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about getting the united states out of that conflict and when you look at the horrific circumstances of that war the famine the number of people dying children starving every day school buses being blown up that's going to be the first thing on the chopping block and it's going to be the end of salaries of vomit there and could be the end of m.b.'s and we will wait and see mr fredericks thank you for your time on this that is that john frederick strong on live from washington d.c. thank you. thank you for having me. let's move on to some other news now but staying in the u.s. where the military is deploying more than five thousand troops including to the border with mexico as part of president trauma's campaign to stop a so-called caravan of central americans from crossing into the u.s. many of the asylum seekers set out from on the us just over two weeks ago. traveled to san pedro sula to find out why people want to leave. you are right for you in
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one of some most impoverished areas the u.n. says her living conditions have become unbearable now appointed by me to manage how can someone live like this look at the doors unhinged i asked god to let me live in a decent home and not live here anymore. but i've met bella says rats are eating away at her bed and she struggles to feed her young children she says she's planning to do with thousands of other honduran nationals have done migrate to the united states ok i. think. the situation in this country is awful that's why people are migrating i'd like to migrate to i tell my two daughters were going to leave they say yes mom let's leave. across the street runs a small motorcycle repair shop but he says business is bad and people are out of work several of his neighbors have already left the country but don't think many
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people from this area have migrated friends of mine have left too and for the same reason because there's no work. for us we're told a c.p. can't make ends meet soon he may also leave the country ponderous ranks among the poorest nations in the world were six in ten homes are subject to extreme poverty a majority of families that live in this shanty town in the city of. don't have access to medical attention or clean water or even electricity one of the biggest obstacles to addressing this level of under development is. islands. many of the thousands of hundred migrants making their way to the u.s. southern border say they're fleeing violence from gangs in criminal groups with forty four homicides per one hundred thousand people under a supper's one of the highest murder rates anywhere in the world. but most hundreds looking to leave the country blame poverty and a lack of opportunity for wanting to fleet. the bonaparte field the decision to leave honduras comes down to doing what's best for her youngest children and
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breaking the cycle of poverty let it happen and dizzy down some pivotal. president trump has seized on the migrant caravan as a key issue ahead of sunday's midterm elections the u.s. soldiers are expected to stay at the border until mid december. we no wonder security is national security and the u.s. military will advance capability to harden the border department that has already and will continue to provide support to c.b.p. to secure the borders our message to the organizers and participants of this caravan is simple as the president and secretary neilson have made clear we will not allow a large group to enter the united states in an unsafe and unlawful manner that's going on and mike hanna has joining us live from washington d.c. so why is it mike the ministration feel that they need to the very large number of extra forces at the border now. well indeed yes the numbers that are
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now adding up at the border far outnumber the group of immigrants who are on their way still hundreds of kilometers away the administration contends that these extra troops are needed for mainly logistical purposes there are engineering battalions involved who could lay extra wire there are medical units there are helicopter units with night vision capability the administration contends all of this is needed to bolster the efforts of the national guardsmen already in place and the customs and border protection officers who have been deployed along that border for a long period of time so on one level it could be overkill on another level the administration and the community the c.b.p. insists that they need as much support as they can get and they have been very keen to emphasize that this five thousand number is made up of people like engineers and pilots and not just soldiers why the urgency well the
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urgency would appear not to be linked directly to the immigrants on their way they are still as i said hundreds of kilometers away it could take weeks before they get to the border but it does appear and it is stated explicitly by the trumpet ministration that immigration is going to be a central feature of its campaign in the midterm elections we've heard president trump week after week rally after rally rail about the whole issue of what he calls illegal immigration and certainly this move now particularly labeling the immigration coming towards the u.s. as an invasion is certainly going to go to the trump support base and viguerie them as the president would hope. mike thank you very much for that for now that is mike hanna live in washington d.c. but we are going to get more on this we're joined by bill schneider political
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analyst and professor of public policy at george mason university and he's also joining us live from washington d.c. mr snyder always a pleasure to have you with us on al-jazeera so what did you make of what we heard from mike there is this deployment five thousand troops a week before the midterm elections is it about the elections it's all political the president wants to make in immigration the central theme of this election and president trump is hopping mad that in the last week or two he has lost control of the agenda he expects to control the whole political agenda first came the tragedy then we had the pipe bombs that were sent by a nurse american terrorist then we had the murders in pittsburgh and the president was not really in control of any of those events had very little to do with them so the president wants to control the message and he wants the message to be about immigration that's what rallies his base he believes with some justification that
