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exiled. isolate barak street. he spoke out against the regime and was sentenced to life imprisonment he spent twenty two months in hiding thirteen years in exile and seventeen years in jail. al-jazeera well tells the story of the dissident abraham. morocco's montana. are you that's enough to put down the mike is frozen or riled president trump clashes with the media in a nail tempered news conference on the midterms this after the democrats win back control of the house of representatives and vowed to be a check on his power. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up
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seventy eight school students kidnapped in cameroon are freed but mystery surrounds who took them and we report from the world's most environmentally friendly country efforts to keep it that way. u.s. president donald trump has hailed the performance of the republicans in the midterm elections in a long and fractious press conference in which he starred with several reporters despite losing control of the house of representatives from said the outcome represented a history that find success against the olds but he believes that he can work with the democrats to get things done there was a big day yesterday incredible day and last night the republican party defied history to expand our senate majority. well significantly beating
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expectations in the house for the mid. and midterm year we did this in spite of a very dramatic fundraising disadvantage driven by democrats wealthy donors and special interests and very hostile media coverage to put it mildly the media coverage set a new record in a new standard. well time became particularly angry when challenged by a c.n.n. correspondent. mr president. what c.n.n. should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person you shouldn't be working for c.n.n. . i think that's out there are very rude person the way you treat sarah huckabee is horrible and the way you treat other people horrible you shouldn't treat people that way in going to peter going in gyms defense i traveled with him and watched him he's a diligent reporter i'm not
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a big fan of yours either so i understand to be honest i'm. well trump also appeared to confirm that mike pence would again be his running mate in twenty twenty do you want to lock down your ticket right now sir will the vice president be your running mate in twenty twenty well i haven't asked him but i hope so were you mike will you be my running mate. stand up my please raise your right hand now i'm ok. with you thank you ok yes yes yes ok yes. that was unexpected but i feel very. well our white house correspondent kimberly halkett was in that news conference think it really you've sat through a fair few of these conferences i think that was actually the longest one ever obviously one of the most fractious so it seems the president really is rattled by these midterm results. yeah it was it was an odd type of press conference it really is only the second time he's done one like that in the east
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room of the white house presidential historian who was in amongst us said it is the longest she has ever seen a in that format but it certainly was fractious as you point out it was unusual because the president came out sensually almost extending it to all of branch to the democrats have now taken control of the house of representatives but it quickly deteriorated and became extremely combative right out of the gate as you saw there the president very very strongly kind of reinforcing an ongoing war with the media and particularly with the c.n.n. network he called the the network hostile jim acosta the reporter here at the white house hostile said you are very rude and terrible person but it even went beyond that there was at one point kind of a tug of war between the white house aide who tried to grab the microphone out of the jim acosta's hand as he was trying to ask
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a follow up question it was certainly unusual it was certainly exceptional except when it comes to this president who has made no mistake in terms of how he feels about the media that he feels that it is continuing in his view to divide the country when he feels that he has nothing to be ashamed of with regard to the investigations that the democrats are promising to move forward with in the house of representatives but you're right given the results of that midterm election it did appear well he said on the surface he had no problem moving forward and wanted to work with democrats his body language in the sparring seemed to suggest just the opposite just to elaborate on that point for there i mean obviously the style of the conference or lack thereof was remarkable the substance i mean what would you say were the actual pick away points from it. well the first key point that i think we need to take from this is one that we got an inkling in when the president woke
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up early this morning tweeting about that and it was what he made the point he made right off the top is that he was both extending it all of branch to democrats saying i want to work with you on things like infrastructure the environment lowering drug costs but he also then in turn threatened democrats saying if you go after me and you don't work with me but instead choose to go after my tax returns conduct investigations what i control and my party controls the senate and he almost suggested he was going to weaponize the set it now that there has been expanded control to go after his political opponents so it certainly was remarkable this sort of speaking out of both sides of his mouth both of extending an olive branch but also threatening at the same time can really help get there at the white house thank you kimberly. let's take a look now at the results in detail or at least so far the democrats have won back
