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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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and boy a witness documentary on al-jazeera. turkish investigators move their attention to the how much of the saudi consul in istanbul after police say they found evidence missing journalists was killed inside saudi's diplomatic building. sam is a this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. secretary of state arrives in riyadh for a meeting with the saudi king after president trump speaks of road kill us plus.
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are you confident of a deal by by when slavery minister are you expecting a couple of weeks needs more of. a crucial u.k. government cabinet meeting as european leaders begin a meeting to discuss the future of brags that. no electricity and no computers we take you inside schools for better when children in the occupied west bank. now turkish investigators are expected to search the saudi council's home for clues in the suspected killing of saudi journalist jamal has shoji just serious learned that forensic experts found evidence he was killed inside the consulate building investigators spent more than twelve hours searching for clues after finally being allowed into the saudi consulate in istanbul after waiting thirteen days the u.s.
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secretary of state has landed in saudi arabia to meet king. salamone us media reports say the saudis are considering publicly admitting that show g. was killed when an unofficial interrogation went wrong and the un's human rights chief is calling for the lifting of diplomatic immunity for saudi consulate staff to allow full investigation kimberly how could as the u.s. has the u.s. latest reaction from washington d.c. and as begin with charles stratford he's outside the saudi consulate in istanbul so first of all bring us up to speed now with the investigation they've gone in we understand or going into the saudi consuls why charles. what we call confirm yet sami whether in fact members of this investigative scene this joint investigative team have gone into the consul's house it's relatively close to here we haven't had no confirmation that that is get put into certainly
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there's been no evidence of the best fifteen returning here to the consulate we understand that's very much part of the plan the turkish government announcing that the small and we also understand that those vehicles that were registered that were on plates that were registered to the saudi consulate are also very much the focus of this investigation we can't confirm when in fact that will happen we've learned will certainly sources the government of told us that they expect results of this investigation to be available be announced within two to three days from now but it's certainly implied by the continuation of this investigation today with very much the focus on this so that there is a lot more work to be done meanwhile as you say the u.n. human life chief has called for diplomatic immunity to be lifted from saudi officials who worked in this consulate and this is what her spokesperson had to say about the matter. in view of the seriousness of the situation surrounding the
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disappearance. mystical shortly the high commissioner believes the inviolability or immunity of the relevant premises and officials bestowed by treaties such as the one thousand nine hundred sixty three vienna convention on consular relations should be waived immediately. under international law both of force disappearance and an extrajudicial killing are very serious crimes and immunity should not be used to impede investigations into what happened and who was responsible. all right so all of this is. unwrapping very quickly and we heard the saudis may be making a statement and what are we expecting them to say. well certainly according to the u.s. media that they are saying that we're expecting the saudis to say that this was.
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not this these team we understand these team that certainly sources in the. took us government leaked to the media that they would not give an official sanction these this operation was a mistake and that it was not officially sanctioned by the saudi crown prince now speaking to saudi experts here people very familiar with the way that saudi politics works they say that the idea of for example fifteen men who all of which are relatively close some very close to the saudi leadership arrived here on so these to government sources say to jay it's. the idea that this was not officially sanctioned by the crown prince they say seems completely in conceivable . i think it's very interesting looking at the fact that the u.s. six to state has gone to riyadh and he's meeting with the king it was very
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interesting yesterday also on the twitter there was a lot of twitter feeds that were showing pictures of the king of king solomon. less it's safe to say all of the crown prince and i think this meeting between. and the king would suggest that we might actually be seeing some sort of sidelining going on all of the crown prince the saudis obviously very embarrassed seemingly by this crisis we know that they have ruled certainly there was an announcement yesterday that the saudis have launched. own investigation and internal investigation into what's happened and of course that is a long way away from what they were saying only twenty four forty eight hours ago story when they were describing these allegations as baseless lies those who say this investigation seems to be moving very quickly and certainly yet again more pressure from the international community this time from the u.n.