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the immigration issue was what got him elected in the first place in two thousand and sixteen and is this regardless of the fact you know that there are genuine asylum seekers amongst you know the people that are making their way in this caravan yes that's right but he says that he's on an issue an executive order banning any immigration from anyone in central america he's going to close off the border to central americans all together at least for the time being and he can do that by executive order which means the migrants will show up at the border they'll be no legal process for them to go through because the president says anyone from central america is not allowed to come into the united states and will does work for the republican party is it enough to have won them the midterm elections what if there are clashes at the border. well the military are not supposed to detain or deploy or deport anyone they are there to give support to the customs and border
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protection agents who have that legal responsibility they provide logistical support they provide lots of supplies they are able to spot people who are illegally crossing the border and report that to the border patrol so it's probably not probable that will see armed clashes i don't think many of these migrants are actually armed but they they will be there and they will be kept footage of them probably in the president's reelection campaign two years from now of armed soldiers standing at the border protecting the security of americans and that could be a very strong powerful campaign theme this is not a thank you very much for your time your analysis on this that is joining us live from washington d.c. thank you. more headline news hour including the group of jewish leaders in pittsburgh tell president trump that he isn't welcome there after the senate unless he stops targeting minorities. more than a dozen people injured after
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a suicide attack intern is here. and big news from spain where real madrid have sat they head coach just three months into his first season in charge. the indonesian search and rescue agency has found no survivors after a passenger plane crashed into the sea on monday a lion air flight with one hundred eighty nine people on board went down just minutes after takeoff from the capital jakarta was on its way to. when hey reports . the paintwork confirmed the first pieces of debris recovered from the crash site were from lion air flight six one zero it's believed to have crashed around thirty five kilometers off the coast just minutes after takeoff from jakarta there were early signs that the chances of finding survivors would be slim but. i think there
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were no survivors because we found body parts on the surface of the water now it is already several hours after the incident so i think there are no survivors this was the flight path of the boeing seven three seven max eight reconstructed by the flight radar twenty four website using satellite data it took off at six twenty local time on monday morning for what was supposed to be a one hour flight north according to the transportation ministry the pilot asked to turn the plane around two to three minutes after takeoff contact was lost soon after at the airports in jakarta and the flights just a nation. family members gathered to wait for details about the plane's fate. i waited until after eight am but there was still no news. i asked an official then he said the flight had lost contact indonesian president joko widodo offered his support and said the search will continue around the clock. so. we understand the concern of the families but we hope the family members can be patient to wait
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for the search and rescue teams they're working very hard location crash in asia has a poor transport safety record and at times it's airlines have been banned from u.s. and european airspace is because of concerns over safety standards has been involved in several incidents since it began operating eighteen years ago but nothing as serious is this. several people were injured in two thousand and thirteen when a rookie lion air pilot landed a boeing seven three seven in the water while approaching bali's denpasar airport the plane involved in monday's crash was new considering boeing's track record and this new generous that we have got it doesn't look like any mechanical failure or something around those lines but there will be further questions about a fault that was discovered before it's proceeding flight from bali to jakarta the plane was cleared to fly but lying there hasn't said what the fault was wayne hey al jazeera jakarta don't trouble visit pittsburgh on tuesday the same day that the
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first funerals will be held for the eleven people killed in a shooting at a senegal but members of the jewish community have russian and open data to trump saying he isn't welcome unless he fully denounces white nationalism the man accused in the shooting has been held without bail after his first court appearance and a gallagher reports from pittsburgh. at the tree of life synagogue in squirrel hill people from across the city continue to lay tributes for the eleven victims that were killed on saturday morning the attorney general called the shooting an attack on all people of faith one survivor described the moments after the first shots rang out i tried to see if i could go back to get the eight remaining people who were in the back of the congregation but i could tell the gun it was gunfire was getting louder it was coming up the stairs and i couldn't a can save those people the suspected shooter robert vows appeared in court on monday the forty six year old faces twenty nine separate charges and could face the
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death penalty in another development a group of jewish leaders has published an open letter to president trump telling him he should stay away one exit reads president trump you are not welcome in pittsburgh until you fully denounce the white nationalism the president is jew in pittsburgh on tuesday we have no use for him. he's calling himself a nationalist the last liberal group that i heard of the call themselves nationalists were nazis at a white house briefing the president's press secretary told reporters don't trump has made his feelings on hate crimes clear the president has denounced racism hatred and bigotry in all forms on a number of occasions will continue to do that i'm doing it here today and i would also say at the same time that some individuals they're grieving they're hurting the president wants to be there to show the support of this administration for the jewish community their rabbi said that he is welcome as well as this community
