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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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but when the storm hit it brought winds of two hundred fifty kilometers an hour making it one of the most powerful hurricanes to make landfall in the u.s. it's like our lives are gone you know our lives everything we have is gone now the stuff we got all our cars everything the stuff the stones. to me where can. they store to store i'm just hard to realize just what just happened to step it surviving it is the best that the most important thing i think if we just be able to survive in nearby panama city to the picture is grim the cleanup it will be time consuming and costly but search and rescue efforts are a priority the national guard are on the ground along with search and rescue crews but challenges remain one of the things that is compounding the problems here are situations like this where you've got downed trees and they are everywhere all across the florida panhandle and that is especially important for one reason that means the emergency services search and rescue can still not get to the areas where
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they're most needed as the powerful storm headed in land it brought misery to georgia and the carolinas but it's what happened here along the florida panhandle that will leave the longest lasting impact on the gallacher al-jazeera eastpointe florida a severe cyclon has killed at least nine people in eastern india after it made landfall on thursday about the hundred thousand people were forced to move to higher ground before titley arrived. the heavy winds and rain brought down trees and caused widespread power outages still ahead on al-jazeera a devastating floods in nigeria could cause a shortage of. we've had a lot of flooding over parts of the western mediterranean recently we've had some
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of the spanish islands and then you can see that area of heavy rain work its way through the southern parts of france into the northern parts of italy southern parts of france we've seen some flooding here as we have in sicily to this system though is easing as we go through the next few days so there will be some heavy downpours probably for sicily but i think other than that the showers will become more manageable by the time we get to lunchtime on friday the worst of the storm over ireland will be clearing away still plenty of rain though across many parts of britain and ireland and that's going to stick around as we head through saturday as well just making its way towards the northwestern parts of the iberian peninsula as well elsewhere for the eastern parts of europe largely fine and dry and quite warm still in warsaw with a maximum temperature of twenty one degrees for the other side of the mediterranean we've got a fair few showers here they've been working their way eastwards over the last day or so so we'll see some around choosier there for friday and probably there we just edging eastwards into the northern parts of libya as we head into saturday for the central belt of africa still some lively showers here some particularly heavy ones
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over parts of south sudan i think as we head through friday but even further south over policy you gander is working fairly wet at times and in the west is to. journeys of possible discovery more american here and then more air in the u.s. algiers correspondents tell them passing stories that have mocked their lives i feel sad that they have to endure the difficult times here don't like my family status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave the. al-jazeera correspondent coming soon.
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iraq in al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you now the u.s. media is reporting that the turkish government says it has video and audio recordings proving that journalist was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul it was last seen ten days ago walking into the building to get documentation for his upcoming marriage detained american pastor at the center of a diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and turkey has arrived in court for a case hearing and her bronson is accused of being linked to groups involved in the failed turkish who in two thousand and sixteen. and only six people have died after a major hurricane he hit the east coast of the united states after hurricane michel made landfall many coastal towns in florida are still cut off the state's governor rick scott says the storm has left a trail of unimaginable destruction. nigeria's agriculture minister is warning
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there could be a shortage of rice that is the country's staple food that's after devastating floods hit large parts of the country destroying crops just as farmers are getting ready for harvest visit at some of the affected areas. for three long weeks floodwaters have covered large parts of gigo estate in the north of nigeria farmlands and damaged roads have become temporary fishing grounds. with their crops rotting under water some farmers salvage what they can more than one hundred thousand of them have seen this year's harvest wiped out from western. to process and is the whole chain has broken down and it is it is it is mostly lost of money to the economy and they do have a multiplier effect on the on the general economy of the state is the only huge huge loss for us only
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a few of the states rights farms escaped the flood waters more than a thousand hectares of this rice sam has been under water for more than three weeks now the owners say the crop is rotten and lost he like many other farmers would have to find a way of feeding their families before the next harvest that is if the floodwaters don't return sure i will work a borrowed money to expand his farm here in the head age of valley in the hopes of more crops and bigger profits. musical i started last year and made a lot of money this year a trickle in of two thousand five hundred dollars to increase output and lost everything experts are blaming climate change for the floods and i warning of long term consequences it is weren't retired in the first place the right if for food security. and ultimately government may have to
