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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 41  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2018 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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i think for us fairness means a lot more like getting into college daniel lewis studying physics and philosophy at harvard the son of chinese immigrants he says harvard should further investigate the complaints of discrimination against asian americans but preserve that legally sanctioned practice of favoring black and hispanic applicants known as affirmative action the plaintiffs really are just making a big mistake in completing. the constitutionality of affirmative action on the one hand with discrimination or potential legit discrimination against asian americans where i had my first whatever bloom a white conservative and rebounder of the anti affirmative action group students for fair admissions recruited the unnamed asian americans who are suing harvard he declined an interview with al-jazeera the debate has split the asian american community some accuse blum of using them as a tool to push his real agenda of helping white students while others say harvard is using affirmative action as
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a past to discriminate against asian americans they don't look at the reality that if you're going to do that are being discriminated against they just write you off meanwhile the trumpet ministration has jumped in to oppose harvard saying no american should be denied admission to school because of their race the politicization of the case is further evidence for many asian americans that they are being used as a racial wedge the case is final outcome will likely be decided by the u.s. supreme court. castro al jazeera cambridge massachusetts flooding has killed at least seven people in southwest france the province of was hit with the equivalent of several months of rain in just a few hours some are of a level to the highest for more than one hundred years as powerful floods swept some casualties to their deaths and cut off emergency services.
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they marks the start of world food way un back to vent to raise awareness of hunger and food security issues around the world to go ssion example off the coast of west africa has long been rich in fish but overfishing and plastic pollution is now being blamed for causing sea food shortages and high prices in senegal and his heart reports from. it is a tradition talked to him by his father passed from one generation to the other. rather than said nets in the water and calls out to the ocean for fish chanting what you eat i eat what i eat you eat. shortly after the ocean responds to his car it's a red tuna in jais unaware but he's about to kill an endangered species. he catches another. then nothing. hours go by
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still nothing. we used to catch lots you could fill your boat with each other now if we're lucky on a good day i catch ten fish the ocean is not the same it's not like before. more pollution fewer fish according to scientists the equivalent of a truck full of plastic is dumped into the ocean worldwide every minute environmentalists warn it this is killing sea life with several endangered species facing extinction. desperate a group of fishermen indycar has put up an artificial reef to try to attract fish back to their natural habitat. it's down to human greed we local fishermen are partly to blame but it's also our government's fault allocating fishing rights to foreign industrial they act like. our oceans resources this needs to stop. out of sight our industrial fishing trawlers their nets scraped the ocean floor hauling the equivalent of a football field in
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a matter of minutes destroying aquatic life precious for fish reproduction most are european vessels their cats are not sold to africans according to the development agency o.d.i. there are two billion dollars worth of fish missing in west african markets each year here in senegal there's a shortage of fish prices have doubled and what was once a staple food is now a luxury few can afford. it is a small meal and jay will share with his family and neighbors his children say they don't want to take up fishing it's not worth it anymore. with the ocean it no longer responding to this fisherman's call an age old tradition is slowly disappearing.
