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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 156  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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well. managed. company. well bob got us all. got it by we got to buy up now make history. today kalponik heads a powerful real estate in construction materials group based and don't have to get there and here i did you know one. minute later me then pressure they really don't know they're going to you know. the third will be up and then they. will need you looking. despite the multi-million dollar projects that she manages calpine and her family don't lock themselves away in a bubble of luxury. on sundays kalponik entertains modestly at
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home. all day for family and neighbors but also for those who come to us. oxo mother but. i to this couple comes from her village they have just traveled fifteen hours by bus to tell her that they two daughters are getting married that. i said that when i was a little. bigger and by a friend getting better but i was. left. fifty thousand rupees gold and seven thousand dollars for this family of farmers it's the equivalent of a his income of less than one. we were all right. closely gasol yeah. you did that with that that you were i didn't.
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know i just like. oh i. was. white sandy beaches lined with coconut treats go on india's west coast is the playground of billionaires. that go way over my storefront. we go this one to go and call her would have a lot of guff about gautam singh gonna is one of the most famous billionaires in india he manages the country's largest clothing brand. the fifty year old king of textiles heads
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a fortune estimated at one point five billion dollars. this weekend he's on his yoest a shana a fifty maize a long three story floating palace built entirely awesome precious would. take the boat to the maldives. you know if. you haven't been in a long time the one who got this will but it's only eleven am but the posse has already started. for these old school friends the weekend in goa is a reunion not to be missed. the breakfast and truffle omelette caviar japanese chocolates and fine into each wines separate wishes and caviar dreams and i'm nothing. like them and that. is. like super luxury.
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by the end of the morning the group of fifty somethings have already fallen back into adolescence it's only the size in the style of the twenty's that has changed. back to mumbai and it's back to work with. the family textile business and the finest brand reiman boasts an annual turnover of more than eighty million dollars with three thousand shops across the country. today the group's big boss is inspecting his brands flagship store. gets down to eleven that it's a little distance from iran but it's cheap it's. a couple of the falcon four five and. the rembrandt was launched by family at
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the beginning of the twentieth century. it was losing momentum when he took over in two thousand to die it's a huge success. business success means he can indulge in his passions. from high end textiles and suit jackets it is here that this damon gets his adrenaline rush. want to promote the sport stories his biggest critic two or three times a day every day for becoming director no there's no degree rise or any of that so it is just you know bring whatever you brought or people have his enthusiasm to figure out some adrenaline and. to become a good of a drag this ties to the danger fascinates the inmates who are accustomed to the
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billion is escapades. two years ago something gagnon decided to treat himself to the thrill of a true high speed right. to the timing like taxing on ears cuts about proposition to pay what it will to shut up about security over the public stone erik prince is going to step down. despite his busy schedule got him travels the world to live out his dream and fly the colors of the indian flag it's a vet check out for jay carney a wins from green arts paid to the entrance ticket to the sunday sports event a million dollars at that price the souvenir video looks like the trailer for an action film. for his first year the novice finished school wide.
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the new maharaja as of today see themselves as the heroes of modern india. but in a country where hundreds of millions live below the poverty line. the lives of the super rich can have a dockside. india ranks number one in the world photogs of asian more than five hundred billion dollars is said to be hidden abroad of. india's most flamboyant a will for default out of the business for banks housing for the for getting that done see now has been developed by the government. they jane mallya made his fortune in the alcohol business as the boss of kingfisher beverages. he then launched his own on earning the nickname india's richard branson. the rising oil prices ended up. sinking his dreams plunging into debt. once worth one point
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six billion dollars b.j. malley is indian property including villas planes and cards was supposed to be auctioned off to pay his criticism. but they're still waiting for their money they jay fled the country owing more than one point three billion dollars to india's banks. he ended up in london denying he was playing his debts he calls his decision to move to the u.k. a forced exon. home for the billionaire izzy's if they million dollar mansion in hartford share north of london our request for an interview went unanswered. but we finally caught sight of him last march when the formula one season kicked off. and. he shows up with his new car in front of cameras from all over the
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world. when questioned about his financial dealings v.j. says he has done nothing wrong i do not or one you will personally do with any bank. kingfisher airlines limited unfortunately closed down the business and they tried to hold me personally responsible because one fullface good two thirds of the country right. why should i let my stuff all that has to be brought. in the good charges against me which there isn't. right. but back in india there are charges of defaulting on loans and money laundering v.j. was arrested in the u.k. i proved and again in october he was granted bail by three times and he's now waiting for the courts to decide if he should be extradited to india to face the charges. meanwhile the new is to india's nouveau riche
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has arrived in london. we find the ambitious young millionaire i haven't lived in a gold for buy for marketing his new app bottle pop london's the best market for both you know there's just too many people spending too much disposable income on bottles that they don't remember the next day excluding myself they go out and people obviously buy more and more shipping bottles of the spotless because to do it the girls cover the tables and that's what they want they want to show off it's a shallow society it's always a competition the ghost everybody can see everybody but that makes a commission what i wear clothes so that's how we make money. with bottle bob evan can earn more than twenty thousand dollars in commission for each soiree. money flows freely in london the european finance capital attracting india's rich.
