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tv   Powerless  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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the reason is close ally speaks but of course on the central issue of iran she's got a closer she disagree is fundamentally on that nuclear deal the u.k. france russia china and germany which is not on the security council they still are sticky not iran nuclear deal and james we're just looking at a shot right now i'm not sure if you can see this we're looking at various live shots right now inside the u.n. security council chamber and it does look as if most of the leaders there will be speaking around that table are present we can just see. french president emmanuel micron there milling around we saw the british prime minister theresa may u.n. secretary general antonio tara she is also there. to the right of your screen so i would be it would appear that most of them are now waiting for president trump and just to come back to that part of the discussion james. we know that nikki haley
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was asked a number of questions about what the president trump was likely to say and she essentially referred all of that to to his his plan remarks and that kind of does add to the to the mystery of this a little bit about just what may happen here. yes i mean i think in his remarks in the general assembly he was perhaps a little bit more restrained than most thought on iran particularly as it was matched by a tweet earlier in the morning here at the united nations on choose to what he thought that perhaps some rouhani the iranian president was a possibly a wonderful man and that seemed to be a little bit of a knowledge olive branch in my reading of it and certainly if you look at the sale of president trump's comments you have a benchmark which is last year threatening to completely destroy a country north korea we certainly didn't get anything like that on iran. but there
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are some who are much tougher than the words we heard in the general assembly from the us president particularly as national security adviser who we know in the past has advocated regime change for iran so will there be a tougher speech when this one we expect to be more focused on iran i can't see the pictures that you can see inside the security council because that's the door of the security council and those pictures are just passed the security men there who are blocking the door yes you're right in saying i think everyone is now waiting for the u.s. president who preside over this meeting to make his way it is a bit of a protocol nightmare for the u.n. when you have so many leaders from around the world in the same place getting them all around the security is carried out by the security of the u.n. also by the u.s. secret service who look after the heads of state and the diplomatic protection department of the of the department state of the state department who look after
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all the other dignitaries the prime ministers and foreign ministers and i can tell you coordinating this a number of high level people getting their cause to arrive so they don't pull up and there's not a traffic jam it's a logistical nightmare and i think you see some of this is you try and get all of them around the security council table but we do expect this meeting to start pretty soon right james thanks very much for that we will leave things there for now but do stay with us we were of course come back to you when there is some moment now when we see any sign of president trump. is here with me again director of policy analysis at the arab center for research joins me now on set some more on what from from middle east perspective and we were talking earlier about the ongoing dispute in the g.c.c. what what what what would you be looking for here and actually i mean the main issue that there is going to be likely to be the main issue in this session is broadly. nicolette of the operation and broadly must have
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missed the present time is going to be talking nearly about north korea and iran and i believe in this in this case we are seeing somehow similar attitude or similar approach by the u.s. president towards these two issues i think he's looking before the election for something like a success in foreign policy i don't know if he's going to get out but talking about north korea today and talking about a possible second summit with the leader of north korea is something that probably president club would like to talk about i mean tonight. and as i said i mean he's also trying to get something from iran he his approach has been maximizing the pressure or putting maximum pressure on this is that what will . well i think well i think that your new president yesterday he was clear when he
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said that he is interested actually in talking with the united states if the united states is actually will be dealing with iran in a more respect to respect for the way so i think the iranians are willing to talk with president obama because they believe that the second round of sanctions do in air linny of november will be really hurting the iranian economy which is already under huge pressure from the united states we have already actually been watching. iranian currency has collapsed over the past few months since the withdrawal of the u.s. from that nuclear deal. then was a position of the fierce land of sanctions on on iran in early august so i think yes the iranians seem to be to me seem to be interested actually and reengaging the united states but they want to hear something different they want to hear different tone from president from other. thank you president tom is not the although he he
