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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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on the air flight six one zero and why it crashed into the sea soon after takeoff is likely to take a long time. my father was on board but we still don't know we're still hoping for the best because there hasn't been an official statement from lion air so we are still hoping for the best but increasingly speculation is turning to a problem with the instruments in the cockpit giving false readings lion air has confirmed there was a technical problem with the plane before it took off from bali to jakarta on sunday it says the issue was fixed but during that flight the pilot reported problems with the flight control system and satellite data collected by independent flight monitoring websites shows unusual fluctuations in speed and altitude soon after it took off from bali the situation stabilized in lyon is says the problem was fixed again when it landed in jakarta and it was cleared to take off on monday morning it crashed some twelve minutes after it left the indonesian capital small
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pieces of debris being found but the search for the main wreckage continues. today we've adjusted our calculations and widened our search areas to eighteen point five kilometers on the job a c. more than eight hundred people are involved in the search for debris bodies and clues to what happened to lyon air flight six one zero wayne hey al jazeera jakarta so has her on al-jazeera. who will replace german chancellor kohl when she steps aside. and he gave the people a say but hardly anyone voted critics blast mexico's president elect for scrapping and the u.s. ports. hello it's getting colder slowly in this part of asia japan the northeast of china on the
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korean peninsula the circulation he would suggest a north westerly wind behind that arrow to be cold we're still getting double figures and with a very volatile is ten one of the towers still out in beijing is sixteen the sunshine helping greatly and you actually weather seems likely in her car but this is rain not snow yet might have been some snow at titan given a couple weeks and there will be rain is really the story and it's much cooler than it was of course but still what nineteen in tokyo and if anything were a couple of days warmer in pyongyang and in seoul quite a change of season i think you'll agree they're in charge not quite the same although mainland china is currently without justin as your screen is the typhoon you too which is on its way up towards the coast somewhere east of hong kong in the next twenty four hours or so now obviously increased wind and rain is an obvious consequence for that it should be miss hong kong as a direct hit and it's also going to be below typhoon strength but wet and windy would be the two conservative words to describe that sort of weather south of it
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told us a line of potentially heavy rain that runs roughly from northern borneo toward sudden talent sumatra and typically west of malaysia. a journey of personal discovery my great grandfather he was a slave of the lead property algeria's james gannon explores use family's legacy of slave ownership you know like my family status and wealth has benefited from your choice to enslave people and america's debt to black people today some over soul star we even skew to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt.
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and i get what your knowledge is there as a reminder of our top stories this hour the president says he believes some sort of game is being played over the murder of jamal khashoggi in order to protect someone . also says he's spoken to the needs of germany and france and brief them on new details on the killing of the saudi journalist so says the polls out there that the saudi side has hands over the testimonies of eighteen suspects being held in the kingdom to attack the. palace to try and come prime minister running has addressed protesters outside the official residence he's refusing to leave the supporters are demanding parliament be reconvened present a. replacement for the second with former president mahinda rajapaksa and then suspended palma for two weeks so that he gained support. and after
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a meeting in bangladesh the minimal government has agreed to begin with tracing rangar refugees by the middle of next month rights groups say their return to iraq and state must be voluntary and dignified around three courses of the million of a million the floods and the military crackdown last yeah. and tunis here at least twenty people have been wounded after a suicide bomber blew herself up in the capital tunis fifteen policemen are among the injured the country has been under a state of emergency since two thousand and thirteen when dozens of people were killed in a series of i saw attacks. i regret to say that security personnel are always paying the heavy toll paying it and blood i am sure officials will identify the causes and consequences such attacks undermine the state its authority and state i believe any gathering must be licensed as it is a right guaranteed by the constitution we thought we had driven terrorism out of
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our cities in two decades yet it is now in the heart of the capital city. david chaytor has more now from tunis. as you can imagine amongst the ordinary people here one of shock and dismay the bloodshed has returned to the streets of the capital now the tunisian president. said c is actually on a trip to germany to meet anglo merkel at the moment and he perhaps best summed up the the feeling and the mood here he said that essentially they thought they had defeated terrorism and driven them out of the cities and into the caves as he put it but now once again they have returned to the very heart of the capital now this is extraordinary because we haven't seen any of these terrorist attacks like this since twenty fifteen the woman involved a thirty year old who set off the grenades at the police checkpoint is from an eastern coastal city she told her parents that she was going to choose to look for
