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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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squirrel hill the area has a heavily jewish population the suspect in the shooting is in custody we have multiple casualties inside the synagogue we have three officers who have been shot at this and we have no more information because we are still clearing the building and trying to figure out. if the situation is safe if there are any more threats inside the building. john hendren joins us live from washington d.c. so just from hearing that clip there it appears to be an ongoing situation what more you hearing about what's happening there john. mary we are told that shots began ringing out at about ten am as worshippers were gathering for shabat saturday services there were perhaps sixty to one hundred people in there all of this is preliminary information and police have reported that twelve people were shot eight of them according to preliminary information fatally shot three
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people who were shot were police officers and the suspect armed with an a r fifteen assault rifle and several handguns was apprehended at the scene so that situation seems to have at least settled down assuming that there was only one shooter and that's one of the first things that police try to to ascertain in situations like this the last that we had heard from police they were still locking down that building ensuring that that was the case but if there was only one gunman that gunman is apprehended at this time with eight deaths that would go down as one of the deadliest shootings in american history unfortunately here there is heavy competition for that title by my preliminary count that would be among the thirty deadliest shootings in the united states since about one thousand nine hundred nine when people started keeping records for this sort of thing and it has been a deadly years so far in two thousand and eighteen two hundred and forty five i'm
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sorry forty five people in total have been dead but the number has grown of course in recent years the deadliest shooting that we have had recently was that las vegas shooting at the casino or at the concert where fifty eight people were killed nevertheless this one happening inside of a synagogue suggests that perhaps there was targeting going on here we don't know anything right now at this stage about the shooter or his motives but of course that was a synagogue in an area of pittsburgh that was largely jewish so we're still waiting for. more information on that miriam all right fernand thank you very much john henry with all the latest on developments there in pittsburgh where several people have been killed in a shooting inside a synagogue of obviously we'll keep an eye on what's happening there all this happening just a day off to a man was arrested in charged of a fourteen explosive devices sent to a high profile critics of the u.s. president trump has accused the media of using the bomb attends to score political
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points against him ahead of the upcoming midterm elections americans will vote for members of both chambers of congress as well as governors in thirty six out of fifty states on november the sixth i do joe castro has mall. an hour before trump arrived at the republican rally in charlotte north carolina the crowd was already chanting against c.n.n. the television network targeted by a florida man a trump supporter who tried to send more than a dozen pipe bombs in the mail this week to the president's critics trump began his speech by condemning the attack political violence was never ever be allowed in america and i will do everything in my power to stop it ah. in recent days we've had a broader conversation about the tone and civility of our national dialogue
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everyone will benefit if we can in the politics of personal destruction. but then he returned to criticizing the media the media is constant unfair coverage the possibility. and negative attacks you know that only serves to drive people apart and to undermine healthy debate. some has been crisscrossing the country to support republican candidates ahead of the midterm elections in two weeks americans will decide which party controls congress. with that at stake former u.s. president barack obama also held a rally friday to campaign for wisconsin democrats whatever your political background i'm hoping you think it's wrong to hear people spend years months vilifying people questioning their patriotism calling them enemies of
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the people and then suddenly you're concerned about civility. obama was another intended recipient of the pipe bombs he made no mention of it in his remarks but terrence romney a wisconsin voter who waited in line to see the former president says trump is partly to blame for the violence that they claim that this whole thing up with this but his crazy talk is it enabled to get crazy people is to do things as the dueling rallies from presidents present and past unfolded friday both men sharply diverged on immigration taxes and health care they laid out competing visions of america but agreed on one thing this election both claimed will be the most important one in a lifetime heidi joe castro al-jazeera milwaukee wisconsin without is there
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a from london still ahead two prime ministers no parliament and a deepening political divide trying to or is pushed to the edge of a constitutional crisis and the five billion dollar project in greece that could become the europe's pipeline to our. hello again it's good to have you back well i do want to start this hour updating what is happening with our cyclon that's out here in the pacific now you can start to see the clouds here on the edge of our map and for the philippines we're going to be watching that area very carefully over the next few days because the track is still a little uncertain but what we do know right now is that storm system is making its way towards the west so as we go towards monday there's a storm we're going to be watching very carefully either way whether we're looking at a landfall or not we're still going to be seeing very heavy rain entering into luzon
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philippines as we go into the beginning of the week and that means flooding is going to be a major concern there well here across india dry up here towards the northwest to watch the showers down towards sri lanka but the trend is the rain showers here in the bay of bengal are going to be making their way towards the eastern coastline over the next few days so more clouds here on sunday and then as we go towards monday probably a little bit more shower activity along the coastal regions but up towards our new delhi it's going to be a clear day for you at thirty one and crutchley at thirty five degrees and then very quickly over here toward the arabian peninsula we're going to see some showers and some of these showers could produce some localized heavy rain with some flooding potential so for riyadh rain in your forecast here on sunday and as we go towards monday more rain with a touch of twenty one. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their family. as the crisis in yemen worsens some
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flood the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of future. runs explores the old to the real effects of trumps immigration policy. between the war on the back on. welcome back a quick look at the top stories now saudi arabia says it will prosecute the suspects accused of murdering saudi journalist jamal khashoggi refusing turkey's request for extradition the u.s.
