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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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i cannot be seen with you in riyadh while the investigation is going on in turkey and i think all others banks corporation and so on so forth will eventually follow because if you are a minutia or you are a liam fox in the u.k. you don't want to be seen in riyadh when the investigation result is being voiced out of hunger or istanbul and you are sitting with those who are accused of murder i mean one of the links that has been made is clearly between this whole episode and the crown prince mohammed bin son and people like lindsey graham in the states that are said he is he is the problem and we shouldn't be dealing with him at what point does that kind of does that link get made do you think by the white house or i mean has it already been made look i think there are two things that we have to distinguish between and there this is very important one is american so did relations the second is american relations with saudi arabia through mohammed bin solomon you see america likes reliable allies trump likes reliable
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autocrats he likes cheney it likes putin he loves all kinds of autocrats. but he doesn't like under liable autocrats he like an autocrat to do what autocrats do you know you want to silence is a new silence them you don't make it into an international scandal you want to launch a war in your neighbor yemen you launch a war but you end it you finish it you win it you don't kill countless of people and still continue your way of diplomatic nicety is not to hold the prime minister of lebanon hostage in our country you have a way of resolving a dispute with your neighbor qatar is not to block it it and to threaten to invade it your idea of social opening is not to arrest women who wanted to drive your economic reform should it be marching business men into the ritz and give them a good beating this does not make for a reliable this makes for a fretless reckless i said but given the fact you mentioned all those things and in
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some cases yemen there was sort of you know thousands perhaps of civilians who have died in this war and why do you think this particular instance of the one genesee disappears as tip the balance against one of insulin if indeed the balance has been tip is that it is not he still there isn't there are two things one this is the sim question we ask in social sciences about every one of the one incident that just tips the balance why did mohammed was this is death so good the tunisian revolution why did the death of triggered the egyptian revolution because sometimes the death of one person culminates into the entire episodes of cry and repression and oppression and so forth in a one country two i think people's anger just continued to build up over the last three years because of the all of these things i mentioned so the killing of does not replace everything else it sums up everything else except at this time it is
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recognizable it's inhumane it is there in our eyes the killing of a journalist who only wanted to write freely. well let's remind ourselves who the man is central mr malcolm chaudry astonishing list was once close to the in the circles of the saudi royal family and his reputation as a reformist by pushing boundaries and questioning government policies in two thousand and three became media advisor to prince turki been fired so the prince headed saudi arabia's intelligence service and later served as ambassador to the u.s. but last year he went into self-imposed exile in the u.s. after becoming concerned about the actions of crown prince mohammed bin sound man he told our jazeera in march that he left the kingdom because he didn't want to be arrested just for amnesty international is calling for an urgent united nations investigation into jamal khashoggi its disappearance the reason that
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we're going to do it because we actually believe he is getting things each division to actually do something so we know that we've given up on the u.n. in load we do think that it is believed even rightly but in there isn't and this is a need of the time is very good and there is no way to me good is that we wouldn't be illegal here in the middle grassy you know because every time he places them in the election you will be. enabled another tragedy in the liberty to kill in the new population that it is and believe that everything will. be coming up on al jazeera as news hour forced to flee now forced to leave the iraqi government closes camps for people displaced by years of war but there's concern about where they're being sent. donald trump threatens to destroy the military as a large migrant caravan makes its way towards the u.s.