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a job and it's not known that she has any affiliations with any extremists and there has been no claim so far of any responsibility it just shows you how difficult it is for the authorities for the special forces for the police to actually try and control this deep sense of dismay and shock here in china's. a japanese steel company has been ordered to compensate for south koreans for their forced labor during world war two south korea's supreme court ruled that nippon steel must pay each plaintiff eighty seven thousand dollars the company has called the ruling regrettable japan occupied south korea from one nine hundred ten to one nine hundred forty five there's a case of never fully apologizing or paying repatriations to south koreans who were forced to work without pay more on this we're joined by say one cool and soul via skype is the publisher of career exposé get to speak to once again the japanese
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here are saying the south korean government was remedy what it's calling a breach of international norm is that something the south korean government could do even if it wanted to well sort of this system point of contention japan argues any responsibility japan is towards south korea for the potential crimes or atrocities committed during the colonial period we're already settled in the agreement signed between the two countries in one thousand nine hundred fifty five and this is a view that some of the administrations have certainly of held by on their dues it has been called into question keep in mind this isn't it came out to be is not from the korean government it is from duty siri the supreme court ruled white with a large majority there certainly is or should be compelled to pay for at least the suffering that's oh it was borne by these workers were forced into labor by the
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japanese government in the pre one thousand nine hundred five era term of course this is bound to have a very strong implications for liberal thought was is there a surprise there among south koreans that that the top court ruled in this way because it sets a precedent doesn't it for other claims. no i would not say there's a surprise in fact if you were to talk to most members of the south korean pop believes there is a very strong opinion here and japan has not been held fully accountable for what it did during the colonial period and this extends not only to the issue of forced labor but also to the much more sensitive issue of culture women so how might it upset south korean japanese relations well unfortunately the ties between the two countries have not been all that great especially after mr when jane took power in south korea's new president last year there are several
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things that the two countries are certainly having problems over or one not least of which you speak on for women issues that i have mentioned the government wants to on do the agreement that was signed between the r.b.a. administration and the previous president of south korea park in there which was supposed to be final and irreversible and in fact the actions are being taken to. to undo the foundation that has been created with money from the japanese government to compensate victims on the other issue of course of who owns the islands of dual is disputed wrong in the scene between south korea and japan we have seen the at the administration certainly coming up very strongly and trying to assert its territorial claim or at this particular part of the ocean and this is something that south koreans very much take exception to say one who thanks
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very much for filling us in there on that situation between south korea and japan now the race is on for the top job in europe's biggest economies gentiles and america she will leave politics at the end of the term and twenty twenty one and she's standing down as the head of a center right party later this year again barbara reports from than them. i'm going to make calls message to leaders of her party the christian democrats all the c.d.u. is clear it's time to begin a new chapter on monday she announced to nobody's great surprise that this would be her last term as germany's chancellor but she also plans to quit as party leader by the end of the year. i will not put myself forward again as candidate for the c.d.u. chair secondly this fourth term is my last as german chancellor at the federal election in twenty twenty one i will not stand against the child a candidate you know as a candidate for the bundestag and for the sake of protocol i won't seek any further political offices. i'm going to merkel's been chancellor for thirteen years
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stepping down as leader of her party a position she's held for nearly two decades means the race will soon beyond to find a replacement allowing a new figure to build a profile ahead of the next election the announcement came after merkel's c.d.u. experienced big losses in a regional vote in the western state has said the party came first and will still be in charge along with the greens but it saw an eleven percent drop in support it was the second electoral setback in as many weeks for merkel's conservative alliance and nationally her partners in government the social democrats have threatened to end what's known as the grand coalition if the downward trend continues her party has tolerated her because she was able to negotiate coalitions where they would be the strongest partner that's been less tense the last elections the social democrats would only join the government if they got the post of foreign minister and finance minister and many in the party say well you sold us through cheaply of course any period of political uncertainty here in germany will also be
