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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara and. the death toll on soloway sea tops eight hundred thirty as indonesians are warned thousands may be dead from the earthquake and tsunami. i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a few saudi and u.a.e. allegations of supporting terrorism as accusations fly at the u.n. . wants an unnamed possible nato and a u.
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membership as the people call themselves macedonians cast a vote. on last steps down as chairman of tesla out of a settlement with u.s. financial regulators. rescue teams are struggling to reach all the people who need help on the indonesian island of soloway see more than eight hundred people have died so far it follows a powerful earthquake and tsunami the most devastating to hit the region since two thousand and four the country's president joke a widow has paid a visit to the city of palo she's seen some of the worst destruction will be live in jakarta in a moment but first also jabari has the latest. the difficult task of looking for survivors this is what is left in the city of hollow after friday's magnitude seven
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point five earthquake and tsunami rescue workers frantically trying to find those who may still be alive. search efforts are being hampered by blocked roads and a collapsed bridge rescue teams dug by hand to free twenty four people trapped in the rubble of this hotel the owner told local media people could still be heard crying out for help but no heavy lifting equipment was available dozens remain missing in the city of over three hundred thousand those who did survive the quake and tsunami that followed now have to try to live off anything they can find scenes like this of people looting local shops and siphoning petrol from cars are becoming the norm as aid is very slowly coming in. many injured are being evacuated by the red cross estimates that more than one point six million people have been affected there are particular concerns about the nearby town of dung where the impact is so unclear the gol is home to over two hundred seventy thousand people but there has
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been no communication with anyone there since friday afternoon the indonesian president is visiting palo to assess the damage and reassure the people that more help is on the way but for now bodies continue to fill the streets of palo an anxious survivors are being warned not to return to their homes as aftershocks continue door such a al-jazeera. journalist tom is gypped is live in the indonesian capital jakarta joins us that's now so rescue teams are reaching more more than my getting into this mean that they can now deploy into some of those cuttlefish areas like. we have the first batch of rescue team from the indonesian team cross. today they sent two choppers bringing medical and eight supplies it's not clear though whether we whether they come back with of
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a more clearer pictures of the damage we do know that from. from pm officials from the red cross officials that eleven people have been accounted that and that eleven people is among the and hundred thirty two people the total death toll that's been made official earlier in the day. it is seven o'clock now in in the parlor and surrounding area search and rescue of search and rescue operations is still continuing this by going into the and it will go through the evening. president joe calling the call we thought the earlier today was in the area personally inspecting the search and rescue operation and this will likely. affect in a positive way. this will likely strengthen the search and rescue officials. are
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not going to see the such a risk of being caught of anytime soon. the president himself is very keen to show to the communities to the nation that he's in the intro of the years of this great . which may well be his one of his biggest political tasks that his face. particularly coming to the election years next years where he's going to face. to run for the second term. now as you said helicopters have been able to reach places like dongola have they been able to give an assessment of what exactly is the situation there. well we know for sure from the pictures of the local t.v. we're seeing after destruction in the ground of dongola we haven't seen any report any official report from the red cross in terms of the extent of damage also
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assessment report in terms of in terms of the car in the destruction that happening in dongola we do know for sure looking from the pictures coming up from local t.v. that's minutes to go to dongola that along the coast it's been a scene of utter destruction we seen pictures of of. total destruction of how the ten buildings. that's mostly on the coast now dongle i thought that the capital of the city center of the is mostly on the. it's mostly on the coastline which is of course another thing which of course is a very worrying. fact given the fact that we haven't heard any official information. so a lot of questions now being being raised. challenges faced by emergency officials why is it taking so long to respond. if this by forty eight
