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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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were stickers praising the president and other stickers of opposing wall makers through the scope of a gun on friday before the suspect was arrested mail bombs were directed at democratic senator cory booker and the former director of national intelligence james clapper previous day's mail bombs have been sent to former presidents bill clinton and barack obama as well as prominent trump critics such as george soros actor robert de niro and john brennan the former head of the cia all the devices looked like this but none detonated early friday trump seemed to cast doubt on the seriousness of the bomb threat saying the news coverage of it was taking away from the upcoming congressional midterm elections republicans are doing so well in early voting and at the polls and now this bomb stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows news not talking politics read part of the tweet democratic lawmaker debbie
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wassermann schultz who received a pipe bomb said the president should bear some responsibility when you would people into a frenzy when you carelessly not think about what the impact of your words particularly at the highest level of office in this country then you you are acting grossly irresponsibly well i think i've been toned down you want to know that i could really cut it out because as you know the media has been extremely unfair to me and the republican party with the pipe bomb suspect now off the streets a sigh of relief that nobody was hurt but still worry that unless a heated political rhetoric is halted next time things could be different gabriels on. new york later at a campaign rally trying to balance the parcel bombs and political violence but also blame the media are trying to polarize society political violence. never ever be
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allowed in america and i will do everything in my power to stop it but the media is constant unfair coverage deep hostility. and negative attacks you know that only serve to drive people apart and to undermine healthy debate for example. we have seen an effort by the media in recent hours to use the city's directions of one individual to score political points against me and the republican party. mike hanna joins us now from washington d.c. . so my kids they have been reporting there has been an arrest there is someone in custody so what's the next step in the process. but what has happened so far is that federal charges have been filed in a manhattan court five federal charges. is charged with among other things
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threats against former presidents assault charges against a number of former and present federal officials and mailing explosives across borders so now at the f.b.i. and the police searching for motive baps finding out exactly why these targets were selected will appear in court at some date on these charges that date has not yet be denounced but what is common among all the targets suggest. selected by the suspect is that they were all the subject of tweets by president trump disparaging tweets by president trump in recent months so when you when you talk about motive i know questions about motive were put to the d.o.j. officials today or yesterday rather when they had their briefing what did they say what did they acknowledge. but the attorney general jeff sessions actually gave a short briefing on it as well and he acknowledged that the suspect would appear to
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have been partisan he wouldn't be drawn any further on what kind of motives or whether indeed there were political motives to the suspect section but what we have seen is the evidence that is out there already the van which the suspect is alleged to have used alleged to have at times lived in clearly carrying pro trum posters post is in support of the republican party and post is decrying and insulting the media who he has also been part of his target it would appear but also prosecutors have spoken about a twitter feed that was used by the suspect in which a number of the targets were addressed directly in treats insultingly so in many occasions and in which threats were made on a number of occasions but also importantly a number of tweets in support of president trump in particular and i mike hanna
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live for us in washington d.c. mike thank you. but you are on the news hour including we want to know where the money's. been a future who really benefited bowing to clear his name the former prime minister accused of stealing billions from malaysia's state funds speaks to al-jazeera. i'm when haiyan palu indonesia where we'll tell you about a warning the government received years ago about some of the potential dangers of a large earthquake happening here and how it may influence the rebuild of this devastated city. and support for little ones championship leader gears up for the mexican graham free. at least by palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli soldiers along the border fence with gaza more than sixteen thousand palestinians gathered there on
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friday they are protested along with fence every friday since march thirtieth and that time israeli forces have killed at least two hundred seven palestinians and later israeli airstrikes hit several islamic jihad and hamas sites in gaza the military says it's a response to fourteen rockets fired into israel nobody has been killed egypt in the un are trying to broker a long term truce between palestinian factions and israel and a palestinian has been killed and nine others injured after israeli forces opened fire on protesters in the occupied west bank a palestinian health ministry says the man died after being shot in the back another man is in serious condition after being shot in the head israeli army says it responded with standard operation procedures using a tear gas and munition. israel's prime minister has made a surprise visit to the gulf state of oman benjamin netanyahu met amman's ruler assault on composed to discuss the middle east peace process the last time an
