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forwards. a great deal in god when it's a mighty it's but. i'm due. to my good test so. what i was due to. was more not my why yes the law really. but let's start a. business on the face of all because that is a one. true god see how many do it does on the road. it isn't about business. my father said this is what you were trained for to come into the family business so i looked at you know i thought. i just don't want to do this. my five said to me can you come past how much you would be making if you
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sold one copy compared to sending one dress. if that's what you wanted to do. you have to fend for yourself. i'm not going to get informed with this your tail nothing. we sort of had to part ways where i had to go and find my own purpose. it's part of our culture to to look our very very best for for a special occasion and we have many of such occasions. hair is always a way to always burst the part see a celebration of some sort and for that people will spend money to look very good for that boy. for that one occasion so. that's the way
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it's always been even with the hand-woven fabrics that are my favorite they're actually called a show key which literally translates to top drawer are. closing because they'll hand me made on the. fabrics of great antiquity so even in those days they were special you can imagine what it's going to look like. when. everything is content to fit. you know. oh yeah this is how we this is how we do it babyish. it. especially when i'm alone. it's what i call the main. break yeah.
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i go out into the into the villages. to source for fabrics that are authentic african fabrics these one hundred one five weeks date back to the leaven century. still going on those same rooms that were used in the seventh century we've made to sort of look like leaves. as i was growing up as a kid. i saw traditional clothing all our styles were always made out of all beasts and for the longest of times i thought least it was authentic african fabric to my great sense shock i discovered that these were actually this products and i thought. we must be able to produce our own really
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nice seems we love the fabric so much and. we wear them traditionally i am going to try to to make a nice that is african from the begin to the end. why bring to a show which is in the ocean state. this place is known for. the time techniques out of the but teak techniques that teach back. centuries of. eating. meat. to. so this is the person who does all my titles everything you see on the cup wall they do it here. this is
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ethnic fashion this is what the world is looking for the world is looking for a difference and people want to be able to feel as if they're part of a story i think what he's doing is that he's applying the resist cundall waxing to formally under papa yes so bring. out. the good. these must be in a tradition that has been to be tossed to africans although most people believe it comes from the western wall but i hope you can try to kenya because i have been into it for a very long time and my parents they are into it before i have all the west people into. africa for them and we're not just in walks where you didn't run
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seattle tied to those don't want to call it to penetrate into. ok design lying there. and if my life. luddite ok any definite and i ship knew about it before ok ya got a little from the. so do or die live in which you are without them. for a few. days no levity. about them would act and. the public know fabric and focus that i didn't really think so so you would want to marry. i would move to dilate with my dolly parton but my storekeeper given the wrong fabric this fabric this is the this is the original.
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and once there is a little change then it's going to it's going to render things differently obviously you're going to have a little better look at it as you can about how do you have to. she's called matter which means flowing water. or. a lawsuit because cooling down will be. very hard with long for me with the good. of the sleeps to resume our program of the function or even well you see for yourself or are ok. there's a lot. to learn the secret so start. putting the story in order which means looking at stock repricing everything and making sure that everything is ready for
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a client. he sent or the invites out so that's right it's gammel security chanting grass is. just there's just so much that goes into all of this stuff so i when i was younger and united shoes didn't realize that but it was definitely exciting at least to help out backstage and help dress the models help a coat hanger on makeup or shoes design the kinds of things. that i was interested in and sometimes occasionally maybe and i go out and take a bow with. it i don't think any of the children was going to be interested in doing all those. graduate reform law degree from the west you will exert a lot of i have all of them lol nor just how much all the time and callers for putting things together are. one summer i came back home to lagos and i had seen the top i'd like to top shop and i thought you know why can't i do
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something similar to this in you know and kyra he recently sneaking this into the production my mom didn't know about this my sister loved it she said let's make more less. correction and we says give and mean clinic it was the summer venture and it became something bigger. in the next ten years where you project. in the next ten years to be a global brand. it's a daytime dressed picnic. or a garden party. does. a great.
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being in this. is. is quite a feat. going through the traffic to the power. transfer to show. your stuff have to come from. far in traffic big get stressed you get. to work. you know.
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as many hours in as you would like it makes me feel much more fulfilled when i achieve. all that i achieved. go. to you know that it seems like i have opinions most widely. even. know because i pass their briefing on just i have to come into a body and it's a comedy on the ground. you know so in an hour i'm old gore before the blank cartridge for the police catch me. loaded. with. movies downstairs you. know music to deal. with. when i had to be
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recognized for this crew thing i think i just wasn't bad wasn't being a presenter had a toll on the world stage in terms of. again and what and not try to get a little bit off. i had all the homes pretty much stacked against me but i didn't see that. being a nigerian was new to show for me because i just go well you haven't seen me and is more like me. i slowly but surely named my luck. when i won africa designs competition and things and africans went into new york fashion week and showed life
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that for the first time in history my father came. and he actually gave interviews and they asked him so how do you feel having such a talented go to. countries said honestly i've never encouraged i said she was wasting her time i didn't know this was have call i mean. you. know the. one night. in the. middle of the hour.
