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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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the us voted against nevertheless this week at least two leaders still regard it as a victory third this is the first time that we meet after the american embassy has been moved to jerusalem. changes to it and you've touched her. but the palestinian leader argues that the u.s. decision just ignores rather than changes history we have concluded agreements with the us administration and the us administration has broken all these agreements it takes two to tango so an agreement should be respected by all the parties among the other un resolutions ignored by the trumpet ministration those concerning the illegality of settlements borders says defined by the one nine hundred sixty seven lines of disengagement and in recent weeks even the questioning of the right to repeat g.'s to return the state the dismay of longtime u.s. allies i don't believe it's possible unilaterally to take a subject like that off the table and it must be part of the the final discussions
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this week though apparent clarity on what for decades has been a u.n. position in iraq a very staged illusion yeah i think that's what i think that's what i think works best i don't even have to speak to anybody that's my feeling now you may have a different feeling i don't think so but i think two state solution works yes it's the one point on which all parties in the general assembly would agree with my kind of al-jazeera united nations. now china has accused u.s. president donald trump of slammed to he said beijing was trying to meddle in the upcoming u.s. midterm elections trump told the u.n. security council this week that china was interfering because of his tough stance on trade patty culhane a poll and we found that giant it was a new and surprising allegation from the u.s. president it didn't go over well in beijing would usually if you don't we advise
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the united states to stop this and ceasing criticism and slander of china to stop these wrong words and deeds that damage by the way it will relations and the interests of both countries peoples he is responding to a moment from the u.n. security council they were supposed to be talking about nonproliferation when president donald trump took the occasion to attack china accusing them of trying to interfere in the upcoming congressional elections they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade and we are winning on trade we are winning at every level we don't want them to meddle or interfere in our upcoming election he didn't give any examples and his aides couldn't give any real evidence talking to reporters afterwards many in the u.s. brushed off the new unfounded allegations but analysts warn china probably won't
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china has a culture that goes back they can name their own of their emperors going back for five thousand years so they do not think that a president of the united states would say things that are careless worth less so they're going to find a deeper meaning in this then you and i are used to with just kind of donald trump's rant of the moment. the president is clearly upset with these ads that china placed in an important newspaper in iowa saying trump was the reason farmers were losing money he recently tweeted china is actually placing propaganda ads in the des moines register and other papers made to look like news that's because we are beating them on trade open markets and the farmers will make a fortune when this is over. the right now u.s. farmers are losing big and growing impatient this trade war is hitting the heart of his base and the president is clearly aware and frustrated that could have a big impact on the upcoming election patty klein al-jazeera washington. still
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ahead on the ballot anti-colonial on moscow's charge but for whatever has tesla business dealings. hello there is still flooding in the carolinas estates in the eastern side of the u.s. and that's a result of florence the hurrican that disappeared days ago but the still rain in the area now the clyde does look weak now but there is still more rain in the forecast this is a very humid part of the u.s. the moment from the carolinas science has we've seen some pretty heavy rain in mississippi in texas recently and you see one of the temperatures all that high woman has more moisture but there is cold flooding down from further west there's been some snow up in count in the temperature in winnipeg down to four on friday so
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that will talking to the great lakes and in houses the line here which could be as well some storms probably in the midwest in the great lakes the rain itself rain proper which he would weather still over the carolinas and maybe even further north connecticut with his flooding just yesterday and the day before but it should be on its way act that is jump south plenty of showers around the caribbean and the gulf of mexico in fact quite possibly cook tropical storm cook is going to show itself as something more than just a clump of clouds that runs through the leeward islands is here as is green mass here just going through on friday heading slowly west. under the president finding asylum in the u.s. has become harder than ever i have put in place a zero tolerance policy. during
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a child then we will prosecute you and that child might be separated from you thousands of families escaping violence a separation detention and deportation as the u.s. closes its doors no shelter. good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories president trump has reaffirmed his support for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh who's angrily denied allegations of sexual assault earlier one of his accusers for gave the motional testimony she says cavanagh attacked her when they would teenagers.
