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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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beijing is employing a whole of government approach using political economic and military tools as well as propaganda to advance its influence and benefit its interests in the united states a blistering attack on china from the u.s. vice president but the chinese respond saying that it is all made. hello i'm not sure without is there a live from doha also coming up. survivors
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in indonesia face life changing injuries after last week's earthquake and tsunami. campaigning ends in brazil ahead of sunday's presidential election there are thirteen contenders but it's a two man race. according south korea has jailed former president. but fifteen years the corruption. first attempted ministration has accused china of trying to undermine undermine american democracy by meddling in the event as u.s. mid-term elections vice president mike pence says beijing wants a different president because of washington's tough trade policies china's foreign ministry has strongly rejected the allegations it says vice president pence has committed slander his white house correspondent kimberly halkett. in the very early
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days of the transit ministration the us president rolled out the red carpet to host chinese president xi at his mar-a lago resort. more than eighteen months later that warmth has been replaced by a trade war between beijing and washington and a strong warning by the u.s. vice president mike pence our message to china's rulers is this. this president will not back down. in a fiery speech pedants escalating u.s. rhetoric. broadly blaming china for everything from military aggression in the south china sea to intellectual property theft to advance its global interests chinese security agencies have masterminded the wholesale theft of american technology including cutting edge military blueprints and using that stolen technology the chinese communist party is turning plow shares into swords
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on a massive scale u.s. media is reporting that includes inserting microchips into servers used by apple and amazon to spy on u.s. companies pensa also accuse china of religious persecution and human rights abuses cracking down on chinese christians buddhists and imprisoning more than a million muslim weekers in government camps and domestically while the u.s. special counsel robert muller continues his probe into russian meddling in the twenty six thousand u.s. election. pence reiterated president trogs claim made last week at the united nations about china and the upcoming elections to put it bluntly president trumps leadership is working. and china wants a different american version. pence accuse china of election meddling the twenty eighty u.s. midterm elections and the twenty twenty presidential vote with an elaborate
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december mation campaign to influence u.s. voters hence the trumpet ministration remains hopeful china will come around until then he says it will continue to address what it calls chinese aggression already there are terror of some place and more than two hundred fifty billion in chinese goods and more at the ready and could be implemented as early as next year can really help at al-jazeera the white house correspondent adrian brown has reaction from the chinese capital beijing. well details of the vice president's speech had been leaked many days in advance so china knew what to expect a spokeswoman for the country's foreign ministry said that the vice president's accusations were groundless based on hearsay evidence she stressed that china was pursuing a peaceful path and wanted cooperation with the united states as well as mutual respect but there's no doubt the china now understands that the united states is
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both widening and intensifying its attacks on china mike pence his speech touched on the principal points of friction between china and the united states right now trade taiwan the south china sea religion human rights and cyber security and of course the rest of asia and the rest of the world is now watching on nervously wondering where this war of words is heading and it's not just a war of words because last weekend in the south china sea we almost had a collision between a u.s. warship and a chinese warship they came to within about forty meters of one another and there is a real concern that brinkmanship on the high seas is starting to get out of control now on monday the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei will be here in beijing he's paying visits to south korea north korea as well as japan he's here to brief china on what the united states is saying to north korea as it tries to breathe new life into its north
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korea policy but of course he'll be looking to try to ease tensions with china but that job has just been made more difficult it seems by what the vice president has said about china. it is now a week since the indonesian island of still a ways he was struck by a magnitude seven point five earthquake that triggered a tsunami efficient death toll now stands at almost sixteen hundred the bodies are still being pulled from the dead three with mosques completely destroyed by the six metre high tsunami waves friday prayers were held outside military planes from around twenty countries are now coming in with much needed aid and supplies including the u.n. which is pledged fifteen million dollars to the relief effort we can go live now to our correspondent allan dogan who is in the main city of paolo and jimmy to you were there for friday prayers held in the open so prayers for those who died but also no doubt prayers for those who survived many of whom are having to contend
