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matic and economic ties with doha in june last year accusing it of terrorism charges that qatar denies and at r.j. bear says relations won't be resolved until doha makes the changes that riyadh requires are somehow bar has more from the york the announcement of further study for mr adie dashes hopes for any political way out of the crisis as far as the g.c.c. crisis is concerned he said that it's. qatar's duty to try to sort out its own problems he was saying basically that qatar has a financing extremism the qatar should stop interfering into the internal affairs of different countries accusations which were strongly dismissed by qatar as politically motivated and fabrications and the timing of the statement comes at a crucial moment because on friday the u.s. secretary of state by pompeo is going to meet with g.c.c. ministers of foreign affairs along with the messrs of foreign affairs of jordan and
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egypt to discuss regional stability and security now we've taken the steps that we took no dealing with cut or you can't over fly airspace you can't import things from our market you we will not you know the military or cop cooperation still ongoing because that's what you see issue and with the u.s. so we do that but the other stuff is all frozen until that huge and i hope they change and if they don't turn we're patient people will wait for ten fifteen twenty years fifty years or longer to take you with castro in cuba we can do the same with carter if you look at the tone of that statement by the saudi foreign minister. it gives us a strong indication that we're not going to see any way out of the political crisis in the g.c.c. and the impasse is definitely going to continue despite the fact that the united states of america has made reassurances they will use its political leverage to try
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to bring all the parties to set aside their differences i don't think this is going to happen any time soon turkey's foreign minister says a visit by president russia tired hurdle and germany is a milestone which will open a new page in diplomatic relations ties have been strained for years and no one's expected to face a frosty reception with protests planned and german leaders valen to bring up human rights abuses in turkey so my gig reports. it may have only been a year ago that president red chip tie her to one criticize germany's governing coalition as the enemies of turkey so an opportunity to reset the rocky relations between belin and ankara may be a timely one and i'm bishes task given the disparity on issues such as democratic values but one not both countries can ill afford to ignore as turkey tumbled into a financial crisis it needed a pragmatic solution especially from its largest european export partner turkey
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needs germany and everyone has understood this so he understands that he cannot afford to offend the germans because that will block his relationship with europe. a trip to germany may have been a logical choice for president a country that's home to the largest diaspora but relations have been tense since turkey's crackdown following the july twenty sixth failed coup that's all tens of thousands of people imprisoned including some german citizens while supporters of the turkish president have welcomed a visit it is by no means one that the entire community has rallied behind with protest against erdogan and shuttled for friday. i believe we need to take to the streets on the day not just to demonstrate against something but to demonstrate for something for freedom of the press for democracy and for human rights it is also about showing our government wishes to receive the
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president to go following the wrong policy but it's not all one sided germany and the why do european union was so mean to a stable turkey on its doorstep a turkish banking crisis could significantly impact european banks and the syrian refugee crisis continues europe's rising antipathy towards asylum seekers has left it dependent on turkey to control the flow of people fleeing from syria. civil war . the german side has certain tasks to fulfill as does the turkish side germany vehemently fight islamophobia hostility towards and take up measures the turkish side or rather earlier one should not use the turks living in germany own policy and with all this in mind the relationship between the two countries may continue being increasingly transactional much will depend on how they negotiate their respective issues could both economic and political stability. al-jazeera.
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police and netherlands arrested seven men on suspicion of plotting an attack about four hundred heavily armed police raided houses in the towns of ottoman verite prosecutors say the months long investigation for all the execution of a large scale attack the suspects were allegedly trying to obtain a k forty seven rifles grenades and materials for bombs lots more so to come on the news hour including a woman in afghanistan may be allowed to drive but we'll tell you why many of them choose not to. why some of the world's most important ecosystems are shrinking at an alarming rate. the host of the euro two thousand and four will be germany. and europe's biggest football tournament gets a new post joe we'll have the reaction in all the sports also of the.
