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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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they were going to give the saudis a bit more time because of the importance of the strategic relationship between the two nations dating back to nine hundred thirty two so yes there is an ultimatum it appears that has been issued this is being reported but it appears for now at least either that deadline has been extended or the deadline was disregarded by the saudis and kimberly how is all of this being did jested in the united states we know it's a story that's been covered quite extensively there and president trump has been edging closer to to acknowledging that that jamal khashoggi was killed but what but what what is the whole debate there in washington centering around right now. well i think i could reference what has been happening in the last hour we have quite a substantial protest that seems to have moved on from the white house now headed to parrot lee also the state department and potentially the u.s. congress these are protesters who are essentially saying look we can't forget
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what's happened here we can't forget about how shows given the fact that they believe that this is a result of the united states and the saudi relationship essentially being so strong in the ties so strong that journalists and the agree just death that he we believe has experience is being overlooked or is at least trying to be swept under the rug that is the appearance that many are starting to feel in washington we've had all week this building this groundswell not only in the u.s. senate but now in the house of representatives people writing letters members of congress pressuring this white house to change and shift the relationship for this to be the tipping point if you will whether it be in terms of the arm sales blocking those or even in terms of the military support for the saudi led conflict in yemen so we're seeing very public protests now taking to the streets we've heard some of the chanting that was going on. we remember that is something that we expect to see building here in washington as the outrage in the protest grows over
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the lack of ownership getting back to your original question with regard to this from the saudis given how can live for us there in washington thank you. dozens of people have been killed in northern india after a train plowed into a crowd at a hindu festival founds of the people who are attending the festival now. when the crowd spilled over onto some train tracks punjab police official says at least sixty two people have been killed and more than two hundred of those injured. because the exact figure is not going to be lost in the process of your aggression reduced definitely more than fifty to sixty more than that. police in indian administered kashmir have fired tear gas and gun pellets of protesters the rest took place in the main city of srinagar on friday protests started after civilian and two rebels were killed in a shootout with police earlier in the week. well a lot more still ahead on al-jazeera to show jews disappear and some even leaders
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start to distance themselves from saudi arabia. while the world food program has suspended aid to eight thousand syrian families in lebanon. hello there is staying fairly unsettled for us across the middle east at the moment well what one area of town in the far northern parts of our map that's bringing a somewhat weather a little bit of snow as well every part of catholics down there and gradually drifting its way towards the east and we've also got this difficult to shower as ever parts of iraq that stretching up into syria now this is going to intensify as we head through the next few days on saturday the area of tat widens we see more showers and then it really does become more intense as we head through sunday so some heavy rains i reports of iraq and that stretching all the way up into turkey
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expect some fairly shop downforce out of this a bit further towards the south and the showers in doha are likely to continue off and on over the next couple of days thirty three degrees that's just on maximum at the moment there's a little bit more persistent cloud down towards the southwest in parts of yemen stretching up into parts of saudi and this is that is to give us one or two showers as well they shout becoming slightly more intense as we head through sunday and stretching across the red sea as well down towards the southern parts of africa there's more in the way of unsettled weather here at the moment to see one area of cloud stretching its way across madagascar and up into the northern parts of dissolves but we do expect a few more showers here as we head through saturday was a new weather for the eastern parts of south africa to.
