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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 284  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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ok. so yeah was the bit at the deficit well may you mean for me that's one end of all can get through the into twenties now them chip has been set at the sort of an agreement you're. sorry. it was you know that if. that they get him it's another to get them about is that we got is it the chocolate or posh. hard to move that you know it never took one of the ten are to to go. so there's a comedy about a shootout it will cost i'm going to. be. there now it's my show i'm john no fish was out i wasn't going to.
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just real fast you can. have to have you know john not just those at the but not the solution you got it much your mom had to stop. him before to speak to him in the steps that i've been on the food. i had off to have been a good wash out the same being made of service because i spent such a. might have either taught them to stand between us we have to figure out what i mean a sweet about those you. guys are. not going to talk about anything. so it's all a waste of words for a split tell you this i know are. never going to know. the truth. we are certainly. very. jealous of course. tell a difference you can that's just. about any ask again and again this. is.
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it. was. awesome.
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up. up so you know i know. the difference is. there is a lot of fighting and. systems in. the aug. i. did it at the. age. where they were. muslim with. earmarks and it's been a. distant. look. i think you know if
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that's all i can ask for. in charlotte county they can ok. even the if i sit with margaret mario let's say you're clean. does that if you get on with business. when the universe is committed in order to ga ga over. a triple murder trial did nothing george come of been better dog the killer mysteria one of the. cool business. one of those america to try to begin with the money they need. to get it right. you and your good vision yours mina i fish. market and as board the comes out i
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mean i'm definitely going to be a she turned. to she had a little start and i vetoed. on the package it does stick in cool and as bottom of the am to do. some control we going and shoot them talked about who. want. if that they already. know that. the ball can. get a lot of the fun of. any fall contact that move but at the other money to. some of the molly ball come all the yes.
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i want to go. with all. of us on. the case. as the state does mccrary. good to. be a comedy we saw it yesterday she just saw. us to get it out of us to stick she's on is up next our post-script.
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mana so my mail was at the sally. and i did that made a hundred easy to speak with female for me yes. but here if.
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i. could of got. a side of that middle of july there was that got. a little bit sorry i have. got to get the president. to get out of the hands of. the gold stars in the film of the mountain that's you know the optimism is one of. the december this all must turn the music to just listen to them and getting along in one of them to the whole that i thought. i want to visit were not. censored were. sent on my sound never. saw the other bits of the most of them. but some of the southern most all of the
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but. coming up here you get the rhythm of a. movement thought a bit funny that's a good. point. and i. could respond then the woman we saw the disco candle in that runs like a good minutes pop punk. only now have another you know one number a thumb in the me from meeting next week with the balkan. but the benefits of that. if i can and i have now gone on. one another not if. i get
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out of pocket. one simple mistake could be for. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for a former north korean soldier the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take . own marine boy a witness documentary on al-jazeera. and
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i know that there remains a hostile michael is still with us every part of north america has a satellite picture as it gradually made its way northward overland of course it's lost its energy sources so it is disintegrating the winds easing but we're still seeing a lot of heavy rain you can see all the cloud feeding ahead of that well the way up into the eastern parts of canada that system eventual moves away though so by around lunchtime on friday should be over the atlantic and then for the eastern coast it will be a lot drier and brighter but as that will moves away we've got another system that's making its way in from the southwest that's making its way across some of the desert states the u.s. and then working its way eastward so do expect some flooding here as we head through friday and into saturday but further towards the south of also seeing some heavy rains here particularly over the southern parts of mexico you can see the satellite picture picking out that cloud there really has been very wet and there's plenty more rain still to come as we head through friday and saturday too so they could be some flooding here also for the east also wet weather here from panama all
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the way up towards jamaica and further east so do expect some shop downpours here too now the rain that's been over parts of brazil recently is just tracking a little bit further southwards now so for some of us in europe why in the northern parts of argentina expect some heavy rain i won't be that will be born salaries at sixty. demand is outstrip supply and inference of a commodity. adoption is a compassionate act for children but not against the will of them it's. cruel uganda of the united states for klein's investigates innocent lives have been court in an illegal tug of war between biological. parents. soup lines on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard.
