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tv   Between War And The Ban  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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more packages were sent to high profile critics of president donald trump after robert de niro and former vice president joe biden were targeted at least eighteen people most of them schoolchildren have died after flash floods in jordan it happened near the dead sea where thirty seven children and seven teachers were on a school outing witnesses say the children were traveling on a bus to result when it was swept into a valley by a raging flood waters u.s. president donald trump has signed a new law imposing sanctions on lebanon based group hezbollah he was attending an event commemorating the thirty fifth anniversary and attack on a u.s. marine compound in lebanon's capital beirut those are the headlines we're back with more after four lines. if inscribed in the wild west previously where the average person couldn't touch and tell if a post had been said all right or if not why does this updated nafta have the kind
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of support that it needs for we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. and the financial assistance but over and. over most of we've been talking. about. and. labor looks a little out of the just another big a level. of. one to ten who's out of the ability in the village to movie but of the many. another eleven million. dollars only up to most of the world because he. is caught between his two home countries. yemen a nation destroyed by war and in the midst of what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis. and the united states or donald
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trump's travel ban has now made it seemingly impossible to bring his family. i finish and. they should fight again when they want to looting he moved to us. when we met naji even his family had been living in the east african nation of djibouti across the sea from yemen for almost four months. there hasn't been an american embassy in yemen for over three years no because of the war. that means she's a including. american citizens like machine have had their cases assigned to foreign countries like booty is a try to get the armies away from conflict you want. nothing
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more than a mission to land a number out of my feet. nefesh an inconvenient message and. i'm in awe i've been out of. the aladdin mission to learn how to. tell this daughter eleven year old shaman was born with cerebral palsy making it more urgent for her to get adequate medical care something that's become increasingly difficult in yemen. the financial and. as the war escalated and as you've applied for visas for his family to join him in the us where he works to support them and where she met can get stable medical care. they applied well before donald trump became president and introduced a travel about. now so trying protests more initial chaotic rollout of the would stop the entry of nationals from a number of muslim majority countries including yemen.
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released just a week after the truck took office people to three versions was being challenged in court. so it wasn't until december that the full impact on families became clear when the supreme court allowed the third version of the bam to go into effect. a month and a half later in his family had their interview at the u.s. embassy here in djibouti describe what happened in the embassy here and. in the night. i had been so into japan-u.s. so. because she was born after she became a citizen his youngest daughter could be issued a passport but his wife and two other daughters needed visas. and i felt i went on best fear and that ottoman. and how did you feel when you got there and you can learn how to now put it into the helmet of the feast now is to not. let you
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see it here show me the papers. if you want to well. one of the changes in the latest version of the travel ban is the inclusion of one pathway to the u.s. a waiver that can be granted on a case by case basis if applicants meet three criteria. a little. at least they say. that he wanted to. meet a well and landed within the to him the one with a hole in it it was funny the oven talks are fucked and they anything. and the only thing he had to do that was on how devoted to the old me how they had . let me have a bit of them i'll. i. thought that given chametz condition and the fact that he's an american citizen they would qualify for a waiver. with no appeals process the one hope now would be at the supreme court
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which was set to hear a challenge to the travel and rule whether to uphold it or not by the summer. until their lives would remain in limbo online in time the how the a little loudly down the vision in a machine and then in a genre and if. living here cost him his savings forcing him to rely on family and friends to get by the question facing them can they bear the weight in djibouti or will they have to go back to yemen so now that you've been affairs what's your. plan. again i will tell that it is in the families that i do in over the north and fifty in the us and how little they are in the saddle little alan. would enjoy you must have. been a lot of gallia money in kenya and. the morning yemen shows no signs of
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slowing as northern rebels continue to fight with the coalition led by saudi arabia and supported by the united states. now in its fourth year the conflict has destroyed much of the country's infrastructure leading to widespread disease and famine and over twenty two million people in need of humanitarian assistance. it's this that so many yemenis are trying to escape as they try to reunite with their families in the u.s. . instead hundreds have been stranded between their two homes stuck in a foreign country. we went to meet with a group of africans who been in djibouti for months many of whom had a ready received a waiver rejections under the ban. who here has a u.s. citizenship. so a lot of you. so you you have citizenship i was born and raised and so you're applying for my life. i've got the field of paper here so you know what you're
