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al-jazeera meets the health workers who are challenging al qaeda attitudes and working tirelessly to combat leprosy in india lifelines ancient enemy on zero. and. the new squid the balance of power. and. trump midterm elections have political rivals in control of the. republicans have tightened on the senate as.
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a medical cannabis. impact of these bottom of the ballot. also on the. to flatly deny the existence of mass detention camps for muslims now the government is vigorously defending them and. state and media. access to the corner of china. also. shared around the world and viewed almost twenty million times video of a persistent and struggling on the. story. the news growth live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and
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at al-jazeera dot com donald trump fears his critics saw it as a child's to head back against his shock victory two years ago. while his supporters wanted to cement his presidency and the make america great again agenda in the end the u.s. mid-term elections delivered a split decision trumps rivals the democrats seize control of the house of representatives but has republican party fortified its hold on the other chamber in congress that is the senate so what does it mean well trump and the republicans have lost their monopoly on power in washington and the stage is set for a slew of investigations that could and golf his administration in the next two years and that is something the president seems keenly aware of of his latest post-election tweet is anything to go by if the democrats think they're going to waste taxpayer money investigating us at the house level then will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all the leaks of classified information
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and much else that the senate level two can play that game lots to unpack and analyze our diplomatic editor james bases outside the white house manuel repotted is in mexico city he's going to talk about the role immigration played in these elections but let's begin with rosalind jordan she's live for us on capitol hill in washington d.c. so the democrats have the house of representatives roles but who's going to lead them because how much of what happens in the house now depends on well who the house speaker is. even though everyone is pretty much of.
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a big. committee. of the executive branch. president. if. as. much time.
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during the campaign for the speakership in january. and the democrats who have been elected to the house and not just the democrats you know you and us politics for such a long time. before the vote on that huge i think around thirty million more people voted this election than the last. what's called a landslide for women and women being but i want to get i want to. start out for you and this election. well it wasn't just the fact you saw so many women deciding to run for real or to run for election because they were in part. the behavior by the president both before
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and during his term in office but also because of the me to move. to the problems with. such will abuse in all facets of society the fact that so many more young people mobilizing to vote even though young people typically vote. and the fact that so many people people of color african-americans. americans native americans mobilizing highlighting the problems with protecting the vote of the minority communities and. work to make certain that people did turn out to vote and that certainly. in florida voters indorsed a proposal that would allow those persons. who have served their time in prison and all of their other punishment. probation duties can regain their
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right to vote. for me that there was enough of this kind of energy not to bring about a blue wave as democratic leaders had hoped they would see but the fact that people were so moved to get engaged in this process at a time when it's not about who's sitting in the oval office. that could be something that both parties want to take. to figure out how to harness as we enter the twenty twenty. it's essential campaign thank you very much for that as rosalind jordan joining us live from capitol hill we're going to go now to our diplomatic editor james bays he is joining us live from the white house we're expecting to hear from president trump an hour and about ninety minutes james but before we hear from him officially he has of course been tweeting about his victory yes he's been tweeting already about what he says of course is
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a victory and i'm sure that's the theme that's going to be expanded on in one thousand minutes when we get the news conference not clear at this stage what sort of news conference because you either have president trump appearing briefly and taking a few questions or you get one of those really long free wheeling news conference where he takes every question and it lasts more the merrier an hour and a half but he's certainly presenting this as a victory particularly what has happened in the senate the fact that republicans are going to end up with more seats in the senate that clearly makes it easier for him in terms of key appointments getting them through key judicial appointments if he's going to have a cabinet reshuffle that's going to make it easier for him trying to fill some of those missing ambassadors still the not imposed around the world although many of those haven't to be nominated by the administration but on the other side he has lost control of one of the two houses in congress of the house and that i think