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with very challenging injuries. it is very dramatic for the thousands of indonesians who are living here and by lou as you know marcy they were largely spared by the very deadly two thousand and four tsunami that left over one hundred seventy thousand in june the dead there said their prayers have never been more fervent some of those who attended worship and prayers this afternoon actually are still looking for their missing loved ones they've lost their homes their livelihoods their families some of them do accept that they may not be able to see their loved ones anymore but they're hoping at the very least they can just retrieve their bodies so they can give them a proper burial martin i am right inside a huge shopping complex it's called the roma yana and i'm just going to step aside to show you the level of devastation here this happened a week ago it hasn't been accessed yet by rescue workers and workers from the
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government they're just clearing the daydream the third floor has completely caved in and when the charge of these struck it happened at six pm local just when mall operations are still very much ongoing it is one of the busiest times as you know it's the end of work hours and so and then in this building as well there is a basement full of cars these areas have yet to be accessed by workers and around here there are civilians basically hoping that their loved ones can still be found alive the chances of finding survivors are slim but many are still hoping this complex is just one building and there are several others in the area as yet to be reached one of the many areas really that need emergency aid from the government which the government promised to deliver but really the devastation is so vast that the full extent of the damage is yet to be seen really martin absolutely and we can see the heavy lifting equipment behind you but with no
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understanding the least they don't parade should is gaining some momentum of the witness much relief being provided for the people around you in poland. yes definitely aid is definitely pouring in i mean just behind me also there are rescue workers volunteers from europe they're coming here trying to find ways to help they're brought in a convoy of all of aid this is something that is happening all across outside the neighboring districts as you know the airport right now is fully operational a lot of supplies are being brought in some of the survivors we've spoken to say they're getting aids but this is not enough because the main issue here really is survival the sustainability of these aid because many of them of not only lost their homes they've also lost their livelihoods have lost schools so there's a very big chance martin that they're going to be displaced for many many months
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and although the government has promised that they will schools will be opened within the next month and that emergency operations will continue for the next two months we cannot basically under ignore the fact they're really the propensity and basically that the magnitude of this devastation will need far more than just indonesian help and which something that the government into international aid agencies u.n. agencies have already promised they will do they said they're going to come in and help and we're seeing all of that happening now or i do mean listen you very much for the. them a correspondent in power lou the main city of sulu ac well cusses one of the countries that is supplying help to in geneva occurs when the stephanie decker has more. work to really. now we are in the long term but. you haven't heard.
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the word what. their. words this is just. so we also saw me an earthquake hit. the lazy so they're bringing in. they have medicine here. you can see their year in august right now on one of the most so they have. much needed medical supplies. so this is one of the efforts that is now underway aboard. alan just because of the power of the earthquake and the damage. is that it's very difficult to get to these remote places so this is now going to be flown into jakarta into the capital then going to be taken to the more remote places and of course down to the people who remain without shelter so these kinds of desperately needed but still remaining
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very very difficult to get. to those who need it. because in south korea has jailed former president back for fifteen years for corruption he was found guilty of embezzling around twenty one million dollars and accepting bribes from samsung and other companies also being fined eleven million dollars the seventy six year old has denied any wrongdoing saying the investigation was politically motivated but mcbride has more from seoul. the myung bak was not in court to hear this verdict the official reason being given was his health but it's widely thought that his boycott was in protest these proceedings being televised live to south korea he has though attended previous hearings throughout this year since his indictment at the very start of this year of which he has protested his innocence also claiming that this has been very much a politically motivated case against him the charges half of the charges relate to
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the operation of a company gas which is a auto parts company which leader had claimed was being operated by his brother but the court found that he was the day facto owner of that company and that he ordered the creation through that company of slush funds through which he embezzled millions of dollars being paid further millions of dollars in bribes this is a serious charges he will go to prison for fifteen years and has been ordered to pay millions of dollars in fines and he becomes the fourth former president of south korea to face a jail term while many other former presidents of south korea since its move to democratize ation back in the one nine hundred eighty s. have had their administrations tainted by scandal part of the problem according to
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observers here in south korea is that the president simply have too much power and it's led to a debate about whether there should be constitutional curbs on the amount of power they have but that this case also proves that in many respects there is an unhealthy connection between large business here in south korea and the people who holds political power lots more to come here in town she's there including how cyber suspicions are straining relations between russia and the west. the winner of the most prestigious international award is june to be announced. from cool brisk nose in few weeks. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. hello again a welcome back to your international weather forecast we're here across central
