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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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they have testimony from him and one of the women who accused cavanagh of sexual misconduct christine blassie forward said cavanagh assaulted her when they were teenagers a charge he denies but when jordan has more from washington a historic hearing in washington a woman recounting a traumatic event from her teenage years and here today not because they want to be and terrified versus a man fighting for his future and a seat on the u.s. supreme court this confirmation process has become a national disgrace christine blazin for it seemed on the verge of tears as she told the senate judiciary committee about what she calls the worst night of her life the night blows the fourth says a teenager brett kavanaugh tried to strip her and rape her laughing all the while he was seventeen she was fifteen i believe he was going to rape me i tried to yell for help when i did brett put his hand over my mouth stop me from yelling
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this is what terrified me the most and this had the most lasting impact on my life blousy ford's testimony comes eleven days after her allegation against the supreme court nominee was published in the washington post cavanaugh testified shortly after ford through tears of his own he vehemently denied assaulting ford or anyone else i'm here today to tell the truth i've never sexually assaulted anyone not in high school not in college not ever mistaken blocky fort has told senators her allegations are not farfetched and that the trauma has haunted her for decades with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted one hundred percent one hundred percent what is the strongest memory you have the appropriate laughter between the two and they're having fun.
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at my expense as for president trump's nominee he was adamant he's not going anywhere i will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process you tried hard you've given it your all during your within moments of the hearings ending trump said he had picked the right man for the job describing his testimony as powerful honest and riveting even if the senate judiciary committee votes on brett kavanaugh his nomination on friday it won't immediately affect the supreme court it will start its new session on monday with eight justices and a vacancy and christine blazin forward will learn whether her revelation will have any impact on the confirmation process. well let's talk live to rosalynn and now in washington d.c. for some reason we are expecting to hear from the senate judiciary committee and
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a few minutes what can we expect there. was some of the judiciary committee is going to be convening what they call a business meeting that's where they review action such as recommendations for iran judicial nominations and at the top of the list will be brett kavanaugh to join the u.s. supreme court they are expecting to spend at least a couple of hours in discussions among themselves although it will be televised and then they will take a vote on whether to recommend his nomination to the full senate or whether to forward the nomination without a recommendation usually there is a recommendation for a nominee but given the political uproar around brett kavanaugh his nomination there's a big question about whether he can actually get all of the republicans on the panel to support him it's a pretty certain bet that all of the democrats on the panel will vote against brett
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kavanaugh and any indication at this point rosen as to as to where things which direction things are going in right now as far as the chances of brett kavanaugh being approved to go onto the supreme court because it is i mean the record companies only have a majority of of one done a. they only have a majority of one and there are at least a couple of republicans who have not indicated whether they're actually going to vote for him once the full senate takes up the nomination one of them is jeff flake who also happens to be a member of the judiciary committee and certainly observers will be paying close attention to what he says during the business meeting which starts in about ten minutes or so from now. there's also the question of several democratic senators who are in tough reelection bid mainly because they represent states where in two
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thousand and sixteen the voters chose donald trump over hillary clinton and so there is a question of whether they are going to stick with their democratic colleagues and vote against brett kavanaugh or whether they're going to be more concerned about being reelected in november and then vote for brett kavanaugh so there's nothing absolutely certain about this of course the fact that the republicans have a one vote majority in the senate makes this perhaps all the more dramatic but there are a lot of behind the scenes politics that are affecting how this vote might play out even if the vice president mike pence is brought in to break a tie be fascinating to see what does emerge out of that for the moment to rosalyn july first there. are plenty more ahead on this news are aiming to open a crucial lifeline in t.m. and the u.n. special envoys plan to reopen san i have point and his hopes for new progress. train line train links between baghdad and fallujah restocked after four years in
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iraq. and later in sport team usa make a strong stop to the defense of their ride a compound the latest in the program. a palestinian president mahmoud abbas has the u.s. to reverse its decisions to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and the ending of funding to honor war in contrast the israeli prime minister used his speech to target iran he's accusing it of maintaining a nuclear weapons facility which iran has rejected to kinetic and to change space reforms. when the israeli prime minister. to the u.n. there was one thing he hardly talked about the palestinians he instead focused on iran claiming israel had discovered