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why does this. have the kind of support that he needs we bring you the stories the economic world we live in. the cost. again you're watching the. top stories the turkish sources have told. the saudi consulate. was attacked by several people inside the building
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of identified the exact place where the attackers struck sources say the forensics expert who was part of the alleged hit squad began dismembering body immediately after he was killed. turkish media are reporting investigators are questioning saudi consulate staff. told not to come to work the day. earlier the u.s. president publicly acknowledged for the first time that is likely to be dead donald trump says there will be severe consequences for saudi arabia if it's found to be responsible. leaders from europe and asia are talking trade in brussels but the disappearance is expected to loom large over the meeting. the european leaders and their asian counterparts who came here to brussels on friday know that they are all under pressure to come up with a credible response to the situation of jamal khashoggi whose disappearance and his
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alleged murder at that consulate in istanbul the difficulty that they face is that they need to base their response on the facts as best we can find out about them so it's not good enough to have a formulation based on leaks from an unnamed turkish security source in newspapers in istanbul needs to be factually based on the extent of the plot to kill jamal khashoggi because only then will they decide whether it's saudi arabia as a country that needs to be sanctioned or whether it's individuals that they can go after with perhaps for example visa restrictions or freezing of bank accounts now the language coming out from brussels here has been very strong indeed the french president emmanuelle a macro spoke about the facts that we know are extremely serious and worrying we expect saudis to throw light on this matter and we've had exchanges with the saudi authorities to clarify all of this jeremy hunt the british foreign secretary said
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reaction will depend on whether we sense that they the saudis are taking it seriously enough this is a very very serious matter and if these stories are true it would be not it would not be consistent with our values and that's the bottom line here you know this conference yesterday on the thursday and friday has been about global good governance it's been about the rules based world order and when you have an allegation such as is the moment of a decision journalists being murdered and dismembered in an overseas consulate it runs totally counter to everything that these leaders here believe in. our people in afghanistan are voting in parliamentary elections on saturday but those in the southern province of. kandahar will have to wait another week an attack in the region that killed two senior officials on thursday took place it happened at a meeting between the most senior u.s. military officers in the country and afghan commanders among the dead general. the
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taliban has claimed responsibility and it's valid to derail the election and target anyone who votes it is a crucial poll because saturday's election has already been delayed for three years over security concerns and voter registration reforms shala ballots reports from kabul. after. the military precision for one of the most well known police chiefs in afghanistan general abdul rizieq was over in order to run general rizzi was a powerful and very respected man and his death is a big loss for us we the people of kandahar all united i will say the achievements made by general abizaid in the past years. because he could survive to many assess a nation attempts as he rose to the rank of general but he was also regarded as being tough on the taliban human rights watch he described him as kandahar as torture and chief alleging he was involved in human rights abuses of suspected
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taliban detainees regardless he was well respected by the u.s. and afghan leadership if the loss of a patriot but we remain absolutely committed. to an afghan led afghan reconsolidation. we need to find who's done this. but right now. we are going toward your action and we will continue to defend the people the attack happened after this meeting of top u.s. commanders in kandahar provincial it is not long after these pictures were recorded the gunman launched a surprise attack the provincial intelligence chief was killed until americans wounded general miller the man in charge of all u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. escaped unharmed when he returned to kabul image security forces to boost morale hit a set of days parliamentary elections revealed only this about the attack but my assessment is that i was not the target it was
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a very close confines. but i don't i don't know that i was a target the taliban has promised to disrupt the elections and in kandahar it has succeeded. they could pass for after the tragic incident in kandahar that took place the afghan independent election commission has decided to delay the election for a week in the kandahar province. but for the rest of afghanistan the show goes on all the materials have been distributed under armed guard to more than five thousand seemed his nationwide poll scheduled to open its seven am local on the eve of the much delayed vote afghans must ask themselves what democracy means to them the taliban has promised to attack polling centers on afghan and nato forces have promised to prevent such attacks turn out on saturday or tell who are against believed chelate bellus al jazeera a couple. hundred people have been injured in garza with two of those hurt in critical condition as protests continue along the border fence with israel
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demonstrators have been setting tires alight and throwing stones at israeli troops who have massed along the gaza border a day earlier a palestinian rocket destroyed a home in southern israel and an egyptian delegation met with israeli and hamas officials in hopes of negotiating a lasting cease fire power a force that has more force from gaza. this friday protest is now winding down you can see people streaming along these pathways back towards the main roads here east of gaza city the ambulances though have been going up and down shuttling along these lanes at the same time the whole build up to this protest was of course increased in its delicacy and stakes because of what happened on wednesday the early hours of wednesday morning when. there was a rocket strike from gaza territory which hit and damaged a residential home in the israeli town of the shaver the mother and three children living in that property escaped unharmed but israel has threatened hamas with