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business men have taken over you know little and he's one of the biggest residences in any india. indian business then he's the largest private employer in all of the u.k. wherever he goes i even spend his time finding new business ideas. i have some friends and we have a fine that's just. the meeting with. the looking for deals all the time so if you can send me a picture doesn't matter where you. are. right now. in india is not enough for this millionaire he wants to be known and recognized throughout the world and for that. are essential to his image . twenty four hours later he. headed to the most chic area of the
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german capital. in a presidential suite costing three thousand dollars the noise i even is making million is all under the age of twenty five. chinese german russian or indian. or pos of the rich kids of instagram. the world's golden who displays themselves on social media. with videos and selfies these i mean he had rich kids like to take center stage online. the tag line is they have more money than you and this is what they do. you can see the pay trips that passion for parties and luxury.
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even luther has become one of the stars of the group right here i always say work smart clever never seen it work on its own is about doing the right thing you know people love people and they will of hard work labor but they don't achieve anything in life a lot of who can make one phone call and like got a million bucks in the bank if you want to spend money like we do you can be stupid to people donate money to people so that people have money they're probably smart. even as objective is to flash's cash on social media and to grow his community of fans i mean i have like two hundred thousand followers they want to see if her space is going to going to give them because they it's just cheers she was there but. after
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dinner the party continues. to getting close. up. look at me very much not knowing. jewelry champagne and beautiful girls to not the apprentice billion is live all the cliches to feed their instagram accounts. of. the young high rollers can spend more than one hundred thousand dollars in one not. just in this tough success that gets them a success. new indian maharaj is like even our only at the beginning of their brand. hoping to boost india's place in the rankings of the world's biggest fortunes.
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it's inscribed on the wall where previously a way damage path and couldn't touch and tell if a post had been said old tight or in some why does this updated nafta have the kind of support that he needs we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. booming city a city with a drug problem. in a neighborhood consumed by trafficking transforms the square into. giving to. reclaim their street and its. street of the viewfinder latin america series.
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of apartment. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the art as they were news our live from coming up in the next sixty minutes. i am innocent of this charge. donald trump supreme court nominee gives emotional testimony defending himself before a u.s. senate committee. that was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone these
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details while his accuser stands by her allegations that she was sexually assaulted by. at the u.n. general assembly palestine says the u.s. is not an honest broker for middle east peace talks. and tycoon ilan mosque is charged with fraud or his tesla business dealings. are let's cross to live now to the united nations where the bangladeshi prime minister sheikh hasina is addressing the general assembly after this listening to what she is just about to say. and. displayed on monitor. madam president. and good evening. to.
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let me congratulate you on your election as the four to be mailed president of the un general assembly during its seventy three years history. i assure you of my delegations full support in our polling your commitment to the u.n. . i also elicit date mr antonio gutierrez u.n. secretary general for his farm and carries us leadership in promoting global peace security and sustainable development. madam president. the team you have chosen for this year's sation brings back some personal memories for me. forty forty years ago my father the father of the nation bungled the shakman to borrow money stood on this podium and said i coach peace is an imperative for the survival of humanity. it represents the deepest aspirations of
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men and women throughout the world the united nations remains as the center of hope for the future of the people in this war of sadness more misery and conflict unquote. madam president to. my father going to shake multiplayer a man who devoted his life for the socio economic development of the people of bangladesh he had done so at a time when ninety percent of the population lived below the poverty line following twenty forty years of struggle culminating in the victory of our liberation war bangladeshi gained independence under his leadership in one nine hundred seventy one during this long period of a struggle spend to. his time in the prison for almost fourteen years there were plots to assassinate him and again and again following the independence movement
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who directed his strength to rebuild a large average country with a ruined economy the people got back a sense of relief bangladesh set on its journey ahead as a new d.c. yet what a misfortune for our people who could leave the country only for three years and a half he was brutally gunned down by sins on fifteen august nineteenth seventy five along with him eighteen members of my family and monk then my mother big. three bout brothers the youngest only ten years of age and two newly sisters in law were also killed my sister. and i happened to be abroad at the time and survived the mayhem. but we were barred from getting back to the country the military dictator who grabbed power at the time promulgated an indemnity already nanse and blocked the possibility for bringing the killers to justice we were
