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that learning french will be at the top of my list but at the francophone business forum some believe this organization is actually a space for talking the international language of money i think is the opportunity for everybody english i mean french people to get some footage or to normal how is very important now is not the language for me the reason where did we do business is to win the francophone village you get a sense of what this organization is all about eighty four countries are not just for in speaking ones representing more than i wonder billion people promoting peace and prosperity think of it as a kind of french united nations for the armenian hosts this summit has special significance mass street protests brought about a peaceful revolution in may was you government needs friends. it also needs investors in promising young sectors like the tech industry after the
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revolution and we have more and more interest from different investors coming to us and being very excited about what has happened in armenia because democratic change also missed them accredit institutions democratic economic efficiency transparent business environment. this summit is about showing the world that left francophonie is increasing its reach and that our media is open for business robyn first year walker al jazeera yerevan senegal struggling to contain truck home of the world's leading cause of blindness almost two hundred million people around the world live with the disease most of them in sub-saharan africa it is curable but it deeds medicine and well run prevention programs mental sack reports now from tuba in eastern senegal you may find some of the images later in this report distressing to the. it is all
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a blur explains by more sar to health volunteer going to. he can't brush his teeth alone or get he recognize his own grandchildren. sar is losing his sight every blink is more painful than the other it's true coma an infectious disease that causes a breakdown of the surface of the eye if left untreated sark can go blind it's not too late for him and his eyelids have turned inwards and are damaging the eye this is caused by repeated infections it could have been easily prevented if saw had washed his eyes regular. but sar does not have access to clean water at home flies landing close to the ice spread the disease to others contagious yet preventable is the world's leading cause of blindness and if i lose my sinus completely i'll be useless to my family i don't want to end up like other blind young ones abandoned and on the streets begging seen as a burden children with to come often suffer the most but not here at senegal's only
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school for the visually impaired. the children compensates they have a stronger sense of hearing and of touch surpassing the backs of the known visually impaired given the chance we see that our students do well in the job market beyond social stigma the un estimates the economic loss globally from untreated coma to eight billion dollars annually senegal wants to get rid of the disease offering free treatment now the top is not a doctor but trained by the ministry of health in order to operate on patients that have the symptoms of a coma he's about to cut a small incision only eyelids in order to get rid of the disease despite the possibility of bleeding or permanent scarring of the eye the benefits outweigh the risks.
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times this morning what's up thank you very much a little football agents and a leading coat are being a questions as part of the massive financial for the best again and belgium match fixing allegations are also being looked into police have raided several top level clubs including on the left routes and standard vs properties in six other countries were searched as well. correspondent leigh weddings joins us now from london what more can you tell us about this. with this is an extensive and ongoing investigation is no cost several countries among them france luxembourg cyprus montenegro serbia macedonia but it's mainly centered of course around belgium are talking about one hundred ninety four police officials in both alone talking about fifty seven brides and obviously this is a serious matter that goes across football there particularly looking at matches
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that were played last season that we know there are allegations of money laundering and financial forward but it's whether any of those matches were actually fixed and that's something that my emergency time this is not the first time that we've seen problems with belgian football specifically now this is a nation who is right number one in the world in football at the moment they of course were semifinalists the world cup but there were problems you have to look between two thousand and four and two thousand and six such as the suspicion over eighteen games particular during that period that it took nearly a decade for a proper court case to happen. their work convictions at the time this is come back to hold of the wall so investigations into football there in the early one nine hundred eighty s. this is something that's very worrying for belgium and also worrying for your wife as well that pulled a referee of a match in the nations they do this coming up on saturday i between georgia and
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doris sebastian telfair e.a. is the referee has been taken away from that match while the investigations continue. live from london thank you very much for that of course we're going to have more on that story and more from lee as soon as we get more information christan another's lawyer says the five time world player of the year then denies all accusations being made against him catherine out my older claims that she was sexually assaulted by a another two thousand and nine and has launched a civil lawsuit in a statement to peter christiansen said his client who was the subject of a defamation campaign. based on stolen and easily manipulated digital documents or another has all to the out of portugal's upcoming usa nations league game against poland is that the three year old hasn't played for the country a since the world cup but portugal's coach says that he does expect more novels international career to continue the national discipline to dismiss from answered this question
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a lot of times with talking about the world's best player but i don't want to go on about the subject of his absence i understand your questions but he's not here so we must focus on the players who are here. for the second straight day world number three roger federer was taken to three sets at the shanghai mosque this federal class and while there but is still good to of spain to make it through to the last eight in china winning champion more netspace corey. know about djokovic is also through to the quarterfinals the so eventually his french open loss to remarkable just to not be earlier this year with a straight sets victory over the italian djokovic faces kevin anderson in the last eight. game the bron james finally had the chance to link up with the man who was the lakers biggest star prior to his arrival along the ball well they haven't played together and previous preseason matches since bowl was recovering from knee surgery or wednesday to do a help to the lakers beat n.b.a.
