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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 36  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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to produce you see. this belong to she. just. made. sure to do it with the piece of music with here that you would leave there. was it was a way to. come already. just because she would. suffer only six times in the us to listen to my feet the idea of folks. on prince's own session this appealed to. the circular i mean could you could it be silly news don't move on don't put
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a stop sign gundagai you knew that could have bella. eat your son or your tongue on the c. may of course to me this question melissa fairly recently. who don't know who quit prosecutor such an exam to see did who could we foresaw that this is being put that go for way us about who would it. be for to check only blow it was have you come up through to the post tucson arizona gonzales but if it. is example pollution jelly g.o.p. cripples it to some sense of what. it must must be took i'm going to talk. to somebody tell you. what. that's up sign up sid you groups you need net good up over it they don't know if this was subtle. usually because it is local if sound on sitta a pretty evil javits i feel that makes ga to be a dick much a wannabe got a solemn. duty legal issue to add music was said to
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the sin shouldn't affect the music and the city must this is really sad to see and to taste. good you should you know to come up above market. with this stuff you can set me up you don't damage but give up to focus on true democracy if you see the civil suit. that. says the things the ninety. minute amount of the album dumb i'm going to mental one of them one of my core values would have been gone for neverland until the new chord mentioned of course the movie and some of you in full wouldn't want it tacked up. again a minnow moment appeared minted in the on the bill to go to the naming of you to get a minnow member filling up my status you have been no doubt in doubt. just
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exactly but the new fella delights definition me the comeback and. if you make up his own sick make it super tough such systems should not be approved by the same. playbook closely after the fall. is here. you just put it to. just on to me but here's what you don't.
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want to know that all this stuff has been taught to film don't simply. pick on your belief but to offer up with a few that don't go to a bunch of people give me while i'm at. ship city to do we cannot give us a full on history of who was at the museum exist while there was
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a scene he should have if i know confucianism cannot see kids through debris a sexual to some such a he says he dislikes you see a positive you like it don't because he can he says he did a bus went on to the scene and disappoints me some cop with his tongue i don't impose you kissed her good i'm a look at the future. is a given joint you can see us good i'll see. a deposit box you don't can last up and i got a sense of possibly satisfy the new disembodied appalling it is that good issues of also. judas of a cousin god to judge that you've got a duty guilty suppositional kid is it not terrible cover idea cash cow complicity on shit buckle up when you miss your w.t. to do it. big up. to. we're going.
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to. lose three series of your father did almost get. demond he's outstrips supply and inference of a commodity. adoption is a compassionate act for children in need but not against the with them i see. from uganda to the united states for klein's investigates innocent lives have been courting a tug of war between biological and don't have parents. soup lines on al-jazeera. for nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the
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united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the us was getting ready to clean up and leave at least nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of this who tony and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome it's permeable soil there was no effort to line it and therefore the seawater is is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out ready zero active isotopes from underneath the dog roll out with it if it were. we're not talking just the marshall islands we're talking the whole suite pushed. more than seven decades ago a country was split into
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a bit with dick cheney and now at the time. being myopic all it took was a pen a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled its seventh who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian from again this is the news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes far right contend that is close to an outright win and partial
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results from the first round of brazil's presidential race. to accuse president says he's personally following the case of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi who disappeared at his country's consulate in istanbul on tuesday. the image that appears to have been a warning from interpol's former chief just before he disappeared in china beijing says the monkey way is under investigation. and the number of people missing after indonesia's earthquake and tsunami rises to five thousand people. partial results from brazil show the far right candidate jab also narrow with a strong lead in the presidential election is populist appeal has stunned mainstream parties discredited by corruption crime and economic recession but also appears to be short of an outright majority the former army captain as polarized the nation especially if he was stabbed last month he's alienated large sections of
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society with the soldier mystic and homophobic comments. also nora's main rival is the left wing candidate for nanda her dad he's a former mayor of south paolo recently replaced for president who is signal salute to silva as the workers' party's candidate little was disqualified from standing in the in the election after being convicted of corruption latin america editor lucien human is live for us now in rio de janeiro so can both win this out right without it having go into a second round. hello adrian it seems that he will not but just by your hair let me just give you the latest with eighty five percent of the votes counted he has forty seven point six percent of those votes while he. has twenty seven point two a huge difference between the two this does seem to indicate that this will go to
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a runoff in less than three weeks time but as you can see it very very little that he needs to actually win this all out and if it is a shocking result if you had asked me just a couple of weeks ago if this was possible almost everyone would have said no he was polling less than a month ago at around in the high twenty's and so it's a stunning change of fortunes for him and of course for the p.t. the workers' party that had been seen as the as the vanguard of a social change social democracy in latin america it seems not so long ago but things have changed and dramatically and joining me to talk about that now is daniel sosa political analyst who has been trying to help us sort out what is happening here in latin america's largest country daniel how do you explain this and so quickly the change of heart if you like of the brazilian public it seems that both time out is growing. way so two weeks when.
