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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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is suffering a sort of a cannot believe it realises also we need to ask has any at chivas meant made in syria in yemen in libya. the matter of priority as for us depends on the challenges around us and those determine the priority as a whole doing to them want to just because they don't want to face the realities on the facts right now then it's up to them and these reflect their policies regarding the us we have three shared the partnership between the state of qatar and the not the states we respect the partnership between the g.c.c. and then are the states of cutter doesn't ask for anything the have to stop their illegal procedures their type of time regarding the
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qatari people this is a top priority for us but what it comes to the crisis from a political viewpoint and we can say this can be sorted out through discussions between parts is here and a serious discussion which we did not to be stubborn we are countries we are not children question for images era have someone said before that there is one person who can sort out the problem who is the u.s. president that can sort this problem out through a phone call or something like that and regarding this coalition. do you think that there is a chance for this coalition to be successful and that.
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the siege is a state of their imposed the crisis is ongoing. regarding the us efforts we appreciate the efforts made by the us president donald trump and his attempts to sort out with the crisis there have been other attempts by him but their response of from these located countries the. not that i'm positive as much as a way of president from trump wants and we need people to enjoy you wisdom we need to be brave and wise and to not to be in a state of a denial there is a crisis there must to be a clear dialogue on the table what are the reasons behind the crisis and what are the reasons behind the escalation of the crisis and the escalation of the state of
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qatar. qatar yes has sole share of the current true relations between the g.c.c. countries we have borders together we have other things together but the end of the day they have another different viewpoint towards the state of god they say things and they say things and they say they are ready to stay in this . parlor says full tens of years as my saudi colleague said but we are telling them this is this is the way you we can practice policies it is these the way to determine their priorities is this the way we discuss the top because that my fact there are people who said cuts doesn't need any assistance cuts doesn't depend on these countries if you go in to look for it with
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that crisis from that narrow point of view we can say you know we don't depend on them we don't need anything from them and when it comes to your question regarding the coalition as i have said in my briefing. today. and the crisis in the gulf is a test to the credibility and today a few we are in a regional gathering you know in such a way despite the fact of. deep. you jim. the difference between the members of the government then the government will never be based on our solid. ground when we were quite frank and open what we need or not and they should do that we'll dari soon we want.
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to be stronger to be solid and to go on to be sustainable but strengths are only through understanding. your excellence see regarding these coalitions have you get in assurances from the not to the states and what's. the conditions if you need to be a part of the coalition and then regarding them still raw and they list. that has been mentioned are you aware of this list and what you commence. regarding. this point first of all we're not at that stage to put conditions with the u.s. or any other parties we are telling our viewpoints our viewpoint says that these
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coalitions should be based on a strong basis and this is to be discussed by everyone but our vision in qatar that these coalitions must be established according to certain grittier we have and the positive atmosphere to make these coalition a success regarding their lists. for the constitutional committee in a syria with we support what the u.n. envoy demist to iraq and we hope that this will be a step towards the political solution what is going on in syria during the last week period was about the escalation of the escalation of the military action is that we haven't seen the sort of of a positive horizon to sort out with this matter.
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rest. my apologies. he's. trying to reconcile. with saudi arabia the. country's well regarded regarding then he was and there is no negotiation yet between among the g.c.c. countries or between. the united arab emirates and saudi united states the president of united states has. several times sent a letter send a letter to the leaders of the g.c.c. urging them for the united g.c.c.
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and. between being from. the my just being taken against this set up and going to the table to the dialogue to be done to reach an understanding but there is no positive response yet from the saudis and they might. remain open for dialogue but that remains open to understand the reasons behind this blockade and the national behind it and the united states there e.f.m. different meant for the united g.c.c. and they want the g.c.c. to operate together to operate more effectively. do you see any plates. or. what was the reaction. in. europe. and
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i think the. president your. own. country you. don't. want my personal work. well. well you gotta think. that alliance and the creation of that ice with. it by ignoring. the g.c.c. enough that we don't think that even if it's will be initiated it will be initiated effectively and this is what we have been calling for we say that we are not asking for. for any additional things there is a serious challenge among states and we need to. address this challenge and in order also to prove the credibility of. of this alliance and we believe
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there is there isn't a question it's often here that. since we have failed for one year and a half to come together and united states has succeeded now for the third time as first when they gathered us militarily and second. in the context terrorism financing and the third time as foreign minister since the other half now we believe this isn't a question it did to meit's when you know. we might come up with a plan that we put their resolution and then for this a blockade. but i want to devise to our friends in the united states that this is cannot we want to be sustainable if we are not going to put this forward. regarding your question about the president's call for the oil prices first of all
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we value our relationship and partnership with the united states and we value. the partnership which was built on which one benefit and mutual interest between. the two countries but that first of all is not. you know we are producing going yes but we are energy country maybe so we are not an effective member and often even if we decide to increase our production it want to affect anything and the price and second whenever we are deciding to pay for reconstruction or for. support and help for our. brothers and regional countries this is part of our commitment and i want to do with you as an active player in the region. and this is the policy which which is on it from inside office not coming from outside. you are excellent see.