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joe is here to talk sport what you got for us welcome all eight time and then pick champion you same bolt has slammed australia's anti doping all thirty questioning why he's being drug tested when he's long no longer a professional athlete a sprinter is trying to get a contract to play as a footballer with australian club the central coast mariners despite scoring two goals last week he's yet to announce a full time role with them the guys i retired from jack canfield working to become
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a footballer but look at this. how am i going to get joke this today how i'm not even a provisional why that seriously so i slowly so why am i getting justice that i've signed for a club i just said yo get older that i'm really that it's out to get tested. keyed ok over the baseball now and it's a tight race to get to the world series the boston red sox have levelled things up one one against the houston astros boston last game want to fenway park and it wasn't looking good in game two well when gonzalez hit face to run homer to yesterday's four two ahead of the red sox turned it around thanks to jackie bradley jr he had a three run double off the left field group known as the green monster that put the red sox into the lead and they went on to win seven private needs the best of seven american league championship series is all square with five games left to play. he
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said to get there we go on to the series like i said tied one one. you know we really compete. i think everybody is going to enjoy themselves we're going to just keep continue to take it one game at a time. the n.f.l. now the new england patriots edged a thriller against the kansas city chiefs the chiefs who are unbeaten four from fifteen points down to tie the game only for the patriots to win it with a field goal right at the end over in london just under eighty five thousand fans turned up towards the seattle seahawks cruised to victory against the oakland raiders twenty seven point three it was the largest n.f.l. crown for wembley stadium in the eleven years they've been playing games there. we had a great time there was and i was like going to a college ball game and our players attitude about it was incredible practice hard
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they worked hard they rested well they did everything they had a little bit of sightseeing but didn't do too much. that led us up to the game in as we get closer to the game we realized how much energy there was for the seahawks here was a great crowd and some of the biggest crowd ever. playing at wembley was great novak djokovic has officially replaced roger federer as the number two ranks tennis player in the world he won his eighteenth match in a row to take the shanghai masters his school's title of the year including wimbledon and the u.s. open serve as one his last twenty six sets he dropped to twenty two in the rankings off the shoulder surgery but if he outperforms rafael nadal at the paris masters he'll go to world number one. i couldn't ask for a better scenario. so you know i'm very close to now now doll in the rankings and put myself in a very good position for you know the last. last period of the year the game is
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game is working really well and you know ending and ending a year is number one will definitely be. the biggest achievement of of this year so djokovic she's on a roll at the moment and so is superbugs right to jonathan right who's won a record ten races in a row he was back in seventh place the battle his way through the field and into the lead the northern irishman who's already clinched the world title ended up finishing three seconds clay it is the fifth straight weekend he's won both races on his callous sacking it's a run that started back in june. this is jamie you know ten races on the bines it's it's really not normal it's his mind you know so i just want to go and joyous moment on sunday make that long flight home watch while four time world champions it's layer up and running in the u.a.e. phoenicians league they overcame poland one nil on sunday is their first win in the competition also the first since before the world cup which they failed to qualify for it also means that poland who have just a point from three games will finish bottom of group three in league a and will be
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relegated to the second tier league be and speaking of late bay russia proved too strong for turkey that woke up hero dennis cherish if grabbed a goal in the two know when and now lead group two with seven points there were also wins for israel and montenegro iceland take on switzerland in group a later but the big game of the day sees spain play england spain top the standings and six points from two games a win would put them through to the semifinals of the competition their coach three k. says he's a big admirer of his english counterparts and even admits studying gareth southgate's news conferences. it's a matter of what you like better but i like southgate as a coach and what he offers he always wants the ball even though his team do not exactly dominate position and he adapts to his places i have followed him i even watch his conferences because i like what he says and i treat it as a free english lesson and i hope against spain luck doesn't fall on his side but
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once the game is over i wish him all the luck in the world over in africa cup of nations qualifying guinea-bissau two thousand and twelve champions zambia to want to go top of group k. elsewhere kenya crush ethiopia three no in nairobi to move three points clear at the top of qualifying group f. and speaking of kenya one of their most famous run is captured kaino is touring court in nairobi later to answer charges of corruption the two time olympic champion an honorary member of the international limbic mitzi is accused of misappropriating more than a half million dollars the money was part of five million dollars given by the government to fund kenyan athletes of the rio olympics and twenty sixteen and seventy eight year old is one of seven former olympic and government officials named as suspects in an investigation in session in the committee members have held a memorial service for one of their members patrick bauman who died suddenly from a heart attack during the youth games bauman who is fifty one was the secretary general of basketball's world governing body fever he was instrumental in getting
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three x. three basketball on the olympic program the sport will make its debut in tokyo in twenty twenty ballons memorial was held at the three x. three courts in one side is. we're grateful for you. we. have you know marcus. and home for. the problems. you see and he says you see if you. feel great. we could very. well finish with a nice story from the iron man weld championship event in hawaii where the winnah proposed to his girlfriend germany's patrick lang approach the course rec host and after nearly eight hours of swimming cycling and running it was time to get down on
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one knee. my. thanks. all right that is all useful and i will have more for you later nice story thank you for that joe more from the sports team in the thirteen hundred g.m.t. news hour i will see you as well right now mr adrian finnegan is in with your latest news and headlines right here on al-jazeera stay with us. the latest news as it breaks her security officials said that they were treating
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chris of his disappearance as a murder investigation. with detailed coverage the area here was the preschool people thought it would be a safe place to run to the grounds beneath them and swallowed them up from around the world the local government has been trying to clean up to every. the more danger at a college to both live around big. brother leader or brutal dictator. with discontent spreading through north africa time was running out for libya's self-styled king of kings. in the first of a two part series the big picture charts the rise and fall of wal-mart of the field and the events that helped fuel the violence of his final hours. a must for libya on a food. the
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cricket world isn't much i mean you have to think why would he give me the guess then he didn't bring comedian it's a big fan base. al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new edit documentary confirms to my analysis very hard profile figure in match fixing and international cricket see in this al-jazeera investigation cricket's match fixing the files. the saudi king orders his country's public prosecutor to open an investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi.
