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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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and when you confront power but he's friends don't believe his death will be wasted or been a small car that i believe god wanted to achieve in his death what he wanted to achieve in his life which was to end oprah's of rule whether military tribal or religious i think his death would be a turning point in the region to get rid of these regimes. she wasn't alone those who fought for new leadership have found a place in turkey which has been described by some as the last corner of the arab spring. has rekindled their demand for change senator al jazeera istanbul. the writings they're all jamal khashoggi one months ago today walked into the
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serving consulates in istanbul he never left the building as soon as the international community engaged with the idea and the reality that he was in fact dead that he didn't walk out of that building that he was abducted. tortured killed and dismembered diplomacy kicked in his article. james plays. will there be justice for jamal khashoggi the turkish prosecutor wants saudi arabia to reveal the whereabouts of the body and hand over the eighteen suspects but the saudi foreign minister has made it clear there will be no extraditions from his country and so are there other legal options experts believe the u.n. could set up an international panel but the secretary general antonio could terrorists who would appoint its members and maria fernanda espinosa the president of the general assembly one of the un bodies that could mandate it
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a well aware this is a political minefield we will wait to see whether we get a formal request from a government such as the government of turkey but if we get something like that we'll evaluate it and then and then. make a decision based on the requests that we receive they think we are going to send a process sill this is now a matter that says in the hands of a request that we will receive the request could come from the body she heads the general assembly is she taking soundings of the wider membership of the general assembly or the conversations that she is having about this. caps we for her and the counterparts beyond the un inquiry there are a number of other legal options and precedence former chad dictator his send our brain was eventually jailed for war crimes after first being prosecuted in belgium under what's known as universal jurisdiction the concept is controversial and the belgian law has since been repealed but international lawyers say as saudi arabia
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is a signatory to the un convention against torture it might face calls from other countries for extradition laws passed by congress in the us also might be relevant the magnitsky act passed in twenty twelve after the murder of a russian lawyer working for the american businessman bill browder could be used against saudi arabia there's also the possibility of private prosecute. stephen rapp who served as president obama's ambassador at large for war crimes issues says the saudi crown prince mohammed bin soma should watch his stand and certainly be comes to america and tries to go to a silicon valley or anywhere or to enjoy the company of investors or others he'll find process servers. around the meeting so i don't he's not going to be able to do what he's done before so let me ask that question again will there be justice for jamal khashoggi it's not certain and there's
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a long road ahead but along that road saudi arabia and key figures in the country face fresh scrutiny bad publicity and reputational damage as well as the possibility of a prosecution. zero at the united nations. so james are all the diplomats pushing us forward to a situation that they can live with as opposed to dealing with the reality of what happened. well i think the only way you're going to get that international inquiry which so many are now calling for is if turkey asked for it if turkey goes through its judicial process and then meets a dead end and doesn't get any further then i think turkey could quite possibly make a request to the u.n. secretary general and that request could be supported by a body of the united nations say the general assembly or the human rights council and then you would get a u.n. investigation but that some way off so in terms of the diplomacy of the actual case
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that's where we are in terms of the wider diplomacy i think something interesting is going on with regard to saudi arabia and the way saudi arabia is viewed it has always been seen as one of the most powerful countries that the united nations because of its regional strategic importance and its economic power but i think saudi arabia is reputation is certainly damaged i think that could see some changes pretty soon with regard to the main international issue that saudi arabia has been involved with leading that coalition in yemen we've seen a real change on yemen in the last couple of days from the trumpet ministration which is now pushing very hard to end the war is pushing for talks which we're being told would be hosted in sweden between the coalition and the and saudi arabia the yemeni government and the who thiis those talks could take place by the end of
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this month we're being told i'm also hearing that in the works of knurling stage the u.n. security council is looking at the idea some of the members of the council are looking at the idea of a cease fire resolution in yemen so the effects of this case could be affecting that long running war in yemen quite significantly. james thank you so much. is an international criminal lawyer joining us here in istanbul there are various agencies jurisdictions involved in this which one is the senior jurisdiction the senior jurisdiction is going to be to turkish jurisdiction because the incident happened in turkey and early stumble. at the consulate building in accordance with the vienna treaty consulate building a special. you know color and immunity and privileges but you know in our case for such kind of an incident happened before the consulate.
