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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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but what was really interesting was the history teacher allies such as the united kingdom and the united states pointedly make reference to the jamal khashoggi murder and to criticize a broad raft of other problems that they see with saudi arabian human rights record united kingdom is great about the deteriorating human rights situation in saudi arabia progress on women's rights has been overshadowed by severe constriction of political space mass arrests of human rights defenders increased use of terrorist groups to political dissidents and continuing extensive use of the. most concerning is the most. it was indicative i think of a greater willingness here to hold saudi arabia to account for a whole raft of issues that the international community is concerned about on the back of the murder of jamal khashoggi and the final report when it comes will be very interesting to read indeed so to come around. comes under fire after investigators reveal
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a plane that crashed into the java sea last week at the same fault on earlier flights last. i'm from me in madagascar where this week's presidential election could be the most expensive ever yet more than three quarters of the population lives in poverty. we've got the rain clouds gathering into central and southern parts of australia the moment you see this long line of cloud coming right out of the interior down into the southeastern corner said of course some rain making its way across south australia just eighteen celsius rather late nineteen degrees for melbourne the head of that is still warm sydney the thirty degrees celsius thirty five for brisbane killer fresher air comes back in across the southwest though perth at around sixteen degrees
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a southerly wind will pick up to around twenty by the time we come to what is then by wednesday look at that rain makes its way right down into the southeastern corner only fifteen their full adelaide and for melbourne but much needed rain coming in across a good part of victoria into new south wales where that rain will be welcome twenty six celsius there for sydney and eventually that rainfall will make its way towards south island of new zealand that a bit of cloud just easing its way into the far south of new zealand then at the moment and as we go on through were choose day is find a dry eighteen celsius in christchurch temperatures pick up by where to stay twenty four degrees but that rain is talking on the door much from new zealand they will be fired rubber plenty of sunshine dry with a good deal of sunshine searing to good parts of japan and it stays that way over the next couple of days. well the story is of life. and and spurning.
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oh a series of short documentaries from around the wilds that celebrate the human spirit against me oh it's. all over. the old. al-jazeera slackness express yourself. top stories here in the. u.s. has called the latest sanctions against iran the toughest ever imposed by the measures target the oil and financial sectors iran's president insists it will be
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business as usual for his country. turkish media reporting members of a saudi team sent to istanbul to investigate the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi focused instead on removing evidence saudi consul general's residence. u.s. president donald trump and former president barack obama have both been rallying supporters at of tuesday's midterm elections in arizona a closely fought race could see the state's first democratic senator in thirty years a key issue for voters there is immigration on your castro reports from tucson. the day of the dead a traditional mexican festival also celebrated here in the u.s. state of arizona across the border here amid tokens of the dead talks of politics is very much a life because of the state of the country. i think that with president unfortunately it's i mean there's people that love him and that's great but there's people that
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despise him because of his attitude and the way he speaks trump isn't on the ballot but arizona will choose between congressional candidates who either support or oppose him i wholeheartedly support the president. of the national guard to the border i believe it's our duty to stand up against the president is doing something wrong trump one arizona in the presidential election outside urban centers support for him remains strong but in this state where one in three voters call themselves independents the midterm elections results are anyone's guess i'm kind of a little bit in both ways you know so it depends on where. that person stands for there's also the question of whether latinos lean democrat will turn out in high numbers arizona's pride of its mixed heritage is on display here with latinos making up thirty percent of the state's population the fewer than half of registered voters actually cast the ballot in
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a midterm election so the challenge for the democratic party is to translate that into the the streets into action at the core volunteers with a group me familiar volta have been canvassing hispanic neighborhoods for weeks this is the response has been worrying the vote. a lot of them are scared they're scared to even come out they're scared to even do anything because of everything that's been going on because of what trump in recent weeks trump has stoked fears about in approaching caravan of central american migrants these are bad people coming through there these are babies your little angels coming into our country the president is sending more than five thousand soldiers to the border it's definitely a fear based strategy at the same time i think when you're thinking about arizona as again those practicality is is that overkill. voters at the day of the dead festival spoke of the dark state of politics in arizona and around the u.s.
