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tv   Living With MS In Egypt  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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homes to assess the damage i think it's going to take some time for that to happen derren as you mentioned so many people still without power in all of these states florida georgia alabama the carolinas up and divert genya there without power at this point and the governor here in florida is saying it's just not safe to try to come back and assess the damage they are warning people to be patient to stay where they are and and don't take away from the people who are trying to search and and rescue people who may be stranded don't take away from their efforts at this point safety is key and patience is needed throughout this entire region when we will folks thank you very much indeed these nine people have died in eastern india up to cycling typically made landfall three hundred thousand people were moved to higher ground
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before the storm arrived in odisha state the cyclons also brought heavy rain to cox's bazaar in neighboring bangladesh almost a million range of refugees on living their incomes most fled amid a few crackdown in may of last year. time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back more on the american student given attention by israel never have political activism. i'm andrew symonds reporting from the capital of ukraine kiev not a battle with russia this time within the orthodox church which looks like suffering its biggest split for a thousand years. through tranquil arabian. i do not mean. and it's indeed come to light. and i that the weather's all been quite quiet over the eastern parts of china recently i think in shanghai it'll also be quite bright with
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a maximum temperature of around twenty degrees there is no cloud in the south though and that will gradually be thickening up as we head into saturday so expect a few more showers out of this during the day for the south that will see some more persistent rain particularly around the coast of viet nam now force in the philippines it's been bright unsettled over the past few days barely a cloud or a shower here a tool on our satellite picture i do think that we more there was we had through the next few days of the showers generally at the moment to the west of us on friday they'll stay to the west of us but on saturday they will begin to push more across a site across the central belt of the philippines is where we see the majority of the showers elsewhere plenty of them i reports of borneo expect some heavy ones here and if you're in kalo singapore they could be one of the showers for you to now as we head across towards india we've just been hit by a storm typically here it is just making its way on shore now it's over the land of course it's lost its energy source that's the sea so instead it's just going to disintegrate lots of heavy rain then as it gradually shift and works its way
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towards the northeast kolkata we'll see a lot of what weather on friday event it will be bangladesh the seas the heaviest of the rains by saturday just a few showers following behind. the weather sponsored by cats peace. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit.
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welcome back a quick reminder of our top stories here this hour turkish security sources have told al jazeera they have definitive evidence that the missing saudi arabian journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered he was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second joint turkish saudi team but investigate his disappearance. at least six people have died in one of the strongest hurricane to hit the united states many coastal towns in florida still cut off and more than nine hundred thousand homes are without power a day off the hook and michael made landfall as a category four storm. russia has opened a criminal investigation after a rocket bound for the international space station failed shortly after takeoff the two man crew an american astronaut and a russian cosmonaut survived after making an emergency landing in kazakhstan where a challenge has more from moscow. with the traditional wave of departing spacemen
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make hay and alexei of chain in said goodbye to worth they'd be back sooner than they thought since the demise of nasa space shuttle program russia's so you system is currently the only way for people to get up to the international space station the russian and the american to begin one hundred and eighty seven days in orbit liftoff but first they have to get there the launch seemed to go well initially the rocket lifted off into the cloudless skies above baikonur kazakstan but one hundred nineteen seconds into the journey there was a catastrophic malfunction here the soyuz making its way into space inside the capsule video shows the two men being shaken about before the feat is cut to a computer graphic for on the florida panhandle for five seven. the failure of the full hearing there that there has been an issue with the booster
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and we're standing by for information the men and their capsule were now in a so-called ballistic re-entry parachuting back to worth they landed in the wide kazakstan step six hundred kilometers away from the launch site the rescue teams found them there helps them out of their confinement and into waiting helicopters but you. know this incident requires a more thorough investigation including visits to the manufacturing facilities the accident occurred in iraq at that had led the incident for history this is very bad news on the other hand the emergency rescue system book excellently and this is good news. in fact two investigations are now underway one looking into what happened and another criminal one to assess whether there was any foul play or negligence involved in the rockets construction rush or is also grounding manned soyuz flights the work course of international space missions until more is known about this catastrophe. we'll have knock on impacts of course the crew currently
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orbiting on board the international space station will have to stay there a while longer and officials will be looking at whether resupply rocket flights can actually take place but thankfully there was no loss of life in a launch failure that could so easily have been fatal rory chalons out to zero mosque or the u.s. military's grounding its most expensive warplanes fleet following a crash last month it's believed that engine problems cause an f. thirty five to malfunction during a training flight in south carolina engine checks on the plane and now underway worldwide. indonesia says it could take up to two years to rebuild the island of sin away z. after it was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami two weeks ago firefighters and soldiers are conducting a final search for survivors in the city of pollute the rescue effort was extended until friday at the request of residents or than two thousand people have been confirmed dead officials believe up to five thousand are still missing scott hyla
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has more from bali the indonesian government announcing on thursday that they will stop all searching operations on soloway island at the end of day on friday you know here at the international monetary fund and world bank annual meetings obviously there has been some focus because of the look asian of these meetings are focused on that natural disaster that just took place two weeks ago but natural disasters and prevention of natural disaster impact on nations has been a subject for these meetings throughout the years and there was the same in these meetings obviously it has more poignancy because of what took place in indonesia just two weeks ago now earlier i sat down with someone from the world bank to discuss what and how important the next steps are after a natural disaster. what we find for example is that if nations had the financial resources to respond very fast to their recovery phase then the economic impact is less because the private sector can't pick up activities again and taking a more macro look at these annual meetings both the head of the i.m.f.