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because most of the people. involved in the incident has no immunity and privileges as well if a criminal case is going to be prosecuted where would it happen there are also some ways but you know it's going to be in the stumble. that's why you know stumble chief public prosecutor's office together with the intelligence services the security services you know conduct a proper. in istanbul. to do that. to do that you've got to have a body remains of a body or you've got to have this ordeal recording that we've a lot about and people are saying actually that already recording might be a big problem for the turkish authorities because there are questions about. how did you get that information of course dimwit's to gaze at this point is still you
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know just confidential we don't know the facts yet but you're right that you know all the evidence is has to be faint you know legally if any evidence will be opened illegally of course they cannot be used before the courts as an evidence investigation is something different. that's why yesterday the chief public prosecutor made the statement that you know. when you just read it carefully they just point out two issues the first issue is like you know he pointed out that this murder was. an intentional base the second one is like you know. his body was like destroyed i think which also indicates that they have enough legal op didn't ever that's otherwise i'm sure that the public prosecutor will not make such kind of public press in britain. thank you so much.
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of course the events of one months ago today got incredible traction around the world on social media on twitter and on various platforms not just in europe but in the united states and across the middle east my colleague from our news grid system program the chapelle that's been following that andrew what's people been saying. well peter of all the intrigue outrage sadness and disbelief that's flowed through social media platforms since the killing one occasion drew a particularly big reaction last week members of the family were summoned to the palace in riyadh where jamal's brother son hail and his eldest son salah received condolences from king solomon and the crown prince these pictures of the meeting were pumped out by saudi state media soon after social media users expressed their outrage chilling sickening sinister were just some of the ways people reacted to what they perceived as a callous photo op as others wondered what must have been going through some loss
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head at that moment brian klaas sums it up here saying they murdered his dad dismembered his body orchestrated a cover up lied about the murder then lied about the cover up and now we're forcing g.'s son was a captive in his own country to participate in a photo op shaking hands with the prince who murdered his dad and. was under a travel ban for the last year prevented from leaving the kingdom even though he is a us citizen now human rights watch said that that photo op was cruel and bizarre because she was allowed to leave to saudi arabia last week fortunately to join his three siblings who were already there in the states and he arrives in washington to tease washington d.c. last week that's after u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe pushed for his return but that image peter is certainly one that is seared in people's memories. thank you very much indeed for that update on what's been said about this story on
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social media the first couple of weeks of this crisis and it is an international diplomatic geo political crisis which i guess define best by the way that all the information the world's media was getting was coming day off today with a drip drip drip effect of leaks there were only a couple of very small off the radar comments coming to say broadcast organizations like us al-jazeera english from the foreign office the foreign ministry here in istanbul we had to wait for three weeks before we heard anything really official and that came from the techies president wretched tribe and everyone let's talk now to complement she works with the daily seven used paper why was the decision taken by the authorities here in turkey to do it as a series of leaks. and just kind of put out there with with with a slow burn effect almost most of all i guess the resignation was moving forward step by step so the information that we received also found.