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continues to mourn the eleven people that were killed on saturday morning the first funerals a jew to take place on tuesday two brothers who were killed in what's described as the worst attack on the jewish community in u.s. history will take place meanwhile the phrase hate has no home here is springing up all across the city and the gallacher al-jazeera pittsburgh pennsylvania the f.b.i. says it's a deceptive and novel suspicious package addressed to c.n.n. in the u.s. a bomb squad responded to the discovery at a postal service center in atlanta the f.b.i. said it was some of those bombs that were mailed last week to prominent people organizations who oppose president trump the man accused of sending the explosive devices sees us failed as being held without bail in miami he will reappear in court on friday. now the trumpet ministration and u.s. law enforcement officials have increasingly focused on external sources of violence but the government accountability office has found that it is
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a right wing white extremism that has proven to be the greatest source of domestic terror attacks in the united states shihab rattansi reports. the mailing of pipe bombs to the democratic party establishment the killing of two african-americans at a supermarket in kentucky the murder of worshipers at a pittsburgh synagogue all of last week's attacks were committed by right wing extremists and that isn't a surprise given the statistics the have been several studies in recent years examining the source of extremist violence in the u.s. and their results differ depending on their methodology the conclusion is always the same the american right wing is responsible for most extremist violence in the us the government accountability office found seventy three percent of domestic attacks since nine eleven were carried out by right wing extremists university of maryland found islamic extremists killed fifty one people in that same period the far right one hundred thirty one and
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a historical anomaly appears to be occurring experts say that usually the right wing extremist groups increased during democratic administrations but declined under republican administrations that does not appear to be happening under donald trump if the people in power are using narratives about victimhood to justify their political platform and because they're in power that political platform has they've got then the bully pulpit they've got the megaphone and everybody's listening. in elected political leader can still magnify those narratives about victimhood of that identity group none the less the trumpet ministration has been attempting to make the main focus of law enforcement islamic extremism while cutting back funding to combat far right extremists last week's attacks differ in motivation the pipe bomb was found was planted in slogans supporting donald trump the pittsburgh synagogue attack was not a donald trump supporter dismissing him as a globalist rightwing shorthand for a person involved with
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a jewish conspiracy to control the world but that is the term trump himself has been using as he pursues his election winning narrative of an existential struggle between real america. and of the democratic party mob every citizen benefits when we stop foreign countries from cheating our workers that's what they've been doing you know they called globalists they like they like the blow i like to do low to doldrum supporters are quick to point out that both his daughter and son in law are jewish so there's no way the president could be anti-semitic but it is clear that he's normalizing extreme right wing rhetoric ahead of the november midterm elections to fire up his base and that helps explain why a group of progressive jewish leaders here have made it clear the president isn't welcome in pittsburgh until he denounces white nationalists. pittsburgh. still ahead on the news out of the changing tide of politics away take a look at how brazil's choice for a fog violated could be part of
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a global trend and coming up and force want to pay tribute to their late china was killed in a helicopter crash at the ground on saturday. hello there well across united states we have been seeing a funnel boundary really bringing some contrast of temperatures across much of the central air of united states in terms of look at this dallas at twenty five degrees and denver eight and here is that funnel boundary right here as we go towards wednesday we do expect to see pretty much most of the same with more rain coming to dallas that is going to start to break those temperatures down just a little bit and very rainy conditions all the way up towards auto where we are going to sing toronto at about thirteen degrees along the eastern seaboard really not too bad with york at nineteen washington at twenty and atlanta at twenty four
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degrees there we're here across mexico as well as down across parts of central america plenty of clouds right there particularly down here towards the south some of those clouds are going to bring some heavy showers at times with managua seeing about thirty two degrees there but not looking too bad across many of the islands where have been a you can be seeing some nice conditions view at twenty nine maybe some clouds of towards nasa here on tuesday but as we go towards wednesday more clouds start to edge in across much of the area down towards the northern part of south america we are looking at bogota with the temperature there at sixteen degrees and speaking of clouds we did have some clouds pushing through parts of rio de janeiro but things are looking much better and we do expect to see a temperature of twenty seven. south sudan is one of the last places on earth to harbor guinea worm disease a gruesome affliction that has affected millions of centuries to stand out in the world as the only country we didn't almost all the cases from the uk it is
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a huge response when it is no vaccine and know that this disease be on the verge of extinction know where the problem we know what may be done if it doesn't what the things lifelines how to slay a dragon on al-jazeera the. al-jazeera . where every you.
