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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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follows a group of us army veteran traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. beijing is employing a whole of government approach using political economic and military tools as well as propaganda to advance its influence and benefit its interests in the united states. are more injured and ridiculous china's slimes a trumpet ministrations allegations of meddling in the us elections. are alive from i'm martine down is also coming up.
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survivors in indonesia face life changing injuries after last week's earthquake and tsunami. the campaigning ends in brazil ahead of sunday's presidential poll five contenders but it says two candidate brains. thus we meet the italian scientists who were hoping to find a way to explain the mystery of invisible objects in the universe. ministration has accused china of trying to undermine american democracy by meddling in the us elections vice president mike pence said beijing wants a different american president because of washington's tough trade policies china's foreign ministry has responded saying the allegations are rejected outright and says the vice president pence has committed. his white house correspondent kimberly
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halkett. in the very early days of the transit ministration the us president rolled out the red carpet to host chinese president xi at his mar-a lago resort. more than eighteen months later that warmth has been replaced by a trade war between beijing and washington and a strong warning by the u.s. vice president mike pence our message to china's rulers is this. this president will not back down. in a fiery speech hence escalating u.s. rhetoric. broadly blaming china for everything from military aggression in the south china sea to intellectual property theft to advance its global interests chinese security agencies have masterminded the wholesale theft of american technology including cutting edge military blueprints and using that stolen technology the chinese communist party is turning plow shares into swords
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on a massive scale u.s. media is reporting that includes inserting microchips into servers used by apple and amazon to spy on u.s. companies pensa also accuse china of religious persecution and human rights abuses cracking down on chinese christians buddhists and imprisoning more than a million muslim weekers in government camps and domestically while the u.s. special counsel robert muller continues his probe into russian meddling in the twenty six thousand u.s. election. pence reiterated president trogs claim made last week at the united nations about china and the upcoming elections to put it bluntly president trumps leadership is working and china wants a different american president hence accuse china of election meddling in the twenty eight thousand u.s. mid-term elections and the twenty twenty presidential vote with an elaborate
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december mation campaign to influence u.s. voters hence says the trumpet ministration remains hopeful china will come around until then he says it will continue to address what it calls chinese aggression already there are terror of some place and more than two hundred fifty billion in chinese goods and more ad the ready could be implemented as early as next year kimberly held at al-jazeera the white house. the u.s. about mint of homeland security appears to contradict the president and the vice president's words at a cyber security summit just three days ago the department's secretary said we currently have no indication that a foreign adverse or intends to disrupt our election infrastructure but i will immediately follow that with this is a point in time we know they have the capability and we know they have the will so we're constantly on alert to watch but what we see with china right now are the
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influence campaigns the more traditional long standing holistic influence campaigns well our correspondent adrian brown has reaction from the chinese capital beijing. well details of the vice president's speech had been leaked many days in advance so china knew what to expect a spokeswoman for the country's foreign ministry said that the vice president's accusations were groundless based on hearsay evidence she stressed that china was pursuing a peaceful path and wanted cooperation with the united states as well as mutual respect but there's no doubt the china now understands that the united states is both widening and intensifying its attacks on china mike pence's speech touched on the principal points of friction between china and the united states right now trade taiwan the south china sea religion human rights and cyber security and of
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course the rest of asia and the rest of the world is now watching on nervously wondering where this war of words is heading and it's not just a war of words because last weekend in the south china sea we almost had a collision between a u.s. warship and a chinese warship they came to within about forty meters of one another and there is a real concern that brinkmanship on the high seas is starting to get out of control now on monday the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei will be here in beijing he's paying visits to south korea north korea as well as japan he's here to brief china on what the united states is saying to north korea as it tries to breathe new life into its north korea policy but of course he'll be looking to try to ease tensions with china but that job has just been made more difficult it seems by what the vice president has said about china. all right let's meet now victor gao who's director of china national societe and of international studies he's also joining us live now from
