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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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all the devices looked like this but none detonated early friday trump seemed to cast doubt on the seriousness of the bomb threat saying the news coverage of it was taking away from the upcoming congressional midterm elections republicans are doing so well in early voting and at the polls and now this bomb stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows news not talking politics read part of the tweet democratic lawmaker debbie wassermann schultz who received a pipe bomb said the president should bear some responsibility when you whip people into a frenzy when you carelessly not think about what the impact of your words particularly about highest level of office in this country then you you are acting grossly irresponsibly well i think i've been toned down you want to know that i could really go that up because you know the media's been extremely unfair to me and the republican party with the pipe bomb suspect now off the streets
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a sigh of relief that nobody was hurt but still worry that unless a heated political rhetoric is halted next time things could be different gabriel sandow new york later at a campaign rally trump criticized the paulson farms as political violence but also blame the media for trying to polarize society thankful it will violence was never ever be allowed in america and i will do everything in my power to stop it but the media is constant unfair coverage the possibility. and negative attacks you know that only serve to drive people apart and to undermine healthy debate for example. we have seen an effort by the media in recent hours to use the city's directions of one individual to score
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political points against me and the republican party. mike hanna has more now from washington five federal charges have been laid against the fifty six year old suspect in a manhattan court among the charges threats against former president's assaults against former and present federal officials and mailing explosives across state lines the prosecutor's not talking much about motives at this particular stage the attorney general jeff sessions saying that it does appear that the suspect was potus and in his approach so motive is one of the things being investigated president trump has distanced himself from any engagement with the suspect insisting that the urge to be at fault and are using this event to pursue him and the republican party but prosecutors note that is one common trend among all those
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who receive the pipe bombs and that is that they have been the subject of disparaging tweets by president trump in recent months are still ahead on al jazeera we want to know where the money's flow to benefits and who really benefit it vowing to clear his name the former prime minister accused of stealing billions from malaysia's state funds speaks to al-jazeera. and turkey prepares to host leaders and russia for a key summit on syria but the u.s. is not involved. hello there we've got lots of wet weather over parts of north america at the moment in fact within this area of cloud here is the remains of all storm willa it's
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gradually edging its way eastward still giving us some heavy downpours and then it will be working its way across the cold air that's over the eastern parts of canada and if it hits that it'll be turning wintery so a few outbreaks of snow there during the day on saturday and on sunday more of us will be seeing that wintery weather as it clears out the way there should be a lot brighter for us around the east part of the u.s. the fourth in new york we should get to around twelve degrees and this should be some sunshine coming through as well meanwhile for the west impose plenty of sunshine recently but now we're seeing more in the way of clouds lots of rain there for us in seattle a so be cool day at thirty and over the mountains as you'd expect a lot of that will be turning to snow over the towards the south and this is the dangling area of cloud here is bringing some cooler air to the central america so for us in mexico city the temperatures will be toppling we'll get to around nineteen as we head through the next few days there will be somewhat weather around two there's also rain as you head further south particularly repulsive costa rica and panama elsewhere there were good deal of sunshine and just one or two showers
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at times for the south in the weather's been fairly heavy over parts of brazil recently more still to come as we head through saturday. there the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one shelter is giving them a home when he speaks to children growing up with their parents behind bars on al-jazeera. and that's what's different about whether someone is going for some of the spirit doesn't matter when you think it's how you approach a vigil not that it is a certain way of doing it you can't just barge in just a story and fly out.