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described president rouhani in a more positive tone i mean last night but he's still threatening them and they're very. away. so probably. he thinks that why are blowing the smoke some pressure on these two countries probably would be he would be getting something from both of them yeah very different rhetoric on both of these countries is as you are saying reserved his harshest comments for. not just for not just the leadership but iran as a country saying it was a sponsor of international terror. or words for north korea and its leader and that was quite dramatic contrast to what we heard that you had the north korea a year ago forget that story about that's true but last year if you remember he was also very harsh on north korea and on the north korean president and when he
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described him as a rocket man and he also described him in many. different humiliating ways in fact but i think. after that meeting in single board between the two leaders we started actually to hear something different from the was president i think he will be sorry to interrupt but we are seeing a donald trump walking in right now is go live now to james pace who is in the u.n. building for james. yeah he was thrown questions we saw from the b.b.c. both through questions of him no one says from president trump who makes his way into the chamber you saw the end of his entourage going into the chamber. and moments i think from now you probably are not seeing your live shots you are but i think you'll see him coming into the security council chamber and coming. the
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horseshoe chamber of all student table of the security council ready to start and preside over this meeting a reminder this meeting is about nuclear biological and chemical weapons we know the president wants to focus particularly on iran in this meeting a reminder to you that the other permanent members of the security council on iran disagree with him on the nuclear file they want to stay in the iran nuclear deal and are battling to keep it alive and once we hear president trump speak remember that the french president emanuel macro making the case for the nuclear deal will be the second speaker in this meeting as i'm here all eyes on president trying now at james as he enters that u.n. chamber you see him walking in there now greeting some of the dignitaries he's about to take his place on that horseshoe tabel on the hoshi table where he will be there with gooden wooden gavel chairing this meeting only the third time that a u.s.
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president will be doing this but it is of course the first time that president donald trump will be doing it and that is one of the reasons why this is such a keenly awaited event so we are expecting this to start in just a moment so james just just briefly now before the president trying to speak so what after we hear from the u.s. president what what happens next. well they go around the table and everyone gets their say starts off it's impressed and order it starts off with the presidents we have some five presidents there and then it goes to vice presidents to prime ministers then to foreign ministers as we go around the table each will get their say not clear whether president trump will stay in the meeting for the whole meeting was telling you there's a standard way to start the meeting i hear the ringing bell which means everyone should sit down it is about to start now let's listen in.
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thank you very much the eight thousand three hundred and sixty second meeting of the security council is called to order the agenda for this meeting is maintenance of international peace and security non proliferation of weapons of mass destruction the agenda is hereby adopted i am honored to be here today to chair this meeting of the united nations security council it is also my privilege to welcome the distinguished heads of state heads of government ministers and other leaders and representatives here with us thank you i also
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wish to warmly welcome secretary general antonio good terrorists for joining us thank you very much mr secretary general the security council will now consider item two of the agenda i will make a statement in my capacity as president of the united states of america it is a great honor to be here today at this u.n. security council briefing to discuss a matter of urgent importance concerning and countering the proliferation of deadly chemical biological and nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them the nations of the world have long recognized that
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certain weapons are so dangerous and can inflict so much suffering. that all of us have a vital interest in preventing their further development spread and use since my inauguration the united states has taken bold action to confront these sinister threats many of us are rightly focused on the dangers of nuclear weapons but we must never forget the risk posed by biological and chemical weapons the united states was one of the first nations to unilaterally renounce the use of biological weapons and since world war one we have led international efforts against the scorch of chemical warfare most recently in syria we have twice imposed severe consequences on the assad
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regime for using chemical weapons against innocent civilians i want to thank prime minister may and president mccrone for their country's close partnership in those efforts last april the syrian regime's butchery is enabled by russia and iran the iranian regime exports violence terror and turmoil it illicitly procures sensitive items to advances ballistic missile program and proliferates these missiles all across the middle east the regime is the world's leading sponsor of terror and fuels conflict across the region and far beyond a regime with this track record must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon for this reason i announced earlier this year that the united