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the americans. being here on business in my mind that this is yeah ok thank. you. al jazeera where ever you are. october on al-jazeera. in
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a new season al jazeera correspondent returns with more personal stories from our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for elections but the main presidential contender is barred from the polls as he serves time in jail for corruption. from the u.s. and beyond faultlines investigate the stories beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghanistan will finally hold its parliament elections but what direction the country takes with a new two part series the big picture examines the legacy of monaco duckies and the effects of his demise october on al-jazeera. they were wrong and. they were brazen. and for nearly a decade they committed crimes with impunity. yes. they were also decorated police officers thanks baltimore is once again at the
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center of a debate over how to police the police. the gang within on al-jazeera. it was the world's most wanted underworld thinker. until a year long undercover operation finally took him down. when he goes inside the billion dollar bust and how does he. this is al jazeera. hello i'm down in jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes waiting for help survivors of in the majors earthquake and tsunami await aid as relief agencies struggled to get into the worst affected
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areas. some barcelona's demonstrators mount the one year anniversary of a failed referendum to split from spain's. bolivia loses a dispute with chile but dates back to sentry's and involves the pacific ocean. the singer known as france's frank sinatra has died charles as novel whose career spanned more than seventy years was not. welcome to the program international aid is beginning to arrive in the devastated indonesian island of santa ways and that's where the u.n. says more than one hundred ninety thousand people are in desperate need of help after friday's earthquake and tsunami eight hundred forty four people are now confirmed dead while dozens of others of
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a thought to be stuck in the rubble wayne hay reports from jakarta. three days after the massive earthquake and tsunami this is what is left of the city of palu much of the city of more than three hundred thousand people has been destroyed rescuers are trying to reach those who might still be alive. with hospitals damaged the injured are being treated in the open and the airport is doubling as a field hospital it was also badly damaged in the quake the military has secured it to allow aid to be flown in and the injured else. so that is. what the earthquake was so powerful all of us run out in a big group we were shouting people was screaming god is great people were repenting. as more bodies are recovered graves are being dug for mass burials to try to prevent the spread of disease those who did survive a desperately trying to leave. we have not eaten in three days we just want to be
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safe. we have been here since yesterday we need to fly there are eleven of us we haven't been allowed to board. the indonesian president has been trying to reassure the people that help is on its way. we will send as much food as we can today by hercules aircraft directly from jakarta. these are the problems we're trying to solve as well we're expecting fuel to get to politic day because special flights are being sent there because one of the main challenges facing rescue workers has been the lack of heavy equipment to dig for survivors for now they're using whatever tools they can find or their bare hands to try to get to those buried under the rubble wayne hay al jazeera jakarta. president donald trump has praised the free trade deal he struck with canada calling it the biggest in u.s. history it was sealed off to more than a year of intense negotiations it keeps the two nations along with mexico in
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a three way pact first reached twenty four years ago was in jordan reports from washington d.c. thank you two thousand and sixteen campaign promise delivered ahead of the mid-term congressional elections in the united states donald trump says he's negotiated a new trade accord with mexico and now with canada it will be the most advanced trade deal in the world with ambitious provisions on the digital economy patents very important financial services and other areas where the united states has a strong competitive advantage mexico and canada have agreed to strong new labor protections environmental protections and new protections for intellectual property so important if approved the new u.s. mexico canada agreement would preserve a one point three trillion dollar trading zone u.s.