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dozens of iraqi men and young boys have disappeared in the past four years many blame pro-government forces and the families of those missing say not enough is being done to investigate what happened and reports from the iraqi capital. cradled in the arms of distraught mothers photographs of missing iraqi men and boys their families say they vanished from nineveh province as pro-government forces hunted down eisel fighters and their supporters and what have almost the security forces have taken two of my sons going to a geisha after liberating us from eisel we keep calling on the government for help but it seems there is no hope. in twenty four telling us also want to cross the western provinces of nineveh and anbar some sonny's opposed to the country's shia dominated government a settler been fighting alongside eisel or simply giving it support the iraqi troops fought back aided by armed groups many of them a shia who backed the government i saw fighters were either killed or detained some
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accused of supporting eisel have vanished. their families are demanding answers and even though no one would say that we keep asking if my sons were forced to sign and confess to something they did not do if they are that we want to bury them if they're alive we need to see them human rights watch says it knows of at least seventy eight cases where men and boys have been what it calls forcibly disappeared international law defines in force detention as they arrest of a person by the state or with the knowledge of the state followed by a refusal to acknowledge the arrest or a refusal to say with a person is but it also says the state has a responsibility to investigate allegations of unforced attention and to prosecute those responsible. some of those detained have been released. others like here in anbar province of come home in coffins. oh
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my god i can't speak any more the security forces told us my sons would be released in days now it has been three years i call on the speaker the prime minister the government to find where my sons are. the government in anbar says it set up a committee to investigate but that it's proving hard to find all the missing men our ground and. so far we have not been able to locate them the central government is still investigating these cases we have a local government want this solved these women say it's bad enough to have lost someone it's even worse not knowing if they were alive or dead rob matheson al jazeera back to. the u.n. special envoy to yemen says he's hopeful the airport in the capital sana'a will reopen next week the saudi a morality military coalition shut off commercial access to the airport in twenty sixteen of the city was taken by who the rebels laughton gryphus also told al jazeera is working on resuming talks with the warring parties
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a soon as possible. it's going to be within weeks i don't think we can allow it to be delayed until kind of over the horizon because the problem with that is and i've been reassured this week between people here in new york that people lose the narrative of peace and once you lose the opportunity to talk about a settlement the narrative of war becomes dominant and that's what we was trying to get away from the mineral yemen's government says it won't allow the u.n. mission to continue investigating human rights violations in the country and accuse the u.n. of bias after investigators released a report on alleged war crimes are the rubber months or hardy's government says a blind eye is being turned to violations by who think rebels than a smith has more from nearby djibouti the group of experts is accuse all parties in the yemen conflict of human rights violations out includes and forced disappearances torture and recruitment of child soldiers but it saves the bulk of
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his criticism for the behavior the conduct of the saudi u.a.e. led coalition it says of the at least seventeen thousand people killed during the conflict the bulk of them have been civilians killed in air strikes and it says the de facto blockade of yemen at sea and over the is also a violation of international law and the group of experts also talks about the joint incident assessment team the j i eighty this was set up by the saudis and their moralities to investigate complaints where incidents where asterix have caused civilian casualties while a group of experts says that he has serious concerns about the j.i. eighty's independence so in response to this very damaging and damning report yemen now says it's not prepared to cooperate with extending the mandate of the group of experts that mandate some western countries want to see extended by another twelve months the human rights council's yes to has yet to vote on whether they will
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extend that monday. bangladesh's prime minister is calling on the international community for help and repatriating of a seven hundred thousand ranger that fled me in the military crackdown last year shake a scene addressed un members saying the situation needs immediate action. no rule know that we are there to bury what we have seen in un reports about after our cities it is they're doing or who have now taken shelter in bangladesh recherche dent amount to genocide and crimes against humanity. we expected the international community particularly the un to give due importance to their trustees and injustice suffered by their looking up population in myanmar as a fellow human we can neither ignore nor are the main silent about the plight of the. legislators in canada have voted unanimously to strip me and mars de facto leader of her honorary citizenship the symbolic move as a response to