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step by step fashion and secondly i think it was a really insurgency because it kept a larger in the headlines so the public debates. as evidence surfaced and this strategy puts pressure on the saudis to drop the pretense and accept that this was a premeditated murder and of course it also put pressure on the u.s. government to do something about it to say make it clear statements about this and although what president says changes on a daily basis he said. at least he said that this is the worst cover up in the history of cover ups and that. if. this all just. laws even less since as you remember the crown prince himself that he roused calls
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over there i don't. know is about this it will be him there are claims circulating in istanbul that people that work at the daily sabah have this famous audiotape is it not in the public domain but is it in the domain of the daily sabah it's not. right if either before. because if it had that audiotape it is those were the globally we would be of lights to release it as war so we don't have it hello we have to leave it there but thank you so much we'll wrap up this news special remembering jamal khashoggi the man his legacy with images of his life and his writing we've tried in the past hour or so to go deeper into the resonating questions as to the consequences of his death we haven't
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managed to the three main questions of course nobody will possibly ever be able to answer those questions who killed him who ordered his death and where is the body of jamal khashoggi a month ago and three hours today he walked into the saudi consulate he was happy he found love he knew he was heading into the next chapter of his life he was expecting his fiance to be waiting outside for him she was expecting to be waiting outside for him instead of which he met a terrible end he did not deserve to die in that way nobody deserves to die in that way for me peace at all b. and everyone on the team here in istanbul thanks for watching goodbye. all of you to him a whole lot. of stuff. about
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a certainty into live shows under notice jill. yes we don't need to do for him but we need old phil consensus we need old folks like the people. to see delusion in macon to you know if it is. good for democracy i'm asking for people to be allowed to speak to this is your ultimate i'm asking for the minimum for. there was no murder here. this is all there are by bloody murder here in the most brutal way that no one is or has ever. i believe jamal or frist has lived nearly to tell the truth and tell all of us what was going on in saudi arabia and what this crown prince stands for. the saudi regime is such seek our stomach even to moderate
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criticism this is what major to moderate critics. whoever might have done this to you're not going to let it go. good to be sold on the bin laden. bin in the event that all that will be. chiming in missing is the monk. getting the. money being called the money may be sunk although. i don't call myself a new position. i am just right that i want a free environment to write and speak my mind.
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this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole room and you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s. threatening sanctions against individuals linked to the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. also a rare meeting the saudi crown prince hosts a group of american evangelicals some of whom have close ties to israel also. protests getting louder schools are now shot and mobile services suspended after a christian woman's acquittal of blasphemy in pakistan. and it's on ice who is blocking a plan to create the world's largest marine reserve in antarctica. welcome
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to the news hour it's a month to the day since jamal khashoggi walked into the saudi consulate in istanbul and disappeared turkish investigators say a saudi hit squad strangled the journalist and a premeditated attack that dismembered and got rid of his body the saudi story has changed repeatedly from saying it was an accidental killing to blaming rogue operators international pressure is mounting on the kingdom with the americans saying sanctions are on the way we'll have more not in a moment but we begin our coverage of the murder of khashoggi one month on with a look at why the case has been so difficult to unravel alan fischer as more. the case of jamal khashoggi is one of lies. surprise and videotape fourteen days after the writer disappeared and after a day. yes of requesting permission turkish investigators were finally allowed into the consulate with the insisted he'd been killed a dilly which this forensic expert says would help any potential cover up what will
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i learn. the main thing in incidents like this is to carry out the crime scene investigation within days or as soon as possible in this case it took two weeks for the forensic teams to enter the consulate and search the surrounding areas this is a big handicap they can link to losing evidence. the saudis had initially insisted khashoggi left the building after attending a routine appointment but his fiancee was old sayed a crucial witness to contradict the lie the talks were clear it intelligence evidence allegedly including audio and video to show was dead and they revealed the images of the so-called hit team fifteen men who flew in from saudi arabia to kill the writer and crucially to clean up afterwards one allegedly brought aboard saw what king from here turkish investigators a built in case against the saudi nationals that they believe are responsible for the killing of khashoggi but the series of well timed leaks the built up
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international pressure forcing the saudis to change the story from outright denial to an acceptance should you wish kill where and when the targets allege the saudis claim there was a fight that got out of hand but the turks have contradicted that idea you see the writer was strangled as soon as he walked into the building his body dismembered the saudis can't or won't see what happened to the body infirm and it will be a silent witness to what exactly went on. they claim there was a fight when we find the body this will be alice out after the examination we will find the way he was caught of it so he's chief prosecutor has this week spent to fill these in istanbul but there's frustration here at what's seen as a genuine lack of cooperation but there are still crucial questions to be answered in this investigation we're used to marcus should use body and who ultimately give the order to kill him alan fischer al-jazeera istanbul. well we have correspondents
