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tv   No Shelter Family Separation at the Border  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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best. of us. from some of the times. and. this assists as jeff you know i mean. the water that chills is with us again with the thought that. it was only when the enough to solve the issue. lest. we break into programming to take you live to the united nations general assembly to listen to cuba's new president miguel diaz who is speaking live right now. if you don't speak from this restaurant on behalf of cuba and look to recall historical moments of the general assembly which also part of our dearest members for their custom jacob are droll gus to. book. us and in this. study not so long will they don't look so you don't.
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know. we whom we have shared over half a century about those four just in the not all of those still far from being reached. it is absurd but consistent the with the russian idea of a world in which the richest point seven percent of the population of forty six percent of all the wealth. while the poorer seventy percent of the population can access only two point seven percent of it or three point four billion people surviving in poverty eight hundred and fifteen million going hungry so i love fifty eight million are illiterate eight hundred forty four million lack basic services of drinking water all these figures by the way are prepared a regular use by global organizations by the seems that they have failed yet still
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to raise sufficient awareness of the international community. mr president this realities are not the result of socialism like the present of the as the states said yesterday here so they are the consequence of capitalism specially imperialism a neo liberal is only of selfishness under scrutiny that is inherent to the system of economic political social and cultural paradigm that privileges are worth accumulation in the hands of a few are the cost of exploitation on the poverty of the large majority capitalism gone so that the caller is on he gave birth to fascism terrorism and not by hate and the spread of wars and conflicts the breaches of sovereignty and something the nature of the peoples repression alone workers minorities revici's and migrants. capitalism is so posts is opposed to solidarity and then across the participation
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of the production and consumption patterns that characterize it promotes brander militarist from threats to peace they generate violations of human rights and are the greatest danger to the ecological balance of balance of the planet and the survival of the on the. low one shouldn't be deceived by anybody claiming that humanity lacks in love material financial to hardcore resources drug like a poverty hunger preventable diseases. all the sculptures what this lacking is the political will of the industrial countries who have the moral duty the historical responsibility and the abundant resources to solve the most pressing global problems. the truth is that while it is claimed that there is a shock for in funding to attain the goals and targets of the twenty three agenda or address the increasing about climate change in twenty seven the military
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expenditure amount of the one point seventy four trillion. the highest figure since the end of the cold war climate change is another on our voidable reality and a matter of survival for the human species but equally for small island developing states some of its effects already are reversible scientific evidence indicates there is an increase of one point one's center with degrees a relative of the dozen period. nine out of ten persons are living polluted air breathing polluted air however the us one of the most important polluters yesterday and today refuses to accompany the national committee in the prometheus of all the parts agreement on climate change it does in dangers the lives of future generations of the survival of all speeches including humans in a vision of see if there were not enough for its own humanity and is that all in
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creations it is a fact that the military and local has human lives some of embarrassment is perpetrating itself and expanding to that image of the hopes of the mojo's of the peoples for a general and complete disarmament it is an idea cuba shares and as proof of its commitment on board the thirty first last became the fifth state to ratify the treaty of the pride be sure of look at our weapons. in this organization that was born out of the euro on the side to overcome the structural left by a terrible war with a dialogue with the nations. it is not possible. now go through a to ignore these dangers that include racial war disguised as i want to turn the rangers the first overthrow of sovereign governments the so-called soft coup interference in other states internal affairs these are recurring forms of actions by some powers using the most diverse excuses international cooperation for the
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promotion of both a show of all human rights for all is a must however if this communal torrie as a leg is valuable asians with claims of the malaysian violates the rights to peace some of the malaysian on development of peoples cuba rejects the militarization of outer space cyberspace as well as the covert and illegal use of information and communication technologies to attack all the states. the exercise of multiculturalism and the full respect for the principles and rules of international law to advance towards a multi-polar democratic and equitable world our requirements to govern and peaceful coexistence preserve international because security and fire last and solutions. two systemic problems against that logic the threat of the use of