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israeli leader visited oman was in one thousand nine hundred six and now his visit comes just days after palestinian president mahmoud abbas made a three day trip to this alternate. foreign minister insists his government is not officially mediating. because when it comes to many issues we are not mediate we don't mediate between parties who are capable of achieving what do you agree on. facilitate in many situations that can help convince opposing parties on how to reach an agreement when it comes to the palestinian issue we believe the media to has to play a new role is the u.s. and particularly president trump. i am or as a visiting fellow at the brookings institution and former special envoy for israeli palestinian negotiations with the u.s. state department he says netanyahu is trying to improve relations with the arab world. from an israeli perspective this is a this is a big win for netanyahu i think you know he's going to be facing elections next
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year he wants to show his base and the israeli center that he can continue to be tough on the palestinians but but build bridges with the arab world and so this is a this is a clear boon for prime minister netanyahu from a palestinian perspective. i think it's tough it's a tough one mahmoud abbas is the palestinian leadership is clearly under pressure up up on the ropes they are under a lot of pressure from the u.s. they have water lost a lot of foreign assistance. and so this comes at a time that will sort of increase pressure on abbas to engage and then i should just finally say from a nominee perspective i think this came as a surprise to many i just happened to be on the phone with colleagues in oman early this morning before this news broke and they clearly had no idea what was going on just just at this moment and i think it's very interesting oman has come from
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playing a kind of sleepy role in the gulf to playing a role that qatar used to play a decade ago moderating and mediating between. different countries in the region feel like as president has sacked the prime minister and replaced him with his one time rival former president mahinda rajapakse was sworn in as prime minister on friday they were places for nearly a can sing a who insists he's still in office saying this decision to remove him that it's not legal at all follows the collapse of the governing coalition and offered us as more from colombia. developments here in sri lanka giving the freeze never seen never heard almost completely different twist the former president mahinda rajapaksa now sworn in his new prime minister now the swearing in this development coming as a board from the blue no one here with the political circles in general day to day
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life expected it what we're hearing from the president's media division was that the president might be policy ricin swore in the former president now this is not something that many people expect they were almost sworn enemies after seriously in the defeated rajapaksa at the last presidential election now running victor missing heard the prime minister that walked a bit serious enough to set up the coalition government essentially is claiming that he's still prime minister he says that he has the seats the votes and the support in parliament and he says that this entire swearing in is illegal so it will come to the coming hours tomorrow as things unfold when it becomes a bit clearer as to who has want support and what kind of support base that will see what exactly will be sri lanka's political future for malaysian prime minister najib razak has admitted that things went wrong as are his words and the one m.t.b.
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that's the fun for which he and associates are accused of stealing billions of dollars as he was facing thirty eight charges of corruption and money laundering an exclusive interview with al jazeera is one on one east who denies any wrongdoing saying he was not in control of the flood once lawyer ports in kuala lumpur. not you brought up once seemed untouchable son of a former prime minister who rose to power himself but he has since fallen from grace charged with corruption money laundering and criminal breach of trust over accusations of stealing billions from a state investment fund called one m. d. more than six hundred eighty million dollars which the u.s. department of justice says can be traced back to one m.t.b. was deposited into not jim's bank account in an exclusive interview with al jazeera as one a one east denies any wrongdoing. they kept on accusing me of
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receiving huge sums of money but they forgot to mention that the bulk of the money was returned four months after the general election i mean there are six investigations going on around the world into corruption related to one named. what what does that tell you you know there were things that we're wrong in one name d.p. . world many yes fine let it not let let them do their work we want to know where the money's flow to who benefits it will really benefit from the whole one m.t.b. issue not just claims of innocence do not surprise analysts. it's a speech that he has repeatedly said even when he was in power i think that's a little likely to be his main defense of it but probably beauty of it because of the such feelings against it it was partly this feeling of anger that helped propel