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a new nuclear storage facility in tehran he then went on to boast about the strength of his relationship with the trumpet ministration so i want to use this opportunity to express israel's appreciation to president trump and ambassador here really for the unwavering support they provided israel at the united nations the palestinian president gave his message the moment he took to the podium and put too late and too little by jerusalem is not for sale. but how the sharman and the palestinian people's rights are not up for bargaining he went on to express his frustration at the actions of the trumpet ministration a lot and we awaited his peace initiative without most patients but we were shocked by decisions and actions he undertook that completely contradict the role and commitment of the us towards the peace process. and it is ironic that the american
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administration still talks about what they call the deal of the century the palestinians believe that by his actions it's not just the president trump is not an honest broker he's actively on israel's side and when you listen to the way it's a news conference before he left new york he described the man he's put in charge of peace efforts his own son in law jared kush no it's not hard to see why i think the two state will happen i think we're going to go down the two state road and i'm glad i got it out and jared who is so involved he loves israel he loves israel but he's also going to be very fair with the palestinians you understand it takes two people to be happy to groups of people to be happy everybody's got to be happy and that's why it's so tough. live now to jane's base for a set to u.n. headquarters in new york was the general assessment of how things have gone so far this week obviously donald trump on the first day was where is the big talking
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point and where things go from there. well clearly there is tension on iran but it hasn't built to a new level during the u.n. general assembly it's not like what we saw last year with north korea israel palestine as you see no real progress no change in the two sides everyone waiting for that assessment from jerrold cushion when he comes up with this peace plan in about four months time and i can tell you the israelis seem terribly confident they are not even talking much about the palestinians and the palestinians they i think already believe that that deal is one that they're going to have to reject further contributions today as the general assembly continues the speeches continue going to hear from the foreign minister of saudi arabia so listen very clear fully with regard to yemen what is the latest the coalition is saying about yemen and what's
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going on there and also we'll hear from the foreign ministers of russia and china from china the state council and foreign minister one ye normally gives a speech that doesn't give us much detail and talks about china's policy of noninvolvement in other countries affairs despite the fact of course china has tentacles economic tentacles all over africa and asia for the russians will be speaking today to the general assembly and i think the most important thing for us to listen to is him perhaps elaborating on the situation in syria and that russian turkey deal but also the supply of a new missile system the s three hundred missile system to the syrian government that has certainly concerned the u.s. and its. and turkey and others and it's worth telling you that immediately after he speaks in the general assembly where i think we're probably not going to get a lot of new information perhaps we will get more information because he's normally
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more forthcoming in a question answer session with the officer would still be a news conference with the russian foreign minister here at the united nations all right for the moment james bays live for us there at the united nations james thanks for that. iran's foreign minister has called the israeli prime minister's allegations that it has a secret atomic warehouse and obscene charge saying is live for us there to take us through those reactions zain. well in the last few hours something that's been circulating on social media here and ron is a video clip of the foreign minister zarif in new york sitting with an aide and they joke about how whoever provided the israeli prime minister with this information may have done it as a practical joke to create public embarrassment and that's gives you a sense of exactly how outlandish they think that these allegations are also coming
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from zarif shortly after the speech at the u.n. by the israeli prime minister foreign minister zarif took to twitter as he often does and said that no arts and crafts show by the israeli leader will hide the fact that he in fact has a secret nuclear program the foreign minister of iran alleges and that in the middle east it's israel that has atomic arsenal that it should confess to and open up for international inspectors to take a look at that's coming from the foreign minister in new york from the foreign ministry spokesman here in teheran we heard the first response from behar on kasumi who called the allegations in that and yahoo speech false and farcical he then pointed to the international atomic energy agency the u.n. watchdog responsible for all things related to nuclear issues and he said that in the in the years since the twenty fifteen nuclear deal was signed the i.a.e.a.