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human rights chief to try to get to the bottom of exactly what happened in the building behind me right thanks so much charles for that update let's continue on this subject though we've got more on the investigation from jamal to show you al he's in istanbul. it took turkish investigators thirteen days to finally be given permission by saudi authorities to enter their consulate in istanbul but just a few hours for them to uncover more evidence they say proves that journalist was killed after entering get. the turkish attorney general's office exclusively telling al-jazeera that its team of investigators were able to not only recover evidence from the crime scene but also that there had been a kia attempt to tamper with its. earlier on monday a team of cleaners arrived at the diplomatic mission a bizarre occurrence considering the circumstances they were then followed by saudi investigators who are part of what's been billed as a joint task force with questions being raised as to how the main suspects in
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a crime can have a lead role in the investigation itself. there are still so many questions that need on cers why did saudi arabia essendon autopsy experts if as some of its media outlets have been claiming the plan was only to question. how did the saudi government's nuts know of the operation when it's apparently involved two of crown prince mohammed bin son man's personal bodyguards and where is jamal khashoggi is body a full investigation would look at all of the cars that left the consulate from the time that shogi entered up until even now and presumably it's the personnel on the consulate and you'd want to look at their homes and their cars often one can find d.n.a. evidence of incredibly minute amounts but telling in vehicles well after intervent occurred so i would look at that i would look actually at presumably the
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saudis have cleaned everything weird. chlorine or who knows what but i would i would look at the the drainpipes and i look at all of the belongings of the members of the staff who have come in and come out the case has forced multinational corporations like ford virgin and j.p. morgan to withdraw from an upcoming investment conference in saudi arabia the kingdom stock exchange suffered big losses on sunday troops all of this coupled with the fact that the interests of regional and super powers are stake could mean that we may never know the answers. and it's why people will be monitoring closely to see what's evidence turkish authorities will reveal to the public once they complete their investigations. and just you know you stumble. i can but how could joins us live from washington d.c. now on this one so we know that the u.s. secretary of state is going to meet the saudi king assigned behalf of how critical
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this issue has begun what kind of message is he taking ticking sound. well certainly there is a long standing relationship between the united states and saudi arabia and there is going to be an effort to try and preserve that relationship but there are some glaring facts that are making that much more challenging along with some significant pressure from the u.s. congress we know that secretary of state my pump aoe not only did he meet with king cell mon but he also met with the crown prince mohammed bin solomon and also the foreign minister adel al g. of beer so this was a very extensive meeting we've seen the first pictures of that and we know that this trip doesn't just have one stop sami that it goes from riyadh to potentially also is stamboul as approved by donald trump the u.s. president but in terms of the content of this meeting we understand it is being widely reported as we've been talking here on al-jazeera that we are expecting some
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sort of imminent statement in the coming hours coming days from saudi arabia that will essentially have two parts not only will the first part be in contrast to the prior statements that were made by saudi arabia now in fact explaining that the death. was in fact an interrogation that went wrong but also potentially that those that were involved in that terror interrogation will be held accountable no one other interesting note in all of this that we're hearing here in washington is that u.s. investigators stateside here domestically have been very interested in speaking to the saudi ambassador to the united states he abruptly left and now it's being reported that he will not return notably he is the crown prince's younger brother. kimberly what we know that the u.s. president is on the record saying they'll be severe consequences if in fact jamal
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khashoggi was killed in the consulate what are u.s. officials saying now if the indications are that the saudis are going to admit although they say that wasn't officially sanctioned that he in fact did die in the consulate. well we've talked a lot in recent days about the very strong relationship between donald trump's family and members of the saudi royal family and that would include his son in law jared cushion or a white house aide and his relationship with the crown prince in fact the crown prince we know is on record as boasting of saying he has gerrard or in his pocket so it's notable that in recent days while the president said there would be severe consequences for saudi arabia he seemed to dial back those comments just twenty four hours ago when he tried to insert the speculation that perhaps rogue killers may have been involved in the disappearance and potential death was that is confirmed. but what i can tell you is that's not going to sit well with members of
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congress a growing number of members of congress not just republicans but also democrats including chris murphy a senior senator from connecticut who has penned a very broad and scathing sort of editorial where essentially he's laid out not only how a growing number of members of congress see the crown prince mohammed bin solomon as being completely erratic in his actions he lays out the fact that not only is there been this ongoing blockade of qatar they have been using u.s. made weapons in yemen which the u.s. is increasingly finding difficult given the humanitarian disaster there the detention of the lebanese prime minister the jailing of family members the list apparently in the minds of members of congress goes on and on to things they no longer can turn a blind eye to so what he's suggesting in fact is that there should be a blocking of arms sales and perhaps a reevaluation of the u.s.
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saudi relationship. from washington d.c. . still ahead on al-jazeera the family of a journalist assassinated one investigating corruption in multidimensional an inquiry into whether the government was involved flooding in southern france is the worst in one hundred years and three months of rain in one nine. slushy fun and dry across a good part of japan over the next couple of days the man by the action is out into the open waters a little bit of cloud just sliding through the korean peninsula easing over towards southern parts of japan but this is a very weak weather system this one few spaces spots of rain a possibility but nothing too much to write home about twenty one celsius in tokyo
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over the next couple of days the wetter weather just hugging the coastal shoals of the sea of japan twenty three therefore a fine and dry that dry weather stretching its way down is the good parts of eastern china which was a far issue much as catches some showers along the spoils of rain just driven in from there on shore breeze go on into thursday it brightens up nicely temperatures getting up to twenty six celsius there for hong kong basin pieces right in the southwest of china over towards chengdu eighteen celsius here further south some very lively showers in across the west of malaysia wanted to show was there into the philippines but not soo much more of a could see a little bit of wet weather to go through wednesday the wetter weather will be over towards kuala lumpur towards singapore seeking a little further south with easing down into some outer maybe one or two showers also just making their way towards indonesia.