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is going to be a constraint on getting any legislation through and that's going to really affect his domestic agenda so potentially i think it means we see a president who is likely in this in the second half of his first term to dive more into foreign policy and then how will you know foreign diplomats the international community be viewing this when given that james given that earth has domestic power has been curtailed he will focus more on foreign policy. i think there be some worry certainly they're watching this very closely here in washington d.c. diplomats i've spoken to and at the u.n. in new york they know that this is a president who doesn't really like international cooperation doesn't like international deals you look at the climate climate agreement you look at the iran nuclear deal you look at his views of the united nations which he's not particularly favorable toward so i think there is some concern there among foreign
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diplomats i think make concerned that he's already tweeted about trade so could there be more moves in the direction of a trade war from this administration one of the some of the foreign policy things we could see in the coming months well certainly we all have been told to expect something soon on israel and palestine and the middle east peace plan jerrold cushion his plan are we ready for an unveiling of that soon we're told the u.s. wants to see some movement in syria trying to get a constitutional committee together the un's efforts that we might see extra push from the u.s. on that and also yemen as a plan now for a cease fire backed by the u.s. a cease fire which could lead to peace talks by the end of the month taking place in sweden also possibly what will happen with regard to saudi arabia well worth the house now under democratic control it's quite possible i
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think they'll be through fresh prop probes into what happened in the khashoggi affair as well going forward james thank you very much for that from now no doubt we will be talking to you again very soon and diplomatic editor james a as he is joining us live from outside the white house now i believe we're going to go to mexico city because in the days before the elections president campaigned furiously to start she is about refugees and migrants asylum seekers slowly making their way through mexico to word. the u.s. border a correspondent manuel repond as joining us live from mexico city michael you've been following this caravan the so-called caravan of mostly on durance central americans making their way through mexico and i wonder you know do they have any idea how much of an issue president trump made of them in the election campaign.
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there's definitely a sense of the rhetoric that the president's been using these people may not even have their ear to the ground to the midterm elections but they certainly know the type of rhetoric that the president's been using referring to them as animals referring to members of these caravans as terrorists but we spent the day yesterday with several thousand central american people many of the women and children who will be seeking asylum either in mexico or in the united states who say they're not being dissuaded by the type of rhetoric that is being a spouse by the president of the united states one question that i have is how much of that rhetoric is going to get worse now that democrats have seized the house of representatives but i want to give you a sense of what we saw yesterday now that this that these people have arrived here in mexico city take a look. this is the sound of children laughing and singing and. he just arrived in the capital mexico city after traveling with five thousand other central
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americans for the first time in several weeks they're able to really rest it's going to cause where we want these children to see that mexico is a country that's in solidarity with them so they can take this memory when they leave and yet in atlanta mexican authorities have been preparing for their arrival setting up food stands medical tents as well spaces for showers and even a haircut bed and on up and feel and feel and happy with how mexico has treated us we're very thankful to mexico. we met jimmy let me here while she was waiting in line for donated clothes she says she's bound for the u.s. and has a message for president trump and no other than no there are no terrorists here or criminals nobody is here for fun we're all running from poverty in honduras it's not for pleasure that i'm traveling to the united states. walking along the camp we spotted several volunteers providing legal advice to those looking to claim political asylum either in mexico. or the us although at dinner as
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a volunteer attorney says most aren't planning to stay in mexico despite the rhetoric despite the fear that the trumpet ministration is trying to administer these people are intent on carrying out the right that they have to seek asylum in the united states. while it may seem crowded authorities say they're still expecting more people to arrive in the coming days this space at this outdoor sporting arena has been transformed into a comedy as many as five thousand people traveling as part of a caravan that left on douras several weeks ago but their stop here is only temporary they're all to make goal is reaching the southern border of the united states. with a fresh change of clothes in hand jimmy led and her daughter head off to get some rest knowing the most difficult part of their journey still lies ahead. there are still several days left before the caravan and set of central americans depart from mexico city while they're here they're expected to meet with government