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again you're watching al-jazeera manner of our top stories this hour jim our fiance has given her first television interview in more than three weeks after the saudi journalist murder in istanbul. was critical of how the u.s. has handled the case she's rejected an invitation from president donald trump to visit the white house. istanbul's prosecutor has demanded the extradition of eight hundred suspects from saudi arabia for the killing pressures also mounting on riyadh to reveal the location of crush of jews body turkey's president called saudi explanations so far comical and childish. a supporter of donald trump has been arrested on suspicion of sending at least thirteen pipe bombs to high profile critics of the us president. fifty six year old says our side is facing five
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federal charges after he was arrested in florida. at least twenty one people have died from flash floods in jordan most of the victims were children on a school outing near the dead sea or the reports from the scene. search and rescue operations started after daybreak several people were still missing rescuers shores of the dead sea resort area while army divers room to water but with every hour that passed hopes to find anyone alive became dimmer and will patiently staring at the horizon wondering where his son could be. i came here with my success we were having a picnic all of a sudden we saw the floods rushing down my son saw the children in the water they went to rescue them they were swept away to one died two were taken to hospital and one is still missing they count find him anywhere it happened when sudden heavy rains sent water surging from higher grounds in the jordan valley to school
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children were at a camping site near some hot springs furder. range of now they were caught by surprise and the force of the water swept them away over several kilometers according to the civil defense on the valley and some of the bodies were found in the dead sea a bridge that leads to this site with the school children where when do water started seargent collapse so drills were also used to search to rocky slopes and deep canyons surrounding the dead sea. divided the work into tang to continue searching drones are also searching searching the show and the mountains. heavy rains and strong winds were expected in the area they had already hit the capital are many previous days they did see is an arid region the lowest point on earth at some four hundred thirty meters below sea level and is prone to flash floods to
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school day trip was initially due to happen in another part of the country it's not clear why plans change to school decided to take to children to do one area authorities had warned against by late afternoon still had no news about his son he walked away overwhelmed with grief had a bit hammy the edges here at the dead sea in jordan israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made a surprise visit to the gulf state of oman matter moms were. to discuss the middle east peace process the last time an israeli leader visited her mom was in one nine hundred ninety six netanyahu visit comes just days after palestinian president mahmoud abbas made a three day trip to the sultanate amman's foreign minister says his government is not officially mediating. because when it comes to many issues we are not mediate we don't mediate between parties who are capable of achieving what they
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agree on we are facilitators in many situations that can help convince opposing parties on how to reach an agreement when it comes to the palestinian issue we believe the mediator that has to play a new role is the u.s. and particularly president trump. the members of the european union will meet in istanbul for a summit on the syrian conflict they're hoping to find common ground with turkey and russia on how to end the seven year long war and what needs to happen next say in a hotter reports from istanbul. istanbul is preparing to host the first of its kind summit on syria in an attempt to find a solution to the conflict now in its east year france and germany members of the u.s. led small group have agreed to sit down with turkey and russia who lead a different negotiating track the so-called asked in a process we knew something was tricky and russia are portraying this as a win for their diplomacy they brought the e.u.
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to the table but what contribution europe's powerhouses will make is not clear success of the summit can be measured in many different ways now stemming migrant flows going to be very very important for the e.u. and anything that can build upon the sochi of yours and give more clearer net parameters of the making longer lasting the sochi deal signed with the russian city in september created a deep militarized zone around syria's northwestern province of which is still under rebel control it prevented a syrian government offensive that would have caused a massive refugee problem europe's participation in the summit was dependent on sustaining the ceasefire france has warned president if i would reconsider attending if syria launched an assault on. the situation it live is still very tense and the europeans are very worried that something could happen they manage to get president putin. stopping assad from any kind of intervention but still there
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is concern in europe russia has been trying to get europe to pay for syria's reconstruction arguing that this would facilitate the return of millions of syrians displaced by the war but it seems europe has not changed its position at least not publicly just days. before the istanbul summit france made clear where it stands it says the international community needs to pressure damascus to engage in the political process and that the un committee of reforming the syrian constitution needs to start work before the end of the year so far the syrian government is refusing to cooperate you have led efforts have been overshadowed by a competing diplomatic track the asked in a process that is led by syrian government allies russia and iran and the main backer of the opposition turkey they are the power brokers but they can't shape the political outcome without the international community is very interesting because the united states was invited here we don't have any significant u.s.
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representation but it's kind of giving a signal to the russians that this summit is important how significant but whether russians are sent to support and to get something again are frankly skeptical about it russia and turkey want to talk about rebuilding syria and they want money but that is premature even moscow says any breakthrough during the summit is not expected and the financial commitment from the west is unlikely until world powers agree on a political solution for syria. istanbul an investigation by the associated press found that hospitals in the democratic republic of congo routinely imprison patients who fail to pay their hospital bills this was part of a wider investigation by the news agency into the state of health care around the world it happened in the copper mining city of the government has called the practice illegal and says it stops it when it can us rankers president has sacked
