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energy consultant he says iranian oil companies are used to operating under sanctions so these are all good signs as far as iran is concerned that iran can continue exporting its own that it has been i think successful you see iranian oil exports where they are in the spring about two and a half million barrels per day and there are reports where they already in some are many customers and stopped buying or has reduced their purchases but the data are a bit contradictory for example some reports said in the september union all exports were one point eight million barrels per day whereas the first two weeks in october satellite companies and planet labs and thank you tracking companies as reported in their press they said iranian oil exports were two point two lead about it's pretty deferred for the first two weeks of october so the figures are contradicted by they do show that the iranian oil exporters what architect the partner of an i.o.c.
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who have been five six years ago two thousand and twelve thirteen through this more a major sanction of the united nation they are used to and they are a bit successful they can manage better than they did the last time. the turkish media been reporting more details on the saudi hit squad that murder journalist jamal khashoggi last month the sub newspaper there says his body was dismembered and put into five suitcases these were then driven to the saudi council's residence near the consulate where he was killed and some of the fifteen member of his squad have close ties to saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman a turkish president richard tyburn has said he believes the order to kill her shoji came from the highest levels of the saudi government. well andrew symonds joins us live now from istanbul and you just talk us through the new information that's this
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been released then. well the latest information is from a trusted security source who told al-jazeera about another leak from the recorded tapes from inside the consulate building and it actually is a section of time after the show she had been killed or when his killers were actively trying to find his phone and there was no record of his phone being left at the security door or anything else and they appeared quote unquote agitated at the time they were concerned about finding that phone now as we know how t.j. yankees his fiance was right about some time after her fiance was killed was nearby here actually looking at two phones given to her by her
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fiance one of which she used to actually raise the alarm with a government official when she realized he hadn't come out and she was worried about his welfare so those two phones are as we understand it certainly were in her possession and the turkish took investigators will be aware of whatever was on those phones but the saudis have asked on repeated occasions at several levels for access to those phones we don't know whether they got to them or not and we don't know what the issue is in terms of information that was on those on the one of those phones or indeed possibly both of them but the source did say that something important some important information relating to the saudi killers was on that phone that is a mystery as to what it leads to separate so that we hear from the daily sabo which is a pro-government newspaper that there according to their source who they say is reliable there was
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a team of three people led by mohamed three other well known intelligence official who appeared to be leading most of the operator. here that three man team was responsible for disposing of coco show cheese body and it would appear according to this information that they actually did cut up the body up until about fifteen hundred g.m. not finished fifteen hundred local time when vans which we've seen around that time going from here to the consulate consulates residence where they took the body parts in five suitcases it was a beginning and a middle to that story but not so then because no one knows what happened to the body parts eventually of the saudis appear not to be cooperating with the turkish investigators leading to a lot of frustration that surrounds this inquiry right now andrew thanks for andrew symonds live for us in istanbul egypt says it is killed nineteen fights is thought
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to be responsible for an attack that killed seven coptic christians on friday gunmen had fired two buses on their way to a monastery near the city of minya two hundred sixty kilometers south of cairo six of the dead were from the same family cortin behind has sentenced three opposition members to life in prison overturning a previous acquittal on charges of spying for qatar shere ali salmen has sent. the ali i love were arrested for their involvement in the twenty eleven arab spring protests behind hughes them of passing state secrets to foreign governments spreading false news and trying to undermine the kingdom. are seen what playing is a campaigner on. amnesty international which is calling for the media release of shere ali son man and all of the other prisoners of conscience. well to
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start with. for us is a prisoner of conscience he's been detained since twenty at the end of twenty three fourteen and he is serving a four year sentence. the new charges. absurd in the sense that back in twenty eleven when the uprising was happening there was a there were attempts to meet eighty eight and two to find a solution to to the situation and. chalice and man had found coles with the prime minister not the prime minister the minister of foreign of all of the fest of state affairs in qatar and these were exchanges an attempt to to get qatar to mediate in the situation at the time so to six years on
