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tv   Khushboos Deadline  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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meets his supporters and this is where we have to stay for the last twelve days or so in. any major. is the support of buddhist monks is the majority. and is important for people to show the politicians to show that as well as a parliamentary majority. of us top military officer says washington will have to change its posture in the korean peninsula if talks with continue the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general joseph dunford says the success of diplomacy would eventually require adjustments to military strategy in the korean peninsula dunford also says the military is prepared to do what it can to support the departments of state but did not elaborate on what changes might be expected. jury selection is underway in the u.s. for the trial of one of mexico's most notorious drug lords men also known as el chapo has been held in solitary confinement in new york for the past two years
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security for the trial is expected to be high especially for witnesses and jurors cameron's military is involved in a major search operation after a gunman kidnapped seventy nine students two teachers and their principal they were taken from a school in the northwest by fighters pushing for an independent states alexy o'brien has more this still metry should be full if the sounds of students excited chatter in state they silence. absolute protests forced their way into this boarding school on monday kidnapping dozens of children aged between eleven and seventeen yet it is very. nice and interesting to just give. this video showing the captured students was posted on social media by a group of men who call themselves the amber boys it's
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a reference to the independent state of amazonia that some separatists want to establish in the english speaking south west and northwest regions where the men as a state capital. have been here. in the states. where. the governor says the separatists are responsible for a campaign of raping looting and killing he's vowing a tough response by the military cameron's army has been accused of a violent crackdown on protests by english speakers who say the french dominated government discriminates against them hundreds of people have been killed in the past year and hundreds of thousands of others displaced by the fighting some say protests have attacked schools seeing them as an arm of the government groups are.
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independent. and so on are not find their parents and they will have to stay with them in the. camerons laid up is just beginning his seventh term in office he won a contested election last month he says he's the only one who can guarantee cameron remains a united country. this is the. i'm
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only going to run for the sports news here thank you very much usa gymnastics may be stripped of its role as the national governing body for the sport the u.s. olympic committee has taken steps to revoke it status after a botched its own attempts at rebuilding following the sex abuse scandal involving team doctor laurie nasa the organization has been in turmoil ever since hundreds of female gymnasts including olympic champions allie raisman mckayla maroney gabby douglas as well as simone biles came forwards to accused of sexual abuse over the past two years three c.e.o.'s have been forced out of usa gymnastics being criticized for the way they've handled the situation in an open letter address
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gymnasts the u.s. olympic committee said you deserve better we believe the challenges facing the organization as simply more than it is capable of overcoming in its current form let's take a look at how usa gymnastics got to this point earlier this year former team doctor larry nassau was in prison for up to one hundred seventy five years after admitting to sexually abusing ten young athletes in his care he's been accused of abusing hundreds of others throughout the trial usa gymnastics were criticized for ignoring those who complained about nasa's abuse former chief executive steve penney has since been arrested and charged for tampering with evidence during the investigation into nasa and since then the organization has had two other chief executives one of whom lost in just four days but the u.s. olympic committee has also come under criticism for failing to protect gymnasts in its care and is currently seeking to rivet self as a defendant from
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a number of lawsuits including those followed by gold medalists mckayla maroney jordan and allie raisman. now to the race that stops and the nation and there was a historic result in the melbourne cup with the first ever british trained wina in fact there was a british one two three finish at flemington racecourse in the five million dollars handicap it was the nine to one shot across the counter trained by charlie appleby and ridden by karen mcavoy in the blue colors here who came out of nowhere at the finish to end by length ahead of mom mellowed with a prince of our and in third mcavoy is now in the race three times and it's also the first melbourne cup victory for the godolphin stable off to twenty years trying but it was some sad news that the age no brian trained cliff samoa was put down of to break his shoulder early on the two mile course. before the running off the field and i thought may just happening again. and. telecom this lucky recipient can