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ninety three year old mahathir mohamad himself or former prime minister attend opposition politician back into office following a general election in may since taking power there has reopened investigations into one and d.b. but not yet says the charges against him are part of a political vendetta you must realize that this current government you know when they were running for office they had already. made this political narrative. that they were going to take action against me not to president taint he's done nothing wrong and has pleaded not guilty to all charges his trial is due to begin in february not yet has said that the trial will afford him an opportunity to clear his name florence slowly al-jazeera kuala lumpur. full interview with on one on one east don't miss malaysia. first airing saturday at three thirty here
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on al-jazeera and today his government has declared an emergency response following last month's earthquake and tsunami a large part of the island still one ruins the focus which is now to rehabilitation and reconstruction the government says a look at the stability of the surface before it decides where to rebuild some say that should have happened years ago reports. symbols of pride and strength still flood amid vast wastelands of destruction it's been four weeks since the earthquake turned this suburb of palu city into a muddy graveyard where many bodies are still buried when the earthquake struck these communities largely disappeared in a process called liquefaction when the earth beneath the surface turned to mud swallowing people and buildings it's an inhospitable landscape but as traumatized as survivors are some want to return to rebuild here even when they see that
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a hole in the ground is all that remains of their home. so i'm so terrified when i see this place my children said mom once the government clears up we should just move back in we don't have to build a permanent house we can just use wood so i finally agreed i have to follow my children we don't have anywhere else to live so who just come back here. that may not be their decision to make though if the government goes ahead with a new master plan to rebuild the city. those that used to live in this suburb of and a neighboring community will be relocated the government says the ground is too unstable to rebuild here which it seems has always been the case since the disaster it's emerged that the government knew areas like this were particularly dangerous six years ago its own experts drew a map of city highlighting areas where there was a high risk of liquefaction occurring in an earthquake this was one of those
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so-called red zones where hundreds if not thousands of people died. local government leaders wouldn't give al-jazeera an interview experts say the map should now be studied very closely as part of rehabilitation which is expected to cost almost one point five billion dollars. to make a people or so a kind of. the buffer zone and green zone with the. people so there. would not be. the people who lived here say they had never heard of liquefaction before the disaster there was no education about the danger beneath their homes knowledge would have saved everyone but it may have saved some now the excavators have come to a standstill the search for the missing is over whatever this area becomes it will also remain a mass grave wayne hay al-jazeera palu indonesia still ahead on al-jazeera the
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president. far ahead of his opponent some bad news for. business a popular tourist destination in the back up and running. and sport passed a massive. world championships in qatar. from a clear blue sky the doha moon. to the french autumn breeze in the city a few. hello there let's start off with a quick check on our huge typhoon here it is on the satellite picture you can see the well defined eye is now galloping its way towards the west and looks like it'll graze very close to the northern parts of the philippines but it won't reach us for
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a good few days for the time being the eastern parts of china look fine and dry we do have a little bit more in the way of cloud that is edging it's way through the you know province that's working its way up towards the northeast but it's been confined to this region really unfair the east still looks draw i shun high up at twenty three degrees for the southeastern parts of asia though a lot of dry weather to be found here as well the philippines but largely clear we're just seeing a few showers in the far south they'll still be with us i think as we head through the next few days and elsewhere all over yes there will be some showers there should also be some good spells of sunshine in between as well so most of us should see a good mix over the next few days if you get out towards the west lots of bright weatherhead just a few showers in the fall southern parts of india and sri sri lanka and we're still going to see more wet weather here as we head through the next few days we've also got this feature in the bay of bengal it's working its way towards the eastern parts of india when we reach many of us just yet though and ahead of that it should stay fine and dry is still quite warm for many of us too thirty one in new delhi
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watching out the serial or take out the top stories this hour charges fiance has given her first television interview more than three weeks after the saudi journalist murder in istanbul a d.j. jean gaze was critical of how the u.s. has handled the case she has rejected an invitation for president donald trump to visit the white house. prosecutor has demanded the extradition of eighteen suspects from saudi arabia for the killing pressure is also mounting on riyadh to reveal the location of his body turkey's president called saudi gets one nation so far comical