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hours has passed. understandably so thanks so much on the subject of a. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sultan al is expected to arrive in kuwait in a couple of hours he'll meet with the amir chefs of. the two leaders are expected to discuss the ongoing gulf crisis has played a mediation roles in saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt imposed a blockade on carter in two thousand and seventeen cousteau of supporting terrorism denies the accusations. gulf crisis has led to exchanges at the un general assembly meanwhile between qatar and the countries imposing that blockade the u.a.e. is foreign minister again accused of supporting terrorism but carter's representative blamed the u.a.e. for creating instability in the region. is that the u.n. in new york. there have been heated exchanges between qatar and its neighbors saudi
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arabia the united arab emirates and about how they accused qatar of sponsoring extremism and destabilizing the region accusations strongly dismissed by qatar which said that the emirates is and the saudis are the last one to preach about peace and stability referring to the past track record of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates when it comes to war in the end there and its ability in libya and also united states congress inquiry into nine eleven which basically plane saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for lax finance regulations and also for for widing safe havens for extremist let's listen to what the qatari diplomat had to say about the allegations made by the united arab emirates saudi arabia and bahrain and then with you know you step on our and then at night you do what is cause for suspicion is that we find these states target allegations of us and they
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don't practice what they preach they do not practice respect for state sovereignty and interfere in affairs of other states in fact they terrorize civilians and violate human rights and interfere in domestic affairs of other states in a manner that undermined international and regional peace and security and this has become evident in the repeated attempts by these states to destabilize security and stability in qatar they have plotted and finance an unsuccessful coup attempt in qatar. in her response the u.s. representative accused. casing information. that the house is deplorable and that carter as usual has adopted political maneuvers in order to exacerbate the crisis instead of respecting its international obligations and settling the crisis has added an international dimension by discussing legal matters that were taken by the united arab emirates and cooperation with bahrain saudi arabia and egypt qatar is trying to disseminate false eroni as information
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about the measures taken by our countries these measures were in response to the destabilizing attitudes of qatar for decades. polls are open in iraq's northern semi autonomous kurdish region for parliamentary elections comes a year after a failed bid for independence it was rejected by baghdad plunging the region into economic and political turmoil security forces in the region voted earlier on friday let's go to charles stratford he's live for us in there to build so it's been a year since that failed independence referendum that the timetable really angry at the political elite how is this playing out in the election now. certainly difficult to say i mean the voters are still costing their ballots but the build up to this election certainly a lot of people expressed anger and deep frustration with what you describe as this political elite for almost three decades now. the kurdish region of northern iraq has been dominated by two parties the p.t.k. story the k d p and the u.k.
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very much at the forefront of that failed referendum last year that they were very much of the region was very much punished for by baghdad and then of course it was a couple of weeks later that we saw the forced withdrawal of kurdish forces from the oil rich area around kirkuk an area which the kurds had held since two thousand and fourteen that when the iraqi military fled that i saw the fence if now the k d p one of the two dominant policies blamed the p u k for being complicit in the withdrawal and we've subsequently seen a split in the p u k it's also been weakened by the fact that its leaders long term leader a former president of iraq jalal talabani died last year as well but the fact remains to be seen as to what kind of impact the smaller parties can make when we've seen this widening division between the two main players we are expecting some of the smaller party certainly of celebrity which is
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a p u k stronghold to make inroads but most analysts say that they don't expect any major changes to the. just go indeed one man said to me look at the english and their love football he said if you supported chelsea or arsenal all your life he said why change he said the situation with respect to voter loyalty in the k r g in the kurdish we should build iraq is very similar. all right good stuff there from charles stratford in an appeal. still ahead on al-jazeera celebration time for south africa's rasta communities the talk call rules it's ok to smoke cannabis in private and tens of thousands monch in brazil against a presidential candidate who says he won't accept the results if he loses.