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europe we're looking at some very nice weather in terms of skies partly cloudy to clear and that's all due to the high pressure that is dominating anywhere across much of the central portions now what that also is doing is keeping much of the bad weather the clouds in the rain to the north along that frontal boundary we're going to be seen for the rest of day today is very nice temperatures here across france with her sing twenty four degrees down towards or twenty one but here is that front right there and i want to put this into motion from friday to saturday and you notice that that front begins to edges way down here towards the southeast so for london you're out of the rain earlier but we're going to be seeing more of that start to create cochon over the next few days so coming from twenty one degrees down to fifteen degrees as we go towards saturday afternoon rome it is going to be a rainy day if you were twenty three while that air of low pressure that we were talking about in the mediterranean is moving away from the coast of africa so for algeria and tunisia that is good news there we did see some very heavy rain showers particularly along the coast but as we go towards saturday things are really
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improving we're back to clear skies across much of the area but here across parts of libya we are seeing some clouds here and in those clouds we could see some rain as well with the gazi seeing a temperature of about twenty nine degrees. there with sponsored by qatar airways. when they're on line for humanity has been thinking now if this goes if we're talking about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on a second i guarantee no one else has a back story like yours this is a dialogue and i'm just tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice mysterious and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the south join the global conversation on our.
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traviss take a look at the top stories here it out there the trumpeter ministration has accused china of trying to undermine american democracy vice president mike pence says beijing is using economic and military tools as well as propaganda his comments come after president trump accused china of interfering in the upcoming midterm elections china's foreign ministry has denied the u.s. allegations it says pence was committing malicious slander and called his comments groundless beijing called on washington to stop hurting ties between the two countries friday prayers in indonesia been held outside after mosques were destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami last week hundreds of thousands of people are still waiting for food and medicine almost sixteen hundred people have died. there the winner of this year's nobel peace prize is due to be announced
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a little bit later on today within the hour and there's plenty of speculation as to who it will be among the contenders of the syrian aid group the white helmets and the u.s. intelligence officer turned whistleblower edward snowden the prize is worth nine million swedish kronor that's around a million u.s. dollars beatrice finn is executive director of international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons that's the organization that won the nobel peace prize last year. it made a enormous difference for us this is an issue that doesn't get enough detention and it really strengthen our ability to raise awareness of nuclear weapons their catastrophic humanitarian impact and the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons that was just adopted last year so it really led to a lot more pressure on states meant that we could mobilize the public much more and get governments to join this treaty we were nominated but that doesn't always mean very much
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a lot of different individuals and organizations are nominated so it was quite a surprise when we received the call but of course we knew that we had had a very. very big year and we had just concluded the treaty of the prohibition on nuclear weapons but it is something that you can just dream of actually happening the threat is still here of course. to both north korea the united states and south korea have not yet joined this treaty which means that there's a lot of work left to do for us so it could be of course that they want to highlight this again but at the same time there's a lot of other issues also in the world going on but the nuclear threat is still here. this award was given to us for the work with the treaty on the provision of new weapons but it's of course also a tool for the future so we hope both that we can use a noble peace prize and that the nobel committee will continue to keep an eye on this issue turkey's foreign ministry has summoned saudi arabia's ambassador over the disappearance of a journalist after he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul or saudi arabian
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officials say jamal khashoggi went missing after he left the building but the turkish government believes he is still inside because shuggie a critic of riyadh's foreign policy and its crackdown on dissent left saudi arabia last year saying he feared retribution for his views. now to brazil where the presidential candidates have been taking part in their final debate before the first round of voting on sunday brazilians frustrated over an increase in violent crime and several high profile corruption scandals as well as a stuttering economy our correspondent today is a bow reports now from brazil's biggest cities sao paolo. the last debate before the elections on sunday something dramatic that would end there lisi did not want to miss the good the first time i am worried about what is already happening in brazil we need to tackle fascist ideas there is
