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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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regarding the efforts of my government to protect civilians especially women and children i would like to undertake underline here our commitment to do that and to . act so as. we do not target these civilians their schools the hospitals or as eventually areas our national commission of inquiry into human rights violations is our independent national committee which looks into any allegations relating to many violations of any kind . i think our government has also instructed the various units of our army. not. recruit children but rather strive to protect them. and to rehabilitate door that have been detained and why being in the ranks of the rebels and.
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make it so that these children can go to school. i have a comic hardship we experienced due to the and or. that is due to the fact that the militias have wasted our resources and internal and external reserves why this has been truly felt by our citizens in the face of that and to stop this continued deterioration we have introduced this pate of measure is the latest of which were last month and been including. the setting up of an economic commission of its has been authorized to take all necessary measures to stop the deterioration of our national currency and develop a comprehensive economic vision. that would allow it to adapt to this
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exceptional situation we face. our governments as well as the economic commission and the central bank have taken a number of remedial measures issued a number of immediate instructions to create the necessary conditions to face facing this nomic hardship such as. allow the exports of oil and gas stop the flight of foreign currencies and stem importation of luxury goods. in addition to raising interest rates. in this regard saudi deposits. which were not the first i want to stop the fall of our act local currency have contributed to mitigating our economic crisis and actually yemen nowadays is in dire need of supports by or
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more than ever. the yemeni republic despite our limited resources and with my current state of affairs. continues to participate in a genuine and meaningful manner in fighting terrorism terrorism is in un president unprecedented threats for international peace and security as well as our development. and in the framework of fighting the scourge of terrorism our government will not step back from any measures that would counter the financing of terrorism and money laundering we seek in earnest to continue implementing our law on countering that money laundering and the financing of terrorism we have imposed more stringent controls on various suspicious financial
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transactions and we have buttressed corporate corporation and coordination as well as. being involved in x. changing information with all international and regional competence stakeholders. the yemeni government will spare no effort therefore to combat drugs and there is illicit trafficking there in. so that are used to support and finance terrorism. that these who's the militias or al qaida or stand for. the men i call on all states and the world to cooperate with us also in fighting the smuggling of artifacts and their unions to finance the militias and the terrorist networks. it is fortunate today that they call coincides with with the fifty sixth anniversary of our twenty six eps the
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september glorious revolution. where we then we declared that yemen was a democratic republic republican system and this happened more than half a century ago and we are proud to state here the glories of yemen and it struck the struggle of its heroes i would like to. underline here to my people that the journey of sacrifices initiated by them against under development the rule of the clergy injustice and tyranny. that has culminated with the sacrifices of those heroes defending today our revolution and our republic and unity. in this twenty first century have we can no longer accept the rule of the mall does under a new guard anymore. as represented by the who thing militias that wants
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us to revert to dark the dark ages of despotism. yemen has been the origin and source of arab is it stands high and proud it will stand high on proud and unified in the face of these militias under a federated. just a regime which meets the ambitions and expectations of our great people i feel sad when i see bloodshed in every inch of my territory however i feel responses. before god and my people for stopping this bloodshed to do to this war imposed on our people we will continue to strive positively and with patience and with everyone in the world and we will leave you no storm unturned to restore peace security and stability as we are parties that are responsible for our people all
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over our territory our people is the one that's currently struggles to implement the outcome of the national dialogue conference which has enjoyed human at unanimity by yemenis of all its. excellence and i would like on behalf of my people to a fact the kingdom of saudi arabia its kangas government and its people its played a leading role and mitigating our humanitarian suffering and we haven't. through its continuous supports through humanitarian relief and reconstruction efforts especially through the saudi program of the for the development of yemen which is not withstanding experience in developing our troubled areas it's these efforts have started to be felt on our economy and with our yemeni
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citizens all over the liberated territories i would also like to sincerely thank you many terran organizations of our coalition countries as well as donor countries and friendly countries in addition you know to various united nations bodies and organizations for their exceptional humanitarian efforts that i take the opportunity also to renew my call to all donors to honor the pledges they made towards the humanitarian response plan and in yemen so as to alleviate further the suffering of the enemies. ladies and gentlemen i have the palestinian people who suffers daily they do want to the israeli. occupation policies over the palestinian territories and this is one of the main
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hosers of tension in the middle east in the palace in people has long awaited a just solution that will guarantee its independence statehood and the end of it suffering in this regard i call on the international community to continue to support the owner wanted. to enable it to. continue to deliver assistance to the palestinian refugees ladies and gentlemen. my wish is to see the work of this session of the general assembly succeed and i hope that in the next session we will have seen peace prevail over yemen and the whole world. in conclusion and from this restroom of the united nations i'd like to send nudes of our great yemeni people all for ellx everywhere who are struggling to create the
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new human federated yemen the yemen of justice equality and good governance and i congratulate all of those great fellow citizens everywhere on the occasion of the fifty sixth anniversary of our twenty six years of september revolution as well as the fifty fifth anniversary of our fourteenth of october revolution i'd like also to say two or three and honorable men as well as an active it's that. holding the objectives of september and october requires the implementation of the outcomes of our national conference and the creation of a new federation of yemen in all its regions may our martyrs wrist and peace i
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wish protrude coverage to our wounded and freedom to our dr thank you so that was the yemeni president about that obama addressing the united nations general assembly and in that speech he did call on the international community to put pressure on iran to stop supporting the goofy rebels he also said that the saudi led coalition is fighting a religiously complex group according to him he also said that the truth these are being held hostage or are beholden to iran and to hezbollah ended with thanking the kingdom of saudi arabia saudi arabia for what he says is mitigating the humanitarian situation in the country let's cross over to have some how about he's joining us from new york you were listening in to what opposite of a months what have you had to say and if we just start with what he began with and he quickly went on to attack iran strong words against iran.