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take very serious and my this is just to meet the immediate needs of the old the victims that have been affected. the c.s. disaster came when nigeria's borders are still closed to rise the imports a staple for most families. in one of the state's most affected helping to ease the pain of some farmers by giving out seeds. now in the process or given them hybrid seats. in seats so that there was a siege or must at least tool to get something out of that land but that may not be enough to save the farmers from economic ruin across eighteen states in nigeria more than two hundred thousand hectares of crops have been destroyed in addition to lives crops and homes there's been a significant damage to infrastructure forced right can use why highways existed
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these villagers not only escaped death when they wouldn't build capsize a reminder to do the flood has receded the threat to live remains committee agrees . to join the nigerian. the search for survivors from an earthquake and tsunami in indonesia has been extended until friday our fighters and soldiers are conducting their final searches in the city of polo the rescue effort was extended at the request of the families and a nation says it could take up to two years to rebuild earthquake devastated the island or than two thousand people had been confirmed dead the un secretary general has praised indonesian government for its quick response to the disaster antonio terrorism ride on the island at celibacy where thousands are fair and buried under the rubble. i must say that i have a lot of admiration for what has been an extremely effective response of the indonesian government of course when we see is the of
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a station we are broken in there are still probably one thousand bodies moby's rubble in front of us but the resilience of the indonesian people and the quick response and effective response of the indonesian government deserve the admiration of the international community and i hope they'll be a lot of support for the reconstruction for these people to be able to see again life we hope that and redemption government seems to be reluctance in taking international aid in a way that you know there is a that ok well the u.n. is already working with an asian governments with we are embedded in the effort that is being done on the ground we have launched already an appeal we are working fully with the russian government but one single must be clear it's important that the leadership must be the local leadership it's indonesian government that can lead these efforts the international community should be here to support not to complicate see sometimes too many people try to get involved in sings and then of course the support of the populations is not as effective as it should be
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indonesian government is doing a very good job and we are seeing to support them in line with their own strategy daniel meeting between the international monetary fund in the world bank group is underway and bally global financial stability jobs economic development and poverty eradication those things are on the agenda the ongoing trade war between the u.s. and china has been dominating discussions i.m.f. chief christine legarde says it could have damaging consequences. even though trade corp has driven an unprecedented period of growth and prosperity over the last seventy plus years. today it faces a backlash partly because too many people have been left out. was to meet that discoloration of current played functions could reduce global g.d.p. by almost one percent over the next two years.
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clearly we need to deescalate these disputes but just as clearly we need to reform the global trade system to make it even better fairer stronger. mutually beneficial to all nations and all people and food for the future. but that means fixing the system together not tearing it apart the world health organization is warning that the evil outbreak in the democratic republic of congo could last several months and spread to uganda and rwanda there are now one hundred ninety four cases and one hundred twenty two deaths from the outbreak two thirds of cases have been in and around the city of beni and north kivu province that's where the bolo response was disrupted last month by a series of attacks by armed groups. i think now we have around. forty people that have been really lots to follow they've not been found for days on end
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not just from one day and they pick up the next to them overwhelming majority of those forty plus people maybe more than ninety percent so so again and again it even logical roads lead back to any of the single biggest risk it's the conflation of the security in your logical risks together and that's where we know we have to prioritize and that gives us a very clear mandate that we know where to focus it cranium president petro poroshenko has welcomed a decision against this country's christian orthodox church fall and dependence from russia also decision by the ecumenical patriarch in istanbul the spiritual leader of three hundred million orthodox believers worldwide and her seven support some cats they're all of one faith but there's nothing spiritual about what's going on beyond the silence of prayer and thought leaders of the orthodox churches here all splits their either pro russian or they want independence and
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a break from being on struble to the orthodox patriarch in moscow. as a church we try to be independent from not because we don't like russia or so or samson else but we see how a russian empire through centuries use also books church in our land as a tool of imperial poultice in this sacred place to the faithful the archbishop's words sound political that's because they are there's a potent mix in ukraine of religion and power politics you only have to look around the corner to see the sort of messaging that's going on violence and death. more than one hundred protesters were killed in the my down uprising of twenty fourteen the lead to the fall of pro russian president viktor yushchenko which then
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came russia's annexation of crimea and the conflict with pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine now in its fifth year ukraine's president petro poroshenko stands accused of pushing for orthodox church independence from moscow to boost his chances of winning another term in elections next year in moscow the patriarch eight sees itself as the mother church and it says independence for ukraine will be a catastrophe. it's an artificial establishment and every time politicians meddle in church affairs it leads to pain suffering and often bloodshed because religious conflicts supported by politicians are the most violent and tragic we know that from history and from what is happening in the middle east. here in ukraine not all orthodox church members are in agreement with what's happening.
