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do that now my father were hit by the exchange rate we don't make any profit sell something for a certain price then you go back to the wholesaler and are shocked to find the same thing costs more than i just sold it for some of it and. save the children says ten million people risk slipping into preform in conditions by the end of the year if the conflict continues bernard smith al-jazeera. members of the european union leader in istanbul for a summit on the syrian conflict to find common ground with turkey on russia on how to end the seven year long war and what needs to happen next and how to reports from istanbul. istanbul is preparing to host the first of its kind summit on syria in an attempt to find a solution to the conflict now in its east here france and germany members of the u.s. led small group have agreed to sit down with turkey and russia who lead a different negotiating track the so-called asked in a process we knew something was tricky and russia are portraying this as
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a win for their diplomacy they brought the e.u. to the table but what contribution europe's powerhouses will make is not clear success of the summit can be measured in many different ways now stemming migrant flows going to be very very important for the e.u. and anything that can build upon the sochi view and give more clearer net parameters of the making longer lasting the sochi deal signed with the russian city in september created a deep militarized zone around syria's northwestern province of which is still under rebel control it prevented a syrian government offensive that would have caused a massive refugee problem europe's participation in the summit was dependent on sustaining the ceasefire france has warned president if i would reconsider attending if syria launched an assault on. the situation it live is still very tense and the europeans are very worried that something could happen and they
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manage to get president putin. stopping assad from any kind of intervention but still there is concern in europe russia has been trying to get europe to pay for syria's reconstruction arguing that this would facilitate the return of millions of syrians displaced by the war. but it seems europe has not changed its position at least not publicly just days before the summit france made clear where it stands it says the international community needs to pressure damascus to engage in the political process and that the un committee reforming the syrian constitution needs to start work before the end of the year so far the syrian government is refusing to cooperate you have led efforts have been overshadowed by a diplomatic track the asked in a process that is led by syrian government allies russia and iran the main backer of the opposition turkey they are the power brokers but they can't shape the political outcome without the international community is very interesting because
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the united states was here we don't have significant u.s. or present issues but it's kind of. a signal that this summit is important how significant but rather russians are centricity to get something again frankly skeptical about it russia and turkey want to talk about rebuilding syria and they want money but that is premature even moscow says any breakthrough during the summit is not expected and the financial commitment from the west is unlikely until world powers agree on a political solution for syria. is stumble an investigation by the associated press in the democratic republic of congo it's found that hospitals routinely imprison patients who fail to pay their hospital bills the news agency says it's a common practice in most hospitals and clinics in the copper mining city. many of its patients are healthy enough to be discharged but they're not allowed to if they kept pay the government is called
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a practice illegal and says it stops it when it can. can investigators are trying to find out why a building collapsed at least one person is known to have been killed in the end but several dozen war rescue. he has made the first formal visit to china by a japanese leader in seven years prime minister and paying promised closer ties re-approved deals worth billions of dollars and they say will work towards peace on the korean peninsula. a popular tourist islands welcoming holidaymakers again six months after it was branded assess pole or car in the philippines hosts about two million visitors a year but widespread pollution forced it to close to clean up the saucer today has more. this is supposed to be a new door one for an island dubbed one of the wilds most beautiful for the last six months only residents and local workers have been allowed on baraka i now they're preparing to welcome visitors once again this is an island rebranded with
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its rehabilitation some of its newest attractions upgraded sewer lines and drainage and an improved transport system but rains been hampering construction efforts or thirty's of bulldozed illegal structures and shut down the island's three casinos and there have been obvious sacrifices tens of thousands left unemployed people here say they're desperate for life to return to normal. vehicle or photos here like a war zone what a ghost town we lost jobs had to go home to where provinces and white for six months before we could work again in this new baraka i fewer than twenty thousand tourists will be allowed on the island at any one time that's less than half its previous peak capacity back in germany as you heard this island will be closed he said wow that's a good thing to really close the whole environment to nature is like can rest
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assure a second. in april rule so it was being pipes directly into the sea and the island's landfill was overwhelmed by more than ninety tons of rubbish daily the government said half of businesses were violating environmental rules and decided to close it for a six month cleanup i will prove. what i use is says. despite being criticized for an abrupt decision and disregarding livelihoods or dorothy's pressed ahead with the shutdown. the few tourists replaced on the beaches by riot police trails and trash collection teams the twenty five meter. is the record that's basically what we wanted from the very start there's no temporary structures of there and the beach should be ready to receive like things like the island now there's a slew of new rules for its freshly pristine beaches no drinking no smoking and no
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vendors so no more of its multi day parties then nor its famous photo op sandcastles and while authorities admit it will take longer than six months to clean up baraka they say this has been a good start. al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera we'll hear from skiing superstar lindsey vonn as she carries out for one last shot of history that's next in sports. november on al jazeera. radicalized you a new hard hitting series comes face to face with the hatred and violence of militant groups that attract young people around the world on november fifth the u.s. will impose additional sanctions on iran targeting the oil fact i will look at the impact that may have when migrant lives are in danger at sea who should come to the
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right people in power investigates the united states is getting ready for the u.s. midterm elections on november sixth join us for live coverage and analysis and a listening post continues to examine global media coverage and look behind the headlines november on al-jazeera. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human point in the twenty first century they are lucre a war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is they have to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to al jazeera.
