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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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at first i thought this prettiest part of the if you find asian series on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. along with you're watching the al-jazeera news our live one headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes u.s. president donald trump flies his attorney general casting doubt over the future of special counsel investigation also. on the russia investigation are you concerned that you may have not concerned about anything where you may have. been because it's a hoax or you that's enough put down the mike the move just after trump held
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a combative news conference following a night of mixed results for his party in choose days mid term elections also seventy nine school children kidnapped in cameroon afraid but mystery surrounds who took them. by the gaskins vote for a new leader to lift them out of poverty even though three of the frontrunners are former presidents. welcome to the new u.s. president donald trump has fired attorney general jeff sessions the announcement comes just hours after trance republican party lost control of the house of representatives in choose days mid term elections though would also increased its majority in the senate that would have much more on the election and its aftermath in a few moments but first particle hay in this report on the man who was one of trump's . at least backus whose time at the justice department was troubled almost from day
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one. attorney general jeff sessions was an early and enthusiastic supporter of donald trump's bid for the white house. now when that bid succeeded president trump appointed his loyal supporter attorney general. but in his confirmation hearings sessions failed to tell the whole truth about a campaign error meeting he had with russian ambassador surrogate his lack session stunned washington with the statement in march of two thousand and seventeen and that is if i say any. investigations even. if they break the united states sessions move enraged trump who saw it as enabling the probe into whether his campaign colluded with the kremlin to win in two thousand and sixteen trump publicly taunted and denigrated his attorney general
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often in june he tweeted the russian which on hoax continues all because jeff sessions didn't tell me he was going to recuse himself i would have quickly picked someone else of course sessions had no idea he would recuse himself when trump offered him the job but once he did he couldn't interfere in the russian probe or fire special counsel robert muller who reports to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein numerous reports indicate trump repeatedly considered firing sessions only to be talked out of it by his advisors but he continued to vent his ire. and then he said i'm going to recuse myself i said what kind of a man is this. session's refused to quit and fired back a trumpet a statement saying while i'm attorney general the actions of the department of justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations. when not battling his boss in the white house sessions formally a hard line judge an alabama senator was implementing draconian law and order
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policies most notably the so-called zero tolerance policy on migrants and asylum seekers that resulted in thousands of children and babies being separated from their parents if you are some are doing a child then we will prosecute you and that child may be separated from you as required by law. in the end sessions loss of support among former republican senate colleagues signaled the death knell for his attorney general ship whether his departure will signal an end to the russia probe or be seen as another effort by trump to darrelle that investigation remains to be seen political gain al-jazeera washington. the u.s. justice department says matthew whitaker will be in charge of all the departments including assuming control of the mueller investigation senate democrat leader chuck schumer says whitaker must immediately recuse himself move size of the russian probe i find the timing very suspect number one but number two number
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the our paramount view is that any attorney general whether this one or another one should not be able to interfere with the mall or investigation in any way they should not be able to end it they should not be able to limit it they should not be able to interfere with muller going forward and doing what he thinks is the right thing and that will help guide us as we go through this process. well the following of sessions was announced just after president trump talked up his republican party's gains in the senate from chooses mid term elections will have to contend with the democrats who will chat powerful committees in the lower house after the opposition parties quote a majority in the chamber rob runnels house move from washington d.c. who is a big day yesterday white house spin zone despite the mid-term loss of the house to
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the democrats president donald trump declared victory citing republican gains in the senate they did focus on the senate and we had tremendous success with the senate democratic house leader nancy pelosi said the democrats victory was an opportunity to work together with drum who will strive for bipartisanship we believe that we have the sponsibility to seek common ground where we can but we cannot we must stand aside from our control of the house gives democrats power to block much of the republican legislative agenda and launch investigations into trump's russian business dealings taxes and other ethical issues dogging several senior officials b.s. democrats are here to strengthen the institution in which we serve and not to have it be a rubber stamp for president shop. many democratic voters