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has carried out twelve thorough inspections and each time has given iran a clean bill of health and has said that iran is in compliance with the twenty fifteen nuclear deal so you know the same kind of response from iran to the same kind of allegations we've heard from israel in the past zain bus ravi live for us there in tehran zain thanks for that. the united nations human rights council has voted to extend an inquiry into crimes in yemen the approval overrides objections from saudi arabia and yemen's government who were recently criticized by the council investigating alleged rights violations has been a smith reports now it comes as the u.n. envoy to yemen pushes for new talks between the warring parties and says the country's main airport at santa could reopen soon. five times over the past few years these families have been forced to travel hundreds of kilometers across the deserts of northern yemen to escape the fighting like another twenty two million
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people in this country they need humanitarian assistance. and we're stuck between the rain in the sun and we eat what others here for us we have nothing and until now no organization has given us anything. with almost the entire population on its knees the u.n. is pushing again to get the warring parties to talks it's going to be within weeks i don't think we can allow it to be delayed until kind of over the horizon because the problem with that is and i've been reassured this week between people here in new york that people lose the narrative of peace and once you lose the opportunity to talk about a settlement the narrative of war becomes dominant and that's what we must try to get away from for now war still dominates the narrative these are recent strikes by the saudi u.a.e. led coalition on what it says are who the fight is in her data province near a crucial port. yemen conflict began with
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a twenty fourteen takeover of the capital sanaa by the booth this an iranian backed group that toppled the internationally recognized government saudi u.a.e. coalition joined in to support the government for the past year it's imposed an almost total and sea blockade the un is trying again to loosen those restrictions i want to make an announcement about the opening of sana airport if i can finalize that i want to make announcements about how we can get prisoners released both sides we made a lot of progress since geneva reopening the airport will allow thousands of people to get medical treatment overseas and increase the flow of aid coming in talks between the who things and the yemeni government was supposed to start three weeks ago but the yemenis never turned up the u.n. special envoy says he's convinced the who things are ready to meet but even if they go see asians do get going. says he doesn't expect to get a cease fire head of them so for now there's no letup in sight strikes and fighting
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. earnestness al-jazeera djibouti of people across rebel held areas of northwest syria been holding demonstrations demanding the release of thousands of detainees from government prisons opposition activists say more than eighty thousand people have been illegally imprisoned by the government and allied armed groups protests were held in italy province hama and aleppo. voters in the kurdish region of northern iraq are casting their ballots in regional elections the first since a failed bid for independence on the spot frustration among voters over a loss of economic powers after the secession after the two major parties are expected to dominate the k d p and rivals p u k of shared power for three decades the final result may have an impact in baghdad where a kurd has to be chosen as president under
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a power sharing deal. thunder across the arabian peninsula is robert tell us about well it's a little early to be this follows have a look at the satellite picture we've had pulsing clouds in the western side a salary of the last two days now you do get thunderstorms strictly in the southern mountains and in yemen but to get this far north and i'm talking about mecca and that is a little unusual if you see what's in the sky here the average rainfall there is a little every now and again so the average is five millimeters this is for the whole of september for mecca two days in september sometimes give you very well i think they've exceeded they five been the beaches but nevertheless this is quite a surprise what's maybe more surprising is that even in the forecast for here doha qatar is a small chance of thunderstorms the next two or three days the average rainfall here for september zero i mean rather more exotic but to be expected is the time for yet another spinning it was a huge
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a high in the western pacific this one is again headed for japan its current position takes it fairly quickly towards of can now over the next twenty four hours and then it follows a real cute chain and up through the main japanese islands is the equivalent of category two or three at its worst in twenty four hours with these sort of winds and thirteen me two ways it will be devastating once again as my problem is going to head on al-jazeera. i'm scott high there in sichuan china in a region known for its dinosaur fossil discoveries there's a booming industry making replicas of these prehistoric giants who once roamed this land that story coming up. a long mosque the billionaire in charge of tesla accused of for old. and later as for the bron james gets ready for his l.a. day to you that story is coming up with.