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back to spar with sana. thank you very much without tennis and us open champion now me osaka has crashed out of the w t a's season ending to a moment in. the japanese is dead view at the w.t. a final ended in tears after she was forced to retire with an injury in her magic s.k. keeper and then the dutch woman a surprise semifinal spot asako with a set down when she conceded the match the says it will now play and as voted in in the semifinals on saturday. you know i'm feeling really good on the court like i had so many great wins this year so of course that helps a lot for my confidence like i have to fit in that i can beat anyone of course also i know that going to lose but still it's like i just give everything every day and then we see how it how it ends. last year's u.s. open champion sloane stephens who's also making head debut at the w.t.f. finals is any to the last all the american and beat reigning rubel the champion and
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the curve in straight sets six three six three to go undefeated in the red group stephens will play in the semifinals. alexander's very have has booked his place into the semifinals of the swiss indoors tournament in basle the second seed to be spain's roberto batista straight sets seven five six three he'll now face and ranked moreas a copy of for mania for place in the final. top seed dominic tim has been dumped out of the vienna open ending his hopes of victory in front of his home crowd that he was dominated by keane isha corrie the japanese plenty to just over an hour to deal with him winning in straight sets six three six one he'll face at me in the last.
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event as boss max illegally says he's not considering resting christiane or naldo ahead of saturday's game against employee while ronaldo who is now thirty three played and uses a chant is equal in on tuesday against manchester united is also currently dealing with a major legal case police in the usa have reopened an investigation into rape allegations from two thousand and nine the bandage off by the demolition but now he's doing well he's playing we will adapt to the situations to come let see for now how do you two championship games go we need to ensure we pass off the home game against manchester united then we can begin to look at things a bit differently but it's useless to make plans because we just end up making a mess of things. red bulls max first happened has dominated first practice at the mexican gone lewis hamilton was fifth faustus the mersey to strive as aiming to wrap up his fifth world title dispy can the briton finish said i the previous company in alston the usa missed in the chance to claim the championship he will
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need to finish seventh all bets on sunday to seal the title hamilton is seventy points clear of his german rival sebastian vettel with two races remaining that'll have to win to keep any hope of a life and brawn james era at the l.a. lakers is finally picking up steam and they won the second straight game of the season on thursday having lost their opening a three triple double from a brawl in helping a beat the denver nuggets one hundred twenty one to hundred fourteen over in all the home a city the boston celtics rallied to beat the thunder jason statham school twenty four points to work the celtics out of the sixteen point deficit the half time celtics eventually coming out on top one hundred one to ninety five the fundus still yet to win the season. the spotlight is once again on lindsey vonn she enters have final competitive skiing season already the most successful female
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skier of all time the american needs it just saw them all wool couple wins to break the old tom vaughan will begin her record chasing campaign with two down hills and the stupid and make next month. there is that there's actually a lot of opportunity this season and i'm going to try to capitalize on every race to try to get a bad record but you know like i've said in the past i think you know even if i don't get the record i'm still way beyond what i ever thought i could possibly do and i'm very very happy the biggest star in men's gymnastics wasn't fine form on friday at the artistic gymnastics world championships and the pressure is already on two more up to perform even with the tokyo olympics still two years away and the ten time world champion didn't disappoint to put on a stunning display on the horizontal bar finishing on the top of the individual standings for that event and helping japan into the team final right behind china
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second and russia. and that's his fall from ill have more nato thank you for joining me for the news hour appreciate your time keep it here doesn't say that next. traveling. by train kubiak to use the forests you've probably. seen valleys and scott. with. scott. as far away place you can see. going to get to his cattle airways. the diagnosis he has been sick for around six months now the
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challenge ahead there will be one of these ninety six could be a new cure for the basis of a new cure for colors are there illness or disability al-jazeera examines pyaar mein treatments so this is the explosive yes it's basically a wearable robot that pure revisited on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism and again here let me ask you straight out the chaos is the two state solution now that the lights are on and there's nowhere to hide up front returns on al-jazeera i would have been out of the about. the most little. one has all caught up. on the nineteenth of december twenty
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sixth mahmoud hussein was detained by the egyptian authorities he remains behind bars without a trial al-jazeera world investigates his case and media repression in egypt journalism is not a crime on al-jazeera. wanted men is than was prosecutor demolish the extradition of saudi suspects for the murder of journalist john of how shocking. after he winton i was continuously watching to see who emerged from the consulate we were both worries i showed his fiance reveals her fears and why. she snubbed an invitation from the u.s. president.