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champions the golden state warriors one hundred twenty three two hundred thirteen. those first few minutes it was it was definitely rough on as well as when you know get back in the game situation but he settled in. is that his ability to see to force ability to push the ball and as a athleticism as which you're seeing on the pitch for myself and then just defensively you know it's a very very quick hand so it's great to have him back on the floor. australia's batsmen have held on to draw the first test against pakistan in the united arab emirates. just one of them forty one was central to australia's final day was this this in dubai they finished up on three hundred sixty two for eight. and defending stanley cup champions the washington capitals be the vegas so golden knights and a repeat of last season's stanley cup finals. itself open the forming for the capitals he also has three more the capitals going on to beat the golden knights
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five two. and that's it for me santa thanks very much see you later. the science museum in london is promising visitors a sunny day out whatever the weather in the u.s. mission a showing of the sun influences every aspect of human life and why it is a constant fascination but went along to take a look. it's our closest star but in many ways it's still a mystery the sun has influenced our belief systems our arts travel and of course it's the basis for life on earth this show at london's science museum looks back at how we used to think about the sun and forwards to challenges like really harnessing its energy with things like solar panels going forward and indeed we are seeing a lot more technological development for the first time it's actually thought it becomes cheaper and fossil fuels but we do need that push from politics i don't
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think from the everyday operation as well the fuel mileage. one idea featured here is how scientists have tried to recreate the nuclear reactions the power of the sun now those nuclear fusion they thought they succeeded in the one nine hundred fifty s. but they hadn't and even with the latest machines like this recent prototype nobody's managed to get more energy out than what they put in if he's in on a commercial basis is cracked the results can be game changing the amount of energy you can get an hour from using the atoms together is absolutely vast millions and millions of times more efficient than the burning of fossil fuels. one of the main messages from this exhibition is the huge variety of ways in which we humans use the songs. and then. there's a warning. the sun's activities could pose a real threat to our planet a threat very few people know about this. it's called
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space weather and in particular solar storms when the sun throws out huge clouds of plasma. as this interactive game shows the phenomenon cannot count satellites in space and power grids here on earth there are things that people are doing so the met office now maintains a twenty four hour space weather forecasting center where they monitor the sun watching out for the early signs of one of these major storms and if you get more warning that means you can warn the people who run the grid warn satellites you can ground flights to avoid people getting high doses of radiation at high altitude one of these things going up on the ice scientists could get more answers fairly soon and nasa probes set off towards the sun this summer and in twenty twenty the european space agency launches its solar orbiter from its vantage point forty two million kilometers from the sun it could provide clues about what drives the sun's magnetic fields. back here on earth the team at the science museum are hoping this
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exhibition will attract a big audience and some stellar reviews that al-jazeera london. that was our broadcast that we will recall the top stories for you when we come back we will have thirty minutes of al-jazeera world news at the top of the hour i will see you very soon. when their on line for humanity has been taken down there's going to have been told you about the numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on the sat i guarantee no one else has a back story like yours this is a dialogue and i'm just tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice resurfacing that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell join the global conversation on al-jazeera challenge your
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perceptions. powerful documentaries. that's what makes up the. debate some discussions you've been out there with the protesters on the streets what are they been telling you. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the. see the world from a different perspective. on al-jazeera. in nigeria life you see beats hard. for boy is one of his. i do not see no end in t.v. junk that is followed. by nigeria is sucked up by nigeria is your development manager i said this is my nigeria. my mind on al-jazeera. and monday put it on the. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of
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natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. and this man was murdered inside a consulate in istanbul cross every line. normality in the international community the u.s. senate orders an investigation into the fate of the missing saudi journalist jamal khashoggi.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. to the international space station. it was shortly after liftoff when something went wrong the crew of the russian soyuz rocket was forced back to work plus. assessing the damage caused by one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever make landfall in the u.s. . animals in danger global leaders look for ways to end the illegal wildlife trade . the u.s. senate has ordered an inquiry into the disappearance and the suspected murder of the saudi journalist jamal. last week a bipartisan group of twenty two u.s.