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states would withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. this horrible one sided deal allowed iran to continue its path towards a bomb and gave the regime a cash lifeline when they needed it the most they were in big big trouble they needed cash we gave it to him in the years since the deal was signed iran's aggression only increased the regime used new funds from the deal to support terrorism build nuclear capable missiles and foment chaos following america's withdraw all the united states began reimposing nuclear related sanctions on iran all us nuclear related sanctions will be in full
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force by early november they will be in full force after that the united states will pursue additional sanctions tougher than ever before to counter the entire range of iran's malign conduct any individual or entity who fails to comply with these sanctions will face severe consequences i ask all members of the security council to work with the united states to ensure the arabian regime changes its behavior and never acquires a nuclear bomb with all of this said i want to thank you ron russia and syria for at my very strong urging and request substantially slowing down their attack on it glib province and the three million people who live there in order to get thirty five thousand targeted terrorists
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get the terrorists but i hope the restraint continues the world is watching. thank you all so to turkey for helping to negotiate restraint anything the usa can do to help resolve this problem in order to save perhaps even hundreds of thousands of lives maybe more we are willing and able we are available to help in my remarks yesterday to the united nations general assembly i laid out my administration's commitment to building a more just and peaceful future regrettably we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight teen election coming up in november against my administration they do not want me
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or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade and we are winning on trade we are winning at every level we don't want them to meddle or interfere in our coming election as i also mentioned yesterday we have seen the results of historic efforts to open new pathways to peace on the north korean peninsula on the korean peninsula and that's something we are extremely proud of i am pleased to say that north korea has not conducted a missile test since last november it has not conducted a nuclear test since last september and the hostages have been returned to us
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and very importantly the remains of american heroes are now returning home. in june i held a historic summit with chairman kim jong un in singapore where he reaffirmed his commitment to complete denuclearization last week chairman kim reiterated that commitment to president moon at their third summit and to me in a very strong letter form i think we will make a deal but unfortunately to ensure this progress continues we must enforce existing u.n. security council resolutions until the nuclear ization occurs however we have detected that some nations are already violating these un sanctions this includes illegal ship to ship transfers which must end
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immediately the safety of the korean peninsula or the region and the world depends on full compliance with the u.n. security council resolutions very very important but most importantly i believe that chairman kim jong un a man i have gotten to know and like wants peace and prosperity for north korea many things are happening behind the scenes away from the media which nobody know what they are happening nevertheless and they are happening in a very positive way. so i think you'll have some very good news coming from north korea in the coming months and years i also very much appreciate what president moon of south korea had to say about me last night in television interviews working with president moon has been my great honor
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and likewise working with president xi of china and prime minister of japan has been a pleasure and an honor each of us follows in the footsteps of countless world leaders diplomats and public servants who came here to the united nations with the same noble goal to build a future worthy of the patriots true true patriots who sacrificed their lives for our nation and for our future to be successful we need a commitment of every nation represented in this chamber acting together we can replace the horrors of war with the blessings of safety and the beautiful promise of peace thank you very much i now resume my function as
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president of the security council and give the floor to the president of france. mysie mr because you don't. know and mr donald there cannot exist as a new secretary general medium if you need to distinguish ministers dear friends i would like to first of all as you know thank you ve us the presidency of the security council thank you for having brought us here today to discuss the serious threats and threats to international peace and security which are represented indeed by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction their meat and their means of delivery i'd like to thank the secretary general for being present with us here today the first issue on here that comes to my mind. when
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we consider the divisions frankly that we have had in the past year on such issues for example is the nuclear issue or the chemical weapons used by the syrian regime is appalling question what is it that we member states of the security council can do together the nonproliferation regime which organizes it control of new nuclear weapons in order to limit the danger of nuclear war or which places an absolute ban on certain weapons and does is to ensure that our people never experience the horrors of being gassed or bacteria bacteriological attacks this is a relatively recent construction and it came into maturity in the one nine hundred ninety s. and it was the result of the tragedies of the twentieth century the firm determination of our predecessors of their vision of the good of humankind and their spirit of responsibility and this edifice they constructed to is is borne by mutual concessions interdependence and mutual trust to that we have built together in
