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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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from it couldn't be higher. death by a thousand cuts on al-jazeera. hello there. with our continuing coverage of turkey's revelations about the killing of the saudi. raising the stakes. more pressure on saudi arabia. inside the kingdom. i mean. i have no doubt frank and. is calling for an independent investigation into the killing which took place three weeks ago. we have evidence this was a premeditated murder. from top to. punished.
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and. so he's president has delivered his much anticipated speech about the killing of. the journalist died inside saudi arabia's istanbul consulate three weeks ago to the day. address says about the murder for around thirty minutes here the key point he declared that it was pre meditated it was planned days in advance which also included reconnaissance missions by kill teams of the forests around istanbul and also pose several questions to saudi arabia why it had constantly change its story about what happened where remains and who exactly was involved he added that he does not doubt the credibility of king solomon but is demanding
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a full independent investigation of the trial of the accused to be held in. iran also that everyone involved in the killing from top to bottom be held accountable as i said accusing some security operatives is not sufficient. we have strong evidence that this was a premeditated murder in the light of the information we have everybody has questions here are the questions these fifteen people why did they come to temple on the day of the murder who ordered them to come to turkey we need an answer why was the building of the consul general not open for investigation on the same day only after so many days why so many credible explanations where is the body of jamal khashoggi nobody knows where the body is it is alleged that the body was given to a local cooperate or so who is the local operator we need to know who that is. well we have full coverage of this developing story for you our white house
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correspondent is in washington d.c. tamala shell is outside the consulate and istanbul first to speak to some who is outside the parliament building in ankara so what was the key takeaway message for you from a speech. well the key points of his speech was that he named it as a political murder which he said this is very important not only because he. was a civilian but also he's a very credible very trustable journalist and in his previous speeches president our don had mentioned that he personally knew jamal hachigian he was a friend of him his and he said. it turkey will not be satisfied and it is not the way to get away with this merger just by blaming a few security officials so our don is show that turkey will not be satisfied even those security officers who are the eligible perpetrators or the rogue elements
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inside saudi state or are responsible for this he wants to know and the prosecutors wants to know want to know who gave the orders for this murder and the basic question of this investigation has be where democracy to choose body was and i don't repeat the question because in order to complete this investigation ever the prosecutors should should get tomatoes should just but it we have the autopsy on so this will clarify whether the saudi narrative is true or not because they said they admitted that jamal has lost his life during a fistfight inside the saudi consulate general but we have been we have been following several reports from through media and through unknown awful sources that he was murdered in a different way so as long as the prosecutors have his body it will clarify everything of course this is an important issue for turkey as well because despite
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it was this murder was committed inside saudi territory which is the saudi general consulate in istanbul it is still churchy and it is an assault for turkey so very new to cordon to the turkish officials including don but in a way of course everybody. he had very high expectations when our don spoke on sunday saying that i will speak in a very different way and i will reveal every detail of this investigation as naked truth and today his speech was merely a like a chronological order of jamal who should just disappearance and the ongoing investigation but of course he he asked the right questions who gave the order for the smirk where democracy should just buddies and he also said that no one can get away with this more day by hiding under diplomatic immunity immunity right which is provided by vienna convention so it's
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a he tried to show that turkey is going to be chasing after this but one thing was very important he he had a very respectful way of speaking regarding king solomon he said i have no doubt about his sincerity which means that he takes king solomon as a counterpart but not the crown prince mohammed bin selman and he said while he was mentioning king salmon he repeated twice cardinal had a main the protector of the two holy cities so he gives a responsibility to king solomon to uncover the truth of the smirk and maybe to take care of his son the crown prince mohamed and so man it's for sure there are negotiations between saudi arabia turkey included united states because turkey is hosting a very special guest today to cia director but of course turkey doesn't want to burn bridges with saudi arabia right away but turkey says whatever it takes turkey will be after the real truth and and turkey wants this investigation to be closed
