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you know mickey. no matter what. their super you know when i heard it out as you and i my your son is seventy. dollars thirty one tony. so they were good they could it again i think with the owner that i. could dance and i'm going to go don't not enough of them cynical. get. what i was under seventy that are all that are many. people. june in there could you get their money. she still is i don't what i don't get it because she. didn't she.
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got me don't know do you know i put your daughter so that you know human history right there. committed by you know that so in a crowd like you know all that i've been thinking i want to. see the war there. you see go good on a coast guard. on all that is with us you see that's a good business with you and i do several shows and took them all in all and then they stole the more report to look at record do so will need to do though they could cut the mustard. with the scar in the so that we were not falling on the only one of them not do that no more you must know all again also know that i do abuse your east county state let me know why don't we do see figure out so law that you know about a community all. that you. didn't ask him that do you give me some money like you.
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do so i just are going out tonight and i do you no more. bitter to stay personal did have the money to you. you go home and he. doesn't and i do can i do you got it but i do it so i kill the uni me not me no need to go get them or not because i know some of the new monitor seeking out of them. because i do in the show much better than i am in there that only thing they see. sean is in the position to become the next head of priests i know that he really wants to be a is shot but i think it's going to be really difficult to do both. if he chose not to then i would want to be the next priest. and they must. also. probably
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know. and i am going to go to. your gender you know you know our own a computer stuff and you know they have i don't want to before. but. if it's your. own will they go ahead and you out of not only don't know this was the point almost sort of to come to. look at it see it a little more to them. because i'm one of those. kids and i knew that we were in each other and
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my dad was born in no way japan where he was second so his brother wanted to become a doctor but then my dad dad told him no son you have to take over the temple and when my dad found out that he was he was extremely dose because. you both. know that we're not. and that is why he can't be killed or a member know he's headed here. and so when i heard that and if i have ever will take it and not regret later for not taking it so yeah. yeah. the whole process of becoming a priest cannot be done overnight. it's going to. be .
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you when you. are with a mostly you and my skin a little bit of on it and you wonder you know should go to can i go to uni and what they did who goes and you show it. from that you know it was kind of you know i mean even down at the pain and then on the so the go psyche i mean you know when the news of the issue was the guy's muslim and then. here is you spend a whole year that he's in japan a nervous family doing yeah a contract.
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ok. thanks. bob dylan was. a d.j. right before new year's
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a second chance and then i parted with friends and now. it's two twenty five and headed back to kyoto going to change take a shower about five thirty. in the pray. if i stayed i can't i can't miss this i can't miss his show i cannot miss. it's been a tradition for about six seven years i have to be there i have to so long to hold right now. and.
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as. the the the a the. a. a b. a polo that is a. new poll and the.
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goalie the logo the the with the. parting for near different years and then three hours later in the most traditional main temple of my sect all dressed up at five am like i was crazy. it was exhausting but i still do it because i want to enjoy and still not break the rules.
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and the more you have yeah then five hundred. pounds i think most we are hearing. me going on with. you must say i eat on the uk your show you don't. have is a. good. little boy in there but it was in there you got to go to war boy they're. no good you know that i mean. not to control him so other parents just says the show didn't go just overnight them all hoarded to get back to you. and divert to understand that so you want to be that the. ocean we want you to know that like you have our search for support you know like i feel like i know that you're feeling the
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pressure even though mommy and daddy and i were not verbal in telling you these things but all the pressures that you're feeling you're in such a privilege place as well like i think like she when i would just like take your place in a heartbeat if you decided not to be the head priest you know. color because it's nuts in the world. so. you know. it's like
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a record of the past had priests of this temple or indeed and so far there's twenty two names on it and depending on whether i took over when that twenty fourth generation it become my turn just like my dad just for you know. my dad's name. after i pass on my head priest to depending on whether my son or someone else then here we are in shock to show and then the next next number nothing i think a couple of them. under me don't. go. he will do that. who are going. to they're going to move they're going to war room only. he was standing there most of the jews in the news got the committee on a computer so you could wish you good credit that was the. time we hired a small d.