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a word it is based on a multilateral approach to security responsibility and i believe in it very deeply today is that we owe this to. our people what we owe. to them is to preserve and strengthen this regime at the time when it is being seriously tested and member states of the council have to be exemplary in this regard and in my view on this issue and many others we have to stand together with the whole and we were together remarkably so on the issue of north korea and last time it was in december twenty seventeen when we passed resolution twenty three ninety seven the way of managing this crisis and this was just reported in recalled by the president of the united states has gone through a new stage thanks to seize initiative to have a direct dialogue with the chairman of the workers' party of korea and we welcome and support these efforts as well as the efforts made in this regard to by the by
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south korea at no zero point two should this occur to counsel lose sight of the fact that north korea continues you're presenting a nuclear and ballistic threat for the region and for the world we expect for them permanent pyongyang regime specific actions showing that they genuinely. determined to dismantle their nuclear ballistic program and to do so in a way which is a comprehensive very viable and irreversible as we await with such a gestures of such actions our dialogue has to be accompanied by rigorous implementation of the sanctions decided upon by the council. and on this we are united we were also united on the issue of iran when we passed resolution twenty two thirty one but that wasn't twenty fifteen since then they pathways over the signatories of the j.c.b. away has have diverged all but. and they repeated here we still
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all of us here i'm convinced retain the same objective in mind namely preventing iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and guaranteeing strict international can rule control on the peaceful use of their nuclear program that. is improve. but it is a decisive step in that exact direction of a serious crisis of confidence that was opened by every imposition of extraterritorial sanctions by the united states but around continues abiding by its nuclear obligations well this situation has to be countered by the respect of all of the provisions of j.c.l. be away and its resolutions by all members of the un and not just by france germany and the u.k. what we also have to go further than the current framework and i've already stated the same a year ago and that is what i agree the goals that were covered by the president of the united states even if we can disagree on the methods as regards j.c.b.
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away modernize think that we need to build together a long term strategy in order to manage this crisis and it cannot be boiled down to just sanctions and containment we need to have the basis for new negotiations given all created first by the framework recreate for the iranian nuclear issue beyond twenty twenty five and twenty thirty and on the issue of the increase of iran by the size of the scope and the accuracy of their ballistic missiles so we have to frame their ballistic issues secondly and terribly the regional stability. it's all over the components that can be part of an international strategy in order to reduce the dangers for the region and also attain the goal of that we all want namely that
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iran doesn't it does not ever an up day in a nuclear weapon we were also united on the issue of eliminating. chemical syrian chemical weapons this was in resolution twenty one eighteen but as was in twenty thirty and since then the threat for the credibility of the. on have accumulated their reappearance of chemical weapons during the offensives by their syrian regime at the time when damascus had a tailor to the conventional banning that and declared as their program did not encounter the need to determination from the council diet as far as they're concerned have used those weapons in syria and iraq. in february twenty seventh in malaysia a member of the north career leaders family was assassinated with the use of a over in europe talks in v.x. and this year that it was it was on the united kingdom territory and therefore in the european union and not a new or talks in was used and this resulted in
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a death and injury for four other people who france records here that we share the british analysis according to which there is no other plausible explanation here here other than their responsibility is with russia and it's up to russia to take all the necessary measures in order to make cease this threat and we do launched on the twenty third general twenty eighteen an international partnership against the impunity of using chemical weapons and all of the states are invited to join this initiative we have to act all some and i would like to thank herr president trump and to prime minister may we have to act there together with the u.s. and the u.k. against this syrian chemical capacitive we work towards strengthening the organization on the prohibition of chemical weapons by creating a new mechanism for inquiry and tribulation which is an indispensable tool mr president of france will work a ceaseless leave for the unity of this council on the issues of nonproliferation
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we have to remain united because in the recent years every time when we were not united it was to the detriment of our principles and collect effective effectiveness it's an issue of it. he is prominent and nonpermanent members we also have to be united because the dissemination of technologies can lead to new threats to peace and this concerns us directly the development of intercontinental missiles by north korea something that we need to worry about up until now it was only a very few states who had these kinds of weapons and this placed on them very special responsibility not in future if we do not have sufficient control of that and if north korea proliferate how many other countries will have this weapon in the middle east they ballistic assistance provided to into movies is a new and alarming development it has to stop before they further