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defense secretary has meanwhile called murder a ruthless act. the leaders of france germany turkey and russia are holding talks in istanbul to try to find a way to end the war in syria and are expected to push for the demilitarized zone in live to be made permanent and u.s. president donald trump says he's watching developments in pittsburgh where several people have been killed in a shooting inside a synagogue well in all the stories we're watching closely israel has launched as strikes hitting more than ninety locations in gaza after it says rockets were fired from there into southern israel tensions escalated after five protesters were killed by israeli fire on gaza's border on friday israel says the as strikes targeted how mass an islamic jihad and israeli spokesman says rocket fire was launched from gaza late on friday and continued into saturday morning islamic jihad has told al jazeera it has agreed to halt rocket fire after talks with an egyptian delegation to abdul hamid has the latest from west jerusalem. seems to be restored
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now in both gaza and southern israel but it was certainly a very tense night probably the most dense we have seen in recent weeks now islamic jihad did claim responsibility for the rockets launched at southern israel in its statement it said it was in retaliation of the palestinian blood that was said earlier in the day now as you know every friday thousands of palestinian head to that border fence between gaza and israel demanding the. blockade and their right to return home inside israel now. burn tires and throw stones some of them also to throw some fire bombs but israel has responded with live ammunition killing four palestinians now israel also targeted. gaza throughout the night he more dead ninety targets mostly stargaze and people might wonder why since islamic jihad that actually carry out
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rocket attacks well simply because israel holds the must responsible for everything that happens inside gaza simply because it is the governing body there now in its statement israeli army said that it was it was also holding iran and the coots forces of the revolutionary guard responsibility said that they that islamic jihad were following orders coming from there. to brazil now where two presidential candidates have wrapped up campaigning ahead of sunday's runoff vote polls suggest far right candidate is still in the lead although his leftist rival fernando had died could be gaining in support live now to who joins us from rio de janeiro also mary still appears to have the upper hand but to tell us about the mood there ahead of this runoff vote on sunday. well there's not one
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diety here and. brazil there's excitement among those polled voting for the extreme right candidate will turn out about there's also lots of fear among those who are voting against him those who are voting for. the workers' party it's been a very long campaign with filled with misinformation with violence and many brazilians are looking forward to when even though they don't know what's going to happen after sunday's vote the army has been deployed to twelve states around the country for three years of some type of violence from happening here most of the metro material has been distributed for sunday's elections on both candidates are in their home bases. even though they've got so probably don't i'm jaded one so not only here in the other generator you have to ask you supporters to remain calm prior to sunday's election and something that came of the surprises that will come out of the campaign manager filed a complaint at the electrodes court saying about. unfit to run that he should be
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disqualified because of a concert by musician roger waters here in brazil where he called the both are not off fascist both amount of campaign managers are saying that roger waters is taking fights because he also tried to visit former president. in prison so it's been a very long campaign as i said there's a twelve point difference between both candidates and what many here are wondering is whether for a memoir that we'll be able to turn things around in the few hours there are left before sunday's vote thank you very much trays of rio de janeiro. sri lanka is grappling with a political prices after the president suspended parliament and sacked the prime minister a new prime minister had to rajapaksa took the oath on friday but his predecessor insists he is still in power nelson and as has more from columbus. the negotiations continue following the shock appointment of the former president mahinda rajapaksa sri lanka's new prime minister now obviously. the former prime minister says the
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job is still his he says and has called for an emergency session of parliament when he says he can sure his parliament majority and the support he enjoys but of course work of business and matter of business continues behind me the presidential secretariat in colombo the scene of a meeting between the new prime minister and president might recall a citizen of this in mind the rajapaksa is bringing along all his parliamentarians that have pledged their support for him many in the joint opposition as well as some who are crossing over from the government to throw their hat in with the rajapaksa the giant opposition that addressed the media today he said this had been sort of the legitimate course of action restoring my in the rajapaksa to the helm of this country because he had done so much and he knows what's best for the people also saying that this is very much a transitional government and hinting that the new government in mind rajapaksa
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would be looking to elections in the near future so that something should lankans are waiting to see why the parliament remained suspended essentially for at least another two weeks before we see any movement there russia is your main supply of gas and recent tensions have the continent's leaders worried about energy security but a new pipeline that runs through northern greece could change the project will transport natural gas from the caspian sea to western europe spots of an e.u. policy to move away from dependence on russia reports. on a remote mountainside in northern greece the final pieces of the trans adriatic pipeline of tap are put in place this five billion dollar project is part of a three and a half thousand kilometer long pipeline that will bring natural gas from the caspian sea to europe it's the so-called southern corridor or do you just start