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senators triggered human rights legislation now that forces the trumpet ministration to act within one hundred twenty days following calls for measures to be taken against the saudis the us president donald trump said he will not stop u.s. arms sales he doesn't want to damage the american economy the washington post says the saudi crown prince ordered an operation to detain shoji and fly him home the turkish president meanwhile is questioning saudi assertions that the surveillance system at the consulate in istanbul was not recording when i disappeared. turkish media has released the names of the fifteen saudi nationals suspected of killing a short she and i q zation saudi arabia of the humanly design is a turkish news source released this picture of the saudi group saying they booked into hotels near the saudi consulate but they left turkey less than twenty four
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hours after they had arrived the sources they include an air force lieutenant and a saudi forensic chief and autopsy expert several special forces officers are among the group it also points to at least one of them working closely allegedly with the crown prince mohammed bin. in a moment we'll go live to alan fischer in washington d.c. with more on the u.s. investigation and we'll begin though with jamal el sheil our correspondent outside the saudi consulate in istanbul now jamal just in the past fifteen minutes or so we're getting this information coming to us from the turkish foreign minister unpack that for us how significant is it. well peter there are two headlines that came from a briefing or quick statements he made whilst on a trip in iraq and the first is that the the night that there was any involvement from u.s. intelligence operatives in the investigation in the killing gulf. is
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second more significant one was a direct call once again for cooperation from saudi arabia he said that they expect and they want cooperation from saudi authorities in this investigation obviously this comes after there was it became clear over the authorities i've refused the request for the turkish officials to search the building behind me there where it was that she was last seen and they don't only want to search this building peter they're also interested in searching and examining several vehicles that are registered to the diplomatic mission here as well as the home of the saudi console general particularly because some of those vehicles that's were captured on camera as you see as the consulate behind me one in particular actually was a black thousands drove through the consul general's house which is just
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a couple hundred meters away and reversed into the garbage and there was some offloading both some sort of contents according to the video there and therefore it's raised suspicions as to what kind of role if any the consul general himself played so the foreign minister is the month in that the saudis cooperates with this investigation. this is pictet murder of journalist jamal khashoggi and the saudi consulate in istanbul doesn't only threaten tucker saudi relations its impact is reaching washington on wednesday twenty two senators from both the republican and democratic parties triggered human rights legislation in the magnitsky act and since a letter to president donald trump demanding an investigation into what's happened if that investigation finds that kushal human rights were violated by the saudi government then the u.s. would be forced to impose sanctions and review its relationship with the saudis and this man was murdered in saudi consulate in istanbul have across every line of
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normality in the international community. if that did happen it would be hell to pay if saudi arabia took a us resident emerging into a consulate and killed him it's time for the united states to rethink our military political and economic relationship with saudi arabia the turkish president's right up paper to one spoke for the first time about the case early on thursday costing doubt on saudi claims that the consulate's video cameras weren't recording on the day she went missing turkish officials have also expressed their frustration at the saudis lack of cooperation citing their refusal to allow investigators to search the consulates the consul generals home and vehicles registered to the saudi diplomatic mission tucker security sources say they are certain that. was killed in the building behind me they've released photos and the identity of the fifteen man hit squad they say killed the saudi journalist amongst the members of crime prince
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mohammed bin said a man's personal guard as well as the kingdom's or one of the kingdom's leading forensic experts and the former head of intelligence at the saudi arabian embassy in london turkey's police and security services seem to be delaying officially announcing the results of the. investigation well decision is made on how to retaliate against saudi infringements of turkish sovereignty keech a that's appears to be finding some sort of consensus amongst turkey's and eyes and the international community. notes of consensus the jamal to get the feeling given that we've got these comments from the turkish foreign minister in the past half hour or so now that the turkish government feels i.e. mr erdogan perhaps feels they have got the necessary components in place to take this investigation to the next stage. well if they haven't got them all they are getting close to may appear at least because aside