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destabilize a region which is already tense fighting to kind of ferment that the terrorist groups are interested in the weapons of mass destruction the threat of nuclear or radiological terrorism has not disappear despite the leadership has that has been shown by the united states here with the summit conducted on nuclear security fronts calls that we continue to meet international cooperation here it's necessary more necessary now than ever mr president we will continue strictly abiding by our commitments under the international nonproliferation regime and will continue strengthening the various institutions which warm its back on when particular we will continue to support the efforts made by the united nations and experts and will bring the issue of commenting nuclear chemical biological and ballistic proliferation during our presidency of g. seven and twenty one thousand and for this i call for our eternity and the spirit
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of responsibility because it nonproliferation regime good is the backbone of our system of collective security we kept building a decade after decade and it's still young aide requires mobilization of our spirit of responsibility and our unity i thank you. i thank the president of france for his statement thank you very much i now call on the president of poland thank you thank you very much. it's going to be three all right so you just heard there from the french president emanuel giving his speech on this special u.n. security council session on. weapons of mass destruction of course we earlier heard from the u.s. president donald trump who is chairing this session the first on the first time that he is doing so only the third time a u.s.
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president has done it james braze says been listening to this. very much as as we heard in their speeches to the general assembly the day before two very contrasting our approach is there to the problem of weapons of mass destruction and have to confront those who are developing them. yes i think it's interesting that neither of those two presidents went a long way beyond what they've already said in the general assembly we were wondering whether we were going to hear anything new on iran from president trump well i don't think we particularly did he referred to a horrible one sided deal in the security council referring to the iran nuclear deal signed in twenty fifteen he is against the u.s. allies on that because they are staying in that deal i can give you instant reaction we're going to hear the couple of hours time from our son rouhani the
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iranian president but while president trump was speaking mohammed jobs the reef the iranian foreign minister was just passed me here and i asked him what he thought about president trump speech and he said it was amazing that someone would come to the security council to boast about violating a security council resolution what he would run nuclear deal in twenty fifteen it was the u.s. took that deal to the security council and indorsed it in the u.n. security council resolution resolution twenty two thirty one on so that's the reference there from the iranian foreign. but the stuff speaking to me while the truck still speaking actually with his instant reaction prism our crawl making it clear in his speech that the greens the iran nuclear deal isn't perfect but he says the aim is to try and stop iran getting a nuclear weapon and that's why from us and many of the of those allies including particularly the ardennes gosia to deal with you on the other five countries are
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sticking with the steel at this stage he also said that they have to deal with other things that obama is doing in the region and the best way to do got was to restart negotiations and do them in the same format as the iran nuclear deal remember the format there was six countries so-called the five plus one that's the five permanent members of the security council so that's the u.s. u.k. france germany and china. sorry of that germany is not one of them germany is the addition that was joining the other five and they negotiated with iran and got that nuclear deal into it. and indeed deadwood and we heard other countries being mentioned there wasn't just about iran of course we had the u.s. president talk about north korea and the success touting the success that day he believes he has had with that the of course the historic summit between himself and
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kim jong un a north korean leader and this is a president as well who seems to value very much the kind of personal relationship that he has with leaders when he talked about kim and the kind of personal rapport that this is very much a kind of transactional relationship that he sees in in his dealings with world leaders. absolutely i think the comments on north korea are interesting because he said something when he before the security council meeting when he came into the u.n. today and said it's going very well let me hope to have a second couldn't summits. with kim jong il very very soon in fact he's giving a news conference five pm local time he stood in the united states that's twenty one g.m.t. and at that time he says he's going to name the place and the timing of another summit also is telling you that before the security council meeting we saw the