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the palestinian president says the u.s. is no longer an independent mediator in the middle east peace process with our boss used his address at the u.n. general assembly to launch a strong attack on the u.s. and israel israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu focused his speech on the wrong and china has accused u.s. president donald trump of slander after he said beijing was trying to meddle in the upcoming u.s. congressional elections told the u.n. security council this week that china was interfering because of his tough stance on trade. now a new study says more than half of the world's oil populations could face complete collapse in the next thirty to fifty years the main culprit putting the old cause at risk of poisonous. natured by fatal chemicals of p c b s more than ninety countries pledged to phase out the chemicals and dispose of existing stocks on the stockholm convention in two thousand and four but despite the pledge levels and sea
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environments have remained constant. at the top marine food chain accumulate the chemicals ingested by the animals they are among the mammals with the highest levels of p.c.b. in there to shoot the high talks at levels are believed to alter or behavior damage their immune systems and cause why tool to offspring well let's get more on this now we're joined by peter ross the director and a senior scientist with the ocean pollution research program at the vancouver aquarium and the author of the study and he's joining us via skype from toronto very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so it's being described as an apocalypse with alarming figures in the report just how much danger are killer whales really end now. well that's a great question of course it's very very difficult to do good cause effect studies with wild whales these are complex animals that are exposed to many different
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pollutants many different threats are very difficult but we need that said we know the b.c.b.s. are a problem we know the p.c.b. accumulate at the top of the food chain and whales in different parts of the world and to be much more to many other species because they're right at the top of the food chain and they live a long time we also know the b.c.b.s. armature is sleep persistent in fact in the global environment even though we see it on it's to regulations in different parts but world over years or decades trees for b.c.b.s. to disappear degrade chemically so these are very persistent. high risk at the very top of the food chain hands very similar to concerns about killer whales as the canary of our planet's oceans mr ross what can be done about this
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because the seabees have already been banned but i guess because of the system they have remained in the system countries the carrying out clean up is that likely to make a difference i mean what do countries need to do to save as. well as if there are a number of things that this study speaks to number one p.c. bees are not alone and there are many many other classes of chemicals that are problematic in the environment and i think this singular disaster if you will is the question something that shouldn't risk assessment chemical regulations and practices policy. the chemical design on the part of the class should not be treated legislation this should be used to inform what's happening around the world in terms of our very. chemical selection for different reasons. though is
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a bad news story and we're very concerned that the. related p.c.'s will remain a problem or a legacy for many decades to come i should point out that our own research has indicated that these can be levels have dropped between two or for over fifty years and that's a direct result of source control and regulation so there are there is a bit of good news in there the problem though is that even though there's been some improvement things have stabilized and p.c.b. levels are not responding to further control so more is needed to clean up on. contaminated sites where the seabees were heavily used and possibly in the grain environment so that there is much more we can piece of these but let's all learn from this bad lesson and make sure that other chemicals are concerned. brutalized
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in ways that is more cautionary or protective of the world's oceans mr ross thank you very much for your time on those that is. also as a reporter peter vause joining us live from toronto thank you now the u.n. special envoy to yemen says he's hopeful that the airports in the capital sanaa will reopen next week some of them that i think military call a mission shot off commercial access to the airport and twenty sixteen of the city was taken by what the rebels that's also told al-jazeera that he's working on resuming talks with the warring parties as soon as possible. it's going to be within weeks i don't think we can allow it to be delayed until kind of over the horizon because the problem with that is and i've been reassured this week between people here in new york that people lose the narrative of peace and once you lose the opportunity to talk about the settlement the narrative of war becomes dominant
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and that's what we was trying to get away from by yemen's government says it won't allow the u.n. mission to continue investigating human rights violations in the country and accuse the u.n. of vyas after investigators released a report on alleged war crimes have a mentor at having the government has a blind eye is being turned to violations by what the rebels furnace furth has more from nearby djibouti. the group of experts is accuse all parties in the yemen conflict of human rights violations out includes and forced disappearances torture and recruitment of child soldiers but it saves the bulk of his criticism for the behavior the conduct of the saudi u.a.e. led coalition says of the at least seventeen thousand people killed during the conflict the bulk of them have been civilians killed in strikes and it says the de facto blockade of yemen at sea and over the is also a violation of international law and the group of experts also talks about the
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joint incident assessment team the j i eighty this was set up by the saudis and their moralities to investigate complaints where incidents where asterix have caused civilian casualties while a group of experts says that he has serious concerns about the j.i. eighty's independence so in response to this very damaging and damning report yemen now says it's not prepared to cooperate with extending the mandate of the group of experts that mandate some western countries want to see extended by another twelve months the human rights council is yes to has yet to vote on whether it will extend that month. saudi arabia's foreign minister has defended his country's blockade of saudi arabia as one of four countries that cut diplomatic and economic tires of a dollar in june last year kiss and get of terrorism which cover denies other large abbesses relations want to be restored until the half agrees to riyadh demands we've taken the steps that we took no dealing with cousin you can't over fly
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airspace you can't import things from our market you we will not you know the military or cop cooperation still ongoing because that seduces issue and with the us so we do that but the other stuff is all frozen until that huge and i hope to change and if they don't truth we're patient people will wait for ten fifteen twenty years fifty years how long did it take you with us to in cuba. legislators in canada have voted unanimously to strip the facto leader of her honorary citizenship a symbolic move as a response to a military crackdown against the hinge of minority and. state united nations fact finding mission recently found the military was committing genocide against the minority muslim population and that she had failed in her duty to protect her own citizens. tesla's c.e.o.