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oh i didn't forget this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up uncertainty surrounds a deal that was supposed to see a key group with draw from syria's last rebel held province. with a crucial summit only weeks away intense talks in brussels do little to break ranks at deadlock. ah big gains for the green party in germany's regional election but could it weaken chancellor merkel's coalition. joint turkish saudi team is expected to enter the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul in a few hours they're investigating the disappearance of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he's not been seen since entering the building nearly two weeks ago took his cell phone. it is believed he was killed inside the consulate meanwhile king solomon has ordered the saudi public prosecutor to open an internal investigation
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into the disappearance and other developments king solomon and turkey's president put a one spoke by phone on sunday evening as iran has learned that the head of saudi intelligence has arrived in turkey and is to meet turkish officials in a suite on sunday the saudi embassy in washington thanked the u.s. for not jumping to conclusions basi it also warned of retaliation against any sanctions u.s. president donald trump has warned of severe punishment if the kingdom is found to be behind the show g.'s disappearance the u.k. france and germany are jointly calling for a credible investigation into fate and ford and j.p. morgan are the latest companies to pull out of a major investor conference in the saudi kingdom let's go live now to istanbul once who is charles stratford is outside the saudi consulate there so charles what more do we know about this investigative team gaining access which we're expecting to
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happen sometime later today. but right sometime later today i mean let's let's. let's make the point that the culture of this self has been open for business over the last few days today is no exception it doesn't close until three o'clock local time which is an analysis from now it seems fairly conceivable that that team will be allowed in during business hours we are very unsure we don't have solid information as to exactly what this team or the amount of people that are going to be in this team and the level of forensic investigating for example that they have agreed upon and the saudis are going to allow them to do we spoke to a government source earlier who said that the reason why this is taking so long to get agreement full access into the consulate was precisely because of this. cause there was no agreement on the thaw and this all for the investigation that
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seemingly needs to be done we also don't know yet called confirm whether this investigation is going to stretch to looking inside the console residence or indeed those vehicles that were registered to the consulate good caused so much interest that were pictures of them that were leaked by government sources to a pro-government press it but certainly it seems that it's off to almost two weeks since mr her show she disappeared inside the consulate that this this joint investigation is going to start and it seems yes imminent we are expecting them in the next couple of hours and what's the significance of king solomon instructing the country's public prosecutor to launch an internal investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. i think the significance of this is that there is a long way is
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a big distance between the the king announcing some sort of internal investigation of saudi internal investigation into the disappearance of course of shoji and only you know yesterday is maintaining these lines that these allegations were baseless lies and it's also interesting that certainly according to the reuters news agency this decision by the saudi king was based on information from the joint investigation committee themselves and as we've been reporting over the last few days there have been government sources that have been leaking information to the press here that suggests that certainly they say that they have a very strong evidence that because she was murdered inside that building so certainly this has come as a big surprise this sudden announcement from the saudi king that. he wants the public prosecutor to do an internal investigation. of the week that he did as i say
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it is or it is it was quite a long way away from these lines basically refuting any kind of allegation whatsoever and calling the place this lies so certainly it seems as if possibly this investigation team has given the saudis evidence that we cannot ignore. how does this chance transferred live in istanbul chance many thanks. share prices in riyadh have recovered some of the ground that they lost on sunday when saudi arabia's main stock index fell by seven percent it's been trending downward for more than a week now raising questions about whether the situation is having an impact on the broader saudi economy mike hanna reports from washington. the saudi stock market suffered its biggest fall in years following president trump's warning it recovered slightly during the day but it was the purse tangible sign of the impact of this crisis on the saudi economy. and impact too on the once cozy relationship between
