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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 39  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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additions after sixty five but some young blood for us away because they got better ideas and see things better than we do we're always thinking in the past and they're thinking in the future and it's important. so i do miss her yes. today we have the you know gratian of the strong room for the first british muslim archives and guess who want different books of life have come to join us in the celebrations of this kind of pivotal moment. hygene setup the
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country's first and indeed it was europe's first muslim burial service we're hopefully going to see and the family members coming in. we're starting at five thirty so fingers crossed show sure for make it on time just go fifteen minutes. that's a very good move you should call. i can have just missed a whole can of i did manage to safely say fifth time inc but not us. ok so where is this that gary this is going to guy in america and said oh it is before you go down to destruction it's right how many can see it if you want to hang it in a guide to pay me to buy all that stuff away. thirty funny because i didn't realize
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and they said the only bitingly apply it is that your point that we're all maybe you can take a photo and i can send it to dad. we know i. to say that i was expecting it to give him some idea of what went on. a bit of excitement in the room very very well come to see may. be mayor of london here to city hall. why should one. explaining how my granddad became like a take out a fellow a drop in the room for him so many people that i didn't actually know that knew of me or knew who i was came up to speak to me on this one here because that my dad was at the meeting of this. my grandad's. after some heated discussion the bill was approved and possibly meant. that the time is to test it
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out he was requested not to do any burials on behalf of the fund before getting prior consent from the arnold treasurer found by my grandfather someone dies bury them quick place if that's what you made today i think what they're saying there is you need to make sure you get permission first that you're going to get the money. to. use and of course so your family or your contribution. to this through house is. this is crazy. so he was saying. you can see all the ports of engagement discharge i pulled away from calcutta to london to. see women come up to the girls go back to calcutta rotterdam back in at my gran that was in birkenau. holding my dad right though it started oh really.
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white kid. because my dad is. back then there were many weeks. but i have seen the muslim community go. and so much specially in the east end to what he is now and i wish my grandfather could see this now and my children would have no idea the struggles my granddad had you know when he first came over here trying to get how make you know where would you this sort of thing it shows how people came over and then just you know the struggles they probably had. work. or work. can. you stop do the sheet. just possibly literally in the
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morning seventy nine year old. in the mean. he suffered for free to four months what has been his country for many many years so my dad went for a look you have a lot i don't think i was the best person as a son but the last five years i've changed ten years i've changed or hunted a lot to a dean both of us follow us on brothers sisters and this is going to be a big time in our lives or means going to bring us close to a law bring us close to our family members and in the future people people recognize how how precious people are around them especially a fall victim of it and when they go they go and see this is not a place not is no place been brought up momentum that is see it this is time you know that you need you to be stand up and i commend now because it improves your chances is good for your father is not only for your years whatever your that is
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but so are part of just look up for a new market after you says this a lot of these are going to be foreign and much income just for your father or the part become of the apprentice. very. bizarre that you can go for five minutes and tell the government can do what you. want to say every day it sticks out for you that somebody. something you walk in there and you can take lightly every single day you meet somebody that makes you feel. that your loved ones are still here. it's the way you view die and then how you deal with your family and your friends.
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was going on there. just intending to ask for. the amount that the whole trip place. the element she had was from two thousand and. six we've come three forty five in the stand up and for example. scans been booked for four o'clock thank you . well escape question because of all that stuff that's what you'll get they don't really like what. we have five funerals be a god as a piece since i love. the idea of an asylum will. be cut numbers two for six. they told me in today because a we've got so many funerals so they need to i was at the cemetery kind of making
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trying to go stand well. because there will be pandemonium. mystic. death is such a leveller i see it all the time. you meet people from baker to came. and it gives me a big insight into life itself every day is a bonus callouses just please don't build the roads do what your heart tells you to do the kind the kids may be the last kiss the anger maybe the loss and you show somebody forgive quickly don't hold it right. there is my one year old have all of this right please like this right this regular scares me please. we are all god's creatures whether we are muslim gentile jews it doesn't matter because we please saudi ok you stay decide whether you stay decide your brother you don't decide ok
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from underneath lift up please was my last night i lost. slowly please slowly. thank you bob was this real love. at the end of the day we go back to our korea and . i know when my father sussed a force on a moment to come in and made sure the business still runs smoothly and that everything starts because being. there in the past niceties. a few more similar than they really. are going to go to how are you. i'm a life and what about you. have you broken up from school. ok are you on your own no are you with your mother.
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ok we loot when you ask a kindly to give me a ring on a kid i need to know what time should be at the most more because i want to make sure i'm here at the same time. ok so it's a morning show ok. it is going to speak. to the c.b.c. the teaching and stuff. to be nice to see in the office.