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increased military action if these border protests proceeded in the way that had they have in recent weeks in terms of the number of people approaching the fence breaching the fence lighting and launching in century kites and balloons we did see snipers targeting some of those balloons as they were sent on their way towards israeli territory as for the protests themselves well hamas has called on people had called on people to come out again in force it doesn't want to simply give up on these protests having invested so much in them over so many months and so far having little to show for them however it does seem that there was a call for restraint there weren't so many people getting so close to the fence the center of gravity of these protests remained a long way short of where it has in recent weeks now several thousand migrants who are making their way from central america to the united states have a rive at the southern border of mexico and are waiting to enter the caravan of some four thousand people began in honduras on saturday it's already traveled
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through guatemala u.s. president donald trump has threatened to use the army to stop them paul chador jet reports. they've been hiking through muddy jungles. and crossing rivers traveling for a week now from honduras to guatemala determined to find sanctuary in the united states you know no no no no no well i found was murdered and criminal gangs threaten my daughter that's why i am leaving. many have left their homes to find a safer place to live others only want to chance to work and earn a living. i don't know there were no jobs there was no work it was hard to live in honduras there was nothing to eat. and nothing will deter them not police forces nor border agents not even the threat from president donald trump to deploy
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the us military. they will not stop us only god can stop us donald trump is nobody even if he is the president of the united states will not stop us mexico has started processing the first of the migrants who arrive those with passports and visas will be allowed to enter others will have to apply to enter as refugees. in good identify where we are a peaceful caravan but not hurting anyone right in the street we're looking for a new life a better future. with thousands of kilometers until they reach the us border with mexico hope for better life continues to push these migrants north paltrow durgin on al-jazeera a cash from the united nations provides a vital lifeline for many of the one hundred eighty thousand syrian refugee families living in lebanon but limited resources have forced the world food program to now redistribute it's
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a i mean the most vulnerable people qualify for assistance programs and that means many will lose out to reports from lebanon's bekaa valley. of the father. and his wife have survived the last four years with the help of the united nations they benefited from a cash assistance program for syrian refugees in lebanon but they were recently told they will no longer receive the one hundred seventy five dollars monthly payment so they are victims of what the international organization says is its limited resources. we are in need of assistance from the united nations because we are in deep and i can't work for health reasons i have. problem every year the u.n. conducts an assessment to find out who needs help the most always are among one hundred eighty thousand syrian families who will no longer be eligible for the aid which will now be given to the same number of families who have been recently
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identified as the most vulnerable. will now be given priority for the first time since her family moved to lebanon a year ago she will be given money to pay for food and other needs you know my dad and my daughters are working so that we can each that they barely make enough money if they don't work will die from hunger almost a million syrian refugees are registered with the un in lebanon but only thirty percent are eligible for the cash assistance program because of the lack of money. it is our responsibility to make sure that the families receiving this instance are really those who needed them last the bottom line is that this program really targets the poorest of the force and sadly it doesn't even reach the percentage of the families live under the extreme poverty. now it's a year the conflict in neighboring syria has made millions dependent on assistance . limited funding means many refugees have to rely on themselves and that is not
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easy in lebanon where they are not welcome the suffering is immense un statistics show more than eighty percent of syrian refugees have at least one family member living with a chronic health condition. and most organizations provide only basic health care and even the fairest family didn't get that when they lost a child not too long ago they say they haven't benefited from the u.n. cash program during their four years in lebanon the twenty six year old father earns three dollars a day but that is only when he finds work. since i came from syria i haven't been able to find a steady job whatever i earn is not enough. people three and a half thousand dollars. the u.s. warns the humanitarian crisis is not going to go away any time soon and so many continue to appeal for help seven hundred because.
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this is al jazeera is going to round up of our top stories turkish sources have told edges in a recordings from inside the saudi consulate confirmed journalist was attacked by several people they say the forensics expert who was part of the alleged hit squad began dismembering g.'s body immediately after he was killed turkish media reporting investigators are questioning a saudi consulate staff over a non saudi star for reportedly told not to come to work the day went missing in afghanistan saturday's election in the southern province of kandahar has been delayed by one week after the taliban killed two senior officials in the city it happened just after this meeting between the most senior u.s. military officer in the country and afghan commanders the taliban says the american was the target among the dead is afghan police commander general abdul razak at
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least one hundred people have been injured in gaza two of them in critical condition as protests continue along the border fence with israel demonstrators have been setting tires alight and throwing stones at israeli troops who have massed along the gaza border a day earlier a palestinian rocket destroyed a home in southern israel and the egyptian delegation has met with israeli and hamas officials hoping to negotiate a lasting cease fire dozens of people have been killed in northern india after a train plowed into a crowd at a hindu festival thousands of people were attending the festival in the amritsar when the crowd spilled over on to some train tracks punjab police official says at least sixty two people have been killed and more than two hundred others injured. police in indian administered kashmir have fired tear gas and gun pellets of protesters it happened in the main city of swimming ghar on friday protest started after a civilian and two rebels were killed in a shootout with police earlier in the week those are the headlines we're back with