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in all of the key locations kimberly hellgate is in washington d.c. but first let's go to alan fischer who is that the saudi consulate in istanbul and allan we have to start with really it's all about the direction of the investigation and the cooperation that turkey wants but one wonders how this is actually going to move forward with all of the roadblocks that we've seen in the way. well certainly turkey is considering an offer from saudi arabia to travel to it so do a review or to speak to the eighteen people that are currently being held in connection with the murder of jamal khashoggi the decision on whether or not to accept that although it was made directly to the prosecutor here in istanbul it will be a decision is taken at the highest level of government in tukey because that is concerned that if they do so then they might essentially be a waving their rights to try and extradite those eighteen people that is something that the foreign ministry has in the last couple of hours insisted to me or that is going to continue to push ahead with also senior figures in the ruling party have
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also suggested that the king should put out a statement in so doing we are identifying the person who actually ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi and for the there is the suggestion to that if there is indeed a local cooperate or as the saudis call them a person who was given the task of disposing the body then the turks are very keen to speak to that person because they believe think in this stablish that a body was the spores though which they believe by someone local then they would have groans under international law to push ahead with an extradition because at the moment the saudis argue that the offense was committed on saudi soil which strictly speaking the consulate is and therefore it is up to them to deal with it and so for all of these reasons the turks are can decide in continuing to keep this situation under control to continue to push forward the inquiry and continuing to to look at whether or not to accept this offer from saudi arabia and indeed another
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part of the investigation is also focused on the consul general's residence and the consul general himself. the consul general the day before a turkish search team went into the building to sell the consulate consuls residence left for sodium arabia and hasn't come back and no one is expecting him to return and you're right the focus of the investigation is no at the residence there is a well that the turks want to search this goes to their frustration that made that request several days ago and still hasn't been passed by the saudis even though the saudis continue to say look we are going to cooperate with all of the investigations and just in the last hour or so sources have told our dizzier that they believe that this so-called hit team the fifteen people who flew in had carried out an operation like this before so therefore knew how to kill someone and how to dispose of the body there is a suggestion from a senior figure in the ruling party and also a person who's close to the president that they believe that the saudis may well
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have used acid to dissolve the body no speaking to forensic experts dissolving a body in acid would take much longer than two weeks and saw the thing that that may be unlikely but you can understand why the trucks are pressing ahead to say we want to search this well. they were in the garden before they saw the well they wanted to bring in a team at that point the sody said no you need the names of the people who are coming in on the documents that give you permission to search and so that is why they're frustrated that they are still pushing for this search because they believe that if there are clues to where the remains of jamal khashoggi a lie they may well be in the garden and possibly in the well for the moment and we'll leave it there thank you alan fischer in istanbul. now with global outrage refusing to die down the u.s. is stepping up the pressure on saudi arabia hired to castrate ripples from washington d.c. . the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions against saudi arabia for the killing of jamal
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khashoggi are likely coming to take us. probably have four more weeks before we have enough evidence to actually put those sanctions in place but i'm i think we'll be able to get there we're going to find the fact that a president said we will demand accountability for those who are involved in the commission of this i described sanctions would not be the only repercussion from the u.s. more than a week ago the state department revoked the visas of twenty one saudi nationals identified as involved in the operation to kill. secretary michael impale said of the time those penalties would not be the last word even as the u.s. continued to gather facts that included cia director gina haskell traveling to turkey and reportedly listening to the audio recording of killing turkey is leading the investigation it says she was strangled almost immediately after entering the saudi consulate on october second. no one will escape responsibility
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this issue has become universal it cannot be covered up and it is watched by everyone in the world turkey will transparently share with all international institutions the data of the investigation process we expect saudi officials to cooperate with the turkish side in the investigations through joint work to uncover all the circumstances of this crime. meanwhile the washington post reports saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selman spoke with senior trump administration officials prior to the kingdom of knowledge and killing in the private call been someone reportedly said he was dangerous and a member of the muslim brotherhood a point. the journalist had long denied later in public prince a man would change his tune calling killing a terrible mistake and not justifiable key questions remain about what exactly