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will capering a close eye on typhoon trami now which is making its way toward southern parts of japan there's a vial of cloud leaping in the head of it the system comes in behind tightly packed ice about indicative of the violent winds that we will see sweep across the country in the next twenty four to forty eight hours and thankfully it is moving quickly some of the time we come to monday the worst of the system will have made its way through very heavy rain of course so we are likely to see some flooding for a time warmth to interact in behind tokyo at around thirty one degrees celsius forty better around twenty six as we go on through choose day but largely dry and settled by this day parts of i could still see some base of right having said that behind across the korean peninsula generally die temperatures here into the upper teens but the war with me wanted to southern parts of china a lot of settled weather and sunshine thirty one celsius there for hong kong some showers moving through the south china seas
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a base of wet weather just easing over towards the philippines and also into indonesia of course so we have got the showers the weather continues to drive its way further south which will see that making its way across a good part of india china the philippines down through malaysia and sinking luther south. twenty five years after the signing of his dear world tells the behind the scenes story of norway's womb the answer the records they want to. build and reveals how secret negotiations were skewed. are wrong and why they're still here to deliver us too much that was promised the prime minister of all slow an al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching out to syria time to recap our headlines now in the news year's national disaster agency says the death toll from an earthquake and tsunami now stands at eight hundred and thirty two most of the confirmed dead are in the city of the island of so the west see other towns have yet to be reached. under way in the former yugoslav republic of macedonia and by this change the country's name the hope of ending a dispute with neighboring greece voters have to decide whether to accept an agreement change their name to the republic of north macedonia greece insists that only its province of macedonia can claim that name. the gulf crisis featured
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prominently at the un general assembly on saturday with tough talking between carter and its neighbors the u.a.e. foreign minister again accused of supporting terrorism but carter's representative blamed the u.a.e. for creating instability in the region. now more in indonesia and the devastation there after an earthquake and tsunami many towns have been difficult to reach but john gelfand head of the indonesia office for the international federation of red cross and red crescent society says some of his colleagues have managed to get into the town of. we have now been able to get over some hoops ended oglala which there is an eleven people that are confirmed dead this number should arise within those eight hundred thirty two there was unfortunately mayor in the x. mayor were both killed. there's a lot more destruction than we believed we're still trying to get into the areas
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that are more remote you know remote rural communities and small towns that's going to take time because communication is still a limit on bridges are out roads are in bad shape the one way or in the has got a big crack in the middle of it sort of now they're missing out of weights and types of ways it can come in and if you know the people are right now without many things and they're traumatized as they're as the aftershocks be coming so it's a it's as one expects as you get more in the days past and specially the first days we certify to the extent and this is a major disaster we've just sent in fifteen water trucks we have health teams we have a field clinic we have a surgical team and we're sending water and sanitation people in even a team the job is to build the trains because the system the water systems are all been damaged we sent in tons of aid that range anywhere from ten
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field kitchens to. tickets for hygiene kits. things for you know plastic sheeting mosquito netting and unfortunately we've also sent in. kids floor or the dignified disposal of bodies because there's a lot of people that have died. of votes on the way in the former yugoslav republic of macedonia mother to change the country's name in the hope of ending a dispute with neighboring greece voters have to decide whether to accept an agreement to change the balkan nation's name to the republic of north macedonia greece insists the only it's a province of macedonia can claim that name. earlier we spoke with would ya smiley the deputy prime minister of the government of the republic of macedonia for european affairs he said macedonians understand there's no alternative to a yes vote. the decision is between black and white here is not about me answers of
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more good or or less good it's a logical that it's behind this question of e.u. and nato membership because the reason why we have signed this agreement and white we have made these negotiations are to open and to pave the way for our nato and e.u. membership so the question is quite logical people today will also whether we want to join nato in e.u. by implementation of the agreement signed greece do you accept this is a huge test for the country and for the voters given that just what two decades ago ethnic albanians in your country took up arms against the government. while a much shorter deal fog people in the all polls we had in the recent period more than eighty percent are in favor and nato and and e.u. also but the problem is that we are living also in the world of fake news and