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going to do now. now let's lift and now look if in the one two minutes we didn't do any good will that be left on the roster and on again this. list are any of the. most to spend tens of thousands of dollars waiting you know where there's a high cost of living spending fortunes and borrowing fortunes and in the end. if you refuse to. raise the hope i said of them over the last ten years you know i'll do that they are going to get in their human was here people die you know you got a country that's the biggest road if you have their time but it's the general phenomenon that's the question facing everyone here as they grow up who are trying to keep her from these united and figure out where their home is now you know how
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is this affecting your families torn in broken down emotions will be coming here and signs of hope and then they just tear that apart when the moment of this day was lifted all of these people. visit denials for the notice that they were also denied a waiver. is an attorney with the center for constitutional rights which has been working with the yemeni american these applications were perceived waiver objections for the relatives she says there's been little transparency from the administration about how waivers are actually granted there isn't a formal application process that. would be sent back into the new arch if you're denied that it would be in the national interest let you win and that you don't pose a threat to national security but it's a bit of a saddo boxing exercise because you don't really know what it is you know to show. to meet that criteria would anyone here get a waiver many of the families we met didn't even know that there was a waiver in the largely because they began their application process years ago are
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you aware of what the waiver process was. there people who had gone through their interview process and filed all the documents well before it was ever such a thing as a waiver they didn't even make a case for a new hardship on what basis were they being denied it's like you're getting a rejection for something you didn't even ask for and that seems particularly fast that. your application for a waiver is behind and you know you've never even applied for one these are us citizens and us all the community residents who have a right to be and with their families. one of the couples we met in djibouti has been trying to start a life in the us for nearly three years i'm. very sure thanks for seeing us and make some home answering them. strange muhammad first moved to
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new york in this early twenty s when he went back to yemen a few years later he had mozzies or got married and they had their daughter. the war broke out when she was still a toddler. a clue that i would be the one to beat the up but at the window what can i do that it tends to have the stuff i know i will fit just by that off but i can tell a lot of a listener that has a has a. little bit of that has to feel pip he has that tendency a lot of mahama became a citizen when he went back to the us for use working in most of his family lives and started planning for us these are no mayo to join him. so this stuff without an inch or without the suits only for him to get even the found. when they got to djibouti five year old neha was given a visa but her mother was still waiting for a decision my. wife same case same number so they normally do might go to be
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there so i don't usually get my wealthy jack. but dioceses interview took place before the ban went into effect and it was unclear to her that she had to make a case for a waiver. nicholson a lot of them in the head of the island on the matter who i look at hostile to local show them are. just so i get caught out of time. but i've been. pushing the political scene. that says we won't be granted in your case take into account the provisions of the culture mission. and they give you any other reason that they explain why it was followed by denying that you've asked for advice we just question you they even give you information from them and. the family needs to make a decision about their future within days because mahomedan their daughter have to
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go to the u.s. while she still has a visa. but then the question is where will i z's ago. fellow don't i know hospital that stuff out of hand that path at the temple would have that that the path that that fish. and the i don't want the happy feet and set it up to canada. that's ahead and about how i'm going to stop time then i read. it how do you have to i mean the west had am twice what i want. i need. a lot of the lot of a lot. of those fund them and that costs. for what. i lack. the separation facing mahomedan i says has been shared by too many families. summoned to duty others have to return to yemen.
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and their relatives in the u.s. waiting hoping they can be together. before the war yemeni americans were able to travel relatively easily between their two home countries. that's the case for abdul forgave he works in the u.s. for an a.t.m. company to support his family. we went to meet him at his apartment just outside new york city home to generations of yemeni americans saw a wave of flood immigrants they came from our area in yemen abdul's family's roots in the u.s. go back almost a century i'm a fourth generation fourth generation in the country my father was grandfather. from his mother's side of the cities my father was a citizen all my uncles are citizens abdul had hoped his children would continue
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that line to. she was twenty years old my mother was seventeen when i was nine and this is my life. and your other son so nineteen years old. there's nothing that he first applied for visas for his wife and four children in two thousand and fifteen just after the war began it marked the beginning of their first long separation which lasted almost three years well it's me being here supporting them one. source of income to me a lot of life and that was the logic for me to come but the motion i knew was that was a lot of that time. the next time he would see them would be in djibouti when they left yemen and traveled there for their visa interview or to interview together was in gen one hundred twenty nine and the interview the lower one she was legit before citizenship she get it is that most of the he was with the ship.