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flowing in just over a year and it turns greece into an energy transit country for the first time what's grace in. of europe and the south is you know it connects the southeast european like it with a main you know pan might get through it and it is important that the it diversified then to mix both in southeast europe but also in in the european like atlanta and the us europe produces only a third of the gas it consumes and buys another third from russia its own reserves a dwindling and it is trying to reduce dependence on russia this pipeline is the european union's first major attempt to diversify its supply away from russian gas it acquired urgency after two thousand and nine when the russian state gas company gazprom stopped supplies to europe through ukraine for two weeks the shortages caused factory shutdowns and severe hardship in southeast europe. new gas
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discoveries in the eastern mediterranean could make greece the transit country for another major pipeline that's under consideration east med would satisfy another three percent of european consumption by bringing israeli and cypriot gas under the sea to greece and italy the wider your gas supplier network obviously you have better chances of securing more competitive gas prices so in that sense getting one more supply of gas definitely increases competition and also improves your security of supply greece is also building a pipeline little connect its gas grid to both gary is so gas from the caspian will flow into southeast europe where russia is often the sole major supplier that'll be good news for consumers who cannot currently afford to connect to the gast grid by lowering energy costs the new pipeline can make clear come to be more competitive for years to come jumps or opel us out jazeera.
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on monday but this new artist might have as big an impact on the art world as the old lost has for the first time ever created by artificial intelligence has been sold for a record four hundred thirty two and a half thousand dollars as an auction in new york portrays of edmund bellamy shattered expectations fetching more than forty three times its estimated price it was generated by a mathematical algorithm. that's a quick recap of the top stories this hour saudi arabia is saying that it will prosecute those behind the murder of jamal khashoggi inside the kingdom they are refusing his request for extradition but speaking of turkey he is present type i
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don't want to it's likely that he might touch on this case but here he is hosting a conference about the tension in a political settlement on syria there he has alongside him. merkel angle merkel the chancellor of germany and of course emmanuel macron of france let's just listen and valued members of the press i greet you with heartfelt feelings. thanks to the to this important meeting. we have the chance to host our friends and we have great pleasure doing so. in relation to the syria matter so we'll get it here and i'm grateful to mr putin mr crone and mrs merkel for responding positively to i mean
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taishan on behalf of my nation. we have we've taken a number of decisions and i hope that it will bring a good nurse and a speciousness to brothers and sisters in syria so. primary of. priorities. contains include. cheeping ceasefire. and the stopping the blood being shed. it is our wish to reach a political decision political resolution and to establish stability in syria discuss the b.'s goals in quite detail. during a. meeting. it is important to highlight the following i believe.
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the number one reason for the syrian conflict to become a global crisis. was the failure of the international community to take responsible steps in the early days. in the early days the syrian civilians and the neighboring countries had to shoulder. all the weight and others were only able to understand the scale of the problem when the problem reached their borders this needs to be stopped it is important to take. initiative on all levels including political and humanitarian. levels that those are the main reasons why we gathered here in istanbul today.
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the results achieved at the astana meeting has set an example for the international community we believe we can take. things even further. but. the more. partners and partner countries can join in the quicker we can achieve. the desired goals i believe. it had very effective efficient and sincere discussions. today. if confirmed i believe that the dissolution cannot be achieved by military means only. and we
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still stress on the fact that the solution lies with the united nations led discussions meetings. it is important that. a memorandum. for seeing the us. the escalation of conflicts in libya. has had significant. effect in the air in the region we have underlined the importance of significant then quick important steps to be taken quickly it is our wish that by the end of this year. these works this goals can be achieved by the end of the year. the
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threat of terror being so all originate originating from the from syria is now the subject matter that we've discussed. we've discussed any agreed upon the importance of increasing corporation port regionally and on by literal basis. terrorist organizations. located in syria. causes a lot of harm to the international community and turkey is one receiving the worst out of that threat of terror. hundreds of. our. citizens and security personnel have died. because of these terrorist. activities we have carried out. your phrase shield and olive tree campaigns and thousands of why p.g.p.