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for him to be charged with this with to be accused of spying for cattle is totally absurd and a nice thing authorities are really. going forward with a crush on dissent any a position opposing voice is being crushed this is a clear signal that they will not accept or agree to have anybody criticising them from within or with that. oh the director of the u.n. children's fund says four hundred thousand children risked death every day because of malnutrition in yemen they held a news conference and i managed short while ago on the diet humanitarian crisis they unicef is calling for an end to the war and immediate removal of all obstacles to deliver humanitarian aid. still ahead on the al jazeera will they stay in
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france people in new caledonia eighteen thousand kilometers away of voted on independence. hello winter has arrived in mongolia you can see the frontal system that's more dicey looking seeing and tucked behind the toe in here is the real cause that we're on the tiles highest temperatures minus five knots in blue sunshine so a cold creeping inventive all sorts down to four degrees beijing's down to eleven is still in the teens in the korean peninsula as to what twenty one if you're lucky in tokyo was grazing coastal showers and that's looking fine of attack you had to choose day it's warmed up a new him as well so we haven't really got this penetration of winter just yet it's just cooling down little bit however that's notable in central china to watch you
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got twenty one will harm with the sherry rain all monday and it's fine to the east at twenty one go down to about sixteen the wind change in the cooler air trying to come in and quite significant rain showers or even proper persistent rain this is jury and tuesday south of that is quite a big gap where the sun should be the predominant thing in the sky chefs in central southern philippines catching southern vietnam borneo and running west with most in malaysia just bite allowing a shower or two in southern thailand but concentrating more on sumatra and now i cannot say we guarantee a dry day in jakarta because we can't. arts
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. again you're watching obviously a reminder of our top stories this hour thousands of iranians are marking the thirty ninth anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover a day before sanctions are back in force iran's leadership has played down the u.s. move the commander of the revolutionary guard saying iran will resist any sanctions
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turkish government media are reporting more details on the alleged saudi hit squad to murder a journalist a month ago the newspaper says his body was dismembered in the consulate and taken in five suitcases to the saudi council's residence nearby. egypt says it's killed nine hundred fighters believed to be responsible for an attack that killed seven coptic christians on friday gunmen and fired two buses on their way to amman a street near the city of minya two hundred sixty kilometers south of cairo. madagascar's gearing up for a presidential election the first round of voting kicking off on november seventh with thirty six candidates on the ballot three former presidents including the current president are running some of those running say weak campaign finance laws and given richer candidates an unfair advantage for me to miller is. joins us from the capital and turn on
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a river. thousands of supporters have packed the stadium where former president harry. is holding his final election rally ahead of the polls next week and as you can see hundreds move on streaming in the stadium hold at least twenty thousand people now he did step down just two months ago as they are constitutional prerequisite to stand in these elections but he also faced massive protests earlier this year when you're trying to change the constitution to prevent opposition members who oppose the sion members from standing in the election a caretaker government was then formed and of course now the opposition members of course participating they include two other presidents that marc ravalomanana and on here actually they also held election rallies in the city about to leave at the very day that was just as old you candidates are promising very similar making very
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similar promises to people in malagasy saying that they will bring a better future all in all there are about thirty six candidates are participating in the election of course three of them almost president. more than two thirds of the votes have been counted in the french territory of new caledonia where people voted on seeking independence the last referendum thirty years ago ended in violence the territory is a strategic minutes. foothold for france in the south pacific this time the french government says it wants the process to be peaceful and fair fishel results are expected on monday or ended thomas is monitoring developments for us on this from sydney so andrew how has the voting gone so far well about eighty percent of votes are being counted now and so far fifty eight
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percent of that eighty percent of people voting in favor of staying with frog's now that would be necessarily the result that we see officially on monday because some of the outlying islands where the votes will take a bit longer to reach the miro their results will likely to be more heavily in favor of independence because those outlying islands are primarily where the d.n.c. is kind that people live and they tend to vote more heavily for independence that's what they want nevertheless it will be quite some comeback for the independent side to win this referendum now given where we are with a sense of the vote counted so it does look very likely the new caledonia will remain french and when are we expecting that the final results and what could they mean at a time when there is this perception of waning western influence in the pacific region. francis prime minister has travelled from paris to new caledonia capital in the media to get that official
