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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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you know. where everything. is going to be the alchemical that some republicans it's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the campaign. democrats gain control of the u.s. house of representatives in the crucial midterm elections. my hope is that texas can help believe the way to bring this country together. republicans maintain their hold on power in the senate.
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hasn't seeker this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. polls close in madagascar presidential election as the country faces a political and economic crisis. and we're in the green is country can do ten protect its forests while embracing the modern age. hello it is a mixed picture for the two main parties in the u.s. midterm elections largely billed as a referendum on donald trump's presidency the democrats have won back control of the house of representatives while republicans retain their hold on the senate it means the president will likely face stronger opposition to his policies from the lower house of congress american voters have also chosen a much more diverse group of leaders to represent them more women the first muslim women and the first native american women in the house well there are twenty three seats still to declare in the house but even without them the democrats have the
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majority with two hundred nineteen seats the republicans lost twenty six and are down to one hundred and ninety three but the republicans have managed to gain ground in the senate beating back the so-called blue wave the democrats had hoped for only thirty five were up for grabs in the upper chamber of congress republicans managed to gain two and are now on fifty one with democrats winning forty five seats rosalynn jordan joins us live now from capitol hill so now the democrats have control of the house what might accountability for trump look like. well it really depends on which part of the democratic party you belong to pounce on those.
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the. difference. and how different is it going to be. so many women elected. for women. certainly
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a very significant election for you. people talk about. twenty five twenty six years ago. twenty four women. including. one hundred women. there's never been. a democratic there are some republicans.
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in the business. he joins us live from the white house what implications is all of this going to have for a president foreign policy. well when you lose one of the two houses of congress that is going to severely limits your ability to get any new legislation through and that of course affects your domestic agenda but the president in the constitution has a lot more power and it comes to foreign policy so one can think that potentially with some of his efforts on the domestic front not likely to go anywhere that he's
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going to put more energy into foreign policy he's already been referring to foreign policy of course he's been on twitter when you lose one of the two houses of congress that is not a good thing for a president he though says this is a very big win he's also on twitter said receive so many congratulations including pro-forma nations that were waiting me out and hoping on trade deals and certainly waiting me out has been the theme from some nations some in basad as i've spoken to i can tell you that both here in washington and at the u.n. in new york they always look very closely at the midterms as a barometer of u.s. political opinion but perhaps more so this year than ever to see what president trump fortunes might be going forward if he runs again for reelection and the prospects for that because many of them are concerned i think about some of things
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that this administration has done particularly in terms of international cooperation and multilateralism for example pulling out of the paris climate deal pulling about out of the iran nuclear deal and just this administration's overall attitude to international cooperation and institutions like the united nations and we've got president trump is going to meet with russian president vladimir putin next week on the sidelines of this in paris on the sidelines in a world war one commemoration what's the atmosphere there going to be like. well it's been a very all north discussion on where the meeting would take place and i think that's because they don't want to upset the host here emanuel markhor of france he is trying to have some somber commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the end of world war one and he doesn't want to turn this into a diplomatic free for all he also then is having what's called the paris peace forum which is his effort to try and boost and bolster multilateralism but it does
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sound from the latest word at the kremlin that the russians think there will be a brief meeting between putin and trump in paris certainly the russian foreign ministry suggesting already that it doesn't think that this election result is going to help relations between the two countries and certainly the house having democratic control there means that they can open new investigations into collusion between the team and the russians and that of course i think what worries us in moscow that these things are going to be brought up yet again because james thank you james bays life myself a white house. now leader right rigaud is an assistant professor of public policy at the harvard kennedy school she says u.s. politics will only become more polarized after this election. for democrats it