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durian there was a purely act of political opportunism because he saw the americans sending strong signals against iran and decided to join the course by saying that basically ultimately the biggest problem that human faces is iran's interferes this is why he's there to continue to violate international law by sending channeling cash weapons to the who thiis to kill the ground. in their own favor by saying that he would like to garner international support to try to restore his control over yemen that so my to my view remains stick because i'll double my so hard he has been evicted off while he lives in exile in saudi arabia and ultimately it's the who the thieves who control most of the territory in the northern part of the country despite the massive assistance that he got from the saudis and the emirate is he has not been able to defeat the healthiest particularly in areas that was supposed
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to be his stronghold in ties. and has some when it comes to peace talks he seemed to be throwing his weight behind peace talks what we know of course that they are stalled. in. indeed i spoke to yesterday with the yemeni foreign minister how to deal your money has been very aggressive saying about the problems that we face is not healthy are not genuine about in a political way out of the crisis in yemen and that ultimately the international community should step in or at least use force to try to evict them from the capital sanaa and to restore the legitimacy of president of the ball i have to say this is not a view shared by the international community there's a prevailing sense that there needs to be an immediate cessation of fighting in the country and that's alternately you have to include the who are these because they remain extremely powerful in huge areas that's fresh from the all the way on the
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border with saudi arabia to. southern areas of the country now it remains to be seen what would happen in the near future the international community as he's been saying that there needs to be an end to the suffering of millions of your money and the united nations humanitarian body has said about a few hours ago that we have no indication there's going to be an end to war in yemen we need just start laying the ground to hold people responsible for violating human rights in yemen responsible that could raise concerns among many key players including saudi arabia and the united arab emirates who have been accused over the past few years for the death of civilians in. across the country and has been speaking of saudi arabia what the president said towards the end was this he actually thanked saudi arabia for a mitigating according to him the humanitarian situation in the country but we know
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that the united nations where you are here says that this is in fact the world's worst humanitarian crisis. many people were concerned following those words by president donald trump saying that that could. worsen the situation in yemen and pave the way for the saudi. alliance to continue its military bush now the problem is that when you look at the situation on the ground even the force. affiliated with the saudis and the emirates he's backed by saudi arabia and the matter of enormous remain numbered guns completely weakened absolutely don't seem to be in any situation to deal with the ground in their own favor they've been saying over the last twenty four months that the it's just about it's a matter of time before they take over. much of time before they take over as a matter of time before the the whole thing is formed from the from the capital sama when you look at the situation on the ground the hurt the still controlled
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those so now it could be just one in further indications that. chances for a political settlement in yemen don't exist for the time being ok has some had about our reporting from the united nations thank you from the u.n. let's cross over to london and bring in bashar he's an al-jazeera senior political analyst so when you were listening to our double months what had he speaking just a short time ago did you get the sense that as her son was saying that he was jumping on the anti iran bandwagon by starting off right away by attacking iran and according to what they were doing in yemen. well let's just say. the earring the yemeni president is not much of an independent sovereign men at this point in time he's more of a hostage to his allies his patrons in riyadh than i would be and that's why he generously of course praises saudi arabia for mitigating the suffering and helping
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with that or leave a then so on and so forth while of course dumping on iran the good guys and the bad guys and this is normal in this sort of situation because yemen has turned into a proxy. war between saudi arabia and iran and i think so the arabia and the united arab emirates are of course in full control over of the yemeni president who was of course never very charismatic never a very strong man always a second man and for all remember of course he wasn't much of a leader and yet of aleutian of any kind he was deputy to the former president the former dictator ali abdullah saleh and was supposed to be a transitional leader moving forward and since then we're stuck in that horrible horrible civil war and of course the yemeni president speaks for his patrons just like the house he's also quite aligned with iran as well and hence the yemen effort but speaking of the united arab emirates just earlier this week an m.r.i.