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beijing thanks for talking to us is there any truth would you say in vice president might pence's words that china or indeed would like a different u.s. president and in fact it's prepared to try to put that wish into effect by meddling in u.s. electoral activities i think the vice president speech is a declaration of hostility and antagonism against china and from the chinese perspective china treats the united states with decency and respect and it's not china's policy to interfere in any country's domestic elections for example and the united states need to have enough confidence in its old system rather than second guessing what china is doing now probably talking about a new presidency there are the states probably half of the united states population
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want to have a new president rather than donald trump but it's up to the american people to decide in two years' time ok which one president they will have the chinese the chinese government has long had a policy of noninterference in in other people's affairs so what do you think the purpose of this of this raid for want of a better word are to raid coming from the u.s. vice president against china there's a long raft of accusations of bad behavior to say the least. i've seen this a wider range of accusations bowl xli found it's falsified probably will serve the purpose of agitating the american voters all that some probably believe they can get more holds for the republican candidates if that is the purpose of china passion it may not succeed over or i hope the american people will know for sure
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that china is not an enemy of the united states and china deals with the united states with decency and dignity and both the chinese be wordly american people will be better served if friendship and cooperation prevail between the two countries rather than hostility or even confrontation ok victor gao talking to us live from beijing thank you very much indeed those who in a week since the indian indonesian island of sulu a.z. was rocked by a magnitude seven point five earthquake that triggered a deadly tsunami the official death toll now stands at almost sixteen hundred barque bodies are still being pulled from the mine and with masks completely destroyed by the six metre high tsunami waves friday prayers were held outside after initially refusing foreign aid it's now been allowed in military planes from around twenty countries are flying in with much needed supplies the united nations has pledged fifteen million dollars to the relief effort or we can go live now to
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jimmy lindo going to a correspondent to is in the main city of palin and jimmy it must be quite heartening mustn't it for the survivors of this disaster that aid is is now arriving in still a ways even tell us about friday prayers being held outside and and what the emotions were like very difficult time for the people that. largely this area was spared by the two thousand and four tsunami that left over a hundred seventy thousand. but those day mrs tremaine hunting for so many in this country friday prayers were fervent as ever we've spoken to some of them who say they really don't even know how to cope aid is starting so foreign but it's simply not enough some of the worshippers to wear their marching also have their missing loved ones they have yet to find either alive or dead they still spend hope that
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some of them are still alive but then at the very least they said they just want to be able to retrieve their bodies so that they can give them a decent burial and demeter i know that you've been speaking to some of the survivors from this disaster but when you talk of survivors there are many people who have injuries. will change the course of their lives oh yes definitely i mean you will have a boy who lost his hand and of course as so many others there are even more serious injuries what we visited yesterday was just a small portion of the number of those who have been generous injured although of course by louis and other districts their lives are completely changed forever not only are they dealing with these injuries physical injuries but many of these people already lost their homes their livelihood their very possessions that they held and worked for so hard for many years so it's not going to be just
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a physical reconstruction both for the city and physically but also economically and and emotionally for these people the is going to be a long process something that the indonesian government admits for the next two months there will be emergency operations vice president in his statement earlier said that he hopes the school will open within a month's time but these efforts will continue for many years and that's something that even people here are going to accept. i'm going to rely on him do them live in poland thank you. well catherine as one of the country is delivering supplies to indonesia stephanie deca has small. international effort to bring it to. her capital and that's. what made. the airport what they love it and they're loading it with the port this is desperately needed that so we all know that tsunami and
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earthquake hit the indonesian island of the ways east so they're bringing in tons they have medicine here you can see their year and drainage august written on one of the bombs so they have also for much needed medical supplies water food items so this is one of the efforts that is now under way aboard the challenges still remain because of the the power of the earthquake and the devastation is that it's very difficult to get to these remote places so this is not going to be flown into jakarta into the capital biddies that is then going to be taken to the more remote places and of course tens of thousands of people still remain without shelter so these kinds of efforts desperately needed but still remaining very very difficult to get this to those who need it but. still to come here.
