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tv   Up Front 2018 Ep 15  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2018 5:33pm-6:01pm +03

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in their past the coalition destroyed the syrian city of. the destroyed infrastructure and public services in the areas targeted. it has also committed to massacre is against civilians including children and women which amounts to war crimes under international law. the coalition has also provided direct military support to terrorists on multiple occasions asked lifo to guess the syrian army. it should have been more aptly named the coalition to support terrorists and war crimes. the situation in syria. and its dimensions cannot be divorced from the battle raging between two camps on the world stage one of the camps promote peace
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stability and prosperity across the world two advocates for dialogue and mutual understanding respects international long and up the halt to the principle of number enter ference in the internal affairs of other states and while the other common tries to spread chaos in international relations. and insists on and poleon colonize ation and had the money. to further its narrow interests even if that meant resulting to a corrupt methods such as supporting terrorism and imposing an economic blockade were to subjugate the people and governments that reject external dictates and insist on making their own independent national decisions what happened in syria should've been l.s.a. to some countries. but. those countries that refuse
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to learn. he did with deaf ears as. they try to bury their heads. this is why ladies and gentlemen we the members of this organization must make a clear and unequivocal choice are we going to defend international law and the u.n. charter and be on the side of justice or are we going to submit had to monic tendencies that and the law of the jungle that some are trying to impose on this organization and the world. ladies and gentlemen on today. the situation on the ground is more stable and secure thanks to the progress made in combating terrorism the government continues to take the areas destroyed by terrorists to restore normalcy.
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of all conditions are now present for the voluntary return of syrian refugees to the country the country they have to leave because of terrorism and the unilateral economic measures. that targeted their daily lines and their livelihoods are. true enough thousands a syrian refugees a brode have started their journey back home. from this podium i would like to leagues trust the folding the return of each and every syrian refugee is a priority for the syrian state and doors are wide open for all syrians a brode to return voluntarily and safely and what applies to syrians
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inside syria. also applies to syrians abroad or no one is above the law and. thanks to the how russia. or the syrian government will spare no effort to facilitate the return of those refugees we will meet their basic needs. therefore a special committee was recently hard lift to coordinate the return of refugees to their places of origin in syria and to how we gain their lives once again with one member of what. we have called upon the international community and humanitarian organizations to the similar tate these in return however. some western countries in line with their this almost behavior isn't the start of
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the war in syria continue to prevent the the return of the refugees. they are spreading irrational fear among graphic with the they are politicizing what should be purely a humanitarian issue and using refugees as a bargaining chip to serve their political agenda and linking the return of refugees to the political process. of today as we are about to close the last janitor in the crisis syrian as they. are determined to come together and erase the traces of this terrorist war and to rebuild their country with their own hands. whether they state syria or are forced to leave that to the terrorists. we won't come
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any assistance with reconstruction from those countries or entities that were not part of the aggression on syria and those that have come out clearly and explicitly against terrorism. however. their priority. in the reconstruction of. love syria i would be given to our friends that stupid by us in our war on terror as for the countries that offer the only conditional assistance their money or. continue to support terrorism of the we are neither invited nor welcome to help in the first case of. madame president as we move ahead on counterterrorism. reconstruction and the return of refugees. we remain committed to the political
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process. without compromising on our national. will these include your primarily reserving the sovereignty independence and territorial unity of the syrian arab republic of protecting the exclusive rights of syrians to determine the future of their country without any external interference . eradicating terrorism from our country. based on the above we expressed time and again our readiness to respond to any initiative that would help of syrians and the crisis of the year of the group that we have engaged positively and openly in the geneva two talks will be asked on a process and the syrian national dialogue in search of. the however
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it has always been the other party is. that set up still that rejected dialogue resulted to terrorism and for interference to achieve their goal must nevertheless we continue. to adopt a positive attitude and implement the outcomes of the syrian national dialogue. the formation of the constitutional committee to review the current constitution and we presented a practical and comprehensive vision on the composition of rocketeers and working methods of the committee and submitted a list of representatives on behalf of the syrian state. we stress. that the mandate of the committee. is limited to reviewing the articles of the current constitution on through
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a syrian led syrian process that may be facilitated by the special envoy of the secretary general for syria. we also stress that no preconditions should be imposed on the committee nor should its recommendations be prejudged. the committee must be independent. since the constitution. and anything related to it is a syrian matter to be decided by syrians themselves and therefore we will not accept any proposal that constitutes an interference in the internal affairs of syria orleans to such interference is one of the. we we have here that the syrian people must have the final word regarding any
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constitutional or some brain matter. we also reaffirmed our readiness to work actively with our friends. convene the committee along the parameter is i have just mentioned. in addition to these international initiatives. blue collar reconsolidation is well underway. reconsolidation agreements allowed us to stem the bloodshed and prevent destruction in many areas around syria. they restored stability in normal life to these areas. which allowed people to return to their home. those homes that they were forced to leave because of terrorism. we consolation therefore will remain our priority and our focus here ladies and
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gentlemen the battle we fought in syria against terrorism was not only a military one it was also. an ideological battle between the culture of destruction extremism and death and the culture of construction tolerance and life therefore i launch. from this trial of the calling for fighting the ideology of terrorism and violent extremism drying up its support and financial resources while implementing relevant security council resolutions notably resolution twenty two fifty three. the military battle against terrorism albeit important is not enough terrorism is like an epidemic it will return break out and threaten everyone without exception.