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the prime minister and replaced him with his one time rival former president mahinda rajapaksa was sworn in as prime minister on friday you were praised replaces run with he says he's staying put though calling the decision to remove him illegal we know finance has more from colombo. developments here in sri lanka giving the frieze never seen never heard almost completely different twist the former president mahinda rajapaksa now sworn in as new prime minister now the swearing in this development coming as a board from the blue no one here in where they'd be in political circles in general day to day life expected it what we're hearing from the president's media division was that the president might be policy ricin swore in the former president now this is not something that many people expect they were almost sworn enemies after seriously in the defeated rajapaksa at the last presidential election now
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running a victory macing heard the prime minister that walked a bit serious enough to set up the coalition government essentially is claiming that he's still prime minister he says that he has the seat the vote and the support in parliament and he says that this entire swearing in is illegal so it will come to the coming hours tomorrow as things unfold when it becomes a bit clearer as to who has what support and what kind of support base that will see what exactly will be sri lanka's political future for malaysian prime minister najib razak has admitted that things in his words went wrong with the one m. d. b. the fund from which he and his associates are accused of stealing billions of dollars they're facing thirty eight charges of corruption and money laundering in an exclusive interview with al jazeera is one on one easy he denies any wrongdoing
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saying he was not in control of the fund florence louis reports from kuala lumpur. not you brought up once seemed untouchable son of a former prime minister who rose to power himself but he has since fallen from grace charged with corruption money laundering and criminal breach of trust over accusations of stealing billions from a state investment fund called one m d b more than six hundred eighty million dollars which the u.s. department of justice says can be traced back to one m.t.b. was deposited into not jim's bank account in an exclusive interview with al jazeera is one zero one east denies any wrongdoing. they kept on accusing me of receiving a huge sum of money but they forgot to mention that the bulk of the money was returned four months after the general election i mean there are six investigations
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going on around the world into corruption related to one m.t.b. what what does that tell you you know there were things that were in wrong in one name d.p. . world many yes fine let it not let let them do their work we want to know where the money's flow to who benefits it will really benefit from the whole one m.t.b. issue not just claims of innocence do not surprise analysts. it's because he has repeatedly said even when he was in power i think a little like he is mean if that's probably the only difference i think that the such feeling against it it was partly this feeling of anger that helped propel ninety three year old mahathir mohamad himself or former prime minister opposition politician back into office following a general election in may since taking power there has reopened investigations into
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one and. but not yet says the charges against him are part of a political vendetta you must realize that this current government you know when they were running for office they had already. made this political narrative. that they were going to take action against me not to present maintains he's done nothing wrong and has pleaded not guilty to all charges his trial is due to begin in february not yet has said that the trial will afford him an opportunity to clear his name florence lee al-jazeera. this is al jazeera let's go around now of our top stories turkish prosecutors are demanding the extradition of eighteen saudis accused of killing jamal so his president says they should face justice in turkey he called official saudi
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explanations comical and childish. fiance is given a first television interview more than three weeks after the saudi journalist murder in istanbul. spoke of her anguish and revealed why she rejected an invitation to visit the white house. about the little trump invited me to the united states during the first days of the process but his statements had very short time periods in between and they were contradictory i perceived it as a statement to win the sympathy of the public a man from florida has been charged on suspicion of sending mail bombs to prominent critics of u.s. president donald trump says he is accused of sending fourteen devices to figures including former president barack obama the f.b.i. says the packages were not hoaxes and that more could be found. these terrorist actions must be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law we all
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know. and i want to applaud the f.b.i. the secret service. and also say local federal officials for their incredible work in this investigation i mean they did incredible g.o.p. of three and this is finding truly a needle in a haystack when you think about it israeli forces have killed at least five garzon protesters thousands gathered for a weekly protest to demand palestinian rights more than two hundred girls and been killed since march later israel bombed several islamic jihad and homicides in gaza the military says it was really a response to fourteen rockets fired into israel egypt and the un are trying to broker a long term truce between palestinian factions and israel those are the headlines
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we're back with more in half an hour what i want to east is next. challenge your perception. powerful documentaries. that makes up the. debate some discussions you've been out there with the protesters on the streets what are they been telling you. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe. see the world from a different perspective. on al-jazeera. it was an election that malaysia's government never expected to lose but in my after more than sixty years in power the ruling party was thrown out. now malaysia's former prime minister najib razak faces charges of money laundering
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abuse of power and criminal breach of trust i marry anjali on this episode a one on one east we speak to knowledge of resigning and ask what went wrong. was born into a political dynasty. he entered politics while in his twenty's rising through the ranks to take the top job in two thousand and nine share my view didn't get busted for sure. but his political career was plagued with scandal and allegations of corruption. make sure sharif. who did this was allegedly links to a corrupt defense deal at
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a time when knowledgeable was the minister for defense one zero when he's covered the k. . yes in twenty fifteen as a result i was banned from the country and being deported from china and being escorted. by the skins agents and military outfit. but it was the wools biggest financial scandal that would bring him down. shortly after becoming prime minister knowledge of set up a sovereign wealth fund one in d b with the hope of a young malaysian entrepreneur jolo four point five billion dollars was allegedly siphoned out. jolo gained a reputation for extravagant parties with celebrities private jets and super yachts . back in malaysia not jobs wife rosemont reveled in