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has been charged with fraud he's accused of misleading investors over a tweet and organist that said he'd secure what funding to take the electoral college make a profit regulators are seeking for the actual penalties and trying to remove mosque from his position. has more from washington d.c. . the regulators now suing from the federal security and exchange commission says this all started with a tweet in early august musk tweeted to his twenty two million followers that he was considering taking tesla private at a price per share of four hundred twenty dollars federal regulators say there was never a real bases for musk to make that happen and in fact the way he came up with the four hundred twenty dollars valuation hording to the lawsuits is strange itself it alleges that musk made a general estimate and then rounded that number up to four hundred twenty because
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of the numbers significance to the marijuana culture claiming. that it would amuse his girlfriend while the s.e.c. regulators say this was not amusing at all to the stock to the shareholders who bought more tesla stocks based on this tweet alone only to have lost their money once must retracted the plan of going private and not only was it not funny according to this lawsuit but it was also illegal what it's asking for a judge to. do now is remove the mosque as tesla's see this just illustrates another step in the continued decline in recent months once viewed as a brainchild of a brilliant forward thinker and also a good business person he has now been ridiculed in recent months he accused without providing evidence that a diver involved in the rescue of those boys trapped in a thai cave was
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a pedophile musk is now being sued for defamation for that instance and he went on a live internet stream a few weeks ago smoking marijuana that has all he wrote it investors' confidence in his company tesla and because of its tethered reputation to that of its eccentric founder and c.e.o. the future of the company now is also in jeopardy. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories president has reaffirmed his support for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh suzanne when he denied allegations of sexual assault earlier one of his accusers christine glossy full of gave emotional testimony she says capital attacked when they were teenagers . i believed he was going to rape me. i tried to yell for help
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when i did put his hand over my mouth stop me from yelling this is what terrified me the most and it had the most lasting impact on my life it was hard for me to grieve but i thought that it was accidentally going to kill me well cavanaugh denied ever committing sexual misconduct and said he wouldn't be threatened and to withdrawing i'm not questioning. that dr ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time but i have never done this to her or to anyone that's not who i am it is not who i was i am innocent of this charge the palestinian president says the u.s. is no longer and dependent mediator in the middle east peace process with abbas used his address of the un general assembly to launch a strong attack on the u.s.
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and israel israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu focused his speech on iran china has accused u.s. president dollar trump of slander after he said beijing this trying to meddle in the upcoming u.s. congressional elections trump told the u.n. security council this week that china was interfering because of his tough stance on trade. the u.n. special envoy to yemen says he hopes airport will reopen next week martin griffiths made the remarks late on thursday meanwhile the government of. says it won't allow the u.n. mission to continue investigating human rights violations of the country it's accused the u.n. of bias after a report issued on alleged war crimes the conflict in yemen escalated in twenty fifteen when the saudi led coalition started backing the government and launched airstrikes against the hope these. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us faultlines is coming up next thank you very much for
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watching. twenty five years dr the thought of zero world tells the behind the scenes story of norway's rule the oslo accords they wanted to have what they froze in the ability and reveals how secret negotiations were skewed. misread is everything. and why they're still here to deliver on so much that was promised the price of all is low zero. for her. and the present one broke from somebody a. german robe or bureau. of the most. dollars in new york. brokers.