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brother lee the or brutal dictator. with discontent spreading through north africa time was running out for libya's self-styled king of kings. in the first of a two part series the big picture charts the rise and fall of one of the and the events that helped fuel the violence of his final hour. the lust for libya on a to. you're watching out just zero time to recap our headlines this hour now turkish investigators are expected to search the saudi consuls home for clues in the
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suspected killing of saudi journalist. al jazeera as months friends and experts found evidence he was killed inside the consulate building. the u.s. secretary of state has landed in riyadh for talks with king salamander the saudi count crown prince was sent by donald trump as the suggested road killers could have murdered. the u.s. media reports say the saudis are considering publicly admitting a cultural jew was killed when an unofficial interrogation went along. and it's a year to the day since a massive bomb blast in malta blew up a journalist there daphne. was investigating corruption in business is the police and the government of families demanding a public inquiry to find out who ordered her death we're going to interrupt this will come back to you later let's take you now to encourage where the turkish
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foreign minister. is speaking let's listen in to what he has to say. it to them. resolving the issues well this is this is. known as a long standing issue we need to. prove this in the united nations of course we can have. an official meetings with the cypriots to create a scene in cyprus that does not mean we recognize their government that does not mean we actually. i accepted. that cypriot government as a country as a state you know. we can have as i said. you know official meetings and they have actually resisted turkey with regards to these issues and they want to.
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find. you know on this and what kind of trivial have to resort to dizzy and i'd like to tell you who says there's turkey. i was listening in there to my shoulder the turkish foreign minister we are expecting him to speak momentarily about the issue of the missing saudi journalist jamal assured you soon as he does we're going to bring you back to that news conference but we were talking to you earlier about the death of another journalist who was killed while investigating corruption in malta carports from the capital on that one. dusty quranic elisi as death shocked a nation to many she was a fearless anti corruption crusader but she was also accused of scathing even defamatory journalism and of being politically partisan on how widely read blog a year after she was killed in a car bombing the reasons for her death are still unclear. and her
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family wants a public inquiry free from all political interference the focus of that inquiry on like the current process is to look into whether daphne's nice could have been saved so that would mean looking into possible state failure to protect and possible state complicity in the assassination this is where daphne karrada got to see it was killed she left her home in a village just up the hill in a least the blast was so powerful it scattered parts of the vehicle in surrounding fields some of her remains were found eighty meters away from here this isn't the first car bomb in malta they have been six since the start of two thousand and sixteen but it's the first time the victim hasn't been a criminal. three men are on trial for murder question surrounding a motive a yet to be answered. claimed to have uncovered corruption at the highest levels
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in a maltese bank the police and the government she believed officials were granting residency in passports in return for bribes from shady individuals trying to access the european union. she also linked to maltese politicians including the prime minister joseph muscat with offshore tax havens he denies the allegations. as family believe there's been a deliberate attempt to control the narrative surrounding her death to make it look like she was investigating criminal gangs alone and not the government the prime minister declined our request for an interview. since carolina khaleesi is dead colleagues say bolton's media office which is over directly by political parties has lacked an important voice it was nothing like her before and there's been nothing since her bravery i imagine would inspire others in the years to come locally she opened many people's eyes to what. could be
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this is what's left of a warm sludge makeshift memorial to the journalist opposite multis law courts it's tended to by activists who say it's regularly torn down even in death they say she continues to be silenced. barkha al-jazeera valetta malta. britain's prime minister is meeting government ministers before a braggs that summit with european leaders in brussels on wednesday e.u. u.k. talks are stalled over what happens in the not irish border when northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. leave the e.u. in march through the may says an amicable divorce deal is still achievable but european council president says the possibility of no deal is more likely than ever before jonah hill has the latest from london this is a very fragile and divided cabinet but it's certainly looking more likely now than
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it did twenty four hours or so ago that she will come away with some sense of unity in the cabinet. to give you an idea of their fragility consider that last night on monday a third of her senior ministers sat together over slices of pizza in the house of commons behind me plotting a sort of concerted effort amongst themselves to force her to change course in her negotiations with the e.u. they've been very unhappy about it particularly over the weekend as a deal seemed likely to be struck. on monday afternoon as it happens she addressed the house of commons and went quite some way towards appeasing many of their concerns how did she do that well she assured them that she would not accept e.u. demands for an additional backstop for the surance policy keeping that border open on the island of ireland which would involve northern ireland the british territory remaining with a new structures. thank you back to ankara where the turkish foreign minister is talking about the issue of the disappeared saudi journalist as this news. this has
