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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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it's effectively digitally later though the police. looked at the digital code and had access again to those pictures but it was pretty irrelevant because they all had already had a recording earlier of that tape but this shows according to the turkish security services that this was another blatant attempt to cover up this murder thank you for that andrew simmons live for us in istanbul still ahead on al-jazeera the search is on in cameroon after armed men kidnaps dozens of children and their school principal security on high alert for mexico's most wanted drug kingpin as selecting a jury gets underway in new york city. from dusk the sunset so it's proving savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello there we've got some very heavy rain still over
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parts of europe on the satellite picture you can see this area of cloud here that's pushing its way northward and as it hits land it's going to lift and give us some very heavy rain so that's where the worst of the weather is likely to be over the southern parts of france and a bit further north as well as you hit some of the higher ground so very very wet here during the day today and they could be some flooding that system will then gradually edge its way eastwards give us a bit of snow as it makes its way across the alps there and then gradually begin to ease as we head through the day on wednesday behind it there's another weather system pushing its way in so very wet and very windy forest particularly over parts of britain and ireland further east the of course in europe and it's generally falling unsettled it's also really quite modern up at seventeen degrees remember we're in november now and kiev's up around ten so really very mild for us from the other side of the mediterranean we've been having some very disturbed weather as well all thanks to the same system that's been affecting us in the mediterranean
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the latest one is just bringing a bit of cloud to the north so not really any significant rain as we head through tuesday and on wednesday it should brighten up all together so for outages we should get a bit higher up to around twenty one degrees is still really quite warm forcing cairo we're up at twenty six. do with sponsored boycotts on use. when they're on line are you looking at why don't live how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to be long term success or if you join us on sand if you could take me around the continent where would you take me if you don't have the set up your experiment for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting points there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories polls open in just a few hours for one of the most divisive u.s. midterm elections in the is person donald trump it three states in the final day of campaigning holding his last rally in missouri the vote is seen as a referendum on his presidency. turkey's foreign minister says the forty's have more evidence regarding the killing of jamaat has showed they haven't yet shared with the public his comments come after turkish media reports say stuff at the saudi consulate in istanbul tried to tamper with security cameras to help cover up the journalists murder the daily saba says they tried to rip up the camera inside the consulate on october second the day jamal khashoggi was meant it. that china's
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alleged abuse against its wave or muslim minority will be under the spotlight in geneva on tuesday the un human rights council will be conducting experience review of the chinese government's human rights record where we live in geneva in just a moment but first this report from adrian brown in northwest china. there are few more difficult places for foreign journalists to report from in china than shinji especially in. the provinces vast security and surveillance network is in overdrive as international criticism mounts over china's internment program for ethnic muslim we goes and other groups officially chinese government officials insist they're providing free vocational training for those deemed vulnerable to islamic extremism in. the way. but exiled leader activists say these centers are nothing less than reeducation camps were up to
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a million men and women are being held indefinitely without charge and a grand chinese government is doing that with the international repercussions so i believe that china would accelerate its start to wipe out the whole we were a nation if the world wouldn't be stronger harsher and china tire here a minute believes he'd be in a camp if he returned to shin jang he says a chinese state security agent tried to persuade him to go back after he moved to israel to study early last year leaving his wife and daughter behind in shin jang. the agent also a week ago telephoned him repeatedly wanting details of women's contacts in israel sometimes the calls were taunting. you and that gives you a danger to you your daughter won't turn out to be a scum like you says
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a voice she'll be useful to the communist party. with. the implication was clear her fate was in their hands he said that one day you will need support one day you will need assistance from the chinese government if you go back to your homeland your family members your wives your daughter still are in the room before him and left china he lived here a room she the provincial capital of shin jang he used to call his daughter all the time but in february she told him don't call me or my mother again her last words to her father with the you're a bad person. with so many people missing in shin jang including his brother and sister i'm in is not sure if his wife and daughter
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are safe he also doesn't know for sure if they're still in a room she his wife divorced in just after he moved to the united states but he understands why marriage to him he says has made her a marked woman now live so paul brennan who is in geneva for us so what criticism paul is china facing today. well i mean it's china's turn essentially it's a face the working group of the u.n. human rights council it's the periodic review happens every five years which china will be asked to justify its human rights record now what they do is advance put advance documentation in front of the working group china has come out in a very combative type of form they've said that they do strongly support human rights but with chinese characteristics and they certainly don't support the politicize ation as the document says of human rights that said the various u.n.