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control of the house of representatives with two hundred twenty one seats to the republicans one hundred ninety eight now this enables the democrats to block legislation and launch investigations into trouble such as into his tax returns and even starting pietschmann proceedings against them but as expected the republicans did retain the senate which is responsible for confirming judges cabinet members and the basters they now have fifty one of the seats while the democrats have forty five to thirty five of the hundred seats in the senate were actually up for grabs most of them in republican strongholds a few haven't been declared yet but it's unlikely to change the balance now republicans have had strong results as well when it comes to the governor's races so far picking up sixteen of the thirty six contests the better kratz won thirteen well the u.s. house democratic leader nancy pelosi says them across must stand their ground but also seek compromise with president trump. american people have put want to put an
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end to unchecked g.o.p. control of washington restoring again the checks and balances envisioned by our founders that's a responsibility we have to take that oath to protect and defend the constitution and we as democrats are here to strengthen the institution in which we serve and not to have it be a rubber stamp for president trump. well american voters have chosen a much more diverse group of leaders to represent them including war women twenty nine year old alexandria cortez has become the youngest woman ever elected to the house of representatives after winning her race for the house in new york michigan's rashida and minnesota's both democrats have become the first muslim american women ever voted into congress and the first native american women have
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won their respective seats for the house that brought holland and sure restatements were elected to office in new mexico and kansas but in georgia stacey abberations looks like she's been defeated by her republican rival brian kemp victory would have made the united states first ever black a woman governor and she has yet to concede that election. i'm here tonight to tell you votes remain to be counted there are voices that were waiting to be heard across our state folks are opening up the dreams of voters in absentee ballots and we believe our chance for a stronger georgia is just within reach. but we cannot seize it until all voices are heard and i promise you tonight we're going to make sure that every vote is counted. but a key part of president term strategy during campaigning was to put immigration at the forefront of voters' minds he repeatedly can then the caravans of migrants
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crossing mexico to seek asylum in the u.s. undeterred by the promise of a hostile reception though the first group of men women and children mostly from honduras has now arrived in mexico city and i know whether apollo reports. this is the sound of children laughing and singing. he just arrived in the capital mexico city after traveling with five thousand other central americans for the first time in several weeks they're able to really rest. where we want these children to see that mexico is a country that is in solidarity with them so they can take this memory when they leave on the. mexican authorities have been preparing for their arrival setting up food stands medical tents as well as spaces for a shower and even a haircut better nor love than feel nothing though i'm happy with comics eco has treated us we're very thankful to mexico. we met me here while she was waiting in line for donated clothes she says she's bound for the u.s.
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and has a message for president trump and no better than no there are no terrorists here or criminals nobody is here for fun we're all running from poverty in honduras it's not for pleasure that i'm traveling to the united states. walking along the camp we spotted several volunteers providing legal advice to those looking to claim political asylum either in. mexico or the u.s. . a volunteer attorney says most are planning to stay in mexico despite the rhetoric despite the fear that the trumpet ministration is trying to administer these people are intent on carrying out the right that they have to seek asylum in the united states. while it may seem crowded authorities say they're still expecting more people to arrive in the coming days this space at this outdoor sporting arena has been transformed into a comedy as many as five thousand people traveling as part of a caravan that left on douras several weeks ago but their stop here is only
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temporary they're all to make goal is reaching the southern border of the united states. with a fresh change of clothes in hand and her daughter head off to get some rest knowing the most difficult part of their journey still lies ahead when. mexico city . gets take a look now at some of the other news from around the world the aid group save the children says one of its health facilities in yemen has been damaged by an airstrike a pharmacy providing lifesaving supplies was hit in the port city of the data the spot u.n. and international calls for a cease fire the saudi mirazi coalition has escalated its military offensive against the rebels in the city over the last three days one hundred fifty people have been killed but the leader of the who these has vowed not to surrender the fighting has made it almost impossible to get food aid into the country which the u.n. says is on the verge of famine. so to come in this half hour madagascan
