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tv   The Lust For Libya P1  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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business ties inside saudi arabia in parentheses he added or indeed inside russia but the legal basis of this letter by democrats well to put quite bluntly it has no legal basis whatsoever is in effect a request by the democrat senators but it's also part of this ongoing divide between the administration and those within congress these democrat congresses senators are sending the message that they are concerned about president trumps decision. to take decisions without bias toward saudi arabia now this just came from democrats but this also being concerns expressed by republican senators and republicans in the house about the situation with saudi arabia so the division between the administration and congress is growing wider by the day that each the crisis continues to show all right i cannot live for us in washington mike
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thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera proud to serve why more afghans continue to join the army just by threats from the taliban. that with corruption thousands in haiti take to the streets to demand change and call for an investigation into the misuse of funds. from a clear blue sky of the doha moony. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of sanaa. how i once again welcome some of the look at the international forecast weather stan reset fanned out across a good part of china down toward the southwest we have got some rather lively showers they're stretching their way into work vietnam sinking a little further south as but you can see for much of china settled in sunny twenty six celsius there in hong kong on thursday tad warmer as we go through friday but
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a little wetter as we make away somewhat the west with showers continue there around good parts of vietnam down towards a louse pushing up into cambodia as well heat of the day showers as one would expect the usual rash was there across much of southeast asia shouldn't be too bad for the philippines having said that the weather whether they're into a good part of malaysia want to show has now started to push their way down towards indonesia and as ever they will still be further live the showers the into thailand meanwhile into india were lively showers really affecting southern parts of the country kind of taka pushing down towards carola the will not do so under pressure to sing a little bit of wet weather for tada further north there we go it's warm his dry and his sunny temps getting up to thirty five celsius for kolkata thirty four in new delhi woman off in karate with a high of thirty six. the weather sponsored by cats on these.
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wish the world innovation summit for one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goes to hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply now to a time the twenty eighteen wish summit. they're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you this hour turkish forensic experts have left saudi arabia's saudi of constant console general's istanbul
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residence where they were finally allowed to search after about nine hours they were looking for evidence in the disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi and the u.s. meanwhile there is foreign pressure on tunnel trying to take action against the saudis despite his refusal to condemn riyadh over the affair as president donald trump has tonight he is helping saudi arabia cover up its role in the show if the case as speculation grows about a possible conflict of interest some senators are demanding that trump disclose any financial ties he may have with the kingdom. at least nineteen people have died after an explosion and shooting at a school in crimea arson investigator same eighteen year old student went on a shooting spree before taking his own life. more from moscow. panic in crimea as the bomb exploded in a school in the most eastern city. a few. ambulances and military trucks
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rushed to deceive among the dead many teenagers dozens of students in the vocational training school suffered injuries they were taken to hospitals in both crimea and russia the two story school is have damaged a gas explosion was initially thought to have caused the blast but it soon became clear it wasn't an accident investigators say the bomb exploded in the canteen and the gunmen walked around the school with a rifle shooting everyone he saw then police found the body of an eighteen year old student in the school library they say he shot himself and consider him to be the only attacker here for sure. it is already clear that this is a crime motives and versions of this tragedy of being carefully investigated russian president putin held a minute of silence for the victims after his meeting with egyptian president sisi in sochi put in recently opened
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a new bridge which connects russia with crimea the peninsula was annexed from ukraine by russian troops four years ago and the violence in crimea has the potential to escalate simmering tensions between the russians and ukrainians there's been an outpouring of sympathy for the victims of the school attack here in moscow russians are laying flowers at the memorial the kremlin mourners are asking what brought a young student to commit such a bloody attack step fasten. moscow. european union leaders meeting in brussels say they won't hold a special summit on next month because not enough progress has been made towards a deal that centers on keeping the border open between the republic of ireland and northern ireland which leaves the e.u. with the rest. next march head of the summit ireland's prime minister leo varadkar explain what his government wants. ireland's position you know is as it always has been ever since the referendum happened we want there to be able to all agreements
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so the u.k. can leave the euro an orderly fashion we want there to be a transition period so that business and citizens can prepare for any changes that may take place we want there to be the protection of citizens' rights all across europe wants there to be a financial settlement and we also need a legally binding guarantee that there will not be a hard border between northern ireland or the republic of ireland. british prime minister theresa may address. said afterwards she offered no ideas to break the current deadlock without a deal insisting on a so-called backstop to keep the irish border open but there's no agreement yet at the u.k. on that china hall reports from brussels. the hopes of doing a break deal with this summit long gone british prime minister to resign may's positive tone on a rival weren't of impressed many here in brussels so what we've seen is that we've sold most of the shoes in withdrawal agreements there are still there is still the question of the northern irish but i believe everybody around the table wants to