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committees who submit their evidence to the working group talk about the concern about detentions about torture other concerns include restrictions on journalists n.g.o.s to investigate human rights violations the prevalence of corruption and perhaps most importantly in relation to adrian's report on the current concerns is the fates of ethnic minorities and in particular the weak is and that's why we're down here away from the u.n. down at the banks of lake geneva for this protest which is a week world congress protest joining me is mehmet toti organizer of this mehmet tell me why the fates of the week is so important right now though when you go people but in both in a stoic stand on abroad the phrase some tremendous tremendous amount all for was. rights and more than a million or you guys now under that concentration camp kept by china and of those people did however all that there was behold mounted they don't know anything about
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their own that there was whether they had dad or alive because dad cut off all of minas all communication with their family members and loved ones this protest will march from the banks of the lake up to the u.n. building where the working group is having its hearings what kind of pressure do you hope to bring to bear on that hearing and there's serious discussion are going on in united nations around the demand all the western democracies and right minded . people in the united nations just stand up for china just so demand them to and this concentration camp which is the on the acceptable practice in twenty first century how do you accept how do you expect china will receive that they don't seem to as you said from the thing it has to be within the parameters of china's own rules you know to china with the chinese flavor of international rule china has a buy that all the relationship with all the countries around the world and that you have a trade you have a diplomatic relationship on the social diplo all kind of political relationship so
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that china's all noble too and if china wants to be a respected member of global community used to help to play with the rules set up by global communities mehmet thank you very much the march is kind of just moving down the bank a little bit of form up there are other contingencies from taiwan and vietnam here as well with their own human rights concerns will have more for you during the day thank you for that poll brennen live for us in geneva. authorities in cameroon have launched a major a search and rescue operation after a gunman kidnapped seventy nine students and their principal they were taken from a school nearby men die in the northwest by fighting this pushing for an independent state annex here brian has more this dormitory should be full if the sounds of students excited chatter in state they silence. i am super tests forced their way into this boarding school on monday kidnapping dozens of children aged between eleven and seventeen their price the only one.
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night in their interest to just give. the video showing the captured students was posted on social media by a group of men who call themselves the boys it's a reference to the independent stated that some separatists want to establish in the english speaking south west and northwest regions where amanda is a state capital. have been here. in the states. where. these people. the governor says the separatists are responsible for a campaign of raping looting and killing he's vowing a tough response by the military cameron's army has been accused of a violent crackdown on protests by english speakers who say the french dominated
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government discriminates against them hundreds of people have been killed in the past year and hundreds of thousands of others displaced by the fighting some say protests have attacked schools seeing them as an arm of the government groups are. independent. and cannot find their parents and they will have to stay with them. on tuesday cameron's leader pulled the will be sworn in for a seventh term he won a contested election last month he says he's the only one who can guarantee cameroon remains a united country this is the first time separatists have carried out a mess abduction of children it's evidence that cameron's future is far from secure elixir brian al jazeera israel is attempting to improve relations with some gulf
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arab states the country's intelligence and transport minister is visiting oman prime minister benjamin netanyahu and number of high ranking israeli officials have also visited the region in recent weeks experts say policy alignment particularly on efforts to contain iran have emboldened both sides to go public with their discussions. reports from jerusalem. it was a picture does surprise some shocked others and left many wondering. meeting and greeting israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu and his wife sara the first visit by an israeli leader to a man in more than twenty years. perhaps this video resists even more questions israel's ministry of culture and education the grand mosque in abu dhabi. was visiting the emirate to see israel's winded jew two world championship host
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countries of international sporting events are obliged to include all participants regardless of their nationality israel has a lot of relations with some of the gulf states and other countries and arab countries and muslim countries which we don't know about the average citizen doesn't really know what's going on we know that there are connections we know that there is coordination specifically on issues of security regional security especially with the threat of iran and this has been going on for some turn there was no public condemnation from any of the regional countries except for mildly voiced concerns raised by some palestinian officials but with israel giving the impression that it's on its way to normalization with some of its arab neighbors how long that may take the question is where does that leave the palestinians they still support the arab initiative of two thousand and one in which normalization with all the arab states would come only after signing a peace deal with the palestinians since the takeover of the gaza strip in two thousand and seven relations between the hamas leadership in gaza and fact to him
