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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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we'll bring in the news and current trends that matter to you. al-jazeera. buildings collapsed contact with a whole city last indonesians warned of a rising toll from the earthquake and tsunami in so long way. i'm sami's a than this is out there a line from doubts are coming out to refute saudi and the u.a.e. allegations of supporting terrorism accusations fly at the un. the changing faces of afghanistan's election or women candidates than ever before and plyometric machines for the upcoming poll. asks steps down as chairman of tesla part of
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a settlement with u.s. financial regulators. now rescue teams are struggling to get all the people who need help on the indonesian island of soloists and moments ago the national disaster agency announced the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami had more than doubled to a hundred and thirty two people the deputy president is warning that death toll expected to reach into the thousands most of the confirmed dead in the city of palo there's been no contact with the town of dongola it's home to around two hundred and seventy thousand people those are jabari reports. the difficult task of looking for survivors this is what is left in the city of hollow after
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friday's magnitude seven point five earthquake and tsunami rescue workers frantically trying to find those who may still be alive the search efforts are being hampered by blocked roads and a collapsed bridge rescue teams dug by hand to free twenty four people trapped in the rubble of this hotel the owner told local media people could still be heard crying out for help but no heavy lifting equipment was available dozens remain missing in the city of over three hundred thousand those who did survive the quake and tsunami that followed now have to try to live off anything they can find scenes like this of people looting local shops and siphoning petrol from cars are becoming the norm as aid is very slowly coming in. many injured are being evacuated by the red cross estimates that more than one point six million people have been affected there are particular concerns about the nearby town of dongola where the impact is still unclear the gol is home to over two hundred seventy thousand people but there
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has been no communication with anyone there since friday afternoon the indonesian president is visiting palo to assess the damage and reassure the people that more help is on the way but for now bodies continue to fill the streets of palo an anxious survivors are being warned not to return to their homes as aftershocks continue door such a al-jazeera. journalist thomas a gypsy joins us now from in the nation's capital jakarta so i understand those disaster relief officials have been speaking of the press conference what else have they been saying. there's been major development now we know that has jumped to eight hundred thirty two now a mistress to top a spokesperson of the disaster national agency did say that they have still have received no official information from dongola however he did say that out of the eight hundred thirty two. that eleven coming from this town of
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tonga now they received information from the indonesian red cross now earlier we know that the indonesian brush cross dispatched two helicopters to the town of dongarra now it's not clear yet what the results of the of the trip to dump are in terms of information on the extent of damage but what we do know that earlier the red cross and the helicopter red cross carried emergency and medical supplies now situation on the ground we do know that press in an interim president djoko we don't know has arrived in palo to personally supervise the emergency process he's been briefed by the chief security minister. mr way around so who's been staying in who has arrived in public since yesterday and particularly what was most worrying is reports of looting in some part of
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or are we seem to have lost contact with tommy there we're trying to get back to him later on in the show. the gulf crisis has led to exchanges that the u.n. general assembly between catherine the countries imposing the blockade the u.n. is foreign minister again accused of supporting terrorism causes representative blind the u.s. for creating instability in the region as she was about those at the u.n. in new york. there have been heated exchanges between qatar and its neighbors saudi arabia the united arab emirates and about how they accused qatar of sponsoring extremism and destabilizing the region accusations strongly dismissed by qatar which said that the emirates is and the saudis are the last one to preach about peace and stability referring to the past track record of saudi arabia and the
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united arab emirates when it comes to war in yemen and its ability in libya and also united states congress inquiry into nine eleven which basically blamed saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for lax finest regulations and also for for whiting safe havens for extremist let's listen to what the qatari diplomat had to say about the allegations made by the united arab emirates saudi arabia and bahrain and then with you don't step on our and then at night you do unfortunately what is cause for suspicion is that we find the state's target allegations at us and they don't practice what they preach they do not practice respect for state sovereignty and interfere in affairs of other states in fact they terrorize civilians and violate human rights and interfere in domestic affairs of other states in a manner that undermined international and regional peace and security and this has become evident in the repeated attempts by these states to destabilize security and