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force unilaterally some pressures retaliations and sanctions which increasingly characterize their behavior and rhetoric of the us government and its use of use of their veto power in the security council in order to impose their political agenda pose huge challenges and threats within the united nations itself why don't we just implement the promise of strengthening of the john assembly as the main organ of the liberation the seizure one hundred percent asian the reform of the security council one must be delayed or prevented us this oregon east in need of adjusting its star that with times its work membership today we have come to read through it was commander in chief in a customer who said on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the un which summarizes the most noble aspirations of the majority of humanity and i quote we want a world without her germany stick practice without nuclear weapons without interventionism
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without racism without national a religious hatred without violations of the sovereignty of any country respect for the pain as a live free the simulation of peoples with the universe some of those that do not take the aca into account live our lives with our cultures of all components of humanity and all without group bookcase that the main women children you don't and the persons like silent atomic bombs. over twenty years have passed since that the man and none of those girls have been cured in fact they have been worse and we have every right to ask why and we have the duty to insist on the effective equitable solutions. mr president our america east today experience with persistent threats inconsistent with the problem is all that america and the caribbean as a zone of peace signed in havana by the heads of state and government on the occasion of the second summit of the community of latin american and caribbean
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states in twenty fourteen the current u.s. administration has proclaimed the relevance of the moral doctrine in a newly planted over the imperial policy in the region is attacking venezuela with a special who was. in that threatening context we wish to retrieve our absolute report to the boulevard the revolution this evening with our union of the venezuelan people and the and the most by the government led by cautious those who are present because my little models will reject the intervention at times and sanctions i guess when this way they are aimed at suffocating heat economically and hurting venezuelan families we likewise reject the attempts at just about ice in the lake or on government. in a country of peace that has made a remarkable social economic and public safety progress in favor of its people we
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denounce the politically motivated imprisonment of former presidents enough to agree with us on a decision to prevent the people from voting on electing brazil's most popular leader to the presidency. we stand so low they will remain nations who limit legitimate preserve for the horrible effects of slavery as well as the. just special differential treatment that they deserve we are from our style economy with this really depends of the brotherly people of puerto rico we support i read argentina's legitimate some wanted to claim over the mile beat us i lost south sandwich and south georgia islands we would treat our. a restricted report to the comprehensive just last is a little to the israeli palestinian conflict on the basis of the goals of two states away the palestinian people to exercise their right to starve them in asia and to have an independent and sovereign state based upon the pre-one nine hundred
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sixty seven borders with each duracell them as its capital will reject the only doctor actually have the state to establish its diplomatic representation and this should give the general which heightens even more tensions in the region we call the end there buried these with israeli forces against the civilian population in gaza will reaffirm our the fight so that the with our people and through port the search for the final solution to the quest of the worsens ira which will allow them to exercise some of the malaysia and to live in peace in their territory we soup or the search for a peaceful little sheet solution to this equation both in syria without foreign interference with respect to its sovereignty territorial integrity who reject any the rate or direct intervention garri without the legitimate authorities of that country. consumed in it but the continue expansion of nato towards the russian
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borders is causing serious threats question by the imposition as arbitrary sanctions which we reject we demand compliance with islamic republic of iran's nuclear deal we welcome the presence of anthrax meant and between the two koreas which is a way for at even and lasting peace reconciliation and stability in the korean peninsula at the same time we strongly condemn the imposition of the an astral and first sanctions against the democratic republic. peoples republic of korea and foreign interference in korean internal affairs the violation of the rules of international trade and the sanctions. against china the european union and other countries will bring about harmful effects particularly for developing state we advocate for dialogue and cooperation thanks to which we can report today that the
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cuba e.u. agreement on political dialogue and cooperation has previously entered into force and is a good foundation to develop beneficial ties between both parties mr president the government of the us keeps an aggressive rhetoric towards cuba and maintains a policy aimed at subverting the political economic social economic and cultural system in my country contrary to the interests of both peoples and given in to the pressures of minority of sectors the new u.s. government has devoted itself to artificially fabricate under false pretenses scenarios of tension and hosted lety that serves nobody's interests this is in contrast with the fact that we have formal diplomatic relations and mutually beneficial cooperation programs. in a limited number of areas are peoples share increasingly closer historic and cultural bunz which are expressed in the art sports science in the