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representatives requesting aid and requesting transportation to the u.s. southern border but there is still an expectation that it could still be several weeks before they reach the southern border of the united states very much for that is joining us live from mexico city. now anderson pal is here because the candidate the house races get all the attention and bought their other a portion of proposals that have been voted on. that's right well florida voters for one as rosalynn mentioned passed a constitutional amendment that we covered yesterday restoring voting rights to one point four million people who have a past felony conviction not only does this repeal one of the country's worst segregation era laws it's also the largest expansion of election rights since the voting rights act was passed in one thousand nine hundred sixty five and that was intended to prohibit racial discrimination at the ballot box now four other states had voting rights issues on the ballot on tuesday two of them maryland and the bottom made registration and voting easier while other states north carolina and
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arkansas made it a bit more difficult but for right now let's look at san francisco because voters there decided to tackle another major issue in a big way and that is homelessness now twitter its fellow tech giants and the city's chamber of commerce all fought against an initiative that will provide up to three hundred million dollars a year for homeless programs by taxing hundreds of local companies that money will go towards mental health services emergency shelter and hygiene programs as well as permanent housing now this is long been considered san francisco's number one problem the city has the highest rate of street homelessness in the united states just look at how san francisco compares to some other major cities like new york which has a much larger population now on any given night there are seven thousand five hundred homeless people and around twelve hundred homeless families each with around two kids each and the waiting list to get into basic shelters in san
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francisco is more than a thousand people long so it can take you a month just to get to the front of the queue and for families it can take one hundred days so these were some of the voices who were campaigning for this measure . we need to help the homeless they're everywhere they don't need to be everywhere we can clean this up this is one of the richest most beautiful cities in the world is no excuse for us to treat the homeless just way a lot of people don't realize that i was homeless when i was because i refused the sexual advances of a boss now he plans to become homeless i know firsthand what it takes me the hand and somehow and i think it's a great time so way to go san francisco we're curious to hear what you think about this story especially if you're in a place a city a country wherever where homelessness has been eradicated tell us what successful programs you've seen and we'd love to future it on a future show you can get in touch me directly on twitter that's right there or
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just use the hash tag a.j. news good and thank you very much we are going to get more on this now we're joined by our own minae go and washington d.c. he's a partner at the consulting firm global politics solutions he's also served as a senior adviser to three republican presidential campaigns george w. bush john mccain and him and cain very good to have you with us on al jazeera so how are you reading these results has donald trump's unchecked hold on power come to an end do you think will he be worried. well i don't think this is necessarily something for the president to be worried about per se what i find with the with this election is that this was a tale of a conflicted electorate it would appear that voters compartmentalize issues in tone as they cast their votes during this election and i heard i go back to a something that ms jordan said earlier that the voters do want
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out with the old and in with the new and this is the type of mindset that ushered in a donald trump presidency and i don't think it's going to be a clear path for nancy pelosi to regain the speaker's gavel i think there's going to be a lot of work that she has to do and out and out and i'll tell you this you know heavy is the head that wears the crown the democrats wanted this now they have it now let's see what they do with and what about the republicans how do you think that they'll be looking at this i mean shouldn't they have sailed to victory at a time of well this relative peace and prosperity unemployment at prescott of wages rising according to donald trump yet they lost the house of representatives. well yes it is true but historically we find nothing different here than we have in
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the other midterm elections after a presidential contest this whole notion of a blue wave that had been bandied about for months by the by the democratic party by folks in the media turned out to be nothing more than a maybe a blue puddle when we look at our final numbers it's two twenty two to one ninety nine so it's not the kind of sweeping margins that the that the democrats had had hoped for so they're going to have to govern with a stingy majority maybe not a blue wave but certainly a landslide for let's say women voters as and candidates you could say and that works for the democrats doesn't it it looks like donald trump has lost a lot of votes from women. well it was a it was a great day for women and i certainly applaud the accomplishments and strides and victories that many women made whether they were not victorious going for statewide
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seats or the victories that they did a team running for four house and other local elected or races brought the country we look at it i think the exit polling suggests and in certainly we'd have to wade into a little more clarity is presenting but i think they suggesting that fifty two percent of the other votes cast were cast by women and this election is probably the highest total that women have a gone out and cast votes during the midterm since the of the two thousand and ten midterm elections so bravo to the women for going out making their voices heard and and rightfully vying for positions of leadership mr mineta thank you for your time and your analysis on the stand as arrant make on live in washington d.c. thank you. now palestinian american. and a somali american have become the first muslim woman ekta to the u.s.