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and childish and a supporter of donald trump has been arrested on suspicion of sending at least thirteen pipe bombs to high profile critics of the us president of the sexual sales are to say i was taken into custody friday early and florida. michael fauntroy is acting director of the ronald walters and leadership and public policy center howard university says the pipe bomb incident is a way to example that shows many trump supporters fervently believe what he has to say. and he does not yet understand or more specifically acknowledge that those words do in fact move people into certain directions and what we see unfolding in florida is a prime example of that almost immediately after this story broke there were you know far right hyper conservative republicans in american politics and public discourse who were saying that they thought this was a fake and they didn't see it as legitimate so i think that president trump may
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have been sort of reflecting some of what he already heard never ghar and he certainly wants to believe that it's not true because again if he if it turns out that is true and even today have a difficult time. expressing that this person was a supporter of his i think it shows that the president is unable and unwilling to accept what is true and doesn't want to believe it and will cast any message he can to try to deflect attention from himself when i think the importance of this can be seen and how quickly republican leaders around the country rush to microphones to condemn what was going on because they understood that this has the potential to solidify. canot of voters who had not yet sort of settled on who they were going to vote this is not the kind of thing that cuts well for republicans we won't begin to see for sure until later in the week and perhaps early next week how all of the
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dust settles on this but in purely political terms and i understand this is much larger than just politics but in purely political terms the republicans have a real problem with the idea that one of their own who is a fervent supporter of the president is out literally engaging in domestic terrorism and threatening important americans all over the country. former u.s. president barack obama has told voters to be aware of efforts to exploit america's racially divisive past obama was speaking at a democratic rally in wisconsin in the run up to november's midterm elections people to vote and said they should ignore some politicians anti-democratic rhetoric castro has more from milwaukee. the former president made no mention of the attempted bomb attacks which was a notable choice given that obama himself is among the list of prominent democrats who were the intended recipients of one of those packages obama however did talk about the politically charged and divisive atmosphere leading up to the u.s.
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midterm elections saying that this is a dangerous time in which civility needs to make a return i've got to believe that there are certain things that transcend party and that whatever your political background. i'm hoping you think it's wall to hear people spend. years months vilifying people questioning their patriotism calling them enemies of the people. and then suddenly look i'm sorry about civility . please. and by the way we don't need more mealy mouth elected officials who claim they're disappointed by this bad behavior but then don't do anything about. this go along with. what is leaders who will actually stand up for what's right were those of us the path. of former president obama remains the democrats' biggest gun leading up
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to these elections he was here for the primary reason to campaign for the death of the democratic candidates for the u.s. senate and for the governor's mansion in wisconsin both of those candidates are actually already leading in polls here but obama also took the opportunity to draw stark contrast between himself and donald trump telling voters that this was the time to take action and that these elections are the most important of their lifetimes results to presidential candidates are wrapping up their campaigns before the runoff vote on sunday presidential candidate terrible sonar has seen his commanding lead over rival fernando have a fall six percentage points in the past week fanning hopes of a stunning turnaround for the left this candidate also has been accused of making sexist racist and homophobic remarks towards about who has more from rio de janeiro . we're hearing video that at any event held by the workers party on the about the
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workers party presidential candidate is apparently in northeastern brazil trying to gather as many both of them that the stronghold of the workers' party there he attacked john you boys were not all saying that brazil doesn't deserve a president like him and that he was ready for democracy on the other hand it was not extreme right candidate he's here to be a vision. he has asked the spoilers to remain quiet until the election day but he also attacked by that on twitter saying that he's being run by a man that is currently in prison referring to former president we see nasty little fuel right now there's a twelve point difference between both candidates tonight who has lost around six point since the last polled and in the last few days he has moderated in a way his discourse saying that for example there won't be a war with venezuela that he's ready to work with the united nations in the past he said that brazil would leave the organization saying that it feels that with
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communists both candidates were supposed to have a debate this friday but it was canceled because one sort out has said that he won't attend this is the first time that something like this happened since brazil return to democracy in one thousand nine hundred five at least twenty one people have died after flash floods in jordan most of the victims were children on a school outing near the dead sea how to do one hundred census report from the same . search and rescue operations started after daybreak several people were still missing rescuers shores of the dead sea resort area while army divers room to water but with every hour that passed hopes to find anyone alive became dimmer and we sat patiently staring at the horizon wondering where his son could be. i came here with my success we were having a picnic all of a sudden we saw the floods rushing down my son saw the children in the water they