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environment among others the potential for a smooth fluent business relationship is well known and a genuine and respectful understanding would be in the best interest of the entire region however these sensual and defining element of them by that our relationship continues to be the blockade which seeks to suffocate the cuban economy in order to bring about hardships and is our constitutional order it is a group policy punishing cuban families and the entire nation it is the most comprehensive and longstanding system of economic nations or sanctions ever implemented story. it has been and continues to be a major obstacle to the country's development and to the realisation of the aspirations to progress and wellbeing of several generations of cubans as it has been said for so many years in the same forum due to its aggressive extraterritorial implementations implicates seriously damages the seventy and
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interests of all countries on behalf of the cuban people i would like to thank these general assembly for the virtually unanimous rejection of the commercial and financial blockade imposed by the united states against my country nevertheless the actions of the us government against my country go further the good public and covert programs of graz interference in cuba's internal affairs to these end tens of millions of dollars are officially allocated in its budget in violation of the standards and principles upon which these organization vies and in particular on cuba sovereignty as an independent nation cuba stands ready to develop respectful and civilized relations with the u.s. government on the basis of severing equality and mutual respect this is the will of the cuban people and we know this is
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a shared as ration by most citizens and particularly by cubans living here we shall continue to tires it him and the end of the cruel economic commercial and financial located there in turn of the illegally occupied territory of the guantanamo naval base and adequate reparations for our people for the dow since of the dead and disable and for the economic and property damages caused to cuba over so many years of aggression cuba will always be willing to engage in dialogue and cooperate on the basis of respect and on an equal footing which shall never make concessions affecting the sovereignty and national independence we shall not be goes. principles nor shall we accept conditionalities in spite of the book aid the hostility and the actions carried out by the united states to impose change in cuba the cuban revolution is right here alive
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and kicking true to its principle mr president the generational change in our government should not raise the hopes of the enemies of the revolution we are the continuity not a rupture cuba has continued taking steps to improve its model of economic and social development in order to build a sovereign independent socialist democratic press for and sustainable nation that is the path we have chosen freely given people will never go back to the opprobrious past that it should come of with the greatest sacrifices during one hundred fifty years of struggle for independence and full dignity by the decision of the oh we're overwhelming majority of cubans we shall continue the process that started almost sixty years ago in this conviction we began a constitutional reform process is a truly participatory and democratic exercise so far for discussion of the traffic which will eventually be approved in
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a referendum i am certain that there will be no changes in our strategic objectives and that the irrevocably nature of socialism will be ratified the principles of foreign policy will remain unchanged as the first secretary of our party and out castro said on his statement on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the united nations and i quote the international community will always be able to count on forgive us since year voice against injustice inequality under development discrimination and manipulation and for the establishment of a fair and more equitable international order whose center is. placed on the human being is staying to tea and well being that cuban be have of which i speak today is the proud successor of that independent sovereign fraternal and sell the charity policy with the poorest of the world producers of all the wells in the planet although the unequal global order has sentenced them to dire poverty on
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behalf of words like democracy freedom and human rights words which is a reach have actually emptied of meaning it has been exciting to take the floor the same restaurant from which fidel express power for truth fifty eight years ago that still continue to shake is in front of representatives of more than one hundred ninety nations who are rejecting extortion and pressures every year feel the voting screen of where is the green lights of approval to our demand for the end of the blockade i conclude by expressing my hope that the no lacerations of most of the humanity will be at sheaves before younger generations take again this road to demand the same things we demand today and are his story. before us thank you very much. but is the cuban president to me go the kind of
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bird who is marking his debut on the world stage at the united nations general assembly the first time he's there after he took office on april nineteenth interestingly that address scheduled for today september the twenty sixth that's fifty eight years to the day that fidel castro made his first speech there and he has previously been critical of donald trump's administration and this time was not very different to what he said he in fact used the gathering to use that speech to denounce the commercial economic as well as the financial in bargo on his country but at the same time he did say that cuba stan. ready to develop relations with the united states and he did address other topics as well he said he talked about the security council itself saying that it needs to adjust it needs to get with the times pretty much and he spoke about venezuela saying that the u.s.