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good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour and these are our top stories the fiance of journalist jamal khashoggi says she holds saudi arabia responsible for his murder at the us also demanded they return his body meanwhile sources have told al-jazeera that the turkish prosecutor's office isn't happy with the officials neither side has handed over their evidence. the u.s. military is deploying more than five thousand troops including to the border with mexico it's part of president campaign to stop a so-called caravan of central americans from crossing into the u.s. and no survivors have been found after a passenger plane crashed into the java sea minutes after taking off from indonesia's capital on monday one hundred eighty nine people on board the lion air
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flight. now it's the beginning of the end one of europe's most and flew when german chancellor angela merkel has announced that she politics at the end of her term in office and twenty twenty one and she's standing down as the head of her center right party later this year letting barbara reports from. message to leaders of her party the christian democrats this is clear it's time to begin a new chapter on monday she announced a great surprise that this would be her last term as germany's chancellor but she also plans to quit as party leader by the end of the year. i will not put myself forward again as candidate for the c.d.u. chair secondly this fourth term is my last as german chancellor at the federal election in twenty twenty one i will not stand again as the chosen a candidate as a candidate for the bundle and for the sake of protocol i won't seek any further political offices wins. i'm going to be chancellor for thirteen years stepping
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down as leader of the polity. a position she's held for nearly two decades means the race will soon beyond to find a replacement allowing a new figure to build a profile ahead of the next election the announcement came after merkel's c.d.u. experienced big losses in a regional vote in the western state has said the party came first and will still be in charge along with the greens but it saw an eleven percent drop in support it was the second electoral setback in as many weeks for merkel's conservative alliance and nationally her partners in government the social democrats have threatened to end what's known as the grand coalition if the downward trend continues her party has tolerated her because she was able to negotiate coalitions where they would be the strongest partner that's been less hence the last elections the social democrats would only join the government if they got the post of foreign minister and finance minister and many in the party say well you sold it's true cheaply of course any period of political uncertainty here in germany will also be
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a worry for the european union at a time when the blocks dealing with a budget crisis in italy breaks it and not least rising populism across the continent that's why they'll be paying close attention to which figure the c.d.u. lines up as merkel successor and where the main challenges come from the barber al-jazeera early. to sri lanka bell with a new prime minister has officially started work after his sudden appointment triggered a political crisis for president why the rajapaksa is replacing become a singer who is refusing to leave the official residence in alpha land as reports from the capital colombo. mind the rajapaksa started work on monday signing off his first document as the country's new prime minister he's office was standing room only with parliamentary colleagues and well wishers wanting to share his success but the appointment has been tainted by claims that it was unconstitutional.
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running witnessing he insists that his removal and rajapakse his appointment violates the constitution. darrius and ban current. i'm upset about the appointment of a prime minister who does not command a majority in parliament in order to cover his wrongdoing he's telling stories that even small children understand prison might be policy ricin or blames we can sing her for everything wrong with their coalition government that says an assassination plot against him was the last straw but she long to speak it wasn't buying that argument he issued a stark warning about problems ahead if the crisis is not solved through the legislature. if this problem is not sold in parliament some people are trying to settle it on the streets if that happens there will be room for a bloodbath to take place my own rajapakse is getting on with his job i feel a new prime minister despite angry protests from the man he replaced and there are increasing calls for sri lankan ollivant to be reconvened the speaker warning that
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many lives could be lost if the protest spill over onto the streets two people died in a shooting incident on monday and moshe lankans are hoping that such incidents aren't repeated in of an endless colombo. and to. people have been enjoined softer a female suicide bomber blew herself up in the capital tunis fifteen policeman are among those hurt the country has been under a state of emergency since twenty fifteen after dozens of people were killed in the series of eisel attacks welton as president of the said he condemned the attack. i regret to say that security personnel are always playing with a heavy toll paying it in the blood i am sure officials will identify the causes and consequences such attacks undermine the state its authority and state or i believe any gathering must be licensed as it is
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a right guaranteed by the constitution we thought we had driven terrorism out of our cities in two decades yet it is now in the heart of the capital city that recount to gonzales as attorney is based journalists and lives near the site of the attack and he described what happened. oh. i am. so we're right. yes. and. yes.
