.s. sanction is is that something that can work. well it's really the united states that going it alone everyone else is a part of the deal the russians and the chinese world definitely continue to do business as much as possible in an in many ways they are increasing their ties with
6:56 pm
iran there is a convergence between iran russia and china because of all of these countries are being threatened by the united states they're being sanctioned by the united states and they're being antagonized by the united states the europeans on the other hand they too want to move closer to iran but they are intimidated by the u.s. president so we have to see how far the europeans are prepared to go in the language and the. statements that come out of the you are finding good but we have to see how much they're willing to grow a spine to defend their sovereign rights to defend their businesses to defend their and independence and their their their nationals good to speak with you mohamad amerindian there in tehran thank you very much our taking aim in iran was part of president trump's theme of nationalism over globalism at the u.n. general assembly on tuesday is thirty four minute speech singled out america's foes
6:57 pm
and friends alike but as a diplomatic end to james bay's reports his speech drew a rather different response to what he intended. when president trump came to the united nations the first of the world leader he met was his french counterpart. he and emmanuelle mccraw embraced warmly then known to get on well something that is perhaps remarkable when you realize as became clear in their speeches that they have very different visions of the way the world should be run trumps world view is america first with all the other countries also putting their own national interests first two he laid that out in a speech that didn't get off to a good start when his bold claim was met with the gospel of astonishment and then laughter in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost
6:58 pm
any administration in the history of our country. america years so true. i. didn't expect that reaction but that's how. trump talked about a constellation of strong sovereign independent nations it of course raises the question of whether the u.s. will give up its moral leadership on issues like human rights america will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance control and domination i honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs beliefs and traditions the united states will not tell you how to live or work or worship a couple of hours later and the french president was at the same podium he greeted
6:59 pm
the world faced crisis but for very different reasons nationalism he said meant that international cooperation was breaking down. in new neighbors well there's no need to look too far to see who is to blame they're here in this assembly they're speaking today those responsible are us believe those of the world it was an impassioned speech he said he didn't believe in the lure of the strongest and he made a passionate defense of parts of the system the trumpet ministration has either attacked or defunded. and only says yes we shall support those working for peace and humanity you nasco the conscience of the united nations the human rights council the international criminal court unaware for whom we are increasing our support. in his speech president trump said his administration will reassess how much money it gives to the un and how much funds it gives in international aid that potentially is setting up a new confrontation for next year president marc ross says he wants to give forty
7:00 pm
percent more international aid and france is heading the g. seven next year it wants all the members which include the u.s. to give more james pays out of the united nations turkey's president richard type one says so-called radical groups have begun withdrawing from the demilitarized zone in syria's province earlier this month turkey russia and iran agreed to create a zone separating opposition fighters and government forces under the deal hardline groups will withdraw but it's not yet clear where they're supposed to go then what has more from beirut the so-called radical groups there are quite a number of them and province labeled terrorists by the international community because of their links with al qaida the smaller groups like harass the dean i'm sorry dean and of course you have the military alliance the the share the biggest military alliance the.


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