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vote for a new leader to lift them out of poverty even though so many of the front runners are former presidents and three education china's weaker muslims or extrajudicial the tension on a vast scale we report from single problems. hello the patten is pretty repetitive the moment in europe no clouds here lots of club behind me moving from west to east getting through portugal or more especially northern spain and then sudden france and switzerland and these the figures we get in twenty four hours typically fifty sixty bit less i have to say in southern france but that's how it was overnights the rain would die away you were left during daylight hours on thursday just a few showers still around the pope valley where the river itself is in flood in
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places and with the next system already working into northwest and by that will come across in probably twenty four hours hence will develop into something of a system in the western med wet and windy once again significant right of the already southern areas possibly strong winds and only time nothing much has happened in eastern europe has cooled down a bit only thirteen book respites to twelve in berlin is still seven in stockholm or a bit warmer than the marty expect now given what's happening here you think what's going on in north west africa nothing the time being nice and fine warm and dry for the most part from morocco to tunisia but in the eastern med from greece through crete and cyprus and then tools the north coast of egypt showers are likely. well the online. wildlife. come together to benefit all parties
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involved that's where we're going to. join us if you could take me around the continent where. you don't have to set up your experiment and experiment in the universe. everyone has a voice you actually read several interesting point you know that our community members are going to join the global. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president has hailed the republicans performance in the midterm elections in a long and fractious press conference in which he sparred with several reporters
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donald trump said the outcome represented a defining success against fields. the democratic party taking back control of the u.s. house of representatives the victory allows the party to investigate president trump more thoroughly. the republican party though has retained its majority in the senate which is responsible for confirming judges and cabinet members and has the final say in impeachment proceedings. now during that press conference the president also said that he will have a much stronger opinion on the case of jamal khashoggi in the next week the saudi journalist was murdered in saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul last month. and working very closely with congress we're working together some very talented people and we're working with congress we're working with turkey and we're working with saudi arabia and i'm forming a very strong opinion. a group of students abducted from
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a high school in cameroon on monday have been freed but their principal and one teacher are still being held the abduction of the seventy eight pupils their driver and teachers has been blamed on the separatists something their spokesman has denied it were taken from the northwestern city of cameron's english speaking region or separatists have been fighting for an independent state. people in madagascar have been voting for their next president the african island nation had no less than thirty six candidates to choose from three of them former presidents but there are concerns about the low turnout with many people saying they were not able to vote for me the miller has been speaking to voters in the capital and town in the reveal a steady stream of people at polling stations across the capital.
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trying to cost a ballot. but without any luck she can't find a name on the voter's roll she says she'll continue searching but that means looking through dozens of lists in the further order more than me of course is frustrating but i will keep searching but if i don't find my name i would just have to wait to vote next time but many others are not as accepting one woman says she's angry because no one in a family of four can find their names leave really there are many problems people have cards without their address listed people are on the list but don't have voter cards and people who have voter cards are not on the list. before the election twenty five political parties that formed a coalition to have electoral this reformed but the electoral commission refused and said the election would continue as planned. officials at the voting station say they haven't received all the electoral material they believe civil society
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organizations say they were similar problems in previous elections and they made recommendations to the electoral commission on how to fix them the stime round but say they were ignored. transparency international says this is worrying for madagascar's nine million voters but i will say one third of the people there live on the electoral list we should be on the electoral roll least have been dropped in some ways so it's it's really difficult for people to handle these. voters that have to choose between thirty six candidates but the race is really between just three of them all former presidents haiti. who won the twenty thirteen election marketable of manana returned from exile after two thousand and nine coup ousted him and angier out celine who was appointed as transitional president after that dixon now when you are voting is important to me because i want to see the