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more after inside story. for the first time since jamal khashoggi disappeared the u.s. president says he believes the saudi journalist did congress is turning up the heat on the white house to get tough on saudi arabia so what will this mean for u.s. saudi toys this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program on iran come on president donald trump has for the first time acknowledged jamal khashoggi may have been killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul he's warned of severe consequences if the saudi leadership is involved the shift in tone comes following his secretary of state mike pompei is visits to riyadh and earlier this week the president is now on the mounting pressure to take action members of the house of representatives have sent him a letter calling for sanctions against saudi arabia we'll bring in our guests in a moment but first this report from mike hanna in washington. it was a somber president trump who for the first time publicly acknowledged the possibility that jamal khashoggi is dead it surely looks that way to me it's very sad. he says he still waiting for the results of various investigations but if this evidence there will be serious consequences for saudi arabia have to be
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very severe i mean it's a bad thing. but we'll see why. trump's comments followed a meeting with his secretary of state mike pompei of who briefed the president on his meetings with saudi and turkish leaders there are a lot of stories out there about what has happened we just going to allow the process to move forward. while the facts to unfold and as they unfold as we make a determination for ourselves about what happened there based on the facts that are presented to us the united states will determine what the appropriate response is memory and significantly straight after the meeting it was confirmed that treasury secretary steve newton had canceled a trip to an investment conference in riyadh later this month the first tangible sign of any action against saudi arabia by the trump administration and yet another bipartisan call from congress for the president to determine accountability and impose sanctions against those found responsible this in
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a letter from more than forty house members which also said additionally we are asked such you promptly disclose whether the united states intercepted communications among saudi officials discussing plans to detain mystical shogi and advise what actions were taken to warn him of any attack. mike out of. washington. let's bring in our guests joining us from skype from new york kenneth roth executive director of human rights watch and in paris is george welborn a middle east reporter live figure i welcome to you all want to bring in we have you kenneth in new york president donald trump has said that he thinks that jamal khashoggi may be dead but there seems to be a disconnect between some members of congress some members of the senate and what they would like to do which is sanctions against saudi arabia and what the white
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house would like to do which seems to be taking a conciliatory some would say sympathetic tone towards this whole affair what's with the disconnect why the disconnect well i mean trump is nate quite clear that what he really here is about is the saudi money you know he was. purchased at night it's. because that generates an error so the abler have a very clear it doesn't matter that the saudi crown prince is. in starvation. yet any civilians it doesn't matter that he's rushed civil society insider it doesn't matter that it has gone very possibly him or her the least disappearance and very likely her and she not sure she jostling around iraq so that's you know that's really starts from at the same time he's not . there recently your punishment if it is proven and you know we still
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haven't heard the audiotape. but it's quite clear that range so to consulate is not all you know verge you know by all accounts he can see the bird and guess who's going to see some of this evidence but it all winds to riyadh saudi. for instance given the tight control gains overall security numbers that we are. that anybody would have freelance something about this statute is visibility without his approval rating it probably or you know translated into by use our real pressure number for congress but i think that the spying really appall by saudi conduct i wish they didn't call earlier people that you think you are let's pick you up on that point human rights watch has long been a critic of human rights records in saudi arabia you've written many reports on all of this hey you are you have
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a moment now where people are talking about human rights in saudi arabia how will you take advantage of that welcome you just yesterday. a news conference at the u.n. maybe you're pushing turkey to ask u.n. secretary general tony terra's taunter formal investigation because we recognize that turkish president. is reluctant to. accuse the that's why he's been using so reserved here what's going on but there has been a formal report because the church turkish economy is in trouble and iran doesn't want. but you know what human rights watch has been pushing for for some time in fact it didn't take. lightly here we've been pushing for most chicana arms sales and we're doing that on the basis of the repeated bombing of yemeni. markets heracles. the blockade obeyed a quarter no result they were near starvation millions of people that's enough and
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now the congress did to its credit west congress adopt legislation saying that these aren't just could not perform or if the u.s. secretary of state pay are getting certain that saudi arabia was hurt in its attacks and you know pop they are fast again issued a certification so the arms are. for now because. ages where seems to happen. there may well be new legislation. that will be trying to instructional through it you know so we're hoping that. let's take the view from europe and bruno you've been covering the region for a very long time u.s. saudi ties have been lockstep for seven decades now however right now what we're seeing is a resetting of the relationship to much more personal one between the u.s.