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write a lot and go on the cover story which is prepared to believe we will watch it all going to show us what we are and. what they've got we've got. racing journalism brokaw cerebrum bell was in melbourne and predicts more international winners of the race in years to come. cross county runs off a remarkable year for charlie applebee that she's eleven group one but more importantly earlier this year won the epsom dobby and that was followed up by winning the biggest race here in australia. with the mostest masterful training performance when you consider a couple of weeks ago this was a bit of a setback and may have been doctored by the spot dissipates i think the international writers are working out what is needed to win this race and bearing in mind that last year we had an irish winter enjoys its abroad winning with rekindling so i think it could be more the norm now rather than just a bit of a rarity when you consider and i think the australians except perhaps locally local
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trying to strangle us is just aren't as good as the international right is and the quality of the race given the level of prize money has also improved significantly and that's why i think we'll see more and more international forces trying to get into the race but perhaps winning the race. well earlier this year the denver nuggets fell short of the n.b.a. playoffs on the final day of the regular season now they've turned things around in fact they've made their best start to a season in franchise history jamal murray had forty eight points to lead the nuggets to a one hundred fifteen one hundred seven win over the boston celtics on monday at nine to one the nuggets are off to the best start says nine hundred seventy six. the toronto raptors atop of the eastern conference after their fourth straight when carl lowery racked up seventeen points in their dominant victory over the utah jazz . on false cable is the second most popular sport in the united kingdom for
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teenagers in disadvantaged areas but it's one of the worst funded the nation chair of the national champions all from leicester and they want to know why there isn't more help for their sports and their community they welling's reports. leicester is a city where sport has been a source of great pride as well as. through cricket a most famously through its football club but the second most popular team sport amongst teenagers in leicester and across the u.k. is basketball. team hundreds of thousands of children played every week over half of them from the minorities suffers from a lack of funding because the focus is on chasing medals for community the steroid is the champions of england if you're looking to win medals pounds spend per medal basketball is going to be well down on the list i think it's wrong but u.k. sport of been on about their job is to generate medals so go find the sport that
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will produce the medal for the lowest investment this is european much night against italian team dana most a sollie. leicester hopeful not expectant of causing an upset. possible gets no money from u.k. sport certainly. we keep finding parts for no investment that combine our success so sufficient cycle. people's plight did come into focus during the winter when lympics in february when it emerged millions have been spent some obscure sports u.k. sport responded to the wife of criticism with a special possible funding but it's well under a million dollars a small fraction of what's given to sports that the liver a limb pick medals u.k. sport told our jazeera we have to prioritize in order to deliver as much success as possible over on the performing a not delivering the wada says show economic impacts that come from the inspiration delivered from medal success we've recognized the popularity of basketball and the
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incredible impact it's had in communities and applaud the work done by all those involved what doesn't help basketball is cause is that the domestic leagues. have not been shy when you come free to air television for decades and yet look at the crowd in leicester diverse people from all age groups many children we have a accessible here the club i like most of the clubs in the b.b.l. you know the kids can meet afterwards also graphs and all the kind of stuff so they can give a closer to the favorite players and watching to see if the watch feel like i could be a lot more heat than tell me that one is a semi in the states boys may dissipate out of the italian team when this guy but twelve points and what was the first appearance by an english team in european basketball for a decade and let's divide this will continue there important work in the community there and i medals involved but does that make it less important than success in the olympics they welling's al-jazeera less to. heavyweight boxing champion a wild says he's feeling great with less than
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a month to go until his well title fight against tyson fury american fighter while the has won all but one of his fights by knockout and holds the w.b.c. belts botts britain's ferry has never lost either he previously held the i.b.s. . titles but vacated them because he was struggling with mental health and drug problems the fight is the staples center in los angeles from december the first my manifestation is now my years now come december first you know. the madness of a small. car ok we're just a day after floyd mayweather announced he's going to fight the japanese kick boxer is old rival mike pacquiao now says he wants a rematch maybe a senator in the philippines or paki was not ready to hang up and yet wants to eventually defeat mayweather three years ago. the last fight that we had he said. it's not clear who won the fight because he didn't throw
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a lot of punches and he wanted to fight. you and you had the shoulder injury and you know i have a shoulder injury so but this time. if there's a rematch this disagreements have been there's no excuses no alibis. all right that is useful for now and more with peter a little bit later all right joe thank you for that update and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera much more news coming your way in just a moment where all the parts of us will have all the latest updates from the u.s. mid-term elections poll just opening now.