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and then. to brazil now with a new president elect has announced his first foreign trip abroad shi'ah balls lawyer says he'll visit chile followed by the u.s. and israel won more than fifty five percent of the vote in sunday's election many fear he'll push his fight when populist agenda once in power choices about has more from rio de janeiro. and little lives in the senior the largest slum in general people living here have to deal with poverty and insecurity every day but now that jail was when i was elected president many are not sure of what's coming next possible cause we have seen a war here between drug traffickers and there are facts our economy and scientists many shops had to close because they couldn't make it were fings to change
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investment in education that's missing here with education we wouldn't have so many kids involved in drug trafficking was also not a has promised to fight the crime wave that is killing thousands every year and to reinvigorate brazil's economy for years those who live in the for. i have voted for center left workers party but it was different this time even though. insulted in the past black people and minorities and could pass laws that would end up hurting the poor he has managed to get involved in favelas like this one the main reason is because he represents change. that the economy is his main priority. the economy lost investors with the crisis but also not a lot about security and corruption but he hasn't talked much about the economy. also not who has promised to liberalize the economy of privatized state companies
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and reduce the deficit he has also said that brazil will be closer to the united states and israel he's expected to be more aggressive with china but analysts say it won't be easy for him to put into practice many of his campaign promises it's not going to be going to be so we've got herself to do whatever trump does because trump can. hear quite a bit china because united states have a i dare say a high def you can trade balance with china brazil has very high they're worth the trade balances so it's not the same in china it's a much more important problem or brazil then brazil china it's not quite big about anger towards the political class has helped to win the presidency but even though his violently toric scares many brazil there are those who want their daily lives to change because i will just sita rio de janeiro. while electing balls in our
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brazil has swung wildly to the right and there are fears that his victory is just part of a global turn away from liberalism falter now as promised an iron fist to deal with crime and corruption and many a worried about his disparaging remarks about women and minorities has been dumb dubbed rather the trump of the tropics donald trump's u.s. presidency. has been clouded by his stance on immigration but his supporters stand by his slogan are making america great again a rise in violent street crime in the philippines helped elect for that their fish to date human rights watch says more than twelve thousand people have been killed and has worn drugs but he's as popular as ever before right candidates have also swept to power across europe but a leader of italy's league party quickly made his mark as interior minister he's turned away boat loads of refugees and migrants and victor became hungary's prime minister on a promise to defend europe against muslim migrants the e.u.
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is being urged to take action of reports of press freedom violations and anti semitism there. dana valencia garcia is a senior fellow at the center for analysis of the radical right and he says these leaders can have a warring impact on democracy. groups that have fascistic and sees really are built on this idea that there is a ideal way that the nation should be or way that people should be and that imposed idea of purity comes from these ideas that are what we want our country to be and oftentimes it's because they feelings ideas from really shifts and demographics over the last fifty to one hundred years that they started telling us as our anxiety about their own place and their own power and that's where we started to get the tendency to oppress these groups that previously would have been marginalized. coming back into sort of places of power what we should be worried
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about is when we see democratic institutions fail or when we see the tendency for corruption to seep in and what mostly we've been seeing is often attacks on groups that otherwise we're starting to really get traction of having equality whenever we see that equality chip away whether it's for l.g.b. d.q. communities were for women or for people of color that's when we start to see this new idea of what fascism is or far right ideologies could be really come into play mexico's president elect is facing criticism for canceling the building of a new airport from mexico city but to under his manuel now if it nope as i bet a lot says he's respecting the result of a referendum by the mexican people last week washington rejected the pot.


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