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get a deal. by working intensively and closely we can achieve that deal i believe a deal is a trade well now is the time to make it happen. may spend less than half an hour addressing her fellow leaders on the status of exit talks before they went into dinner without a further sign of the u.k.'s growing isolation within this bloc he presented them with no new ideas to break the current deadlock so there wasn't much to discuss e.u. leaders are running out of patience with britain just as britain is running out of time they called off a planned emergency summit in november judging that insufficient progress has been made to expect a deal by then it looks that to still we do have a lot of discussions and i'll try not to approve man told distance what u.k. wants to and it's sad and difficult for european and the side to negotiate it with their person who has no full support of the position they know she's politically
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weak at home the reason may has bowed to different factions in her government and parliament rejecting the e use plan for a backstop or insurance policy against a future hard boarder on the island of ireland. they insist it's non-negotiable and there's more and more talk about all of this ending in no deal disruptions of borders tariffs on trade british passport holders requiring visas and work permits on the continent there is one new idea doing the rounds the a use potential willingness to extend the so-called transition period after britain leaves the e.u. allowing a full three years for trade talks to take place before that thorny issue of the backstop applies it might soften some opposition to the backstop hardly imaginative thinking at this stage but possibly all they've got the prime minister and others stressed that a deal is ninety percent. but on the problem of ireland they're still miles apart
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jonah al-jazeera brussels the man the united nations tasked with helping bring peace to syria has announced he is leaving his post special envoy stephan m a star will step down at the end of november he says he's moving on for personal reasons or diplomatic editor james reports when he took the job over four years ago stefan de mistura described it as almost mission impossible now off to seventy years of war with over twelve million people displaced from their homes in syria and over half a million killed he told the security council he was stepping down with a peace deal far from sight let me old to give you some heads up if i may. i would myself be moving on as of the last week of november mr de mistura tried everything from local truces to meetings of key international players
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in twenty sixteen he managed to get syrian government representatives to geneva to meet with a delegation that for the first time represented many of the opposition elements including key fighting groups this promising opportunity stop to me its tracks by military action jury in the talks by syria and its russian ally if therefore they can deficient to bring him bertie for them voted for did it not there and if not they fake it up or haven't they basically formed your top. i am not referring to military activity. it was russian air power and iranian forces on the ground that changed the balance of power the russians then began to pushing talks first in a stana then in sochi thank you very much as a rival to mr de mistura as geneva process in over four years at press conferences and in interviews they seem to one thing that was your mantra there is no military
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solution and yet in that time we've seen starvation used as a weapon we've seen repression including torture we've seen aerial bombardment including barrel bombs we've seen the repeated use of chemical weapons the syrian government clearly didn't believe you and it now controls most of the country so it did have a military solution to it. you see i work for the u.n. and i've been working for the end now forty eight years in twenty two borth or mission conflict area i have learnt one thing and i know defectors in a few very strong elective what matters if winning the peace mr de mistura isn't finishing quite yet he's making a last trip to damascus next week to persuade the syrian government to accept a finalize list for a constitutional committee they've been dragging their heels on that for nine months it's unlikely his decision to quit will give him any more leverage jamesburg
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days out zero of the united nations as a side bomb attack in afghanistan has killed a parliamentary candidate last happened in the southern province of helmand at least ten candidates have now been killed in the run up to the elections on saturday the taliban is warning people not to participate in the vote afghan army is mounting its biggest operation in years in a mission to secure polling stations for saturday's elections apollo's taliban threats to bomb them and kill candidates reports from the capital kabul. afghan army cadets celebrating their graduation their excitement may soon give way to anxiety as the new soldiers are likely to be sent to the front line but this is my country i must defend the ones i have no fears i have taken an oath to serve and defend. this graduation ceremony in kabul was held earlier than planned the
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army stretched and more soldiers are needed to secure polling stations nationwide through all the years the u.s. and other countries have spent billions of dollars training afghan security forces to lead operations when all foreign troops pull out of the country a goal that has eluded afghan military commanders now they are faced with the harsh reality that taliban is gaining ground and launching more attacks across the country. this is the moment when taliban fighters ambush an army convoy soldiers respond with a coordinated assault to kill that animal is it's only a mock training drill the reality on the ground is tougher and unpredictable taliban commanders have intensified attacks during election campaigning to target candidates and security forces read yes asking people to war polling station in i
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won national security to portis is ready to protect you and protect the process. since the fall of the taliban government in kabul seventeen years ago u.s. and nato troops have played a crucial role in training and equipping the afghan army the goal is to eventually see afghan security forces taking over military operations nationwide but when the ice of mission end it there were almost one hundred forty thousand nato troops in this country we're now down to some sixteen thousand. all the work from the remaining more than one hundred thousand has been taken over by the afghans so we are very confident that they can fulfill their tasks president donald trump has repeatedly said he won't commit to any plan to expand or prolong the u.s.
