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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 164  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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rubbish because a highly effective according to chen lee when who's studied them closely they can recycle whatever the market can deal with we weed through the filter word and found out they recycle like almost a ninety percent of the recycled. areas through much much higher than any b. of our country's. grade rely on recycling through this family. ed young man attends a local school set up for the children of the city's migrant workers it costs around two hundred dollars a year in phase. but even in this marginalized community the rubbish because nephew is at the bottom of the pack.
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sure. the rubbish collectors might be efficient but their future is uncertain. most like one gene dong come from outside the city. in recent crackdowns beijing has tried to force them out. recently wang has heard that the buildings around his home slighted for demolition and the fees he is could be next. generation with no intention of anyone. let him off one says it. isn't often that the media. was really doing. the. i wish because of facing another threat. it comes from entrepreneurs
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like. her before front of a government push to solve the crisis with high tech solutions this is a. woman who shouldn't be but the question i want to. move. into the shoes of. most of. the ows company imes to cut out the rubbish collectors by encouraging individuals to recycle each bottle credits just under one cent to your bank account. deficit. was there was company has placed five thousand of these machines around by jane. there's
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a daily limit of twenty to thirty bottles per user. designed to stop the rubbish because from cashing in. the company even transports the bottles to a plastic processing factory and ultimately turns them into consumer goods so a majority of the show that eating it you can imagine and now. it's really almost. as if that's. not talked into. into the back. it hasn't been to the home or to them. it's on c. one gene dog. is still recycling the old fashioned why he peddles his wares to
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a market more than an hour across town another small cog in the informal recycling shined. through. the crowd of the outdoor. clear womanhood hell if you know that company you know not personally. could offer . higher than lloyd saloon. do you don't want to be on the list. that you sound wish. to turn up. a little bit of. what they are then. hear the city's trash turns into treasure any item useful for manufacturing plastic cardboard metal as a value here. it's been
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a good day mr wang has made about thirty dollars from a week's garbage enough to support his family for another way. from here the plastic bottles cardboard and other packaging and collected on the streets of beijing begin the long journey why from the capital. the question is where does it all go from here. when the government announced its ban on foreign rice last year it also cracked down on backyard recycling centers like these to. each person seeking to be found she's it seems. to me. as this recent state media documentary reveals saris are making a show of closing down the centers because there are a danger to workers health and the environment do you don't you don't.
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but of all these backyard albright is really shut down. and if they have china's domestic waste recycled. we decided to visit once was the biggest center for plastic recycling in northern china the wind and district an hour from. processing was officially shut down here some years ago i've heard there's still some going on and there are indications recycling is happening at need by is another truck with. plastic pellets have gone through the recycling process already in the ready to be taken away and used for manufacturing issue with it. but if it is still happening it's well he had to. save. face on the
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outside showing them are. you going to go. yeah you know that will load up. they'll know that. already. i call one of the numbers on the shop fronts and a man tells me he's moved his business to in a mongolia in china's north. when the center closed people were shifted to a more remote area to continue there. because we still have so much flat plastic we do have a problem is just the shift of the promotion from one war concentrating same hard to a more like dispersed. he went on there are cameras everywhere
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. about half an hour after our arrival local officials turn up whatever he's going on here they don't want us to stay here. so you know i get along. on this so they want us to come down to have a word with them before supposedly well show us one of these local factories here we see. after an hour at the station the police tyke us to lunch and send us on our why by site plastic processing has all been shot down and went on and moved to other parts of china. back in beijing if there is some aspects to the rubbish system of the government ease came to showcase. city officials have pulled the last two up to show us how
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they dealing might change what. fighting is one of forty six cities across the country trying a new rubbish sorting system. to know how you. would help. the government if it's so far to convince city dwellers to sort their weist haven't gone well. for their. own. eric leo is the laid plastics campaigner for grain pace you also may haul to me and from there. to show you go to guy meaning to.
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once collected beijing's rubbish is compacted then truck gone to one of the world's largest incinerators. and that's the next stop on out to up. the loot an incinerator in the hills west of the aging burns about an eighth of the city's garbage transforming the hate into energy. according to john yoo a shang from the city government h.-e. this plan produces the same amount of electricity as one hundred forty three. tonnes of coal. should you go in there for a woman. and to go to work in the field or. china wants its big cities to burn more than half their
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household waste by the end of this decade but if the rubbish isn't properly stored there are problems. with the facility so you. seem to want to go. to no beach all. day so you sell her you. don't have water. from what we see heed to that i visit still a lot of plastics in the mix. it's clear china has a long way to go. for food korea it's been another long day on the streets of beijing it's the central government is now considering restrictions on packaging including tiger away food
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containers. rajon hasn't heard about these plans but he agrees there needs to be china. and. the idea. i've come back to see the rubbish pico. and his nephew. six weeks earlier he told us he was worried the local government would try to force him out of his home. well this is a bit of a surprise since we were here last on the completely break the flying where they're
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healthy. even though if they are many more. than are. you know. whether they're not on the whole. don't want to you know. it doesn't matter how much longer their house will remain standing body says whatever happens try to stay in beijing. so much i don't want to show you you know a neon and brown was there but you still when you're. with these rubbish rick dean wang is trying to support his family by picking up casual labor jobs it's not the future he dreams of if you.