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in a real and factual way ok so there were many thanks for that from what i heard us go live now to shell his consulate building and istanbul surge all is said and said as all steroid questions but the the real question is how long is he prepared to wait for the answers. well that is a good question i mean three weeks now when the turks seem to be patient as ever and not even though they have from the beginning going to do to also made some sort of set specific dates will be it's maybe not necessarily in that clear tone that's to widen gave when he said on sunday that choose the he would reveal the naked truth but they have managed to at least force some sorts of movements that say from not only the saudis but also the united states and even the international community if you remember in the beginning of this case when she entered and went
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missing the initial comments that were being made from that say the white house and others first it's acceptable days for them to say anything and initially was still we'll be monitoring we are looking we're closely watching but it was only when the turks strategically started to release specific information specific images c.c.t.v. footage that you suddenly soul maybe a realignment of specific positions from key or strategic countries now it seems we were working towards or coming closer to that breaking points whereby sarky comes out and reveals everything and points the finger at the culprits and says this is the person who is behind it and they need to be held accountable that didn't happen maybe that didn't happen because of sin a mention the head of the cia coming on the eleventh i would say discuss details with officials here maybe it didn't happen because the turks stroh's not true well
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maybe it didn't happen because negotiations that are taking place haven't finished the turks say there is no negotiations in fact on much and it's the spokesperson of the ak party the ruling party here said twenty four hours ago that that would be immoral and completely rejected that something like that's what happened there were reports that king's on monday advisor prince of them. the governor of my car was flown in who flew him to meet the president heard one early on in this crisis had offered some sort of a deal including economic incentives for the turkish lira which is suffering and president of one allegedly angrily rejected that saying that this was a case that justice needed to be served however turkey has in the past done deals we've seen it's with israel for example over the mavi marmara over that freedom for its own aware ten turkish nationals bearing in mind she was a saudi and not sorry but ten turkish nationals were killed nonetheless the turks
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did find a way they say get their rights in terms of the compensation paid but there were negotiations after the. high expectations of cutting off diplomatic relations and so forth is that what's happening we're not quite sure but definitely this idea that president was going to come out and reveal everything play the old your evidence show up what's happening a lot of people work spec thing that maybe they were a bit too naive to assume that a country that has been dealing with this extremely delicately from the very start would suddenly lay everything to bear it is the pressure is now on dasani on the saudis but what happens next from turkey because up till now the information that we've been getting about the investigation has come through leaks to the media officially sanctioned things but leaks nonetheless now that we have on the rack and can we expect to see the flow of information to change. well i mean everybody's playing their hand when the turn comes and sometimes people are forcing the other side to take more than one turn we've seen that from the
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beginning in which the turks put the onus on the saudis to establish that jamal such a jihad left the building they failed to do that so then they put the onus on the saudis to establish the specialty was this the life they failed to do that and so forth the saudis managed to turn it around by owning up to the killing of jamal officials you'll be it's saying that it was an accident putting the ball back to the turks now through this latest comments by presidents are run by demanding the body by demanding to know where or who these can local collaborators are that the saudi agents worked with in order to dispose of the body or their i say the remains of the body as has been reported by saying that you would like to see the suspects in this case groups to turkey he's from you put the ball back back rather in the saudi courts and that's what we should be looking to see is what will saudi do next will suddenly in the next couple of days we find that police have found or located