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happened including what his killers did with his body the u.s. state department says it's calling on saudi arabia to return remains to his family as soon as possible heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington welcome to health it is our white house correspondent and joins me now from washington d.c. . comments do seem to contradict or delay what the white house is saying i mean how are you reading the situation i mean are they trying to buy time. absolutely they're trying to buy time and we got the first in claim that that's the strategy that the united states was taking when the president said that he wanted to work with congress he said that a few weeks ago knowing full well that congress was in recess for the u.s. congressional elections that are taking place on tuesday so this is certainly going to delay any sort of effort for the white house to work with congress because the fact remains that when congress does come back after the election there are
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a series of holidays and then essentially the new session of congress doesn't begin until early january what the white house seems to be calculating in all of this is the timing of it's a ron sanctions those are happening literally in a matter of days and it's been no secret that the trumpet ministration has used the relationship with saudi arabia as kind of the foundation for its confrontation of iran and middle east policy so we've heard from the secretary of state mike pump aoe that there is a more robust response that is being contemplated but at the same time as he was saying that he was also saying in interviews he's given in recent days that it's important to keep in mind as the united states ensures accountability that it also takes into account its long standing strategic relationship with saudi arabia and of course you've touched on the issue of a bad distraction but be it the midterm elections all sanctions on iran take away the republican policy on the white house's focus on those two issues opposition
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politicians to get chink in the moment they want to exploit it before those certainly midterm elections next week. well i think if we pull back from this the one thing that congress has always done is that it had it has had broad and bipartisan support for saudi arabia for decades that has been shaped changing in recent months particularly in the democrat party but we've also seen that amongst republicans as well they're not happy with military support for the saudi led coalition as it continues to rack up the civilian casualties in yemen they are not happy that that is a civilian and humanitarian disaster according to the united nations and many people are questioning just how reliable of a partner saudi arabia really is but at the same time we've also had a report this week outlining the saudi efforts to convince members of congress
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whether it be democrats or republicans that millions are spent and that often there are meetings with members of congress and then cash contributions to their campaigns made in the very same day so the the lobby effort by saudi arabia to steer us foreign policy is nothing new it's been an open secret in washington but it's now being exposed for what it might truly be so this is certainly going to have an impact on politicians again bipartisan in terms of how they react moving forward that open secret now in the spotlight and a lot more scrutiny coming in the eyes of the american voters as they cast their ballots and this will certainly put pressure on these politicians moving forward for the moment i can be thanks very much of course we'll of follow events on developments for the from d.c. now the middle jamal khashoggi is highlighting the dangers facing journalists worldwide the united nations is recognizing that with an international day to commemorate reporters who died doing their jobs while the killers remain unpunished
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from london john holmes will. anticorruption journalist daphne cairo on a year killed when a bomb exploded under her car in malta one year ago yes a. palestinian photographer shot by israeli forces during a mass demonstration along the gaza border in april and at least eight journalists murdered in mexico so far this year their profession now categorized as high risk in that country and getting riskier almost everywhere else this year seventy five journalists at least have been killed roughly two a week and yet nobody gets punished for these crimes so what we want are buying international norms in the form of a united nations convention to address the question of impunity because impunity doesn't just affect the journalists or their families it affects the whole of society because the implication is that if you can get away with killing
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a journalist more people are likely to attack and kill journalists and in that way more journalists end up self censoring in certain societies where they're under threat in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight told a day not unlike this one bugbear in dissident and journalist yogi markov was murdered on london's waterloo bridge allegedly by a member of his country's secret service the weapon of choice a poison tipped umbrella. attacks on journalists are nothing new they've been going on bryza long as the powerful about something to hide from the people but the silencing of free speech is no less shocking for that whether by bombs by bullet or other insidious means. the two thousand and eighteen version of the umbrella murder on waterloo bridge the alleged strangulation and dismemberment of exiled saudi journalist jamal khashoggi inside the country's consulate in istanbul the middle
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east is at the lowest rank of the. reporters without borders index for freedom of press it is the woods place to be journalists we know of cases where journalists. is just one in many in syria in palestine in egypt across the region in the gulf this is a pattern that has gone on the.


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