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president his son in law and the king and the current prince of saudi arabia. where does europe take a look at all of this where does europe land on this relationship this into much more personal what's europe's view. i think europeans are waiting the reserves of the investigation i met on monday evening president mccraw and he was very cautious when i asked him about consequences it would take if responsible of the disappearance of jamal khashoggi on wednesday morning prison mccraw asked is finance minister not to go to a to riyadh to attend the next week conference and as you notice yesterday from sukey and germany decided to freeze any visit to saudi arabia i think they are still waiting but there they are they would like to see king solomon taking
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bigger role in this crisis and i think also that they would like to see krum prince mohammed bin sultan man marginalized a little bit. after this crisis because the relations between crum princella man for example and imagine back or there were there is no chemistry between them probably i told you previously the first meeting between the two leaders at the area their ports in november. two thousand and seventy of war was bad a few weeks later president mccraw and to rescue. blocked in in riyadh saw there would like to that this crisis could have at least one advantage one positive if i can say that effect is to see the power of crowned prince. man reduced inside the the architecture of of the saudi regime
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that you see that something quite an easy for the french to be able to say however when it comes to europe generally you still have the u.k. which has very close ties historical close ties to the saudi. and has cells souls and possibly as much weapons. in certain in terms of ratio as the americans do so where did the brits fit into all of this they are in a much more of a tighter bind when it comes to saudi arabia and it's true that the british are very important a role to play especially in the saudi aircraft there is a huge corporation between london and riyadh in the easiest field but we know to stall for the u.k. was quite tough even before france to react after a few days of the disappearance of jamal khashoggi but there is also his new rule we have to take into consideration that if you criticize if any foreign country
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criticizes saudi arabia. or bahrain they have to face now global consequences weaves within that this summer with the canadian ambassador was been expelled in in in riyadh so i think now the europeans want to also to give a global a collective unser to these crises of course it's not easy to to get what they would like to do get that is. a reduction of the power of transfer from prince sultan because u.k. is a huge partner of saudi arabia france a little bit less brazen macro was supposed to go in november in saudi arabia it has been postponed i'm not sure that it will go sure so we have contracts the negotiations we have diplomatic convergence against iran diplomatic convergence in syria so they have to balance but for sure they would live king film and to take
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over the situation and brown drew a crown prince. had been sound man getting him down in the in the iraqi of the power in in saudi arabia. let me bring kenneth roth here reportedly charged up the president's son in law has said. he's what he's told the crown prince if you can get away with the murder of schoolchildren on a bus in yemen you can get away with the murder of a journalist visa allegedly remarks that he's made what do you make of that what do you make of that kind of coming coming from that kind of individual within the trumpet ministration surely just emboldens the saudis when the other things are christians or. is china. this will just blow over in a way that people forget the ready for this school i think where this is different and you can absolutely. for the bombing. in yemen or the repeated
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sitting targets the a different order to make amends if it doesn't happen but obviously it's unfair to suggest it's targeted the schools but few people the operations such as the apparent murder or janata should he would have happened without the crown prince opposition. current cover story is oh maybe just authorized. and this one or i bet that's not much of a sense and you know it's easy to imagine the. murders. so i think it will receive jerkish there is a moral you know that he just doesn't care or any of it and that frankly for tom's tunes all business but trump it at least gives interior weight that is piers not to public opinion and there is genuine public outrage our enemies i mean let me bring
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in galloped l.a. from london here he's a visiting scholar at the university of oxford research director at the shot for an unknown resident fellow at the brookings institution welcome to the show you heard our other guest talk about the european reaction the u.s. or. action but saudi arabia is one of the u.s. is key allies when it comes to sanctions against iran it's a key part of the strategy when it comes to iran what kind of impact will the khashoggi affair have on that strategy sanctions against iran and will it have one of the iranians thinking right what iran you should be very happy in the first place because right now one of the things that has been increasing iran's regional role is particularly its competitors blunders its competitors their mistakes is competitors crimes in a sense that has been one of the major assets of iran and one of them is obviously is saudi arabia i mean if you're iran look at the how saudi arabia has been
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a great asset for you for your regional role you have the crown prince who has a completely criminal war in yemen that is causing like a massive humanitarian disaster and that christe you that gives you a very significant leverage over every signal portion of the you minister and gives the inflows in to in yemen and then you how like saudi arabia who is putting a blockade over qatar and as a result of it what qatar does is like you know being getting a bit more closer to iran once again you have a major major political victory even without doing anything and what now look what it did it with. killing a journalist in a diplomatic mission in turkey if there was in a prospect of turkey a saudi reproach ones because turkey up on the lower house tried to make a distinction between it's more. explicit criticism of united arab emirates when i
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was there not that explicit critism or saudi arabia because it want to keep some models vender with saudi arabia normally but now turkey cannot simply turkey simply will not be able to do the way that it did. before and this is another major win for iran so i don't i have time for on the stand alone in washington if you they want to like if they want to let's elect in a confined iran in the regional pulp if actually the saudi arabia is not the best is not the best bet to go with i mean i'm just going to bring in kenneth roth. understand we have to lose you as a guest shortly bud's want to ask you very quickly you had a guest from london talk about iran and turkey again from a human rights perspective you've been very critical of human rights watch has been very critical of both of those countries when it comes to human rights is there an opportunity here to pressure both of those countries and the u.s.