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military operation in afghanistan that leaves the afghan army to bear the brunt of defeating the taliban and restoring stability has a. couple. protests in haiti have turned violent as anger grows over billions of dollars in missing funds haitians want to know how money from a venezuelan sponsored oil assistance program was used castro reports. police imported prince fired live ammunition at unarmed protesters wednesday as thousands spilled onto the streets in the capital and across the country the demonstrators accuse the ruling party of corruption and ignoring the needs of its people you know pay day we're living in a country where there's no health care there's no good schools for our children and the farmers are banding with no support from the government and in the same country you have a couple of people who stole over three billion dollars. haitians are demanding an
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investigation into what happened to some three point eight billion dollars from a venezuelan oil agreement the money from the petro caribbean fund was supposed to be for social development and public works yet even levin years after the fund was started forty thousand haitians still live in displacement camps and millions of people have no running water when. water is life for us and without it we cannot live we don't even have enough water for toilets protesters accuse politicians and administrators of embezzling the money the protest campaign started on twitter two months ago with the hash tags petrol karim a challenge and where is the petrol karim a money banners and sort of people coming together and sort of again from very different walks of life from different political backgrounds from different socioeconomic backgrounds haiti's president juvenal moyse is himself implicated in the corruption scandal as he commemorated the death of haiti's founding father
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wednesday the sound of protesters could be heard throughout the event under mounting public pressure when he says he supports an independent investigation. we have a big protest all over the country a big protest a request of the government of juvenile moyse gives us an explanation as to how the money from petro curry day was spent. with business is shuttered and schools closed around the country haitians say this protest is unlike those that have gripped the country in the past but they say this time the people are more united they say this time the government will be held accountable heidi joe castro al jazeera. the headlines right now on al-jazeera a turkish forensic experts have left saudi arabia's consul general residence and istanbul they spent nine hours searching for evidence and the disappearance of
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journalist jamal khashoggi two weeks ago and the u.s. there is crime pressure on donald trump to take action against the saudis despite his refusal to condemn riyadh over the case anderson meant his outside the consul general's home in istanbul. for twelve hours they've been searching the property and indeed the garden is well i'll just step aside so you can see what's happening right now you see a number of officials the turkish officials at the diplomatic vehicle you see the number of vans have left the scene as i say they've been digging the garden to the rear of this rather old nates building and they have also been up stay as doing intensive forensic work as you can see now a number of officials will can past this has all happened with observation by saudi officials european union leaders meeting in brussels say they won't hold
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a special summit on next month because not enough progress has been made towards a deal british prime minister theresa may address to european leaders who said she presented no new ideas deadlocks interest on keeping the border in ireland open up from northern ireland leaves the e.u. with the rest of you k. and march at least nineteen people have died after an explosion and shooting at a school in crimea arson investigator same eighteen year old student went on a shooting spree before taking his own life the united nations special envoy for syria has told the security council he is stepping down from the role in november stefan dennis de mistura has spent years mediating between the syrian government and various rebel sides he says he's moving on for personal reasons a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan has killed a parliamentary candidate the blast happened in the southern province of helmand at least ten candidates have now been killed in the run up to the elections which are scheduled for saturday and so the headlines keep it on al jazeera much more to come
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inside story is next. you. know. the investigation into. possible murder continues all eyes are now on the saudi crown prince mohammed bin set a man who appears to be distancing himself from the scandal but can he really will it affect his grip on power this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm has saudis close to crown prince mohammed bin sandman may be involved in what turkish sources say is the killing of saudi journalist. and as it has been told that a bodyguard for the crown prince led the operation which led to torture and death in istanbul he was last seen entering the saudi consulate fifteen days ago were joint saudi turkish investigation team searched the building took a source is say there is further evidence that suggests it was killed there the saudis are continuing to deny any links to his disappearance u.s. president donald trump is defending the kingdom warning not to jump to conclusions or the u.s. secretary of state has been in both ankara and the saudi capital after meeting king said man and crown prince mohammed bin sandman might pompei or says a credible investigation is underway and no one will be exempt from being held accountable. they made
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a commitment to to hold anyone connected to any wrongdoing that may be found accountable for that whether they are a senior officer official they promised accountability for each of those persons whom they determine as a result of their investigation as it deserves accountability remember that they made no exceptions to who they would hold accountable they were they were just very they were very clear they are they understand the importance of this issue they're determined to get to the bottom of it and that they will conduct the report in the wall get a chance to see if they take each promise that they would achieve that force. well let's bring in our guest now to talk more about this joining us here in studio is mohammad to share kawhi a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university in london we have saeed if she had he is a columnist with a newspaper and leader of the behind freedom movement and joining us from chicago