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and the world bank expressing concern about the global economy over the next two years world bank is concerned because the trade friction between the united states and china will have knock on effect on poorer nations and they are going to be stunned because of supply chains they're impacted by those two largest economies and their trade friction the i.m.f. also citing that friction saying that they have downgraded their outlook for the global economy over the next couple of years downgrading a point two percent. global financial markets are having one of their worst weeks this year asian european and u.s. stocks all continue to fall on thursday investors are concerned over the trade war between the u.s. and china and it will hit businesses as well as potential rate rises by the u.s. federal reserve peter candelo who's chief market economist at sponson capital securities says the dispute with china is one of several factors beyond the market falls. it's a combination of trade issues and of course rising interest rates that is you know
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that have risen to levels that we haven't seen in almost. four or five years and so basically this is really what's impacting the market and has just moved investors now of course you know. interest rates basically rising for the right reason and that is the economy is doing is doing well it's consistently strong and of course we don't have much inflation in fact the inflation news today was a bit of a surprise it actually came in a little bit low up but what is the real problem here i think the real problem is the trade war which. people are getting very very nervous about that because it appears that. at least for now there are no real big oshie ations
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that could probably indicate a deal some sort of a deal that would diminish the fear factor and would be earning season. i think that we'll see some multinational cooperation is being hit by the tyrants zimbabwean police arrested several labor union leaders to prevent strikes of a worsening economic conditions the work has a plan to protest against shop price rises and shortages of fuel and medicine people are blaming a new tax on bank transactions and pushing up prices the government says the new levies needed to help revive the economy. now an american student has appeared in an israeli court to appeal against a decision to bar her access to the country over have political activism. who's part of his palestinian heritage has been detained since arriving at tel aviv airport on the second of october she'd already secured a student visa and
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a place at one of israel's top universities are in force at reports from occupied east jerusalem. after nine days in detention lara custom was given a glimpse of the intense interest her cases generated the twenty two year old has been denied entry to israel since her arrival at tel aviv airport the israeli government says while studying in florida she led her university branch of the boycott divestment and sanctions movement which advocates economic and cultural measures against israel she says she's no longer an active member to minister a strategic appears together with the minister of interior have decided that p.d.s. is not about actually in force now that you get to the top. he thought ok it's unfortunate played in there is really democracy. we have two ministers here say if you believe in p.d.f. . and if you think it's legitimate you have no right to our custom had been
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accepted for a masters course in transitional justice a jerusalem's hebrew university she'd obtained the necessary visa had a time the university has joined her appeal in the israeli court laro a customs legal team argues that there is an inconsistency in the government case that an active campaigner for an organization that advocates boycotting israeli academic institutions would hardly pay one to come and study on its campus her case is the latest of several incidents of detention and deportation involving left wing activists and commentators in july jewish american activist ariel gold was deported despite possessing a student visa over alleged prove b.d.'s activities in august left when u.s. journalist peter beinart who's advocated boy. voting products from illegal west bank settlements was detained and questioned on his way into the country it's concerned even diehard supporters of israel in the u.s. two leading such voices arguing in the new york times this week that israel should welcome b.d.s. activists without restriction the israeli government however says
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a car symbol only be allowed into the country if she publicly repudiates the movement with looking it has to be appropriate to really believe that mr katz it meets the criteria of peace time for action in the actions of the organization of which she was a senior peter guber several years our custom says she would publicly condemn the b.d.s. movement but neither will she advocate for it if allowed to study in israel her course starts on sunday ari force it out is era occupied east jerusalem and a gyptian military court has sentenced seventeen people to death over attacks on coptic christian churches last year twenty bombings in alexandria and in april twenty seventeen killed at least forty five people and injured more than one hundred thirty eisel family sponsibility amnesty international says those who organized the attack should be held accountable but condemned the death sentences by the military courts ukrainian president petro poroshenko has welcomed a decision that gives his country's christian orthodox church full independence