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a worry for the european union at a time when the blocks dealing with a budget crisis in italy breaks it and not least rising populism across the continent that's why they'll be paying close attention to which figure the c.d.u. lines up as merkel successor and where the main challenges come from the barber al-jazeera early. some of history is best loved animals are losing their homes as trees are being cut down the quality is in crisis as andrew thomas reports from port stephens. they're one of two animals australia is known for but unlike kangaroos koala numbers of fulling fast cars kill them as do dogs and disease but the central cause one that lies behind all those threats is human destruction of the places koalas live forcing them closer to people and each other it all comes back to habitat loss if a quality has lost habitat they have to come down search for habitat which then
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makes them have to cross the road so this is set to both being hit by cars and attacked by dogs as well north of sydney this small rehabilitation center is about to be transformed into a full koala hospital costing two million dollars the state governments of new south wales will pay for it but that's the same government say campaigners which is allowing even encouraging the destruction of koala habitat where are incredibly appreciative that we're getting this hospital we need this hospital but the laws that allow the habitat clearing and it's give on one hand on the other last year new south wales relaxed laws controlling the amount of land farmers can clear of trees as a result of the new report blank clearing rates have tripled those behind the report say that if current trends continue while it's could be extinct in the wild in new south wales by twenty fifty it's really shocking and it's certainly within our power to stop but if we don't stop habitat destruction we will be the ones that
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will save these animals in the few in the wild for the last time you south wales environment minister turned down a request for an interview with the state government says old lang clearing laws were too restrictive bombing and development does not need to threaten koalas but this patch of wetland forest north of sydney illustrates the subjective nature of the decisions its own by the education department of the state government which doesn't need it for a school so two years ago sold it to a developer after environmentalist start. petitions and campaigns the state government said it made a mistake and is now trying to buy the land back for more than it was sold one part of government doesn't communicate with the other before any government department for example in this post to. other government departments and ask if you want it nobody asked the department of environment as far as we know do you want this land the more land the disappears the more animals hospitals will be needed andrew
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thomas al-jazeera paul stevens australia the value of the mexican peso has suffered its biggest fall for two years after the president elect's cancelled construction of a new airport in the capital crews were told to go home by andres manuel lopez obrador he says contracts for the multi-billion dollar project are corrupt from a scarcity john heilemann reports. a new space age meant propel mexico into the twenty first century its cost thirteen billion dollars its construction well underway but a monday president elect and his mother will lopez obrador brought it to a juggling home at the project was riddled with corruption and cronyism he said instead other airports will have their capacities increased. two runways will be built in the center lucia military airport the current airport in mexico city will be improved and the to look at the airport will be reactivated but the decision was about more than just the airport all the markets for many it was an early sign of
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how the president elect plans to govern he said let the people choose the way ahead via a national referendum but when it was finished this sunday it was widely panned just one percent of the electorate turned out the questions were flaw is cute in favor of the option new government once it was shown that voters could vote more than once and in different polling stations i mean really you can see these as successful exercise of participative democracy lopez obrador plans to change the constitution for more referendums on key issues but that's not the sort of decision making that will tempt a few trim vestas say business leaders but we hope that the incoming government to make the rules of the game clearer so that long term projects don't suffer from the repercussions and mistrust of the mexican government at the stock exchange those repercussions were already being felt the drop in the peso is
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a real reflection of the deep concerns of the markets and the business community but the president elect says that he's not governing for them he's governing for the people first and foremost the poor he says the airport projects cancellation to save the country five billion dollars a year and his alternative plan will be finished in three years. i don't. have a clear idea of who they voted into power. city. now without zero these are our top stories jack his presence as a game is being played over the murder of jamal jenna's jamal khashoggi to protect someone. else comments come as saudi arabia's top prosecutor met turkish officials for a second time and so it's a lot of zero that he handed over the testimonies of eighteen suspects the saudi
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side had refused to do so in the first round of talks on monday there are however still disagreements over where the suspect should be tried also trying can prime minister will wreck from has addressed protesters outside the official residence he's refusing to leave and supporters are demanding parliament be reconvened presence my for a palace or a center replacement for messiah with former president mahinda rajapaksa spent upon two weeks so that he can gain support after a meeting in bangladesh the government has agreed to begin repatriating rangar refugees by the middle of next month lives groups say their return to iraq and states must be voluntary and dignified around three quarters of a million fled. last year. in tunisia at least twenty people have been wounded after a suicide bomber blew herself up in the capsule tunis fifteen policemen are amongst the injured the country has been under a state of emergency since two thousand and fifteen and dozens of people were