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through central america. and its sport a fairy tale run continues for this chain is intense there in moscow details coming up later. the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack in southern afghanistan that killed three top officials the governor of kandahar province his top intelligence officer and police chief all died in the attack which happened just moments after they met the most senior u.s. commander in the country the taliban say u.s. general scott miller was the target and he managed to escape unharmed it increased concern about the security situation in afghanistan ahead of elections on saturday . has more from kabul this is a major setback for the afghan government because in one single attack they lost three senior local government officials in. general for example the top police command was on top of the hit list of for the taliban for quite some
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time he has survived many suicide bombing attacks and his father was killed in an attack by the taliban who is known for his staunch anti taliban stand saying that there is absolutely no way that can play in a future role in afghanistan and the attack also highlights of the challenges that the americans the afghan government and they too will face in the near future also comes against the backdrop of the upcoming elections many people how to hope that those if the saturday elections because pave the way for more stability and you parliament there could tackle the problems the afghan government faces particularly inefficient governance corruption and the need to find job opportunities for millions of people i think after this people would have questions about whether it's safe or not to go and cast their votes on saturday. afghanistan's shia
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minority have significant sway in politics holding twenty percent of seats in parliament in saturday's elections this may change a series of deadly islip tax targeting them as left many disenchanted with a government shot at betis visit to the shia neighborhood of dashed about in kabul . a teenage girl's bedroom void of life this read cheer is with seventeen year old to study she was top of her class she was killed in an isis suicide attackers who school in august along with thirty four of her classmates this watch was a her brother identified her i mistook moments this and that hoping that. if lho was a life i would make her more. they live in dusty bochy it's a shia neighborhood in west in kabul this year it suffered a series of islip text would reveal a school mosques a sports club and an election richest seem to be on the one hundred eighty people
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who dies it's killed their belief in the government my father told me that i'm really not interested in deception and i myself i'm really not interested in this election because we have lost our hope from this system from discover and from just member of parliament afghanistan shia minority has been overrepresented in parliament they hold twenty percent of seats and yet they say they feel forgotten and vulnerable some have even creating their own militia i saw is the biggest threat in shia neighborhoods prices have flooded into afghanistan after big differences in iraq. they are trying to kill as many civilians as possible as many of the shia minority here because they want to create a sectarian rift and use that to their advantage. rather keep. them out of them that could if the general turn out specially or she says less it will show that i
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solicit yes there are families not voting because they lost loved ones but on the other side some people are moving and has suggested candidates to represent them but for people like him the damage is done and i cannot cry at the homes to the top rooftop like person woman they come back. the silence echoes from her now empty room to what's become where he was library. in the last six weeks and the top floor of the mosque a four thousand books from fellow shia they say where the government has failed them education will succeed when i came here i feel right i was in here when she wasn't here but i feel she's here politically they will be silent but where he lives presence is deafening i wish she would be here.
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shelob ellis. iraqi government has begun closing camps which have been home to thousands of people displaced by years of war but aid workers say it's too soon and civilians are being forcibly returned to unsafe areas in the predominantly sunni and our province my daughter reports from baghdad this is the calm point tonally displaced people in iraq's anbar province of the height of the military operations against i still in two thousand and fifteen it was home to seven thousand people. government officials have come to see it closed. to the nominee of the army or home the last hundred fifty or so families that remained here finally returned home we've closed it as part of a government program to resettle all i.d.p. camps. it's a program criticized by aid workers who say it's happening too quickly and it's still too dangerous. more than three million people have returned to their homes by
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the middle of the sea but more than two and a half million others are still displaced according to the international organization for migration. mohammed jassim was one of those brave enough to go back home but his family house was destroyed in the war so mohammed is living in a tent some of his relatives are here to help him. out of our situation is desperate there's nothing to salvage from our home it's not a home anymore actually we urge the government to pay us the compensation it promised. others complained they have to live with the threats from booby traps unexploded bombs and other devices on the health risk posed by the decomposed bodies that lie on the land where their houses once stude the only way i want to go about it was for a whole day earthmoving machines have been excavating the rubble in my compound and recover dozens of bodies there were at least five to six bodies in each of several shallow holes we found here. the diverse station poverty and lack of services in