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it doesn't matter whether it's a russian or ukrainian church it's hard to see how believe a stat conflicts such as this one by the who the church should report to. as a state ukraine needs faith as a pellet to hold on to so that we understand who we can be in the future. what of the future ukraine's president is declaring a victory while russia warns of religious conflicts and drew simmons. at the u.n. general assembly last month the u.s. and iran war and balled in a war of words about heine the saints there was one rare case of cooperation which meant running president hassan rouhani didn't go home empty handed that's after a court in new york ordered a twice stolen per person artifact to be returned to iran same reports. for an important piece of ancient persia this was a homecoming nearly a century in the making this small square piece of limestone traveled the world for
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decades crossing continents and changing hands. thought to be worth two million dollars on the open market experts say the carving was made around two thousand five hundred years ago during the time of persepolis the capital of the committed dynasty the first persian empire which was sacked by alexander the great early explorers picked away at the ruins for centuries before it was declared a world heritage site and we don't need to test the gentry just after supper this was one of the first archaeological sites registered with us go and this piece is part of human heritage and it was returned to iran through a legal and judicial work and we are very glad. for centuries this minute soldiers stood guard at the ruins of persepolis stolen in one nine hundred thirty six he spent the next eighty years bouncing from private collections to museums to auction houses in canada and the united states it was only after recording new york interviewed in twenty seventeen that the process began to bring him home in
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a country seemingly awash with ancient sites early islam a carol ones are carefully preserved while many previous logic structures are crumbling away. experts say preserving even more of its old ancient heritage is something that could help iran connect with people around the world. a cultural exchange of hundreds of artifacts between the dreads museum in the netherlands and the national history museum in teheran is already bringing people closer together people speak a lot about politics and we do not in politics we are people from the cultural fields and we strongly believe that culture can change people and to bring people together and that we can enjoy from each other's lessons each other smart and just to enjoy saying so and so i think. which are illegal and of a condition should be should be brought back to the place of origin this soldier's troubles are not over he will go on tour to museums across iran so as many people
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as possible can enjoy this national treasure. saved by the americans from a new york auction block return to rivals in iran united in an effort to save a piece of human history it's a rare story of cooperation between two countries now bitter political enemies seemed. to her. take a moment to visit our website when you can. all the headlines from around the world today stay here for a recap of the headlines. and richelle carey these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera u.s. media reporting that the turkish government says it has video and audio recordings proving that journalist was killed inside the saudi consulate and istanbul it was last seen ten days ago walking into the building to get documentation for his
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upcoming marriage stephanie decker is in istanbul with more. these are explosive allegations if you look at exactly what's being said published through the washington post quoting both turkish and american officials that turkey has and video recordings of what happened inside that diplomatic mission saying that it shows that he was detained soon off to entering that he was questioned he was tortured he was martyred go this far as to say one anonymous source again saying that you can hear him being beaten i mean it's chilling information if this is indeed true and detained american pastor at the center of a diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and turkey has arrived in court for a hearing and your bunsen is accused of being linked to groups involved in the failed turkish coup in two thousand and sixteen at least six people have died after a major hurricane hit the east coast of the united states today after hurricane michel made landfall many coastal towns in florida are still cut off and the
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state's governor rick scott has said the storm left a trail of unimaginable destruction. at least thirty people have been killed in a landslide and uganda they were buried after the collapse of a hillside on the slopes of mount elgon in the east of the country on thursday there have been similar incidents in recent years in the area close to the border with kenya. a severe cyclon has killed at least nine people in eastern india after it made landfall on thursday about three hundred thousand people were forced to move to higher ground before it at least arrived in. the search for survivors from an earthquake and tsunami in indonesia has been extended until friday firefighters and soldiers are conducting their final searches in the city of pollute the rescue effort was extended at the request of families intonations says it could take up to two years to rebuild earthquake devastated salo west the island more than two thousand people have been confirmed dead those are the headlines to keep it here on
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al-jazeera throughout the day for all of the day's news and the main time inside story is next. there's the designation state sponsor of terror tell us what that designation means how bad is that people should on. the see denise foreign minister. mohammed ali and talks to al jazeera. and unexpected crisis that's putting a strain on relations between key allies what will the u.s. to be on an investigation it's announced the missing saudi journalist among the show did and how will we fend off the widespread outrage over the allegations that the saudi critic was killed on its own this is inside story.