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congress and they took michigan's thirteenth congressional district in a race and what she was the sole major party candidate who was friends to flee from civil war in somalia as a teenager on a district in minnesota well after learning of a victory at the may have had this message for her relatives and palestine. i. was my village you know was there literally like five hundred forty and now according. to the t.v. my grandmother my aunts my out of the cars and i'm sitting there watching. thank. god you know i love i love the family rational just great i'll let them every
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single day be in who i am as a proud american. we have of course extended analysis covering every angle of these important elections on our website you will find a special page titled us midterms twenty eighteen at the top of al-jazeera dot com and we want to hear from you on these stories you can send your comments to ours on any of our online platforms twitter use the hash tag a.j. news i handle is at a.j. englishmen also on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or send us a message on whatsapp or telegram the number is past one seven four five i want triple want four nine we have a couple of comments here from cudgen took saying more power to the woman and donal says this result provides checks and balances right we are going to move on to some other news now at first they deny their existence but now china's government is vigorously defending a detention program in the far western province of shin jang is facing mounting
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international criticism over reports that up to a million muslim men and women are being held in so-called reeducation camps are china correspondent adrian brand reports from. islam is the dominant faith in germany but it cash it could mosque worshipers are reminded of a higher authority. a sign at the entrance proclaims love the party love the country close by photos of president xi jinping are projected onto a giant screen in one he's surrounded by a group of forming local muslim leaders the pictures are more than four years old the streets are quiet in this ancient oasis city on the old silk road you're closer to baghdad than beijing here but one thing strikes you quickly where are all the young men. in vocational education training state t.v.'s been providing answers
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some of these men and women are getting an education in what are described as vocational training centers that offer occupational skills language cultural and psychological training skills their parents prevented them from learning at school says one political commentator but they cannot find productive employment in the cities and other areas where they would need these basic skills reading writing communication in chinese human rights groups say wearing a veil or growing a beard is enough to get you sent here at first vic other men denied the existence of the camps now it's proudly defending the internment policy. ginn is the editor of the global times newspaper a tabloid mouthpiece for the government he says there are more than
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a thousand violent attacks a year in shin jang there's no independent evidence to support that. through tough control she has avoided the same extremism that has happened in a lot of other places in the world. china's leaders argued that these harsh measures are needed to prevent bomb and gun attacks associated with separatism violence that they say has cost the lives of hundreds of han chinese people in the past decade one attack in a room she in two thousand and fourteen happened the day after a visit by president xi jinping it was at about this time the president xi jinping began promoting what was to become a key economic policy the so-called one belt one road initiative the plan to bind china to europe and the middle east through infrastructure trade and investment but for that ambitious plan to work has to work during our time in shin jang our
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movements were tightly controlled by government minders who later forced us to delete much of our video we were warned not to talk to anyone even about the silk road project. this is a replica of cash cars old city the original we were told is still being rebuilt just as it was three years ago when i was last here. and here we were presented with a picture of ethnic harmony an elderly weaker man and chinese tourist dancing a spontaneous moment insisted on minders but like the setting it felt contrived adrian brown al jazeera in kashgar. now if you're watching on facebook live aso sheltie has some alarming before and after pictures capturing the extent of these air pollution and ahead on the grid the ordeal is over for almost eighty kidnap
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students from cameroon increasingly violent armed struggle over the language continues we'll explore the colonial origin. hello there there's certainly been a lot of weather across the middle east recently the latest system which will cause a lot of heavy rain over parts of iran is trying not to put its way eastwards so still giving us a good deal of cloud up towards the northeast impossible then but as we head through thursday even that should pull away and behind it it will feel cool so it's up temperature and just around forty degrees on thursday for the temperatures should gradually bounce back up but as we head into friday on friday then we've just got a few showers remaining in the western parts around eleven books i will catch you here now for the arabian peninsula looks like the rain will be picking up as we head through the next few days
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a good deal of cloud with us on thursday want to shop showers particularly around q eight there but then that area of cloud gradually sinks its way southwards and this is where it will really develop as we head through saturday and sunday so that really will be quite aware the story i mean further towards the south and for many of us here it's been fairly wet too all thanks to this a strike of cloud here that works all the way down towards the southeastern parts that's gradually working its way across though and by the time we get to thursday i think it's going to be parts of mozambique where we see the wettest of the weather out of this behind it should be draw and find the temperatures are twenty one in durban and a pleasant twenty two in cape town. i think this is fun for me to think i'm having fun if. it. isn't her controversies hunters and beaches. just.
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thankful. for the racing to someone. just making.