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administration is attacking venezuela according to him with cruelty so the so all that the cuban president had to say while he was addressing the united nations general assembly well while that was going on what we saw as well that the u.s. president has attacked iran with trump labeling to her on the world's leading sponsor of terror so trump carried his first u.n. security he chaired excuse me his first u.n. security council meeting here's what he had to say on syria and the role of russia and iran as well the syrian regime's butchery is enabled by russia and iran the iranian regime exports violence terror and turmoil it illicitly procures sensitive items to advance this ballistic missile program and proliferates these missiles all across the middle east so there was trouble
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speaking earlier on our diplomatic editor james bays joining us from the un headquarters in new york james an interesting lee we are awaiting a press conference to be given by the iranian president hassan rouhani do we expect them to respond to the comments that trump made earlier on. i think it's likely that he will he'll certainly be asked by reporters at that news conference that's pretty close to the united nations tried to get more at the end of the security council meeting from the u.s. ambassador nikki haley a short time ago she wasn't expanding on anything of that president trump was saying she wasn't answering any questions as she left the security council meeting but it's worth telling you that while trump was speaking the iranian foreign minister had been listening to the beginning of the speech and while trump was still speaking he came past me where we were standing outside the security council
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chamber our camera didn't manage to get his face but we could hear what he said to me. foreign minister what do you make about president trump's criticism it is such an interesting situation for somebody to go to the security council and boast about violating security council. thank you foreign minister so there you have been talking about violating a security council resolution let me just explain that to you the iran nuclear deal twenty fifteen was a deal between iran and six countries representing the international community the so-called p five plus one the five permanent members of the security council and germany well after that deal the u.s. was so happy that it finally got that deal the u.s. actually took the deal to the security council and it was indorsed in a security council resolution so he's making the point that that is actually binding international law and yet president trump was in the security council saying very boldly why he felt that deal was
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a horrible one sided deal now the speech by president trump was supposed to all be about nonproliferation so about nuclear biological and chemical weapons things like iran and north korea but president trump veered off topic with this quite stunning claim. regrettably we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight teen election coming up in november against my administration they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade and we are winning on trade we are winning at every level well i'm not sure whether the chinese knew that was coming clearly all the talk with regard to the us elections have been about twenty sixteen presidential election and about russian
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hacking there something that's been confirmed by all the u.s. intelligence agencies and of course you got an investigation by the special counsel robert mueller into any collusion between the trump team and russia now the allegation is the forthcoming elections which are to be held in november it is china instead that is interfering how did the chinese respond will this was what was said by the state council on foreign minister. just to go to marriage or trying to china has all along for the principle of noninterference in other countries domestic affairs this is a tradition of chinese foreign policy observance that this principle has received acclaim from the international community we did not and will not interfere in any country's domestic affairs and we refuse to accept any unwarranted accusations against china and we call upon other countries to also observe the purposes of the u.n. charter and not to interfere in other country's internal affairs china
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was one of those permanent members of the security council says it wants to so far it wants the iran deal to survive it says it's the only way to stop iran getting a nuclear weapon the response to president trumps attacks on iran is coming now from the iranian president hassan rouhani who's about to give this news conference . all right james you're right so we are awaiting in a few moments for hasan rouhani the iranian president to start that press conference from new york but on the issue of iran james then at that meeting at the u.n. security council apologies james we will now cross over to the iranian president let's listen in to what he has to say. the meetings in their speech is. so poor to jay superiors and achievement. yet. you do.


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