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welcome to the program on iran come on u.s. senators have forced the government into joining the investigation into the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi it was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul nine days ago turkish security forces say he was murdered there by a saudi hit squad the saudis deny that as well as a washington post report which says the saudi crown prince ordered an operation it's a law the critic back home will get to all guess very soon but first particle hand reports from washington. well you know i know nothing right and i know what everybody else knows nothing in just twenty four hours u.s. president donald trump went from no one knows what happened to jamal khashoggi to we need to find out we demanding everything we want to see what's going on here it's a bad situation it's a very serious situation for us for this way we do see. what is
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going on now will be the subject of an official investigation after twenty two senators sent this letter to the white house invoking the magnitsky act it gives the administration four months to determine if the show g.'s human rights were violated and if so by law they will have to place sanctions potentially on people high up in the saudi government the outcry is bipartisan and growing and that this man was murdered in saudi consulate in istanbul that would cross every line of the malady in the international community. if it did happen it would be held if saudi arabia took a us resident emerging into a consulate and killed him it's time for the united states to rethink our military political and economic relationship with saudi arabia the president has been eager to forge a relationship with the leadership of saudi arabia heralded tens of billions of dollars in defense deals but with reports that many of those have not come through
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the president will be under increasing pressure to target saudi arabia he's not alone just about six months ago the crown prince mohammed bin solomon toured america meeting the most powerful people in the country all now being urged on social media to condemn him. and for the president it is about to get personal after fiance wrote this opinion piece in the washington post urging action the president said he'll meet her at the white house soon this was a day that saw the president speak out small public protests in washington d.c. in new york that drew a lot of media attention and angry senators demanding action all signs that for saudi arabia this is not going to go away any time soon. al-jazeera washington. let's bring in our guest joining us from washington is sana chaps he's the director of the turkish research program with the washington institute for near east policy
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here with me in the studio is abraham he's an associate professor of conflict resolution at the doha institute and finally in washington d.c. is that he's the director of the gulf affairs institute and a former political prisoner of saudi arabia welcome to you all i'd like to start with let's get into this senate investigation that's been announced what is that and does it have any clout. well i think where it is heading is that in turkey the government that is the security forces are slowly but steadily real releasing information to build a case that. game aimed at indeed had been murdered and i think the turkish president answered on his state out of this so far because in my view he's still trying to avoid a direct confrontation with saudi arabia he's also trying to line u.s. position with the turkish position i think of course reports in international media suggesting and using turkish evidence to build
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a case that because you can may have been murdered there is closely aligning washington increasingly more with turkish position turkey is isolated in the middle east with the exception of qatar it has no friends it doesn't want to go into a long and drawn out conflict with saudi arabia without having u.s. backing first but let me just say if there is this much anger over what's happened particularly in america through the media and within some parts of the u.s. government how does it get how do you they get out of this i mean is this a a a fine roll call for the crown prince does he have to step aside that's hard to say but i think that it's also not clear that turkish president on and u.s. president trump are completely getting along right now you know that they're involved in a dispute over the arrest of a u.s. pastor in turkey pastor brunson in fact his court cases coming up tomorrow and whether or not the courts release him and allow them to travel of course will have a significant impact on how u.s.
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president trump fused turkish president on the two cases are completely unrelated but as it happens i think that these two issues are not intertwined so i think tomorrow you might see a more clear signal from the white house if turkish courts make a decision that president trump feels favorable let me just bring in abraham fried hit the regional implications of all of this you have two very big plays in the middle east of saudi arabia you have turkey what does to keep do next if it is confirmed that he was murdered in the consulate what options does it have. well i agree with your a guest from washington actually the president of the gun does not have many options here it's no easy options for him here and he has obviously had to to do something to take a decision regarding this especially that if this is proved to be the case that. in fact kidnapped the. consulate so there's no way that you know for him in terms of credibility and positioning and the word that to just take no action
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whatsoever at the same time there are the choices are with with fighting or struggling with saudi arabia not in his favor because with all the other issues that he has on his plate would syria. russia the united states all of that so i think at the end of the day he would have to do something because if he doesn't then it was it's about national pride it's about dignity it's about sovereignty over his country so i think what he would have to do this stage is that to ensure that he has an international backing and i think that's why we're seeing that that is him not they can go let me bring in a head let's just talk quickly about the case itself intelligence sources in washington have told the washington post that they have evidence of a plot. being created to capture jamal. what is n.b.s.