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didn't turn out to be this huge massive blue wave it certainly was in a blue tsunami but it was something significant they took back the house which means now there is a wall there is a very significant wall in terms of what trump can and cannot do legislatively because we know that he needs the house in order to pass legislation which means that he's probably going to turn to executive order effective to be able to do anything and everything part of what we're seeing is that the democrats won in many areas through these new kinds of coalitions between young people between minority voters between women voters between college educated voters whereas the demographics for surrounding the republican party seem to be shrinking so they're becoming older whiter more male and that is that is absolutely going to cause more friction and more division we know that the united states is already polarized the polarization is only going to increase as we people see
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people retreat back to their winning winning corners both sides claiming victory polls have just closed in madagascar's presidential election with a three front runners former heads of states the vote is taking place against the backdrop of political turmoil after the current president's attempt to change the electoral laws backfired for me to miller has the latest for us from the capital. once the results are counted at the individual polling stations preliminary results will then be thinned to the results since they in the capitol and in the river and we do expect to start hearing some of those results come out in the next couple of hours but what of course will be of concern to many people will have cost their vote and also the presidential candidates who have stood in the election is that the electoral commission is saying just forty percent of people in malagasy gas corral the turned out to vote during the course of today so
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a rather low turnout in recent elections we've seen about a fifty to sixty percent turnout and that has now dropped if we understand those figures from the electoral commission aside from that there's also a lot of concern around the number of people who might have been prevented or weren't able to vote because they couldn't find their names on the voter's roll we were at a couple of polling stations in the capital where people couldn't find their names on the voter's roll or didn't have a of voters cards or didn't have a card and couldn't find their names and until they were not able to vote in the concern is that this could potentially affect the outcome of the election and ferentz the international says that it's believed that potentially a third of people in this country might not have voted purely because of these elliptical irregularities and this is a worry the civil society organizations have put forward some suggestions to the
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electoral commission about how to fix the election system to ensure that all people on the voters' roll but they say these suggestions what more. are still ahead on al jazeera undeterred the migrant caravan makes a rest stop in mexico city pushing onto the u.s. border. and how china is defending its reeducation program of the we go muslims. hello there we're seeing a fair amount of cloud and rain over the southeast in parts of china recently the rain isn't too heavy at the moment though you see the responsible still stretching up towards shanghai and i think it will be this region where we see the most persistent of the rain on thursday elsewhere as we head through the day the rain will start to break up and by the time we get to friday there's not really a great deal left to see later on during the day though do expect more in the way
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of what weather to develop around the who bay province and that could turn out to be a little bit heavier out towards the west of this certainly beats and heavy downpours here in sri lanka it has been throwing it down for a good few days now and there's more wet weather still to come they could be more in the way of flooding than in potentially a few landslides as that rain remains with us and heavy as we head through thursday on friday it will begin to break up a little bit but still want to pockets of heavy rain and those areas of rain will also be stretching a bit further north into the fossil and tip of india as well to the north of all of that it's fine and dry for most of us here now of course still warm thirty two degrees now for the arabian peninsula a good deal of cloud is expected over the next few days and then the rain will start and that really does look quite heavy so thursday just a good deal of cloud one or two showers around particularly in the north there but that rain really begins to get going as we head through friday.
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getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human crime in the twenty first century are they are you clear war climate change and technological destruction facing realities what whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera. and again you're watching i just need a reminder of our top stories this hour the democrats have taken control of the house of representatives for the first time in eight years they will now have the
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opportunity to challenge president chump's agenda over the next two years but trump's republican party has maintained control of the senate. polls have just closed in madagascar's presidential election the three front runners are all former heads of state the winner has to take fifty percent of the vote or a second round will be held in december. major issue during the u.s. midterm elections was immigration thousands of asylum seekers and migrants from central america have arrived in mexico city on their way to america the caravan of made me hondurans is the first of three groups moving across mexico man all reports from mexico city. this is the sound of children laughing and singing. we just arrived in the capital mexico city after traveling with five thousand other central americans for the first time in several weeks they're able to really rest.