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state council and foreign minister of china wang ye was here and with him it was rio and hoed the foreign minister of north korea having a meeting i don't think the north korean for ministers in the council meeting is not listening to it it's been around the area the security council speaking to the chinese to oversee all that north korea part is ongoing. all right and james just going back to what to the a french president to emmanuel mccrone was saying again he mentioned a number of other countries he talked about north korea and he talked about the. the threat from from russia saying that the evidence that britain came up with on the on the source we were attacked points overwhelming overwhelmingly to russia as many other european nations believe as well and then this this again very much in keeping with with his whole world view that countries need to to build together a long term strategy rather than this kind of one on one bilateral relationship
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the president seems to prefer. a different world view of how to change things working in a multilateral way is what president merkel was stressing in the generously and you had echoes of that in the security council meeting also much tougher in russia than the u.s. president who actually was thinking russia for their restraint tonight a deal that was the bum to try and stop it was sort of made me a bit stunned by that he rushed to he made a point of thanking russia not much condemnation. russia in the u.s. forest speech that was impressed with the speech and he referred to that second souls great i can tell you i've heard from british diplomats that attack consoles pretty clearly because it took place in the u.k. soil will be mentioned by frank i promise that to raise a man she will always be people sometimes say to the mainland of the hats box there is also diplomatic protocol to take into account so the president speaks first then
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we got one vice president speaking from a good walk and then to resume a with the first of the five those are two prime ministers that we have around the table who will be speaking before the remaining dignitaries the foreign ministers who will speak but expect missiles for attack to be high in the u.k. speech expected so not clear how long the u.s. president will stay that in the chair of the security council will he stay for all fifteen speakers not clear i can tell you that it certainly won't be michael will be taking the chair because he's already left a missile with national security but john will also leave the room so we'll see who chairs this meeting with i don't know size it up if course he doesn't stay for all fifteen members of the spirit here also i suspect to be unlikely to stay for the once the presidents and maybe the prime minister says it wants its foreign
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ministers i suspect to have someone else quite possibly up i said and he i based it was always his chair but it is also a member not just the ambassador to the u.s. to that of the u.s. to the u.n. she's also a member of the truck company so a senior figure and she i think would appreciate if president trump decided to leave all right james for now many thanks james bays live for us there at the united nations let's bring back my one couple on now joins me now in studio director of policy analysis at the arab center for research so you're listening to face with a. your impressions well i think. the session was mainly called to discuss. and i think president trump he seized on the opportunity also to talk about other issues of course i mean he talked about iran and he tried actually to justify why he decided to withdraw from this horrible as he described agreement and he said
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that he will be imposing sanctions sanctions on november and he said that he will be also. and he warned against violating the sanctions or threatened actually that might be thinking about violating these sanctions so i think here as i said before he's trying to apply pressure i think what he's trying to do is to bring the iranians back to the table of negotiation hoping that he will be actually getting a better deal than the one he walked out from he also talked about course north korea in a more positive tone he described. that he likes him he said that he likes him in fact but he said the sanctions will remain in place and. a negative is each concerning north korea nuclear. weapons they're interesting i actually think in his speech was his mentioning mentioning china when he won china against
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interfering in the midterm elections that's was. no surprise a lot of people because i seem to be outside of the. city i mean that's was really interesting when he said that he believes that china is slowing i should intervene in the mid-term elections because they don't want him to win the elections because he's the only u.s. president actually who started this sort of trade war with the chinese so that was a little bit of a. statement by the u.s. president it was also interesting when he when he thanked russia iran and syria for the. i thinking at that i mean that was also something that when we really want that. just just hold that thought for a moment my one because we're just going to play a clip now of president trump talking about syria and iran here it isn't the syrian regime's butchery is enabled by russia and iran the
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iranian regime exports violence terror and turmoil it illicitly procures sensitive items to advances ballistic missile program and proliferates these missiles all across the middle east with all of this said i want to thank the iran russia and syria for at my very strong urging and request substantially slowing down their attack on it lib province and the three million people who live there in order to get thirty five thousand targeted terrorists get the terrorists but i hope the restraint continues the world is watching. president trump there praising the restraint of those nations in syria what you were just talking about he was essentially thanking