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a military crackdown against the re-injury in myanmar rakhine state that began last year the united nations fact finding mission recently found them in my military was committing genocide against the minority muslim population and the suit she had failed in her duty to protect her own citizens tesla's c.e.o. ian musk has been charged with fraud he's accused of misleading investors over a tweet in august that said he'd secured funding to take the electric car maker private financial regulators are seeking financial penalties on trying to remove mask from his position as i was a customer has more from washington d.c. . the regulators now suing the federal security and exchange commission says this all started with a tweet in early august musk tweeted to his twenty two million followers that he was considering taking tesla private at a price per share of four hundred twenty dollars federal regulators say there was never
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a real basis for musk to make that happen and in fact the way he came up with the four hundred twenty dollars valuation hording to the lawsuit is strange itself it alleges that musk made a general estimate and then round of that number up to four hundred twenty because of the numbers significance to the marijuana culture claiming. that it would amuse his girlfriend well the s.e.c. regulators say this was not amusing at all to the stock to the shareholders who bought more tesla stocks based on this tweet alone only to have lost their money once must retracted the plan of going private and not only was it not funny according to this lawsuit but it was also illegal what it's asking for a judge to do now is remove musk as tesla's see this just illustrates another step in the continued decline in recent months once viewed as
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a brainchild of brilliant forward thinker and also a good business person he has now been ridiculed in recent months he accused without providing evidence that a diver involved in the rescue of those boys trapped in a thai cave was a pedophile musk is now being sued for defamation for that instance and he went on live internet stream a few weeks ago smoking marijuana that has all the road investors confidence in his company tesla and because of its tethered reputation to that of its eccentric founder and c.e.o. the future of the company now is also in jeopardy. now while afghanistan is making progress in some areas and women's rights in others change is a lot slower only a tiny percentage of licensed drivers are women and many of them often face abuse and threats from men who see it as an affront to afghan culture tony betty reports from the capital kabul. to cope with driving in kabul you need nerves of steel
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and a strong heart the afghan capital has some of the most challenging driving conditions anywhere more than half a million vehicles compete for space on narrow roads is difficult for the experienced driver but downright daunting for a learner and even more so if you're a woman it's not easy because even though women are allowed to drive by law many men say culturally it is wrong. for them again there are lots of men he be abuse you they block your car next to cyclists right alongside shouting about things no one helps us other memories i driving school instructors teach them about road signs and engines and prepare them psychologically for the abuse they will face. the women sometimes say they don't want to drive again because of the abuse but i tell them you need to fight these people not given just ignore them there's nothing you can do three thousand five. hundred nations where the ethiopian foreign
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minister work may get by you is addressing the general assembly is listening to what he has to say on the regulation for you on your election as a president of the servant sorry session of the general assembly i can assure you of my delegations full of support and cooperation in the effective discharging off your responsibility let me also convey a. petition to your pretty desert evelyn that ship of this august assembly for the past year this of course is a year in which the united nations lost one of its icons. someone who rose through the ranks to lead the organization and someone who a secretary general rightly say truly represented what the united nation is all about we mourn the loss of the listeria son of africa who
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left an enduring mark of the on the world to stage mr coffee a man madam president we are meeting at the time when multilateralism is facing serious challenges and yet there has never been a time when we need multilateralism more this is why this gathering of nations. of the united nation is very important it remains the only universal organization was very ideas of freedom equality and justice. us valid today as they were in its inception us imperato haile selassie of ethiopia stated in his address to the general assembly in october of ninety six the city i called the charter of the united
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nation expresses the noblest aspire a ship of mine. force in the settlement of disputes between the states the surance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as eros sex language or religion the self guarding goal for international peace and security these are immense. profoundly true and let me take this opportunity today to assure you that you as a founding member of the united nations will continue to adhere to these ideals and to the principles of multilateralism as we first and president did challenges and threats to our community of nations if your past contribution to the united nations peace keeping is second to none we remain totally committed to this noble endeavor as we we reform and to the new and challenging realities
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of peacekeeping we fully indorse the secretary general of action for peace peacekeeping initiative and the declaration of the commitments to you and to the united nations peacekeeping to tackle the challenges peacekeeping faces today madam president six months ago a peaceful transfer of power took place in ethiopia it has opened a new chapter in our country's political history offering a realistic and genuine possibility of change that will meet the hopes and expectations of our useful population changes that are in line with the new political and democratic realities where we are implementing changes that have never that have been welcomed and embarrassed by your parents across the legs and