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we want these children to see that mexico is a country that's in solidarity with them so they can take this memory when they leave. the. mexican authorities have been preparing for their arrival setting up food stands medical tents as well spaces for a shower and even a haircut. i'm happy with how mexico has treated us we're very thankful to mexico. we met me here while she was waiting in line for donated clothes she says she's bound for the u.s. and has a message for president trump and no better than no there are no terrorists here or criminals nobody is here for fun we're all running from poverty in honduras it's not for pleasure that i'm traveling to the united states. walking along the camp we spotted several volunteers providing legal advice to those looking to claim political asylum either in mexico or the u.s. although what then as a volunteer attorney says most are planning to stay in mexico despite the rhetoric
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despite the fear that the trumpet ministration is trying to administer these people are intent on carrying out the right that they have to seek asylum in the united states. while it may seem crowded authorities say they're still expecting more people to arrive in the coming days this space at this outdoor sporting arena has been transported to a comedy as as many. five thousand people traveling as part of a caravan that left on douras several weeks ago but their stop here is only temporary they're all to make goal is reaching the southern border of the united states. with a fresh change of clothes in hand jimmy leg and her daughter head off to get some rest knowing the most difficult part of their journey still lies ahead. when we are up little. mexico city. group of students abducted from a high school in cameroon on monday have been freed the seventy nine pupils their driver and teachers were taken by armed sefton's from a presbyterian boarding school in bomb end up
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a police involved in the negotiations says the fighters are still holding the school's principal and one teacher amanda is in cameron's anger far region where separatists have been fighting to create an independent state of first they denied their existence but now china's government is vigorously defending a detention program in the far western province of jang it is facing growing international criticism of reports up to a million muslim men and women are being held in so-called reeducation camps china correspondent a.j. brown reports from cache dar. islam is the dominant faith in shin germ but it cash it could mosque worshippers are reminded of a higher authority of sign at the entrance proclaims love the party love the country close by photos of president xi jinping are projected onto a giant screen in one he's surrounded by
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a group of forming local muslim we goes the pictures are more than four years old. the streets are quiet in this ancient oasis city on the old silk road you're closer to baghdad than beijing here but one thing strikes you quickly where are all the young men. in vocational education training state t.v.'s been providing answers some of these men and women are getting an education in what are described as vocational training centers that offer occupational skills language cultural and psychological training skills their parents prevented them from learning at school says one political commentator but they cannot find productive employment in the cities and other areas where they would need these basic skills reading writing communication in chinese human rights groups say wearing a veil or growing a beard is enough to get you sent here at first vic of women denied the existence
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of the camps now it's proudly defending the internment policy. ginn is the editor of the global times newspaper a tabloid mouthpiece for the government he says there are more than a thousand violent attacks a year in shin jang there's no independent evidence to support that. through tough control she has avoided the same extremism that has happened in a lot of other places in the world. china's leaders argued that these harsh measures are needed to prevent bomb and gun attacks associated with separatism violence that they say has cost the lives of hundreds of han chinese people in the past decade one attack in a room she in two thousand and fourteen happened the day after a visit by president xi jinping it was at about this time the president xi jinping
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began promoting what was to become a key economic policy the so-called one belt one road initiative the plan to bind china to europe and the middle east through infrastructure trade and investment but for that ambitious plan to work has to work during our time in shin jang our movements were tightly controlled by government minders who later forced us to delete much of our video we were warned not to talk to anyone even about the silk road project. this is a replica of cash cars old city the original we were told is still being rebuilt just as it was three years ago when i was last here. and here we were presented with a picture of ethnic harmony an elderly wego man and chinese tourist dancing a spontaneous moment insisted on minders but like the setting it felt contrived
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adrian brown al jazeera in cash. king mohammed the sixth the morocco says he wants to improve diplomatic relations with neighboring algeria by opening the border it's been closed since one thousand nine hundred four when morocco imposed visas on visitors from algeria after a bombing in marrakesh the king says he will also consider proposals from algeria. which will lead to a large since i came to the throne i've been calling for the opening of borders separating the two countries in normalizing the moroccan algerian relations are reiterated that morocco is prepared to engage in dialogue with algeria to iron out differences standing in our way are proposed to algerians to devise a common political mechanism for dialogue and consultation i emphasize that morocco is open to the proposals that algeria may come forward with to end the stalemate between the two neighboring countries others are there often forgotten but in world war one tens of thousands of africans and asians soldiers died on the western front
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in europe for decades little attention has been paid to these soldiers but as natasha butler reports a century and there are new efforts to remember their sacrifice. a solemn moment of remembrance has the french marlin presidents pay tribute to the african troops who defended the city of pass in world war one west african soldiers helped save the city in its famous cathedral from destruction by german forces where do some nearly two hundred thousand african soldiers fought during the first world war they fought for the empire up hill and down dale day and night more often by night them by day they fought for france they fought for themselves as well. faced with manpower shortages france britain and germany recruited troops from their colonies often by force they faced the same brutal battles as european