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from the latest moves the developments in the united states with the investigation that's been triggered on the comments that have been made as you point out by donald trump we've also heard some strong words come from the u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt you said that if indeed the reports were accurate that in saudi arabia would face some serious consequences we've heard from the german parliament's we've heard from other european countries as well as obviously the united nations and it seems that all that is left really is for the talks to officially then announce and share the information they have with all these different governments in order for us to see what kind of reaction the saudis will have but i mean it would be very naive to believe that the saudis themselves are countering this behind the scenes just because we haven't heard of any public statements being made by saudi authorities or you could be rest assured that the not the groups that are on the retainer for the saudis and obviously the different
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mechanisms that riyadh has in place to safeguard its own interests are probably hard at work to at least in terms of damage limitation if not more and we've seen at least maybe play out online and on the media where we've had saudi states news agencies trying to poke holes or cause that out. what exactly happened there was even photo shop images of allegedly hundreds you commingled which were later seem to be a whole another things like that so there is a counter spin to what is happening but so far zero substance from the saudi side and everything that's come from that circus site has come through unnamed sources jamal thank you. well initially top u.s. officials avoided any comment but the use of the magnitsky act by senators has forced the trumpet ministration to address growing concerns about the actions of its major ally saudi arabia tickle him as that aspect of the story from washington
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. donald trump went from no one knows what happened to jamal khashoggi to we need to find out we demanding everything we want to see what's going on here it's a bad situation it's a very serious situation for us for this way we do see. what is going on now will be the subject of an official investigation after twenty two senators sent this letter to the white house invoking the magnitsky act it gives the administration four months to determine if the show g.'s human rights were violated and if so by law they will have to place sanctions potentially on people high up in the saudi government the outcry is bipartisan and growing and that this man was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul that would cross every line of normality in the international community. if it did happen it would be hell to pay
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if saudi arabia took a us resident emerging into a consulate and killed him it's time for the united states to rethink our military political and economic relationship with saudi arabia the president has been eager to forge a relationship with the leadership of saudi arabia heralded tens of billions of dollars in defense deals but with reports that many of those have not come through the president will be under increasing pressure to target saudi arabia he's not alone just about six months ago the crown prince mohammed bin solomon toured america meeting the most powerful people in the country all now being urged on social media to condemn him and for the president it is about to get personal after fiance wrote this opinion piece in the washington post urging action the president said he'll meet her at the white house soon. this was a day that saw the president speak out small public protests in washington d.c. in new york the true
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a lot of media attention and angry senators demanding action all signs that for saudi arabia this is not going to go away any time soon patty calling al-jazeera washington ok there is another aspect of this story for you that we're going to drill down into we understand the u.s. quote according to the reuters news agency quote seeing the u.s. president donald trump appearing on fox news has investigators overseas let's bring in alan fischer allan what else do we know we don't know much more than that certainly donald trump surprises when he made that announcement jury in a thursday morning interview with his favorite cable channel he said that there were investigators overseas we started to make calls to find out exactly what the president meant by that where the entire key were the in saudi arabia what exactly was happening and then a short time afterwards the turkish foreign minister said there were no u.s. investigators in turkey so we're still trying to get clarification on that.


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