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to be authorized. from the as you would be but yesterday as you would know the chief prosecutor. office. would. have being to the consulate. be a stumble and they started their investigations. and their investigation is continuing to gather with the. television from saudi arabia and we would like to know what happened to. you as well like the rest of the world of course and it is unfortunate it happened in our country and of course. of course somebody disappeared somebody somebody whose life is in question here. and of course who's going to be questioned
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who's going to be asked what kind of questions this is this is going to be made by the chief prosecutor of his in istanbul and i'm sure. he'll take necessary steps also as you are aware. there was an interview i should just say and. what is important for us now to continue with this investigation without any hopes the cause and we showed the authorities need to cooperate fully with short order to send turkish. prosecutors office and we need to have a transparent. investigation so nobody will have any question mark in their minds about how the investigation. is being handled. so tomorrow morning and promptly the foreign minister of the us is expected to be
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in ankara so. there are a number of issues between turkey and usa i understand so what do you think. the turkish government and pompei will be talking about and what kind of elements you think really bad shit especially with regards to the relationship between the usa turkey and. what can you tell us about these things. at the moment tell us more about. what is the recent they were up month to rich countries to mr gratian. like there is nothing new year with regard to the investigation in the consulate. as we all know the into the consulate to get some paperwork. for himself but.
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at the moment the most important thing for us to find out what happened. of course . in the center investigation is an interview what have you but. this is. very important for us on the other hand. mr have stated that he would like to come to ankara. as we always. do. allies from the u.s. and also. and it is important for us to stand stay have taken against. the disappearance of democracy as well as the stance against the. handling this issue and of course. we do not know what kind of information he will be getting going along with him from riyadh. kind
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of. approach he will have in certain issues but of course when i put a minister comes to ankara of course. between the two countries are all of a say about and. we. put a number of a number of issues and of course we can. and we are going to. couple that to how can we further improve the current situation that we had a cooperating in on a number of florida as a number of issues and there are some also cases legal cases. included in fair to include in. including branson kazan and we need to be able to take some positive steps and u.s. needs to take some positive steps it in relation to the extradition. that we have
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requested and. ran to loosen. the minister we started to corporate our number of issues as well which we hadn't before. and it is it is very important for us to employ implement that roadmap because it is very important for us to. get through all of the terrorist organizations and operations in the land or outside our land that threatens turkey and one of the important issues that have been facing for a long time that. we need to get rid of these terrorist organizations as we all know the united states of america had been supporting. the terrorist organizations a number of face financial arms and other of it otherwise and so of course we have been speaking to our u.s.
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contra parts in these matters and we will talk again with. promptly tomorrow about these issues as well. the. argument that was reached here in russia in sochi. so so. now with the recent information that we have received. terrorist groups and organizations have actually deserted this area what is the most recent situation have the actually really the terrorist organizations i mean cleared all of. the area as a result of. sochi. agreement and also is a question to mr. minister. in
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cyprus what are the recent developments that we need to know. what. both are said in the media. but. saudi authorities need to cooperate the words there of turkey's foreign minister. speaking in ankara he's giving a press conference there and he touched upon the issue of the missing saudi journalist jamal khashoggi journalist who two weeks ago went into the saudi consul in istanbul and hasn't been seen since. said the most important thing for us to find out what happened to her job. and we understand that turkish investigators are planning to search the house of the saudi consul now
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after earlier searching the saudi console it's consulate itself in istanbul and sources tell us that they found evidence that indeed. g. was killed inside the saudi consulate still waiting for the full details of that investigation to be released we understand from sources that final result may come in two to three days this is an issue no doubt involving a lot of world powers saudi arabia and turkey the united states as well who secretary of state is in riyadh meeting with the king can back at the top of the al to bring you more north of this now it's inside story stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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searching the saudi consulate in istanbul for jamal khashoggi took his investigators say they're finally being allowed in why has it taken so long for the saudis to open their doors and is the kingdom looking for a face saving compromise this isn't a story. hello and welcome to the program on iran cone turkish investigators say they are being allowed to search saudi arabia's consulates in istanbul ofter all almost two weeks after a journalist. was last seen.


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