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call a whole. new world on a cold war i want to go on a little a short. day on how to use a new one or find. one i'm only here on annoy you know you have the use of. a new normal. so if you're one of the one who. wants to make i clean a future for an eleven year old and if the rubbish because disappear it could be growing up in a country that recycles less than it does now. as the big cities modernize the lives of those who have done the most to keep them claim will be more precarious than ever.
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more than seven decades ago a country was split into a bit with dick cheney and now at the time. being myopic all it took was a pan a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. for many young adults
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a coming of age brings greater responsibility. for this young man the responsibility of eight hundred years of family tradition weighs heavy on his shoulders. the choice. but the decision must be made. by blood part of the viewfinder. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey and saudi arabia agreed to work together to investigate the case of missing journalist jamal khashoggi. it has evidence he was killed.
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and there is a lift. to the international space station a rocket launch gone bad a space capsule bound for the international space station is forced to make an emergency landing shortly after lift off. michael slams into the florida coast killing at least six people homes and buildings before losing steam as it moves in . and u.s. stocks take another plunge pushed down by concern over interest rates and trade with china. welcome to the program turkish security sources told al jazeera they have definitive evidence that the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered they say they know where it took place and the information has been shared with washington where the saudi government critic was last seen entering his country's consulate in
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istanbul on october the second turkey has agreed to a saudi request to jointly investigate the shell g.'s disappearance but human rights watch says the saudis can't be trusted to carry out a genuine inquiry meanwhile in the us senators from both parties are pushing for a vote in congress to block sales to saudi arabia but president donald trump says ending the one hundred ten billion dollars deal would hurt u.s. defense companies stephanie deca has more from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul. the president's spokesperson announcing that a joint working group will be set up between turkey and saudi arabia according to sources at the request of the saudis to carry out an investigation into what happened to you we do understand however that the turks will be carrying out an independent investigation as well they've been waiting to go into the consulate the saudi consulate before what we understand the saudis have been making that difficult perhaps this working group will mean that there will be some movement on that in the next few days also we understand from intelligence sources security
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sources that the turks have informed washington of their findings that they firmly believe that the saudi journalist has been killed and they say they know where it happened this is all part of a wider campaign of leaks by ankara over the last couple of days through the media telling them issuing them what they believe happened to the saudi journalist painting a horrific picture of course we still have no official evidence no official facts a new turkish official who's gone on camera to make these allegations but that also highlights and shows you just how sensitive the matter is politically for president donald trump appears reluctant to take punitive measures against saudi arabia if it's found to be responsible for khashoggi disappearance despite pressure from senators on both parties he's opposed to holding its arms deal with riyadh ellen fisher reports from washington. the us president has repeatedly stopped short of blaming saudi arabia for the disappearance of jamal khashoggi what happened is
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a terrible thing assuming that happened i mean maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised but somehow i tend to doubt it and we take it very seriously and don't trump says he opposed any move by u.s. senators to block arms sales to saudi in retaliation i don't like the concept of stopping an investment of one hundred ten billion dollars into the united states. because you know what they're going to do they're going to take that money and spend it or russia. or china or someplace else so i think there are other ways if it turns out to be as bad as it might be there are certainly other ways of handling the situation but the president says u.s. investigators are now helping inquiries abroad with a report jew in his words very soon but turkey's foreign minister on a trip to iraq says that's not the case but they do want sodhi help because the incident took place in saudi arabia's consulate we're working on this matter with the saudi authorities and they must cooperate with us on this matter we will
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announce the results at the end of the investigation a leading republican senator with access to the latest intelligence says he believes jamal khashoggi has been murdered everyone points to saudi arabia and it would appear that he's not a law about what one democrat says the white house can't talk about what it would do to punish the president trumps unwillingness to set out any consequences or even the threat of consequences essentially tells the saudis that were ok with this kind of conduct and behavior last year saudi arabia spent more than twenty seven million dollars to more be in washington a process of seeking to influence politicians and she policy in its favor one washington more church says their money can't help them with this saudi arabia is one of the most influential lobbying and p.r. machines in washington d.c. but in this case the facts just speak louder than any lobbyist campaign contributions or any p.r. spokespersons talking points possibly could so what good does that do us no donald