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believe the house should begin impeachment proceedings against trump but the senate republican leader had a warning for democrats drawn from republicans own experience i remember when we tried in the late ninety's. we impeach president clinton his numbers one often are going down and we underperform in the next election so the democrats on the house will have to decide just how much presidential harassments they think is good strategy i'm not so sure it will work for them. when it's sworn in early next year the new congress will include more women than any in history among them will be the first female muslim representatives including russia t.m. who is also the first palestinian american ever elected a black and latino women one including alexandria cortez who will be the youngest person in the house and the first ever native american women will take their seats
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in the senate some races are still too close to call and may be headed for recounts but republican control of that body is a certainty there's not very much common ground between the parties on major issues like immigration and health care so the forecast for the next two years is lots of talk but little action robert oulds al-jazeera washington across the aisle official joins me now from washington d.c. and the story of the moment and really is the removal of the attorney general something that many had alluded to in the weeks leading up to this moment but it still comes as a surprise doesn't it. well the story that circulated around washington is that jeff sessions knew he was under pressure from donald trump and at some point presented him with a letter that was undated and said because you've asked i have no resigned and that seems to be exactly what's happened because if you look at the official resignation letter there is no detail it is also telling is well that jeff sessions also
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doesn't say it's been a pleasure to serve under you mr president it does say it's been a pleasure to push forward the agenda that you are to curated on the campaign trail which he clearly thinks is something slightly different to what donald trump is no doing in the white house he's just left the department of justice just within the last hour or so and there was more than one hundred members of staff there who applauded him out and jeff sessions was choking back the tears it is clear that this is a job that he really wanted it's clear the job he thought he was making a difference it's clear too that he thought he was following what donald trump wanted but even that still wasn't enough and so he no hands over to a new acting attorney general who will take control of the more probe as well as you've heard republicans who are concerned about that it's interesting that a number of republicans who had warned donald trump not to fire jeff sessions have been very quiet about his removal in the last few hours you remember that lindsey
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graham has become very close to the president just in the last few weeks he said that if jeff sessions was forced out of office there would be holy hell to pay what's he saying today i'm ready to what with the president and whoever he wants to appoint as the attorney general interesting of course yet again the media in the firing line it's nothing surprising because we've seen this in the teen years of the trouble presidency but when it does happen and it really is quite a surreal thing to watch our live on television now while there are people are saying it was an incredible did you see the news conference have you ever seen anything like this before oh yes i. i have in almost every other news conference that donald trump has had this president he does exactly what it says on the tent he comes out and he is angry with the media he talks about building bridges and then attacks is opponents he talks about how the media should start reporting him fairly and then criticizes them and then tundra and and says he's fully in support
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of the first amendment there are contradictions all over the place when donald trump has a news conference like we saw but it's interesting that when people were saying this was a poor performance by the republicans this should be a worry for donald trump given that he lost a lot of the suburbs in a lot of the states that he won during the presidential election two years ago how many people in american television and in american media no talking about that very few there door money to buy conversations about jeff sessions and what it means for the russia probe and also about donald trump and his performance in the news conference so if he wanted to distract from what happened overnight then you can put a big tick in the box with that and donald trump will be very happy that once again he has taken control of the news agenda and forced to force the media to talk about what he wants to talk about rather than analyze his feelings indeed for the moment or leave it there a little course come back to you for more analysis in the days ahead thank you.
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chickie catania is the author of the book latino the former senior vice president for political advocacy for univision a spanish language t.v. network and she says exit polls will choose states mid term show the highest percentage of normal white voters ever. well i think the really the hidden secret of this election and i want to look at the numbers more they're still being crunched as i speak really is the latino vote i think the latino voters have traditionally been taken for granted by the democrats because they just believe latinos are born voting for democrats and that's not the case that tino's are very mixed there's thirty percent who are independent forty percent who are. registered democrats and only about fifteen to twenty percent that are registered republicans but when you ask them their ideology you see that latinos actually relate
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a lot to the conservative ideology and to the moderate ideology so latinos are really sort of this last last electorate which is growing by force today there are twenty nine million eligible latino voters that is equal in size to the african-american vote which is huge the problem is that african-americans vote ninety percent democrat latinos did not and i think it cost the democratic party to the races in texas races in georgia and reached races in florida. president tom says that a much stronger opinion on the case of jamal khashoggi next week these are the journalist was murdered in the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul last month. the matter with you or the months since the death of mr show you the journalist thing very terrible thing do you think saudi arabia is guilty of of having