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at sixteen cush who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be married as her investigations bring a face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women a father son first suitable husband continues can both their dreams come true must one overcome the on a cruise deadline and part of the viewfinder series on al-jazeera. it's the fost day of school in bubble elementary school in mosul icily is this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades a multitude of nearby and out it forces. most helpful gauteng what it is like to be in school up to three years old war. six year old sala that was house of survived them as like his home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the
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popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the prepares his son for the first day in school is hopeful because new friends would hope is that a company. dug a stone dry with tensions between islamic separatists control. one man has a vision for the next generation. to seek a special one. with doug a stump speech being boring. in the. polls open in the u.s. midterm elections are votes that will determine control of congress and define
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president trumps remaining term in office. this is al jazeera live from doha for the back she will also coming up exiled a wig or activist urge the international community to stop china's discrimination against ethnic muslims more accusations of a cover up in the high shoji murder with reports saudi stop at the consulate in istanbul tried to tamper with the building security cameras and vying for the top job the women in madagascar are trying to break barriers in the presidential election. thank you for joining us polls are now open in what has been one of the most divisive and expensive election campaigns in recent u.s. history americans are voting in the crucial midterm elections all four hundred
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thirty five seats are up for election in the house of representatives along with one third of the senate and dozens of state governorships both parties both the republicans and democrats see the votes as a referendum on president trump's presidency let's go live to gable that is on the who is in new york for a so gave the polls are open what's the mood like how motivated ah people to vote. very motivated in fact i'm going to show you right now the polls just opened up about a minute ago and there were about fifty people in line here at this polling station in new york city you can see they just opened up the doors in the last two group of them are starting to go in some of them have been waiting out here about half an hour or so since about five thirty in the morning here local time it gives you a sense of how much anticipation there is for this big midterm election and this is what we're going to be seen scenes like this in polling places all over the country
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as the polls open up here in new york and then continue to open up as we move west throughout the country here again as you mentioned four hundred thirty five house of representative seats all up for grabs including thirty five of the one hundred senate seats and let's not forget the governorships as well thirty three of the fifty governorships throughout the country are also going to be voted upon so this is a huge huge election right was so many different factors swirling around here and let's talk about those factors this is being described as the most unpredictable u.s. election in recent history tell us about the races to watch for and those factors that will come into play to decide the votes. yeah there's one it's very unpredictable because the economy the economy is doing very well the united states which bodes very well for the president donald trump and his republican party however a lot of voters while they like the economy also and like the what the president
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has done for the economy he has low approval ratings on a personal level so that's a very unpredictable element to all of this you have immigration a lot of us from supporters and republicans like what trump is doing on his hardline immigration stand but a lot of other people are coming out and voting specifically against his hard line immigration stance and then of course you have the issue of impeachment this is a real issue that a lot of democrats are are saying that you know some of been saying that they want to take over congress so they can begin to really investigate the administration on a more closer level and trump has come out and said i need the republican sic control the congress to help prevent this to support my agenda so all of these issues swirling around make this a very unpredictable election dan balz a longtime political reporter for the washington post he's been doing this for over forty years says this is the most unpredictable midterm election he's seen in a generation thank you for that gabler elizondo in new york one of our many
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correspondents covering these u.s. midterm elections we'll have live reports throughout the day here on al-jazeera thank you very much. and other world news china's alleged abuse against is we go a muslim minority is under the spotlight in geneva the un human rights council is conducting its periodic review of the chinese government's human rights records beijing has been accused of mass attention and discrimination of wiggle muslims in the region adrian brown has been allowed rare access to a room in change change province and has this report. there are a few more difficult places for foreign journalists to report from in china did she jump especially in. the provinces vos secure. and surveillance network is in overdrive as international criticism mounts over china's internment program for ethnic muslim we goes and other groups officially chinese government officials