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on the go in that you're in that their credit card so they get pissy and then they're done with she she will do evil well as a con. a movie a kind of don't we see. and i did it. the other. every supporter and it's off pressure but also it makes me rethink that i must feel myself that i want to do it or else i've issued. five that i've known that i'm in situation for so long time. i can't panic like i
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have to sit i mess up and prepare myself for the day to go and i. am doing just that. i know. it will be the right decision. when the going gets tough many bangkok slum dwellers are forced to borrow. she may be kinder than your average money lender. she may have more patience. but make no mistake. she means business. thanks ronny loan shock because of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. and then the sun back on the boat on the false image in late july the founder of the made in the country and it's in. if you go to lead to mechanic watch all you will see dad soon. to be. my night foster produce question him upon you cannot think of. my nigeria women are strong we need. to mind nigeria on al-jazeera. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have al-jazeera fortunate to
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be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passion and drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. and cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . a saudi king gets involved in the case and calls the takesh president to discuss the missing journalist. and about iraq on this is our sara live from doha also coming up. violence on the streets of nicaragua as police break up demonstrations against president daniel ortega. big losses and bolivarian say flex. allies of german chancellor angela
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merkel plus. i'm. hungry and i'll be explaining why a diplomatic spat. is turning into something much bigger. saudi arabia says its relationship with turkey remains strong despite widespread international concern. he. has come he was seen entering his country's consulate in istanbul. weeks ago now in a phone call on sunday. his presence. reaffirms their commitment to a joint investigation. that the head of saudi intelligence as arrived in turkey and is to meet officials saudi arabia has also thanked the u.s.
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for jumping to conclusions that will retaliate against any threats as present. severe punishment of saudi arabia was found to be behind the disappearance. of france and germany a joint the calling for a credible investigation into khashoggi fate and fortune j.p. morgan are the latest companies to pull out of a major investment conference in the saudi. reports from ankara. a soldier delegation including saudi until chief are expected to talk with turkish officials on monday over his disappearance case and the investigation and the sound of delegation is expected to spend forty eight hours in turkey of course this is an important step by saudi arabia including king solomon's phone conversation with president john saying that they are happy about a joint working group formed with the turkish off issues however theoretically it
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seems the diplomatic networking is all right and the saudis and turkey's are tracked but the foreign minister stated recently that turkey is not receiving the expected call abrasion from the saudi officials in terms of widening the investigation of jemaah case because turkish officials have requested a search inside the consulate general consulate building in istanbul the saudis have accepted however until now none of the turkish for city prosecutors were able to enter inside the consulate of course turkey has the leverage current the to create an international pressure over saudi arabia as we have seen from the western countries reactions. of reactions against saudi arabia threatening by sanctions but saudi arabia is also trying to form an alliance by itself the spider its
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diplomatic. initiatives with turkey we have seen oh i see countries showing solidarity with saudi arabia and saying that saudi arabia has a recent reforms actually which are mainly led by the crown prince mohammed bin selman were being targeted also we have heard mahmoud abbas from palestine and jordan and united arab emirates is saying that they are standing by saudi arabia mainly sell. the arabia is also turning out this case that they the saudi arabia itself is the week to. case. still haven't turkish investigators into that compound and the consulate is still conducting business reports from istanbul opposite the saudi consulates the company that deals with issuing visas that's the larger and smaller pilgrimage that muslims make to saudi arabia now this company as well as
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a few others that are scattered around the building say that they are still able to process those paperworks by going to the consulates building albeit they have to answer from in the back there is a road parallel to this building behind now this consulate has essentially been a crime scene now for several days since the disappearance of jamal khashoggi however there hasn't been any turkish police and the only people who've been going in this door here have been those who come on diplomatic vehicles registered to the mission here there are journalists who have been camped out here for several days now waiting for some sort of developments as far as the investigation is concerned other turks are still waiting to be allowed in to search this properly they want their forensic experts to go in there police to go when they need saudi permission to do that till now though they haven't been granted it's. in saudi arabia the.