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why did terrorists. rendered. effectless incapable. brought peace to thousands of. meeting is of. area open area. or two hundred sixty thousand syrians have been able to return to the areas where we have established peace and. calm again we believe the numbers really increase in niger in turkey nor in syria terrorists groups will be allowed to plow flourish. and we will never accept any new. impositions in syria or in the region so.
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we have discussed the humanitarian. dimension of the syrian. issue and we've reached that it needs to be tended to. without delay we have discussed the return of the syrian nation else to back to their country. we've discussed it on the basis of well i'm sorry return. and in a secure fashion and together with the cooperation of the united nations. this can be done and that it can be done then it should be done in that fashion on in that fashion. so. turkey obviously one of the most. significant countries comes to. assisting providing humanitarian aid to syrian nationals
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turkey is the amount of money turkey spent for that purpose is it speaks for itself considering the winter conditions. approaching us. we i personally so cold call the international community to provide. humanitarian aid without delay. the experiences so civilians and children in syria. every single one of them is a tragedy. in our summit today. we. believe we've been able to give important messages to our. partners and to the international community fourteen elation to the political and the end in the nation to the situation in the. in syria the situation needs to
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be improved. as turkey we will continue our struggle towards finding a solution. you know hold as we in the way that we have done in astana platform and in a summit like this and in on other platforms as well our determination as turkey as member of the platform. we've. we are determined to continue with that and this also. interests iran which is a member of their star platform as well of course we will inform iran and we will work towards the continuation of this process in a more secure and effective way. we owe this to our syrian brothers and sisters i would like to end my words. here and before i do so like to
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thank our valued honorable guests and i hope that this summit will give near momentum to finding a solution a political solution to the problem in syria. the negotiations in the four side. was in a businesslike atmosphere i would like to support the views of our colleagues at thank the leadership of turkey for the organization of the joint meeting where he's got a situation in syria and conduct a serious work on the coordination of the approach is on the key issues of the syria settlement. was the joint statement reflects the attitude of our four can trace. for further. expansion of
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cooperation in the interest of the normalization of the situation in this country in syria the launching of the effective into syrian dialogue at the conduct of the necessary state reforms and reforms. favorable conditions has been created. because of the work of estonia formit also active work of russia talking to iran. we were liberated biggest part of the tierra territory city were liberated to terrorists and the country is building rebuilding it all of this but agree to achieve a long term stability can only be done by political ad diplomatic means in the full compliance with the resolution twenty two fifty four of the of the security council for un with a strict observation of the principle of unity sovereignty and territorial
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integrity of this country. the syrians themselves should determine themselves the future of their country and this can text we discuss the prospects of the unification of efforts within their style or format have a so-called small group in our view it would contribute to this start of the real political process in syria would attract into it and big number of interested and and interested pop parties of the syrian society first of all is necessary to ensure the launching. the constitutional committee the operational text usual committee which is appeal the court to consider the main issues of the future set up of syria should be considered the decisions taken at the sochi congress of the syrian national dialogue such a committee would undoubtedly. should be recognized as legitimate by all syrian sides and should respect only in this case this structure will be effective will be
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operational will be able to prepare and to conduct the reform which is needed to situational reform which is needed to which would strengthen the strengthen the the the state of syria and its society and to work on the formation of a committee will be serious about our one meticulous one as should be done in a quality way russia as a guarantor of the process will take part actively in it despite of the fact that the level of syria has been decreased considerably support and tasked to liquidate all the radical elements which have accumulated there one should not allow. that the gangsters to go this experience continue their criminal activity create in our countries some sleeping cell source some hire some people or carry out propaganda of their ideology of discontent with mr. we informed our european
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colleagues about the process of the implementation of russian turkish agreements on the glebe where see you that the creation of the democrat zone. and the zone of days collation it leap is a temporary measure we hope that it turkish party in the near future will each become policeman of the build all of the opposition without a democrat zone or the heavy artillery we just see that our turkish patmos. do everything possible to ensure it in the event when the. the radical elements will enter the. this task will carry out the provocation is this russia or reserves the right. to support. the actions of the syrian government to liquidate peace hotbed of the terrorist threat much attention has been paid today to the issues of offering human terror.


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