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official said this that the u.a.e. will support the u.n. proposals for a new peace talks on yemen is there anything significant or new in that statement. well you know when there is when there is will there's a way but certainly there has been much much of a will because the iraqis in particular as well as saudi arabia wanted to wind this war on the ground and then turned whatever negotiations in geneva into a surrender by the host these at this point in time after so many years of suffering i think calling the other party militias and terrorists and calling the the the those support in support of most who are. authentic yemenis that's pretty dangerous at this point in time so certainly a political solution is needed there is no other way but the political solution if anything time is not on the side of saudi arabia. and certainly not on the side of
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yemen simultaneously model on what we have going on right now also at the u.n. is the security council holding the session on the non proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and and we heard from trump earlier on and then we heard from micron let me just ask you to comment on what trump had to say on iran specifically he said this the united states will pursue a tougher iran sanctions quote tougher than ever before and he said that iranian aggression has only increased since the nuclear deal what did you make of those comments at that session. well those are expected i think what was new and newsworthy for us and i think that's very important considering what happened the last forty eight hours when the europeans along with the chinese and the russians announced that they were bypassing. the american sanctions. regarding the iran nuclear deal that the administration would be imposing tough
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measures on any country that will try to bypass the sanction regimes by the united states and i think that's a very important threats to especially the european union if it continues with its new ways out of the american sanctions for those who deal with iran i think that was the most newsworthy thing the other part of it by the way which concerns iran and all the other stuff that we heard from trump over the last twenty four hours i think that's relates to the simple fact that we need to be reminding ourselves of all the time that he speaks in as much to the international community and those are on the table and in the general assembly as much as he speaks to those back home in the united states i think we are on the eve of midterm elections i think he is down on the polls and i think it's very important for him to always show his administration to be tough. on china not to for russia tough even on the allies
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tough when it comes to trade them so and so forth so he continues to speak to the voter in the united states as much as he speaks those are on that day but i think in that sense in that sense only a very narrow sense he might have been relatively successful in being loyal if you will to his very hard core base in the united states by making these threats to various powers around the world and we know that iran itself not represented in that u.n. security council meeting so it'll be interesting to hear what the iranian president hassan rouhani has to say in just under two hours time. and you know if of course what jim. reported from his own conversation with the area the foreign minister is anything to go by the iranians have a very solid point of view here regardless whether you think they are right or wrong whether they do or do not have secure nuclear weapons and program but if the
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united nations the iranians are insisting on one point it is the united states is at the united nations a lobbying the united nations to violate united nations security council resolution that basically enshrined the iran nuclear deal in its. and i think that point of course is very strong community and i think this point president rouhani will continue to hammer home because the united states is in a weak position visited the rest of the world that wants to continue to abide by a u.n. security council resolution that the united states now is violating ok thank you for joining us from london let's now cross over to iran and get the viewpoint from tehran then bus it obvious joining us there so just to pick up on what i was saying zain do the iranian people think that their president hassan rouhani is at the u.n.
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general assembly in a position of strength. well john i can tell you many of the officials we've spoken to here have said there was actually a great deal of debate among leaders of whether or not president hassan rouhani should attend this year's u.n. general assembly and the decision in the end was that he should go to represent iran's point of view to the international community so people here certainly are very carefully very closely watching all of the high drama playing out in new york and perhaps a barometer of how people into ron and across the country feel is the current value of the american dollar on the foreign exchange market now less than twenty four hours ago we reported that as president hassan rouhani plane hit the tarmac in new york to attend the g. eight the general assembly the value of the iranian ryall against the american dollar was one hundred fifty thousand reales now that he's made his speech in a day in to this u.n.g.a. the value now stands at one hundred eighty thousand iranian reales that's what you have to pay to buy one u.s.