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i would like to add. it took us i just i let my son go through much smoke and you had. how you learned during that time to the has kids has one. thing and now that this is a new look it's p.s. yeah that makes more sense i think was listening so this is another like she really you know this is well yeah i think so throw me back then move. for you to come back at you right now that of all morons they way they have of you going to come one gun shot and people will point them. coming from an asian family do you try to live your parent's dreams very often try to do what pleases them and i think i did that to a certain extent and it wasn't until i was sort of in my forty's i went back to teaching thinking maybe i should have done this and. it really pulls you know doesn't feel that way so clear behaving himself. he's
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a lovely girl. my plea is man is not boy he's a man yes. and it's the i think this is good this man is really the case is developing a family i. know your marriage proposals we still waiting on that have. probably go and. have a knife crime with mommy. groups because. i've always wanted to come back but she said she'd come back part time but this is not a part time job. i need her to be here like five days a week. so unfortunately not ready for that yet so.
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my grandson with my guidance and his mum support he can monday do what i do body language is so important expressions on people's faces this is also an education and i need someone to stay the ship in the future and i think he will be very successful. if. you can just follow the actual cost to what is going on. called let go it's something that we've been doing since nineteen sixty seven just can't let go night. while my mind is active and the body is
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active i want to help and assist. i want to retire now i'm just part time income so i think i'll only retire when i die. is that. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the devotion and fight against corruption and what i have learned is that we need choppiness we need also to shine the light on those chapters and this award bridges the gap that existed in
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this you. know meet your own version here on shine the light on what they do and do it not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international pacer war two thousand and eighteen for more information go to ace award dot com. they live in a country plagued by poverty but for india's billionaires life is all about glamour
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luxury and christie's. when east meets the news. on al-jazeera. china against protectionism at the u.n. general assembly it's open for business.
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also ahead gulf countries meet for the first time since the regional blockade on qatar on the sidelines of the un general assembly. going to a vote a senate committee decides whether donald trump supreme court nominee should be confirmed despite sexual assault allegations the leaders of germany. agreeing to host a four way meeting to discuss the situation in syria. hello china's foreign minister has taken to the stage at the u.n. to discuss trade telling world leaders beijing is open for business and pointed remarks at the u.s. wang he warned against protectionism his comments come at a time that a trade war between beijing and washington has been deepening in a tit for tat tariff rao wang went on to say china is committed to international
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cooperation. we must act on rules and. order state to state relations must be based on credibility not willful revocation of commitments and international cooperation should be guided by rules not impulse practicing multi-lateralism is first and foremost about holding the un charter observing international law and basic norms governing international relations and honoring international agreements reached through negotiations diplomatic editor james frey is joining us from the went on reading between the lines james where was his message aimed at and what else of the chinese foreign minister have to say well he didn't name anyone with regard to those comments on trade where he said that china would not be blackmailed on international trade but it's pretty clear he was talking about because we heard on tuesday from president trump who was speaking
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at the same podium who said that china has been most unfair on the u.s. on trade the also made that startling allegation that china was responsible for trying to disrupt and influence the midterm elections in the u.s. u.s. this november there was no mention of that from wang ye the chinese foreign minister it was interesting that there was the normal lines you expect from china promoting multilateralism and saying that china's policy is non interference in the affairs of other countries around the world i think by that he definitely means political involvement in the affairs of countries around the world because he also in the same speech said that china's belt and road initiative now had signed deals with over one hundred thirty countries so the chinese economic tentacles are spreading across asia and africa and of course there are political implications because of that and with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov due to speak
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soon at the general assembly what should we look out for. you know he's a few speakers away now probably maybe the end of this hour or next hour we'll hear from the russian foreign minister speaking in the general assembly watch for key issues in the middle east and in particular i think the the war in syria which is reached i think an important stage of the assad regime believe that they are winning the war what happens next with regard to the peace efforts and also what happens with regard to live where there is that deal between russia and turkey but there's one bit of the deal that we're not sure of and that's what's going to be done about the fighters we used to call the maleness or who are still based there in live but they are supposed to leave who is going to make them leave is that going to lead to some sort of offensive anyway and the other thing to watch out for is russia at the beginning of this route we controversially said it was going to
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give the assad government a new missile system the s three hundred missile system that has worried the u.s. its ally turkey and also israel so let's watch whether he talks about that in his speech and if he doesn't there's a news conference immediately afterwards here in the u.n. where i'm sure reporters will ask about it otherwise all right james bass thank you now meanwhile the foreign minister of qatar has met with his counterparts from the three gulf cooperation council nations blockading his country also on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly this is the first time such a meeting has been held since the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and bahrain cut all diplomatic and economic ties with in june last year the meeting was arranged and attended by the u.s. secretary of state maicon pale has allowed about a has more from new york. the u.s. is scrambling to put together a regional alliance to contain what it sees as a growing iranian influence in the region if you listen to the recent statements