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it's difficult to reconcile obtuse family's history in america with the fact that his own children are now banned from coming here that wasn't that america that we felt that we. to live them come to. like to have settled here personal lives. and from the day we met abdul the rest of his family had just left to booty it was too expensive to stay there so they went to jordan where the wait for the supreme court's decision it's going to be a life changing decision up so that. when you are living here you feel lonely but you're still out of the hole that they're going to come and was just going to be a normal process for to brenne them since it's guess that tata done. with the band. and you feel even lonelier than before. kids are either
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side of the globe. that's as it's very. very hard then. waiting for the supreme court ruling has come with steep costs for families. and for wading into beauty eventually became possible. and what can happen to the one in this way that's what. you would see. with treatments unavailable for shame and. told us he didn't know what to do but go back to yemen where he sent us these messages. was. how did she mother it was that
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a fetus as soon. as you have a human. will help. him. out of asia so we had. the families we met during a reporting like najib and his family seems like they met the criteria for a waiver under the. one of the things that where really scratching our heads about it is a sort of and you hardship requirement and how we can show that many of the people as you can imagine leaving countries like yemen would suffer and you hardship if they're not able to rejoin their families in the u.s. the families we met also seems like they meet the criteria particularly because they're american citizens and in this case his daughter she met needs critical medical care both of which are listed as qualifications to be considered for
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a waiver. so who's deciding who gets a waiver the u.s. government official position is that it's a consular officers discretionary decision but if you put yourself in a position of a consular officer and you're sort of told and the rhetoric around at the administration is over sort of an overall ban these people from these countries are essentially undesirable are going to have a much harder luck to decide whether or not someone should be eligible for a waiver. according to state department data sent to congress in the months after the ban went into effect eight thousand four hundred applications from the targeted countries were processed but only two waivers were approved. the state department declined our request to interview officials in djibouti or washington but told us that in the four months period leading up to the supreme court arguments four hundred sixty waivers were granted but they refused to say out of how many applications by claiming that there is
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a robust waiver process through which you can seek a waiver that sort of takes away some of the harm. to bear more in fashion or cutting out what is an hour right and and not sugarcoating disappear as if you ask it look at what's happening on the ground to see that the waiver process is only there and not an activist. let's just take for example mr omari the ten year old in late april on the last day of their term going to supreme court heard arguments in the challenge to the travel ban this waiver process has excluded you justice is focused on the waivers and why so few people were being granted them and out of thousands of cases just one was brought up by name a ten year old with cerebral palsy who wants to come to the united states to save her life and she can't move or talk the ten year old was denied a waiver just as prior were you surprised when you found out that your case was mentioned at the supreme court number two that in the old had been. you know what
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can you win but our best method would work because the change not just the team and i've been. just a day after the supreme court arguments this received an e-mail from the u.s. embassy in djibouti. because this is the e-mail you got from the embassy. dear mr a lot money during your family's immigrant visa interview at the u.s. embassy. severity of shame as a ripple policy had not only been independently verified by. panel physician but also very apparent to me to surprise the embassy official told them they were now approved for waivers had you heard from the u.s. consulate into beauty at all between when you were ejected for surjective for the waiver and when you got the approval in april. when if either of us and. the embassy official claimed he had always been approved but they couldn't tell him in the meantime as you've been his family spent thousands of dollars in djibouti and
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traveled back to yemen after the e-mail he had to wait for further instructions and eventually got a call from the embassy telling him they had two weeks to get to the u.s. . from yemen they rushed to djibouti to get their visas and then were finally able to come to the u.s. henri met up with them again. via the annual habit and any move by at about five. years the family settled in a small town in california she met is now receiving proper medical care. and well as a matter that i think if he had any help and to see what that. and to have in the county allows him or the back more the hour that he wasn't it. was the thought of and. the fact that.
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you think that getting a waiver may have saved her life. and the money he had to know what to say have had no will eventually had she had no and not had i am of the children you nominate them to. two months after hearing arguments over the policy the supreme court issued their ruling the travel ban was upheld what do you think about the supreme court's actual ruling. well why is that a hack and next to about her about here that about next year and it was my god in that one money a many kenyans and it can women and he in the end and the whole me go as a girl you go you more than a big. i knew him can let me get is i'm a commercial one making a war i'm taking a war why me q most of those who know him can lead you out of no no to the.
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news even his family seem to be an exception to thousands of others left to say is the reality of the court's decision. as to how much of them of in. time you should . get in touch. we met up with muhammad and his daughter and they in brooklyn they traveled here shortly after he met them in djibouti to live with the rest of the summer. evan family and asked which. they decided the thais is a way to go to jordan where muhammad's older brother lives. and after months of a though already here. you are not going to cover the whole of coffee hamma explain to him cohen in a book. their hope is that
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a mayor can get her passport or green card soon so she can join her mother in jordan who works in new york but it still means her family will be separated. slieve a little bit time with her mother at a time with her dad it's not good for her it's not good for her life for snowing like three four months for her mother three four months we've had father tests going to relate to person. it's. about a guy that's next. china she asked actually. i love this country that's like my country i love it and i'm loyal to it. and that's what of this phone i need to plan it inside my daughter to love this country. but if you tell you as my mother leg melfi going to go one day as i was what happened that time what about selling. america took away your money from you she needs a mother because everybody have kids have wife so we know you know how it is that
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we no different with all the same same feeling seeing everything. so i feel if you play it now i have it pretty. well. he. and. i am i love it. with the court's ruling their future now will be defined by their separation homes put into. a template can become a criminal one shot from this. and they should then be in a memo no i said you've sort of went and we're going to. in the united states the religious right is on the mom which we were always hunting for the guy who would take our script and read it their goal is to take control of
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one of the ball parks and they've effectively gotten that full lines examines the trumpet ministration special relationship with the religious right what do you get out of it the presidency and asks what evangelical support means for the future of the country church of trump on al-jazeera. that. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit against the odds some of them come to someday someday. al-jazeera selects change make this.
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the wary preventing the state when they act as acted. a top u.n. investigator says saudi arabia has blood on its hands she calls the killing up to manifest extra judicial execution. he's out of saudi arabia on the scene just days ago meeting the crown prince is now in the u.s. after a travel ban is lifted. on has and think of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a desperate search for survivors thousands of children are caught in flooding during a school trip near the dead sea in.


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