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the body will we see that maybe some turkish criminals or people based in turkey have been arrested and accused of essentially hiding corpses will we suddenly see saudi come out and reject once again as they have done through the minister of justice in the past couple of days and the extradition of its national we're not quite sure but it is important to circle back to one thing laura just very quickly is that prior to. statements there was this latest information that was leaked out about some of the funny if you remember he is the advisor to crown prince mohammed bin sort of man who has essentially been blamed for this that he was somehow live whilst this murder was taking place and giving instructions on it it is important to know it's one thing and one speech here so do i think he's nuts royalty he's not part of the assad family he he would. he does not have a position based on his lineage he has a position based on his closeness and the trust that muhamad been some man puts him
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in his trajectory his. trajectory in terms of where he's been able to reach or is purely linked to crown prince mohammed bin some money or people are saying is that anything that he has done would only have happened because of crown prince mohamed bin some months order he doesn't have the luxury to think or to decide by himself because of the fact that he is not royalty erdogan made sure in his speech was he didn't he gave his blessings or still his approval to the king consignment saying that there's nothing between no hard feelings between those two individuals he didn't mention crown prince mohammed bin solomon and therefore that in itself is seen inadvertently as him still pointing the finger to the crown prince you know that was a very interesting point ok jamal for the moment thanks very much joining us there from istanbul as kosovan out of washington d.c. there we can join kimberly hull kits and kimberly edouard made very clear in his speech that this was he believes a plan that he knows to be
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a planned been planned operation from the beginning so how does that fits in with the u.s. president's line in his latest line that this was a plot gone awry. right we've reached out to the white house and also to the cia or central intelligence agency to try and get some clarification and some reaction now we have to point out that it's still very early in the morning here in washington d.c. and most americans are just waking up so we haven't had any official reaction but what i can tell you is that the president from his public statements is not very happy with the explanations he's got so far from saudi arabia shifting explanations we should point out he was very clear about that most recently saying that he's not satisfied with what he's heard he wants to get to the bottom of at this but what it appears to him is this is a plot gonna rise and when asked very clearly whether or not or how he would react if in fact it's proven that the crown prince mohammed bin sellon has in fact not
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told the president the whole story he said he would be very upset about it because in his view this killing is both foolish and stupid when the president uses that kind of language lore it's very clear he's getting frustrated that's why we not only have we seen him and in recent days dispatches secretary of state mike pump a zero but now we have the cia director gina housefull on the ground the president feels he's not getting a complete picture he's dispatched his highest level officials within his administration to get the information and bring it back to him so he can proceed on next steps to stay with us so you can please have a listen now to to what donald trump had to say earlier about sending top intelligence officials to to he saudi arabia. a great group of the folded turkey right now what a great group of people here for the radio we will know very real remember this week how it did before the bird world recovering back good night to morrow and i
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will go version two and i am not satisfied with one of the how unusual is it to dispatch someone like gina hostile to another country in this incident. it's a little bit unusual i mean typically there would be lower level intelligence officials that would be heading there and i think that sort of signifies a couple of things number one donald trump keeps his inner circle pretty tight there are very few people he trusts he he's known for mistrusting and so as a result when he feels he's not getting the complete story he dispatches the highest level officials in order to try and get the information he's looking for short of himself going there so that's one of the things we can read from the other is that the president seems to be in public statements indicating that he is aware that that he is not getting the complete picture we've we've heard that from him when he said he's he's spoken to the crown prince that he believes the denials yet
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his actions are showing something quite opposite from that so the president's under pressure he's on the spotlight not only do we have a u.s. election in two weeks but he's also ready to put in place sanctions against iran and its oil exports in saudi arabia is the foundation of donald trump's middle east policy is to confront iran so this is very problematic for the president he needs saudi arabia's cut cooperation but given the details and the facts that are coming out with regard to the missing journalist enough to show she we now know to is dead this is certainly a problem for the president it's put him in the international spotlight at a very inconvenient time that frustrates donald trump he's trying to get get the information and take action and if the treasury secretary steve mission is. to. be the prince he's not this investor conference.