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gross people for if p.t. is going to mean i'm going to vote for the candidate so i'm going to vote for. him also has lots of people that doesn't say that it's going to vote for him but in the time to be willful well that brings us to the obvious question is there any way at all that the p.t.a. or the workers' party candidate can catch up or is this a done deal i don't think it's. going to happen there is a low probability that for a number that can change the situation i think there is a very favorite to win in their way in their wave is very strong for his winning in the second round many people have compared. to president trump and the same sort of populist wave that has taken over brazil would you agree they are very
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different because she able to marry support he he has been twenty seven each twenty seven years in the congress and donald trump is a businessman so going to trim has a very specific way of negotiation and was a narrow segment from the system his a political he's well known in the political system the political community so they are quite different but he was an outsider he said he ran as an outsider and for twenty seven years he never passed a single law he was really seen as a as an outsider as some by some even as of almost a freak no one could have imagined that he would have been even a presidential candidate a couple of years ago that's true because of their because there's been having because he didn't pass a law or an important law in twenty seven years people think that he was working
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against the system he's a man against the system so my i'm going to vote for him because this system is not let to him to work that's why people vote for him now what do you how would you envisage a government assuming that he does win in the next round is as is very likely he's going to have a very strong opposition because people there is almost half of the country that is against him in in the congress he's going to have more support he's going to have to deal with the congress he has to go. a little bit to the center true true have a very realistic a very good government because if if he doesn't do that he's going to be isolated thank you then you will have to leave it there well there you have it at this hour supporters of the giant ball so not or are celebrating outside of his house you may recall that he suffered an assassination attempt a month ago so he hasn't been out campaigning as some would seem much in public but
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i'm sure inside that house he is celebrating at this hour back to you adrian seventy six to go so there's a sea of you but that live in rio de janeiro i was in a store is a bow is live for us in polo what's the mood among the. supporters to as. well later and what we are right now we don't have any doubt about that this isn't so volatile what you can see behind me just a few minutes ago where actually datable so not all supporters who've been celebrating here celebrating what they say is his victory even though until now he has not a win on this first of the q.b. he didn't win outright they were already getting ready to put up an inflation dog here and waiting for more people to gather here to celebrate this victory of also not all it's been known for in a way it was also be seen some for example israeli flags we have and we do know
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that we also know have said that it was imperative to withdraw brazil for example from the united nations because it feels with communists also said that he's planning to improve relations between the state of israel and brazil. who from the very beginning of this campaign had only around forty percent of the intentions of votes has been to new to growth in the last months it specially since he was attacked his numbers that continue to go up after massive demonstrations happened during a so popular women's rights group protesting against him asking for people to. vote for anyone but him by the fight of this j. wilson out of has more in this election will have to see whether there's going to be a second round although he gets into very likely right so what's happening at the workers' party headquarters if it does go to a second round of dad's team has people confident that that he can he can win.
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well who are there just a few hours ago there were not too long faces even before the final results were out and the long faces were because many of their candidates to move as governors and to the senate didn't make it among them for example former president the man who set of course there saying that if there is a second round there i'll turn it to him it will be to call for the support for a center left candidates like the seat of ole miss mighty nafisa but this is a whole new strategy there's three weeks ahead and they'll have to change their strategy many have criticized about the workers' party campaign saying that it initially it's linked saying that voting for had that this is like voting for you you know well there's many people in this country who are very young we had results former presidents who are currently in prison for corruption and that's why it away many of them did note for vote for the workers' party so of course what they're saying is that if they are if there is
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a second round they're saying that they're very. down to their status there and shows but their whole point is that they could win in a second round. of any facts and data of serious stories about their lives so. turkey's president says he's personally following the case of the missing saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. says that he's hoping for a positive outcome turkish officials believe that jamal khashoggi was killed all visiting the saudi consulate in istanbul he left saudi arabia last year saying that he feared retribution for his critical reporting of the kingdom's leadership al-jazeera reports now from istanbul. jamal hershel g. has been missing for five days the well known saudi journalist was last seen entering his country's consulate in istanbul on true's day and hasn't emerged since friends and colleagues from around the world now fear the worst they said he entered the consulate and he left and we don't know what happened but his wife was
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out there so he didn't leave so that's a that's a fact and i think you're probably true that he didn't leave because the video which you will see her nephew days i mean it's just not credible and i think anybody who has a sense of decency should understand that this is something not acceptable it's not acceptable to a citizen because it's new duty or a different country and just abducted or whatever i mean well the operation since his disappearance senior turkish officials have held back from speaking on record in an attempt to avoid the diplomatic fallout with the saudis however on sunday president right up taber iran had this to say the version of the only role that i think the prosecutor general and stan extensively investigating this incident from a security intelligence perspective checking of the records of departure an interest them by the airport in particular is ongoing we are awaiting the results of these investigations that said for us to see such an incident taking place in my country mr jamal is an old friend of mine that's why my expectation is still in
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good faith i wish we don't come up against a situation that we don't desire i do believe that the defenders of freedom and freedom of opinion in our country will follow this matter as president of turkey i will follow this closely and i will announce the results no matter what to the world. was the former editor in chief of saudi media outlets a lot up and then what on and was closed to members of the saudi royal family last year however and after the rise of crown prince mohammed bin said a man was banned from writing allegedly because of his comments on the kingdom's relationship with u.s. president donald trump shortly after her show. she fled his homeland to live in self-imposed exile in washington he was not necessarily a dissident i disagree with that description he was a loyal saudi citizen he had his own vision of what the country should be doing that type of freedoms me.


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