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it with the news going live on air and streaming online and this is what's trending online as you can see most of it is. the u.s. to election brown akula democrats one house g.o.p. senate one other thing to keep an eye on is of course the latest updates and developments from the kushal murder case all of that and much more on our web site
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al jazeera dot com. and the only elections going on of course voters in madagascar have been choose and then next president and three frontrunners have all beaten the top job before officials have begun counting the ballots there are thirty six candidates all promising to create jobs and poverty and fight corruption one contended must take fifty percent of the vote or a second round will be held on the nineteenth of december a correspondent farm in the middle has the latest for us from the capital on time in a. once the results are counted add to the individual polling stations preliminary results will then be sent to the results since a in the capital antananarivo and we do expect to start hearing some of those results come out in the next couple of hours but what of course will be of concern to many people who have cost the vote and also the presidential candidates who have
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put in the selection is that the electoral commission is saying just forty percent of people in malagasy the smell of gas car other turned out to vote during the course of today so a rather low turnout in recent elections we've seen about a fifty to sixty percent turnout and that has now dropped if we understand those figures from the electoral commission aside from that there's also a lot of concern around the number of people who might have been prevented or weren't able to vote because they couldn't find a name on the voters' roll we were at a couple of polling stations in the capital where people couldn't find their names on the voters' rolls or didn't have a a vote is cards or did have a card and couldn't find their names and so they were not able to vote and the concern is that this could potentially affect the outcome of the election and parents the international says that it believes that potentially a third of people in this country might not have voted purely because of these
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electoral irregularities and this is a wire if the civil society organizations had put forward some suggestions to the electoral commission about how to fix the election system to ensure that all people are on the voters' rolls but they say these suggestions were ignored. we are taking you live to washington d.c. now where mitch mcconnell the u.s. senate leader is speaking reacting to his republican party's performance and the midterm elections of course when the senate let's listen in. i'd be able to find a way forward she and i actually have had some i have had the opportunity work together for a number of years from home we were both on the appropriations committee she had the foreign operations subcommittee and so did i and so we're not unfamiliar with each other and will probably have a lot more dealings with each other and they in the future and looking at the race and i want to thank the president. he was extremely helpful to us in states where
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he is an excellent shape and he worked very hard and very large crowds and i think it clearly had a positive impact on the on the outcome so let me just throw it over and say would you like to talk about this man. the caravan. right here simi valley and presidential i'll be happy to give you a bound views. on whatever you'd like to talk about but i generally don't do a running commentary on the president's observations out on the campaign trail you know your views on that if you receive that it's an interesting legal question that ultimately i assume would be solved in the courts the president said in the white house driveway last week that he really flies with this you. know list of these with like. well first we have to finish this session
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and we have a number of items extant we have to finish the farm bill and finish funding the government. the one issue that the leader pelosi and i discussed this morning is where there could be a possible map or an agreement would be something on infrastructure look there be a lot of other things i think it's not putting you all down but when we do things together it almost never makes any is it even in this current situation where we have republicans controlled all three branches i have a long list here of things we did on a bipartisan basis from water infrastructure. the best appropriations process in twenty years. so that is senate majority leader mitch mcconnell addressing reporters about the u.s. and the tim election results he was taking some questions on immigration didn't want to talk about donald trump's rhetoric on the caravan also talking about how
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he's going to work with the now house majority leader nancy pelosi and a lot about bipartisanship that is mitch mcconnell and we're still waiting for president trump he'll be speaking in about an hour from now. now seventy nine students who abducted from a high school in cameroon have days ago have two days ago have been freed the pupils their driver and teachers were taken from a presbyterian boarding school and the mender by separatists a priest who helped negotiate their release as the fighters a still holding two star members the mend is in an english speaking region where separations have been fighting to create an independent state saying that they're discriminated against by the french speaking majority and the language division stretches back to the end of french and british colonial rule almost sixty years ago most people still speak french while english is the first language for