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disappearance deepens the main stock market index fell by seven percent on sunday wiping billions of dollars off the market value of leading saudi companies mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the saudi stock market suffered its biggest fall in years following president trump's warning it recovered slightly during the day but it was the purse tangible sign of the impact of this crisis on the saudi economy. and impact too on the once cozy relationship between the trumpet ministration and saudi leaders a statement released by the saudi news agency threatening global retaliation against any sanction came just hours after president trump spoke of severe punishment that saudi arabia proved complicit in jamal khashoggi his disappearance . no dodge among members of congress that this should involve economic sanction despite president trump stated reluctance for such measures so i will just say this
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to you or for confidence if this is proven to be true there is going to be a response from congress it's going to be nearly unanimous it's going to be swift and it's going to go pretty far and that could include arms sales but it could include a bunch of other things as well european leaders to making clear they will not stand by they must have seen the huge international concern from the united states now from britain france and germany what they need to do is to cooperate fully with the investigation that the turks are asking us to do and to get about all this if as they say this this terrible murder didn't happen then where is jamal khashoggi and that's what the world wants to know a former cia director costing doubt to the vehemence saudi denials of him told them and their denials ring hollow very much for a hollow to go after a permanent resident states who writes for the washington post and doing it on foreign soil at a diplomatic mission to me would be inconceivable that such an operation would be
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run by the saudis without the knowledge of the day to day decision maker of saudi arabia that's crown prince mom been said. in an apparent bid to diffuse the tension the saudi foreign ministry has released a tweet thanking the u.s. and others for refraining from jumping to conclusions despite this though a relationship that was once so warm is along with the saudi stock market reaching a new low mike hanna is here or washington. as a professor of middle eastern politics at the university of oklahoma he says that despite political pressure in the u.s. focusing on arms deals with saudi arabia there's little appetite within the leadership of either country to counsel weapons deals. president trump does not want to cancel this arms sales for all different kinds of reasons and the saudis also want to go through i don't think china and russia would hesitate for
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a second to take the place of the united states as the leading arms supplier to saudi arabia but again there are costs and some not necessarily apparent that would go with something like that saudi officers many of them are trained in the united states and some in western europe there are military is geared to those kinds of arms switching out sophisticated weapons systems all of a sudden for russian made were chinese made weapons causes all kinds of problems having to do ensure operability and training and maintenance and so on so this is not as easy as simply mohammed and someone taking a decision snapping his fingers and going forward there are real costs involved what are the long term implications potentially on the saudi economy and on confidence in the saudi economy as a place for investment i mean it's clearly a huge economy and there's a spaces for people to make money and companies will do so but if there are real questions about these kinds of issues and so on the net is going to lead not only
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the members but many others to think twice and three times about investing a dollar in saudi arabia as has some other news now and a lot travelled very appends syria is at the province says it will continue to fight after a deadline for rebels to withdraw from a buffer zone to her chest and not say whether they're great or injected last month's tail between russia and turkey to set up a demilitarized area a buffer as centered around the northwest summation of lead to syria's last major rebel stronghold is also a president bashar al assad's government has halted the planned offensive finale according to agreement the buffer was meant to be free of heavy weapons by the tenth of october and the rebels by the fifty five. barbarian allies have suffered the worst result since one nine hundred fifty and regional elections that risks further division within the government in berlin the vote highlights deepening divisions in german politics over issues such as immigration
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dominic kane reports from munich. for decades the christian social union has dominated varian politics but no longer now their vote has slumped dozens of seats have been lost and the overall majority has gone for the c.s. used current leader and sitting prime minister it was time to put on a brave face remember. we accept the results with humility and we will have to learn from it we must analyze it clearly but one thing is clear despite the prognosis discussions and comments the c.s.u. is not only the strongest party but it's also received a clear mandate to govern. whereas for the greens this was a moment for celebration their vote more than doubled and did eight of bavarians biggest cities they came first cementing their position here as the leading party of the center left displacing the social democrats something the national polls had
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suggested for some time by and yet the parliamentary election results of any change to their ear tonight because it clearly shows that people want politics that encourages instead of spreading fear that solves current problems instead of constant parties and it shows clearly that you can't win elections if you put on the courage and passion and don't surf in a right wing way and yet one party that did precisely that was the alternative for germany in the twenty thirteen election they didn't exist this time around their stance on tougher migration and border controls won them more than ten percent of the vote. this result is a message to merkel merkel must finally guard. for i feel we are the natural successes of the c.s. year for dish and our families and for our very poor bev area is a blessed land to have friends. in the imedi.


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