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but it's been horrific jomo soldier's life it's not a normal life show and the story needs to be told to do stories that have been passed all suspect by testifying in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys behind back al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey and saudi arabia agreed to work together to investigate the case of missing journalists. even as ancora says it has evidence he was killed
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. american michael killed at least six people in florida leaving a trail of unimaginable destruction. u.s. stocks take another plunge pushed down by concern over interest rates and trade tensions with china plus. i'm andrew symonds reporting from the capital of ukraine on another battle with russia this time within the orthodox church which looks like some. it's big a split for. welcome to the program turkish security sources i'm told al-jazeera they have definitive evidence that the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered they say they know where it took place and the information has been shared with washington the saudi government critic was last seen entering his country's consulate in istanbul on
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october the second or turkey has agreed to a saudi request to jointly investigate these disappearance but human rights watch says the saudis can't be trusted to carry out a genuine inquiry meanwhile in the u.s. senators from both parties are pushing for a vote in congress to block sales to saudi arabia but president trump says ending the one hundred ten billion dollar deal would hurt u.s. defense companies stephanie decker has more from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul. the president's spokesperson announcing that a joint working group will be set up between turkey and saudi arabia according to sources at the request of the saudis to carry out an investigation into what happened to you we do understand however that the turks will be carrying out an independent investigation as well they've been waiting to go into the consulate the saudi consulate before what we understand the saudis have been making that difficult perhaps this working group will mean that there will be some movement on that in the next few days also we understand from intelligence sources security
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sources that the turks have informed washington of their findings that they firmly believe that the saudi journalist has been killed and they say they know where it happened this is all part of a wider campaign of leaks by ankara over the last couple of days through the media telling them issuing them what they believe happened to the saudi journalist painting a horrific picture of course we still have no official evidence no official facts a new turkish official who's gone on camera to make these allegations but that also highlights and shows you just how sensitive the matter is politically the president donald trump appears reluctant to take punitive measures against saudi arabia if it's found to be responsible focus of his disappearance despite pressure from senators from both parties he's opposed to holding its arms deal with riyadh alan fischer reports from washington. the u.s. president has repeatedly stopped short of blaming saudi arabia for the disappearance of jamal khashoggi what happened is
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a terrible thing assuming that happened i mean maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised but somehow i tend to doubt it and we take it very seriously and don't trump says he opposed any move by u.s. senators to block arms sales to sochi in retaliation i don't like the concept of stopping an investment of one hundred ten billion dollars into the united states. because you know they're going to do they're going to take that money and spend it or russia or china or someplace else so i think there are other ways if it turns out to be as bad as it might be there are certainly other ways of handling the situation but the president says u.s. investigators are now helping inquiries abroad with a report jew in his words very soon but turkey's foreign minister on a trip to iraq says that's not the case but they do want sodhi help because the incident took place in saudi arabia's consulate we're working on this matter with the saudi authorities and they must cooperate with us on this matter we will announce the results at the end of the investigation
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a leading republican senator with access to the latest intelligence says he believes jamal khashoggi has been murdered everyone points to saudi arabia and it would appear that he's not a law about what one democrat says the white house can't talk about what it would do to punish the president trumps unwillingness to set out any consequences or even the threat of consequences essentially tells the saudis that were ok with this kind of conduct and behavior last year saudi arabia spent more than twenty seven million dollars to will be in washington a process of seeking to influence politicians and she policy in its favor one washington more church says their money can't help them with this saudi arabia is one of the most influential lobbying and p.r. machines in washington d.c. but in this case the facts just speak louder. or than any lobbyist campaign contributions or any p.r. spokespersons talking points possibly could so what good does that do us no donald
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trump says he's expecting a port in the case he will come under pressure from senators to make it public when he receives it only seems reluctant to take action against the country he's built up as a friend and an ally he might be left with no choice but to at. washington on the member of the u.s. senate foreign relations committee jeff flake says arms sales to saudi arabia should end if the kingdom is involved in crucial g.'s mota with the apparent brutal murder murder of journalist jamal khashoggi some of the some of the real enemies of the people and enemies of freedom seem to have taken license to eliminate a man that their regime viewed as a threat mr president we need to know exactly what happened in that saudi consulate in turkey earlier this month put bluntly we cannot do business with the saudi government if they directed or were complicit in the murder of jamal
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khashoggi john hendren joins us live now from washington d.c. john so there's a news report just hours ago that suggests that turkey actually has the audio and video evidence to prove saudi involvement what does it say. that's right there and we might now understand why those turkish officials and those u.s. senators are so certain that because shoji is dead and that the saudi arabian government is responsible we've known for a while that there were closed circuit television cameras outside of that consulate and they capture because shoji going in turkish television has released that video but now the washington post is reporting that the turkish government has told united states officials that it has already own video recordings that prove that the washington post columnist shoji was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul now according to that report a saudi security team detained in the consulate killed him and then dismembered his body according to u.s.