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killed in a series of i saw attack us. today i regret to say that security personnel are always paying the heavy toll paying it in the blood i am sure officials will identify the causes and consequences such attacks undermine the state its authority and state i believe any gathering must be licensed as it is a right guaranteed by the constitution we thought we had driven terrorism out of our cities in two decades yet it is now in the heart of the capital city. and the japanese steel company has been ordered to compensate for south koreans for their forced labor during world war two south korea's supreme court ruled that nippon steel must pay each plaintiff eighty seven thousand dollars the company has called the ruling regrettable by south korea from one nine hundred ten to one nine hundred forty five and is accused of never fully apologizing or paying the south koreans
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those are your headlines inside story is that stay with us. another mass shooting in the united states eleven dead in a pittsburgh synagogue how worrying is the rise of right wing extremism in america who's to blame and as president all trumps rhetoric feel the hate this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. the number of reported hate crimes in the united
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states rose in two thousand and sixteen the year donald trump was elected president the second consecutive year the figures have increased african-americans jews and muslims were all targeted last week a florida man was arrested off the mail bombs were sent some of trump's high profile critics and on saturday eleven people were killed in a synagogue in pittsburgh she had written say reports on the latest mass shooting. a message of defiance out of the need to address the causes of rightwing extremist bottoms was good at a multi-faith vigil in pittsburgh early sunday evening we will recognize this moment there's a moment when this nation needs to heal in the nation needs to come together under the common sense of how we stop of them like this from happening ever again. rabbi jonathan pohlmann was there as the shots rang out and attempted to help congregants to safety what happened will not break us it will not ruin
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us. we will continue to fly and sing and worship and learn together and continue our historic medic's legacy in this city with the friendliest people that we know. as police and swat teams responded it soon became apparent that this was a hate crime the suspected gunman robert bowers told police he wanted to kill as many jews as possible with an assault rifle and pistols thousand killed eight men and three women their ages range from fifty four to ninety seven american couple and two brothers among the dead during the course of his deadly assault on the people the synagogue bowers made statements regarding genocide and his desire to kill jewish people after a standoff with police powers eventually surrendered and remains in federal custody today. so our complaint charges powers with twenty nine separate federal crimes.
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outside the tree of life so we've got people who've been laying flowers of the victims all day this is one of the oldest jewish communities in the u.s. there was to be no tolerance for internet semitism in america or for any form of religious or racial hatred or prejudice shortly after the shooting president trump calling for unity in a nation where hate crime is on the rise but in fact as investigators search bowers home for evidence there's now renewed focus on the rhetoric the president himself uses bows appears to have been triggered by a white extremist conspiracy theory about u.s. jews funding the caravan of central american migrants making its way through mexico a theme president trump himself has alluded to the president and his supporters however disavowing any linkage is donald trump instead musing that perhaps an armed guard may have prevented this massacre she had her town see al-jazeera pittsburgh. before we go to our guest let's remind ourselves of some of the other attacks one
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woman died in charlottesville virginia when a car plowed into a crowd cheering rival protests by white supremacists and. mosques became a target one in michigan was burned down another in arizona broken in two and a homemade bomb was detonated at an islamic center in minnesota african-americans were attacked by whites a university student in maryland was stabbed to death and a sixty six year old man in baltimore was killed with a sword immigrants were also victims a white man was kicked out of a bar in kansas city after racially abusing two indian men he returned and shot them killing one. let's now bring in our guest joining us enough late new jersey we have steven rogers he's a member of the trump for president and vice reboard and a former member of the f.b.i. national joint terrorism task force in new york starts kotla c.e.o. of ben the arc that's a jewish. action group and in boston glenn call former deputy national intelligence
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officer the turns national threats of the cia a warm welcome to you all starts a lot to start in new york with still. you've written this open letter also being the u.s. president donald trump to denounce white nationalism you'll very convinced that it's because of his rhetoric that's allowed the pittsburgh to happen why do you think i absolutely believe that this president and his administration and all of those who enable him have created an environment where so many of us are in danger jews are in danger muslim communities are in danger sic communities immigrant communities people of color communities trans communities all of us have been named explicitly and implicitly in the rhetoric in the. campaign. rallies that have been held we have been made to be known to the rest of this country as dangerous as mrs which we all know is not true