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dollar and to give you a sense of how drastic that number has has changed fluctuated over the last year this time last year we were we were paying thirty eight thousand reales to buy one american dollars so really it does represent not just the impact that the american sanctions in american threats and american policy have had towards iran's economy but even in the last day or so what what is happening at the u.n. may have how it how it may have impacted on iran's economy just in twenty four hours a jump of thirty thousand rio also the price of the dollar so there really is a lot of tension here in iran among iranian people about what's happening to the country's economy and no doubt that's going to be on president hassan rouhani is mind as he goes on with meetings and as he goes on to address the press later today from new york now people here are definitely watching he'll be thinking that everything he says is going to be important not just on the international stage but how it plays out domestically here in iran at the beginning of the u.n. g.a.
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we saw that president donald trump said in a tweet that despite the. fact that iran had requested meetings with them he turned them down now today the head of the iranian revolutionary guard corps a very powerful institution here in iran muhammad ali joffrey spoke out in defense of iran's president this is a military leader speaking out in defense of his elected government saying that he knows that this is not true and let me read you a quote from a statement that he made. saying that mr trump the people of iran are sure that your claim of the iranian president requesting to meet with you is a big lie like your other allies so the fact that the head of the i.r.g.c. is seen to be addressing trump directly in defense of the iranian president is no small thing at a very sensitive time he was trying to reassure the iranian people and in some way even speaking for them so people here are very closely watching the high drama playing out in new york ok thank you let's now cross back to the united nations
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base our diplomatic editor is there and james as that u.n. security council meeting on the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction still goes on just talk us through the highlights over the past hour or so. yeah the meeting goes on because they go around the security council table to hear all fifteen members slightly remarkably to me president trump is still in the chair and presiding over that meeting listening currently to mark router who is the prime minister of the netherlands are i'm surprised he's still because there's been some quite interesting developments in the last few minutes and certainly he's been hearing things that he will not like to tell you that about that in a moment obviously on iran he spoke a lot about iran and was critical of iran and the iran nuclear deal which he said was a horrible one sided deal while he spoke i spoke to the iranian foreign minister mohammed
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job and zarif who said he thought it was astonishing that someone would come to the security council and actually boast about violating a security council resolution because the iran nuclear deal is in shrine in a security council resolution making it effectively international law in terms of what president trump said about iran he didn't go much further than his general assembly speech but there was one bit in his security council speech that shocked people he talked about trade and a trade war with china and then he said this regrettably we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight teen election coming up in november against my administration they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade and we are winning on trade we are winning at every
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level. well maybe that echoes the comments that marwan was just making it's all about domestic politics for president trump so close to the midterms he's now making a stunning allegation that china is trying to upturn the midterms we've had all the allegations of the last presidential election of russia hacking various aspects of that election and further allegations currently being investigated by the special council of collusion potentially between the trumpet ministration and russia and now president trump has turned it all with regard to the midterms on to china and accusations against china china still have to speak in this meeting they'll be speaking the next speaker after kuwait so we may well hear how need the state council in foreign minister of china responds to that the other important development in the security council meeting in the last twenty minutes or so is the
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fact the president trump had to sit patiently saying nothing because he's presiding over this meeting and he has to be neutral in his presiding role to a blistering attack on the united states from. the bolivian president listen to this fear now and now that iran has really taken control of its own resources it is once again the victim of a u.s. sewage bolivia categorically condemns the unilateral actions imposed by the government of the united states of america against iran likewise we condemn the fact that the united states has withdrawn from the g c p hiding behind the pretext to continue its policy of interference and meddling in the internal affairs of this brother country iran and james we certainly did think divisions on display at that u.n. security council meeting between trumper and some of his key allies like france
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when we heard mccann speak. yeah we had a manual mccraw who was again talking about the the iran nuclear deal saying that it was something that wasn't perfect but it was the way forward and in fact they should try to negotiate further with iran in the same format to drip deal with ongoings concerns the reason may is spoken in the last ten minutes or so the british prime minister she said the iran nuclear deal was an important step forward and it was the best way to stop iran possessing a nuclear weapon but i can tell you the comments from the bolivian president went beyond the iran deal what would be beyond the iran deal he said the u.s. couldn't care less about human rights and justice he said president trump showed a contempt for multilateralism and he said it was all that the reason for that was all an attempt to control the world and to plunder the world's natural resources and very unusually for president trump he just sat there listen to it stony faced