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trump says he's expecting a report on the khashoggi case he will come under pressure from senators to make it public when he receives it only seems reluctant to take action against the country he's built up as a friend in an ally he might be left with no choice but to act. washington a member of the u.s. senate foreign relations committee jeff flake says arms sales to saudi arabia should end if the kingdom is involved in. with the apparent brutal murder of the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi some of the some of the real enemies of the people and enemies of freedom seem to have taken license to eliminate a man that their regime viewed as a threat mr president we need to know exactly what happened in that saudi consulate in turkey earlier this month put bluntly we cannot do business with the saudi government if they directed or were complicit in the murder of jamal
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khashoggi or john hendren joins us live now from washington d.c. johns as we've seen that president trump seems reluctant at this stage to condemn saudi arabia but congress has been much more critical is that now a rift of the. well to some extent daryn there's a wake up call going on on capitol hill and it's not going well for the saudis for decades american administrations have worked to forge close relationships with saudi arabia ones that have been lucrative for american businesses well now that is being called into question and it's being called into question because allies of president trump in the republican party have suddenly started to question what exactly happened here bob corker the head of the senate foreign relations committee is among twenty two senators who have signed a letter invoking the magnitsky act that was designed to target russia but it's not russia specific and now that starts
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a one hundred twenty day clock asking the administration to investigate what exactly happened here and if it is determined that there was a human rights violation in the form of an extrajudicial killing then it requires the administration to go ahead and name who is responsible and initiate sanctions and there are people on capitol hill who are also talking about ending aid to saudi arabia that goes to the effort in yemen that saudi arabia is forging so this is definitely a challenge to the trumpet ministration it's become a diplomatic crisis but also a domestic political crisis for him you could hear him trying to justify that arms deal but on capitol hill a year ago a couple of senators a democrat and republican tried to block a saudi arms deal and they came for votes shy of that now there is an uproar on capitol hill and some of those senators say they believe they can do it bob corker who you saw in that story said that saudi u.s. relationships have rarely been lower and they might now in his words fall off
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a cliff and there was a state department briefing today wasn't that did that clarify anything at all. well the state department briefing really didn't clarify things a lot there and in fact you have to remember that heather nauert the state department spokeswoman who held that briefing works for donald trump donald trump is very concerned about that relationship with the saudi arabian government here a few things that she had to say she said we're concerned about the whereabouts of jamal khashoggi she said we don't know what happened to him that is despite the fact that we know that the administration and on capitol hill that they have access to intelligence that has not been publicly released intelligence from turkey that is it least convince some of those senators that something very seriously wrong happened here you heard bob corker say it is clear the saudis are responsible that is what many of the senators on capitol hill are saying right now and at the state
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department heather nauert went on to say we'll hold back until we have concrete information we can share the saudi ambassador to the u.s. has gone back to saudi arabia and she said we have communicated with the saudi ambassador we expect information upon his return to the u.s. but dare and you can hardly expect that ambassador who is the younger brother of the crown prince to come back and say yes indeed we are responsible ok john hendren they in washington john thank you let's bring in jeff stacey's a former state department official who served in the obama administration he joins us live from washington d.c. jeff there are reports that they'll now be a joint to saudi team to investigate disappearance but with both countries having completely opposite political and diplomatic objectives in probing this case how tricky is that really going to be. that is going to be incredibly tricky if these accusations are true we really have an impartial investigator on our hands
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here and that is not likely to satisfy either folks here in washington or in brussels or in london and other capitals who are demanding explanations for this the best case scenario and this is saying a lot because the circumstantial evidence is mounting in this case that in fact he was just abducted as opposed to being assassinated and that would be helpful we've had high officials in washington watching for months i mean going back some time looking at the lebanese prime minister held against his will looking at other members of the royal family in similar circumstances leading to lots of questions on capitol hill and other places this is an important relationship and it needs to be clarified and we know that turkey and saudi arabia difficult many issues like the war in yemen the embargo on cats are and even israel moving its embassy but with a friend johnny told me an ongoing currency crisis is turkey in any real position to put pressure on saudi arabia. by itself probably not but you
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have to recall that turkey is in a very interesting situation of late because of the circumstances economically becoming so dire we've actually seen president order one kind of i wouldn't say turn a new leaf but actually reach out to the merkel in germany and do some other things related to being well pulling off quite a feat to ward off the imminence russian syrian attack on the it live province in syria so we're watching the turks actually try to be helpful in recent weeks and they'll need to do this in concert with the u.s. and probably some other governments the saudis will need to respond we hope that they can somehow rectify this situation if not well we've been listening to the reports things here in washington are not looking good for this relationship at present yeah and jeff i mean as you say turkey has made no official statements about.


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