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has i'm thinking this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up i heard he was a person referred to your brother a trump supporters been arrested charged with sending pipe bombs to the president's opponents. and the shark in sri lankan politics in a movie no one was expecting the ex-president sworn in as prime minister. fiance has revealed how worried she was about his ill fated visit to the saudi consulate in istanbul in her first interview with turkish t.v. since the journalist killing more than three weeks ago she says she was reassured by he didn't believe authorities would dare interrogate or arrest him in a foreign country is dan balz prosecutor is now demanding the extradition of
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eighteen suspects from saudi arabia for her killing charles stratford with the latest developments this is. what happened on october the second says the turkish t.v. graphic was with her last words together why was job market sure she worried. her first t.v. interview since her fiance was killed in the saudi consulate on october the second . he was very happy indeed on the basis that he was writing them because his close friends including other journalists on intellectuals are now in prison so there was a certain moral responsibility he had to take on used to say the fact that i'm in america isn't just about me writing for the washington post i'm writing things my friends on table in terms of details that was lit. in the interview we don't already know heidi she did mention that although they were both nervous about these
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appointments on october the second she said that he had told her consulate staff were treated him well during a previous visit on september the twenty eight so by winning because she's confidence had a trap been sent it's been more than three weeks since jamal khashoggi was last seen alive and turkish president rajeev tiber no one is ratcheting up the pressure at a meeting with ruling party members he said he believed that at least someone among the eighteen men arrested in saudi arabia implicated in the killing of two shows he must know where the body is he mocked and sweat and the saudi leadership blaming them so he says for not cooperating with the investigation enough to be enemies the bush got of course there's other information and evidence we're holding that will be used when the time comes but no need to rush because saudi officials have to say who killed. they made certain announcements which gave us considerable concern
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their explanations were quite comical but childish excuses do not befit a responsible state or responsible statesmanship. the saudi prosecution said on thursday that on the basis of information shared by the turks it is now investigating. the saudis say they don't know where these body is and insists the crown prince muhammad bin solomon had no role in his death. saudi arabia's chief prosecutor is jew in turkey on sunday but on friday evening after president had repeatedly called the saudi suspects to be tried in turkey the country's justice ministry submitted an extradition request to saudi arabia for the eighteen arrested men the senior turkish official told her this was requested because jamal khashoggi was murdered in turkey by saudi nationals who travel to turkey for this specific purpose in his speech earlier earlier ones message was clear he said if
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you can't make them talk then send them to turkey and we will put them on trial here charles stratford al jazeera is stumble. more now on that interview with fiance on turkish television television had she was critical of how the u.s. has handled the case she turned down an invitation from president trying to visit the white house. trump invited me to the united states during the first days of the process but his statements had very short time periods in between and they were contradictory i perceived it as a statement to win the sympathy of the public and fish is live for us now from istanbul so our what's been the reaction to that interview. well it's hard to judge when it's going in late in the afternoon here in turkey but
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certainly given that she was so emotional during that period we think that jamal khashoggi fiance will garner even more public sympathy thing she had before it's going to be a very interesting forty eight hours here in turkey you have the president saying that they have more information about the killing and that we kind of knew and he said he will release it when the time is right now the time might well be right in the next forty eight hours as the prosecutor comes from saudi arabia to a stand build the talks on convinced that he is going to present a very solid case against the eighteen people conley being held in saudi arabia and so the me release more information to put pressure on him but also they're pressing ahead with the idea that the are going to go ahead with this extradition request they want the eighteen people to stand trial here in turkey that document has been prepared by the justice department it's been presented to the foreign office here in tukey and that will be hunted all into the foreign service in saudi arabia where