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and what we also know is that when language and the vitriol and when the tone is so . when it is so elevated we can be certain that someone will take that tone as permission to create in cause violence what happened this weekend and actually what happened to the with the murders of the two black people in kentucky this week all of these are examples of what is inevitable when we have a president and when we have an entire republican party who refuses to denounce white white nationalism who refuses to renounce white supremacy and who create the conditions where people feel like they can act without repercussions our communities are being terrorized and this president needs to be held accountable but this is a very strong let's some could perhaps accuse you by saying that president donald trump is not welcome in pittsburgh of amping up the rhetoric and using the same
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type of language as you're accusing the u.s. president of well i would i would frame it differently the letter says very clearly that trump and members of his cabinet and this administration would in fact be welcome in pittsburgh and everywhere else with this simple request that he and all members of the republican party denounce white nationalism that is in should be quite straightforward white nationalists are extremists white nationalists have been known to be called and are domestic terrorists there is absolutely no reason why the president of the united states and the republican party and its members should not have the common decency and the moral compass to simply say that white nationalism is not acceptable in the united states let me bring in stephen roach is a new jersey hey you've guessed as how to say president u.s. president donald trump is responsible for the rhetoric that's fueled the karna
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hatred we've seen over the weekend would you agree with that. absolutely not the president of the united states and the republican party and democrat party and every decent living human being on this earth has denounced white nationalism bias and prejudice on the face of this earth that's number one number two look i've been in law enforcement for thirty eight years and i've learned one thing that those who commit acts of violence and crime they're the ones accountable and responsible for their actions we have gone through decades of violence on television violence on radio violence in the newspapers we've been fed in this country decades of violence from hollywood i mean look we have a culture that has been growing up for years on violence so it is unfair on unwarranted the to blame this on the rhetoric of the president of the united states and let me add this you have the jewish communities throughout this country do
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support the president the prime minister of israel supports the president so at the end of the day this is not to be pinned on the president and his rhetoric or anybody else's rhetoric for that matter the people who committed these crimes acts of violence are responsible for that but the healing we have to begin and i agree this point we have to be grant begin to think about healing and it's going to be must begin in our elementary schools we must talk more and teach more about anti-semitism and prejudice we haven't been doing much of that and we should focus our attention on that like you say you've been in lauren's full assessment thirty eight is you all saying that there is a violent of violence a culture of violence in the u.s. but nothing happens in a vacuum. where else can you is is the reason the pittsburgh shooting happened is because the shooter felt and enabled by a rise in white nationalism in the u.s. because he felt that the u.s.
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president certain members of his administration have been sympathetic or at least understanding of white nationalists if not outwardly supporting the. well look i can't get into this individual's mind i mean there have been criminals who i have interviewed over the years who have said that. they have certain beliefs certain the ology that they believe in but never never have i heard anyone say well i blame it on one particular person one particular actress or actor or president or politician i think that's kind of using that person in this case the president as a scapegoat look that we have people all over this country look at the actors and even some of the sports figures calling out for violence eric holder maxine waters calling out for for people to commit violent acts against republicans i don't think they're responsible for some lunatic walking into a restaurant doing what they did a few weeks ago to mitch mcconnell and others so accountability and responsibility
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is on the shoulders of those who committed the crimes let me bring in boston ahead and then call you had that the it was an individual lunatics who used. the how of the how much of this has to do with being able to operate much more openly now being able to say that i am a white nationalist and the full these are my beliefs do you think things have changed for the worse in the united states of america. i don't think so i know so it's not a question of my opinion or even. an informal assessment there's empirical data that demonstrates that this is the case for years the intelligence community has assessed formally that's includes the f.b.i. the cia all the law enforcement that the greatest danger to american lives and treasure in the united states comes from the far right militia vigilante groups
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unfortunately or tragically terribly the intelligence community was not really allowed to say that clearly because according to the republican leadership who denied us the authorization to state that that would then tar quote unfairly the conservatives who are the republicans but that that is clear also just as when in sports your body goes where you turn your head similarly our thoughts go where our words lead us words have have imp practical physical material demonstrably will effect and to allege that statements that create a false equivalence between whites nationalists let's call them what they are racists and american fascists with people who oppose that is either disingenuous or naive it's a fact let me bring.


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