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populist propaganda so people are under this attack of fake news that actually they are changing their identity and everything will be different after signing this agreement of course it is a challenge it is one of the most important decision the people of this country had made in the recent twenty five years after independence but is a decision that for certain will open a new chapter in this country that will provide the security and peace for the hundred years to come but also economical wellbeing through nato membership and through your membership was all there is no alternative actually for macedonia in terms of geo political orientation there are small parties n.g.o.s opinion makers that actually are exposing all reflecting the mosco view in the country they are small in number but they are trying to manipulate people through as i said fake news and populist propaganda and i am sure that today people will know to make the
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distinction and make the right decision. campaigning has just begun in afghanistan for next month's parliamentary elections the vote is more than three years overdue and is seen as a test for presidential elections next april tony birthdays in kabul. they can never be described as boring conflicts corruption intimidation and fraud afghan elections have it all but the parliamentary elections due to take place on october twentieth are at least promising something different new government measures hope to put an end to the problems of previous elections election fraud is now a criminal offense voting systems will be sited in public buildings monitored by professional people and a new advance voting system will be used even so doubts still linger the afghan government has bought more than twenty thousand biometric devices for facial recognition and fingerprinting to prevent voter fraud but only four thousand have so far arrived in the country and operators have not yet been trained many believe
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there is insufficient time to get the system up and running meaning a return to manual counting and the possibility of irregularities we are able to post election crisis the losing candidates will not accept that and the political parties will use that as a force to rescue and also to and target the government voters disheartened by past elections see the biometric system as a big step towards a transparent election process just bear with it some day to have a biometric system is good because many national i.d.'s are fake and there's fraud votes can be bought the elections are three and a half years overdue but because of the uncertainty over the new technology there are concerns that it could be postponed yet again with of action is being seen of the next april presidential elections then as now the main issue will not just be transparency but it will also be for curiosity and that is
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a very delicate situation of the moment with the taliban controlling much a rural afghanistan. the taliban doesn't take part in elections and in the past has had fingers cut off people who have voted the group is making almost daily attacks against the security forces this trend of the taliban is. in the weakness within the afghan government in this is certainly something that has emboldened. there in the past couple of years. most of afghanistan's population is a literate these men waiting for poorly paid daily work in kabul don't care who is elected they care about survival i get in the market right now if i still came here with a truck offer in work all of it would go with them all of those because we don't have money and we need food. politics can often be seen as about power and money but for the poor life can be defined by the food on their plate and in afghanistan today many people are hungry tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. egypt has
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sentenced a female activists to two years in jail for a video she posted on social media earlier this year they complained online about the egyptian government's failure to protect women against sexual harassment she was a member of the band april sixth group which demonstrated during the two thousand and eleven protests she was convicted of spreading false news that threatened national security the u.k.'s prime minister says those who refused to back her so-called checkers plan for briggs's are playing politics to reason may's critics say her plans would compromise britain sovereignty a conservative party is gathering this week for its annual conference in birmingham is now less than six months to go until brings it. brazil's far right presidential candidate has been released from hospital in sao paolo through weeks after being stabbed at a political rally hired was an arrow flew home to rio de janeiro on
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a commercial flight where he was both cheered and cheered by fellow passengers many tipped him to win next month's elections thousands of people have been protesting against him. tesla found musk has agreed to step down as company chairman and pay a huge fine and it's all because of a tweet either jocasta affords. forty million dollars is the dear price for these two hundred eighty characters on mosques aug seventh tweet may go down in history as the world's most expensive it announced he was considering taking tesla private at four hundred twenty dollars a share funding secured turns out according to federal investigators that was a lie within minutes of the first tweet tesla's own head of investor relations questioned whether the communication was even legitimate investors and journalists
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contacted tesla and asked whether the tweet was a joke and it was a joke according to the government's lawsuit meant to amuse musk's girlfriend the four hundred twenty dollars price and apparent reference to marijuana culture the mask was seen smoking marijuana on a live you tube stream earlier this month i mean it's legal right it's all legal ok . i'm going to text messages for for a moment around saying what the hell are you doing so i can read the display didn't break california law but did send tesla stocks tumbling now for the august tweet musk and tesla will each pay twenty million dollars to investors who suffered harm musk will also step down as chairman of the board for at least the next three years neither celebrity status nor reputation as a technological innovator provide an exemption from the federal securities laws one must denies he ever intended to swindle investors will remain tesla c.e.o.