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and saudi arabia and push them on human rights in the wake of this case is there something of an opportunity here for somebody like you i mean absolutely i was just in opera a couple of weeks ago and you know on the one hand tricky is trying to play a possible role in a say in syria i'm blocking or the potential of. problems led by iraqi hate syrian forces there is greater whole refugees come to the fore here in you know dripping out it's a nice. gentle show deep there is a certain irony that yes they're standing up for this pair sure but president era is imprisoning dozens of kind doesn't. dare criticize his government there is a contradiction here this is an opportunity to push him to be a bit more consistent in a similarly trucks suddenly just talking about human rights you know saying in china there are detention not words of the one million we grew very appropriate for
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him to talk about that he doesn't have much credibility barrel if you close your eyes to very serious human rights abuses by his allies aren't ready so you know general always pushing for more principled. governments have the resented it shows but they don't have already. and sometimes governments decided that. unity i think the question number. two group there is a single in saudi arabia they want to. be around jodi they've got to address our address or is it that country so this is you know our emerging market what. pushes her to canada to try to get agreements across the board let me bring in gallup delahaye from london why has a turkish strategy been this low drip feed of leaks to the media why not just come straight out with the evidence at the beginning and put pressure of the crown
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prince and the king to do something about it why the slow slow drip of leaks i think there are three factors one of them particularly at the outset because for quite some time circa was not authorized to enter the consulate and or to enter the chancellor house and what i see the priority for what i see one of the strategies are for turkey was first true or to provide the legal basis and then to come with the political basis because if from the start turkey has adopted a very strong political language the side they will say well without having any is serious evidences you are politicizing the issue secondly i think turkey by by by basically sharing drip by drip is it is trying to kind of like keep the international pressure kids intelligent focus on the issue over a period of time so therefore the mohamed bin segment or others will not get their
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way with their previous scenario which was basically deny everything clean no responsibility and a third i think turkey does not want to make this as a bilateral issue between turkey and saudi arabia which it is. by letter issue but it's more than it's an international issue therefore let you know that in tennessee communities part space. in this issue is essential for turkey and the us particularly us coming up with a strong stance on side to side there may be a part two on the one that it's a mum because here we can make a distinction between the sa the us in relation or saw the western militia and the more methods and months western relation i mean it's understandable that the west or the that the us wants to keep relation with saudi arabia but it doesn't have to listen without their best does not have to be just two more minutes a month moment besom i think the west right now should make it clear that the mohamed bin so much is not a partner. for or for themselves and moment because armor is not only bad for the
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regional stability it's also bad for the western interests as well truth so how can how your interests will be ensured if your partner is reckless. is if you're part of there is very audacious and it's not very predictable just look at what he did with the many brain is your bringing ok i saw you agreeing with some of the points i was making in london let's just talk about the wider impact of all of this when it comes to europe say for example it's proved beyond a doubt that the crown prince was involved in the alleged murder of jamal khashoggi sanctions are put in place by the americans against saudi arabia what is the european response to that looking just ahead to the future say that scenario happens what does europe to yes it can be in yemen in the war against the union then where the europeans the u.k. and france are partners with the arabia and the united arab emirates these war is
2:43 am
not at all popular in u.k. for sure in france or saw the french government than the british government don't feel comfortable with the way with which the saudi arabia is is driving the fifth ward. so it can be one of the earth backed that the france u.k. and germany breasts have put pressure. noted to to get a compromise on yemen after the the weapons these. not sure that the that there will be an immediate short term effect because this is business and. as you know all of the the relations are ordered and also are they told you that. the europeans don't think that man is involved in this operation so they want to protect the relation with saudi arabia
2:44 am
driven by by king solomon but there was a library let's bring in canada because that's a very interesting point you making let's bring in kenneth roth here. it's business as usual that relationship is crucial you've mentioned it yourself when it comes down to it it's all about money however you seem to be quite confident that there's an opportunity here to push the human rights agenda however is that a realistic way of thinking surely when this amount of money is involved human rights takes human rights takes a backseat and there are a number of things that can read first but this idea that you know you have to distinguish from the crown prince i think that that doesn't work because nobody really. is you know is calling the shots and indeed there are reports that the crown prince. is you know preventing even his mother from seeming to try to recover from. that who is in control and so you know it's at this point the focus really is prints be on cutting off arms as there are
2:45 am