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from russia a service to mark the historic move was held in the capital kiev it follows a decision by the ecumenical patriarch in istanbul the spiritual leader of three hundred million orthodox believers well wide under similar reports from kids. they're all of one faith but there's nothing spiritual about what's going on beyond the silence of prayer and thought leaders of the orthodox churches here are split they're either pro russian or they want independence and a break from being answerable to the orthodox patriarch in moscow. as a church we try to be independent from it because we don't like russia or so or something else but we see how a russian empire through centuries use also looks church in our land as a tool of imperial policy in this sacred place to the faithful the archbishop's
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words sound political that's because they are there's a potent mix in ukraine of religion and power politics you only have to look around the corner here to see the sort of messaging that's going on violence and death. more than one hundred protesters were killed in the my down uprising of twenty fourteen the lead to the fall of pro russian president viktor yanukovych which then came russia's annexation of crimea and the conflict with pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine now in its fifth year. ukraine's president petro poroshenko stands accused by russia of pushing for orthodox church independence from moscow to boost his chances of winning another term in elections next year in moscow the patriarch a to sees itself as the mother church and it says independence for ukraine will be a good sastre fi. it's an artificial establishment and every time politicians
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meddle in church affairs it leads to pain suffering and often bloodshed because religious conflicts supported by politicians are the most violent and tragic we know that from history and from what is happening in the middle east. here in ukraine not all orthodox church members are in agreement with what's happening. it doesn't matter whether it's a russian or ukrainian church it's hard to see how believe a stat conflicts such as this one over her the church should report to. them as a state ukraine needs faith as a pillar to hold on to so that we understand who we can be in the future. what of the future ukraine's president is declaring a victory while russia warns of religious conflicts and drew simmons.
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a judge in the united states has dismissed one of the six sexual assault charges against the movie producer harvey weinstein he was in court in new york for the decision on a day after the first accusations were made he's pleaded not guilty and denies allegations for more than seventy women. hundred fifty passengers are in the air right now in the world's longest nonstop flight. from singapore to new york took off on thursday singapore airlines through the route nonstop until twenty scrapped it due to high fuel prices restarted using a more fuel efficient plane. a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera turkey and saudi arabia have agreed to work together to investigate the disappearance of the journeys jamal khashoggi it was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second turkish security sources have told our jazeera they have definitive evidence
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he was murdered at least six people have died in one of the strongest hurricane to hit the united states many coastal towns in florida still cut off and more than nine hundred thousand homes are without power a day after hurricane michel made landfall as a category four storm floatable financial markets are having one of their worst weeks this year asian european and u.s. stocks continued to fall on thursday investors are concerned over an escalating trade war between the u.s. and china and potential rate rises by the u.s. federal reserve russia's suspending manned space launches to the international space station until the cause of a rocket failure is investigated. there is. still used. to the international space station and american astronauts russian cosmonaut were forced to make what's called a ballistic reentry by parachute when the russian soyuz rocket aborted blastoff
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they survived enormous g. forces during the emergency landing in kazakhstan in the major says it could take up to two years to rebuild the island of sin away after it was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami two weeks ago firefighters and soldiers are conducting a final search for survivors in the city of palu more than two thousand people have been confirmed dead officials believe up to five thousand people are still missing . ukrainian president petro poroshenko as welcome to decision that gives his country's christian orthodox church full independence from russia a service to mark the historic move was held in the capital kiev it follows the decision by the ecumenical patriarch in istanbul the spiritual leader of a three hundred million orthodox believers world wide. all that is of course on our website the latest on the disappearance of the saudi journalist jamal
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khashoggi well those were the headlines the news continues here not just iraq after inside story stage and that's the watching. an unexpected crisis that's putting a strain on relations between key allies what will the us to be on an investigation its announced the missing saudi journalist democracy and how will we fend off the widespread outrage about allegations that the saudi critic was killed on its own this is a story. welcome
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to the program on iran come on u.s. senators have forced the government into joining the investigation into the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi it was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul nine days ago turkish security sources say he was murdered there by a saudi hit squad the saudis deny that as well as a washington post report which says the saudi crown prince ordered an operation to law the critic back home we'll get to all guests very soon but first particle hand reports from washington. well you know i know nothing right and i know what everybody else knows nothing in just twenty four hours u.s. president donald trump went from no one knows what happened to jamal khashoggi to we need to find out we demanding everything we want to see what's going on here that's a bad situation it's a very serious situation for us for this way we do see. what is