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stability in qatar they have plotted and finance an unsuccessful coup attempt in qatar well in her response to you ease representative accuse qatar of fabricating information. you do get it is deplorable that cutter as usual has adopted political maneuvers in order to exacerbate the crisis instead of respecting its international obligations and settling the crisis because one has added an international dimension by discussing legal matters that were taken by the united arab emirates and cooperation with bahrain saudi arabia and egypt kastner is trying to disseminate false eroni as information about the measures taken by our countries these measures were in response to the destabilizing attitudes of qatar for decades macedonians have begun voting in a referendum on the country's name voters have to decide whether to accept an agreement with greece to change the balkan nations name to the republic of north macedonia greece insists that only its province of macedonia can claim that no if
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the changes in your state could pave the way for nato and e.u. membership. polls are open in iraq's northern semi autonomous kurdish region for parliamentary elections the vote comes a year after a failed bid for independence it was rejected by a bank that plunging the region into economic and political turmoil security forces in the region voted earlier on friday let's go straight now to charles stratford he's live for us in it appeal so this is the first vote they've had since that failed independence bid a year ago charles there was a lot of anger at that time it against the political elite how is that expected to play out in this election. certainly speaking to experts here telling us that there's a lot of voter lethargy amongst people here as you say following that failed referendum to waltz of session last year many people here blaming the k d p one of the two
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main parties in this region for that failed referendum which they were punished for by baghdad and indeed by neighbors like turkey iran wasn't even indorsed by the americans then of course it was a few weeks later when we saw the forced withdrawal of kurdish forces from the all rich region of kirkuk that they had controlled since two thousand and fourteen when the iraqi army flayed isis now katy perry blamed the p u k the other main a policy for the withdrawal of those forces and sort as being a major affront to sort of k d p patients in keeping control of that city so it's fair to say that certainly could have politics has been severely sort of weakened all the main political parties have been weakened as a result of those two main events specifically most especially the u.k.
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we are expecting having spoken to experts people telling us here that they say that splits in the p u k could well be capitalized on by smaller parties in this vote. but everybody here is saying that is vital that we get some sort of unity here in the selection of to these divisions between the two main parties have been so deeply. been so deepened in in recent months it's comes at a sensitive time too in terms of the bid to form a national government how are these elections expected to impact that process. but as you say you know it's been more than four months since that disputed election the iraq elections we understand that there are two main blocs in as these efforts to try to form a coalition government continue and the kurds here are being very much described as the king makers the kurds one forty three votes in that national election and they
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haven't been included in either of these two main blocs two main coalitions so it's understood that the kurds are waiting to see the results of this election before then coming forward behind any one particular bloc to form a national government so baghdad very obviously keenly watching this election the other issue is that traditionally the p u k one of the two main parties here has always supplied the president because given the president of iraq it's always occurred and traditionally has been the p u k. the k d p have put forward their own candidate as well and that is causing major waves not only here with the kurds but with any future potential baghdad government any federal government here in iraq. thanks so much. well as voting gets underway in northern iraq campaigning is just begun in afghanistan for next month's parliamentary elections there the vote is more than three overdue it's seen as
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a test for presidential elections next april security poverty and corruption remain key issues tony birthday has more from kabul. they can never be described as boring conflicts corruption intimidation and fraud afghan elections have it all but the parliamentary elections due to take place on october twentieth are at least promising something different new government measures hope to put an end to the problems of previous elections election fraud is now a criminal offense voting systems will be cited in public buildings monitored by professional people and a new advance voting system will be used even so doubts still linger the afghan government has bought more than twenty thousand biometric devices for facial recognition and fingerprinting to prevent voter fraud but only four thousand have so far arrived in the country and operators have not yet been trained many believe there is insufficient time to get the system up and running meaning a return to manual counting and the possibility of irregularities. the
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post-election crisis the losing candidates will not accept that and the political parties will use that as a force to rescue and also to one and target the government voters disheartened by past elections see the biometric system as a big step towards a transparent election process just very thick some don't have a biometric system is good because many national i.d.'s are fake and there's fraud he votes can be bought the elections are three and a half years overdue but because of the uncertainty over the new technology there are concerns that it could be postponed yet again this election is being seen of the next april presidential elections then as now the main issue will not just be transparency but it will also be for curiosity and that is a. a delicate situation of the moment with the taliban controlling much of rural afghanistan. the taliban doesn't take part in elections and in the past has had