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is sana chopped i director of the turkish research program with the washington institute for near east policy good to have you all with this gentleman. let's start with the turkish perspective on this since that is they did that is at the center of all of this so so on a chapter i as far as the latest developments developments that we're getting on this that now more details about what the turks say is. that a killing has taken place in the consulate and there is a search now of the. consul general so residents what do we expect to emerge from there and what will investigators be looking at. so what we saw is turkey first started releasing evidence to suggest that a murder took place and then last week on friday just as presidents are gone and trump made up after turkey released american pastor andrew bronson who was in jail
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in turkey that was the reason for the trumpet on make up turkey went into a strategic pause it stopped releasing evidence unnamed turkish security officials stopped talking to journalists and i think that is primarily because at on was hoping that behind closed doors he would convince trump and the u.s. administration now that he had made off with trump to publicly back turkish position but we saw in the last few days that if not the whole u.s. administration definitely president trump is trending away from turkey's position and closer to the saudi position and i think therefore the turks have started decided to start leaking evidence again so yesterday secretary pompei was in ankara u.s. state department secretary of state and i think it's either to build pressure on secretary pompei o or perhaps even sort of he takes a message back to washington that turkey will not back down turkey started
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releasing evidence again journalists who had access to audiotapes or who talked to people had access to audiotapes started painting details of this gruesome murder so i think turkey is back on the offensive now whether disses a strategic offensive it will last or tactical depends on to what extent the u.s. position aligns with turkey especially once secretary pompei a comes back i think at this stage a turkish president on can take nothing less than not just a complete apology but someone pretty significant and important thrown under the bus so that he will accept to embrace the exit path that the saudi authorities want to take claiming that this was not a. clear operation when the murder took place i think it's getting more complicated than that on top in the last week and it all depends on what america does next asuna when you say someone needs to be thrown under the bus who would that person
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be i mean how how high would it have to go up it's hard for me to judge i'm not an expert on saudi politics but i saw today that the consul in istanbul the saudi consul was relieved of his duties that just doesn't sound convincing to the turks that the whole operation of fifteen people allegedly flying in to stumble at the same time it was at the consulate staying there for two hours and leaving and if the audiotapes are occur in the very fight carrying out a murder that all of this could have taken under just the auspices of the council i think it would have to go higher than that but i'm not an expert on saudi politics can say how high but clearly there are two elements here one is that the allegedly murder took place on turkish soil so it's a violation of turkey sovereignity and turkey is very envious of that and secondly get somebody who had really close ties to many people in the earth on administration so this is also personal for at on he has to push back in other to
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not to have his charisma and his strong man image domestically and internationally undermined and i think that's why if the saudis are to take the code and quote exit path they have to give something in return that is convincing for at on but also for the international audience that is watching this terrible tragedy how much air kerry would your take on how the turks have handled this investigation because there is a delicate balance at play here in terms of turkey's relations with both saudi arabia and the united states two countries which which has a great deal invested here i would say to the turks of money pretty to dis process of. figuring out what happened so we have not seen the full story of what they have discovered in terms of evidence so there has been this diplomatic process going on in the first two weeks with three and then now with three and and washington so i
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think the how i mean jerks have not revealed their evidence because they are more concerned or more interested in development in new york triangle where they can have a win win situation so out of the gun happens to be somebody who is tough negotiator and i think now with the arrival of response from the white house i think there has been new or up or from what we washington on this is the american preacher who was released from turkey from turkey so i don't think that he was released without a kind of compromise and i think the saudis are paying the price both ways to the turks as well as the americans and at the same time the scandal now happens to be in new law in saudi politics and i think we should also remember that the governor and the saudi leadership leadership leaders have not been a on go terms so we will we still have to wait to see where this investigation process will lead us within the next three months four months or so from what