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these countries for not attacking people of italy then he's asking them to get that first without actually harming somehow me and the civilians there which could be understood actually now by the russians by the iranians and by the syrian regime as somehow a green ally in order to raise you that you know that has been the last week i think he meant between you are the one the president of turkey and the russian president vladimir putin on edler when the two countries actually i could get to establish. demilitarized zone in. so that was that agreement actually was here's the body of world powers because it actually stopped a massive attack against and where more than three million people are our top in fact in india but my fear now is that when he when they was president say is good
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that terrorists that might be. that might lead to undermining this agreement between the russians and the turks. so here one should wonder what the u.s. president is trying to do is he trying to undermine that agreement between the turks the turks and i know that the united states was not very happy actually about this agreement when it was announced last week during the switchy summit between. the gun and put it so we will see how that's going to actually in backed the situation on the ground. and. something else we heard from trump in the earlier the earlier clip about. very much in keeping with the rhetoric that we've heard from him before that he believes iran is exposed to violence and terror and is leading sponsor of terror around the world what is the. i mean what would the other leaders around him. well i think i think when i think of france president mark owen
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actually he was clear that when he said that we are united actually on syria all we are united on syria considering the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction we are united on syria and on north korea but he mentioned that there are now differences and disagreement concerning iran because he praised the nuclear agreement with iran and united nations security council resolution twenty two thirty and fifty one but i think when president actually was talking about iran he was singling out three main issues that are. that he defined as something that needs need to be discussed with the iranians number one is that iran. activities and influence all right to leave it there model in kabul and thanks so much for being with us we will no doubt hear from you again in the coming hours but
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for now that does it for this new south plenty more news to come in two minutes with my colleague apple heidi stay with us for that. october on al jazeera. in a new season al-jazeera correspondent returns with more personal stories from our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for elections but the main presidential contender is barred from the polls as he serves time in jail for corruption. from the u.s. and beyond faultlines investigate the story beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghanistan will finally hold its pollen and reelections know what direction the country takes with a new two part series the big picture examines the legacy of monaco got his move
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and the effects of his demise october on al-jazeera al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts folk abene dot. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. has been for a few jomo soldiers life it's not a normal life show and the story needs to be told and those stories that have passed all suspect i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys apple behind back al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and
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live news on air and online. they live in a country plagued by poverty but for india's billionaires life is all about glamour luxury and prestigious. one of one east meets the new maharajah's on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. it's fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. i'm tired you know you're watching extended coverage from the united nations in new york the u.s. president donald trump has accused iran of being the world's leading sponsor of terrorism the us president is chairing a security council session on nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction right
11:49 pm
now and he's valid to impose even tougher sanctions on iran he also took aim at tehran and moscow over the war in syria accusing them of enabling what he described as butchery he also accused china of seeking to interfere in the u.s. congressional elections in november saying that beijing didn't want the republican party to weigh in because of trump's trade policies he went on to acknowledge efforts by turkey to slow down an attack on syria's rebel held province of. and that's the scene right now at the united nations general assembly where in a moment or two we expect the yemeni president i would put up a month sort of had to take his position at the stand and he will be speaking we do believe that he is being introduced there he is walking onto the stage to take his
11:50 pm
place at the podium and he'll be giving his speech at the u.n. general. assembly thought number of muslims in iran handle the general assembly i love him i have the honor to welcome to the united nations his excellency the month sort of the months president of the republic of yemen and i now invite him to address the assembly of my little. madam president of the general assembly. mr secretary general of the united nations excellence is with robert ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the republic off yemen and. its people as governments
11:51 pm
i'd like to extend to you madam representative offer ecuador a friendly country i want to extend to you my congratulations on your accession to the presidency of this general assembly i would like to wish you all success in your efforts. also i'd like to thank your predecessor for. his outstanding efforts at the head of the previous session. in addition i would like to thank. his excellency secretary general of the united nations force outstanding efforts especially his efforts to advance peace in my country in yemen. my thanks also extended to a special envoy mr martin griffith. for his continuous efforts which we totally indorse. madam president