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and at the end said thank you mr president and called the next week ok james we'll cross back to you a little later on because we will now cross over to the u.n. security council meeting itself and listen to the kuwaiti delegation. in the implementation of relevant international resolutions particularly the security council resolution fifteen forty of two thousand and four. mr president is. with the kingdom of saudi arabia is facing unprecedented attacks from ballistic missiles launched by the who seemless us towards its territories targeting civilian and religious sites this state of kuwait reiterate its strong condemnation and denunciation of the rocket attacks targeting the kingdom of saudi arabia in particular and the region in general. it would work we also emphasize the need
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for the security council to take action and shoulder its responsibilities in confronting the threats facing the kingdom of saudi arabia in order to preserve international peace and security and my delegation is fully prepared to work with you to take further measures to put an end to such attacks which are undoubtedly linked to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. in the midst of the events to middle east region is witnessing the state of kuwait remains committed to supporting all u.n. resolutions and welcomes the adoption of security council resolution twenty two thirty one of two thousand and fifteen. while the islamic republic of iraq iran rather continues to implementing the provisions of that resolution will your welcome and populist reports by the international atomic energy agency confirms
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iran's compliance with its nuclear nuclear related obligations we noted concerning the independent u.n. reports that indicate iran's continued to support and financing of militias and armed groups in arab countries that were not we're particularly concerned about iran's interference in yemen and as the resolution adopted by the league of arab states. on the eleventh of september two thousand and eighteen confirms yemeni territories have been transformed into a launching pad for iranian made a ballistic missiles targeting yemen's neighbors and threatening maritime navigation in the strait of bad element up and the red sea over women. which not only negatively impacts of security and stability of yemen and the region . but also constitutes a violation of security council resolution twenty two sixteen of two thousand and fifteen. the league of arab states resolution also calls on iran to seize those
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acts and all such acts which adversely affect the security and best interests of states and the region and undertake confidence building measures was neighbors in the region in order to establish ties based on good neighborliness cooperation mutual respect and non interference in the internal affairs of states with the mr president. i would welcome an. accident seize. as i address you from this forum i consider it a great honor to speak as a representative of the arab states in the security council conveying the concerns and preoccupations of our peace loving peoples and their aspirations to security and stability in this context the state of kuwait and all other arab states reaffirm their absolute face in multilateral action under the umbrella of the united nations according to the objectives principles and commitments agreed upon
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in the charter and nominally we also emphasize the arab position on the importance of achieving the universe salat of the nonproliferation treaty which was extended indefinitely after their view conference adopted in one nine hundred ninety five. in which it is important to implement the decision to establish a zone free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction in the middle east. and we reiterate here the arab position we call the component of this response or as of the one thousand nine hundred five middle east resolution. to shoulder their responsibilities by implementing that resolution as it is an integral part of the indefinite extension of the nonproliferation treaty we also emphasize the need for israel to exit to the nonproliferation treaty and to place all its nuclear facilities under the supervision and monitoring of the international atomic energy agency especially as it is the only country in the
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middle east that has not yet acceded to the nonproliferation treaty. mr president in conclusion. the commitment you have shown to confront the challenges posed by weapons of mass destruction is not limited to two hour meeting here today but it is also to be seen as the current diplomatic efforts to ease tension when it is an achievement denuclearization of the korean peninsula. those efforts who want to partner with the. made by you mr president it was and came within the context of what he's done and unity of security council members to counter the illegal programs and activities of the democratic people's republic of korea we know what we learned was that to achieve the denuclearization of the korean peninsula was the road ahead is to long and hard. and yet we
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believe that the absolute and sincere commitments and all concerned parties. as well as the of the full implementation of all relevant security council resolutions we lead to a lasting and comprehensive peace agreement in. the korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons which are good thank you mr president but. i thank the minister for his statement thank you very much i now give the floor to the minister for foreign affairs of china. mr president. maintaining global peace and security is the primary responsibility of the security council intrusted by the un charter and a shared responsibility of all security council members given the complex challenges to international peace and security how should the security council for
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this. mission and play its role this is a question that deserves serious consideration china believes the following the security council should perform its function in a fair and just a manner as mandated by the charter the security council must uphold the purposes and principles of the un charter and a universally recognized international law and norms governing international relations it should safeguard the or sorry ten role of un in international affairs and sovereignty independence and the judgment rights and interest of all countries the security council should stick to political settlement as the basic direction the security council should be the strongest advocate. for resolving differences and disputes or dialogue and the consultation it should effectively use all tools including good offices mediation peacekeeping and peace building step up preventative diplomacy to serve the larger goal of political