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you're saying then the turks are keeping their cards very close to the vest here and there and they're it's a matter of when when they when they play them so one would have seen how the evidence has been money paraded it has been a process of a drip drip you know kind of anonymous and this is anonymous sources and also with some selective media institutions inside turkey so i don't think that this is the proper legal way how that been london or where we would have seen the prosecutor or the ministry of interior appearing before cameras day one or day two he or she would reveal what the outcome of the investigation and also sort of. tell us what is the. the point of the mark in the market between what is evidence and what is just speculation so i think in short the turks have turned this scandal is that into a circus
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a political and diplomatic circus more than the whole process all right let's get let's get say that she had to take on this should should vest gaiters just simply be able to do their jobs here regardless of the of the political and diplomatic considerations are they being allowed to do that. thank you very much i listen to both contributors and i can see that everybody is not really clear about how the turks are conducting their own investigation and also how they are concluding their next move well so far i think fourteen so far so good because they have not the rushed to judgment they have not to rush through declaring a position they have not exposed to all the information in their hands so they are in a stronger position especially i think one of the most important thing that i pissed
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away for example didn't think that. mr trump and his administration would take such a strong stand with regard to sudan abia yes they are trying to brush aside to brush it of they are trying to probe lead to protect this woodies but at the same time there is so much evidence and so much media attention inside america that i think the white house could not simply brush all these aside and. cling to the position they had originally so that their eggs have been many primitive enough to be able to drag the trump administration into this mess and i think the stakes they made the stakes too high for riyadh to come out from this quite by and so i believe that the tax will. continue their
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investigation and as my colleague said they would continue to give small hence one one at a time in order to. really close the sale because around the saudis because the saudis have the reality of really bad job not just now. that takes have also been very skeptical about the way they have the saudis have handled many other issues similar issues including their relations with the thought this is madness this is absolute none this and the way it is coming to realize that some of that sentiment has been. for the west and for as a percent of what america yes he is giving money but at the same time he's making everybody unhappy in the region so i think that they actually have played their cards so so well so far but also there are also afraid that. the
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trump administration may stunt the middle of the way and back up or back away from the whole process where we just want to remind viewers as well at this point that we did make several efforts to reach out to saudi on this oil and prosperity voices but we were unsuccessful we're going to expand a little bit on this and now to talk about the implications of this have for the united states and for mohammed bin sandman now u.s. president donald trump criticized the rush to condemn saudi leaders in an interview with the associated press he said well i think we have to find out what happened first you know here we go again with you guilty until proven innocent i don't like that we just went through that with justice cavanaugh and he was innocent all the way so i was unconcerned a u.s. republican senator lindsey graham music using crown prince mohammed bin sandman of
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ordering the journalists murdered. well i know this nothing happens in saudi arabia without knowing it who's india he's the thirty three year old crown prince who jumped over other people he's the son of the existing king and i think he's in a bad track i can never do business with saudi arabia again until we get this behind this what does that mean it means i'm not going back to saudi arabia as long as this guy is in charge so you're still in the crown prince has to leave this up to them but i'm not going to i've been their biggest offender on the floor of the united states and this guy is a wrecking ball he had this guy murdered in a consulate in turkey and to expect me to ignore and feel used and abused i was on the floor every time defending saudi arabia because there's a good ally there's a difference between a country and an individual the n.b.s. figure is to me toxic he can never be a world leader on the world stage what does the president do thank the president
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but what i would do i know what i'm going to do and sanction the hell out of saudi arabia you know we deal with bad people all the time but this is in our face i feel personally offended they have nothing but contempt for us why would you put a guy like me and the president in this box after all the president has done this guy's got to go saudi arabia if you're listening there are a lot of good people you can choose but m.b.'s is tainted your country and tainted him so. all right pretty direct comments there from lindsey graham u.s. republican senator not not pulling his punches there as we just heard and he interesting lee enough is a senator who has been very close to to president trump politically what do you make of that couple of interesting points now the the question of his death i'm sorry to say has become the high sugar deal both in finance and politics into dimensions one detour have you two lives discussion the to improve the relations
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with the white house and they are getting what they want at the same time with the win when the more you listen to senator lindsey graham and others for representing mainstream politics within the republican party i sense that this is an investment in our own drum platform toward the elections in november mitten returned and also in two thousand and twenty because lindsey graham is one of the strong candidates who would like to be taken seriously so there are several corners or several players who are betting on how to money relate and how to capitalize on how sugar is that and this is not really were it seems to me now the by the third week of this problem we have moved from the tree that has hidden the entire forest and these are these new trees that were discovered everybody is trying to make a bet and to make some capital over his death side issue. what do you make of this then in terms of what he means for mohamed bin sad man does this kind of put the