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so me oh you mean. there's a. little. i mean by that and then me. being. put out there i know how to. be a you say asked are you would want to. say. that. when these parents fled central america with their children looking for shelter in the u.s. they never thought they could be taken from each other all they knew is that they wanted to save their lives. like thousands of other families they were separated after coming to the u.s. but that was just one part of a larger story of how the u.s. is closing its doors to asylum seekers escaping violence. for some it's led to
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a fate that they never imagine. it was possible loosing their children by being sent back to the very threats they were fleeing grandma boiling money out of love went off on us a girl so in your. own mind got the. thing there's a lot of. going to think i'm learning all three hundred local inaudible. a man isn't supposed to be here. that wasn't part of the plan to save his life and his fourteen year old daughter she had a nice life. but more than that he wasn't supposed to end up back here without her . their life changed last year when he started getting death threats from a gang member a foot out and soon i'm missing your own form from
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a blood vessel in my eyes and i've got a. younger and more fun in marcus a young woman up with guns and. even though well matt had worked as a police officer there wasn't much he could do so he turned to a local prosecutor for help and there came a more thorough order but you know what i opened earlier in your letter for the going there for your only dollar thermite as a rule for your q. medical north and the north of here care for your back and i feel you. near on me as a new york you know want to roll number there's your honor. they might have thought . it was all my manner and i thought. when they got threatened to rape or kill jodi he knew they couldn't stay any longer. a few miles of work and i'm ana is there i'm dr dimmock user. one dude has has one of the highest
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murder rates in the world outside of a war zone. that coupled with high rates of impunity a lack of protection has forced thousands of people like el mater to flee to the u.s. every year. for a moment the know we're going to go for it but a while but often they want me where they were landsea they'll buy it was dying get up. there no idea get a. new york on the side of adlai that. l. met had heard that the journey to the us was dangerous a path controlled by cartels who often target migrants but that still didn't prepare him for what happened to them in mexico from my father and over them will have more throw america one hundred dollars and honor my grandmother. in law minister imo because i'm not borrow a look at them or i want. he was forced to mortgage his home to pay they were released and continue do the us.
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me how you want to. know how are you know what their own. joy what i've been. saying and i want that one for you know you heard him say you are. my marker i'll come to. you. and i know. come on it's a big. girl. after they were separated says no one would give him information about her. or listen to his piece about his asylum claim even though he brought took human taishan of the threats
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against him as well as a copy of his keen police record one of the windows for you to come in for you if you don't see any. joy or authorities or. just have your care and therefore. they want to use up ok your example here your second thing is only for the nine. johns are you sure you have a lot of work at the moment but it doesn't mean they're lying with the mobile phones. nine days after he arrived in the u.s. element was deported back to one dude asked when he got here he found out that his daughter was still in the u.s. in a shelter i'm going to. make. sure
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you know what it. is. when you're in the air and. the fuel. in the month of. the month really work on the. when thousands of families like element and his daughter were fleeing to the u.s. over the past few months they didn't know of all the trumpet ministrations new policy to separate families at the border. the policy was in the works for over a year but it was fully implemented in may i have put in place a zero tolerance policy for your legal entrance on our southwest border if you cross the border of offering then we will prosecute you if you are smart during
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a child then we will prosecute you and their child may be separated from you as required by law it was a policy that was meant to complete the government's goals fool prosecution for what is ultimately a misdemeanor of the way a person entered or at least that's what they want to say that it is. the administration has said the policy was intended to deter people from coming to the us and all of the governments stop separating families after widespread outcry it resulted in nearly three thousand children being taken from their pair. and with no plan to reunite them officials have claimed they're only targeting people who cross the border illegally if you're seeking asylum go to a port of entry you do not need to break the law of the united states to seek asylum. but it's not that simple ports of entry include the bridges that
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connect the u.s. and mexico. a person has the right to seek asylum once they're in the u.s. even people who cross illegally but first they have to make it in. the trumpet ministration has been stationing border agents in the middle of international bridges turning asylum seekers away often telling them there's no space we can understand how suddenly the excuse is that there is no room numbers are no where near they were ten years ago of people presenting our ports of entry and people asking for asylum. turning asylum seekers away on u.s. soil goes against our own laws and it goes against international law as lawyers have sued the trumpet ministration for turning away asylum seekers but until a judge rules it continues. we heard that this was happening on the bridge that connects us what is mexico with paso texas. and as we were driving into the u.s.
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we saw two people being stopped by american border agents on the bridge. they were turned away. they told us they'd come from what. it was left in your deck and. that. is that. it went at it and i have to focus at about the what in my life. that. he'd only want be thrown out or siblings told us they'd been targeted by a gang and fled and wanted to find their mother who lives in the u.s. but they didn't seem to know what was waiting for them you know it was. a. case on some came to this effort and later.
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on it. is us on the phone is mayor. but if you're one of them out of it immediately yes this is them or no process. right now they don't have many options they can wait here in four days one of mexico's most violent cities or try to cross illegally but that now leads to criminal prosecution. it only won't be thrown i tried again but this time we were there filming. they were stopped by border patrol agents again and were told to wait.
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and then despite being told it was for just a half hour earlier they were allowed into the u.s. . we found out later that they were separated. it only more who's eighteen was sent to an adult detention center and put their own sixteen to a children's shelter. many people who are arriving they don't even know what asylum is they know that they left because they needed to save their lives. those seeking asylum in the u.s. are interviewed by the government to see if they qualify it's called a credible fear interview the outcome determines whether or not they can stay. but the administration is seeking to make that harder by changing the.


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