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thinking is he took so close to the trumpet ministration that he thinks he can get away with almost anything. that is in part through not only m.b.'s but other member leaders saudi leaders for many years the u.s. has basically whitewashed saudi leaders called the reformers and no matter how horrendous they do it in the case of yemen for example just in a couple of weeks ago the state department defended saudi targeting of children and that bus that forty children were killed so that's true but here we might see a diversion a little bit b.s. i think is going his own wings and maybe want to be independent and you can see what mr trump's been saying the past few days basically publicly shaming king solomon and asking for money that if you don't pay you can and you will not survive two weeks and so on so this is i think an indication of a silent confrontation and the murder of
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a. gave the trumpet of the station and the washington elites to increase the pressure so this could be also related to something else that we haven't we don't know yet about could be about the deal with the with israel the so-called the deal of the century because m.b.'s has not delivered and many of his. main promises of. he's talked about so this this could be the real reason in terms of turkey the saudis are threatening. hinting that they will sever relations with the turks issued a statement to his ago that the total rumors of saudi arabia severing relations with turkey are not true but this is very. suspicious because nobody was saying that so they was they were trying to send a message and the way the operation has been conducted their planes the two planes flew from stumbled with. the carried the kill team one flew to
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egypt and we flew to the u.a.e. because turkey. is housing dissidents from the u.a.e. muslim brotherhood dissidents. saudi dissident islamists mostly so maybe you have here. and alliance between turkey between saudi arabia egypt and against turkey and maybe three of them with several ations i expect that and fact today just bring in your son and i want this you just mentioned earlier about the you know trade between the u.s. and saudi arabia is worth billions of dollars fifty five billion dollars sales alone in two thousand and eighteen sort of you know how do you reset that relationship off to something like this does the money talk louder than politics. it does but this could be a major public diplomacy debacle for the saudis as turkey slowly releases evidence
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showing that indeed there may have been a plot to assassinate or kill. and i think that turkey really maybe does not also want to go into a full confrontation with the saudis or no one is aware of his limitations he's also deferential to the saudi kings he respects them as the protector of islam's holiest mosques in the past for example when saudi king says that encore of the turkish capital early on in violation of diplomatic protocol went to visit them in their hotel room this never happens in ankara visiting heads of state go to anyone's residence or palace to visit him and he did the opposite so he shows respect to them and i think he really does not want to rupture in my view one of the reasons why he has been completely absent and not blame the saudi royal family but let his unnamed security officials do the job is because not only he tries to avoid a confrontation with the saudis but also because they're trying to give him a graceful exit out he was hoping that the royal family would issue a declaration and saying something like that the rogue elements of the saudi state
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did this and they have nothing to do with it but in the absence of such statements i think he is now being forced to release more and more evidence and that will only build a case in the us starting with the u.s. congress there are these some talk of legislation for sanctions related to the. suggested murders. and this could also of course push the administration to take stronger measures so i think we are not at an universal moment i think turkey is still hoping that the saudis will take the graceful exit out but if not to we could soon enter into a territory where we could see a rupture in turkish saudi relations and that we did first time or the most severe crisis in my in recent memory as far as i can recall in turkey saudi ties let me bring in britain here a graceful exit. just said a graceful. is it we've not seen the saudis handle this very well the statements that they've issued have been the camera wasn't working we don't know where it is
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it's always like the dog ate my homework it's and it's excuses rather than any kind of concrete evidence of providing or do you think they're handling it badly and why is that well i think so far it has been handled very poorly on the south side because the whole reason that has been given so far that he left after twenty minutes the cameras were not recording and this is not convincing for anyone and this is actually what frustrated the american positions even feel that on this because we are seeing many phone calls from question are from pompeii you including from trump himself calling again asking for answers and for informations but again and again the only thing that we are hearing is that the chemicals were not recording i think this is not helping solve any and this is not helping the cause at all because also it's not helping go to the gun as to try to work out a solution on his own it's not helping the united states either because we are
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seeing that increasing pressure within the senate house including lately that twenty two senators asking or requiring actually. to launch an investigation and the magnus the human rights account. you know. so far this season i think we are we are getting we are pushing for the absence of a saudi as it is pushing the crisis to new levels and move fishbowls because keep it let's keep in mind in the united states there has been already. huge of frustrations over how saudi arabia is handling yemen and why are we taking the liability of the saudi government and now it's not only a man but also. you know this issue of the do which is frustrating the u.s. position even let me bring in. you were
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a political prisoner of saudi arabia you understand the regime the way it works because the kingdom is so used to restricting access to information domestically do you think they were expecting anything like this and do you think they have the tools to be able to deal with an international not only just media crisis but political crisis well when they're so used to restricting access to information. i mean they they have good friends in the west in washington they have. you know dozens of p.r. and law firms that represent them so they have been i think simply successful i mean this is bad but if it was done by the country to be even worse so they do have allies here and i think in a few days next week things will get better for them speaking about turkey my information is the president has to undergo i would be speaking on this maybe center day and the turks have a view a video of the actual murder and they will show it on t.v.