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areas that are captured from my soul forced many to choose to stay in the comps for others it is in the comically buyable to leave some have been able to set up shop of fruit stands a makeshift markets making about fifty dollars a month on able to put up with the law called basic services when they have returned home many have been forced to go back to comes. open for them the fall and desperate for sanctuary continues mohammed at all just the era of the u.s. president has threatened to deploy the military and close the country's southern border if mexico can't stop a large migrant caravan from attention to enter the u.s. several thousand migrants including hundreds of children set off from one jurors last week and of traveling on foot through central america they have arrived in guatemala city where david messer reports. some people here are calling it an
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exodus more than a thousand migrants fleeing hundred on foot arrived at a migrant sheltering guatemala city on wednesday a group of migrants set off from honduras last week and the caravan has since grown rapidly people hope that traveling is a group who help protect them from robberies assaults and kidnappings on route to mexico in the united states many say they've been forced to make let's get get out more than anybody but we don't want to go and invade their country but hunger and the needs of our children oblige us to do this we don't want to abandon our nation i didn't want to come here but we've been killed little by little i hope people can understand the. staff at the privately run shelter say they've already provided food shelter and medical assistance to around two thousand migrants and they expect thousands more to arrive at the shelter in the coming days neither tropical heat
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and seasonal downpours nor threats of detention from security forces have deterred the migrants. and i think it was a really hard decision to come i have two small children one and two years old that are doing this to avoid more suffering president donald trump has threatened to cut off hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to honduras guatemala and el salvador if the migrant caravan isn't stopped and turned around but for the people who are escaping a region beset by gang violence poverty and corruption such threats have little meaning. that it's a troubling action because the poor have never benefited from this aid not from the alliance for prosperity more from free trade agreements basically those who are rich benefits while the poor are excluded and so they continue to migrate. more hundred migrants are arriving here by the minute both say that they're going to stay in the shelters for the night to rest up before heading towards the mexican border. that's
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a journey that's more than two hundred fifty kilometers long and with a lot of rain in the forecast it's going to be a difficult journey with little to lose these migrants say they're determined to push north regardless of what stands in their way but with the trumpet ministration intent on stopping the caravan before it reaches the u.s. border their dreams of a better life could be cut short david mercer al jazeera in guatemala city. their ivory coast ruling coalition manages to hold on to its majority it has suffered enough to rebuild trust in the political class. south korea's president meets the pope. and sturrock invitation from kenya. and pakistan edged closer to a series win over straight action from a second test in sport. hello
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again or welcome back here in the national weather forecast well plenty of nice weather here across central parts of europe high pressure is going to dominate that means a lot of clear skies a little bit of moderate temperatures but where we are seeing the weather is out here towards the western med now we have had some problems with rain across parts of northern africa as well as this area of low pressure that's making its way slowly towards the west notice the rain right here across parts of spain as well as down here towards portugal and we're going to be watching this very carefully for the potential of flooding over the next few days of going for friday over here toward saturday most of that active weather stays down towards the south affecting portugal as well as that southern area of spain but for the rest of europe like i said we're looking quite nice high pressure dominating london seventeen paris at nineteen degrees and munich is going to be seeing probably about fifteen degrees in your forecast well here across northern parts of africa plenty of clouds that same storm causing some problems over there towards morocco as well that will continue
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from friday as well as into saturday maybe some winds picking up also from the south we do have plenty of clouds here across parts of algeria but tripoli cloud today for you at twenty six degrees tunis clouds in your forecast we could see some rain showers as well twenty six in algiers attempt a few of twenty seven. were . i have didn't get it almost my entire professional life so that would eventually one fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this.
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nominate your own for us from here on shined the light on what they do and to have not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com. one of the top stories here now jazeera u.s. president donald trump says it certainly looks like a missing saudi journalist is dead and if this is the case they'll be severe
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consequences. u.s. treasury secretary steven and the fox business network that both pulled out of next week's investment conference in saudi arabia ministers from the u.k. netherlands and france i've also said they're not taking part. and back in istanbul investigators are now turning their attention to the fifteen member saudi hit squad which they suspect carried out the killing the group is such include a bodyguard of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin. russian investigators say the suspect in wednesday's attack in crimea may have had an accomplice twenty people were killed and more than fifty of those injured after an explosion and shooting at a school in the eastern city of catch step bus and has more from moscow. to full creational training school in has turned into a shrine for hundreds of people have come to mourn to death of the students teachers and school workers those who managed to escape wednesday's attack recount