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breeds of the country creating a just peaceful equitable and sustainable source ip is the vision we are supporting as we build a new society on the foundations and i meant of the past. it is a vision i believe highly appreciated and relevant to our discussion here to this session of the general assembly and of the term selected for this general debate it job and the people of ethiopia have frequently shown their resilience and strength often enough in the past in time of adversity we are quite confident we will continue to do saw no difficulties insurmountable there are of course challenges that we continue to encounter in working to ensure the benefits
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of economy grows and development are widely shared among all sections of our people we are working today to widen and deepen the reform necessary to promote democratic governance and the rule of law to promote fairness and justice but a financial and economic management to promote on the spot and see and accountability across the entire administration of governments to promote popular participation in an effective democracy in the last six months we have exerted every effort to make sure all of this together with our message of forgiveness and but a consolation saying this the unity and solidarity of our entire population the new government led by his excellent c prime minister nabil ahmed is taking
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a serious of many years opening up the democratic a space in every direction opening opening up the economy but removing previous constraints on development so just corruption human rights violations and fairness of edom situation and governance. in other words we have been and are counting to respond to the hopes and aspirations of our people the reforms have been well come across the country and beyond madame president we have no time find out if your belly another highly important historic development is what is happening in our region in the last three months my prime minister has also lound should equally significantly consolation across the horn of africa this is the start of the reality process of normalization between
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and among the countries of the horn ethiopia and eritrea have opened a new chapter in their relationship ending two decades of conflict we are normalizing relations and charting a future in which our relationship with truly reflect the longest standing ties between out to people so milan eritrea have to console their differences and restart released diplomatic relations i believe this month we held a trilateral summit of eritrea and somalia and as mara we foreign ministers then visited djibouti opening a new phase in relation between eritrea the african union commission chairperson has rightly call this a clear demonstration of the value and effectiveness of the surge of african solutions to african problems. resident julie my prime minister and the president
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of every theory are signed a further comprehensive corporation argument in saudi arabia. and president of. the czech hon india in being a decade of dispute in light of this important and positive development it is only appropriate and timely that the security council now seriously consider this without delay lifting the sanctions imposed on eritrea a few days ago the south sudanese parties signed revitalised peace agreement for south sudan at an extraordinary summit of god heads of state and governments in addis ababa this offers the reaal prospects for peace in south sudan after five years of civil war madam president
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these are indeed major developments in the horn of africa this is a secretary general gutierrez put it a powerful wind of hope blowing across the horn it is. offered us as start to really under the very years of conflict and suspicion suspicion across the region region which has one of the most complex three didn't in africa indeed horn of africa becoming hope of africa while all these major steps towards silencing the guns in our region is taking place it is equally important to extend the process to promote a framework for regional economies integration to fight poverty. equality regional economy corporation will make a real contribution to help provide of course violence and walk as well as promote
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deeper regional and continental integration in line with i joined twenty two twenty three sri in light of the challenges we face together as a region the toys we have is very clear that is to work together for the collective distin of our people they story cultural social and list the link is that by and our people from a proper basis to strive for common prosperity we believe regional integration which benefits all countries of the horn is the only viable option we have for many of whom live element we are already seeing the evidence regional integration projects we are now working to accelerate such if if out of this building on what we have already achieved finally madam president
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let me underline that if your bear is and will always remain firmly committed to accepting every possible if earth towards creating peaceful acute and sustainable societies in our subdivision and our continent africa ice and then permanent member of the security council we have been doing everything we can we can to support this important and noble cause and we will continue to do so in the spirit and commitment of nurturing peace security and stability for the common good of our countries thank you very much. so you're watching live pictures there from the u.n. general assembly in new york the ethiopian foreign minister will give a year you has been addressing the general assembly he said there's never been a time when we need multilateralism more he talked about ethiopia as