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they say they're ready to move on the question is in which direction i do joe castro al-jazeera tucson arizona. and john hendren is live in fort wayne indiana for us we're told will be holding a rally shortly why is trump making indiana one of his last thoughts for the midterm elections. learn the president is here because republicans smell blood this is one of several states where a democratic incumbent senator is in what is normally a republican state so polls show a pretty even race joe donnelly is called the accidental senator. because nobody expected the democratically elected twelve years ago or at least not the majority of people and he's had to govern as a moderate because of that he is favors trumps border wall he is pro-life when it comes to abortion he often quotes ronald reagan the republican president and he faces republican businessman mike vaughan in
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a race that is neck and neck democrats need to hold on to ten seats like this that are vulnerable and they need to pick up two in order to control the u.s. senate that is a tall order and donald trump is here to make sure that doesn't happen and after you leave here he's going to go to the also reliably republican state of missouri where another democratic incumbent senator claire mccaskill is struggling in the fight for her life and john there was a number of races for the state government tell us some more about why those this important. that's right in the midwest there are at least three states that currently have an incumbent republican governor those are wisconsin illinois and michigan and in each race there is a republican against the democrats in a race that is polling with the democrat ahead by at least a couple of points now michigan and wisconsin remain something of a tossup in illinois j.b. pritzker is it least ten points ahead of the incumbent republican bruce rounder and
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that makes a difference because it is the republicans who control the process of drawing the electoral map they draw they work with the legislature to draw up a district and they can favor either the republican or democratic party by gerrymandering those maps and that determines who runs nationally so it can really determine who ends up in congress and both parties are working hard to make sure they get their people in those governorships john hendren thank you very much. well speaker sri lanka's parliament says president serious cena has repeatedly misled him as a constitutional crisis over the appointment of the rajapakse as prime minister and to the second week and pays when you get to vote on it until november the fourteenth the speaker says serious cena promised him parliament would sit earlier than us mr ports work on the. he might be able to draw a crowd of thousands but his new prime minister still hasn't been endorsed by parliament that's a constitutional coupe critics say prison my three policy resign
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a small in his former ally then a rival now ally again and suspended parliament more than a week ago the speaker accuses the president of repeatedly not keeping promises of an early recall of parliament karo jayasuriya says he'll only recognise mahinda rajapakse as appointment if m.p.'s vote for it he said it's difficult to remain silent in the face of the severe violation of democratic principles the forcible taking over of the administration of media and other public sector institutions the majority of m.p.'s is of the opinion that all changes made in the parliament are undemocratic and inconsistent with the traditions of parliament but his supporters as appointment is justified at the got to get out of but the one that didn't have the internet you know this is a leader who won the war the one who saved the country i mean look all the legal
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things have been done and dusted he's now prime minister. granted i'm going to be i'm learning rajapaksa accuses create a sense of increasing the tax burden and abusing power a man who was fired to make way run away from a single says he's still prime minister and has the parliamentary support to prove it. he won't leave the official residence until m.p.'s get to vote over a week to go before parliament this week you are suggesting the rajapaksa come be just a handful of votes to give him the majority he needs to get seats then he'll probably remain as prime minister but the man or maybe the chief power risks polarizing the lankan politicians but it's an al-jazeera comedy and the phone separatists of claim responsibility for the kidnapping of around eighty people from a boarding school in western cameroon video released by the ambos only a freedom fighters shows the students giving their names and the names of their
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parents the rebel group took at least seventy nine students and their principal from a presbyterian school in the city of bam end on sunday it's in the country's english speaking region where separatists are fighting for an independent state jury selection is underway in the u.s. for the trial of one of mexico's most notorious drug lords. guzman also known as as chapo has been held in solitary confinement in new york for the past two years security for the trial is expected to be high especially for witnesses and jurors. it's been revealed the lion airplane that crashed into the sea off indonesia last week had the same fault for earlier flights information downloaded from the plane's black box showed a damaged airspeed indicator now relatives of the one hundred eighty nine people killed on board want to know why the aircraft was allowed to keep flying next year bryan reports. it was amazing charged with emotion as distraught family members
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came face to face with investigators and the co-founder of lion air and they never call us or do they express their sympathy they gathered in indonesia's capital jakarta to get the latest on the investigation one hundred eighty nine people were on board the boeing seven three seven mechs when it plunged into the java sea yamato between hundred ninth just minutes after takeoff. the plane had been grounded just a day earlier after a pilot reported problems with the flight control system it was flying erratically with fluctuations in speed and altitude but lion air said it was fixed and cleared to fly again divers pulled the data recorder from the water on thursday and it's revealed an ongoing problem. a malfunction of the is speed indicator was found in the last four flights we've asked boeing to take the necessary actions to prevent the same accident from happening again especially on
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the boeing seven three seven eight. lyon has been a frequent target of complaints about poor service and safety issues the president has ordered a review of all flight safety regulations but many relatives are demanding an independent investigation and accountability. we can't let this happen it's within the legal processes that these technicians take full responsibility. the plane slammed into the sea so fast that only fragments of the wreckage you've been recovered and that's made identifying victims difficult. i will not give up. we will be out there until the end of the search operation but if there is still the possibility of finding victims we will continue the search but. this family at least has a chance to hold a funeral and a place to go to mourn for many others though the agonizing wait continues.