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horrific scenes so even if your real solution among the wounded are sore girl a new virtual you are trying to save i carried her to the ambulance i left to the and went to help the others. are so full of people bleeding and lying on benches it was all for. speculation is rife about what could have to have an eighteen year old flooded slough off to commit such an attack. some say he was angry at his teachers are to suggest he had links with right wing groups but no clear answers have been given so far security camera footage has emerged from a few days before the attack in which a student is seen by an shotgun shells at a local store authorities say he recently obtained a hunting license. the young man did not provoke any negative feeling he showed the permit to hold weapons and those he was allowed to buy it in the permit was new
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and it was checked. for russia lack of has been described as a quiet boy investigators have been searching his home for any clues about his motive. most important is to find out the reasons what pushed this inhumane person to commit this crime we don't understand that yet he had all positive characteristics he always behaved himself he never caused any trouble. crimea was annexed by russian troops from ukraine four years ago despite continuing tensions there's been no major outbreak of violence since then president vladimir putin blames the internet as a breeding ground for the attack of truly pushing it's a result of globalization and that's not strange at all on social media on the internet we see that there's a whole community that's been created everything started with the tragic events in
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schools in the u.s. . in moscow people gathered at the monument remembering the fight in the city of courage against the nazis during world war two they laid flowers to remember those who were killed in a different era over eleven hundred kilometers away mourners are saying prayers for the mostly young victims the attack and courage has been the worst school shooting in russia in recent years many are asking for stricter security measures in schools others are pointing out the fact that the spike high security measures in place in crimea a young man could still walk into a school happily armed step class and al-jazeera moscow. says distance itself from a rocket attack that hit southern israel on wednesday a house was damaged in the city of beersheba and the group says the rocket fire was an irresponsible attempt to undermine egyptian efforts to broker a new long term truce with israel or a force that has more from gaza. well a quiet night here in gaza defying the expectations of some who might have expected
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a secondary israeli military response to the rocket fire that took place in the small hours of wednesday morning one rocket reaching the town of bush over some forty kilometers away from the gaza strip. and really damaging that house the mother and three children inside escaping on her the other rockets falling into the sea southwest of tel aviv israeli security cabinet led by the prime minister benjamin netanyahu meeting until two thirty am this morning as they discussed their next move there are suggestions that the israeli army doesn't want to escalate things into a full scale military conflict indeed there are reports here that hamas which is denying responsibility for these rocket attacks sent a message with egyptian negotiators who left gaza on wednesday for the israelis saying again that they denied responsibility that they were investigating who was responsible and also that they didn't want a military escalation towards full scale war either that leaves open the question
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who was responsible. has in the past pointed toward salafist groups linked to the islamic state there are also people pointing out the fact that fatah the rival palestinian faction has its own military brigade here as well but the israelis say that the only people who have this kind of medium range rocket weaponry are hamas and islamic jihad that either such an attack was done without the leadership knowledge or done with the new leadership knowledge to express its frustration at the lack of progress on a truce while still being able to deny it for now the calculations continue to turn one of the youngest democracies in the world has chosen a new government a center left d.m.t. party is one and there a victory and its main rival in the country is said that since basing democracy in two thousand and eight and once secretive mountain kingdom was largely cut off from the outside world until nine hundred sixty s. and then a lot of television in the one nine hundred ninety s. me back a has more comparing the time. democracy in action
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high in the himalayas it is a colorful occasion national dress must be worn ten years ago the former king of bhutan ordered the country to embrace democracy is the nation's third election like three times ancient traditions democracy is now also a fiercely guarded part of booting the society jobs the a bar mint and economic growth are all at the forefront of voters' concerns. and it's the main issues facing us farmers are safe drinking water supply irrigation water and agriculture it's also important to look after youth many of whom are unemployed. the most important thing in this election is voting for a party or a candidate that would make my nation economically srong and would best look after the welfare of the people of bhutan for sharing zambo it's a time to meet old friends she remembers the days before democracy before time
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opened up to the outside world. things were really great under the monarchy peace and happiness and the country enjoyed great progress which have a party which is there must be no hatred or division among our people. the voters chose between two political parties the d.t.p. which formed the first government in two thousand and eight and the d n t political newcomers there's little separating the politically at the center of every party's political manifesto is the pursuit of happiness. is the only country in the world to measure success not through economic output but through gross national happiness which translates as good governance a balance between work and pleasure economic growth and nature it's a pursuit that has its roots of buddhism widely practiced bhutan. the country is