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fingers cut off people who have voted the group is making almost daily attacks against the security forces this trend of the taliban is in the weakness within the afghan government and this is certainly something that has emboldened. during the past couple of years. most of afghanistan's population is a literate these men waiting for poorly paid daily work in kabul don't care who is elected they care about survival. right now if i still came here with a truck offering work all of it would go with them all of those because we don't have money and we need food. politics can often be seen is about power and money but for the poor life can be defined by the food on their plate and in afghanistan today many people are hungry tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. still had an al-jazeera turkey's president opens one of europe's biggest mosques in germany
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despite protests against his visit and tens of thousands margin brazil against a presidential candidate who says he won't accept the results of feel loses. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast we're going to start this hour in europe we have a couple different scenarios going on first of all we have a frontal boundary that's pushing across eastern parts of europe as well as this area of low pressure down here by greece we've been watching this for days and this is still going to bring some very gusty winds as well as some heavy rain across the region particularly across southern greece and we do think that flooding is going to be a major problem we do have burn scars across the area because of some wildfires earlier so that is going to cause the likelihood of those months lies to increase over the next few days then that storm system is going to be making its way to the
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know what to the northeast and istanbul you also see some very heavy rain over the next few days while that same system is also going to be causing some some clouds here across parts of egypt now that could be some embedded showers in that as well so for cairo thirty six degrees will be a high lot of clouds in the forecast there and then as we go towards monday a lot of those clouds make their way towards the eastern med over here across parts of algeria as well as over towards libya we do have this line of clouds right here and there is some showers in those clouds so we do need to be careful for the possibility some localized flooding tripoli you'll be seeing about twenty nine degrees here on monday and up towards tunis a partly cloudy day at twenty eight degrees for you.
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welcome back you're watching our desert time to recap our headlines now rescue teams are struggling to get to all the people who need help on the indonesian island of. the national disaster agency announced the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami and more than doubled to eight hundred and thirty two people
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most of the confirmed dead are in the city of. the gulf crisis featured prominently at the u.n. general assembly on saturday with tough talking between carter and its neighbors the u.a.e. is foreign minister again accused of supporting terrorism carter's representative blamed the u.a.e. for creating instability in the region. polls are open in iraq's northern semi autonomous kurdish region for parliamentary elections the vote comes a year after a failed bid for independence it was rejected by baghdad plunging the region into economic and political turmoil. now the u.s. president donald trump is once again publicly backed his nominee for the supreme court he's ordered and an f.b.i. investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct why brett kavanaugh all this means a confirmation vote by the full senate will be delayed for at least a week on his way to a campaign rally trump said he had complete faith in cavanagh and the investigation
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. we're going to do whatever they have to do whatever it is they do they'll be doing big rallies everything caught up. everything will be fine you know. what. i do i think he's great i don't think there's ever been any person that's really screwed you like he has been a good bit of very tough. pretty good and he's a great great. highly respected for many many years at the top of the list i hope everything works out great. north korea's foreign minister says he says continued u.s. sanctions rather are deepening its mistrust of america really young ho address the united nations general assembly on saturday he said pyongyang has taken significant goodwill measures without a corresponding response from the trumpet ministration mark fitzpatrick is the
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director of the nonproliferation program at the international institute for strategic studies. you north koreans had been insisting that the united states make a declaration of the of an end to the korean war this is not something that is really too hard for the united states to do they could do it while maintaining sanctions i think they should do it in exchange for a north korean real gesture what north korea has done to date has been without verification there is no legal connection between ending the war and the presence of u.s. forces there under a bilateral treaty with south korea and kim jong un himself said that ending that war would not mean the troops have to leave it's just that there is a certain about political connection that the united states is worried about the north koreans think that they can overcome u.s. resistance by going into the soft spot that they see in donald trump and he so unpredictable and so inclined to withdraw u.s.