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a fifth these anglo phones as they're known mostly live in the north west and southwest divisions deepened two years ago with protests by english speakers complaining about discrimination and demanding more autonomy for their regions well that didn't go down well with cameron's president poured beer he rejected their demands and ordered a security crackdown so what began as peaceful protests deteriorated into a state of ongoing violence let's get more on this now we're joined by thailand the office in nairobi is an africa program fellow who researches cameroon at the international crisis group very good to have you with us on al-jazeera as a before we talk more about the language divide in the tensions that's been causing in cameroon over the past few years this latest kidnapping do we actually know who is behind it because it was only i believe it was the second such case at the same school in less than a week. thank you very much
6:39 pm
us of no we cannot it is difficult to determine exactly who carried out the kidnappings. there are three hypotheses either it is a group an independent group that does not believe. to the separatist group is acting as a criminal group this is it from the situation or it is the second hypothesis is that it is separate is under just logical because separatists have in the bust want this core resumption have carried out similar abduct singing students that went to school cutting their own chopping of fingers. at ducking kidnapping and killing even school authorities so it is logical that the international community firstborns fingers separates that does not in any way rule out
6:40 pm
another put this is that it could still be the government separatists have rejected it. of eric dr who initially a step that they refused later they have rejected that same that it is the government given the number of reasons one this is. the person spigot the idea video what has a fringe assess. what is not really verifiable. a look right so they had a separate us are actually the separatism lane in the garrison and was waiting to have a city office pardon my interrupting but i do want to talk more about why this is happening of course because the protests against the government do you think that it has done and not to address the grievances of anger finds i'm not talking about the sort of the more extreme elements of the separatists but those who began simply by asking for what the constitution for what the law promises them but never
6:41 pm
actually happened. yes the government has not done enough to address the grievances of the un before which sent our own marginalisation. lawyers on suggest came up in the beginning with a number of grievances the government's tried to address them just that it was saw it was the government response was coming it didn't get in the sense that the crisis had urged the can it politico told him oh it's political dimension and the best way to solve it know is to go and get into an inclusive dialogue including on the other gender do form of the state which is what the government has been rejecting and all in that way we can say the government is not being serious about addressing the problem or atmosphere office thank you very much for your time and your expertise on this that is the pay off list live in nairobi thank you and we
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have been tracking this issue on al-jazeera including on inside story i looked at how cameroon can fix its language divide you find that episode on our website by searching for that title on al-jazeera dot com. now andrew is back with a viral video that many of you may have seen bought there's more to it and well before we break any hearts let's just take a moment to watch what most people have said would say is an adorable video you can see a mama and a baby bear in russia climbing a steep and snowy hill but the baby soon slips behind and has to make the dangerous climb by himself and not just once he falls repeatedly and has to start over until he finally makes it to the top now the author is ia tong first posted this video as an example of perseverance and countless others have since shared it with a similar message this video has now racked up more than twenty two million views
6:43 pm
on twitter alone. but ecologists like jacqueline gill warn that it's not a heart warm heart warming story at all she says that the only reason the bears were likely in this dangerous situation was because the mother bear was probably scared of the drone that was filming the video biologists have point to specifically to this moment as an example you can see the baby bear almost reaches his mother and then she swipes him away scientists are saying that she was probably trying to protect her cub from the drone that was zooming in for a shot of the re union now many people including tong who posted the original video have also since shared this post here to raise awareness of how drones can be dangerous to the wildlife that they film in fact there are bands in many national parks for this very reason there's research into this which shows that certain types of penguins are more alert when drones are in the area and black
6:44 pm
bears their heart rate increases by as much as one hundred and twenty three beats a minute when they detect drones near by scientists emphasize that bears rarely show outward signs even when they are stressed scientists have put together a code of best practices for using drones and wildlife filmmaking i'll go ahead and tweet out shortly for any drone pilots out there and if you have any other suggestions let us know using the hash tag age and you screwed andrew thank you very much we're going to get more on this we're joined by bad biologist wes lawson who goes by gris kid on and stick around he's in salt lake city in the western u.s. great to have you with us on al-jazeera some very interested to know what do you see when you watch this video. yeah i mean i think like a lot of people when i first saw the video if it is the q. video you know you see this kind of kind of struggling to keep the catch up with this mom. and it has that kind of perseverance aspect to it but if you look closely