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and again you're watching edges in a reminder of our top stories this. foreign ministers from the gulf cooperation council came together in a meeting on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. brokered the first such meeting that's been held since the blockade of qatar the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and bahrain cut diplomatic and economic ties with doha in june last year. the u.s. senate judiciary committee expected to vote on the fate of donald trump supreme court nominee these are live pictures right now inside that committee chamber on
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wednesday senators heard testimony for almost nine hours from brett kavanaugh and the woman who accused him of sexual assault when they were teenagers. turkish president and german chancellor have agreed to hold out for way a meeting with russian and french leaders to discuss the situation in syria's last rebel held province of. i don't want an anglo-american remain divided on the supporters of that foot. in turkey accuses of being behind the twenty sixteen failed coup. is a former turkish diplomat who now serves as a visiting scholar at the think tank carnegie europe he joins us live now from thanks so much for being with us so what's your assessment of these talks obviously some some fundamental differences there but. is there reason to report
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progress as well. well yes i mean first of all the fact that these talks are being held at this level with the state visit by the turkish president is in itself a sign that there is willingness both in berlin in ankara to start a constructive path of engagement it does not necessarily mean that some of the areas of disagreement have been settled far from that as we saw this morning but nonetheless it's a sign that they are ready to talk to each other in a frank command there at the highest levels of political leadership and germany for its part has criticized what he sees as human rights violations in turkey there is obviously the differences over. effect when the golan and his supporters that turkey wants to wants to get them to stand trial in turkey as as we've been saying
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. but there's also is there also a sense that pragmatism has to take hold here because of all of the. refugees that have come from syria that turkey is is is is taking in now. yes there certainly is pragmatism that has driven this in gauge moment because on both sides there are benefits to be had on the german side . wants to ensure that turkey continues to comply with its commitments under the refugee deal whereas ankara wants to or pain germany support in advance of an expected period of economic hardship so it's important for the turkish government to get germany's backing if need be going forward so these are redid the two elements that have the political leadership in germany and in turkey to meet
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today in berlin. so where do you see all of this going then is the is this a step in the right direction it certainly is a step in the right direction however the next step must be concrete deliverables on both sides. turkey it would expect germany and now to demonstrate its willingness certainly by doing by backing turkey's economy agenda there will be a high level german business delegation going to turkey in october but also as the turkish president stated today turkey also expects berlin to lift its veto on the start of the customs union negotiations with europe which is likely to to introduce a much larger trade deal between turkey and the e.u. and on the german side germany does indeed expect ankara to start to deliver on
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some of the human rights issues including the release of a number of german people that are in jail but also in terms of enlarging the scope for the freedom of expression get to speak with you c.n.n. will gain joining us there from lynn thank you. china has accused the u.s. president of trying to damage its reputation after donald trump claimed beijing was trying to meddle in the upcoming u.s. mid-term elections he says china's interference is in response to his tough stance on trade atika reports. that china it was a new and surprising allegation from the us president it didn't go over well in beijing would usually if you don't we advise the united states to stop this and ceasing criticism and slander of china to stop these wrong words and deeds that damage by the way it will relations and the interests of both countries peoples he
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is responding to a moment from the u.n. security council they were supposed to be talking about nonproliferation when president donald trump took the occasion to attack china accusing them of trying to interfere in the upcoming congressional elections they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade and we are winning on trade we are winning at every level we don't want them to meddle or interfere in our upcoming election he didn't give any examples and his aides couldn't give any real evidence talking to reporters afterwards many in the u.s. brushed off the new unfounded allegations but analysts warn china probably won't china has a culture that goes back they can name their own of their emperors going back for five thousand years so they do not think that