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al-jazeera to watch as journalist jailed for seven years in may and more have appealed their conviction while loan and course were found guilty in september of violating me in laws state secrets law they say police planted documents on them while they were investigating the killing of revenge of muslims a conviction has been condemned by diplomats and human rights groups but i've got sky is preparing for what could be the most expensive presidential election in its history politicians are spending more than ever on their bid for the top office in a country where more than three quarters of the population live in poverty from going to miller reports from until then there are even. deep within one town and i reveal thousands of people eek out a living in the mountains of rubbish at the rally truck dump one of africa's largest dams it's a mess of a waste flies and stomach turning smells from beneath the dirt these people hunt
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for what others may consider to be waste but for them potential treasure potential at all i've been working here for twenty years he and his children are looking for any valuable metals all bones which are used to make a local medicine they earn four dollars for every bag of scrap collected. does not pay very much and the most difficult part of doing it is digging deep into the dirt is so much dust by the time i'm sure you mention what i'm covered in sweat and sand nearly eighty percent of the population lives on less than two dollars a day according to a world bank report one political crisis after another has significantly contributed to madagascar's high level of poverty and the country's done very little to improve the wellbeing of its population now is the madagascar heads to the polls critics say far too much money is being spent on electioneering rather
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than helping the poor. father pedro picker has for decades been working to help the poor in the suburb of a commercial he says while the election is a chance for democracy politicians serve their own interests he needs many of the people he's helped with food housing and education in the sunday mass. this. witness to this poverty of being a medical ask a fifty years i've seen this country descend into hell and here we've shown that with education discipline and respect we can fight poverty this week's presidential elections expected to cost even more than it did five years ago there are more candidates running. and there are no laws limiting campaign spending what we know is that probably election two thousand and thirteen was you know one of the most expensive elections in the history of what i guess can also when you compare my guess got to other countries there was a study for instance by the european union that came out in two thousand and sixteen and it basically claimed that the budget to complain budget of the not in
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the last present the outgoing president was one in two thousand and thirteen was forty three million u.s. dollars that actually means that he has spent you know by voter then present donald trump in the united states as campaigning draws to a close those we spoke to at the rally to try to say they will vote they say if it's voting that saves them from life in the dump then it will be worth it i mean al jazeera antenna not eva catch up any time with the last tori's on our website address that is al-jazeera dot com. and one of the top stories here. yes president trump has called the latest sanctions against iran the toughest ever imposed measures target tehran's oil and financial sectors and the u.s.
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has warned there will be consequences for any country that continues to do business with iran in response iran accused the u.s. of bullying we have the toughest sanctions ever imposed but on oil we want to go a little bit slower because i don't want to drive the oil prices in the world this has nothing to do with the red i don't want to drive the oil prices in the world so i'm not looking to be a great hero and bring it down to zero immediately i could get the iran oil down to zero immediately but it would cause a shock to the market i don't want to lift oil prices. turkey's newspaper is reporting that members of a saudi team sent to istanbul to investigate the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi focused instead on removing evidence of the publication claims experts on chemicals and toxicology or among the saudi team that arrived nine days after the assassination meanwhile the u.n. human rights council in geneva has been reviewing the actions of saudi arabia and its record on rights violations
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a saudi delegation faced questions over the murder of. a restated the kingdom's position that it's investigating the killing and will prosecute those responsible u.s. president donald trump and former president barack obama have both been rallying supporter ahead of tuesday's midterm elections immigration and the economy a proving to be the key issues for voters democrats are hoping to win control of the house of representatives thousands of people who rallied in support of sri lanka's newly appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa president of syria say no told crowds he fired run neutral or syria because he was neglecting local people at the speaker sri lanka's parliament says serious cena has repeatedly misled him over the constitutional crisis and the phone separatists have claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of dozens of people from a boarding school in western cameroon video released by the embers onya freedom
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fighters shows the students giving their names and the names of their parents there's a top stories a.j. select says coming up next to you can i have enough. on november sixth the united states will vote will president gain or lose growing we'll be live from the white house on pier on capitol hill as the results come in join us for special coverage of the u.s. midterm elections on al-jazeera. we work hard to take the place that. was. meant to. last us.