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so and i think i agree with with with your guest from the russians too that there is an alliance growing between the between the turks and the americans. regarding this issue and maybe the turks have taken advantage of that as well because he was . there was was close to the gun administration he was a strong defender of turkey but also he was liked by a certain. people here in washington the washington post crowd so i really think this is going to damage saudi arabia and the cell man who i just heard last night the americans are shopping for a replacement i cannot confirm these things yet but i believe it because b.s. has not delivered on his promises and the americans rather find somebody else so let me bring you in here shopping for a replacement is the america is the american so frustrated with the crown prince
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that they're actually looking to rip try and replace him or least influences replacement this is definitely a time that is very difficult diplomacy wise for saudi arabia as the issue develops and evolves and more and more evidence comes out from turkey and if it's indeed the case that the turks have a videotape of the murder of course. it can't be denied at that stage it's going to be very old difficult to hold the floodgates and. a backlash i think that there's still some time of course maybe for a make up i think that's one reason why turkish president on has remained absent from the debate he hasn't blamed the saudi authorities of course he knows that the saudis have financial instruments turkey's economy just went through a pretty severe shock and so that could hurt and undermine turkey but the reason i let me just tell you that of course would would ending the war in yemen be
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a way out for both the saudis and the u.s. this crisis would but hell i think it is iran has their chip on the plate here that we don't know about. it would help on the public public alone the seaside but i think right now the caution against that end outshines everything else that nothing that the saudis would do anywhere else i think would help cover it if indeed there was a murder there and i think that the turkish side will insist insist and that is because turkey's very base of its sovereignity i think you know and rightly feels that turkey sovereignty has been violated turkey's a former imperial nation as we all know the ottoman collapse less than a hundred years ago so this is completely unacceptable and i think therefore the turkish side will insist on some sort of either a graceful exit out that the saudis take or complete pushback against the saudis if it doesn't happen ibrahim let me bring you in here saudi dissidents abroad that they are increasing in number in the last year alone we've seen twenty people seek
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asylum in canada saudi real residency because asylum in canada because a so afraid what the regime will do to them why do saudi dissidents abroad prevent the present such a threat to the saudi government well i don't think actually the present the serious threat to the saudi government i think it's the way the saudi government is handling this issue. many countries they have positions of brood there working against them in the front with i think in some out of like the level of political tolerance on those government side so. to himself i don't think he was even proposing himself to be in a position he said that many times on t.v. and many of his media that if you lose i'm not a position i'm trying to advise and actually have the reports that he was trying to promote some sort of democratic reform you know for that they had regions not even as not only for saudi arabia so that's the with the saudi leadership is managing
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this position a broad issue is the front valuable that we have in. that is leading us to this to this crisis which is of course is causing as he discusses with a key ally the number one ally is the united states because this is this issue is going to complicate. matters for the imaging the alliances between saudi arabia and the united states with its of the god being the ultimate deal already got a thing when other things because now we are seeing again within the american administration a split between and. between the white house and the establishment where the tram in the beginning was support was reluctant to intervene in this crisis and the senate house is pushing for action so now here is another dilemma for the u.s. foreign policy is between i see it as between a struggle or a confrontation between commitment to human rights. and on sales so
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it's not an easy three off and i'm only talking once ryan talking and that's why we're seeing been reluctant and he ordered the actually made some sort of statements that we should not expect the arms sales being affected so traditionally in u.s. foreign policy when when when values clash with interest that traditionally u.s. foreign policy favor the interest not the values not the human rights and that's why i don't think we should expect too much from the american position on this well let me bring eliot. we can talk about the dissidents just again the dissident movement that abroad what does something like that do to a movement that was already very scared what the saudi government could do what does an incident like this do does that in effect kill that move and kill that movement or will people be too scared indeed we try to get some saudi dissident or living abroad on to the show today and he turned us down because he felt he was
4:43 pm
afraid for what might happen what does this do for the distance. i think some like the gentleman you spoke to his his brothers have been thrown in jail and his friends were and they were using him and they did it against me and my brother has been in jail for the past basically twenty years and mind if they added my nephew to the mix and so they use your family against you i have been myself a target for a surveillance spying infiltration hacking luring to another country just like it was lord so they do not like dissident specially in key countries like you know the united states is p.c. the people who provide internet of a sale turn it of you know if you if you are in washington and you are talking about an oblate an islamic something nobody would you know they wouldn't care because the saudis actually promote those kind of opponents so they appear you know to be the best option but when you are talking about democracy freedom for all and
4:44 pm
so on something similar to what we have in the west that prose is a danger it's very important for the saudis to appear to be the most liberal. option in the country so if you are more liberal than them or more modern than them then that the proposes a problem for another major story that goes well we are going to visit the end of the show i want to bring in. let's just talk about the idea that has to be a way out of this crisis we don't know what the way else is right now but if you were advising the trumpet ministration what would be your for you what would be your next move. i think that the idea would be to cooperate with turkey to carry out a thorough investigation and to look at the evidence that turkey is providing as well as adding u.s. investigators to this to get to the bottom of it and i think that's the only way we can see a conclusion of this issue. just very very quickly the reason the implications for
4:45 pm
all of this we still haven't we still don't fully understand what they're going to be but do you think the longer this crisis goes on the worse it will become for the region generally well of course we have the sanctions against iran you know reaching get their peak in november and the crisis is between this you know alliance between the united states israel and saudi arabia to confront iran is going to get serious and of about sort of just this so given if this can crisis continues i think this is going to meanly efik this. what's what's called confrontation with iran and how it's going to be hounded because especially again if the senate house pressures the white house trying even more to take actions and because there is a human rights violations bluntly committed against the lists in and which is
4:46 pm
violating international law acceptable norms i think it's going to complicate the whole thing and raises serious questions about the next steps for the regional allies serious questions indeed i'd like to thank all our guests on a chapter in britain fry had. read and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me in long on the whole team here by phone oh. i. china used to take half the world's recyclable rubbish but not anymore with garbage generated by
4:47 pm
one point four billion people they've got enough of their own but where does it go when he slips the lid on china's war on waste on al-jazeera. for nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the us was getting ready to clean up and leave at least nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of this who tony and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome it's permeable soil there was nowhere for her to line it and therefore the sea water is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out radioactive isotopes from underneath the die roll out with it. really
4:48 pm
we're not talking just a marshall islands we're talking the whole suite ocean. al-jazeera where every. report surface that turkey has proved that journalist. was killed in a saudi consulate. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up the pastor at the center of a diplomatic dispute between the u.s.