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the trumpet ministration and saudi leaders a statement released by the saudi news agency threatening global retaliation against any sanction came just hours after president trump spoke of severe punishment that saudi arabia proved complicit in jabalpur show his disappearance. no dodge among members of congress that this should involve economic sanction despite president trump stated reluctance for such measures so i would just say this to you or for confidence if this is proven to be true there is going to be a response from congress it's going to be nearly unanimous it's going to be swift and it's going to go pretty far and that could include arms sales but it could include a bunch of other things as well european leaders to making clear they will not stand by they must have seen the huge international concern from the united states now from britain france and germany what they need to do is to cooperate fully with the investigation that the turks are asking us to do and to get over all this and
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if as they say this this terrible murder didn't happen then where is jamal khashoggi and that's what the world wants to know you're a former cia director costing down to the vehemence of saudi denials of him told them and their denials ring hollow very much for a hollow to go after a permanent resident states who writes for the washington post and doing it on foreign soil at a diplomatic mission to me would be inconceivable that such an operation would be run by the saudis without the knowledge of the day to day decision maker of saudi arabia that's crown prince mom been said. in an apparent bid to diffuse the tension the saudi foreign ministry has released. a tweet thanking the u.s. and others for rip braining from jumping to conclusions despite this early ship that was once so warm is along with the saudi stock market reaching
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a new low i can hear a washington so who is the man at the center of all this. when the saudi journalist was once close to the inner circles of the saudi royal family he and his reputation as a reformist by pushing boundaries and questioning government policies in two thousand and three khashoggi became media advisor the prince turki been faisal the prince headed saudi arabia's intelligence service and later design bassett's of the united states but last year went to the self-imposed exile in the united states after becoming concerned about the actions of crown prince mohammed bin solomon he told al jazeera in march that he left the kingdom because he didn't want to be arrested the largest armed group in syria's rebel held province says yet to withdraw its fighters from the region despite a deadline set by turkey and russia by a tough area h.t.s. has not previously said whether it accepts or rejects the terms of assad she
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agreements signed last month the deal set a deadline of monday for rebel groups to withdraw all fighters from inside it live in the country's northwest will leave live agreement set up a demilitarized area around the northwestern region surrounding it live province the zone was meant to be cleared of heavy weapons by october tenth of rebel fighters by today monday al-jazeera sent a halt to reports now from beirut. still no movement on the ground still no evidence that the fighters of the so-called radical groups are withdrawing in line with the such a deal the russian and turkey agreement to create a demilitarized zone around the no word yet from turkey as well the country which is overseeing the implementation of the deal but we did hear from. them this is the main military alliance it is considered a terrorist organization by the international community it controls seventy percent of the whole province and it controls a large chunk of this demilitarized zone for the first time they released this
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statement late yesterday referring to the sochi deal they didn't explicitly say that they support this deal but they saying the signaled readiness to comply so a tacit acceptance of the deal in one of their one of their statements they actually say that we support and appreciate efforts done inside and outside of course that's a reference to turkey to protect liberated areas to prevent an invasion and to prevent massacres we know that this sochi deal is to prevent the possibility of a syrian government offensive to create this new front line so high a really a very pragmatic group that has been pragmatic for years it rebranded itself after it said it was publicly cut ties with al qaida hoping that the international community would no longer see it as a terrorist organization so they did quietly comply with the first deadline which was october tenth and they did remove their happy weapons from this and we have to remember that this demilitarized zone does not solve the whole of the fate of the
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province as a whole it creates a new front line it tells the rebels and these so-called radical groups to move further back and the two you know would rather heavy weapons further back and it achieves two objectives that the russians and the syrian government wanted and that is to protect their strongholds to protect the russian base in a year and to open international highways to commercial traffic. you hopes for a breakthrough in stalled brigs it talks have been dashed e.u. and u.k. negotiators have once again been unable to come to an agreement over the future of the border on the island of ireland suddenly called meeting of all twenty seven e.u. and bastardize in brussels on sunday have led to optimism about a deal being reached foreign minister says the lack of progress is disappointing and the time is getting short to agree a briggs deal well the key issue in the talks is what happens to the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland both a part of the european union.


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