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a murder and if so i want to marshal your opinion on that subject over the next week and i'm working very closely with congress but we're going to gather some very talented people and we're working with congress we're working with turkey and we're working with saudi arabia and i'm forming a very strong opinion. so much the president has to think about think of steen as director of ethics and the rule of law at the university of pennsylvania law school and she joins me now from philadelphia good to have you with us the president of the juggling many things up in the air but when we come to jeff sessions the resignation there obviously was not voluntary the letter begins dear president at your request i'm submitting my resignation and there the story ends to a certain extent and in fact the debate begins around it correct. unfortunately this appears to be a opening salvo in an attempt to respond to what the president expects to happen with the new house of representatives there is now of course there will be
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after they're sworn in a majority of democrats in the house of representatives and that gives the house the power to subpoena the president's tax records potentially to call him or others as a witness the house intelligence committee had decided to shut down their investigation into the trump campaign and now this investigation is very likely to start again so the president is doing everything he can to try to shut down the investigation in advance of what he anticipates as a rather hostile house of representatives doesn't this is a develop actually more questions in the in the sense that it's become an uncomfortable appointment from start to finish the sessions on trump i mean one could argue that sessions should have accepted the appointment and should trump offered the post having known what sessions how to piece leave to
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a certain extent. well it was rather extraordinary that the president said he would never have hired jeff sessions for the position if he had thought that session's was going to recuse himself from managing the muller probe because it shows that it is the criterion for president trump in an attorney general that he be willing to fight to damp down the mall or investigation or simply be willing to fire robert muller on the president's bidding and obviously that is a deeply problematic result for the rule of law the attorney general should be relatively independent of the president and if he thinks that the investigation should continue it needs to continue and that's not something that the president ought to have a say i'm coming acting attorney general be independent but in theory when there is an ethical and will of law approach to the office of
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the justice department then yes there can be a kind of a de facto independence it's not the formal separation of powers that we have among the three branches in the u.s. but it is a long tradition of having the white house stay out of justice department decisions and affairs because that kind of independence has always been recognized as a key constituent a key component in defending will of law values in the u.s. and unfortunately the president does not understand that independence and does not welcome it in terms of matthew whittaker who's taken a position to know what we know about him in the way that he hopes will be the support will support trump and how will work with. one of the main things we know about whitaker is that in twenty seventeen he wrote an op ed saying that the special counsel's power should be much more limited that miller is overstepping its
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bounds and in particular that any investigation into trump's personal finances or the personal finances of the trump family would be beyond the scope of the mandate of the special counsel so he took a very strong position that the special counsel investigation ought to be more limited than it currently is and even suggested that it is becoming a witch hunt and a political farce so i think that president trump knew what he was getting with matthew whitaker it's a temporary position he is now acting attorney general but that's probably just enough time for hit him to put the limits on the muller investigation if not shut it down completely that the president would like to see it will be interesting to see what does happen in the coming days for the moment i think listing thanks so much for joining us. but to get here on the al-jazeera news hour including israel outlines of
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a business plan for railing from the mediterranean to the straits of hormuz. the caravan stops to rest in mexico city before pushing to the u.s. border. and event just scored through christiane the rebel to finish the way they would have liked we'll have that story in sports. mexico defended its human rights record at the united nations review in switzerland . to the human u.n. human rights council says recent laws have improved children's rights and helped liberate corruption paul brennan is in geneva. mexico came to this hearing of the u.n. human rights working group with numerous human rights violations to explain perhaps the most notorious among them the two thousand and fourteen massacre of forty three student teachers in. a massacre that is still unsolved today but the ambassador
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from mexico came forward with a raft of recent legislation that has improve the human rights situation general acts to improve the rights of the child to tackle corruption and to prevent torture and also a whole new criminal justice system since twenty sixteen and the reaction from the chamber here was broadly supportive there were numerous suggestions and recommendations as how mexico continue to push forward its progress but in general the other ambassadors the other nations were broadly supportive of the direction of travel that mexico is taking. thousands of asylum seekers and migrants from some to america have arrived in mexico city on their way to the u.s. now the langley of all durance is the first of three large groups moving across mexico in search for a better life but will repel a possible second city. this is the sound of children laughing and singing. we just arrived in the capital mexico city after traveling with five thousand other central americans for the first time in several weeks they're able to really rest.
