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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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gentleman last july. israel. adopted a racist law. that crossed all the red lines and it was called the nation state law of the jewish people. and. this law denies the connection of the palestinian people to their historic homeland and dismisses the right to self-determination and their history and heritage. as well as the united nations resolutions relevant to the palestine question and the agreements concluded with israel. the slow. when ever to really lead to the creation of one racist state and upper tied state and thus nullifies the two state solution. israel practices discrimination but it but actually this comes
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as the. epicenter of this discrimination this low discriminates against the palestinian arab citizens in israel granting the right to self-determination exclusively to jews in israel. does legalizing discrimination against those arab citizens who constitute twenty percent of the population of israel. in addition to other non jews who have immigrated to israel does they are stripped of their rights of citizenship. at least five percent of the current population of israel are immigrants they are non jews. they are christians and muslims. who immigrated from the former u.s. as are they have also been stripped from their rights to citizenship this law
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constitutes a gross breach and real danger both politically and legally and reminds us of the appetite state. that existed in south africa and thus we reject this low and condemn it in the strongest terms we further call on the international community and this against assembly to act to reject it and condemn it as a racist illegal law and null and void. the united nations has also. had condemned the apartheid south african state and several resolutions in the past bearing in mind that thousands of jews and israeli citizens. have rejected and protested against this law
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fifty six knesset members out of one hundred twenty voted against it. because they believe that it's a racist low that's why i call upon the united nations to follow the same line to follow in the food steps of a number of israeli citizens who rejected this law altogether in letter and in spirit. this racist clore ladies and gentleman. talks about what is called the land of israel can you. can you ask the israeli government what exactly constitutes the land of israel. what the borders of the state of israel are. i challenge anyone to tell us what they are where are the borders of the state of israel.
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please bring me a map and just show me where are the borders of israel. this racist flow constitutes another stigma. on israel and anyone who can sense to it and can do such acts this is just like other israeli laws that are legislated theft piracy and confiscation of the land property and funds of the palestinian people ladies and gentleman. we have always fully and positively engaged with the various initiatives of the international community that have aimed at achieving peaceful solution between us and days rallies including the arab peace initiative which was to go by the security council in its resolution fifteen fifteen of two thousand and three. we continued on this path with the administration of
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a president trump from the start of his tenure with the same positive engagement and and we welcomed his launching of the initiative of peace and i have met with him numerous times. we awaited his peace initiative with utmost patience. but we were shocked by his decisions and actions that completely contradict the role and commitment of his administration to words the peace process so in nov twenty seventh he and his administration issued a decision. to close the p.l.o. office in washington d.c. he then announced his epic ignition of jerusalem as the capital of israel and thus transferred his country's embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. and he
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even boasts that he has removed the issues of jerusalem refugees settlements and security of the negotiation table probably not to form a dog. or to mature and want to move from all such decisions threaten the palestinian national cause and constitute an assault on international law and relevant. you and resume lucian's the us administration twenty even further in its assault by cutting assistance to the palestinian national authority the owner was and palestinian hospitals in occupied east jerusalem. then they are speaking now about humanitarian aid. even they military and aid have been cut off with all of these decisions this administration has reneged on all
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previous us commitments and even undermined the two state solution and revealed it's false claims and of concern about the humanitarian conditions of the palestinian people it's really ironic that the american administration still talks about what they call the deal of the century. but what is left for this administration to give it to the palestinian people. only humanitarian solutions. because when they remove of from the negotiation table jurists ill and refugees and security so what is left what is left as a political solution. the us congress continues to insist on considering the palestine liberation organization which is a good night is as the sole legitimate representative of the palestinian people by the overwhelming majority of countries of the word including israel.