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a complex polarization of our society but we can't forget what's been happening in brazil over the last few years it's important we vote on sunday so we can keep its democracy. seven of the presidential candidates attended the debate in. the frontrunner former army captain john edwards and nigel skipped the t.v. global citing doctor's orders after being stabbed during a campaign event one month ago instead he gave a recorded interview to t.v. record own by anyone jellicoe church at the same time that the debate was happening . they cannot call me corrupt i have always fought for the union of all brazilians however the leftists divided us the workers' party did not work and they betrayed workers in the country second place candidate for man the head that was handpicked by jailed former president. has been trying to prove that his
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party is the solution for brazil. the workers' party has been trying to turn things around by posting a video comparing. with adolf hitler but the strategy so far has failed to turn polls around even though there are thirteen candidates this election has become a two man race. out on federal. support for most and i think creased in recent days but some analysts say that he could win in the first round ballots and the reasons why are many analysts say brazilians are voting against corruption and against the workers' party whose image has been tarnished by the largest corruption scandal in brazil's history. it can only be explained by the abandonment of the state these are the people who suffered most in brazil's crisis in the last three years with violence unemployment and corruption so maybe they prefer to have a little bit of hope of getting jobs even if that means producing democracy. south
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america's largest democracy is heading to the polls on sunday the results will indicate which path brazil chooses to take. that is how. in washington d.c. more than three hundred people have been arrested during a protest inside a u.s. senate building against the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh now demonstrators were making a plea to senators to reject the president's pick for the highest bench before a vote on friday the f.b.i. has concluded its report into sexual assault allegations. western countries have denounced russia for cyber hacking attacks which they say a designed to undermine their democracies is some of the strongest language used since the cold war britain warned russia has become a pariah state the united states said moscow must pay the price for its actions paul brennan reports the tools of the trade this spy equipment was found in the possession of four russian agents in
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a car parked outside the headquarters of the chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. back in april at the time the o.p.c. w. was independently analyzing the novacek used to attack and yulia scriptural in solsbury as well as identifying the substance used in an attack against civilians in the syrian town of duma on the g.r.u. operation was aimed at hacking in infecting the white fine network of the o p c w from close quarters we call that a so-called close access ack operation when they were discovered the russian spies trying to destroy some of their equipment but one of the laptops showed they had also been in malaysia trying to access the investigation into the shooting down of the passenger jet m.h. seventeen over ukraine allegedly by a russian book missile the timing of the dutch announcement came just hours after a report on russian hacking by the british national cybersecurity center part of
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the government's g c h q spy agency the n c s c assessment concluded that hacker groups calling themselves fancy bear sound worm and voodoo bear actually just the russian military intelligence agency the g r u the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman reacted scornfully to the british statements discovery of what i was bored of what indiscriminately in one file may be anina richey fragrance file everything was mixed up g.r.u. cyber spies kremlin's hackers what a hellish perfume mix the vivid imagination of our colleagues from the u.k. has no boundary. indeed who comes up with all this but the pressure on russia was further intensified at the meeting of nato defense ministers in brussels what we're doing by acting with our allies by actually isolating russia exposing the fact that these are actions of a state this is acting in a reckless an indiscriminate manner this is not the actions of a great power this is a van actions of a pariah state and then the u.s.
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justice department weighed in indicting seven russian g.r.u. agents in connection to a series of hacking attacks as well as charges of money laundering wire fraud and identity theft it is evident from the allegations in today's indictment that the defendants believe that they could use their anonymity to act with impunity in their own countries and on the territories of other sovereign nations to undermine international institutions and to distract from their government's own wrongdoing they were wrong most of the world's advanced spy agencies conduct cyber espionage but this wave of intense coordinated diplomatic pressure on russia highlights the sense that even by the shadowy standards of international spying russia has overstepped the boundaries of what is acceptable paul brennan al-jazeera. christiane an audience biggest sponsor nike says it's deeply concerned about a rape allegation being made against the portuguese footballer now to himself
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denies the accusation that he sexually assaulted catherine my your girl in last vegas nine years ago nike has a lifetime deal with her now though worth up to a billion dollars and says it's closely monitoring the situation well renowned as club eventis have broken their silence they tweeted christiana an hour ago has shown in recent months his great professionalism and dedication which is appreciated by everyone at juventus the events allegedly dating back to almost ten years ago do not change his opinion which is shared by anyone who has come into contact with this great champion. the researchers in italy of launch an ambitious search for a new force of nature that could help explain the mystery of what scientists call dark matter experiment with allow physicists to identify invisible objects in the universe needs barker explains now from fresco just outside ren.