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you can see that the mom is actually really stressed out she's constantly looking at the drone to kind of see where it's that i think the drone operator having is drawn in so close forced her to make a decision that normally she would have made was a bit more time she kind of crossed that that steve dressed in a rush and typically you know they'll be really careful to figure out that they're cut can make safely and that they can stay with their cousin kind of a tighter unit so i think just having that drone right on her really made her make kind of this ras rash decision that ended up working out for a pub could have been a lot worse had been steeper and and is this becoming more of a problem i mean this is just one example of a problem that is happening more as drawings the com more widely and they nibble for filming in the natural world. yeah i mean i think i think it's kind of in a way it's kind of the wild west with drones still where there are rules that
6:46 pm
a lot of the people that are operating the drones don't necessarily follow them and with wildlife you just have to realize that these are animals that can be easily stressed by that kind of a new thing entering into their environment they don't know if it's a predator they don't know you know if it's something that they should attack it's just it's kind of a new thing for them and so yeah it can really be a problem there there needs to be an emphasis on kind of understanding the a.v. or the animal and if that drone operator had of been able to realize that mom was very stressed out just by understanding her behavior he definitely should have full he or she should have called the drone back and given them the space that they needed to kind of maybe make their way but he might not but he might not be a bad biologist you know an expert like you are you close ready with a bad one a lot of projects how do you work with them without causing them distress and as andrew the saying you know scientists have put together a code of best practices but to do they actually need to be lawless around this
6:47 pm
yeah i mean as far as my research goes when we are filming various we try and be as as least invasive as possible so we can glee set up cameras that are camouflaged their motion activated the bears typically don't even notice and that's just so we don't place any stress on the animals as far as those laws are concerned i do think there needs to be some laws around drone activity with wildlife in particular i just think you know as humans were already placing a lot of different stressors on animals whether it's you know encroaching into their their areas or hunting or whatever so that adds to that with drones just just one more thing that they don't need so that they definitely think some laws could be beneficial especially because they don't seem to be more interested in these animals and in the natural world. right yeah and i think you know i think that interest is really beneficial i think it's good that people are gathering footage of animals and that we're becoming more involved in their lives more learning more
6:48 pm
about the minute it breeds compassion for the animal and so i don't think it's bad to capture footage of animals but it does have to be done in a not a way in a way that's not disturbing the animal mr lawson it is great to get your expertise on this we do appreciate that as wes lawson joining us live from salt lake city thank you thank you. paul is next it's for to as and a more drawn friendly story there's a new race on the formula one circuit and we'll show you what happens when a world class munching hasa vida teams up with a low class trying cameraman that's after a snapshot of the weather. still so this is going inside oh my god.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
yes liz especially. east asia they've added a new rice is going to vietnam for the first time it will be a street. the capital city of how noise. will be in april twenty twenty has a little taste of what fans can expect.
6:51 pm
just to reassure you the race itself won't have that music is the first race to be made by the new owners of f one liberty media chairman chase carey made the announcement and how would the city's man it'll be the fourth asian pacific leg of the season with japan china singapore and australia already hosting races and oil will be a wonderful addition to our twenty one race schedule that we have in place this year and next year we've made it a goal and
6:52 pm
a priority for us to try and host formula one races and what we believe are the most exciting and dynamic cities and countries around the world asia is clearly very important overall to our future it's really important it really is the driving engine of the world's future so as we look to grow the sport in asia we want to be in countries that we really think are going to be the engines of growth in the engines of excitement so we think vietnam really captures people's interest now this will be a form's fourth street circuit which often gets criticism for providing little opportunity for drivers to overtake but former f one team executive mark gallagher explained to us the toy will be a street circuit with a difference. it's a five and a half kilometer truck it features an incredibly long straight it's over one it's actually one point two one point three kilometers long and the simulations because we can simulate race truck speeds when we see
6:53 pm