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brakes on the way he has pursued power at any cost. well i think. the world has waited too long for this month to go they didn't ack and he wished a war on the m. and y. why did he wish a war and in yemen now that more than ten million are on the brink of famine and the whole world is could dimming except the political. condition in that war the he could now have the live in his prime minister who will do that if it's a government could that be the prime minister will enter that country as simple as that and he was a guest of. his court so and now he has done this and of course the way he did with the g.c.c. has destroyed the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council he destroyed it is almost forty years now since it was
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in the. established in growing one thousand eighty one and now he has destroyed it so i don't think there will be any talk of the. no revamping of the g.c.c. again after what he did by excluding qatar that i can get and having him maty even with that with him on with what with this alternate of a month and also i am getting to him he wanted to take a stand against qatar but. didn't do that so he in the last thirty forty years since two thousand and fifteen when his boss the way he has brought disaster after disaster out of that is us that was own country and which so all the or any other leader would antagonize his own family i just think them and putting them in that as that it's. a vote of two or three months and then extracting their money for i mean all right so he's really if i could just if i could send something different
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thank you mohammed did you did you think that there's going to be any pushback against him then inside saudi arabia does anyone there have the power to do that. i think only if the americans are willing to accept a change and i am not sure that he has drifted any of what anyone behind with him think of it and still correct because he has humiliated everybody and i am not sure i think there is there is a serious case for change in saudi arabia this is this a g m has faith is on people before failing the word and before failing the concepts like a human rights and dignity and security so i believe that it is time that the word really really looks seriously at the possibility of a dream change in death kingdom because the outcome so far in the last few years have never been never to be except disaster and insecurity so we just heard from
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saeed they're calling this disaster after disaster for mohammed bin sandman but do you think what's happened in istanbul will ultimately be his undoing now i think the problem here and here i'm thinking of lindsey graham's comments is that taking into account that american foreign policy has two heads white house and the congress this is a seems to be a pretty significant public bonus a debacle for saudi arabia in washington especially judging from the congress side and i think this explains lindsey graham's comments here's why we don't really know what happened because we have the full tape or full evidence of the alleged murder at the consulate whether this was a rendition that went wrong or they wanted to intimidate or torture him or torture him to death but either way it's completely unacceptable here is why it's not that the saudis in my view targeted and potentially killed at this event it looks like
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they did it's not that they target a journalist looks like they did it's not that they did all of this on turkish soil therefore creating a crisis with turkey they did. but they also targeted the washington post columnist and i think there is really no way to do it from under this that's america's one of the most prominent papers most respected read by everybody in washington there's not a single person in washington d.c. including senators who don't have fifty washington post columnist and their address book on their phone so this is very clear to close to home for so many people and i think it is because it is the washington post columnist aspect of this a legit mother that makes it really difficult for the saudi royal family to dig under this and just say it was a minor incident it wasn't cleared i think that we haven't really seen the end of it i also believe that all will continue pushing i think that ideally plan a is to not have a rupture with the saudis that's why he was hoping that trump would mediate between
9:43 am
him and the crown prince and that's why he didn't divulge full evidence i think this is the reason why the turkish tactic so far has been drip drip and on has been absent he hasn't personally charged the saudis he had unnamed officials of the turkish government do it that's because this plan a is to avoid a complete rupture but increasingly i think if the saudis do not take the kind of exit path that aired on wants them to take this could lead into a more significant political event i think it's something turkey's avoiding it's probably wired on took a call from the saudi king and they spoke and so i would say that's still his plan a is still where he wants to go he doesn't want to be going to be forced into plan b. that would be a complete rupture with the saudis and of course that means at least doesn't appear haps ten countries that would follow the saudis that would enter a rupture with turkey so that will be a significant blow to turkey's foreign policy and its ambitions in the middle east
9:44 am
all right we'll give what's probably going to be the last word on the stand to. that how do you see this playing out that dan is is this something that the south. he's going to ultimately ride out or will we see something else and i think this is a moment of throat. for the vinson man has become number one enemy to him have been some of his father and the entire government i think he has picked i mean his power picked a long time ago even and i would go back to early summer two thousand and eighteen with the controversy of the poor and how king solomon sale of the say is that there were five percent that was supposed to bring five hundred billion dollars for the twenty thirty vision it didn't work king solomon intervened and stopped there and it's all i think if in terms of political stability his momentum was exhausted a long time ago and it is now the decline of his sport although he managed to