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as a terrorist organization. and by the way the p.l.o. is a good night by israel however the u.s. congress claims that the below is a terrorist organization at a time when the state of palestine cooperates with the majority of countries of the word including the united states to combat terrorism. then why is this animosity against the palestinian people who are suffering under the york of an occupation duty supported by the united states we would like to tell them. our positions are firm and clear for all to see and we challenge we challenge you if we have committed a single mistake in our long journey however the congress comes out of the blue to
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say that the p.l.o. is a terrorist organization how come. for years we have affirmed our readiness to the u.s. administration to establish a palestinian american committee to examine the political and legal status of the p.l.o. . as a means of proving to them that the deal o. is committed to achieving peace and combating terrorism. as well as to also demonstrate that the congress legislation regarding the p.l.o. is arbitrary unlawful and unjustified and deliberately ignores the official agreement with the us administration to combat terrorism and agreement which we have also concluded with eighty three other countries. we have protocols with eighty three countries under the
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heading or the title of combating terrorism including the united states however the congress colas terrorists despite of all this and from this gust platform. i read you my call to president trump to resign and his decisions and decrees regarding jerusalem refugees and settlements which contravene . with international law and you end result oceans as well as the understanding that we have reached in order to solve the the prospects of peace and to achieve stability and security for future generations. by the way this is an example of those understanding's this is a letter duly signed by the us administration between the us administration and and
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and palestine regarding all these causes that are just ignored. ladies and gentlemen consistent with our commitment to peace and the two state solution and the pack of negotiations to achieve them a path we have never refused and i do challenge i challenge you to give to tell me about any single time where we refused to come to the negotiation table. to the contrary we have been invited more than once by more than one country here and they told us to they invited us to sit with netanyahu and in every single time i accepted and i do challenge you i challenge you to tell me that i have refused once or if they have the on the other hand accepted once. so we have
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never refused these negotiations with a view to rescuing the peace process and i came before the security council on the twentieth of february this year and presented an initiative calling for the convening of an international peace conference based on the relevant you and resolutions. and the internationally endorsed terms of reference and parameters. such a country and such should involve broad international participation that includes regional and international stakeholders that led by the parliament members of the security council the permanent members of the security council and the quartet which will circulate this initiative in its entirety to you and hope that you will support it. here i reiterate that we are not against negotiations in the least and we have never rejected negotiations on
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any single day and we will continue to extend our hand for peace we only believe in peace peace is the only path. we don't believe in terrorism and violence and we spared no occasion to iterate to this belief then what if you're speaking about you and resume lucian's ok these un resolutions have not a single un resolution have been respected by israel then you are speaking about negotiations and solutions what kind of solutions. peace in our region cannot be realized without an independent palestinian state with easter islam as its capital . and with all the holy sites some people try to outsmart us and they say ok your capital is in east jerusalem no
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i'm sorry this is a many poor nation of words this means here or there or which every region that are surrounding jerusalem you know our capital is is east jerusalem and not in east jerusalem. and please don't try to outsmart us where there are bodies or what in east jerusalem and then you pick and choose an area here or there no east jerusalem which has been occupied in one nine hundred sixty seven is our capital. there is no peace. otherwise and there is no peace with a state of temporary borders by the way they invented this idea of a state with temporary borders ok we'll give you a state but with an with unknown borders you know what this is exactly like israel it's a state with unknown borders and then let us talk no we want
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a state with very well defined borders and drive and then we can co-exist with the israelis but otherwise no. here you are one hundred eighty three states plus. another country that has ignited us. which is colombia. we however this will i will continue and this will come in my speech. call upon all the countries of the word that have not it's organized the state of palestine to accelerate this long overdue to could nation i can no longer see a convincing reason for the continued delay of dick admission of the state of palestine by some countries in this context i wish to draw your attention to the fact that. in two thousand and nine the state of palestine will cherish.
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in twenty nineteen the state of palestine will chair the group of seventy seven and china by the way ten minutes ago i met in another. conference room and. his excellency president sisi announced that we have been a freely elected by one hundred thirty four countries that to chair the group of seventy seven and china. well my. cock warden and we're not going to build a paper nevertheless there are some countries. we recognize both countries or maybe we recognize israel but we don't recognize palestine so what if you say if you claim that you recognize the two states and you could know israel but you are not recognizing palestine so what is this conundrum what's your
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interest actually this is totally unacceptable and we tell these countries and we as you have to recognize palestine this doesn't mean that we will not go for negotiations on the contrary this will bolster our international position and we will be able with your support to go to negotiations when you recognize the state of palestine and this recognition should not be unilateral like i mean she you should not only advise one state and not in the other you know you have to recognize both states. ladies and gentleman i would like to remind you again. that israel has not implemented any one of the hundreds of general assembly resolutions. there are seven hundred and five resolutions issued by
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the general assembly since one thousand nine hundred forty seven and to date and there are eighty six security council a result oceans since nine hundred forty eight to date not a single resume lucian it has been implemented by israel and unfortunately i would like to be very frank and honest israel is supported by the united states because the general assembly and of the other countries when we ask them they just angry when we ask them. the i agree they gave us one hundred thirty nine votes and forty two where. i actually abstained those who opposed were only four countries until when israel will act with impunity until when israel will and rebel as it likes supported by whom ever it likes.
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ladies and gentleman we are resisting the israeli occupation by way of alleged image it means that have been decided by your international organization that we the only means which we used is the peaceful popular resistance is this illegal on the other hand the settlers are using arms against palestinians. they barge cities and towns and villages with arms i'm not here speaking about the army or the i.d.f. i'm speaking about the settlers there is really settlers but we will continue to refuse using and reject violence and you will reject all kinds of arms
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and we will never accept using weapons and we call upon the word to. to pursue the efforts of nuclear disarmament and even a traditional disarmament now that we have a problem in. israel is. adamant on destroying this region and this region has been operated for more than fifty years but if it is troy's this village it is thus destroying the unity of the west bank it will be divided into north and south do you agree to this do you condone this not to mention the aggressions against the locks up do you remember the aggressions against the assault against the luxor. now we are told that the israeli supreme court. will issue
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a decision to divide. spatially and time wise for sure this is totally unacceptable and i'm sure that those with chivalry dignity and peace lovers will not accept this and israel should bear the brunt of. such thuggery should come to an end. because it makes no sense every single day a decision is passed by that court as if we do not exist. i have not gone on and he made the lieberman call. your view alan after we managed to get a resolution from the un for international a protection because every day we. are we are
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attacked and we are incapable of protecting ourselves ok a resolution was passed but who implemented this resolution and a very honestly it's sufficient for the general assembly to pass a resolution that remains without implementation exactly like other resolutions. the general assembly should also respect its resume lucian's. but to pass a resolution and then we applaud the resolution and we. cheer it and then what please guide us and tell us how can we implement such resolutions this is your responsibility. to. revive the madame.