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a life of luxury with design it begs and jools. by the general election of twenty eighteen public anger against his party thruster newly united opposition into power. as. i. except the verdict of the people. knowledge of private residences were raided by police who confiscated two hundred and forty million dollars worth of luxury goods there were two hundred if people bought this one getting him back and that was simple bets. containing. jewelry and watches. today analogy faces almost forty charges of money laundering and abuse of power his wife faces seventeen charges of her
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own in the one indeed the scandal is being investigated by six different countries including the department of justice in the united states. mr knowledge of their area in chile and i said this mr place deca say thank you. mr najib thank you for joining one on one east. to begin with what was your reaction the night of the election and why do you think the malaysian people decided after almost six decades they wanted to chime in basically will last for two reasons. one we lost because of the false promises made by the opposition promises. which they themselves can see today they have considered very openly that they made the promises because they
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thought they were not going to read and of course the other one is to be lost the propaganda war. you know the vilification of me as a problem is that then as well as the party. it was a perfect storm you know that led to the end of but as i mentioned in the country but let's go to some of those propaganda claims that were made that you say were propaganda kinds i mean what do you say to those who accuse your government of having been a quick talk prosy of having been involved in one of the biggest heists the world have as if it's saying you know the alleged misappropriation of four point five billion dollars from the country sovereign wealth fund one m.t.v. well first of all. it's not true. that. you know we got one or so kleptocrat government because. the main point was that i returned more than six hundred twenty million dollars back you know they kept on
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accusing me of receiving huge sums of money but they forgot to mention that the bulk of the money was returned four months after the general election but mr jones he just going to your personal accounts that money that flowed into your account. twenty thirty. that kind directly from an account in singapore linked to. a very close business associate of joel how do you explain that ok there were two main sources that came to my account. one was a direct contribution from the ministry of finance of saudi arabia. that has been proven in terms of wire clips going to the united states department of justice report that money originated in an account controlled by joel oh and then it
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went into the saudi account and then it billowed to your i don't know that one was established it came from the ministry of finance saudi that was also confirmed by the do it your report if you put yourself in my position when king abdullah the king of the committed to support me i assume that everything was. going to be done in a proper way i would not have any knowledge of who owns the farm but you were the prime minister of this country you were the minister for finance you were also the chairman of the one m.t.b. advisory committee shouldn't you have wanted to know where exactly that money was coming from sure i wanted to know but after receiving the commitment from king of the subsequent that because that was sent to me are assume everything would be fine just on that matter you have presented
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a letter from the saudi prince gifty knew the money. but there are serious questions about the authenticity of that letter. how do you account for the fact that the letter from the saudi prince uses exactly the same phrases as a letter written by a very close malaysian business associate of jolo gifting him millions of dollars worth of aat for example the saudi prince writes the gift should not in any event be construed as an act of corruption i personally do not encourage such practices in any manner whatsoever and then you've got joe lowe's associate business associate writing to him. all the artwork gifted to you should not in any event be construed as an act of corruption i personally do not encourage such practices in any manner whatsoever i mean what do you say to people who say that these that later from the saudi prince was fabricated in fact reason to cover up the
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diversion of. into jolo and his associates accounts and in fact into your own account well i want to say it is the only reason why i accepted because sure you know from king of the law that you would support me and the subsequent initial donations did come follow the ministry of finance of saudi and i assume that subsequent donations would also come from sources connected to the saudi i'm not privy to letters written by jordan or in instances as you mention. but just examine it let them investigate if george is responsible or i don't want to sponsible for siphoning of fun. then. they must be held accountable the question is when i received the funds was i aware
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of the source of money if the central bank were to signal to me there was something of concern but maybe not i did i would die knowing when the money if i get a check from al-jazeera into my bank account i know it comes from al-jazeera i know the account it comes from it's got an account number on it it's not a secret this kind from a singapore account controlled by joe lowe's close business associate a malaysian man and and the united states justice department has traced that money back to one m.t.p. money but that was subsequent at that particular time when i received the money i assume it was a general. donation i do not have any knowledge beyond that six. your you've recently been banned from leaving the country you've been charged with thirty eight counts of money laundering bribery and abuse of power but when you were prime minister and if an investigation cleared you of any wrongdoing why do you think you
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were cleared then and you are now facing a long list of serious charges you must realize that this current government you know when they were running for office they had already. made this political narrative. that they were going to take action against me so in that sense they have to fulfill you know whatever political promises they made leveling charges is one thing but whether the evidence a deuce later on was support the charges that's another matter so tell me what was your relationship with. my relationship with george bush was on the basis that he was going to promote you know investment from you know the middle east that would help us ensure that we can achieve a good strategic relationship with certain key countries and he was very close to
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the royal families particularly in us as well as in saudi so i saw him as creating value. you know that could help us that was the main reason but here are six investigations going on around the world into corruption related to one named e bay what what does that tell you about what went on yeah there were there were things that were in wrong in what may be but don't stop at this. law but get others involved as well because they are international figures who are probably allegedly involved. but they must also be investigated they must also be question who benefits it will really benefit from the whole of one. issue this is what i would like to know too well some people would say.


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