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ramallah have been frosty at best the palestinian legislative council hasn't convened for more than ten years crippling all political and economic life a stumbling block the palestinian factions haven't been able to bypass so far. unity is crucial to face challenges like trying to deal in these really ongoing settlement paul. see in the latest nation state law but reconciliation is further away there is real danger that this will turn into sensation between ramallah and gaza and that is the worst that could happen the man visit is seen by many in israel as a signal that change could be coming the change of political weirdness that's going on there israel is now this inevitable adversary that actually could be an ally and a partner and that has existed levels for a long time but now it's starting to filter down to wider audience and
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these countries are not going to. open up embassies in jerusalem the day after tomorrow but i think they will explore ways of building relationships piece by piece that serve their national interest arab countries continue to say that resolving these really palestinian conflict we means the priority but it also seems that some countries at least a willing to change the regional order but that that hamid al jazeera in west jerusalem jury selection is under way in the u.s. for the trial of one of mexico's most notorious drug lords joaquin guzman also known as el chapo has been held in solitary confinement in new york for the past two years security for the trial is expected to be high especially for witnesses and jurors gamer elizondo has more from outside the court in brooklyn new york.
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jury selection is underway at this federal courthouse in brooklyn but just the jury selection is expected to take at least a week for a trial that's going to be very complicated a trial that the judge said could last more than three months to pick a jury you can get a sense of the comp complexities of it all because finding jurors that know little to nothing about money is going to be quite difficult considering how many books in movies have been done about him over the years he's very famous and popular media also finding a cure that can stay on this trial for as much as three months is complicated because the jurors will be sequestered in a hotel here in new york throughout the course of the trial now prosecutors say that they plan to lay out a lot of evidence linking. guzman to his sinhala cartel and his illegal activities with in the united states particularly drug trafficking and money laundering prosecutors say in the end they hope that they will provide enough that
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it didn't it will put guzman in jail for good forever the u.s. top military officer says washington will have to change its posture in the korean peninsula if talks with pyongyang continue the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general joseph dunford says a success of diplomacy would eventually require just men still military strategy on the korean peninsula the pentagon says a russian fighter jet flew close to a u.s. navy payne over the black sea military pilots are known to use this tactic as a warning or to try to force other aircraft to change course the u.s. navy says the move was unprovoked while russia says it prevented violation of its a space the incidents last a twenty five minutes and happened in international airspace the black sea is an area that has previously seen tension between russian and nato forces.
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you know again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera polls open in just a few hours for one of the most divisive us midterm elections in years present donald trump ate three states in the final day of campaigning holding his last friday in missouri we democrats immigration policies are extreme danger is reckless and insane they support catch and release they want to free criminal allan's they want no pro tax for american workers and taxpayers and they want totally open borders which means crime will pour into our country. illegal immigration of course our country more than one hundred billion dollars every year and that's before them the butchers of missouri indiana and wisconsin combined meanwhile former us president barack obama was also on the campaign trail working to get out the vote for democratic candidates the killjoy
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this country is on the bill who we are is on the ballot. what kind of. politics we expect is on the ballot how we conduct ourselves in public life is on the ballot how we treat other people is on the ballot. turkey's foreign minister says authorities have more evidence regarding the killing of jamal they haven't shared it with the public is comments come after turkish media reports say staff at the saudi consulate in istanbul trying to tamper with security cameras to help cover up the murder of the saudi journalists china's allege abuse again says wiggle muslim minority will be under the spotlight in geneva this tuesday the un's human rights council is conducting is periodic review of the chinese government's human rights records of
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stories in camera and have launched a major search and rescue operation after gunmen kidnapped seventy nine students and their principal they were taken from a school near by men day in the north west by fighters who were pushing for an independent state. you have to sit with headlines on al-jazeera the news continues right after the stream to stay with us. i journey of personal discovery. more american here and there in the us algis there is a mirror image of our own highlights the struggles and resourcefulness i made to the mask and trying to preserve their way of life. is one of the unscrupulous enough. from. al-jazeera correspondent we are still here.