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going on now will be the subject of an official investigation after twenty two senators sent this letter to the white house invoking the magnitsky act it gives the administration four months to determine if the show g.'s human rights were violated and if so by law they will have to place sanctions potentially on people high up in the saudi government the outcry is bipartisan and growing and that this man was murdered in saudi consulate in istanbul that across every line of the malady in the international community. if it did happen it would be held if saudi arabia took a us resident emerging into a consulate and killed him it's time for the united states to rethink our military political and economic relationship with saudi arabia the president has been eager to forge a relationship with the leadership of saudi arabia heralded tens of billions of dollars in defense deals but with reports that many of those have not come through
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the president will be under increasing pressure to target saudi arabia he's not alone just about six months ago the crown prince mohammed bin solomon toured america meeting the most powerful people in the country all now being urged on social media to condemn him and for the president is about to get personal after fiance wrote this opinion piece in the washington post urging action the president said he'll meet her at the white house soon. this was a day that saw the president speak out small public protests in washington d.c. in new york that drew a lot of media attention and angry senators demanding action all signs that for saudi arabia this is not going to go away any time soon. al-jazeera washington. let's bring in our guest joining us from washington is sana chaps he's the director of the turkish research program with the washington institute for near east policy
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here with me in the studio is abraham he's an associate professor of conflict resolution at the doha institute and finally in washington in d.c. is that he's the director of the gulf affairs institute and a former political prisoner of saudi arabia welcome to you all i'd like to start with salma first let's get into this senate investigation that's been announced what is that and does it have any clout. i think where it is heading is that in turkey the government that the security forces are slowly but steadily real releasing information to build a case that. game aimed at indeed had been murdered and i think the turkish president that's erred on has stayed out of this so far because in my view he's still trying to avoid a direct confrontation with saudi arabia he's also trying to align u.s. position with the turkish position i think of course reports in the international media suggesting and using turkish evidence to build
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a case that because you're going to have been murdered there is closely aligning washington increasingly more with turkish position turkey is isolated in the middle east with the exception of qatar it has no friends it doesn't want to go into a long and drawn out conflict with saudi arabia without having u.s. backing first but let me just say if there is this much anger over what's happened particularly in america through the media and within some of the u.s. government how does it get how do you they get out of this i mean is this a a a fine roll call for the crown prince does he have to step aside that's hard to say but i think that it's also not clear that turkish president on and u.s. president trump are completely getting along right now you know that they're involved in a dispute over the arrest of a u.s. pastor in turkey baster brunson in fact his court cases coming up tomorrow and whether or not the courts release him and allow them to travel of course will have a significant impact on how u.s.
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president trump fused turkish president on the two cases are completely unrelated but as it happens i think that these two issues are not intertwined so i think tomorrow you might see a more clear signal from the white house if turkish courts make a decision that president trump feels favorable let me just bring in abraham fried hit the regional implications of all of this you have two very big plays in the middle east of saudi arabia you have turkey what does to do next if it is confirmed that he was murdered in the consulate what options does it have. well i agree with your a guest from washington actually the president of the gun does not have many options here it's no easy options for him here and he has obviously had to to do something to take a decision regarding this especially that if this is proved to be the case that. in fact kidnapped and murdered the consulate so there's no way that you know for him in terms of credibility and positioning and the word that to just take no action
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whatsoever at the same time that all of the choices are with with fighting or struggling with saudi arabia not in his favor because with all the other issues that he has on his plate it would syria. russia the united states all of that so i think at the end of the day he would have to do something because if he doesn't then it was it's about national pride it's about dignity it's about sovereignty over his country so i think what he would have to do this stage is that to ensure that he has an international backing and i think that's why we're seeing that that is him not they can get actions let me bring in our head let's just talk quickly about the case itself intelligence sources in washington have told the washington post that they have evidence of a plot. being created to capture jamal. what is n.b.s.