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insist they're providing free vocational training for those deemed vulnerable to islamic extremism. but exiled leader activists say these centers are nothing less than reeducation camps were up to a million men and women are being held indefinitely without charge and a grand chinese government is doing that with the international repercussions so i believe that china would accelerate its start to wipe out the whole we were a nation if the world wouldn't be stronger harsher and china tire here a minute believes he'd be in a camp if he returned to shin jang he says a chinese state security agent tried to persuade him to go back after he moved to israel to study early last year leaving his wife and daughter behind in shin jang
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the agent also a week telephoned him repeatedly wanting details of women's contacts in israel sometimes the calls were taunting should you that gives you a danger to your your daughter won't turn out to be a scum like you says a voice she'll be useful to the communist party. and later the implication was clear her fate was in their hands he said that one day you will need support. one day you will need the staff from the chinese government if you go back to your homeland. your family members your wives your daughter still are in. before him in left china he lived here a room she the provincial capital of shin jang he used to call his daughter all the
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time but in february she told him don't call me or my mother again her last words to her father with these you're a bad person. with so many people missing in shin jang including his brother and sister i'm in is not sure if his wife and daughter are safe he also doesn't know for sure if they're still in a room she his wife divorced him just after he moved to the united states but he understands why marriage to him he says has made her a marked woman a dream brown al-jazeera interim chief. now let's cross over to geneva and paul brennan geneva where the un human rights council is conducting a review of the chinese government's human rights record paul tell us about where you are for us and what questions to china is facing today. well i'm just outside the united building nations building on the broken chair
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memorial which may be well known to many people you can hear the protests going on behind me very vocal because her protest and the proceedings inside are examining as you know john as human rights record as a whole long list of issues that the nation is assembled here want to put to china for example and i read them out torture and detentions restrictions on journalists and n.g.o.s the treatment of protection of children and the fact that many children are put into a hazardous work places and things the other thing is numerous credible reports of torture arbitrary detention checkley regarding ethnic minorities and that's what this protest is about the obviously detention of weakness on joint by activists coalition of us based in washington these days but tell me what happened in september this year on september fifth i was one of the panelists are caught selling this to. one of the think tanks in washington d.c.
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and i talked about bought this. house information kerry and the condition of it can be chinese dollar and that's systematic abuse against the we've got people six days they they're my sister and my and they were detained at the same day what is what has happened to them. i have no idea what happened to them since september eleventh two thousand and eighteen we don't know where they were taken to what kind of conditions they are being held there just completely disappeared in this black hole tell me how worried that must be i really worry about them especially my sister she's fifty six years old but she was being hospitalized for her health conditions and knowing that she is not very healthy i really worry about our health conditions and the support and the camp and situation now china's human rights record on the plight of the week is being raised inside that building behind
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you not right now tell me what it is you were wrong so look the protesters here wants from the international community the chinese government is trying to fool the international community and by saying that those are well case not training camps my sister was a medical doctor and she speaks more in china and the chinese government also tried to say that they are being held strong unfairly now my sister is a dog. she didn't go there while in sierra we don't know where her where i felt and i am just of one of the millions of dollars we are hearing from that the world leaders and the world community to know what the chinese government is lying inside of this feilding the she did mislead the international community with. the chinese government is conducting just this genocide against me
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and the region is being treated as the mantle disease and i thank you very much for joining us thank you. got science in the sense that it upsets that sense of tragedy trying to take and it's being shared by many people here and they heard the sound from this protester is going to be heard in the building over the fact that coburn and in geneva thank you very much. turkish media reporting that staff of the saudi consulate in istanbul tried to tamper with security cameras to help cover up the murder of. the daily sabah says a child to rip up the camera inside the consulate on october second the day the journalist was murdered they also try to tamper with cameras at the police security both outside of the building and are simmons has more from outside the city concert .


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