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there is a sort of a tree of it when it comes to the palestinian issue. some out of deliberations avoided anything about this but issue would do you think of the role of the cuts or regarding the policy in an issue of cuts or has voiced for the resolution to have to extend the stay of the investigation team yemen do you think the rift the gulf rift has moved to the international organizations what do you think. regarding the palestinian issue of the palestinian issue is the center is the coup or of the entrance of the whole of the arab nation and all the arab countries we cannot overcome the palestinian issue in any statement of the people are always there behind the palestinian show the
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policy then issue is the one that gather all the support of the arab peoples we need a sustainable and lasting solution to the policy an initial end to the store the rights of the palestinians. regarding the vote in the human rights council the expert's report the council they report includes facts violations horrific violations against the civilians in yemen the extension of the mission doesn't come from or out of a political evaluation regarding what alliance or coalition working there on the ground and krises in yemen is it is grave and the
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evaluation is a sort of a technicality valuation to what's going on there and there must be a way to stop these violations and the report to the concerns of international partners to sort all of this crisis regarding the vision of cuts auto's the yemeni crisis qatar says that the security council resolutions they got of initiative that was the start of sorting out the yemeni quizes and after that we have seen a sort of a call to target is the outcome and the political solution is the main thing needed there according to certain mechanisms and a yemeni yemeni a dialogue must also be that and we call upon all the parties in yemen to be positive towards so to go with the problems that will being in
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foreign minister said. that the ideas have been. proposed what these different ideas we haven't agreed upon. date the idea is that have been dealt with the ideas of establishing or regarding the stablish ment of alliance. welcomes in your cooperation with the us any cooperation with the partners in the region a cold if to certain criteria questionable images either mohamed been cemented struggling to mold to kuwait is there any diplomatic push which is on the way. do you think if they just completely frozen. nation. when he was about the
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gulf crisis as i just mentioned it's still a stalemate there is no movement yet we hope that this meeting today we would have a portion of these and not just a few but still out of here thank you. sheikh you're here. did you meet. and. no one is accepting this respect so. we are we are open for for everyone and we see them and other ok just as well and other platforms that protest together and this is nothing to do on on a personal level we have a political dispute over the better and we have to discuss it and i civilized man i made this point of view very clear front of everybody and we expect from them if
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they have. another. point of view they have to date and in the same manner so there is no any interaction or confrontation which. which made you might think a lot but you know no problem. we see. us. normally we believe in the closed door diplomacy is more than a conference and saw we once they're affecting us out of it. have polygon representation office over there and quite a. you know. afghanistan there is no
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other objective. to. create. them and to bring. the government together with to. remain committed to thank you. thank you. the qatari if foreign minister a press conference that he's giving at the sidelines of the united nations general assembly what he had to say about the crisis is that it is in fact at a stalemate and he also said that the challenges in the must be dealt with in a better way the foreign minister did throw qatar's support behind the u.s. secretary of state calls for. alliance other why an otherwise known as
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an arab nato so let's cross over to have some was attending that press conference in new york all right we'll cross over to hashem in just a moment let me just tell you more for the foreign minister had to say so he held that press conference right after a meeting with the u.s. secretary of state might bump a zero as well. a goal of nations in new york and he also said the real dialogue is needed to address the problems and address the crisis we need to be clear about the reasons behind the crisis he also said that qatar is not as positive as much as trump is and that qatar needs to be brave and. he said we need to be brave as well as wise. one more think you also did address the awards in yemen and syria
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he described the situation in yemen the crisis in yemen as grave and he said that we do support qatar supports the u.n. with regards to the situation in syria so that is the gist of what the qatari foreign minister had to say in new york as i said he held that press conference right after he had met with the u.s. secretary of state. as well as the other gulf countries in a bid to try and resolve the gulf crisis and also to discuss the middle east strategic alliance otherwise being described as the arab nato that the secretary of state and the u.s. administration has been pushing for. are you with me.