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thinking is he took so close to the trumpet ministration that he thinks he can get away with almost anything. that is in part through not only m.b.'s but other member leaders saudi leaders for many years the u.s. has basically whitewashed saudi leaders called the reformers and no matter how horrendous they do it in the case of yemen for example just in a couple of weeks ago the state department defended saudi targeting of children and that bus that forty children were killed so that's true but here we might see a diversion a little bit b.s. i think is going his own wings and maybe want to be independent and you can see what mr trump's been saying the past few days basically publicly shaming king solomon and asking for money that if you don't pay you can and you will not survive two weeks and so on so this is i think an indication of
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a silent confrontation and the murder of a. gave the trauma to the station and the washington elites to increase the pressure so this could be also related to something else that we haven't we don't know yet about could be about the deal with the with israel the so-called the deal of the century because m.b.'s has not delivered and many of his. main promises of. he's talked about so this this could be the real reason in terms of turkey the saudis are threatening. hinting that they will sever relations with the turks issued a statement through his ago that the total rumors of saudi arabia severing relations with turkey are not true but this is very. suspicious because nobody was saying that so they was they were trying to send a message and the way the operation has been conducted their planes the two planes flew from stumbled with. the carried the kill team one flew to
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egypt and we flew to the u.a.e. because turkey. is housing dissidents from the u.a.e. muslim brotherhood dissidents. saudi dissident islamists mostly so maybe you have he had. an ally is between turkey between saudi arabia egypt and against turkey and maybe three of them with several ations i expect that and fact today just bringing his son into this you just mentioned earlier about the trade between the u.s. and saudi arabia is worth billions of dollars fifty five billion dollars of sales alone in two thousand and eighteen sort of you know how do you reset that relationship off to something like this does the money talk louder than politics it does but this could be a major public diplomacy debacle for the saudis as turkey slowly releases evidence
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showing that indeed there may have been a plot to assassinate or kill. and i think that turkey really maybe does not also want to go into a full confrontation with the saudis or no one is aware of his limitations he's also deferential to the saudi kings he respects them as the protector of islam's holiest mosques in the past for example when saudi king spends it on car other turkish capital early on in violation of diplomatic protocol went to visit them in their hotel room this never happens in ankara visiting heads of state go to anyone's residence or palace to visit him and he did the opposite so he shows respect to them and i think he really does not want to rupture in my view one of the reasons why he has been completely absent and not blame the saudi royal family but let his unnamed security officials do the job is because not only he tries to avoid a confrontation with the saudis but also because they're trying to give him a graceful exit out he was hoping that their oil family would issue a declaration and saying something like that the rogue elements of the saudi state
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did this and they have nothing to do with it but in the absence of such statements i think he is now being for. to release more and more evidence and that will only build a case in the us starting with the us congress there's already some talk of legislation for sanctions related to the party at the suggested murder. and this could also of course push the administration to take stronger measures so i think we are not at an irreversible moment i think turkey is still hoping that the saudis will take the graceful exit out but if not to we could soon enter into a territory where we could see a rupture in turkish saudi relations and that we did first time or the most severe crisis in my in recent memory as far as i can recall in turkey saudi ties let me bring in britain here a graceful exit that's what's on the chubbs he just said a graceful exit we've not seen the saudis handle this very well the statements that they've issued have been the camera wasn't working we don't know where he is it's
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almost like the dog ate my homework it's in the excuses rather than any kind of concrete evidence of the provided do you think they're handling it badly and why is that well i think so far it has been handled very poorly on the south side because the whole reason that has been given so far that he left after twenty minutes cameras were not recording and this is not convincing for anyone and this is actually what frustrated the american positions even feel that on this because we are seeing many phone calls from from point b. you including from trump himself calling again asking for answers and for information's but again and again the only thing that we are hearing is that the chemicals were not recording i think this is not helping solve any and this is not helping the cause at all because also it's not helping go to the gun is to try to work out a solution on his own it's not helping the united states either because we are
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seeing that increasing pressure within the set of house. including lately that twenty two senators asking or requiring actually. to launch an investigation and the magnets the human rights account account you know. so for this reason i think we are we are getting we are pushing for the absence of saudi as it is pushing the crisis to new levels and move fishbowls because keep it let's keep in mind in the united states there has been already huge of frustrations over how saudi arabia is handing gehman and why are we taking the liability of the saudi government and now it's not only a man but also you know this issue of how you do which is frustrating the u.s. position even let me bring in. you're
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a political prisoner of saudi arabia you understand the regime the way it works because the kingdom is so used to restricting access to information domestically do you think they were expecting anything like this and do you think they have the tools to be able to deal with an international law don't you just media crisis but political crisis well when they're so used to restricting access to information. i mean they they have good friends in western washington they have. you know dozens of p.r. and law firms that represent them so they have been i think simply successful i mean this is bad but if it was done by the country to be even worse so they do have allies here and i think in a few days next week things will get better for them speaking about turkey my information is the president has to undergo i would be speaking on this maybe center day and the turks have a view a video of the actual murder and they would show it on t.v.