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where we want these children to see that mexico is a country that's in solidarity with them so they can take this memory when they leave and they're going to find that mexican authorities have been preparing for their arrival setting up food stands medical tents as well as spaces for a shower and even a haircut. feel nothing though i'm happy with how mexico has treated us we're very thankful to mexico. we met me here while she was waiting in line for donated clothes she says she's bound for the u.s. and has a message for president trump. let everyone know there are no terrorists here or criminals nobody is here for fun we're all running from poverty in honduras it's not for pleasure that i'm traveling to the united states. walking along the camp we spotted several volunteers providing legal advice to those looking to claim political asylum either in mexico or the u.s. although what they as
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a volunteer attorney says most are planning to stay in mexico despite the rhetoric despite the fear that the trumpet ministration is trying to administer these people are intent on carrying out the right that they have to seek asylum in the united states. while it may seem crowded authorities say they're still expecting more people to arrive in the coming days this case at this outdoor sporting arena has been transported to a comedy as many as five thousand people traveling as part of a caravan that left on douras several weeks ago but the stop here is only temporary they're all to make goal is reaching the southern border of the united states. with a fresh change of clothes in hand and her daughter head off to get some rest knowing the most difficult part of their journey still lies ahead. when i just read or mexico city let's go to africa there were all of the students kidnapped from a high school in cameroon have been released and took the seventy nine pupils from
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a presbyterian boarding school in them and the regional governors for people are still missing including a driver two teachers and the principal. of cameron's english speaking regions where separatists have been fighting for independence state or are you kidding me that what is not enough to defend if they went to when they left or they have been kidnapped or still because they saw my son in the video being harassed to talk loudly you understand i knew you was traumatized and that also made me more traumatized so i acknowledge that i've been here present i have seen and i've talked with them and i'm sure that they will be for now and find that i'm not sure of the safety of the school so my wish is that they close the school for now because obviously quality problems are becoming. all vote counting and started in madagascar after the presidential election the african island nation has no less than thirty six candidates to choose from three of them former presidents but there
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are concerns about the low turnout with many people saying they were able to cast their ballot to meet a business spoke to voters in the capital and to the river. a steady stream of people at polling stations across the capital. now that are so redrawn is trying to cost a ballot a dumb person email. but without any luck she can't find a name on the voter's roll she says she'll continue searching but that means looking to dozens of lists. of course is frustrating but i will keep searching but if i don't find my name i would just have to wait to vote next time but many others are not as accepting one woman says she's angry because no one in a family of four can find their names really partly there are many problems people have cards without their address listed people are on the list but don't have voter cards and people who have voter cards are not on the list. before the election twenty five political parties had formed
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a coalition to have electoral this reformed but the electoral commission refused and said the election would continue as planned. officials at the voting station say they haven't received all the electoral material they leave civil society organizations say they were similar problems in previous elections and they made recommendations to the electoral commission on how to fix them the stime round but say they were ignored. transparency international says this is worrying for madagascar's nine million voters but i will say one third of the people there live on the electoral list we should be on the electoral roll these have been dropped in some ways so it's really difficult for people to handle these. voters that have to choose between thirty six candidates but the race is really between just three of them all former presidents. who won the twenty thirteen
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election market bubble of one man who returned from exile after two thousand and nine coup ousted him an antidote to lean who was appointed as transitional president after that dixon now when you are voting is important to me because i want to see the work that has been done continue and when i even if the political leaders follow the rules it will be ok but there are too many candidates. the electoral commission says it will release final results in three weeks but it's possible they could be contested for me develop al-jazeera antenna not evil. the group save the children says one of its health facilities in yemen has been damaged by as strike a pharmacy providing lifesaving supplies was hit in the port city of data despite u.n. and international calls for a cease fire. the coalition has escalated its military offensive against the rebels in the city over the last three days or hundred and fifty people have been killed save the children is calling for both sides to stop fighting saying hundreds of thousands of lives at risk. the u.s.