4:49 pm
and turkey is in court for his latest hearing a funeral is underway in bulgaria to remember a journalist who was raped and murdered. and how devastating floods in nigeria could cause a shortage of food. american media is reporting that the turkish government has told us it has proof that journalist was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul he was last seen walking into the building on october second to get documentation for his upcoming marriage decker as live for us and. there's not been a lot of official confirmation on the record from turkey but there are so many things coming out and leaks and the details of things were hearing are are startling they're jarring what else do we know. that's right it seems
4:50 pm
ankara is using the media to get their message out without officially going on camera and the latest ones are extraordinary allegations richelle saying that the turks know how and why he was killed because they have video recordings of what happened inside that building inside the city called it here in istanbul now we've been hearing similar things before and i think it explains to you why the turks were so quick within twenty four hours to say that they believed he had been killed inside that building now they are really chilling details coming out in the washington post quoting turkish and u.s. officials saying that he was detained to entering that building by those fifteen national saudi nationals who flew in on two private planes that he was interrogated that he was tortured and that he was murdered the paper quoting anonymous sources saying that one man saying that you couldn't hear him being beaten i mean these are extraordinary allegations and they are unprecedented richelle if they are confirmed
4:51 pm
. and again you know everyone has been questioning when we're going to be hearing evidence when we're going to be hearing officials going on the record because it is such a massive story i mean there's a whole media here turkish media international media waiting for something concrete and i think it does highlight is just how politically sensitive it is and that highlights why we haven't had any of these allegations made by any senior official as of yet but certainly the picture being painted through these leaks is a horrific one so looking ahead stephanie what are we looking for what are the next questions what could happen next. well we've been waiting for the turkish investigators they've been wanting to access that building and they've also been wanting to access the home of the saudi called soul gen which is not far from here as well of what we understand from turkish sources is that the saudis haven't been very forthcoming when it comes to that over the last couple. days interestingly though the presidential spokesperson last night announced that they
4:52 pm
had agreed to a joint toss course a joint working group as they called it to jointly investigate the saudis and the turks at the request of saudi arabia to investigate the killing i think let's see how these things will develop off to the news the leaks overnight that the saudis have that the turks already have a video recording and of course the question will be raised as to how turkey got access to or joe and video recordings inside this saudi diplomatic mission a lot of questions still but i think again you know going back to an extraordinary story it has people riveted here in turkey as well rachele of a man who went in there a saudi journalist a prominent he's not just a journalist he's connected to the halls of power in washington in the united kingdom and in saudi arabia close to the royal family particularly the court of king abdullah so you know extraordinary events just to listen to these details of him entering a diplomatic mission the saudi consulate publicly caught on camera never coming out and then you know hearing the fact that the team had been sent to either abducted
4:53 pm
or something went wrong but essentially killing him if those details are confirmed again it's all speculation and leaks but i think everyone now starting to think that something went very very wrong and side that building stephanie decker live for us in istanbul thanks stephanie well t.v. presenter and well known journalist as some to me dedicated his show on the arab satellite channel on to his missing friend jamal khashoggi he was supposed to be a guest on the show instead it featured a photograph of me saw his friend just days before he disappeared and walked into a trap and i was horrified because he assured me. when we were in london that there was nothing to be concerned about. he said on friday he had been to the consulate. they received them very well although they were initially surprised to see him. promise them if he came back again
4:54 pm
a few days later they would issue him with the papers he was off of so he felt. it was ok but apparently they prepared a trap for him and there's been some backlash against saudi arabia over these murder allegations a number of companies are halting plans with the saudi government to appear at a state sponsored conference called the future investment initiative or some of them their time channel is tweeted that they're pulling investment from the conference and they will no longer participate and the founder of virgin group richard branson says it proved true it would be difficult for the west to do business with the saudi government is spending to tourism projects with the kingdom and discussions about investment in his space companies president donald trump is appearing reluctant to take the unit of measure to get saudi arabia if it's found to be responsible for his disappearance despite pressure from senators from both parties he's opposing halting a multi-billion dollar arms deal with riyadh alan fischer reports from washington.