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went to rescue them i was swept away to one died two were taken to hospital and one is still missing the count find him anywhere it happened when sudden heavy rains sent water surging from higher grounds in the jordan valley to school children were at a camping site near some hot springs further in that range of mountains now they were caught by surprise and the force of the water swept them away over several kilometers according to the civil defense on the valley and some of the bodies were found in the dead sea a bridge that leads to this site with the schoolchildren where when do water started surgeon collapse to so drills were also used to search to rocky slopes and deep canyons surrounding the dead sea. we've divided the work into tang groups do continue searching drones are also searching searching the show and the mountains. heavy rains and strong winds were expected in the area they had already hit the capital in previous days we did see is an arid region the lowest point on earth at
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some four hundred thirty meters below sea level and is prone to flash floods to school day trip was initially due to happen in another part of the country it's not clear why plans change to school decided to take to children to do one area authorities had warned against by late afternoon still had no news about his son he walked away overwhelmed with grief. at the dead sea in jordan. the u.k. based charity oxfam has again called on the u.s. the u.k. and other governments to stop supplying arms to saudi arabia which is leading a coalition against the rebels oxfam says one civilian has died every three hours since august more than five hundred to many were killed in fighting between the saudi led coalition and the rebels between august first and october fifth and he
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blamed the war for a cholera epidemic which has killed two thousand people in the past eighteen months and yemen's economy is in tatters spiraling inflation is half the economy nearly double the cost of feeding a family or smith as more. doctors have told the needs to buy a course of three injections to treat his daughter the diarrhea and inflammation but he can only afford one course because of soaring inflation and the collapse of again many reasons. before one injection cost two dollars now it's three dollars and sixty cents she needs three but they can only afford one we're suffering because of the high price of medicines and even children's milk prices have gone up in a crazy meaningless way. children end up in hospital because parents can't afford enough nutritional foods the cost of basics such as flour rice salt oil and sugar has nearly doubled since the war began three and
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a half years ago pharmacies are running out of medicine in the besieged port of the data should he get that about some drug companies have increased prices by fifty to sixty percent and there was a radio price hike two or three months ago sales have dropped because patients are only buying a quarter of what they need and that affects their health. data is yemen's major port and controlled by hoofy rebels yemenis who live here are in the middle of a battle for control between the who face the saudi u.a.e. led coalition fighting alongside yemeni government forces months of fighting. of course severe shortages and soaring inflation that's compounding the nationwide humanitarian crisis. with guns and then within their behinds the price of bread has doubled now if we have we eat and if we don't have we don't eat we don't ask for help from anyone we drink when we can afford to buy water if not well can we do
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that now my father were hit by the exchange rate we don't make any profit sell something for a certain price then you go back to the wholesaler and are shocked to find the same thing cost more than i just sold it for a bit and. save the children says ten million people risk slipping into preform in conditions by the end of the year if the conflict continues bernard smith al-jazeera. members of the european union leader in istanbul for a summit on the syrian conflict are going to find common ground with turkey on russia on how to end the seven year long war and what needs to happen next and how to reports from istanbul. istanbul is preparing to host the first of its kind summit on syria in an attempt to find a solution to the conflict now in its east year france and germany members of the u.s. led small group have agreed to sit down with turkey and russia who lead a different negotiating track the so-called asked in a process to reproduce the e.u. summit. is tricky and russia are portraying this as
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a win for their diplomacy they brought the e.u. to the table but what contribution europe's powerhouses will make is not clear success of the summit can be measured in many different ways now stemming migrant flows going to be very very important for the e.u. and anything that can build upon the sochi and give more clearer and net parameters of the sochi the old making it longer lasting the sochi deal signed with the russian city in september created a deep militarized zone around syria's northwestern province of which is still under rebel control it prevented a syrian government offensive that would have caused a massive refugee problem europe's participation in the summit was dependent on sustaining the cease fire france has warned president if i would reconsider attending if syria launched an assault on. the situation it live is still very tense and the europeans are very worried that something could happen.


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