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state department says it's a jew all parties involved in the conflict to agree to a session of hostilities we've been urging all parties to come to the table and to recognize that there is no military victory that can be achieved in yemen and we continue to call for a session of hostilities and for all parties to support united nations special envoy martin griffiths in finding a peaceful solution to the conflict we have been clear with. saudi iranian yemeni officials at every level that the destruction of critical infrastructure or destruction of the delivery of vital humanitarian aid and commercial goods is unacceptable and we are in close contact with our partners. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news our educating child is we get muslim it's all extrajudicial
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detention of that scale we report from shenzhen province also wildlife experts really troubling side of a cute baby bed video that's been viewed more than twenty million times and formula one extends its calendar to include at least from brain had only all those details in sports. out of the storm this is over for now i think you'll see the last back edge storms running through the eastern seaboard nothing much left of course this satellite pictures taken before the real storms got going to hit maybe that in texas right to home once you might still build but i think probably not this is still the risk area for a big storms with lots of rain forming out there but look at what's developing in
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colorado in fact the plain states have dropped in temperature down to minus one and when you have to see the daytime highs there's a big push of winter air coming in here about time to get to friday it's reached always size that's the ohio valley more or less the max in chicago three degrees snow you'll notice and this is not just going to be a little like a because a lot of snow it's ok to the west the rockies in are clear back in the sunshine but if you're in the plain states or around the great lakes and the midwest this is the first proper taste off into to the south it's all gone quiet we see quite a few showers recently impreza rico but they're disappearing now and there's not much to revive to reveal itself by satellite but we still got the prevailing breeze so still be a scattering to the restaurant tilly's than a focus of them as you hit nicaragua here or honduras rather less though in costa rica.
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american man spoke out against french colonial rule and was exiled dummy be moved baby were isolated extremist views minister he spoke out against the regime and was sentenced to life imprisonment he spent twenty two months in hiding thirteen years in exile and seventeen years in jail. al-jazeera well tells the story of the dissident abraham said fatty morocco's montana. and monday put it on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war.
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welcome back you're watching knowledge san anselmo romney a reminder of our top stories this these are us president donald trump has fired attorney general jeff sessions will be placed by his chief of staff but few weeks ago he was being highly critical of fleet will investigation even democrats say which one must immediately choose themselves from oversight of the brush approach also the firing of sessions was announced just after president trumped talked up his republican party's gains in the senate from choose states term elections but tell have to contend with democrats who will chair powerful committees in the lower house after the opposition party secured
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a major victory in the chamber. all of the streets could not from the high school in coverage have been released to the seventy nine peoples from a presbyterian boarding school in the bend the regional governor says four people are still missing including a driver teachers the principal. a senior israeli politician has been speaking at a transport conference in just a few days after prime minister benjamin netanyahu but the country's leader it's fueling speculation that israel is attempting to door belies relations with sub gulf arab countries rob patterson as well from basket. israel's transport and intelligence minister in the southern out of the gulf country of oman israel wants to build a railway linking its mediterranean ports at haifa stretching south across thousands of kilometers of arab land to the western coast of the strait of hormuz israel katz has been outlining the plans at
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a global transportation conference but he's also the latest senior israeli official to make a high profile visit to an arab country in the last few weeks some say these trips are a sign that relations between israel and some arabic countries are being normalized and the only two thousand very big countries put together an initiative which said that relations with israel would only be considered normal if there was a peace deal signed by both israel and palestine but there is no peace deal now palestinians and some others are concerned but a peace deal is a lower priority not just for israel but for some arabic countries as well. at the end of october israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu was also in amman to meet his ruler sultan qaboos bin saeed the last time an israeli leader did that was more than twenty years ago around the same time israel's cultural sports minister was in abu dhabi in the united arab emirates and its minister for communications was just
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on the coast in dubai significantly just a few days before netanyahu is visit palestinian president mahmoud abbas was also in amman for delegates at the transport conference business not politics is the priority. than what they had there in one lift the cup. to have the conference in oman shows our strategic location in addition to its unique experience in the field of international trade and transport and their impact on the region. but israel and some arabic countries seem to be sending a message that parts of the power structure in the region may be open to change matheson al-jazeera. back to the us midterm elections and the turnout was unusually high across the country and the night offered some good news for both of the main political parties