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they will demand that those eighteen people are handed over. president and said they will go on trial here in turkey in front of an international commission which would ensure fair play but he wants to make sure that the people he believes are responsible for the death of jamal should be are held to account know what is also interesting as well is that he's saying that the that he wants the saudis to give up the name of the local cooperate or as the saudis called him the local tuck each person who was asked to dispose of the body they say they want his name they want to ask him where is the body is because that now has become the center of the turkish inquiry they're looking for where the body of jamal khashoggi . has been placed they know he was killed but where was the body or parts of the body suit and that puts the focus once again back on the consul general is back
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garden you remember the turks have already searched there but there was a well that they couldn't get into so they want to bring in a specialist team but the specialist team wasn't named on the document that was handed to the saudis so the saudis even though they're saying they're giving full cooperation to the turks said that couldn't go ahead and the turks no have a warrant for that well and they may well believe that the body or part body parts of democracy in that well and so they will check that over the coming hours and over the coming days interestingly enough just in the last year as i said the consul general is property the turkish authorities have been searching the drains around there with cameras it's interesting too in the interview at that gym up show is fiance gave that she said that talked about the future and jamal khashoggi had talked about the day when he might die and he said that when he did die what he would like to happen is that his body would be returned to his hometown of medina
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and so do arabia and be buried there that is know something that she thinks will never happen allan thank you allan faith in istanbul force assaying askari is a professor of international business and affairs at george washington university he says an extradition simply won't happen. anyone who knows anything about saudi arabia would tell you that in saudi arabia this is has not happened without the approval and the direct involvement of prince n.b.s. as he's called all that came and put the saudis to send these eighteen men or fifteen men or whatever number outside of saudi arabia they would be losing control of this whole affair because if they keep it in saudi arabia it will have some kind of concocted trial it would not be open it never is open and this will be the end
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of it and they will come up with something to try to satisfy the world that if they send them to technically they will lose total control and they will be up a creek but turkey also wants to be careful and want something out of this i think what maybe it is looking for the moment to arrive at some kind of a compromise is to get saudi arabia to maybe help with the blockade of back have let that loose i think tell key will one bravia is cooperation in syria and i think at the end of the road also maybe turkey wants some something actual assistance from saudi arabia a supporter of donald trump could spend the rest of his life in jail after being accused of sending at least thirteen pipe bombs to high profile critics of the u.s. president fifty six year old assess his facing five federal charges after he was arrested in florida early on friday and the f.b.i. is warned there could be more explosive devices elizondo reports from new york.
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after an intense nationwide manhunt the arrest of a florida man who authorities believe is connected to numerous mail bombs sent to high profile people the past few days these are not hoax devices the suspect caesar say och appeared to be a supporter of president donald trump on the site of a van connected to him that authorities confiscated were stickers praising the president and other stickers of opposing wall makers through the scope of a gun on friday before the suspect was arrested mail bombs were directed at democratic senator cory booker and the former director of national intelligence james clapper previous day's mail bombs have been sent to former presidents bill clinton and barack obama as well as prominent trump critics such as george soros actor robert de niro and john brennan the former head of the cia all the devices
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looked like this but none detonated early friday trump seemed to cast doubt on the seriousness of the bomb threat saying the news coverage of it was taking away from the upcoming congressional midterm elections republicans are doing so well in early voting and at the polls and now this bomb stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows news not talking politics read part of the tweet democratic lawmaker debbie wassermann schultz who received a pipe bomb said the president should bear some responsibility when you would people into a frenzy when you carelessly not think about what the impact of your words particularly at the highest level of office in this country then you you are acting grossly irresponsibly well i think i've been toned down you want to know that i could really cut it out because as you know the media has been extremely unfair to me and.


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