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takes about nine hours from now seven o'clock in the morning you caledonian time so that's when we get if issue will result but you're quite right this has importance not just for france and you caledonia but for the seat it balance in the pacific a lot of people were very concerned that an independent new caledonia would quickly become a target for china china has increasing influence in terms of giving a giving investment for infrastructure to other pacific island countries but in its political favors and people felt that an independent new caledonia would struggle economically and would quickly become a target to china now the process behind this referendum is interesting as well president was in new caledonia in may and he was determined that france would be neutral as to the result of this independence referendum that wasn't the case thirty years ago the referendum system was same very biased was seen as very biased in favor of new caledonia state french the independence side of things they boycotted that vote and wedding date they lost it's there was
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a lot of violence lots of people were killed president macro the french state as he sees it is that that won't happen again and with that in mind this isn't necessarily the end of the process even if new caledonia is have as looks likely voted to stay french the will now be to the referendum as one in twenty twenty probably one in twenty two twenty two twenty twenty two to give those who want independence every chance to get it so that the end of all this process no one can say the system wasn't fair the process was fair and they'll be a peaceful territory whether it's still part of france or notes andrew thomas life first there in sydney. our record numbers of early voters of cast their ballots in the u.s. midterms went into the highest turnout in the mid-town poll in decades more than thirty one people have already cast their ballots the vote is seen as a referendum on president donald trump's policies democrats are hoping to win back
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the majority in congress or trumpet former vice president joe biden to drumming up support before the vote trump's campaign is focused on immigration and jobs talked of ending birthright citizenship biden says the election is a chance to reset the country's moral compass. is almost here and you all know you're going. to something different about this year's election. this is the most important election you want to do you will remember. very character or country is on the ballot. floods in sicily have killed at least ten people extreme weather has taken place across the country in the last week landslides are flattened trees in northern areas latest deaths bring the number of people killed or nationally to twenty five. i was one of
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mexico's most famous most infamous criminals rather about to go on trial in the u.s. succession battles broken out for control of. the drug empire but that hasn't stopped the cinna lower cartel from carrying on with its illegal business john harmon has the second of our three part series on the man known as el chapo. the impending trial of plucking guzman the former king of mexico's criminal underworld might be stopping traffic in new york but back in his home state sin a lower things have simply moved all these camps proclaiming the wealth and fame of the man they call chapel used to be top sellers now they're almost gone so to the protests that called for his release. even in his organization the sin aloa cartel it's more or less business as usual after a vicious succession battle there are still tensions between his brother and sons
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they've gone back to doing what they could producing and distributing vast amounts of drugs. we asked the similar lower police chief why detaining mixed top criminal hasn't led to a cartel implosion. one of. the structure of the organization is linear it's not completely vertical the leadership of the chopper was already declining and he delegated functions to his lieutenants and they always he dealt with certain things . the sylow a cartel is made up of several factions and there's always have more than one leader and chappell himself once told rolling stone magazine that the business is far bigger than just here my drug trafficking doesn't depend on one person it depends on a lot of people. the fact the cartels business continues doesn't mean that all chappell's heartland is free from violence the police remain on alert the homicide rate in sin a lower house full and but we're still talking about. five murders with
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a police especially in the chapels home minister polity but still there are still problems. here some still remember him as robin hood like figure who helped the local economy there pulling for him in his upcoming trial. nor have i get that hopefully they can help him hopefully he gets out he hasn't done anything wrong he just worked what he could do he's a good man. but others didn't even realize he was going on trial to be honest they didn't know i hear them heard about it a reminder that even for the rich and powerful the will of who turns john home and how does it or civil or and the last episode of this series we'll look at how security has been ramped up given chappell's history of escaping from presents.