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all right jim you were attending that press conference with the foreign minister just talk us through i went through some of the points that he had hit on but what was the message you think that he was trying to send out. i think it has two messages one is that if the unit is you know the cities of america is willing to put together this alliance in the middle east there needs to be an immediate genuine. talk between the different members of the g.c.c. crisis to solve the crisis first of all before moving to words and comprehensive political umbrella in the near future that was the top message the second one was addressed to the g.c.c. countries particularly to the blockade in countries saudi arabia the u.a.e. but how do you and egypt saying that that there needs to be wisdom and this should stop being in this mindset of denial about the whole crisis and that remains
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willing to start genuine political talk however he insists on the exactly what the parties have been saying over the last sixteen months which is the reject any talks that would be considered somehow infringing on their own sovereignty but i have to say that given the war of words that we've seen over the last forty eight hours between the saudis and the qataris it looks like we're not going to get any political way out of this particular crisis any time soon yeah and you asked him in fact to report to reply to the comments made by the saudi foreign minister in which he said that the crisis can continue up to twenty years what did he tell you. well he said if the saudis are saying that they can wait for fifteen twenty fifty years and that they have absolutely no problem with that and this fine for the then the qataris are also in force waiting for ever and that's not the issue it looks
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like the. the crisis has reached this political impasse this by the leverage of the i'm. there's been trying basically to bring the parties to set aside their differences to model the saudi crown prince mohammed bin said a man is meeting with the emir of kuwait and kuwaiti officials told the just this is a crisis is going to be on top of the agenda but then when you look at the current political. needs a miracle for all the parties to solve this political crisis they remain divided about every single issue in the region let alone coming together and solve with a just as a crisis which has been the worst political what is the region has seen in decades ok but i think you. now meanwhile as that was happening the russian foreign
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minister was addressing the u.n. general assembly surrogate lavrov says his country will do everything possible to preserve the iran nuclear deal he described the united states as a key disruptor in world affairs when the. we are observing in onslaught belligerent revisionism against a modern system of international law attacks have been launched against the basic principles of the middle east peace process the joint comprehensive plan of action on the iranian nuclear program the commitments within the world trade organization framework the multilateral climate agreement and many more release of those accusations of interference into internal affairs of certain countries are being made at the same time as overt endeavors to undermine him and topple democratically elected governments. while two palestinian children are among six people killed by israeli fire along the gaza israel border the palestinian health ministry says
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another five hundred people have been injured in the protests ninety of them by live ammunition one hundred eighty nine people have been killed since the wave of protests began almost six months ago palestinians are demanding. an end to the blockade by israel and their right to return to ancestral lands imran khan joining us from the occupied west bank city of ramallah you're keeping an eye out on the situation in gaza iran it's another friday we're hearing of six people killed so far what's the latest death toll you're getting. well we are hearing that according to the goals out there you see like you say six palestinians have been shot at five hundred six have been injured two hundred ten of those are in hospital and three in serious condition these ready army has responded as well saying that no injuries have on its side have been reported and no damage has been caused now these protests as they are on friday they began in six different five different locations
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or across the gaza strip where the protesters went towards the border with israel and that's when these raids started firing using live drones and take. dispersants like these they've been criticized since these protests began for this heavy handed approach against the palestinians that these ready say that palestinians are launching kites with incendiary devices attached to them that are going over the border and the they are trying to deal with these cuts but these cuts have caused a number of millions of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to his ready crops on the other side and they say that these cuts need to stop hamas have responded as well what they've said is through files the broom the spokesman all clear message is that we will never retreat and will never be broken that will carry on with all our might until we break this siege and end the suffering of the of people so very much so these protests are not going away they have been going on
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since march the thirtieth they're stable in number and the palestinians are determined to get a voice heard and these radios are being criticized be using this heavy handed approach against what effectively despite incendiary devices just people are just palestinians using rocks ok i'm on time thank you. now the u.s. senate judiciary committee has voted to put supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh confirmation to a full senate vote some lawmakers are asked to delay that vote by a week they want the f.b.i. to investigate into allegations that cavanagh sexually assaulted several women when they were teenagers let's talk to rosen jordan live from washington d.c. so is that full senate vote now going to be delayed as some senators have asked for . well it was supposed to happen as early as this coming tuesday but it does appear that there now could be a delay and that really does come down to whether or not the u.s.