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forces that they may have reason to think that they can make progress by dealing with him first brazil's farai a presidential candidate who has been released from hospital in sao paolo three weeks after being stabbed as a political rally by the sun out of flew home to rio de janeiro on a commercial flight where he was both cheered and jeered by fellow passengers many tipped him to win next month's elections but thousands of people have been protesting against him our latin america at its embassy in yemen explains why. follow brazil's largest city and what you see here just a week before brazilians go to the polls is an anti other lecturing campaign it's against the man that these people believe would turn the clock back to the dark ages if he were elected that was in every major city and town in brazil and even abroad opponents of ultra conservatives. are taking to the streets
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. their campaign symbol is hash tag not him and this is why it was that he spews hatred he's against minorities against blacks gays women in a world where that's not acceptable we can't allow him to turn the clock back. as the protests were taking place bill sinatra was released from a south pole a hospital and flew back to his home in rio de janeiro twenty three days after he was stabbed in the stomach during a campaign rally. also not all is leading in the polls tapping into widespread anger over corruption crime a deep recession and what many view as a loss of family values former army captain says he'd rather his son die if he turned out to be gay. but it is women including celebrities like madonna who are his most vocal critics. though he's homophobic xenophobia to add especially
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thankfully he has no problem standing up in congress and telling a woman opponent a she doesn't deserve to be raped. others are more concerned about his overtly pro military stance and his praise for brazil's former military dictatorship or not or has vowed to fight crime and violence with more violence. most people but it's one in plenty of support elsewhere. also not all is at least eight percentage points ahead of his nearest rival in the polls but he also has a forty six percent. disapproval rating the highest of any candidate one woman's web page called everyone against wolf or not obama or three million followers and less than two weeks before it was forced to go by but when it was hacked the battle for public opinion in this the most polarized election campaign in recent brazillian memory could not me stronger. thousands of people have attended funerals
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singles of the seven palestinians killed in protests on friday there were shot by israeli forces there gazans barrier fence with israel and none can reports. goals or mourns its dead again seven palestinians two of them children were killed by israeli fire on friday was the funerals took place across the gaza strip. and our kids who don't even have pocket money or close to where to school or even school bags go out there and come back covered in blood. more than five hundred people were also injured many requiring hospital treatment gaza's hospitals already under pressure they're running out of equipment and medicines and the struggling to cope with the number of wounded arriving every friday night when. i went to the border in the afternoon to take part in the demonstration i saw the israeli snipers shoot someone in the neck close to the border and i went to rescue him but when i
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got there i couldn't help so i ran back as i ran back i was shot in the leg i was the israeli army has killed at least one hundred ninety palestinians since the protests began on march thirtieth to demand the right of return for palestinians and an end to the israeli egypt's siege of the strip was the israeli army has been criticized by human rights groups and some foreign governments the using heavy handed tactics to disperse the crowds as well as live fire the israeli army used tear gas on the drawings and tear gas fired from vehicles. israel says the palestinians are flying what it calls tara kites over the gaza fence that are causing far as and damage to property. however in a statement on friday about the latest protest israel confirmed no soldiers were injured and local party damaged friday was the deadliest day the protests have seen in recent weeks and despite that they show no signs of slowing down diplomatic efforts are a standstill so there's no reason to doubt they'll come to an end anytime soon.