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how diplomatic crisis is growing between. the disappearance of a prominent journalist. a nation divided republicans and democrats are all different conclusions from an f.b.i. report president supreme court nominee. hello there we've got plenty of fine dry weather across europe at the moment there's not a great deal of cloud across the central belt here is tall of the temperatures generally are hovering in the high teens or the low twenty's but the western part is still quite mild for us paris up at twenty four london at twenty two but you can see this area of cloud of rain here now is pushing its way south with it as it does so it's going to bring quite a dramatic change to the temperature in london so instead of twenty two will be down to fifteen on saturday i'm feeling cool of month thanks to the wet to cloudy
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weather that will have looks like it's going to stay cool here as we head through the next few days as well meanwhile a bit further south across the mediterranean we've also got an area of disturbed weather giving us some very heavy downpours over parts of italy three sicily and sardinia and we've also seen some very heavy downpours in the northern parts of chile zia and across into the northeastern parts of out cheerier more weather still to come out of this system but it is pulling away towards the north so for the north coast of africa then things generally improving less thunderstorms around but still the risk of warning to particularly around tripoli there on saturday towards the east not quite it's old as it has been forcing cairo will be operated around thirty four and for similar batwoman twenty seven but do expect a good deal of clout during the day.
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in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we'll be talking to the american people looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles the health care system to racism and women's rights join us through i don't told her for special company gender nonsense the u.s. midterms on al-jazeera. traviss take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera this morning the troubled ministration is accusing china of trying to undermine american democracy vice president mike pence says beijing is using economic and military talk as well as propaganda his
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comments come after president trump accused china of interfering in the upcoming midterm elections china's foreign ministry has denied the u.s. allegations of interference that accuse vice president parents of committing malicious slander and says his accusations are groundless beijing called on washington to just stop hurting ties between the two countries. friday prayers in indonesia have been held outside after mosques were completely destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami last week hundreds of thousands of people are still waiting for food and medicine entire towns and villages have been destroyed and almost sixteen hundred people have died. in south korea has jailed former president. for fifteen years for corruption leave was found guilty of embezzling around twenty one million dollars and accepting bribes from samsung and other companies he's also been fined eleven million dollars seventy six year old lead denied any wrongdoing
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saying the investigation was politically motivated let's go live now to the south korean capital seoul and talk to our correspondent there bryden robert south koreans must be sick and tired of this is the latest in a long line of former leaders both in politics and in business who have been found guilty of corruption on a large scale. that's right martin this will be vaguely familiar to many people in south korea who've been following these proceedings this friday afternoon in fact lee myung bak himself was not actually in court to hear his fate it was an hour longer verdict and then sentencing by the criminal criminal court here in seoul he had decided not to take part apparently on health grounds or that was the reason given but it's widely thought that he simply boycotted the proceedings because of the decision to televise this live across south korea it's thought this
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would have been his humiliation would have been complete he has attended the previous hearings he has always protested his innocence and as you mentioned there he has always claimed that this is a politically motivated case the current administration would obviously deny that but there is a tendency here in south korean politics for liberal administrations to look a little more closely at the apparent wrongdoing of conservative previous s's and we have a liberal president here at the moment and it would seem to be vice a versa that when conservatives are in power they tend to look a little more closely at wrongdoings by previous liberal presidents but certainly people here will be slightly tired of this this is now the fourth president who has now been jailed since leaving office marty and now with a new president in place one who is in fact possibly being touted for receiving the
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nobel peace prize today the south koreans have anymore confidence in their system of patronage that seems to have been deviled south korean society. that's right a very something of an irony here is one of former presidents faces fifteen years in jail the current incumbent and now faces the prospect in the next few hours of possibly being named as a nobel laureate. yes you're right there is a certain amount of fatigue i think amongst people watching these court cases but it's got to be say that said that leaves a case by comparison is somewhat insignificant when you consider the bigots case of all happened only fairly recently here and that was of course president park geun hay who was forced out of office her administration collapsed in a literal sea of scandal she was impeached and forced out of office and still
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i think people by comparison this is a relatively small case park is in prison languishing behind bars facing a court sentence of more than thirty years in jail part of the problem i think martin is that despite south korea being a democracy it's still a fairly young democracy finding its feet if you like and presidents here still wield what many people believe to be too much power it sparked a debate about whether there should be constitutional curbs on those powers but for the meantime we do seem to have this close relationship between big business and politics which is a very unhealthy mix and leads to cases like this with yet again another former president starting a very long term in prison thank you for that rather mcbride and we might be talking a little bit later on mightn't we in the morning months we actually find out who received the nobel peace prize for now thanks. so the winner of this year's nobel