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president donald trump does place a request with the f.b.i. to carry out a new investigation specifically about these allegations of sexual assault against brett kavanaugh the nominee to join the u.s. supreme court he spoke to reporters during a press availability at a short time ago and he indicated that he understood that there were a number of senators who were having some serious thoughts about these allegations and weren't comfortable voting on the nomination until they had these questions answered and he indicated that if he if the senators felt that a delay was required in order to get the process cleared up once and for all he would support that what that does not mean daryn is that the president is actually going to notify the f.b.i. that such an investigation should take place with out that notification there's no way really to hold the full u.s. senate to any sort of official delay because it's not clear that the senate
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majority leader actually was aware of these discussions within the judiciary committee before the vote took place just before eight hundred g.m.t. so there are a lot of moving parts here but certainly the president has weighed in and said that it would be fine by him if there were a week delay before the final debate and vote on brett kavanaugh his nomination ok rosen thank you for that update from washington let's speak to bill schneider he's a political analyst and public policy professor at george mason university joining us from washington thanks very much for speaking to us so it's been a very busy day out on capitol hill let me just ask you what the point that roslyn just raised about president trump do you think that trump is going to notify the f.b.i. that an investigation should take place or what will his position be on that. it's a losing business to try to predict more prison in trouble ever want to do he probably
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will resist the notion but flake has some cards to play he said there are several senators who are with him on this and they would may they may threaten to withhold an affirmative vote to confirm the nominee unless the president does that so in a sense they're holding the president hostage there holding the nomination hostage and speaking of senator flake he was pretty much a yes on cavanaugh just until a short time ago and now he is the one that came out and proposed this delay as well as an f.b.i. investigation why do you think that there was a reversal there. well certainly we see a lot of viewers have already seen the scene in the capitol where he was confronted by women who claim that they he wasn't taking seriously their experiences of sexual assault he was making light of it and therefore they had to be an investigation and he seems to agree with that a number of senators certainly almost all democrats agree with that that there has
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to be an f.b.i. investigation because nothing was really resolved in the hearing yesterday between professor ford and judge kavanagh so he has said that while he voted yes to send the nomination to the floor of the senate he would like to demand that a weeks the late take place so that that investigation will be allowed and the question a lot of people were asking was how all of this is going to affect the november congressional elections now that we have a vote and possibly a delay does that affect the elections in november at all. absolutely because both sides are really angry about this democrats that the senate appears not to be taking a charge of sexual assault very seriously republicans believe according. to greenwood judge kavanagh that there is a coordinated liberal democratic effort to discredit him unfairly so this has
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become a deeply partisan issue the one new element here that we've never seen before is that the me too movement which emerged exactly one year ago with the charges against the movie mogul harvey and once the the me too movement has become partisan and then it has become politicized and it's separating men and women not just republicans and democrats that's new and it just inflames the partisan attack ism that's been going on in american politics for decades all right bill schneider thank you for speaking to us on al-jazeera the committee to protect journalists has held a discussion at the united nations general assembly to highlight global press freedom violations countries they highlighted where me and mar bangladesh kurdistan and egypt human rights lawyer amal clooney called on me and more as leader and son suchi to speak out in support of the two jailed reuters journalists will mean more
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as a government leader in concert she has been stripped off another award for failing to act over violence committed by her military m.p.'s in canada decided unanimously to strip her off honoree citizenship a un report accused me of mars military of committing genocide and war crimes against muslims forcing hundreds of thousands to flee across the border to bangladesh last year the united nations human rights council has voted to extend an inquiry into crimes in yemen the approval overrides objections from saudi arabia and yemen's government as bernard smith reports from neighboring djibouti it comes as the u.n. envoy c.m.n. pushes for a new talks between the warring parties. five times over the past few years these families have been forced to travel hundreds of kilometers across.


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