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so and i think i agree with with with your guest from the russians too that there is an alliance growing between the between the turks and the americans. regarding this issue and maybe the turks have taken advantage of that as well because he was . there was was close to the gun administration he was a strong defender of turkey but also he was liked by a certain. people here in washington the washington post crowd so i really think this is going to damage saudi arabia and said a man who i just heard last night the americans are shopping for a replacement i cannot confirm these things yet but i believe it because b.s. has not delivered on his promises and the americans rather find somebody else so let me bring you in here shopping for a replacement is the america is the american so frustrated with the crown prince
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that they're actually looking to rip try and replace him or least influences replacement this is definitely a time that is very difficult diplomacy wise for saudi arabia as the issue develops and evolves and more and more evidence comes out from turkey and if it's indeed the case that the turks have a videotape of the murder of course. it can't be denied at that stage it's going to be very old difficult to hold the floodgates and. a backlash i think that there's still some time of course maybe for a make up i think that's one reason why turkish president on has remained absent from the debate he hasn't blamed the saudi authorities of course he knows that the saudis have financial instruments turkey's economy just went through a pretty severe shock and so that could hurt and undermine turkey but the region i let me just tell you that of course would would ending the war in yemen be
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a way out for both the saudis and the u.s. this crisis with the help think it is iran has their chips that we don't know about . it would help when the public public live on the sea side but i think right now the caution against that end outshines everything else that nothing that the saudis would do anywhere else i think would help cover it if indeed there was a murder there and i think that the turkish side will insist insist and that is because turkey is very invasive of its sovereignity i think i know and rightly feels that turkey sovereignty has been violated turkey's a former imperial nation as we all know the ottomans collapsed less than a hundred years ago so this is completely unacceptable and i think therefore the turkish side will insist on some sort of either a graceful exit out that the saudis take or complete pushback against the saudis if it doesn't happen ibrahim let me bring you in here saudi dissidents abroad that they are increasing in number in the last year alone we've seen twenty people seek
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asylum in canada saudi real residency because asylum in canada because a so afraid what the regime will do to them why do saudi dissidents abroad prevent the present such a threat to the saudi government well i don't think actually the present the serious threat to the saudi government i think it's the way the saudi government is handling this issue. many countries are actually they have positions of brood and they're working against them and the frontal is i think in some out of like the level of political tolerance on those government side so. to himself i don't think he was even proposing himself to be in a position he said that many times on t.v. and many of his media that if you lose i'm not a position i'm trying to advise and actual we have the reports that he was trying to promote some sort of democratic reform you know for that they have regions not even is not wonderful. so that's the with the saudi leadership is
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managing this position a broad issue is the the front valuable that we have yet. that is leading us to this to this crisis which is of course is causing as he discusses with a key ally the number one ally is the united states because this is this issue is going to complicate. matters for the imaging the alliances between saudi arabia and the united states with its of the god being the ultimate deal already got a thing when other things because now we are seeing again within the american administration a split between and. between the white house and the establishment where the tram in the beginning was support was reluctant to intervene in this crisis and the senate house is pushing for action so now here is another dilemma for the u.s. foreign policy is between i see it as between a struggle or a confrontation between commitment to human rights. and autumn sales so
9:42 am
it's not an easy three off and i'm only talking at once ryan talking and that's why we're seeing been reluctant and he ordered the actually made some sort of statements that we should not expect the arms sales being affected so traditionally in u.s. foreign policy when when when values clash with interest that traditionally u.s. foreign policy favor the interest not the values not the human rights and that's why i don't think we should expect too much from the american position on this well let me bring eliot. we can talk about the dissidents just again the dissident movement abroad what does something like that do to a movement that was already very scared what the saudi government could do what does an incident like this do does it in effect kill that move and kill that movement or will people be too scared indeed we try to get some saudi dissident or living abroad on to the show today and he turned us down because he felt he was
9:43 am