9:45 am
establish a kind of deep state within the saudi state and i'm not going to be in favor of the idea that that we should have this ambitious expectation that he will be removed or do. you agree or i would say that he will be sidelined for a while and he will disappear from the public eye to the king kind of find a compromise where he is still part of the decision making and his son would remain at home all right he'll be fascinated to see how this does continue to play out but we're going to have to leave it there thank you to all of you mohammed share cow here. side issue have we in london and so on air chapter in chicago thanks very much for being on inside story and remember you can see this program again any time just go to our website at easier dot com and for more discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle there is at
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a.j. inside story for me has of taken the whole team here by the now. i . one simple mistake could be fatal. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for former north korean and so jet the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take
9:47 am
. old marine boy a witness documentary on al-jazeera in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we'll be talking to the american people looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles to health care system to racism and women's rights join us throughout oktober for special coverage and analysis of the u.s. midterms on al-jazeera you don't know where public service stops and private interest begins what's at stake is the very essence of democracy we have never had a president so brazenly treating the oval office as an opportunity to. fall in line as follows the money investigating with the donald trump is profiting from the presidency and asking what the cost will be for democracy the usa and the president's profits on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera that's where every jew. and richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera the washington post has published the last opinion piece by jamal khashoggi before he went missing fifteen days ago after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul the column focuses on freedom of expression in the arab world a newspaper says it was submitted to them by a translator and assistant a day after he was reported missing the washington post says it had held off
9:49 am
publishing the piece until now with the hope that it could be edited with the show . turkish forensic experts have left saudi arabia's consul general restaurant residence that is in istanbul it's a nine hour searching for evidence in the u.s. there is growing pressure on donald trump to take action against the saudis despite his refusal to condemn riyadh over the case and resentment as more from istanbul. now this part of the investigation appears to be complete now nine hours of searching the consul's residence by forensic teams and investigators overseen by saudi officials they spent quite a time on the first floor of the building we saw them in action looking at a number of areas and according to a source close to the investigation there have been som pools found these samples but we're not told exactly what they were the blood samples of d.n.a.
9:50 am
samples but we were told that important evidence was found here opinion leaders meeting in brussels say they won't hold a special summit on next month because not enough progress has been made toward city hall british prime minister theresa may address european leaders who said that she failed to present any new ideas deadlock centers on keeping the border in ireland open after northern ireland leaves the e.u. with the rest of the u.k. in march united nations special envoy for syria has told the security council he's stepping down from his role and november steffen minister has spent years mediating between the syrian government and rebel sides it told the council the situation in syria is relatively stable but says he's moving on for personal reasons a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan has killed a parliamentary candidate the blast happened in the southern province of helmand at least ten candidates have now been killed in the run up to the elections on saturday the taliban is warning people not to participate in the vote. government
9:51 am
minister in india has resigned after as many as twenty women accused him of sexual harassment and assault and are was the deputy foreign minister allegations against the sixty seven year old date back to his time as a leading newspaper editor in the late one nine hundred eighty s. and one nine hundred ninety s. he's suing the first female journalist who reported him on twitter for defamation is part of a long list of prominent men who've been named in what's being called india's need to movement and data shah is co-director of the center a women's rights organization in india she says this is the start of a wider movement for change. it's a huge victory cation for all the files i think of women's rights for gays to get so it shows that if so many women come together we can actually bring about change in the revolution in some way and who asked me to has been a kind of
9:52 am
a process like that that you know it does allow for us to bring sexual habits and it workplace in the center of discussion and thought need to happen abroad might need to in india has just that it's been amazing that it's it's so many you know the being quietly just accepting what that act with or what expedient they had and they don't have come out. because he started the defamation case that so many women came out and supported the woman who had actually said the first time and i think that's an important thing that men kind of behave as if they don't remember our they didn't do or completely get into this denial mode and that you know just infuriated so many women to see that we're not going to now keep quiet and more at least one thousand people have died after an explosion and shooting at a school when crimea and basket are say an eighteen year old student went on
9:53 am
a shooting spree before killing himself keep it on al jazeera much more to come out as her world is next. i am. on the tenth of may twenty eighth the wife of a libyan politician i'm told lawyers held up an historic document a letter of apology from the british prime minister the u.k.