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peace prize will be announced later today and there's plenty of speculation as to who will get it among the contenders of the syrian aid group the white helmets a former u.s. intelligence officer turned whistleblower edward snowden the prize is worth nine million swedish kronor this year and that's around a million u.s. dollars right we can speak to beatrice finn who's executive director of international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons the organization that actually won the prize last year she's joining us live now from geneva thank you for talking to us what difference did winning the nobel peace prize make to your organization and indeed to your cause. thank you very much for having me it made enormous difference for us this is an issue that doesn't get enough to tension and it really strengthen our ability to raise awareness of nuclear weapons their catastrophic humanitarian impact and the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear
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weapons that was just adopted last year so it really led to a lot more pressure on states meant that we could mobilize the public much more and get governments to join this treaty and did you have any idea i think back this time last year did you have any idea any inkling that your organization would be the lucky winners of the prize. no not really i mean we were nominated but that doesn't always mean very much a lot of different individuals and organizations are nominated so it was quite a surprise when we received the call but of course we knew that we had had a very. very big year and we had just concluded the treaty on the prohibition of weapons but it is something that you can just dream of actually happening indeed but of course the issue of nuclear disarmament is is still with us in quite a big and very visible way given north korea and the developments that have been affecting the korean peninsula do you think that the nobel committee will will
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favor the issue again because of course are out throughout history the nobel committee has highlighted on a pretty regular basis the issue of nuclear disarmament do you think that they might go for that again this year. they might the threat is still here of course and both north korea the united states and south korea have not yet joined this treaty which means that there's a lot of work left to do for us so it could be of course that they want to highlight this again but at the same time there's a lot of other issues also in the world going on but the nuclear threat is still here. this award was given to us for the work with the treaty on the formation of new opens but it's of course also a tool for the future so we hope both that we can use a noble peace prize and that the nobel committee will continue to keep an eye on this issue and how would you feel what would be your personal feelings about the
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possible awarding of the prize to to say the south korean president and indeed the north korean president the north korean chairman i should say kim jong un because many people point out that despite what appear to be progressive strides made on the issue of denuclearization nothing's actually really happened and indeed he does preside over a fairly oppressive regime in north korea. absolutely i think that there's some very positive signs we are very welcoming of a negotiation process in a way to solve this conflict with peaceful means but these countries really also have to take concrete measures and deliver results they have to reduce their reliance on nuclear weapons it is not just enough to one of these countries do that but all three countries and all three countries the united states north korea south korea and india of god the countries in the region like china need to reject nuclear weapons if they want to be worthy of a new. peace process betrays friend executive director of international campaign to
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abolish nuclear weapons i can thank you very much indeed for talking to us here at al-jazeera thank you. rose here to brazil now where presidential candidates have been taking part in their final debate before the first round of voting on sunday the election comes at a time of a stuttering economy worsening violent crime rates and several high profile corruption scandals our correspondent today is a bow report from sao paolo. the last debate before the elections on sunday something dramatic that would end the e.c. did not want to miss the first time i am worried about what is already happening in brazil we need to tackle fascist ideas there is a complex polarization of our society but we can't forget what's been happening in brazil over the last few years it's important we vote on sunday so we can keep its democracy. seven of the presidential candidates attended the debate and religion
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nato the frontrunner former army captain john edwards tonight will keep the t.v. global citing doctor's orders after being stabbed during a campaign event one month ago instead he gave a recorded interview to t.v. record own by anyone jellicoe church at the same time that the debate was happening . boy do. you not call me corrupt i have always fought for the union of all brazilians however the leftists divided us the workers' party did not work and they betrayed workers in the country. second place candidate for the man the head that was handpicked by jailed former president. has been trying to prove that his party is the solution for brazil. the workers' party has been trying to turn things around by posting a video comparing. with adolf hitler but the strategy so far has failed to turn
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polls around even though there are thirteen candidates this election has become a two man race. and i don't know either support for most and i think creased in recent days but some analysts say that he could win in the first round ballots and the reasons why are many analysts say brazilians are voting against corruption and against the workers' party whose image has been tarnished by the largest corruption scandal in brazil's history. it can only be explained by the abandonment of the state these are the people who suffered most in brazil's crisis in the last three years with violence unemployment and corruption so maybe they prefer to have a little bit of hope of getting jobs even if that means producing democracy. south america's largest democracy is heading to the polls on sunday the results will indicate which path brazil chooses to take.