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settlement the security council shooting hands unity to promote consensus all members must bear firmly in mind their responsibility for world peace and security enhanced unity and coordination set aside she'll political considerations and ensure effective functioning of the council and i'll hold the common interest of all u.n. members the security council should strengthen overall planning and coordination to forge a synergy it should coordinate and cooperate with the general assembly dog the secretary general and the un development system so that the political pillar and development pillar can support each other and efforts for lasting peace and for sustainable development can be mutually reinforcing mr president the proliferation of w m d and then means of delivery poses a real threat to global peace and security and is a challenge that we all face china proposes that we step up efforts in the
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following three aspects first we need to champion the rule of law to consolidate and improve the international nonproliferation regime the n.p.t. the biological weapons convention the chemical weapons convention the un as c r fifteen fourteen and other security council resolutions constitute the legal foundation of the international nonproliferation regime all of us should earnestly safeguard the universal ality effectiveness and or sorry t. of the nonproliferation regime and in particular prevent terrorists and other non-state actors from getting hold of w m d materials and technologies second we need to take multi-pronged measures to implement the nonproliferation treaty. in a balanced manner every country must honor its word showed its responsibilities and fulfill international obligations the nonproliferation treaty and agreements must be implemented in there in territory no double standards discriminatory
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arrangements or selective enforcement should be allowed. third we need to bolster international cooperation and enhanced all countries nonproliferation capability government bears the primary responsibility of nonproliferation countries should be supported in developing their nonproliferation policies in line with national conditions and be encouraged to in homes nonproliferation law enforcement capacity building carry out more exchanges and practical cooperation so that together we could shore up the short is the plank in the barrier and achieve universal security mr president j c p o a on the iranian nuclear issue is a hard one achievement of multilateralism conducive to international nuclear nonproliferation regime and peace and stability in the middle east there is no international agreement that is perfect the j c p o a has been indorsed unanimously
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by the security council what happened in the past three years shows that j.c. puree is a viable agreement china encourages iran to continue to fulfill all commitments it has made at the same time the legitimate right of all countries to normal economic relations and trade with iran should be respected on china of course on the relevant parties to bear in mind the big picture think long term and uphold the sanctity integrity and efficacy of the j.c. peel way. since the beginning of this year the situation on the korean peninsula has shown major progress china welcomes that. we and china has made efforts for this to happen china supports. the important come on the standings reached between the d.p. r. k. and us leaders at the singapore summit support d p r k n r ok in
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improving their relations we call upon all parties to seize the current opportunities to turn the political consensus into concrete actions and work in the direction of setting up a peace magnetism on the peninsula and didn't you cry zation on the peninsula to realize lasting peace on the peninsula at an early date mr president china lives by its commitment to the purposes and principles of the un charter to upholding the un centered contemporary international system and has earnestly fourfold its international responsibilities and obligations we need to work together to uphold the. first to realize peace and security for all. before i conclude i need to point out that china has or followed the principle of
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now interference in other countries domestic affairs this is a tradition of chinese foreign policy observance of this principle has received a claim from the international community we do not and will not interfere in any countries in domestic affairs we refuse to accept any unwarranted accusations against china and we call upon other countries to also observe the purposes of the un charter and not to interfere in other country's internal affairs thank you thank the minister for. you. i now give the floor to the minister for foreign affairs of the russian federation. was responsible thank you very much distinguished president. distinguished colleagues for the human need in the world today if betting they had a proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is particularly important for maintaining global and regional stability for ensuring we reliably provide for the
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security of all states without exception and constructive interaction here is an important element in order to create a positive international agenda and i think that everyone will agree that the security council resolution providing with specific measures against those who violate the nonproliferation regime that this resolution has to be strictly abided by the cornerstone here is a basic resolution fifteen forty eight contains the obligations of member states to undertake specific measures in order to prevent situations where weapons of mass destructions as components and up in the hands of non-state entities of particular importance are also some other security council decisions pursuant to read resolutions providing for sanctions for any kind of transfer of weapons to terrorists there are facts of such transfers having taken place and what they need to be closely investigated as was the case fifty years ago when the n.p.t. was open for signature and so is today our country is committed to the goal of