afraid for what might happen what does this do for the distance. i think some like the gentleman you spoke to his his brothers have been thrown in jail and his friends were and they were using him and they did it against me and my brother has been in jail for the past basically twenty years and my nephew they added my nephew to the mix so they use your family against you i have been myself a target for surveillance spying infiltration hacking luring to another country just like it was lord so they do not like dissidents specially in key countries like you know the united states is p.c. the people who provide internet of a sale turn it of you know if you if you were in washington and you were talking about an oblate and islamic something nobody would you know they wouldn't care because the saudis actually promote those kind of opponents so they appear you know it to be the best option but when you are talking about democracy freedom for all
9:44 am
and so on something similar to what we have in the west that prose is a danger it's very important for the saudis to appear to be the most liberal. option in the country so if you are more liberal than them or more modern than them then that's the problem proposes a problem for another major story that goes well we are going to visit the end of the show i want to bring in. let's just talk about the idea that has to be a way out of this crisis we don't know what the way else is right now but if you were advising the trumpet ministration what would be your for you what would be your next move. i think that the idea would be to cooperate with turkey to carry out a thorough investigation to look at the evidence that turkey is providing as well as adding u.s. investigators to this to get to the bottom of it and i think that's the only way we can see a conclusion of this issue. just very very quickly the regional implications for
9:45 am
all of this we still haven't we still don't fully understand what they're going to be but do you think the longer this crisis goes on the worse it will become for the region generally well of course we have the sanctions against iran you know reaching get their peak in november and the crisis is between this you know alliance between the united states israel and saudi arabia to confront iran is going to get serious and november so to just this so given if this can crisis continues i think this is going to meanly efik this. what's what's called confrontation with iran and how it's going to be hounded because especially again if the senate house pressures the white house trying even more to take actions and because there is a human rights violations bluntly committed against the lists in and which is
9:46 am
violating international law acceptable norms i think it's going to complicate the whole thing and raises serious questions about the next steps for the regional allies serious questions indeed i'd like to thank all our guests on a chapter in britain fry had. read and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me in wrong on the whole team here by phone oh. i.
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more than seven decades ago a country was split into a bit but it didn't end and now the time comes to being involved all it took was a pan a map and a collapsing empire and when the british had to draw a line they pulled these seven two had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood. the cricket world is not about match fixing i mean you have to think why would he give me a got the best bet then he didn't burn to me again it's there i get a big big bang bang. al-jazeera as investigative unit reveals explosive new evidence documentary confirms them imo now is
9:48 am
a very hard profile figure in match fixing and international cricket do you know this match al-jazeera investigations cricket's match fixes the manaul of files coming soon. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera turkish security sources have told our jazeera they have definitive evidence that the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered they say they know where it took place and the information has been shared with washington the saudi government critic was last seen entering his country's consulate in istanbul on oct second stephanie deca has more from
9:49 am
istanbul. the president's spokesperson announcing that a joint working group will be set up between turkey and saudi arabia according to sources at the request of the saudis to carry out an investigation into what happened to you we do understand however that the turks will be carrying out an independent investigation as well they've been waiting to go into the consulate the saudi consulate the from what we understand the saudis have been making that difficult perhaps this working group will mean that there will be some movement on not in the next few days also we understand from intelligence sources security sources that the turks have informed washington of their findings that they firmly believe that the saudi journalist has been killed and they say they know where it happened this is all part of a wider campaign of leaks by ankara over the last couple of days through the media telling them issuing them what they believe happened to the saudi journalist painting
9:50 am
a horrific picture of course we still have no official evidence no official facts a new turkish official who's going on camera to make these allegations but that also highlights and shows you just how sensitive the matter is politically at least six people have died in one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the united states many coastal towns in florida are still cut off a day of the hurricane michael made landfall as a country four storm more than nine hundred thousand homes are without power unlike most hurricanes michael didn't we can to become a tropical storm until it traveled more than three hundred kilometers inland. and the sea correspondent wendy woolfolk reports from panacea florida. the scope the magnitude of the damage here is incredible hopefully you can still see behind me that huge a houseboat that was tossed like a toy from one dock here to another at the height of that storm we have seen countless trees up rooted. homes that are removed from their