11:52 pm
i salute. i stand before you for the fourth time on this podium since twenty fifteen although we are still in the grips off a war which has been and pulls on our authentic yemeni people by armed militias that are supported by iran and hezbollah they are supported financially through the media literally and logistically these militias are extremists they employ gangster like tactics such as blowing up houses places of worship and planting mines and in unprecedented reckless manner they recruit children by force they collect funds and remittances by force they have confiscated on liberties and rights they wreaked havoc with our institutions. however i would
11:53 pm
like to address myself to you on behalf of my government as well as our local authorities and governmental agencies which is trying of in from our provisional capital aid and from our various liberated governorates to restore peace security and stability and provide services and create democratic civilian federated states where human rights are respected where the dignity of women and the human with and the rights of the child are observed in addition to various marginalized sectors of society society where and the states where justice and equality prevail in accordance with the outcome of the national dialogue conference. and in accordance with various security council original resolutions. excellences i have already stated before here. that our predicament in
11:54 pm
yemen is not a political conflict that can be contained by dialogue i said that it's not even a coup as conventionally defined elsewhere it is more than that it is a series of attempts to undermine the foundation of our coexistence among him unease to undermine our moderate beliefs as well as our national principles as it lay down by our twenty six september and fourteen october revolutions we are fighting a religious complex group politically it believes in its exclusive rights to rule as a divine right it disregards all contemporary values of democracy and human rights
11:55 pm
socially it considers itself a unique race and requests the people to glorify it which is a group that has used all types of violence that has torn down our society and created hates among ourselves nationally it is a group that has formed on its loyalty and as a proxy that is beholden to iran and hezbollah. therefore all attempts at peace that are made with this group are doomed to fail this by all our attempts and our huge concessions made to establish peace in yemen. with this in mind i call on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities by bringing pressure to bear on iran iran so that it stops intervening in yemen and supporting the who theme militias. and in order to compel it to abides to
11:56 pm
international resolutions and to peace efforts. i have told you many times from this rostrum that iran carries out its blatant interventions in yemen its finances the who with the militia with it provides it with weapons and this sign with equipments and experts it targets international and regional waters as well as jeopardizing international shipping routes its also carries out a poli sci consisting of overwhelming us with drugs and with illicit trafficking of drugs it's a ports terrorism in both its parts who see as well as the. excellences the yemeni government has always reached out for peace around after rounds of consultations from. below geneva as well as through the
11:57 pm
consultation is in kuwait. including after the return of our. government delegation from geneva at the beginning of this month month and our. high level delegation to geneva is keen to take any opportunity to know what was keen to take any opportunity to ensure benefits that would alleviate our suffering. and however the intransigents and brazenness of the who with the militias that are insurgents has disappointed yemen us regarding any possible progress to be made even on the humanitarian level. we would like here to restate that we are fully ready
11:58 pm
for a peace we are advocates. we are not advocates off war and. vengeance we are advocates of peace and harmony because we are fully aware of our responsibilities towards our impatient people. however that sustainable peace. based on national and regional and international turns off reference is what we see that we would like to restore our states and put an end to the commune in all its aspects we would like to him. what you are pulled the sovereignty off our estates over all of our a territory and i would like to end monopoly of weapons again this is the only manner to that through which we could ensure stability of yemen. but we know that peace cannot attain by could join those gangsters. as some member states do. it is rather it
11:59 pm
cheviots by your implementing international resolutions and being resolute and this is an implementation of. member states should be serious in implementing resolutions especially a resolution twenty two hundred sixteen which calls on the. tuning withdrawal from cities and is jewish and hand over their weapons unconditionally there i would like therefore to call on the security council here to act resolutely in implementing its resolution as it has always done in the past. to ensure political transition in yemen and as well as a national dialogue. and regarding the efforts of my government to protect civilians especially women and children i would like to undertake underline here our commitment to do that and to. act
12:00 am
so as. we do not target these civilians their schools the hospitals or as eventually areas our national commission of inquiry into human rights violations is our independent national committee which looks into any allegations relating to many violations of any kind. of our government has also instructed the various units of our army. not. recruits children but rather strive to protect them. and to rehabilitate door that have been detained and why.


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