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work that has been done continue when are you going to answer if the political leaders follow the rules it will be ok but there are two. many candidates. the electoral commission says it will release final results in three weeks but it's possible they could be contested. al-jazeera antananarivo. china's government is vigorously defending a mass the tension program for the wigger muslim population in the far western xinjiang province after first denying the existence of the so-called re education camps they now say they're providing vital education for hundreds of thousands of wheat growers from the city of cash darren's enjoying our china correspondent adrian brown reports. islam is the dominant faith in shin jamming but it cashcard it come oscar worshipers are reminded of a higher authority assigned at the entrance proclaims love the party love the
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country close by photos of president xi jinping are projected onto a giant screen in one he's surrounded by a group of forming local muslim weekers the pictures are more than four years old. the streets are quiet in this ancient oasis city on the old silk road you're closer to baghdad than beijing here but one thing strikes you quickly where are all the young men. invocation or education training state t.v.'s been providing answers some of these men and women are getting an education in what are described as vocational training centers that offer occupational skills language cultural and psychological training skills their parents prevented them from learning at school says one political commentator but they cannot find productive employment in the cities and other areas where they would need these basic skills reading writing
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communication in chinese human rights groups say wearing a veil or growing a beard is enough to get you sent here at first vic other men denied the existence of the camps now it's proudly defending the internment policy. jin is the editor of the global times newspaper a tabloid mouthpiece for the government he says there are more than a thousand violent attacks a year in shin jang there's no independent evidence to support that. through tough control shin junk has avoided the same extremism that has happened in a lot of other places in the world. china's leaders argued that these harsh measures are needed to prevent bomb and gun attacks associated with separatism violence that they say has cost the lives of hundreds of han chinese people in the
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past decade one attack in a room she in two thousand and fourteen happened the day after a visit by president xi jinping it was at about this time the president xi jinping began promoting what was to become a key economic policy the so-called one belt one road initiative the plan to bind china to europe and the middle east through infrastructure trade and investment but for that ambitious plan to work has to work. during our time in shin jang our movements were tightly controlled by government minders who later forced us to delete much of our video we were warned not to talk to anyone even about the silk road project. this is a replica of cash cars old city the original we were told is still being rebuilt just as it was three years ago when i was last here. here we were presented with
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a picture of ethnic harmony an elderly wego man and chinese tourist dancing a spontaneous moment insisted our minders but like the setting it felt contrived a dream brown al-jazeera in cash. a series really official has been speaking at a transport conference in oman just a few days after prime minister benjamin netanyahu met the country's ruler it's fueling speculation that israel is trying to normalize relations with some arab countries ratha some reports now from moscow. israel's transport and intelligence minister in the southern out of the gulf country of oman israel wants to build a railway linking its mediterranean ports at haifa stretching south across thousands of kilometers of arab land to the western coast of the strait of hormuz israel counts has been outlining the plans at a global transportation conference but he's also the latest senior israeli official
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to make a high profile visit to an arab country in the last few weeks some say these trips are a sign that relations between israel and some arabic countries are being normalized in the early two thousand out of the countries put together an initiative which said that relations with israel would only be considered normal if there was a peace deal signed by both israel and palestine but there is no peace deal now palestinians and some others are concerned that a peace deal is a lower priority not just for israel but for some out of eight countries as well. at the end of october israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu was also in amman to meet its rulers sultan qaboos bin saeed the last time an israeli leader did that was more than twenty years ago around the same time israel's cultural sports minister was in abu dhabi in the united arab emirates and its minister for communications was just on the coast in dubai. significantly just
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a few days before netanyahu is visit palestinian president mahmoud abbas was also in amman for delegates at the transport conference business not politics is the priority. the man or the have. to have the conference in oman shows our strategic location in addition to its unique experience in the field of international trade and transport and our impact on the region by days rail and some arabic countries seem to be sending a message that parts of the power structure in the region may be open to change rob matheson al-jazeera. the remote himalayan nation of broadcom has a strong claim to be the greenest country on the planet three quarters of it is covered by thick forests which are home to rare wildlife but as the country develops it's struggling to balance economic growth with protection of the environment needs