9:51 am
foundations power. winds down one person described those hardest hit areas like a war zone like a bomb had taken advice had gone off here unfortunately it's going to be some time before search and rescue teams can get into those areas and so many people still without power in all of these states florida georgia alabama the carolinas up and of virginia they're without power at this point and the governor here in florida is saying it's just not safe to try to come back and assess the damage and don't take away from the people who are trying to search and and rescue people who may be stranded don't take away from their efforts at this point safety is key and patience is needed throughout this entire region russia is suspending man launches to the international space station until the cools of a rocket is investigated let's go in there is lift off the still use him
9:52 am
in to the international space station carrying out american astronauts and russian cosmonaut were forced to make what's called a ballistic reentry by punishment when the russian soyuz rocket suffered a catastrophic malfunction of the blast walls they survived enormous g. forces during their emergency landing in kazakhstan in the major says it could take up to two years to rebuild the island of some away zero if it was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami two weeks ago so i thought it was an soldiers are conducting a final search for survivors in the city of the rescue if it was extended until friday at the request of residents more than two thousand people have been confirmed dead officials believe up to five thousand people are still missing. global financial markets are having one of their worst weeks this year asian european and u.s. stocks all continue to fall on thursday best as the concern of an escalating trade war between the u.s. and china and potential rate rises by the u.s.
9:53 am
fed well those were the headlines the news continues here and i'll just era of the witness stated that elections by the. you know. if. they're going. to go now. they're going to look. again and.
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they keep saying you need ten number. of enemy stars come to pop up. now y'all for doesn't it on the old they let me pop by them to dog them all the dogs get up with him and. wish him but if it's a he could just on. you thing instead bochum got a letter. from a number that will get to meet somebody that event comes out the chord is coming and. if that opening out code is going to find out i've been naughty from day one.
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for waking up up us calling us like it is the one it's got from going to get even more you don't. get this please many dog lucky will tell him not only that what do you think. would. come with. oh yeah. i. could just on. the get inside the cd and. they had to meet him month some yellin there's some new toning down the holy hit that. he stored in a paper she. knew something needed for. the high going on for me yes
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then his film is thought as funny as him. to be penned up this morning about it in the book something in the book. but just to this is about him all about image. over there up to old testament i'm a. real. winner i'll. just through the system and followed up much of a lot of that but i go look at the. top
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gun in. the mile most of the cutting down. stuff that's not just. tell. you something. that might. be good just. yesterday i know that you know the. wow know what. if that other new storms just dalton e.-s. come from seeding of any docs nest which just almost on. history would prove insisting on that the mist up by the id is e the. some do give us good events some of them through new york loaded into the money. you see these men. these days on the marquee they get with the unemployed to form a sock not a wooden had one when even all the yes someone dumped on them you have
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a steed get em. for. fourth or fifth although i don't know if they are from report but they're far good . and you. look at all of them in the first minute or fun of that be the money you put it in then you get to. book up to the genius you did he got that into the end up with it but his advantage will then you know harmlessly diminishing through. midweek it is in the bag up again if you dog out of. the obvious of it up to go you don't got the middle one know the beautician it will go the middle woman mother not posted here much to be this new dog and. this year that we are at the very moment of the one board i'm never having moment publisher they want to know her husband or to mark them a bit and the children would go. there
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for defending all the vamps. funny fall in a city is that i planted it in he thought implied. saudi and i stole it from enough speed thoughts. as to say distance from the sun but if you know that the stock is money you easy job in manama is that when i'm sober and being honest almost there was. a little can of this what you know good. about what you know. of them and of on them. and not just no one can hold with. saddam says he
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couldn't see a little bit in mind it didn't. just like his mother. from the daughter of poland so don't get close even on the. media near the media that i shouldn't have to go to only i should be obama. honey first easter and some of them theater some. small believe it could not but they'll be yes. dog in each of the showing on t.v. and prove. on thing enough quality that he's done a lot of the albany at them. like by her yeah. oh oh fern torr lana here. far no looking no call assured her the day that she heard when i learned you know her you know a lot i know how mother lost.


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