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dairy farmers will be able to sell more of their products in canada canada gets to keep a dispute mechanism to resolve fights with the u.s. over lumber exports and auto workers in mexico will be paid more to produce parts for the u.s. market that last point mattered to officials in ottawa we have reached an agreement on cars and car parts inspired by creative canadian ideas which as some of you will remember we put forward in our talks in montreal back in january that was a key turning point in this negotiation it's just the draft treaty now heads to parliament in ottawa and to congress in both washington and mexico city we've got a most in the going but having a less a little more and where was it that we will make sure it does not contravene the sovereignty of the people and we will. guarantors of the federalist principles that maintain our republic analysts say there is a reason why canada is joining the deal now its economic future what is important
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is that we be an attractive place for foreign companies to invest if they fear that their investment in canada could be shut off and in terms of his access to the u.s. market by future cherubs you want to invest year historic but for now it's worth noting these three countries have succeeded in negotiating a trade deal they can all except jordan al-jazeera washington john heilemann has more now from mexico city. it's code actually suited out a trade deal with the u.s. last month but the fact that canada is now entering into it to preserve this three nation block will come as a relief to the government here and that's because a bilateral deal with the united states really creates a bit of a david and goliath situation with mexico obviously very much the junior partner there introducing canada as well means that obviously there's going to be times possibly an ally for mexico when their interests align and just another point of
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view here aside from the very powerful united states now the mexican government in the mix can president came out today and said that this was a win win when referring to the three countries in the pact really for mexico this trade deal hasn't been a win if you look at what it did have under nafta beforehand they had to cede ground and that was the whole point of president trump wanting to renegotiate the deal the key thing for mexico really in this process has been damage limitation how much ground they had to cede to keep the pact alive and whether that was worth it well let's talk to robert scott he's a senior international economist with the economic policy institute he joins us live now from washington d.c. donald trump's hailing this is the most important trade deal ever to be negotiated by the u.s. is this really significant or is it just nafta by a different name i really think that it's just it's really
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a press release it's politics more than anything else nafta is are brought to be a small part of our overall trade problems with the world it makes up about eleven percent of our trade deficit so no matter what we do with an after agreement we're leaving ninety percent of the problem on the table and trump says the deal's a victory for us farmers collar workers and those in the u.s. manufacturing industry so how is the u.s. likely to benefit then. well it's uncertain at this point there are pieces of this deal which are going to raise wages in mexico and increase the share of autos an auto parts in particular that are made in north america animated in the u.s. and canada in particular and if those succeed that may create some jobs you north america on the other hand a lot of companies may decide that it's just too much too expensive to be worth the trouble and they may simply decide to outsource production elsewhere to china korea
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to malaysia for example so we really don't know what the net effect of this feels going to be on the economies of any of these countries and it's an important point to make about the wages we've seen this u.s. stipulation of a minimum wage level for copouts work because it's the first time we've seen this robots and how popular could this be politically in the u.s. i think this this certainly is a certain first time we've seen a minimum wage in any trade agreement in the world in the u.s. or elsewhere i think it will be very popular in the united states especially with working people who have lost jobs to mexico that has been i think a major theme especially in the auto industry but i think at the end of the day the question is whether or not we will actually see a response but there will be any jobs coming back whether wages will go up and that depends as i said on how car companies respond and on also on other aspects of the deal for example this agreement also dramatically increases protection for
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pharmaceutical maker makers which is going to raise the cost of drugs that's going to have a negative impact in all three countries let me get a final thought from you what does this new trade deal then mean for the tit for tat trade tariffs between the u.s. and canada for example. well for example the steel. tariffs and aluminum tariffs those remain in place those are subject to discussion down the road on the other hand president trump has threatened tariffs on autos and parts and as part of this agreement. both mexico and canada and negotiated a quota they'll be allowed to ship a certain number of cars above what they're already producing but they won't be subject to the tariff so they got some protection from that threat robert scott thank you very much indeed for your time. all right plenty more head on the news hour including palestinians in the west bank village of qana brace for the demolition of their homes. deal or no deal the u.k.'s ruling party faces tough
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decisions with just months to go before break that plus. the verbal sparring has begun ahead of one of the year's biggest boxing contests and it will have all the details in sports and of that later. now spanish police and demonstrators of fourteen barcelona's catalonia marks one year since the referendum on independence there was a standoff on the streets of the city which is the capital of the semi autonomous region catalans voted for secession but spain central government said the poll was illegal well earlier protesters staged a sit in at barcelona stock exchange and tried to block roads and railways about one hundred eighty thousand people marched through the city there not only unhappy with the spanish government they want more action from the regional government to push for independence but i'm guessing that when i was looking at this it was important to do something today because throughout this year we have not made much
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progress the government has not done much and we are determined for castle and republic. today he's already been a year since october the first we voted then regardless of all the obstacles imposed by a fascist oppressive government that did nothing but assault innocent people who went only with the ballot paper in hand. the white house has ordered the f.b.i. to expand its investigation into sexual assault allegations against u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh president donald trump had been accused of trying to restrict the inquiry on friday the senate judiciary committee not only averted to advance cabin his confirmation to the next stage trump says the f.b.i. should talk to whoever they need to providing it's finished by this friday. i think the f.b.i. should interview anybody that they want within reason but you have to say within reason they should interview but they should also be guided and i'm being guided.


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