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while we welcome all the economic and humanitarian support to our people in the west bank and the gaza strip through the alleged image of palestinian institutions we refuse that this is supposed to be considered as a substitute to a political solution because humanitarian aid you know what our cause has many humanitarian aspects but without a political solution really we don't need such military and. don't fool us and tell us that you are helping us actually we are after the right to self-determination of our people full stop. and have. no single people. on earth. does not enjoy the rights to self-determination while. we are thirteen million palestinians all over the word. y.-o.
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we denied the right to self-determination. by the way this will not harm anybody we need to establish our independent state which will live side by side with the israeli state where is the mistake here. where is the crime here. when we continue to exert genuine serious efforts to end the division and to achieve reconciliation despite the many obstacles to achieving these aims. we continue to uphold. our responsibilities towards our people till date. we express our appreciation to our arab brethren in particular the fraternal arab republic of
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egypt for the efforts undertaken to end this division hoping that they will be rendered successful. we made an agreement with the sponsorship with an egyptian sponsorship on the twelfth of october and the agreement is so simple the palestinian government will carry out its responsibilities in gaza and in the west bank. and then we will build our estate on the basis of. unified law unified or thorough unified rejean and only one single ledge dement armed forces we reject the idea of militias however this agreement has not been accepted and so far it has not been approved. and. maybe in the. coming few days will witness
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the last trial and of talks and then maybe we will take another action. ladies and gentlemen i want to conclude as follows the palestinian people thirteen million human beings. unless we are not viewed as human beings by some. but. we are not redundant. not withstanding how big a population is it's not redundant. why are we treated as redundant people that should be got rid of. this is totally unacceptable however we are patient. and we are steadfast and we believe in peace. but
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we just need to be viewed as humans we are not redundant. we have concluded agreements with the u.s. administration. and the us administration has reneged on all these agreements however we are committed and we will abide by our part of the agreement however if the reneged on these agreements we will lot of by the by. when. it takes two to tangle so an agreement should be respected by both parties i would respected from a to z. however if the us administration fails it to respect the agreement we will not be able to hold our part thereof through.
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in the us. he acts as a mediator however now we view the u.s. with new eyes the u.s. cannot be a mediator single handedly we have the quartet ok they can join the quartet it. any country can join the quartet whether in europe e.u. america the americas africa even the arab countries anyone can join the quartet to act as mediators it between ourselves and the israel's but the us alone no because they are too much biased to israel. there are also agreements with israel starting with also agreement to
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paris agreement and all these agreements have been abrogated by israel and we call upon israel to reengage in these agreements however. otherwise we will not hold our part of those agreements. we have also concluded agreements with hamas. our brothers in egypt know that we held our side of the agreement but her message failed to fulfill its obligations according to at the agreement that's why we will not bear any responsibility. in this regard and i would like this to be totally crystal clear we will not bear any
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responsibility if insists on refusing to abide by the agreement. in spite of all this and despite all this injustice from the word we will never resort to violence or terrorism and we will continue to combat to violence and terrorism all over the globe. we will never accept any aggression against any country whether this country recognizes us or does not recognize us loves us or dislikes us. there's a very important point. the us administration said that the number of refugees is forty thousand only i want to know the formula whereby you calculated this number
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just go to the on do i go to the envoy and then her definitely they don't want to go back to the underwear they just want to of literally did all together. the it was established in one nine hundred forty nine to help refugees until their question is solved and until date this cause has not been solved until now out of thirteen million we have six million refugees not forty thousand a spear the us administration. of. such facts just come out of the blue what is the formula of calculation they just calculated and decided and decided to remove the war from the picture. of the world. finally i call upon our people to remain patient steadfast
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and to continue to sacrifice. until we achieve independence and self-determination and to establish an independent state with the jerusalem as its capital and not in jerusalem. i would pay tribute to all freedom loving countries and peoples and i were martyrs and i would like to tell all palestinians. israel. considers them and criminals why in israel there are thousands who used to assault everybody end of the earth considered heroes why is there two who killed rabin is a hero while our people are criminals i pay tribute to our hero marchers and prisoners of war.
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i would like to tell you all that soon the door of freedom and independence will shine and occupation will go into the darkness of history and peace be upon you i wish to thank the president of the be followed by the me. me me the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas he was giving his word to the united nations general assembly and he began his speech to the un with the phrase that jerusalem is not for sale palestinian people's rights are not for bargaining he went on to say that we will achieve our independence with peace and we want to state with very well defined borders and rights and then we can co-exist with the israelis on the united states and.


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