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soldiers but rarely the same treatment for decades their sacrifice has been overlooked or forgotten relegated to the footnotes of history but a century after the end of world war one there are those who are determined not to forget. at love chapelle the north of france a service on it more than one point three million indians who fought for the british this memorial commemorates the morter four thousand seven hundred indian soldiers and laborers who died on the western front and have no known graves their names are on the war is a very moving place in is really hard to imagine what it must be like for them fighting in a non-civilian landscape and climate so far away from enduring fact in one letter home a soldier writes of the heavy artillery shelling he says it's like the heavy monsoon rains. on which to get caught isn't really very. dangerous single worst awful thing that it can do for the ones who laid down their lives for
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the cause of peace all they knew they was wrong and they had to stand up for a right so. it's really proud to be proud to be safe and also to make sure that those values are passed on to our kids millions of troops fought in world war one fathers sons and brothers many never returned those who did would never the same they fought for peace now their descendants are fighting for their sacrifice to be recognized given its rightful place in history. al-jazeera. france. france's president has hosted marley's leader in the city of ream to an african soldiers who for cheering world war one emmanuel mccall and abraham. attended the commemoration ceremony former colonial soldiers were known as the black army of riem and help defend the city from german advances it's been
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described by conservationists as the greenest country on the planet three quarters of bhutan is covered by thick forest home to rare wildlife as the country continues to develop it is struggling to find new ways to balance economic growth with the protection of the environment new baka reports it is a window on a time before humans. return is the only carbon negative country in the world producing more oxygen than it consumes. at least sixty percent of the country must be forested is in trying to the constitution but as bhutan slowly embraces the modern age keeping it this way is a huge challenge for the pristine wilderness is home to one of the rarest animals on earth the himalayan snow leopard by careful conservation the term successfully managed to maintain numbers the same also goes for another big cat the bengal tiger
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for a small country like don sanders pretty india and china we are also biggest contributions is being very symbolic of the things that we can do when we have the right leadership you know when you have the right vision and the right commitment from the people there are stories of large predators stalking these ancient forests for generations which is probably what gave rise to the legendary story of the or yeti in reality though in addition to the big cats there are also wild boar and black bears here living in close proximity to these creatures is a major concern for farmers worried about keeping their livestock safe. every evening luck palm okies watch over her fields while boring deer often devour her crops. she resorts to age old techniques to safeguard her livelihood.
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the government installed an electric fence nearby but it needs repair there's a compensation scheme if livestock a killed but the payout often doesn't cover the price of a new animal killing a large predator will almost certainly lead to a jail sentence despite the challenges butin the show unlikely levels of tolerance towards wildlife help by hydropower. twenty five percent of putin's national income comes from selling energy to neighboring india it also allows the government to provide farmers with free electricity. but hydro projects account for hoffa of the national debt political promises conservationists fear the country may compromise its forests in order to balance its books we or huge sums of money some sums of money we cannot afford sums of money that have been borrowed from international agencies on the world bank and the asian development bank man is such
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a greedy force and the natural resources of the easiest way to make money the pace of change is increasing. the country's future depends on preserving a delicate balance between humans and nature. the al-jazeera who time. this is just about to get a round up of the top stories the democrats have taken back control of the house of representatives for the first time in eight years that means they'll now have the opportunity to block president trump's agenda over the next two years a democrat nancy pelosi who could become of the speaker of the house spoke of her party's wins a short time ago. about the special interest free reign over washington lured in anything it's about what
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a new democratic majority will mean in the lives of hard working americans damn it . went to the. democrats elected congress that works for the people for the people. a chance republican party has kept control of the senate some democratic incumbents running in pro trump states have been defeated helping the republicans add to their current one seat majority senior adviser to the president kellyanne conway spoke about how donald trump's last minute campaigning helped republican candidates everywhere we go we hear from job creators job holders job seekers they're happy with this economy i think that's reflecting a lot of the results tonight very happy with this president's policies to try to denuclearize the korean peninsula which helps everyone the remains of our fallen from north korea from korea have been returned this president sanctioning iran sanctioning russian weenies to pushing back on assad when he gasses his people not
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once but twice he showed a lot of strength and leadership around the world and many people may not say america first but they say stop apologizing for america the polls have just closed in madagascar's presidential election these three front runners are all former heads of state the winner has to take fifty percent of the votes or second round will be held in december. a group of students abducted from a high school in cameroon on monday has been freed seventy nine peoples' their driver and teachers were taken. from a presbyterian boarding school in mentor a priest involved in the negotiations says the fighters are still holding the school's principal and one teacher. in cameron's angle far region where separatists have been fighting to create an independent state those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now and it's the strain. in twenty twenty tokyo will host the paralympic games but the nation has a troubled history caring for people with disabilities when used examines japan's
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disability shame on al-jazeera. ok today we discuss the stories that have you talking the continuing fallout over the murder of journalist. growing violence. and the trial of notorious mexican drug lord el chapo your thoughts fly a twitter all leave a comment on our live chat as we quick to do that and you too could be on this episode of the stream. i'm still sucker syria i'm a journalist and a ph d. candidate in human rights.


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