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for the ok in your industry and i'm willing to be allowed today can satire survive in a so called post truth era which out with a panel of noted comedians about the power of political satire and while you're leaving your comments and questions of the new king chat take a look at this rant by at tempted to call satirist home for. the leftists responsible for this result because the left has now decided to any other opinion any other way of looking at the world is unacceptable we don't debate anymore because the left won the cultural war so if you're on the right you're a freak you're evil you're a racist you're stupid you are a basket of deplorable how do you think people are going to vote if you talk to them like that when is anyone ever been persuaded by being insulted or or labeled so now if you're on the right or even against the prevailing view you are attacked for raising your opinion that's why people wait until they're in the voting booth no one's watching anymore there's no blame or shame or anything and you can finally say what you really think and that is a powerful thing the tories in charge bricks here and now from and all the polls
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were wrong all of them because when else people can't admit what they think. looks that was more conflict issues television news reporter jonathan pie in two thousand and sixteen commenting on the election of u.s. president donald trump was right it's inspired have racked up hundreds of thousands of views online making him a social media sensation while raising the ire of people across the political spectrum on both sides of the pond political satire has been traditionally used as a tool to punch against those in power a way to voice the concerns of marginalized groups who sometimes aren't given access to the public square. so one of the particular challenges of doing political satire right now when what's happening in the real world is sometimes more outlandish than any fictional news headline which would in the studio by telephone piii. tom walk in the sanjay's we have talent in california we have christina wall she's a comedienne
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a writer and performance artist running for public office and in san francisco francesca freeman t.v. is also a comedian and correspondent for everybody is really good to have. the bombs to come free and flowing at christina. you could describe what you'll doing right now with political satire can you do that right international audience because right now absolutely specific space and yet assistance my campaign headquarters in chinatown. presented by art salon chinatowns of was presented by the art world and i'm not actually on tomorrow's ballot i'm just campaigning i realized after years of making spectacle on theaters in guerrilla actions that i could no longer outdo the spectacle of real life politics and so i'm just going to bring my spectacle to where it's happening which is the political stage so at some point i will file and run for office but currently what i'm doing is giving
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a campaign speech is shaking babies kissing. trying to stage indorsements i mean yet door smits from white conservatives who normally probably would not endorse me and and just sort of stacking my deck and collecting bribes things like what your slogan. it's the name of my failed reality television pilot. makes it right i actually had pitched a reality t.v. show that tru t.v. picked up just so they paid for a pilot we could start when obama was president and we had to shoot it when trump was president and i sort of blamed that shift for why everything about the persona that i had pitched then about this sort of naive self-centered activist conquering political apathy didn't it made sense when obama was president and then by the time we shot it in march. presidency it made no sense and or just everything just flipped upside itself and they turned down the pilot are now buying it for
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a season and so i mad out of what i really had ironing and the ready to tell him where he was before running for office shaking hands i had to write that down so that is your platform and i want to introduce our audience in case they're not familiar with your platform tom walker with this piece you're not going to play it because it's for the b.b.c. but i want to show our audience my problem with mansplaining this is jonathan pi this is your character and i bring this up because you got some pretty high praise for this in the form of brick interface himself noted comedienne and originator of the original office the u.k. version ricky says i just watched your bit on man slinging brilliant brain for all analytical without forgetting to be funny i like to think that i could do something that's crafted and detailed if i had the patience and the energy so. happy now right that's my next post to quote thank you very much. yeah i mean that
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particular bit i mean i must explain the jonathan part of the character i'm me you know we're lefties we're liberals but what i find with satire these days is that you know certainly in the u.k. and i've seen a little bit of it here i mean in the u.k. it's all sorts of shows a whole for now all of. on voters stupid and on trump voters stupid well one that's not true to tactically. not clever and three it's boring you know so what i try to do with pi is because he cares about the left in the liberal ideas he's trying to lie on the left just as much as he does the right by telling them where they're going wrong and they aren't going wrong you can tell that because of who's in the white house at the moment you know something went wrong along along the line you know. because john pike has it because. yeah i mean certainly with this thing about left i care deeply about free speech which isn't very fashionable on the left these days certainly my country i think in america is