a number of works for me to. take for example reaches into europe and the united states targeted say to the people who are so that means you know freezing personal . travel rights to particular people another thing that could be done which were much after the leadership of the trial is invites the international criminal court examiner war crimes and yes that's something that u.s. written and france could push toward security council very surprised if russia were trying to stand in the way so these are targeted ways that go after beijing's responsible without dropping this or will they ship the ships between saudi arabia so we think you're very lucky we all run out of time kenneth roth in new york get it done in london angeles mowbray in paris and thank you as well for watching you
2:46 am
can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is a.j. at a j inside story from imran khan in the entire team in doha and. i. what makes this moment is giving we're living through something unique. we haven't
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seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is valid not a constant that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny or any in the light so long and there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out the us is the two state solution now up front for italians on al-jazeera. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when miss was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and go around the world while the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a just. a journey of personal discovery my great grandfather he was a slave of the leave property al-jazeera is james gunn and expose his family's
2:48 am
legacy of slave ownership young like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice enslaved people and america's debt to black people today some of us so scar we even scared to speak out because it's a privately. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt. this is zero. alarm has a seeker this is the news hour live from dot coming up in the next sixty minutes turkish security sources tell al-jazeera they have more evidence the missing journalist. was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. investigators
2:49 am
have questioned several staff members of the saudi consulate. at least sixty two people were killed as a train plows into a crowd at a festival in india. saturday's vote in afghanistan's kandahar province is suspended one day after the taliban killed two top officials. turkish investigators have late further information they say shows journalist was killed after he walked into the saudi consulate in istanbul seventeen days ago security sources told investigators have found the exact location where he was killed within the consulate building they say audiotape recordings confirm the washington post writer was attacked by several people moments after he entered the
2:50 am
consul general they then say was immediately dis his body was immediately dismembered by a saudi forensics expert turkish investigators are questioning a number of employees of the consulate let's get more on this now from. where things stand now on the investigation. well has been as you mentioned the investigators who have been following this up have widen the scope of their investigation let's kind of take a step back and deconstruct what's been going on over the past over two weeks now you know there has been initially the turkish investigation which was called for by the attorney general's office that is an independent investigation which was triggered in the early days of the tremendous shock she went missing and before the saudis showed any sign of cooperation shortly after that there was that famous phone call between king saddam on saudi arabia and the turkish president tried to
2:51 am
do and they agreed to do this joint coordination investigation we're not quite sure exactly what that focusing on but this independent one from the attorney general's office led by the attorney general had started first by searching the consulate behind me they did that twice the also such a consul general's home as well as other areas around istanbul now they've been questioning staff members at the embassy but these are none saudi nationals that's what's important to note here why is that important because what we understand on the day that jamaal official she went missing the stuff members were actually given a surprise day off or at least they were also not to come in the afternoon when jamal khashoggi had arrived so why would the police be questioning them that is because that's tuesday that amount went in never to be seen again was not the first time that he entered the building he had actually entered gone several days before should process the paperwork so he can get married he was then told personally and
2:52 am
specifically by the consul general who has since left unexpectedly from turkey to come back on the tuesday so there was a period of a few days between the first time jamal answered and the last time he entered and they're questioning them maybe about those period of times what has happened what they saw and so forth amongst the stuff that they are questioning what have been questioning as i'm includes the driver of the consul general himself obviously maybe to ask him about phone calls said while he was dry. things that he saw places that he went obviously this is all speculative we're not sure exactly what they're looking for but obviously he would be a person of interest because failing the ability to actually speak to the consul general himself those around him who would have witnessed his interactions in the days leading up to and following on from the murder that's our explosive is the case of jamal khashoggi speaking to them would be important jim our thanks very much. in istanbul white house correspondent kimberly how kit is in washington for
2:53 am
us and kimberly stories circulating in some of the u.s. media about the u.s. secretary of state might pompei o and this alleged ultimatum that he gave to the saudis about needing to what was called own this story. right and ultimatum that it appears has passed and now an extension let me give you a sense of the timeline you remember that mike pompei a was meeting with the crown prince as well as the king of the foreign minister of riyadh on tuesday there was a lot of pushback in terms of the optics of the secretary of state sitting there smiling with the crown prince mohammed bin solomon that meeting apparently wrapping up about three pm riyadh time and it reports in that meeting that in fact my pump aoe said to the crown prince look we're going to give you about seventy two hours here for you to quote own this disaster those seventy two hours have now come and gone in terms of the deadline that would leave us that about friday morning eight
2:54 am