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a president of the united states would say things that are careless worth less so they're going to find a deeper meaning in this than you and i are used to with just kind of donald trump's rant of the moment. the president is clearly upset with these ads that china placed in an important newspaper in iowa saying trump was the reason farmers were losing money he recently tweeted china is actually placing propaganda ads in the des moines register and other papers made to look like news that's because we are beating them on trade open markets and the farmers will make a fortune when this is over. the right now u.s. farmers are losing big and growing impatient this trade war is hitting the heart of his base and the president is clearly aware and frustrated that could have a big impact on the upcoming election particularly in al-jazeera washington india's supreme court has lifted a ban on girls and women of childbearing age entering it has started temple in the
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southern state of kerala the court ruled that excluding women cannot be seen as an essential religious practice you know say from ten to fifty had been barred from entering the temple as some hindu religious figures considered menstruation to be impure of the government of assam in northeastern india as possum nor making it a crime to accuse someone of being a witch most murders of so-called which is our problem across rural parts of the country and thomas has been too dumb or right to meet the woman who has led the campaign for change today she runs a shop but ten years ago i'm jolly how young is husband supposed to there's a young mother and a child but when he got cancer and died and she rebuffed those who wanted to take his place she was accused of being a cannibalistic which a group of people she knew. the men shouted she's been eating humans
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downbeat out toward the beat. i keep thinking about that it was the worst of my. no one has ever been punished for the attack and wasn't the first twenty years ago drunk men accused of poisoning her husband one swung an axe at her others stripped naked and chased her down the street in two thousand and six people said. it put a spell on her sick neighbor she says dozens of villages attacked her with sticks screaming today you will die bloodied she was forced onto a bus to another state she had to pay her attackers to letter come home in rural parts of india accusations of witchcraft are common since the year two thousand two thousand people accused of sorcery most of them women have been killed. once
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branded a witch yourself a robber has made senior campaign against such superstition addressing groups across the state of assam to sort fact from fiction i tell them don't believe in superstitions if you or your family is ill go see doctors and nurses don't go to a witch doctors that's superstition it's a sin don't kill people for superstition that's you're not killing witches you're killing women. in july rubbers efforts finally paid off when india's president approved a new law it out more spreading rumors of sorcery that lead to violence murder or suicide possibly it was a victory but the job's not done. a new one thing but afterwards and beliefs need to change too so these presentations continue people in the to be persuaded that believing in witchcraft only spells trouble andrew thomas al-jazeera more state india. myanmar's government leader aung sang suu kyi has been stripped of another
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award for failing to act of violence committed by her military m.p.'s in canada decided unanimously to strip her of the citizenship a un report accused me and miles military of committing genocide and war crimes against range of muslims forcing hundreds of thousands of them to flee across the border to bangladesh last year. a liberian court has issued arrest warrants for dozens of former officials of the central bank and the son of former president ellen johnson sirleaf shipments of new notes worth more than one hundred million dollars went missing after passing through the country's main ports missing cash is roughly equivalent to five percent of the country's g.d.p. antigovernment protesters had marched in the capital chanting bring back our money . i want to the world's biggest budget airlines ryanair has canceled around two hundred fifty flights it's disrupted travel plans for forty thousand people at. cross europe the decision is in response to strikes by pilots and cabin crews
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across western europe. passenger plane has overshot a runway in the small acidic island nation of micronesia and landed in the ocean the new genie playing from papua new guinea was flying in to check international airport when it ended up in the water at local fishermen scrambled their boats and rescued all forty seven passengers and crew it's not yet known what caused the boeing seven three seven to crash seven men suspected of planning a major attack in the netherlands are expected to appear before a judge about four hundred heavily armed police officers carried out raids in the town of on him and worked suspected leader is believed to be of iraqi descent police accuse the man of trying to get hold of automatic rifles grenades and materials for suicide vests or trains stopped running between the cities of baghdad
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and fallujah when i saw overran much of western iraq back in two thousand and fourteen a year ago the government declared the group defeated and the rail link between the two cities has now been reestablished math and of course. to shining real stretchy west from baghdad. sneaking through the desert for fifty seven kilometers i think other end is the city of fallujah accessible once again to real travelers. pfluger of today is not mike falutin in the past the railroad is a sign of life getting back to normal after getting rid of. these wheel tracks were closed when i saw photos swept through the west of iraq in two thousand and fourteen. when iraqi railways reopens the bag.


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