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and has to round up now the top stories on al-jazeera thousands of iranians are marking the thirty ninth anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover a day before u.s. sanctions come back into force iran's leadership has played down the move the commander of the revolutionary guard saying it will resist any sanctions turkish media are reporting more details on the alleged hit squad that murdered journalist jim alpha shoji a month ago newspaper says his body was dismembered in the consulate take it five suitcases to the saudi consuls residence nearby egypt says it's killed nineteen fighters thought to be responsible for an attack that killed seven coptic christians on friday gunmen had fired two buses on their way to a monastery near the city of minya two hundred sixty kilometers south of cairo six of the dead were from the same family. a court in bahrain has sentenced three
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opposition members to life in prison overturning a previous acquittal on charges of spying for qatar they were arrested for their involvement in the twenty eleven arab spring protests the three men were members of the now banned were fox party. accused them of passing state secrets to a foreign government spreading false news and trying to undermine the kingdom. the director of the u.n. children's fund says four hundred thousand children risked death every year every day rather because of malnutrition in yemen build a news conference in a man on the die a humanitarian crisis there unicef is calling for an end to the war and an immediate removal of all obstacles to deliver humanitarian aid. a more than two thirds of the votes have been counted in the french territory of new caledonia where people voted on whether to seek independence the last referendum thirty years ago ended in violence the territory seen as strategic military foothold for france
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in the south pacific record numbers of early voters of cast their ballots in the u.s. midterms the highest in decades more than thirty one million people of already cast their votes it's seen as a referendum on president donald trump's policies. those so all the headlines were back in half an hour right now it's inside story. keeping his promise donald trump gloria imposes economic and trade sanctions on iran despite global condemnation the measures are meant to impede tehran's ability to sell oil on the world market because u.s.
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pressure on the regime end up hurting the iranian people the most this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey at all the makings of a hollywood thriller the u.s. president teasing is fifty five million twitter followers about sanctions on iran but donald trump's top was not a joke and it's expected that there will be real life consequences for millions of iranians strict economic and trade penalties come into effect on monday the white house says the aim is to force iran to abandon what it calls its destructive behavior in the middle east russia china and many european allies have strongly criticized the move there's plenty to discuss with our guests first though how to kahane has the latest from washington d.c. . it's probably fair to say u.s.
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foreign policy has never been announced like this but this is an actual tweet from the u.s. president meant to look like a movie poster warning that sanctions are coming and the president later addressed that on the south lawn sanctions are starting on iran. you know read his thank you the very beginning his top aides including treasury secretary steve minutia and talking tough as well at a conference call with reporters the treasury department will have more than seven hundred names to our list of blocked entities this includes hundreds of targets previously granted sanction probably under the j c p o as well as more than three hundred new definitions this is substantially more than we ever have previously done but they are giving waivers to eight countries allowing them to continue to remain loyal with the promise they will reduce that amount over time the u.s. is breaking the international deal and the rest of the signatories say they want to
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stay in it proponents of the nuclear deal say this move will isolate the u.s. russia was abiding by it the chinese were abiding by it the europeans were abiding by it and most importantly the iranians were abiding by it's now the united states that is in breach of that agreement and is now actually going so far as to punish countries that are abiding by a u.n. security council resolution you really can't get more pariah than the european union created what they hope will be a work around to still do business in iran u.s. officials are brushing off its potential but are warning allies they could face a actions as well right now talking tough while the world waits to see if it will be more than words petty calling al-jazeera washington. now to the panel joining us via skype from paris france while niccolo the former french ambassador to iran in tehran mohammed islamiyah political researcher and
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columnist and insane andrew scotland also via skype turlock i'm in the vice chairman for republicans overseas u.k. welcome to all of the m. and a start with the first question to all of you francoise first is the is this nuclear deal flawed or do nuclear deal did it goes on no route. five or five gone trees. abiding by. and of course iran or saudi the abided by video of course so it's like a not memorable going on three legs you know it's a bit difficult to break it wolf but to know the deal goes on in a way interesting yes but i guess what i'm asking though is there do you think that some of the criticisms of the deal particularly from the trumpet ministration do