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officials who have been briefed on those audio and video recordings and talk to the post one of them says you can hear his voice in the voices of men speaking arabic you can hear how he was interrogated tortured and then murdered yet now united states officials separately had a report that in fact the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon had developed a plan to lure two shoji to saudi arabia and then detain him for whatever reason that did not happen but according to this report fifteen saudi security officers intended to capture because shoji and possibly bring him back to saudi arabia but instead on the audio recording it shows that after killing because this was clearly a team went to the home of the saudi consul general were staff had been told to go home early and were told the turkish government has evidence of at least one phone call made after that now there is evidence that saudi arabia is paying something of a price that an upcoming. investment summit in saudi arabia is often called davos
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in the desert in a number of people have pulled out of that the new york times of the media sponsor they pulled out an official from over pulled out as well and there have been others there's a lot being firm called harbor group in. washington d.c. would have been paid eighty thousand dollars a month by the saudi government they have dropped saudi arabia as a client and richard branson the british entrepreneur had two tourism projects with saudi arabia he has also dropped that business and they have all cited the disappearance of cars so g.e. and john president trump seems reluctant at this stage to take action but congress appears morning kind to do something is that now a rift between the president and congress of the shelby. there appears to be the beginning of a rift. since one nine hundred thirty three the two governments the united states and saudi arabia when they first formally recognized each other and gave each other full diplomatic relations there's been a special relationship between the two governments and it grew closer under
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president george w. bush and barack obama but never as close as it was under president trump and on his first visit outside of the u.s. he went to saudi arabia and among the things he did there with king solomon was negotiate a hundred and ten billion dollar arms sale to saudi arabia will that is now at risk members of congress say as you heard jeff flake saying there earlier the united states should not be doing business with saudi arabia if they are capable of an act like this so there is apparently a rift in fact relations between saudi arabia and the united states according to bob corker the head of the senate foreign relations committee have never been as bad as they are now and he says they threaten to go off a cliff john hendren day in washington d.c. john thank you well let's bring in david katz the c.e.o. and founder of global security group he joins us via skype from new york david it's been over a week now since disappearance we still have had no official statement from turkey and they say the saudis being unhelpful so how difficult is it going to be to
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gather all the forensic evidence and piece a list together. well when you say parenthetically forensics. things. around the government would require investigation inside the consulate which is not going to happen but what i would suggest what i would suggest in to your producer earlier is that there is clearly tension between the saudis and the turkish government so that suggests that turkey is going to be directing their very considerable intelligence apparatus at everything to do with the saudi government in turkey for sure so it's very possible but they do in fact have or you know and video recordings of the things that are going on inside the consulate whether it was point whether there were bombs planted or they were and you know electronic intercepts so you wouldn't really need. six if you have evidence of that nature and if if the report in the washington post is correct that's really what
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they have yeah i mean you talk about some of the intelligence assets that may be disposed but what sort of just talk us through what sort of evidence will that investigators be looking for to back up their claims that he was killed inside the diplomatic compound of a foreign country folk we clearly have video of him at or in the compound so that's that's that's beyond. what i'm suggesting is it's possible that either electronically or physically there are a lot of ways to get access to for example listen even inside a structure there are very very robust. electronic devices that allow you to listen in even though some you could be outside remotely and listen to a conversation inside the structure if they have that coupled with video you'll actually hear what happened you'll hear the voices you'll hear you know. suggesting there was an interrogation followed by a very brutal murder if that's the case and that's already on audiotape and or videotape.


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