am time here on the east coast of the united states and i can tell you now it's many hours past that and of course we have not heard anything from the crown prince in terms of owning what happened to. him in terms of his disappearance or in what many u.s. senators are saying is an apparent death this is something that is notable because the u.s. secretary of state speaking here at the white house some twenty four hours ago then came out and while he didn't reference the seventy two hour deadline he did say that he wanted to give the saudis more time in order to complete their investigation as well as turkish authorities they feel that this is important particularly with respect to saudi arabia given the fact that the united states has a long standing strategic relationship with the saudis going back to nineteen thirty two so this is certainly of note because again an arbitrary deadline that has come to an end and of course there has been no claim of ownership and now it
2:55 am
appears there has been an extension to that ultimatum kimberly how kant in washington thanks campbell. well here in the studio martin ridden joins us once again senior vice president of the soufan group an international consultancy firm and matson is all sorry former f.b.i. investigator thanks very much for being with us again so. we're seeing a familiar pattern here coming through these leaks from turkey through their various media. and more details about what happened inside inside that consulate are we getting closer to a fuller picture of a woman and happened now that we are one of two things are both are going to happen i think soon saudi arabia is as secretary. said going to have to own it why it's taken them this long i think they're in crisis mode they don't know what to do how much do the turkish know and so they don't want to admit to more than
2:56 am
a half to there's a crisis mode that they're not handling well for the turkish government i think really for the beginning they've known everything that went on whether it was an audiotape or a combination of audio and video that was in there they have no right to beginning what happened and how much how much information can you glean just just from an audiotape cording just an audio recording quite a bit you can hear the to voice you may not be able to say this voice is from this individual because both of those individuals are gone now but you can hear the conversation was going on you could certainly hear what he would have been saying interviews that agony because as things were being cut off or whatever that would be noted on the on the audio plus allegedly the consul general said you don't do this and here i don't want to be a part of this and they made a threat to him so there's audiotape as quite a bit of condemning information on there and did the turks are saying that there was a fifteen man. squad in there. and that obviously because they had asked
2:57 am
mr shoji to return a second time for his for his papers this would all suggest something premeditated when it absolutely premeditated again was this to simply bring him back to saudi arabia and face the music there or was it a plan to kill him in. turkey and dispose of the body somehow. but does that is that really in doubt because. i mean without i mean. we're going to have to get into some some some explicit details here a little bit but they had equipment with them that was being used to to cut up to cut up the bodies so that again would suggest. that they they had the intention to do to kill him from from the beginning when it it was the big question now is where that order come from order from while there been some on himself or one of these cheap deputies are right martin really for the month thanks very much. now many
2:58 am
business leaders and governments are skipping in next week's investment forum in saudi arabia foreign investment is key to mohamed bin some man's reform program known as vision twenty thirty but european leaders say now is not the time to be seen in riyadh you feel. the facts we know today on mr g. are extremely serious and worrying we expect to throw light on this matter we have had exchanges with saudi authorities to clarify all this but in the current circumstances we have decided to postpone political visits including that of our economy minister we have been very clear yes we want to hear the results of this investigation we want to see if it's credible if it's independent but if the stories that we are reading turn out to be true will that have an effect on our relationship with saudi river yes it will because if the stories are true and it is still and if they would be totally the ghost of values of what we stand
2:59 am
for as a country our paul brennan has more from the trade summit in brussels. the european leaders and their asian counterparts who came here to brussels on friday know that they are all under pressure to come up with a credible response to the situation of jamal khashoggi whose disappearance and his alleged murder at that consulate in istanbul the difficulty that they face is that they need to base their response on the facts as best they can find out about them so it's not good enough to have a formulation based on leaks from an unnamed turkish security source in newspapers in istanbul needs to be factually based on the extent of the plot to kill jamal khashoggi because only then will they decide whether it's saudi arabia as a country that needs to be sanctioned or whether it's individuals that they can go after with perhaps for example visa restrictions or freezing of bank accounts now the language coming out from brussels here has been very strong indeed the french
3:00 am
president emmanuel a macron spoke about the facts that we know are extremely serious and worrying we expect saudis to throw light on this matter and we've had exchanges with the saudi authorities to clarify all of this jeremy hunt the british foreign secretary said reaction will depend on whether we sense that they the saudis are taking it seriously enough this is a very very serious matter and if these stories are true it would be not it would not be consistent with our values and that's the bottom line here in this conference yesterday on the thursday and friday has been about global good governance it's been about the rules based world order and when you have an allegation such as is the moment of a decision journalists being murdered and dismembered in an overseas consulate it runs totally counter to everything that these leaders here believe in paul brennan in brussels there we got plenty more ahead on this news hour trying to tie.


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