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but under the oversight of new independent directors the f.c.c. is requiring tesla add to the board the settlement is still subject to court approval but is a dramatic marker in musk's recent decline once admired as a maverick and brilliant thinker must also founded pay pal and space x. now the american billionaire is mental stability is in question and so to the future of his companies. castro al-jazeera washington south africa's rust a ferry and community says a court ruling on cannabis is a victory for their cultural rights the nation's top court says adults are allowed to grow and smoke is in private but experts say the new rules may be difficult to police for me the miller falls from cape town. when you know your father was gareth the prince is a qualified lawyer he's also rust a foreign he says that he's been prevented from joining the law society because of
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his culture and daily use of cannabis for twenty years he's fought south african courts to get cannabis decriminalised saying that equality laws should also protect his way of life the greater victory is for the people of south africa in the sense that because russell far as always advocated that cannabis is for the eating of not just the south african people but for all people in the world. and our philosophy is that we must make use of what we have in order to get what we want and we have an abundance of cannabis. the rest of ferrie and community in cape town says cannabis is a religious and cultural sacrament the people here say they were often victims of police raids in the past now they can smoke and grow what they call a religious herb while it will take up to two years for laws to be officially changed it's now legal to grow cannabis and consume it privately but still illegal
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to sell or buy it this is a long street in cape town it's known for its vibrant nightlife and as a place to buy cannabis and other drugs if you're found with cannabis on you police contraceptive because possessing small amounts of cannabis is legal but because this is a public area you can smoke it here nor can you buy it south africa's police minister says the new cannabis laws will make policing more difficult. police minister because they're less says that if it were up to him cannabis or dhaka as it's known in south africa would still be illegal what i'm loyal to that you're supposed to keep focus on should do well politically into a restaurant because you have an extra amount in your in your house so those are the things that will have to work but it's going to lead to the work of the south african police absolutely difficult but many in the rest of foreign community say the new law is just the beginning and that small backyard plantations should be expanded to allow for the proper farming and sale of cannabis they say it will help
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the economy cannabis is a source of life for thousands of people in together and we don't apologize for that we as a matter of fact are not the coal face of the drug industry no it's not it's tobacco and alcohol princes' now but using cannabis is legal there's nothing stopping him from practicing law. al jazeera cape town. time to take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now rescue teams are struggling to reach all the people who need help on the indonesian island of soloway c. more than eight hundred people have died so far following a powerful earthquake and tsunami is the most devastating to hit the region since two thousand and four the country's president djoko with dodo visited the city of polo which is seen some of the worst destruction. only all we know of at the
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indonesian rush hour but two helicopters to the town of dongola now it's not clear yet what are the results of the of the trip. from formation on the extent of damage but what we do not only are the red cross and the helicopter at choir. emergency and medical supplies macedonians are voting in a referendum on the country's name in the hope of ending along this feud with neighboring greece voters have to decide whether to accept an agreement to change the balkan nations name to the republic of north macedonia greece insists it's only its province of macedonia can claim that name if the name changes indorsed it could pave the way for nato and e.u. membership polls are open in iraq's northern semi autonomous kurdish region for parliamentary elections the vote comes a year after
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a failed bid for independence it was rejected by baghdad plunging the region into economic and political turmoil. the gulf crisis featured prominently at the un general assembly on saturday with tough talk with him carter in its neighbors the u.a.e. is foreign minister again accused of supporting terrorism with carter's representative blamed the u.a.e. for creating instability in the region meanwhile saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sandman is expected to arrive in kuwait in a couple of hours he'll meet with. them and to discuss the ongoing gulf crisis cory's has played a mediation roles in saudi arabia the u.a.e. train and egypt imposed a blockade on gaza in two thousand and seventeen its inside story next stay with us.
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the united states pushes forward its project of a pan arab alliance against iran but there are deep divisions brought on by the gulf crisis can washington's desire to rope in israel along with the arab states against a common enemy actually succeed and what does it mean for president trump's middle east peace plan this is inside stuart. welcome to the program today with me peter w. washington has begun putting together a plan to forge and iran alliance with the arab countries now the u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei has met foreign ministers of the gulf cooperation council states and egypt and jordan they discuss the perceived threats posed by iran to peace and stability across the middle.


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