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the democrats claimed two hundred twenty two seats so far in the u.s. house of representatives handing them control there however it was the republicans who picked up seats in the senate their tally now stands at fifty one the final numbers could take weeks with seventeen house races and two senate races still too close to call there are also a senate runoff in this is later this month one of them president a number of we've been from diverse backgrounds to be the active two u.s. congress mostly on the democratic side twenty nine year old alexandra there's of you yorkers become the youngest one ever elected to the house michigan's. minnesota's o'barr both democrats have become the first american woman ever voted into congress and the first native american woman has won her seat in the respective seats in the house deborah and sure east davids were elected to office in new mexico and kansas every banker is
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a reporter who covers campaigns and national security for the daily beast joins me now from washington d.c. could have you with us again on the program checks and balances have lobbied reintroduced with the sort of the way the two parties control the two houses but it's a sort of what sort of legislation will be passed all stopped that's the big question at the moment. yes exactly i think it's hard to tell at this point we have sort of a mixed bag right now you know it was a really good night for the democrats they were able to flip the house and take control of that i think everyone right now in washington is talking about the muller investigation and whether or not the democrats will as and deal with the president in that way that remains to be seen it's been a bit of a crazy day here in washington post midterms indeed i mean the democrats are in charge of the house republicans in charge of the they tell me another way of looking at this is sort of a two year. of no cooperation and stalemate for the administration
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yes i think that's a that's a correct analysis i think it's going to be an interesting two years ahead one in part because the democrats have a you know they may have won the house but they have a lot of work to do it was not a blue wave as they had hoped they are going to need to sort of stitch together the democrats before the twenty twenty alexion some sort of unite the party when it comes to to their dealing with legislation and with the senate that remains to be seen what obstacles they will face however we are headed into a two year period where there will most likely be a lot of debate about that legislation and it will most likely end up in a stalemate but we can call up the holes majority leader nancy pelosi for the democrats i mean she alluded in the past few hours that they might be the democrats be able to work with republicans on certain issues but what issues would they were
2:38 am
called that would please call base and not upset republicans. so i think that's right you know often here after these kinds of elections again it remains to be seen whether or not we can actually have both you know sides of the aisle working together i think a couple of the things that are on the table are health care protection of preexisting conditions we have immigration policy on the table and then again we have the russian of us occasion you know mitch mcconnell also came out today saying that you know he loves nothing more than to work with the democrats i think that this is rhetoric like i said we often hear after the elections and that often sort of peters out after a couple weeks and we see the infighting begin and you know the democrats and republicans begin to sort of go back into their encampments where anything there were there was one contributor to al jazeera through the day that had suggested
2:39 am
that sometimes all removed and see issues that need to be dealt with in a bipartisan sort of way things that such as defense or infrastructure projects that are important to the way america operates from the grassroots upwards if you don't have a road or you have potholes in a road or a highway they need to be fixed sometimes needs to be fixed at the federal level what it cost millions of dollars. sure i think that those are always projects that are on the table and often see bipartisan support i mean i think we see that you know during an election before our action or after an auction i don't think that those are necessarily standout issues i do think that one of the most important issues that congress will be facing going forward is the issue of foreign policy writ large and how the u.s. faces some of its more pressing foreign policy issues including you know what happens with the followed after the shoji killing in istanbul by saudi you know will will congress come to an agreement on how to exact financial measures on the
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country you know how will we move forward with iran these are all issues that. you know are opportunities for both sides of the aisle to come together and work on and i think foreign policy will be sort of a target for congress in terms of trying to bridge that gap perhaps that's. a subject full of the domestic audience or they will be focused on that for the moment because they might be more concerned about the impeachment process. for the president because. that indeed will also be threatened in the sense that you might be able to have consensus in the house of representatives of the president could be impeached but you have to take the old to the side there's no two thirds majority in the senate for it to go forward so it could backfire on the democrats if they go that way and that's what which we call was alluding to earlier in the. right and i from the sources that i'm talking to on the hell about it that is not a route they are considering going down at this moment and we've seen people sort
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of come out and bits and pieces and try to allude to that democrats over the past couple of weeks i don't see that as a strategic move that the democratic party will be taking moving forward i think the more pressing issue and one that they'll probably try to hold on to is their ability to issue subpoenas to the president and ask for tax returns things that the democrats haven't been able to have asked for but haven't been able to get a hold of in the past and i think that's something they'll be in really interesting going back to the investigative process and hep-c. and trying to see what movement they can make there but in terms of impeachment us on a conversation that i have heard on the table right now with the democratic party we will see what does happen for the moment everybody because it's joining us from washington d.c. . with the news a pakistani christian woman acquitted of blasphemy has been freed from prison. she's on a plane that no one knows where she's going bibi's acquittal after eight years on death row spot nationwide protest by hardliners she was convicted in two thousand