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steeped in tradition and belief and the past ten years has had to contend with a new ideology democracy return has seen the type of confrontational sometimes divisive politics that exists in neighboring india the world's largest democracy and elsewhere in the world and is worried about it coming here there are also concerns over social media's impact on politics and traditions election candidates have even complained about fake news appearing online many batalla still waiting to see where their pursuit of happiness and the road of democracy meet leave zero paro . south korea's president when jane has met pope francis at the vatican moon hand delivered a message from the leader of north korea kim jong un inviting the head of the catholic church to visit pyongyang bride reports from seoul. as he delivers the invitation to the vatican president of south korea once more
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finds himself playing the role of mediator with you. and if pope francis agrees to the visit it will be one of north korea's biggest diplomatic achievements yet in breaking out of international isolation. the pope visited south career in twenty fourteen when he was greeted by a million people on the streets of seoul that visit was evidence of the south's vibrant religious life. contrast that with the north where christian worship is officially restricted to just four churches in pyongyang one of them a catholic cathedral. but critics say it's just for show and that in reality christians routinely face persecution for their beliefs even death north korea's persecution of christians has no rival on the earth it is unforgiving systematic
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unyielding. and often fatal it's a view supported by many organizations including the u.n. in a country so dominated by the cult of the ruling kim family there is little room for any other type of devotion but some religious leaders in south korea believe in this unprecedented period of reconciliation even that may be changing the south korean archbishop kim he took part in last month's summit visit to north korea by moon j.n. culminating in the visit to mount peck do and he's welcomed the prospect of closer ties between north korea and the vatican north korea's former leader kim il sung is known to have also attempted to secure a papal visit nearly thirty years ago thank you kim jong un succeeds where his grandfather did not it will be another landmark in a remarkable gear of diplomatic firsts robin pride al-jazeera sold tens of
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thousands of taxi drivers have protested in south korea against the launch of a new ride sharing app drivers from across the country staged a one day strike saying that the accountability service threatens their jobs and the latest protest against ride sharing apps which already having trouble establishing themselves in south korea due to strict government regulations. official results show ivory coast ruling coalition has managed to hold on to its majority in saturday's municipal elections the vote was marred by violence with at least three people killed and a number of others injured during overnight clashes in the main city of abidjan also mass protests in the northwest median sega nicholas haq has more from abidjan . who did you vote for it is an uncomfortable question if you want to answer especially in public where opinions don't just divide but can get you killed three dead many more injured saturday's municipal election brought the country to
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a standstill even among friends conversations on politics turned to arguments. was i'm not interested why should i pay what have politicians brought to me nothing no gifts not a better life now full of empty promises more jobs more hospitals peace and reconciliation promises made by winning candidate jack in the new mayor of downtown abbey chao. this victory is your victory it's really your victory is the victory the people of the platter a thirteen year alliance between the whose party the p.c.i. and the ruling party broke down just before the elections they really party may have won most city council seats but it is a bitter victory let's just talk about the political situation is worrisome with the implosion of the ruling coalition political discourse has become venomous old friends or new enemies and this is worrying for the ivory coast in the run up to
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the official results police fired tear gas on party supporters in a few cities a curfew was in place to contain the violence symbol additions accuse those that have won in this municipal election of offering money for votes kickbacks and gifts to local election officials and so some candidates are refusing to concede defeat it is the return of a lack of trust in the political process that once fueled the civil war here in ivory coast that so many now here fear in the last sixteen years more than three thousand people died in two civil wars over contested presidential elections among the dead is i should tell as best friend khadija she was eight years old when she was raped and killed. like most ivorians she did not go out to vote elections are too dangerous.
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as of thousands of colombian students and teachers have take to the streets to demonstrate against a lack of funding for higher education they are rallying for the second time in less than a week demanding several billion dollars be added to the budget for public universities or they could be shut down i was under the reports from bogota. with marching bands in costumes this rally of public university students looked very much like a carnival but the reason behind it was dead serious able to go out that public universities have reached the point of no return if the government doesn't object to funds it needs many universities to shut down. students and professors have been on strike for a week this was the second major rally in boulder and other cities across the mending and increasing budget public universities need a billion us dollars just to keep functioning. but we simply don't have the money to keep paying for.


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