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made by president trump his national security adviser john bolton and secretary state mike pompei of the basically accusing iran of being the world's leading sponsor of terrorism and they saying that the iran must stop its activities it must stop interfering into the affairs of. countries in the region whether the key u.s. allies in the region remain divided embroiled in the worst diplomatic crisis the g.c.c. has ever seen the saudi foreign minister days ago made some stating remarks about qatar accusing the top of the sponsoring extremism and saying that saudi arabia is willing to wait for as long as it takes twelve fifteen fifty years unless qatar meets all the demands that were made by the blockade in countries saudi arabia behind rain egypt and the u.a.e. the qatari foreign minister told lizzie or that qatar could wait forever
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so hashem as he was saying did speak with the qatari foreign minister as he left that meeting let's listen to what he had to say about the middle east i think that you see the relation with with the u.s. plus egypt and jordan the meeting was productive somehow was what is your reaction to the speeches they produced our deployment and when he said that his country is willing to wait fifteen twenty fifty years and it's one for them and that's part of the house to solve the problem and if they are from no actually no one would know what what would be the future of the country is even so we cannot predict from now until five or ten or fifteen years or fifteen years but that can wait also but we have to address the challenges in our region first before we talk we talk about just by coming in like this diplomacy means communications meaning is engagement and this is. iran's foreign minister has announced that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is allegations against iran at the u.n. general assembly as an obscene charge that's on yahoo accuse the iranian government
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of maintaining a nuclear weapons facility on the outskirts of the capital tehran he insisted iran has violated the twenty fifty nuclear deal and has not given up on pursuing its nuclear weapons program they must ravi has the reaction from to her on. well in the last few hours something that's been circulating on social media here and iran is a video clip of the foreign minister zarif in new york sitting with an aide and they joke about how whoever provided the israeli prime minister with this information may have done it as a practical joke to create public embarrassment and that's gives you a sense of exactly how outlandish they think that these allegations are also coming from zarif shortly after the speech at the u.n. by the israeli prime minister foreign minister zarif took to twitter as he often does and said that no arts and crafts show by the israeli leader will hide the fact that he in fact has a secret nuclear program the foreign minister of iran alleges and then in the
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middle east it's israel that has an atomic arsenal that it should confess to and open up for international inspectors to take a look at that's coming from the foreign minister in new york from the foreign ministry spokesman here in teheran we heard the first response from behar on kasumi who called the allegations in that's in the speech false and farcical he then pointed to the international atomic energy agency the u.n. watchdog responsible for all things related to nuclear issues and he said that in the in the years since the twenty fifteen nuclear deal was signed the i.a.e.a. has carried out twelve thorough inspections and each time has given iran a clean bill of health and has said that iran is in compliance with the twenty fifteen nuclear deal so you know the same kind of response from iran to the same kind of allegations we've heard from israel in the past
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a palestinian child is among six people killed by israeli fire along the gaza border the palestinian health ministry says another five hundred people have been injured in the protests more than one hundred ninety have been killed since the wave of protests began six months ago alice the names are demands. an end to the blockade by israel and egypt and their right to return to ancestral land. some people across rebel held areas of northwest syria have been holding demonstrations there demanding the release of thousands of detainees from government prisons opposition activists say thousands of people have been illegally imprisoned by the government and armed groups protests were held in italy province hama and aleppo. the united nations human rights council has voted to extend an inquiry into crimes in yemen the approval overrides objections from saudi arabia and yemen's government as bernard smith reports from neighboring djibouti it comes as the u.n. envoy to yemen pushes for a new talks between the warring parties. five times over the past few years these
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families have been forced to travel hundreds of kilometers across the deserts of northern yemen to escape the fighting like another twenty two million people in this country they need humanitarian assistance. we are stuck between the rain in the sun and we eat what others here for us we have nothing and until now no organization has given us anything. with almost the entire population on its knees the un is pushing again to get the warring parties to talks it's going to be within weeks i don't think we can allow it to be delayed until kind of over the horizon because the problem with that is and i've been reassured this week reaching people here in new york that people lose the narrative of peace and once you lose the opportunity to talk about a settlement the narrative of war becomes dominance and that's what we must try to get away from for now war still dominates the narrative these are recent strikes by
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the saudi u.a.e. led coalition on what it says are who the fight is in her data province near a crucial port. the conflict began with a twenty fourteen takeover of the capital sanaa by the booth is an iranian backed group that toppled the internationally recognized government saudi u.a.e. coalition joined in to support the government for the past year it's imposed an almost total and sea blockade the un is trying again to loosen those restrictions i want to make an announcement about the opening of sana airport if i can finalize that i want to make announcements about how we can get prisoners released both sides we've made a lot of progress since geneva reopening the airport will allow thousands of people to get medical treatment overseas and increase the flow of aid coming in talks between the yemeni government and who things were supposed to start three weeks ago but the who things never turned up the u.n. special envoy says he's can.


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