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and ten on charges of insulting the prophet mohammed after a dispute with muslim farm workers she had by taking a sip of water from a cup she had searched for them several countries have offered b.b. asylum but first they denied their existence but the chinese government is vigorously defending the detention program in the far western province of shin jaron is facing growing international criticism of reports up to a million women are being held in so-called education comes from china our correspondent adrian reports from cash. islam is the dominant faith in germany but it cash. worshippers are reminded of a higher authority sign at the entrance proclaims love the party love the country. close spy photos of president xi jinping are projected onto a giant screen in one he's surrounded by
2:43 am
a group of forming local muslim leaders the pictures are more than four years old the streets are quiet in this ancient oasis city on the old silk road you're closer to baghdad than beijing here but one thing strikes you quickly where are all the young men. in vocational education training state t.v.'s been providing answers some of these men and women are getting an education in what are described as vocational training centers that offer occupational skills language cultural and psychological training skills their parents prevented them from learning at school says one political commentator but they cannot find productive employment in the cities and other areas where they would need these basic skills reading writing communication in chinese human rights groups say wearing a veil or growing
2:44 am
a beard is enough to get you sent here at first vic other men denied the existence of the camps now it's proudly defending the internment policy. gin is the editor of the global times newspaper a tabloid mouthpiece for the government he says there are more than a thousand violent attacks a year in shin jang there's no independent evidence to support that. through tough control she has avoided the same extremism that has happened in a lot of other places in the world. china's leaders argued that these harsh measures are needed to prevent bomb and gun attacks associated with separatism violence that they say has cost the lives of hundreds of han chinese people in the past decade one attack in a room she in two thousand and fourteen happened the day after
2:45 am
a visit by president xi jinping it was at about this time the president xi jinping began promoting what was to become a key economic policy the so-called one belt one road initiative the plan to bind china to europe and the middle east through infrastructure trade and investment but for that ambitious plan to work has to work. during our time in shin jang our movements were tightly controlled by government minders who later forced us to delete much of our video we were warned not to talk to anyone even about the soap road project. this is a replica of cash cars old city the original we were told is still being rebuilt just as it was three years ago when i was last here. and here we were presented with a picture of ethnic harmony an elderly weaker man and chinese tourist dancing
2:46 am
a spontaneous moment insisted on minders but like the setting it felt contrived adrian brown al jazeera in kashgar. boeing has issued a six you notice to airlines operating at seven three seven banks aircraft after lion air flight six one zero crashed into the jarvis see it advises pilots on how to handle false readings from one of the plane's sensors which could cause or could have caused the aircraft to abruptly enter a steep dive the plane was only two months old when it crashed off the coast of indonesia killing all one hundred eighty nine on board last month. the six body has been pulled from the rubble of to do operated buildings that collapsed in the french city of marcell on monday rescuers are still searching the day vary with sniffer dogs but have little hope of finding anyone alive and we residents say they have repeatedly told authorities of the state of the buildings in the poor neighborhood but were ignored almost six thousand properties in the city of be labeled at risk of collapse. first of march this week as acute
2:47 am
viral video but scientists say this footage of a mother a bear cub is an example of the misuse of drones the video of the baby bear struggling to climb an ice wall has been viewed on social media around twenty million times as an example of never giving up one's loss and it is a biologist he says regulations on film they need to be stricter. the mom is actually really stressed out she's constantly looking at the drone to kind of see where it is that i think the drone operator having is thrown in so close forced her to make a decision that normally she would have made was a bit more time she kind of crossed that that steve dressed in iraq which and typically you know they'll be really careful to pick the routes that they're cut can make safely and that they can stay with their cars in kind of a tighter unit so i think just having that drone right on or really made her make kind of this ras rash decision that ended up working out for a pub could have been a lot worse had it been steeper as far as my research goes when we are filming
2:48 am
various we try and the as a as least invasive as possible so we can sickly set up cameras that are camouflaged their motion activated the bears typically don't even notice and that's just so we don't place any stress on the animals as far as those laws are concerned i do things and needs to be some laws around drone actively with wildlife in particular i just think you know as humans we're already placing a lot of different stressors on animals whether it's you know encroaching into their their areas or hunting or whatever so that adds to that with drones just just one more thing that they don't need so i definitely think some laws could be beneficial. still ahead. see what happens when. the teams up with. only. a one.