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and. to get a. sense that i mean. this is destroying everything the strain the country as a whole people have lost hold because they just don't feel like it will change i'm very upset about it i want to remind them that they would do something about it or . this leave it to get worse than it really is. i think it is the best way to do it it's a powerful tool. house
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might have. had to say about how i have said i might have had them and how i spoke to them i see why they are plenty what happens actually how do i say let is basically a trick and that is just focusing on corruption corruption that is going on in our country that is going on in the government and we see it we were you go cops in every way from all families forces to people that we actually look up to you know what i mean so it's just a track that is just sending out a message i want no interest so i have made and it has to stop i teamed up with corruption watch so it's a. it's a movement ok. i'm the director for fiesta black's high recently music video we're coming from you as
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from johannesburg south. africa. the most obvious interrogate people in the whole world until it upside down yes another party is going to propose this is the start shooting the action. at. the. time it was meant to. take the hour we. don't. have. time to. see the. shot we. should. see. that.
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caption destroys the chest that we have institutions the people who suffer the most those that are. importing. the printed line because they are. being provided and they still get it. and i do believe that crime is a major cause of this between our society what would you like to tell the us south africa. you know i just want people to join me on this fight because obviously a conduit alone i can be the only one willing to fight i want to say i've got a big mouth to talk about so this is the time for me to speak. to you can say everything that i want to say.
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yeah we in the hood you know hey now we're now in the slammer by the yeah we in cape town. and i'm going to. just look around you. to man up. make a make a days. i'll be happy i say. who and what do ya do you have like twenty people living in one yard which is like all the shacks and everything so i'm going to talk to them about it and figure out what they think should be happening what should be given to them what they feel is money you know being delivered and how they feel about everything that. we've done but.
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we. must get. in the education and because young people on this. coping school. in. the late. o'flynn when the wind blows these things goes like oh my sleeping. is so cold this is opposed to if this is misleading talk to was lying just because here. no this blue top that was signed and i think yes it is a church but this is the place government was supposed to look at first because everybody go through them because of become.
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close. to. the moon or close your eyes yes yes. anyway but. right now i can talk to float like. this where i'm not. ok and here's my great new. look a book who are all know now he says he's strong my grandmother is ninety seven as you see as you're standing she's strong and she can or if you miss with her she will hit you with the stick. in a man and woman at
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a tender never intended maybe uncle. i you know around. all my womb where would you tell me what you. know must know it. was a good techs know as a title read a letter lay a letter to a man who wanted to get him a snuggly some phone. face a new teacher. crib a day of aids in. the world boy and clearly hundreds and. hundreds are we have us now you think you can actually take all i know but was about and all that i got out of her not all that and then ever end of the day that's when they're like i want to get some nice. raul valued and i was wrong with the mother is he. going to get.
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it's a very good example of corruption i'm going to give it to come to you corruption watch how you get corruption at its best sequence and it's not only my mom i don't know must do something about it. and it's do something about economic freedom we're going to talk to a corruption much going to do something about it it's bed. there's so many old people here who he was doing that is making so much money every man from cooking to the out of the pension many. people are receiving it very well and. they love the name with the song by stealing the group because it's catchy and they leave the likud. people actually do ok and they do want to change. my. ways.
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what's falling on your. lungs. and sampled enough time passing the little bit off if he's just. going right. that's no longer hit by an. opinion that he did this. on the end of the memo closed.
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off in one of them a bit of a bill. so when. he said again you need. to. stick with more of me that we live. in they've got the money i might not. have had. a lot i think ok all right mark potter. a bit of them but i'm i'm i'm one of them in
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a modified number. and they must've been up front with the bit about the us i doubt . that on balance i didn't know much of the stuff of my stuff but i mean my post them on my feeling they did the other side of the drug but. i think. it's ok. who. was on the internet she did you just ask for billions and. then yes i'm what sunday her husband is coming up a little bit and just a side note. that if i skip the. album and see.


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