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we live in a world of matter all the things we can see and touch but the best theory of reality physicists have only explains a tiny amount four percent of our observable universe at least national institute of nuclear physics scientists a lot ching an experiment to discover the rest including so-called dark matter it's not certain road to unlocking the secrets of the universe. and this is where it begins with a particle accelerator and a theory we just select off of them ok so i think a beam of positively charged subatomic particles called positrons is fired at a target a diamond away for a tenth of a millimeter thick and this is the divine one mounted on the positive particles smash into the negative electrons of the diamond wafer they produce photons light. but every now and again the collision between positrons of electrons could produce
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a dark photon the invisible twin of ordinary light dark matter we have to have a living in between this huge. power it's more normal or is it fair to call this the bridge between the c m b m c if the me yes that problem it's it's like nightfall then allows you to see what you see you normally. use to see what is in the dark it's called the positron annihilation into dark matter experiment or part may the short for star wars fans pov may also happens to be the dark lord darth vader's console it's no coincidence so how do scientists even know to look for something that they can't see well after studying galaxies they believe that there's a force much stronger than gravity holding those galaxies and all the star systems within them together a dark force. now up and running the experiment will last for several bombs if
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successful it could create an entirely new realm of physics much to the delight of the scientists very excited and not because then we have a lot of things to do if you refuse it is. already paid our salary for a long time. it's now down to the experts to share their enthusiasm for complex theories with the rest of us as they begin the hunt for a side of reality hidden from view the park al-jazeera proscar to italy. take a look at the top stories here about his era the trumpet ministration has accused china are trying to undermine american democracy vice president mike pence said beijing is using economic and military tools as well as propaganda his comments came after president trump accused china of interfering in the upcoming midterm elections china's foreign ministry has responded denying the u.s.
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allegations of interference it says vice president pence was committing malicious slander and calls his comments groundless beijing called on washington to stop hurting ties between the two countries. it's been a week since seemed uneasy an island of ways he was struck by a magnitude seven point five earthquake that triggered a tsunami the official death toll now stands at almost sixteen hundred but bodies are still being pulled from the deputy with the masks completely destroyed by the six metre tsunami waves friday prayers were held outside military planes from around twenty countries are flying in with much needed aid the united nations has pledged fifteen million dollars to the relief effort. because in south korea has jailed former president lee myung bak for fifteen years for corruption he was found guilty of embezzling around twenty one million dollars and accepting bribes from samson and other companies leaves also been fined eleven million dollars in
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washington more than three hundred people have been arrested during a protest inside a u.s. senate building against the supreme court nominee bret cover now demonstrators were making a plea to senators to reject the president's pick for the highest bench before a vote on friday the f.b.i. has concluded its report into sexual assault allegations candidus in brazil's presidential race have gone head to head in the last televised debate before sunday's vote they say far right nationalist nardo is a threat to democracy he was absent from the debate citing doctor's orders as he recovers from a stabbing attack last month by a judge today those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next is the stream. responding to criticism one hundred foreign minister defends his government's tough policy on refugees you have three thousand five hundred fifty five refugees living in. taking
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your can you be a refugee after you while borders between five safe country. talks to al-jazeera. i'm grace mahara a fashion model and founder of nonprofit projects. in the state. i am finding out ok today we discuss why macedonians over a proposed name change for the country a move that could lead to a new membership so what's in a name imo we could be allowed to ask your thoughts or leave them in our live chat and you too could be in the stream. my cydonia future remains uncertain that's off the referendum to rename the country failed voters overwhelmingly voted on sunday in favor of changing the name to north .


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