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madam president. we fully condemn and reject the use of chemical weapons under any circumstances will more wherever it occurs when every clockers and regardless of the target this is why syria eliminated completely. it's chemical program and fulfill its commitments as a member of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the c.w. . planned by now. should buy the organization. although some western countries are constantly trying to paula to size the work of the organization we have always called paraded with your p c w to the largest extent possible unfortunately on every time we express our readiness to
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receive objective and professional investigative teams to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons there were these countries would block such efforts because they know that the conclusion of the investigations would not satisfy the intentions they harbor against syria. these countries have ready made accusations and sonar used to justify and aggression in syria this was the case when the united states france and the u.k. . in the wanton aggression on syria last april blaming the chemical weapons were used in this without any investigation or evidence and in a flagrant violation of syria's sovereignty in international law and the u.n. charter. meanwhile these same country disregarded all
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reliable information we provided on chemical weapons in the possession of terrorist groups that used them on multiple occasions. they were used to blame the syrian government in justify an attack against it. leave terrorist organization known as. the white helmets was the main ones who used to mislead the public opinion and fabricate accusations and come up with a law is on the use of chemical weapons in syria the white helmets that were created by the british intelligence. on their and humanitarian cover it has been proven. however that this organization is part of al qaida affiliated
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nostromo. despite old allegations we remain committed to liberate all of our territory without concern for the black dinars of terrorists or the fee yeah tricks of their white helmet. with ladies and gentlemen in another episode of the terrorists war on syria since two thousand and eleven. suicide bombings marcus trade to buying my soul rock to be governor eight of some way down in southern syria last july. it is worth noting. that the terrorists behind that attack came from the times of the area where u.s. forces are present a lot of the area has become
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a safe haven for eisold around minutes those armed groups who are now hiding in the grand refugee camp on the border with children under their protection. of the u.s. forces presence in the area. will be in line with this investment in terrorism and to. in the crisis in syria in the united states who are also supposed to release terrorists from one ton of the prison. send them to syria where they are the effective leader is of the nasr front and other terrorist groups. meanwhile the turkish continues to support terrorists in syria.
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since day one of the war on syria and the turkish regime has trained in armed terrorists who turning turkey into a hub and a corridor for terrorists on their way to syria. when terrorists failed to serve in. the agenda of the turkish regime. the latter resulted to direct military aggression. attacking so many cities and towns in northern syria. however all these. it's. a matter of undermining syria's sovereignty unity and territorial integrity and violate international law will not stop us from exercising our rights and fulfilling our duties to recover our land and we've heard from terrorists whether military action or reconnaissance. agreements.