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well that i think signifies exactly the position that donald trump has been taking so far that frustrates many members of congress on the one hand you have donald trump saying he's not satisfied he wants more information but on the other side he's defending the denials he's defending the u.s. saudi relationship that's been in place since one nine hundred thirty two the reason donald trump is doing this is is for a number of reasons first the military industrial complex donald trump was to keep those jobs and keep selling those weapons to saudi arabia one of america's biggest customers he's afraid if he loses that business to russia to china that that will cost american jobs and then the second part of this is again those sanctions on iran don't trump is looking to try and confront iran and the fact that he's trying to keep this relationship in place is signified by the fact that well steve minutes in the treasury secretary did not go to the saudi investment conference that so-called davos in the desert he did in fact go and that has frustrated
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a lot of members of congress who say that's the exact opposite message the united states should be sending it should be standing with the world right now blocking arms exports it should be expelling the saudi ambassador to the united states and it should be reevaluating u.s. support for the conflict in yemen which many americans are opposed to given the high number of civilian casualties something that united nations has called a humanitarian disaster that would never in washington d.c. thanks very much kimberly the president in his address repeated assertions from his country about the sava jury of these killing. germany. so far the evidence we have. murdered brutally such brutality cannot be covered up in any way it would hurt humankind's conscience we would like saudi authorities to show the same thing to tip it into this murder let's bring in now the saudi dissident one hundred. for us and how much more pressure you think the saudis might
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be feeling now following a speech enormous pressure because the speech is clearly when he called he said he trusts king salamander of course toward holy mosques or towards its meaning i thrust you still as a kink and you are responsible for to the holy sites what will come will in danger of the kingdom and when the age of the two holy sites so you have to move against your son this is the secret message and he did not mention even did not mention that's how the cotton is implicated on the video and on and. or your evidence against him so there isn't that it is level but every giving him the opportunity to do the business tom as it should be done as it should be a full truth from saudi side and also putting the question that we are not going to give the issue of the body your claim was that the saudis are lying you gave it to a local contractor to dispose of it all over criminal or mafia. who is that tell us
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who is that we must join must we got the body most likely it is not true the truth is that the body was dismembered and taken pieces with the plane and disposed maybe from the air except the head and the fingers which are not in the out whatever it is these question kingson man has no way out except either and also he repeat this point to it several times because many people in the in the english listener do not understand this is this point he said according to islamic sharia which saudi arabia claim to be applying but the slim shady or does not know any immunity for head of states and princes in matal in intimate that. stick to what he wishes not in saudi arabia and the saudis stress that always publicly so even if not in break implicated he has to suffer like anybody else don't care for him what indications have bush as you not do something that shows what a lot of questions have we heard from inside saudi arabia that they're actually going to act on this that they will move against the crown prince.
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until now it seems to me the king is not moving at all that he's trying to appeal to do and he's appealing to the king as the head of state and we know that he'll head of state there you know acting man seen through hammers and mud because this committee appointed for an investigation or dissent biggest in group is headed by him the criminal is aiding the investigation against himself is impossible and this is a mockery most likely the decrees have been written by him and his father is not able really to resist the siding so the situation is becoming extremely explosive and dangerous and this is what the what hospitals try to do in turkey to see how to fix the situation and also the intelligence of self-less the. secretary in the are trying to fix the situation then of economy things now how to fix the situation get out of the rest ok mohamed on the senate presence a lot of support in syria there from london saying is that what you say about iran and so on this is going that's what i would buy all right thank you very much we execute it. anderson's takes
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a look back on our. last day. it started here at ataturk international airport in the early hours of october the second sequence of events that led to the death of jamal khashoggi based on the leaked video surveillance this is the timeline. at three twenty eight one of two private jets on the runway is picked out by investigators transfer vehicles take their passengers to the private jet terminal at three thirty seven it's the first sighting of one half of the team from saudi arabia it's now four twenty nine they're leaving the airport the processing is taken nearly an hour just over thirty minutes later at five o five part of the team arrives here at the moment pick hotel i trip is seen in the foreground of this lift it isn't until nine forty that he's seen again leading the
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team fifteen minutes later my friend arrives here at the saudi arabia consulate he goes inside the treatment other members of the team including salah mohammed al to buy an autopsy expert make preparations their target jamal khashoggi approaches more than three hours later with his fiance at t.j. it's thirteen thirteen they agree that if anything goes wrong she should hold her trusted contact the turkish government official it's the last one t.j. sees of her fiance as he walks into a trap at thirteen fourteen inside the turkish and saudi versions of events conflict gruesome accounts of torture and alleged murder in transcripts leaked from an audio recording held by the turks and seventeen days after what happens here the saudis say the team were acting with no orders from mohammed bin solemn on the saudi crown prince. was killed in adversity they said when he was restrained in