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you think that some of them are legitimate. criticism you know the main defect of the deal in the eyes of those trump is that the deed was concluded by by barack obama and this is why if you do worse do concluded by the united states. trying to is trying to destroy i mean all the heritage left behind him by obama and of course. the nuclear deal with iran was the last time please feature in in external policy. put together by the. american administration and of course to destroy it is very to try to destroy it is very symbolic saw for donald trump now will it succeed this is another question but i'll leave the debate open and we will come back to that question in fact i am
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a ham and let me put the same question to you do you think that some of the criticisms of the ironic clarity of all are fair. i think that as i say international atomic agency and also the european union and also the. united nations security council all of these. said that iran was committed to the deal committed to its promises so the deal is going on and iran is committed to its promises so we are waiting for the trumpet ministration to come back to the negotiating table all the partners of these two national deal are still around the negotiating table but the trouble is mr administration. left the negotiations and they're fifty zero so we are going
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to wait for them to discover what and the obama administration discovered before the sanctions will not help to make peace ok. and sure let me ask you do you think that the trumpet administration has actually articulated what they think is wrong with the deal besides as france was saying just that it was something that happened under the obama administration do you think that they have actually articulated what they don't like about the deal. yes they have multiple times little bit more trouble ministration have some of the top disagreements being the sunset clause that iran could start and reaching uranium in about eight years in about ten years and all those ten to fifteen years and all the sanctions are lifted it will be impossible to sanction iran again if they try to break out and build a nuclear weapon this deal does not stop ballistic missile proliferation in iran this deal does not stop iran's financing of terror from the who these in yemen to
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hezbollah. to their actions of the assad regime so the trumpet ministration actually has laid out all of their concerns with the deal. when trump first came into office he gave our european partners i think it was was it eight months or twelve months he said we have this amount of time i want to see what we can do to fix the deal what can be made done you're didn't offer any alternatives nothing moved forward and like trump said he said twelve months we're going to leave the deal and if nothing changes nothing changes from stuck to his word so i think you have to trump. so a lot of those criticisms that you have that you have of there is a matter on and that donald trump does people at the same concerns about saudi arabia why the different policies right look there's a lot of concerns about actors what's going on in the region but these are two very very separate issues. part of the reason well first of all the only reason why the
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assad regime is still fighting is because of iranian support hezbollah and lebanon which iran is bankrolled iran bangalore and again that is going on because of saudi arabia. terror groups all across terror groups has a lot of running a century the drug and human trafficking trade across europe bankrolled by iran iranian money is much more detrimental to the region look i don't i was my question was well it doesn't it doesn't have to be either or though is what i'm asking at i'm not saying that that some of the criticisms that you have against iran are not things that many analysts agree with that i'm not saying that i'm simply saying why the different policies why the either or is what i'm asking well look i think that the u.s. does we do need to evaluate especially what happened with jamal khashoggi and turkey those very deplorable action i think some of these things do need to be looked into like in the same gratz all across the region we have allies and enemies
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which ships which have committed terrible acts for instance like with jamal khashoggi with most recently with cutter being accused of using jamal ben omar for hacking americans and using diplomatic immunity to try to get out of debt look these are all to end the u.s. having a military base there i think these are all things the u.s. should reevaluate should look after i think at the end of the day iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism i think cracking down on the iranian regime and cracking down on the various behavior is something that is very important something the iran deal overlooked and something it could very easily mohamed could have done mohamed you are in tehran i certainly would like to respond to that. you know it is crystal clear for everyone in the world that trump does not respect international agreements does not respect international terms and he is as a businessman he wants to be focused on trade with so it is in the huge investment
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by some of the family in syria they're around the president and his family so they don't want to ax to what saudis are doing in yemen and it is interesting for me that they have killed an american journalist an american citizen in consulate in the accounts waiting to hear indeed and nothing happened for them you know so. it is trump not respecting to international and commence not respecting to paris i commend nafta or something like this and so i don't think that they would be succeeded in their new. o.c. but new policy new decision three imposing sanctions on iran and people you know for us well let me ask you about that what about the credibility of the united states that you know the trump administration is ripped up this deal that took
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several countries a very long time to come to and also let's go back to that mean that he tweeted that said sanctions are coming do you do you think that that reflects a real. understanding the gravity of what this is.


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