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ridding the world of nuclear threat but the same time we need to absolutely take into account all of the factors impacting struggle strategic stability and in the course of negotiations all countries not participate all countries which have the nuclear weapons potential the desire of countries to ban nuclear weapons separately from the basic principles of n.p.t. cannot be successful and will only create ambiguity in our future approaches to a weapons of mass destruction nonproliferation this we're talking about n.p.t. i'd like to mention reza. lucian twenty two thirty one which was approved by the security council and which is a not joint comprehension plan of action on the iran nuclear program the unilateral withdrawal of the united states from this creates a serious threat for the nonproliferation regime all the more so since as this was underscored by many terror on is strictly a biding by its commitments within j.c.b. away and this is something that the i.a.e.a. is regularly confirming the pressure is convinced that we need to keep j c p
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a way and this is something that we're actively working on together with iran china and the e.u. otherwise if we don't do that we can end up with a situation where there is more tension in the middle east and this could lead to risks for national stability and for the nonproliferation regime with the dismantlement of g.'s it would also be counterproductive also for the efforts underway now to denuclearize the korean peninsula the effort these efforts is something that we welcome and support regional you know you know. they're also serious obstacles to nuclear nonproliferation and i am referring to the decisions we made by the united states to impose to postpone for a long time perhaps before we ever brought the ratification of the comprehensive test ban treaty and the absence of progress in implementing the n.p.t. decision to create a weapons of mass destruction free zone in the middle east there is also an alarming situation where witnessing in the area of becoming
12:48 am
a chemical disarmament and this has to do first and from us will what was done by certain western countries which keep leveling new and new unfounded accusations against them accusing them of using this syrian authorities banned substances and we warned against the strikes against the syrian arab republic using a staged pretext if this were to happen this would a gross violation of the charter and would undermine efforts to foster the political settlement in that country the government of syria. droit all of their chemical arsenal in line with the way the russia us agreement of twenty thirteen and this agreement is enshrined in a security council resolution and also in a decision pace passed by opi c.w. but on the other hand the terrorist groups are entities which have chemical warfare agents they learn how to synthesize them they are building labs for that and this is something that we have been warned about this along for a long time by intelligence services of many countries including the american ones
12:49 am
we have been many occasions offered to help develop a comprehensive strategy on combat chemical terrorism twenty seventeen for example we submitted together with china a draft on such a resolution it was not considered and through no fault of our own more broadly speaking on the at the conference of the summit in geneva we submitted a draft convention on combat he acts of chemical and biological terrorism sadly the work on this is being artificially blocked and you i'm certain know which countries are blocking that nonetheless the proposals contained therein are on the table and the same time there is a deterioration of the situation no p c w there oh western colleagues are trying to impose on its technical the secretariat that the so-called true attribution functions which is a gross violation of the convention and an infringement on the prerogatives of this acuity council at the same time what we're witnessing is an increase in
12:50 am
unsubstantiated highly likely styled rhetoric about the salzburg affair at the same time the u.k. is stubbornly avoiding the joint investigation that we've offered several times despite the fact that this is with this is part of her commitments in line with a chemical weapons convention the vienna convention on consular relations of nine hundred sixty three bilateral consular convention of ninety sixty five and the european convention on mutual legal assistance in criminal cases of one thousand nine hundred fifty nine in question arises if they do not want. to cooperate well but it doesn't mean that they have something to hide we call upon london once again to start a constructive dialogue in order to get to the truth of the way things are developing gives us reason to think that nothing can be excluded today including a provocation involving biological weapons given the attempts i just mentioned to manipulate the status of the chemical weapons convention i'd like to warm and warn against the temptation of using the convention on biological and toxin weapons for
12:51 am
the same end let me recall in line with the convention the right to initiate and can. is the right. is the right that only bill belongs with the security council there are no subsidies here or more and more than one occasion we proposed that we agree the mechanism for verification on the on the biological weapons conventions with all the disciplines by the united states blocked this and ultimately this was completely buried such a desire by washington to have their hands completely free is shown when the regime of the connection biological and talks and weapons is undergoing another tests and this has to do with growing military medical and biological activity including in the post soviet areas we call on all not to militarize health care we have consistently called for strengthening the convention of eligible talks and weapons and way are implementing a number of initiatives here including creating
12:52 am
a number of units to counter epidemics and quickly react to emergency biological situations but ladies and gentleman mr president that dialogue between russia and the united states as the two largest nuclear powers is of special importance in order to strengthen the w m d nonproliferation regime our tuesdays were at the inception of creating the general framework for multilateral cooperation in order to counter the. weapons of mass destruction ending in the hands of non-state entities. countering the acts of nuclear terrorism we continue thinking that this interaction is of principal importance not just for moscow and washington but for the entire international community let us not sacrifice is on the altar of calculations of the moment of momentary situations on the basis of the un charter russia is always ready to work openly with all nuclear with nuclear five states all other countries in order to strengthen global strategic stability and we expected that a step in this direction will be made today at this meeting of the security council
12:53 am