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barker reports now from. its is a window on a time before humans. return is the only carbon negative country in the world producing more oxygen than it consumes at least sixty percent of the country must be forested is in trying to the constitution but as b. town slowly embraces the modern age keeping it this way is a huge challenge the pristine wilderness is home to one of the rarest animals on earth the himalayan snow leopard by careful conservation successfully managed to maintain numbers the same also goes for another big cat the bengal tiger for a small country like don sandwiched between india and china we are also one of our biggest contributions is being very symbolic of the things that we can do when you have the right leadership you know when you have the right vision and the right commitment from the people. there are stories of large predators stalking these
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ancient forests for generations which is probably what gave rise to the legendary story of the or yeti in reality though in addition to the big cats there are also wild boar and black bears here living in close proximity to these creatures is a major concern for farmers worried about keeping their livestock safe. every evening lock palm okies watch over her fields while born deer often devour her crops. she resorts to age old techniques to safeguard her livelihood. the government installed an electric fence nearby but it needs repair there's a compensation scheme if livestock a killed but the payout often doesn't cover the price of a new animal killing a large predator will almost certainly lead to
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a jail sentence despite the challenges booting the show unlikely levels of tolerance towards wildlife helped by hydropower. twenty five percent of putin's national income comes from selling energy to neighboring india it also allows the government to provide farmers with free electricity but hydro projects account for hof of the national debt political promises conservationists fear the country may compromise its forests in order to balance its books we all hugh sums of money some sums of money we cannot afford sums of money that have been borrowed from international agencies on the world bad day and the asian development bank man is such a greedy force and the natural resources are the easiest way to make money the pace of change is increasing. the country's future depends on preserving a delicate balance between humans and nature. al-jazeera the town.
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now it first emerged this week as a cute of suddenly heartbreaking viral video but scientists now say this footage of a mother bear and her cub is an example of been a misuse of drones and the video of the big bear struggling to climb an ice wall has been shared on twitter almost two hundred thousand times is an example of why you should never give up the bear does make it eventually but naturalists say the bears were trying to escape the drone that was filming them and are urging pilots to show more awareness. and remind you of the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has hailed the performance of the republicans in the midterm elections in a long and fractious press conference in which he sparred with several reporters the republicans retain the senate but have lost control of the house of
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representatives tom said the outcome represented a history defining success against the olds who is a big day yesterday incredible day and last night the republican party defied history to expand our senate majority well significantly beating expectations in the house for the mid. and midterm year we did this in spite of a very dramatic fundraising disadvantage driven by democrats wealthy donors and special interests and very hostile media coverage to put it mildly the media coverage set a new record in a new standard in the u.s. house them across think leader nancy pelosi says them a pratt's must stand their ground but also seek compromise with trump. american people have put want to put an end to unchecked g.o.p.
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control of washington we story again the checks and balances envisioned by our founders that's a responsibility we have we take that oath to protect and defend the constitution and we as democrats are here to strengthen the institution in which we serve and not to have it be a rubber stamp for president trump. the aid group save the children says one of its health facilities in yemen has been damaged by an airstrike a pharmacy providing lifesaving supplies was hit in the port city of her data despite calls for a cease fire the saudi erotic aleutian has escalated its military offensive against to the rebels in the city seventy eight students abducted from a high school in cameroon on monday have been freed but their principal and one teacher are still being held the abduction has been blamed on separatists something their spokesman has the know it those are the headlines the stream is next why.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. ok and i really could be here in the stream today anti semitism in the united states after my shooting of jewish worshipers in pittsburgh pennsylvania will she be done to address hatred against american genes if you have a connection to this story or want to share your thoughts on how to tackle anti-semitism we want to hear from you send us a comment live on you tube or on twitter.


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