a truck that's on the simulations suggest that a low it's notional e a straight truck top speeds are going to be around about three hundred twenty three hundred twenty five kilometers an hour so this is not going to be a slow speed circuit and it's not in downtown hanoi it's in a suburb it's using some public roads but then also some purpose built. circuit which will be attached to the public roads so i think this is more of a hybrid circuit partly a street truck partly a purpose built facility if you actually went downtown how noisy there there aren't too many streets that would lend themselves to the kind of development that would be necessary to create a wide and fast and safe formula one truck so this is a this is a good compromise it by moving it slightly out of the city center creating something that's purpose built in adjacent to the public roads and i think it makes it a more sustainable event it has an ass's of a mass band which is reminiscent of the suzuka circuit it has corners which
6:54 pm
very much oh something to the number growing in germany and that shows the attention to detail that has gone into this the reality is that all drivers enjoy new challenge and when you go to a new truck there's always uncertainty and there's a certain degree of unpredictability when you go to a new circuit that's a good thing because too much for formula one can be predictable so it allowed some unpredictability and you know it'll be interesting to see what happens bear in mind that that first vietnam grown pre-trained and twenty will be in the final season of the current regulations we're expecting a big change in the technical regulations of formula one in twenty twenty one and part of the objective of that is to make formula more unpredictable terms of the number of teams potentially. could be competitive and win races so i think vietnam is joining formula one at a quite inappropriate time when the sport is trying very hard to reinvent the overall competitiveness in the sport has been dominated by one or two teams in
6:55 pm
recent years now not for the first time zlatan abraham of it has had reporters hanging on is every word over in the states after missing out on the m.l.s. playoffs last week he says he wants to stay at the l.a. galaxy and win the trophy next season he also has no interest in being alone to a european club like david beckham was during his downtime at the galaxy if i belong to go exterior my galaxy play i don't go abroad and do this thing slow and induce this for me i don't need that i mean. if i belong to one club or still one club in a focus on the club in a big give all my tears into that club so that is not in my mind i want to be able to challenge for the for the trophy i want to feel i have a chance to be the best in m.l.s. my team and i me because i am the best for me to return i mean as soon as possible i think everything is work in progress everybody is working so the city depends a big loan we can get from the bank now slot on i'm the best the town's old
6:56 pm
manchester united take on events in the champions league writer with paul popper saying he was not affected by being stripped of the vice captaincy earlier this season the french world cup winner captained united's first two premier league games but in september coach jerry's emery now told him it never lead the side again media in the me on still playing in the i'm really happy to play. the manager. is do is do want to choose who's going to be captain and me for who i was the second one . after. then. if you takes me takes me the. there's an changed anything for me i just want to play perform that's my job now we're going to finish with some incredible shots of world champion most cross champion thomas persia's he teamed up with dragon filming pioneer and as you can
6:57 pm
say the results were pretty amazing and a lot more ethical than those best shots the drawing was able to stay really close while he performs his stunts sometimes flying within centimeters of his visor is a french writer on the x. games gold medalist he performed for tricks all together i'm sure you know them a three sixty a volt double backflip and a bike flip nice way to spend a sunny day in space. well be back with more at eight hundred g.m.t. for now our hunch you back to les paul thank you very much and that will do it for this news good remember to keep in touch with social media the hash tag as ever as a new script all the other ways to connect right there i will see you back here in studio fourteen at fifteen hundred g.m.t. on thursday but now it is over to bob the sailor and the team in london with more reaction and analysis from the u.s.
6:58 pm
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history has called it the great war in the second episode the declining autumn an empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to three nationalist movements that will determine the future world war one through our own bodies on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. swept every. a moroccan man spoke out against french colonial rule and was exiled he could move but we were isolated by our extremist views minister he spoke out against the regime and was sentenced to life imprisonment he spent twenty two months in hiding
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thirteen years in exile and seventeen years in jail. al-jazeera well tells the story of the dissident abrahams a fatty morocco's montana. the democrats vowed to be a check on president trump's power after winning back control of the house of representative representatives in the u.s. midterms the spy that trump claims a tremendous success is that republican cement their grip on the senate. are you watching live from london also coming up seventy eight school students kidnapped in cameroon are freed but mystery surrounds took the madagascan vote for a new leader to lift them out of poverty even though three of the front runners are
7:01 pm
former presidents. and france remembers the sacrifice of tens of thousands of african and asian soldiers who died in world war one. thank you for joining us we begin in the u.s. and the vine midterm elections which have set the stage for the remaining two years of president first term in office he's that cleared the results a tremendous success for the republicans and that's the spy the democrats winning back control of the house of representatives so far they have two hundred twenty one seats to the republicans one hundred and.


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