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now in the u.s. top republicans say there's no hint of misconduct in the f.b.i. report into supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh but senate democrats say the report into sexual assault allegations is incomplete the senate is expected to vote on cover those confirmation later this week. tesla c.e.o. elon musk is criticize a government agency on twitter just days after negotiating a settlement to keep his job moscow suggested the securities and exchange commission was hoping investors betting on tesla stopped a fall it sued mask last week for alleged fraud after the c.e.o. wrote on social media that he was considering taking the firm private mask agreed to pay a twenty million dollars fine and step aside as testers chairman for three years the philippine president has revealed he may have cancer roderigo details he says is waiting for repeat tests results for abnormalities in his jest of tract and
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colon they've been concerns for his health after mr official events on wednesday and don't forget of course you can keep up to date with all the day's developments stories and it's a busy day today there's the al-jazeera web site al-jazeera dot com. with al-jazeera and these are our top stories the trumpet ministration has accused china of trying to undermine american democracy vice president mike pence says beijing is using economic and military tools as well as propaganda his comments come after president trump accused china of interfering in the upcoming midterm elections china's foreign ministry is denied the u.s. allegations of interference it accuse vice president pensive committing malicious slander and says his accusations are groundless aging called on washington to stop
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hurting ties between the two countries. because in south korea has jailed former president lee myung bak for fifteen years for corruption he was found guilty of embezzling around twenty one million dollars and accepting bribes from samsung and other companies he's also been fined eleven million dollars seventy six year old leeds united in a wrongdoing saying the investigation was politically motivated it's been a week since the indonesian island of cilla ways he was rocked by a magnitude seven point five earthquake that triggered a deadly tsunami the official death toll now stands at almost sixteen hundred but bodies are still being pulled from the mud with masks completely destroyed by the six metre high tsunami waves friday prayers were held outside after initially refusing foreign aid is now being allowed and military planes from around twenty countries are flying in much needed supplies the u.n. itself has pledged fifteen million dollars to the relief efforts top republicans in
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the united states say there is no hint of misconduct in the f.b.i. report into supreme court nominee bret cover now but senate democrats say the report into sexual assault allegations is incomplete the senate's expected to vote on covena as confirmation later today candidates in brazil's presidential race have gone head to head in the last televised debate before sunday's vote they say far right nationalists jair balsa not zero is a threat to democracy but he was absent from the debate citing doctor's orders as he recovers from a stabbing attack last month all right there is the latest headlines for us here at al-jazeera do stay with us though because coming up next it's inside story. it was the world's most wanted underworld banker. until a year long undercover operation finally took him down. when he goes inside the
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billion dollar bust on how busy. the head of a u.n. team looking into possible war crimes in yemen has accused saudi arabia and the u.a.e. of interference the panel says both sides of the conflict are to blame for rights abuses but what can this inquiry achieve in yemen this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm a jim jhoom yemen has been at war for more than three years now the region's poorest country has been reduced to even further misery as the saudi iraq coalition continues to battle the rebels for control now the head of a un group investigating allegations of abuse in the country says his team faced.


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