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real time his fiance was waiting anxiously outside at seventeen thirty three she had made the call for help but it was too late. the man who had risked his life to get a document proving his marital status allowing his wedding to go ahead was dead although confirmation. to take another seventeen days it could have been a script from a hollywood movie set but in real time a trauma is beginning to play out for how t.j. and turkish intelligence and security agents start to race against the clock. once alerted undercover agents rushed here to ataturk airport one of the planes is searched and baggage checked between nine hundred fifty seven and twenty eleven at least some of the team is seen leaving hotels in small groups at twenty one hundred
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this is the second of the private jets is preparing for takeoff it's a timeline that lasted nearly eighteen hours that day jamal khashoggi who dared to criticize the rule of mohammed been found is declared missing but he's really dead the only thing that is missing is his body. everyone fred joins us here now and the studio he's professor of conflict resolution at the doha institute for graduate studies can speak to you again thank you what was the main thing do you think that was trying to achieve harridans address upon and i think the me an idea here is to open the door for more negotiations with king solomon about how to proceed about what happened with the involvement it seems to me. of the americans as well now that we know that the director of the cia she arrived the day of the speech obviously you know they had some talks before so i think. nikki the truth as we
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were promised we did not see it fully there are many important things but there are still i think this speech open the door for many many questions to come he was asking of the guard was asking what had been to the body of. well the people were expecting him to tell us what happened to the body of john hodges. which was a mansur with of the dismemberment of the body have been the video recording the audio recording these are all questions that are not and actually some of our reports about with other parts of his body were moved to saudi arabia before with this happened or not so we didn't have any of these questions i think president of the gun choice at this point not to build bridges with king some money with the saudi leadership he called him with his favorite title the custodian of the holy shit. and he actually he said it in arabic even you know as
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a matter of respect to king solomon with the expectations that king some men will pursue this as you know the saudi foreign minister as well was there has been actually talking the past few days about their peers suing accountability or what happened holding those account the responsible but with all of this is feasible at the moment it's very difficult to see with of this is it was very in signals that they made such overtures to king solomon men mention of the crown prince mohammed bin film that is a very important thing that actually not as the in the speech because he mentioned he made of statements like accountability should be held to from bottom to ceiling to ceiling here where is the ceiling obviously there are eighteen people that have been arrested all of that to intelligence the media adviser of the where sag.
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obviously from the speech are not the ceiling whether he was him think two or higher levels to the count of prince the hamad bin sometimes of no we don't know or we don't know he did not make it clear but but someone could read as a matter of you know reaching the ceiling that would really give the order and the statement who'll give. the order was mentioned literally in his speech which again he's sending to at least higher levels we don't know you know how hard but at least high of a van what we have of the people and the senior official just in the minute that we've got left abraham what do we expect now to hear from the saudis i think the south is again this opened the door for more negotiations i think. is the where quick the. turkish government to try to shore some seriousness in
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the investigation again whole give the order or the ceiling of the us i think this will take time and this will be subject to more me go she asians and i think the president of the lift this door open and i think negotiations can happen and we can expect or we should expect more developments in this in the future on different levels no closer to the investigation that certainly more questions to be on said abraham fred thank you very much for joining us and we'll speak again. this is our zero you're watching our coverage of turkey's revelations about the killing of a saudi journalist jamal khashoggi president has raised the pressure on saudi arabia in a speech to palmer's demanding answers about death inside the kingdom's consulate three weeks ago. we have strong evidence that this was
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a premeditated murder in the light of the information we have everybody has questions here are the questions these fifteen people why did they come to the temple on the day of the murder who ordered them to come to turkey we need an answer why was the building of the consul general not open for investigation on the same day only after so many days why so many credible explanations where is the body of jamal. nobody knows where the body is it is alleged that the body was given to a local cooperate or so who is the local operator we need to know who that is. and also repeated earlier sessions from his country about the savagery of killing german. so far the evidence we have shows jamal was murdered brutally such brutality cannot be covered up in any way it would hurt humankind's conscience we would like saudi authorities to show the same sensitivity to this murder or accept. the he is confident that saudi arabia's king salmond
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will cooperate saying he has no doubts about how open and frank the king is he stressed those who ordered the death of the prominent saudi journalist must be quote brought to account and one of the eighteen saudi suspects to be extradited to turkey where he wants them to stand trial in turkey had strong evidence and employees of the consulate scouser a nearby forest progeny incident last fifteen saudis security intelligence and forensic officials were flown in a day before death on separate flights well that's all of our latest on this developing story more coverage and thirty minutes after talk to al-jazeera.
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