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are. proceeding from the bar. we have always been open to any initiative that prevents the death with the restores safety and security to areas affected by terrorism and that's why we welcomed the agreements. it reached in sochi month. tambour for the seventeenth twenty eight. of the agreement was the result of intensive consultations between syria and other russia or it resulted from food coordination between the two a country. we reaffirm that in this egremont east time down includes clear deadlines and. can play many of the agreements previously
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reached other deescalation zones. as was provided for in time now. we hope that when the agreement is implemented in the nasr front and other terrorist groups will be bragging. that. a limb in eighteen the last remnant of terrorism in syria and. any foreign presence from syrian territory without the consent of the syrian government. illegal and comes to them a flagrant violation of international law and the un charter it is an assault on our national sovereignty in the which undermines where you counterterrorism efforts and threaten regional peace and security. we therefore consider any forces operating on syrian territory without an explicit request from the syrian
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government including with us french and turkish forces. occupying forces and will be dealt with accordingly and they must withdraw immediately and without any conditions who are ladies and gentlemen. israel continues to occupy a dear part of our land and the syrians are gone and our people there continue to suffer because of it oppressive and aggressive policy. is well. supported terrorist groups that operated in southern syria protecting them through direct military intervention. and longer saying repeated at times on syrian territories. but just as we liberated southern syria from terrorists we are determined to
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liberate fully the occupied syrian golan and to the lines of june the fourth one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. syria demands that the international community of an end to all these practices and compel israel to implemented rather than to you and a resolution most notably resolution before nine seven on the occupied syrian golan. and the international community must also help the palestinian people establish its own independent state with jerusalem as its capital and facilitate the return of the palestinian refugees to their land pursuant to international resolution us and. international legitimacy of any actions that undermine these not rights. are noble and void and threaten regional peace and security
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especially the israeli racist long. known as the nation's state law. and the decision of the us administration to move the us and the sea to jerusalem and stop funding on. the move with syria strongly condemns the decision of the us administration to with drove from the iran nuclear agreement which proves once again the united states disregards of. for international treaties and conventions. the express once again our solidarity with a. leader is on people of the islamic republic of iran and i trust that they will overcome the effects of this irresponsible decision of the us administration and we also stand with the government on people of that as well
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in the face of us as a template somebody to interfere in their internal affair and. we call once again for lifting the new lateral economic measures imposed against the syrian people and all other and dependent people of the around the world especially in the people of the d.p. r. k. cuba and bellows of the. modern president ladies and gentlemen. and to conclude with the will of the. so you have to know that. with the help of allies and friends syria will defeat terrorism the world must never forget that treat us like. it is high time. for all those detached from reality to wake up let go of their fantasy and come to their
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senses see the matter is realistic they must realize that they will not achieve politically what they failed to achieve by thought. we had never compromised on our national principles even when the war was at its will surely not do that today. at the same time we won't. be with all the people of the world that's the message we carry because we want peace for our people we have never attacked we have never interfered in the affairs of another we have never existed ported terrorism to other parts of the world we have always maintained the best relations with other countries today. we seek to defeat terrorism we continue to advocate dialogue and mutual understanding to serve the interests of
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our people and to achieve security stability and prosperity for all thank you very much. god is the syrian foreign minister. giving his word at the united nations general assembly what his said is that his country is a battle against terrorism is almost over that's according to a lead him on then he also said that syria welcomes reconstruction aid from countries not involved in quote aggression on syria and countries that are offering . conditional aide are neither invited nor wellcome to help or lead them on them also calling on refugees to return home saying that this is the priority for them ask us let's cross over to how some how about our listening in joining us live
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from the united nations has some what did you make of what maher on them had to say . just listen to the defiance will either marlin sink basically that the war is almost over but the syrian government is emerging victorious from the almost civil war and that people should go back hoe and that the political establishment of the future of syria should be dictated under the terms of the syrian government in a way or another who was telling the syrian opposition you have lost the war you've got to come back home you should forget to talk soon in the future about the future of syria without bashar. is the one who should stay in the government as the leader of the country because this is the will of the syrian people he sent some strong messages to the international community the americans the turks the french think that you are the one sponsoring terrorism you have to stop doing that because of that undermines my own country yet has to put on that point it was quite
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interesting when he also said that he vows to free syria the country of ours to free syria from all illegitimate foreign troops according to him who is he talking about here. here's a few things are basically two things first of all his head as far as the agreement on it is concerned it's going to be time frame and therefore the heia to hear the sham which the. international committee considers a terrorist organizations organization does not pull out from from the therefore we're going to go ahead with the military offensive number two he's saying that the presence of turkey turkish soldiers. in the northern part of the country american and french soldiers in the eastern part of the country providing assistance to the kurds is unacceptable and if they don't pull out from those areas then the syrian army has all the legitimate authority to go ahead and to liberate those areas we
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know that when it comes to the french and american presence is absolutely no way the syrian army is going to opt for mr confrontation because that's going to lead for a massive backlash from the i'm.


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