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under attack but what's interesting for me is the comedy world i'm very new to the comedy world i started off as an actor of all the art forms i've ever encountered and you wouldn't think it the comedy world is the most sense sorious the most sensitive i mean the attacks i've got from the comedy world just for standing up for the principle of free speech suddenly you're all right you're not so you're not see apologise it's bonkers to me so it makes me double down and go no this is this is you never going to win if you if you keep down that road as far as i'm concerned . cast i just want to play a little clip from your work which is done on some of the al-jazeera platforms so you would think that you had quite a conservative audience but then here is the material that nothing happened. do ya graffiti and now americans are learning that the syrian civil war is arguably the seven layer dip of wars you've got your authoritarian your rebels your civilians your foreign superpowers your warring factions your stateless fighters topped off
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with a whole lot of misinformation in other words an amazing way out of luck syria is about as easy to understand as a third grader trying to give you a synopsis of game of thrones ok so the assads are like the land if there is and the us is like the stars or maybe they're the target putin is randy bolton and see young great joy is the. and i'm thinking conservatives will see no to a big sea. yes i think well that is i mean that's an interesting thing that you noted there in terms of the way that news broke was born out of al-jazeera right and born out of an online platform that is really targeted at young people and so many so much of the language that young people are speaking i think ever since the daily show was going back really is through satire and through comedy they want to be informed but they don't want everything to be so serious i think tom's character speaks to that as well right whenever you break down this
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buttoned up newscaster i think that especially young people are going to listen much more than they would if you're if you're just over the top sincere so i think news broke set out to do that and i think to a lot we gain new fans i think so major plus people who are used to seeing let's say the syrian civil war only treated through the lens of being that buttoned up newscasts which i think afterwards so many years can get we all tune it out there's a way we both tune out. what we think is like distasteful or you know something that is off color but then also we tune out things that are way too serious and sad so how do we get people to pay attention and i was our first attempt at talking about something so so grave christina. i think i just think we i see here which tom is saying about free speech is and their attack and i used
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to be someone who's like yeah let's just have at it let's just say whatever we want until. until people begin to take alex jones seriously and then act on those things or until someone does like oh man i've got to go shoot up a synagogue. because there's a god is helping these folks are going to go is responsible for his own actions donald trump didn't do that and i'm experienced and do that and also by alex jones now not being allowed a platform that he doesn't go away he goes underground but by suppressing an opinion you don't you don't you don't love alex jones as a performance artist yeah ok i'm a start is i'll give us a performance i was a performance artist yeah i love it but i don't know what's happening because it's shifting culture in a way that like who this is. now i think people civil rights people or people don't understand how human rights works and are making decisions. based on what they think that alex jones is telling them or showing up at
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a pizza parlor to to what are people make their own decisions right they go because if you go shoot something up but where they're getting those orders from someone at the top or someone who is position as a story and there's nobody challenging them or their space that's challenging them that's not right then exactly and i think that's what has my question what's going on tom i mean i agree with christine and like i definitely here we are coming from i'm someone who believes that you don't have to just punch up i think that people blaming stephen colbert for you know and satirical news for the reason that like trump got elected that's obviously ridiculous i do believe in free speech but all speech actually isn't created equal unfortunately we don't lose in a petri dish of life and politics and economics unfortunately the president's words have way more meaning and when. it says was it soros i don't know people say soros is paying for migrants that come across the border who knows like that actually
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matters more than my little you tube channel saying that you know. like you know bait is the caviar like whatever there is so like i think that in theory just like libertarianism it's all good but in practice you get the koch brothers but it didn't but in practice donald trump is in the white house i mean and on the trail to the white house it seemed impossible when he came out with those those awful remarks you know. make. you know all of that sort of stuff where you get after i mean there were assholes absolutely absolutely and you go how can he possibly win the white house now and he did so there is a problem here there is that we have somehow donald trump we bred donald trump into that white house which perhaps twenty twenty five years ago when political discourse was perhaps a little bit more i mean look at where political discourse is you.


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