4:55 pm
the u.s. president has repeatedly stopped short of blaming saudi arabia for the disappearance of jamal khashoggi what happened is a terrible thing assuming that happened i mean maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised but somehow i tend to doubt it and we take it very seriously and don't trump says he opposed any move by u.s. senators to block arms sales to saudi in retaliation i don't like the concept of stopping an investment of one hundred ten billion dollars into the united states. because you know what they're going to do they're going to take that money and spend it or russia or china or someplace else so i think there are other ways if it turns out to be as bad as it might be there are certainly other ways of handling the situation but the president says u.s. investigators are now helping inquiries abroad with a report jew in his words very soon but turkey's foreign minister on a trip to iraq says that's not the case but they do want sodhi help because the incident took place in saudi arabia's consulate we're working on this matter with
4:56 pm
the saudi authorities and they must cooperate with us on this matter we will announce the results at the end of the investigation a leading republican senator with access to the latest intelligence says he believes jamal khashoggi has been murdered everyone points to saudi arabia and it would appear that he's not a law about one democrat says the white house can't talk about what it would do to punish the president trumps unwillingness to set out any consequences or even the threat of consequences essentially tells the saudis that were ok with this kind of conduct and behavior last year saudi arabia spent more than twenty seven million dollars to will be in washington a process of seeking to influence politicians and she policy in its favor one washington more church says their money can't help them with this saudi arabia is one of the most influential lobbying and p.r. machines in washington d.c. but in this case the facts just speak louder. any lobbyist campaign contributions
4:57 pm
or any p.r. spokespersons talking points possibly could so what good does that do us no donald trump says he's expect to get a port in the case he will come under pressure from senators to make it public when he receives it only seems reluctant to take action against the country he's built up as a friend and. he might be left with no choice but to act. washington a detained american pastor at the center of a diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and turkey has arrived in court for harry and her parents and has been held since two thousand and sixteen he was initially accused of being linked to groups associated with the failed turkish coup that here some charges have been dropped but now he's accused of espionage white house and post sanctions and tariffs on turkish entities earlier this year demanding brunson's release and he is covering this case for us so this hearing today what do we know that was supposed to play out today. richelle lecture this case
4:58 pm
has been ongoing for two years bronson the has been arrested for two years and he waited for eighteen months to hear what's what are the accusations against him and his indictment and that's why the u.s. has been reacting a lot criticizing the judiciary's decision to keep him under house arrest and keeping to travel ban and today the trial was supposed to begin at seven g. but there was a one hour delay and as far as we learned from inside the court the trial began around fifteen minutes ago it is the first session or course the trial is full of surprises because the american side stated a couple of weeks ago that turkey might truly is this month and present dire don sad that it is all about judiciary if the judiciary releases him or it wants to keep him it's up to the judiciary but of course there are some rumors right now and
4:59 pm
we don't have we don't have anything concrete about the decision of the strike we are hearing that he might be released we are hearing that he will be kept inside also we are hearing that maybe as as a first that his travel ban will be lifted and there will be another trial scheduled for for the end of this year but of course it will depend on what we're going to hear as a court decision but if he is released of course this is going to have a positive impact on the turkish economy because relations have been strained over this case and the u.s. administration has imposed some tariffs on some turkish products and turkey imposed some counterterrorist counter sanctions and this tension is supposed to end according to some economists because this also puts pressure on the turkish lira which has been on the slide since the beginning of the year which has lost forty percent of its rally so everybody's eyes all businessmen's ours opel titian's all eyes are on this trial everybody is waiting for to hear what trial decision is
5:00 pm
going to be all right said of course i will live for us in turkey thank you. a federal is underway for a more gary and journalist victoria married over who was murdered last week the thirty year old was raped and killed in the northern town of ruse on her last t.v. show she interviewed two journalists. suspected corruption involving business and politicians and the. man is been arrested in germany in connection with the attack still ahead on al-jazeera hurricane michel kills at least six people in florida and causes widespread destruction. from the clear blue sky of the doha. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of. how has been arson course in most of eastern europe in the last couple
5:01 pm
days but not so you further west the line from belgium down through it's the scene well thunderstorms on significant rain damaging right as you well know and sudden fronts position about twenty four hours ago.


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