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denied the right to seek justice for the gruesome martyrs mr president i can feel the pain and suffering of countless people around the world persecuted and expelled from their homes like that. it is impossible to build peaceful just ancestor nable societies by ignoring such situation as. the myanmar situation repeatedly reminds of the genocide committed by the pakistan occupation forces against our people in one nine hundred seventy one. during the nine months of our liberation war the pakistanis had killed three million in olson to bengalis two hundred thousand women had to suffer he knows structure and abuse ten million people had to flee their homes and take refuge in india my father was arrested and taken to pakistan i was also taken prisoner along with my mother two younger
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brothers and a sister i was expecting my first child at that time he was born in captivity and we had to spend our days in a damp unhealthy environment. we are appalled by what we have seen in un reports about atrocities it is they're doing or who have now taken shelter in bangladesh which are tantamount to genocide and crimes against humanity so we expect the international community particularly the un to give due importance to that draw cities and injustice suffered by the ruling a population in myanmar. as a fellow human we can neither ignore nor remain silent about the plight of the road . when my father and family members had been killed i was not allowed to return home for six years my sister and i were compelled to leave abroad as refugees i
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can feel the misery of losing one's loved ones. and of living in a different land as a refugee. i therefore presented a five point. at the un general assembly last year. with a view to finding a durable and peaceful solution to the sufferings of the forcibly displaced and hapless running. we are disappointed that despite our arnest if we have not been able to begin growing our repatriation in a permanent and sustainable manner myanmar is one of our neighbors. from the outset to a have been trying to find a peaceful solution to their ruling the crisis through bilateral consultations so far three bilaterally arrangements have been concluded between bangladesh and myanmar for voting already but to. despite their verbal commitment to take back
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their oath in reality the myanmar treaty is are yet to accept them back the one point one million hosted in maladies are living in an uncertain situation to the best of our ability we have made air instruments for their food clothing health care child care and security many countries and organizations including the even the commonwealth and the y.c. have shown solitary do with their own anger and extended support and assistance for them i extend my appreciation and pans to the international community so long that are not able to return home they should as a temporary arrangement to be able to live in a good and healthy condition. with this in mind we have a started working on a new housing facility for them with all arrangements for their education health
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care and other needs i call upon international organizations to join hands with us in this initiative i also seek their assistance to help relocate to the rolling back to the facility. they're doing that crises had its origin in myanmar as such its solution has to be found in myanmar we also wish to see immediate and effective implementation of the agreement concluded between me and maher and the un we want an early peaceful solution to the ring of. mr president in last thirty years bangladesh has made its contribution to international peace by deploying over one fifty eight thousand peacekeepers in fifty four missions. one forty five peacekeepers from munger these have made their sacrifice in the line of duty the current lead more than seven thousand peacekeepers including one forty four we men are deployed in ten different missions. our peacekeepers had been acclaimed for
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their proficient allison courage and success we played twenty three contingency under the peacekeeping military readiness system. as they already do you know broken and bangladesh expected to see a more robust and human rights centric global campaign on safe regular and orderly migration. in the contemporary global context the migration compact should be considered a positive a state and should serve as a living document for protecting the rights of mind grants. bangladeshi stance farm against terrorism and all organized crime says we shall not allow our territory to be used for any terrorist acts against or any activity
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detrimental to the interests of our neighbors our zero tolerance policy in countering terrorism will continue on diminished our whole of society approach has served us well in preventing violent extremism human trafficking and flow of illicit drugs bangladesh has aligned itself with a global call to action on the world drug problem by the united states and its your president since two thousand and nine we have been implementing inclusive and people centric development policies on our way to realizing sean our bangla as envisioned by our father of the nation want to shake on the main committed to fulfilling our people's aspirations the world bank records nice bangladesh as a middle income country into into fifteen of these that forty three third largest
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economy in the ward in terms of nominal g.d.p. ours are gap between them has increased from us dollar five forty three in two thousand and sixteen to us dollar seventeen fifty two in twenty eighteen we have achieved every g.d.p. growth rate of seven point eight six per cent inflation has decreased by five point four percent poverty rate has dropped from forty one point five percent in two thousand and six to twenty one point four percent in eighteen during the same period extreme poverty has decreased from twenty four percent to eleven point three percent. our foreign experience was us dollars seven point five billion in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine fiscal year. into a t eighteen it too grew up to even dollar thirty two why.


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