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a founding member of the un sticking to the principles and abiding by the fundamentals of multilateralism he said six months ago the transition of power in ethiopia offered new hope and changes for all ethiopians let's bring in shabbat tansey who joins us live now from u.n. headquarters in new york shihab i suppose the significant thing that the foreign minister spoke about was the normalization of relations with every try ending twenty years of conflict in the horn of africa. right and not just that but calling on the u.n. to lift the sanctions on eritrea that's pretty astonishing to hear from an ethiopian foreign minister after all these after all these years on it does seem however so far and i think the sanctions are up for review by the u.n. security council in november that there is some reluctance to tie the sanctions purely to the raw processional between ethiopia and eritrea because some members have other reservations about eritrea but to hear an ethiopian foreign minister
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says it's time to lift the embargo in a trailer i mean well that's that's really something there is a great deal of interest in the ethiopian delegation here in new york at the united nations because unlike many delegations at the u.n. the this new government seems to be living up to a lot of the promise that it suggested it may have lifting the state of emergency in ethiopia freeing political prisoners allowing political exiles to return and notably here at the u.n. which is theoretically a place of conflict resolution actually resolving a conflict with eritrea so this is all this is all big stuff at the u.n. really but in the last few weeks is a recognition that the into communal violence has spiked and there are about a thousand a thousand two hundred prisoners now detained in ethiopia as a result of that so this is a key but it was interesting that the foreign minister said that ethiopia was opening up the democratic space in every direction they're facing that first real test now as to whether ethiopia really has changed or whether whether the same
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mistakes of the past may may be made once again have a town see that u.n. headquarters in new york thank you. now president trump supreme court nominee has given angry and defiant testimony to a u.s. senate committee denying claims of attempted rape trump as reaffirmed his support of. earlier one of his accusers christine blazin ford gave emotional testimony to said kavanah when they were both teenagers let's talk to city of powers a former federal prosecutor and joins us live now from dallas texas suddenly this was a hearing filled with drama and emotion so what do you make of the testimonies i mean covena remained angry remained defiant glossy for the time seemed to be just overwhelmed it was a difficult day and the culmination of two extremely painful weeks for everyone involved miss ford has been the object of intense media scrutiny and relentless
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pressure from every direction and mr cavanaugh has seen his name dragged through the mud and just been completely vilified across the country neither one of them deserve that and all of it could have been avoided had the senate followed the process of keeping that information confidential and conducting a confidential inquiry to learn the facts in fact the woman that was examining ms ford who has experience and prosecuting and dealing with victims of sexual assault said that it should have been a private one on one consultation that allowed ms ford to talk uninterrupted and then experience question or to help or fill in the blanks but instead we had this outrageous public spectacle that was a disservice to absolutely everyone involved it was a disservice to all the senators and to miss ford and certainly to judge kavanagh yeah as you say it's an interesting point you make because millions of people
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around the world were watching the hearing and your suggesting that it wasn't good for the image of the u.s. judicial system and could have been handled differently you think. it could have been handled completely differently and it should have been this wasn't a court of law this was a confirmation hearing for a seat on the supreme court of the united states and it devolved into talking about beer drinking and high school and flatulence and how somebody pronounce the f. word it was just it was embarrassing to the united states senate has never stooped this low. brett kavanaugh seems to be unwilling to endorse the idea of an f.b.i. investigation even though a number of other women have now accused him do you think that's likely to damage his credibility no absolutely not actually judge kavanaugh has had six very deep background investigations conducted on him by the f.b.i.
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and the f.b.i. doesn't even have jurisdiction to investigate ms forward's claim if anything it would have been investigated years ago but there's no corroboration for it so even if she had reported what she claimed at the time no prosecutor would have prosecuted anybody for it there were no clothes removed she in fact i find it difficult to even describe it as a sexual assault if you take the names out of it and think of it as a fifteen year old girl and a seventeen year old boy who'd had a beer or two or at a party it really didn't amount to any more than a fumbled attempt to make out and that's what teenagers tend to go to parties to do start saying that we've got a big problem let me get a final thought from you i mean the u.s. supreme court has a huge impact on american political life so what's likely to be the political and legal fallout from this and could it seriously impact on the u.s. midterm.


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