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turkish president of the wind has ended a three day trip to germany by opening europe's largest mosque it was a visit intended to mend ties but it's exposed deep disagreements journal reports. it's said to be the biggest mosque in europe shaped like a flower to signify openness carter funded by turkey. but openness is not what turkey represents to many germans and the visit by president wretch a time early one to inaugurate the mosque in cologne at the end of his state visit was not welcomed by all in this liberal town on the banks of the rhine germans joined kurds in protest if he was going to what it does when i heard earlier one will receive a state reception i it was appalled a slaughter of kurds a warrior who invaded syria with the help of german weapons when president hundreds
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of thousands without court orders that someone like that is being invited with a state reception made me get up and come here. the third or when supporters were delighted to have him there were all my ala i emphasize that we should focus on our common interests with germany aside from the recent divert us his opinion. this has been no ordinary state visit undertaken grudgingly it seems by both sides the invitation made to president hu on by a german government realizing perhaps that relations between these two countries with significant common interests had deteriorated simply too far since the failed coup in turkey two years ago but while they reinforced economic ties and agreed on a new initiative to end fighting in parts of syria there were no promises given to release german citizens in jail in turkey nor undertakings made to extradite those
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earlier one considers his enemies living in germany they will work together they will tolerate one another but this was not as it was sometimes billed beforehand the coming together of old friends jonah hill al jazeera cologne. yes the found a law mosque has agreed to step down as company chairman and pay a huge fine and it's all because of a tweet i do joe castro explains. forty million dollars is the dear price for these two hundred eighty characters mosques august seventh tweet may go down in history as the world's most expensive it announced he was considering taking tesla private at four hundred twenty dollars a share funding secured turns out according to federal investigators that was a lie within minutes of the first tweet tesla's own head of investor relations question whether the communication was even legitimate investors and journalists
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contacted tesla and asked whether the tweet was a joke and it was a joke according to the government's lawsuit meant to amuse musk's girlfriend the four hundred twenty dollars price and apparent reference to marijuana culture musk was seen smoking marijuana on a live you tube stream earlier this month i mean it's legal right it's all legal ok . i'm going to text messages for for a moment around saying what the hell are you doing so if you read the display didn't break california law but did send tesla stocks tumbling now for the august tweet mask and tesla will each pay twenty million dollars to investors who suffered harm musk will also step down as chairman of the board for at least the next three years neither celebrity status nor reputation as a technological innovator provide an exemption from the federal securities laws one must denies he ever intended to swindle investors will remain tesla c.e.o.
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but under the oversight of new independent directors the f.c.c. is requiring tesla add to the board the settlement is still subject to court approval but is a dramatic marker in musk's recent decline once admired as a maverick and brilliant thinker must also founded pay pal and space x. now the american billionaire is mental stability is in question and so to the future of his company's. castro al-jazeera washington. i'm sam is a down with a look at the headlines here now just zero now rescue teams are struggling to get all the people who need help on the indonesian island of see the national disaster agency announce the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami had more than doubled to eight hundred thirty two people most of the confirmed dead in the city
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of palu journalist thomas subject has more from indonesia's capital. only you know we know that the indonesian rushed the. two helicopters to the town of dongola now it's not clear yet what the result of the of the trip. in formation of the extent of damage is but what we do know the earlier the red cross and the helicopter carry emergency and medical supplies the gulf crisis featured prominently at the u.n. general assembly on saturday with tough talking between carter and its neighbors the us foreign minister again accused of supporting terrorism of carter's representative blamed the u.a.e. for creating instability in the region to buy international airport says it's operating as normal after reports yemen's houthi find is and launched a drone attack on the facility the claim was made by the run see the t.v.
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just last month u.a.e. officials denied reports why has the media the group were targeted by a four with a drone polls are open in iraq's northern semi autonomous kurdish region for parliamentary elections the vote comes a year after a failed bid for independence it was rejected by baghdad plunging the region into economic and political turmoil. u.s. president donald trump has once again publicly backed his nominee for the supreme court has ordered an f.b.i. investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by brett kavanaugh this means a confirmation vote by the full senate will be delayed for at least a week trump said he has complete faith in cavanagh and the investigation it's inside story now stay with us here on our. when our on line for humanity has been taken out of its goals of this we're talking about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us. i guarantee you no one has
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a back story like yours is a dialogue and i'm just tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans and everyone has a voice. and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the south join the global conversation on al-jazeera. the united states pushes forward its project of a plan arab alliance against iran but there are deep divisions brought on by the gulf crisis so can washington's desire to rope in israel along with the arab states against a common enemy actually succeeding and what does it mean for president trumps mideast peace plan this is inside story.


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