security council which is a key body to maintain international peace and security and we think in this regard the initiative undertaken by president trump to convene this meeting is very very timely thank you i thank the minister for his statement thank you i now give the floor to the minister for foreign affairs of the o p. so that is the us president donald trump and what he's doing is he's chairing a u.n. security council session on the non proliferation of weapons off mass destruction it's been going on for the last sixty minutes or so this is the third time that the u.s. leader is presiding over the body and in the past fifteen minutes that we did hear from the kuwaiti delegation we heard from the deputy prime minister of kuwait and then he was followed by the chinese foreign minister and we were just listening in to the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov giving his words as well we'll bring
12:54 am
in our diplomatic editor james bays who will wrap it all for us and james so as i'm saying it's supposed to be a meeting on the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction but i think what's making headlines right now are the comments that trump made a short time ago about china accusing china of meddling in the u.s. coming congressional elections and now there's there's been a chinese response. yeah absolutely i mean i think that there is stuff to talk about and we will talk about about the actual subject of the meeting particularly with regard to iran and north korea but as you say president trump presiding of this meeting he was the first speaker of the fifteen leaders that are speaking around the table here and sure in his speech although we discussed the subject he veered off the this subject to discuss to attack china on trade and then to make this stunning claim regrettably we found that china
12:55 am
has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight teen election coming up in november against my administration they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade and we are winning on trade we are winning at every level. well that was the comment from the u.s. president i'm sure the chinese had not been expecting to respond to that but we did have a response from the state councilor and also foreign minister of china wang ye and he spoke in the last few minutes you heard it a moment ago he said china for always follows a policy of noninterference in other countries in the affair internal affairs of
12:56 am
other countries and we refute any allegations that we do interfere in other countries internal affairs so the chinese saying that didn't happen we've not been involved in interfering in the election it is a very interesting claim coming from president trump because of course there's been so much written about what happened in the presidential election claims of russian hacking claims of russia trying to undermine the twenty sixteen election which are backed by the u.n. by the u.s. intelligence agency and the u.s. intelligence community but now president trump rather than talking about russia russian interference and of course there's an inquiry by robert mueller the special counsel into possible collusion between the trump team and russia he's changing the subject he's changing the country that he says is responsible now for the midterms which come up in november saying it's china and if we just get back to the substance of what this is all about and as i'm saying it's to talk about weapons of
12:57 am
mass destruction we heard a lot of talk about the resolution twenty two thirty one which of course endorsed the joint comprehensive plan of facts and on the nuclear program off iran and the most recent speaker was the russian foreign minister and he was against the dismantling of the that comprehensive plan what can you tell us about what was said about iran. and well yeah you've heard it from russia you've heard it from china you've heard it from the u.k. you've heard it from france so you've heard it from some of the u.s. is closest allies you've heard it from some of the other most powerful countries in the world and all the permanent members of the u.n. security council apart from the u.s. they say the iran nuclear deal may not be perfect but it's the best way to stop iran getting a nuclear weapon trump of course that it was a horrible one sided deal while trump was still speaking i was outside the security
12:58 am
council and there was an entourage that came past of people who were surrounding the iranian foreign minister mohammad just job it was a relief and i managed to get a question to him as a what do you make of president trump's speech and he said it was astonishing that someone would come to the security council and then boast about defying a security council violating a security council resolution and what he's referring to there is the fact that iran deal the obama administration was so pleased they got that deal they actually took it to the security council it was the u.s. that put it before the security council and the deal was in was indorsed and became a security council resolution twenty two thirty one and it is still a security council resolution and i can tell you there's no way that the u.s. would get support to remove it as the security council resolution the votes are completely against them and when it came to ever morales james we heard him
12:59 am
with some pretty strong words against the united states. goodness i've never seen president trump sitting and taking it like he did when ever morales was speaking because president trump of course is in his role as the president of the security council he gets to speak in his national capacity and we heard what he had to say but when he's presiding he has to be neutral and a lot of us were wondering whether he'd managed to stick to that what he did he still say he sat there stony faced as ever more or less launched a blistering attack on the united states he said it had a contempt for multilateralism it said that was because it wanted global control and was trying to plunder natural resources around the world and in particular on the iran deal he had this to say you know and now that iran has really taken
1:00 am
control of its own resources it is once again the victim of a us silly judge bolivia categorically condemns the unilateral actions imposed by the government of the united states of america against iran likewise we condemn the fact that the united states has withdrawn from the g c p o a hiding behind the greek texts to continue its policy of interference and meddling in the internal affairs of this brother country iran some of the important developments have been going on while the security council has been meeting as you know the general assembly is also meeting but i'm not talking about in the general assembly i'm talking with regard to the subject matter of the security council the idea of nuclear weapons while on north korea things have been happening while they've been meeting at the security council while president trump has sat in that chair might pompei or the u.s. secretary of state has be been.


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