9:54 am
lost its way when i got mixed up in the rendition of an innocent pregnant woman and then to get off it just didn't but today i think it stood on the right side of history by recognizing its mistakes and by apologizing. abdulhakim bell high and his wife fatima bouchard had been fighting for six years to get the british government to admit it rendered them handed them over to the regime of moammar gadhafi in two thousand and four knowing that as libyan dissidents bay would be in serious person danger on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize on reservedly we are profoundly sorry for the ordeal that you both suffered and our role in it. this film follows the troubling story of the opponents of gadhafi who were imprisoned tortured and in some cases killed because the u.k. u.s. and other western governments colluded in
9:55 am
a web of unlawful rendition. colonel moammar gadhafi was the libyan leader from one thousand nine hundred sixty nine to twenty eleven. he was a controversial figure with an ambiguous relationship with the west. his erratic behavior made it easy for the u.s. and europe to portray him as an out of control figure behind terrorist attacks conspiracies and scandals. but there was more to this relationship than was obvious at the time. in two thousand and four the west suddenly rebranded to get a free from public enemy number one to their new best friend. but all the while gadhafi is intelligence service the cia and the british m i six cooperated with
9:56 am
each other in ways few suspected at the time. one such case was that of in all shake our lead he said to have run a military campaign in afghanistan. he was captured by the pakistanis in afghanistan after the fall of the taliban in two thousand and one and then handed over to the americans at background air base for interrogation by the f.b.i. . but the cia decided libby was a high ranking al qaeda figure and sent him to egypt to be interrogated. the information he provided under torture may not have been reliable but was nevertheless used by the u.s. to demonstrate a connection between saddam hussein and al qaida to justify the two thousand and three iraq. around two
9:57 am
thousand and five two thousand and six ali b. was then handed over by the u.s. to libya in the process known as rendition. in two thousand and nine he was found dead in his prison cell in tripoli after having supposedly committed suicide. humanitarian organizations question the suicide including human rights watch who visited our libya just before his death. the case of even is one of the more disturbing ones because we know that the u.s. rendered him unlawfully into egypt in custody and he was tortured brutally both in us and in egypt in custody and the result of that torture produced false intelligence that led. was used as as reason to go to war in iraq and as a result of that war iraqi you know many civilians iraqi civilians u.s. forces lost their lives. it's disturbing because it's an also proof in evidence
9:58 am
that torture doesn't work that it produces false intelligence on many occasions that any of them are somewhat of a ship was not. a libyan was a victim of. collusion between the u.s. the u.k. and libya which dated back to the nine eleven attacks on new york and washington d.c. . after the libyan revolution in twenty eleven thousands of secret libyan american and british intelligence documents were found they painted a dark picture of the real relationship between the three countries which led directly to our libby's rendition and torture physician of the. one hundred over at that. moment. you who were yet if it'll be a she one way bill went away and i left a bit of the. old. kind on her dinner and.
9:59 am
eat them turkey that. oversight at it i'm attacking from after. the shift in libby. you know must. all. mostly men. are libby's nephew says the torture started in afghanistan but then continued in other prisons around the world in egypt morocco one ton
10:00 am
a mowbray alaska and ukraine for five years in. the hospital when the early early early at year after the what indeed. been of all being upset that city. mostly subtle but. it's a look at a key libby's information about so-called weapons of mass destruction is widely thought to have been used by the u.s. as evidence of saddam hussein's possession of w m d's in iraq one less thing you pointed out that you were warned of believe by the egyptian president mubarak i believe what barak told tommy tommy franks that saddam had biological weapons be ready yeah like everybody thought he had the international community has clearly demonstrated that it is way is it a process which has been going on for.


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