2:49 am
2:50 am
on one. from. home. thank you very much well on another big night of champions league action manchester united bt ventus and a battle between two former winners ensure and despite a wonder goal from christiane arnaldo against his old team the two sides had met earlier in the group stages when it finished one nil to the italian club united's form a superstar netted against his new side in the second half but massimiliano a leg reason were beaten thanks to two late goals from united elsewhere on the night there were wins for valencia and roma in the early kickoff spined munich and
2:51 am
munches to city won their matches round majority how mad victoria pills and five nil as santiago solari continues his successful spell as interim coach when a series is gearing up for one of the biggest matches in argentinian football history river plate on barca juniors will meet in the cup at liberty dora's final on saturday supporters have already been out in force but away fans are banned from both legs of the final due to football violence in the country replace coach marcello goes yaddo also won't be allowed into blockers bonbon at a stadium on saturday as he's serving a suspension genius caps and probably paris ses the build up to the biggest moments of his career is stressing him out with. a ticket to seriously but i'm not enjoying it when the game is over if we have the chance to be champions i will enjoy it now i try to treat it does a world cup final and i'm thinking about the game all the time so that i don't forget the details the truth is i'm not enjoying it too much zlatan every move it
2:52 am
says he wants to stay at the l.a. galaxy they missed out on the m.l.s. playoffs last week and he's determined to put that right next season zlatan also says he's got no interest in being loaned to a european club during his down time at the galaxy. if i belong to a galaxy my galaxy i don't. do these things alone and use this for me i don't need that i mean. if i belong to one club in a focus on the club in a way give all my attention to that club so that it's not in my mind i want to be able to challenge for the for the trophy i want to feel i have a chance to be the best in m.l.s. my team not me because. for me to return i mean as soon as possible i think everything is work in progress everybody is working so this depends on the loan we can get from the bank for me. for the very reason to host a grand prix from twenty twenty it will be
2:53 am
a street race through the capital city of part of the sports asian expansion f one have released a promotional video vietnam joins other asia pacific races in japan china singapore and australia has already dropped off to twenty seventeen while india and south korea had only brief dips into the sport this is the first race to be announced by afghans new owners liberty media well it'll be a fourth street circuit a format that gets criticized for providing few chances to overtake but former f one team executive mark gallagher explained to us there will be a street circuits with a difference. it's a five and a half kilometer track it features an incredibly long straight it's over one it's actually one point two zero point three kilometers long and the simulations because we can simulate racetrack speeds when we see a truck that's on the simulation suggests that a low it's notionally a straight truck top speeds are going to be around about three hundred twenty three hundred twenty five kilometers an hour so this is not going to be
2:54 am
a slow speed circuit and it's not in downtown hanoi it's in a suburb it's using some public roads but then also some purpose built. circuit which will be attached to the public roads so i think this is more of a hybrid circuit partly a street truck partly a purpose built the solidity to some action on and briefly off the court in the n.b.a. now it's usually a good thing to get your hands on courtside seats but one fan probably regretted getting so close during the hornets hawk's going forward and mari spellman just couldn't stop himself here. right now about this from the hornets miles bridge is missing the three pointer but making sure of that so. there was also an impressive elliott from tony parker two malique monk the hornets
2:55 am
went on to win this one hundred thirteen to one hundred two. well c.j. mccullum of the portland trail blazers called forty points against the milwaukee bucks thanks to movies like this the standout play of the game saw him get the better of what's rocky guards donte da vinci you won't want to see this again but we'll show you the trouble he says won comfortably hundred eighteen two hundred three. england batsman ben folks has made a century on his test cricket debut against sri lanka in goal here is dating thirty one short of his hundred votes would make one hundred seven if he became only the fifty wicketkeeper to score a century on debut england eventually made three hundred forty two all out and then bowled out for two hundred three taking four wickets the english then reached thirty eight without loss at the close that's a lead of one hundred seventy seven. i might not have heard of joe carter and
2:56 am
brett's hampton before but these two are now record holders in cricket what did they do that howard forty three runs in a single over in a new zealand domestic cricket match they were turning out for northern districts against central districts to knoebels help the pair have a six sixes a four and a single the unfortunate bowler was well i'm luke previous record at this level was thirty nine runs in an overbite zimbabwe's elton john border the women's world twenty twenty will be held as a standalone event for the first time this year the west indies will host the fourth edition of the torment in the past it was held at the same time as the men's the windies women are defending champions and start the competition as favorites long with australia they open on friday in guyana against bangladesh india new zealand pakistan and australia will also be in action on day one. you always want to win with. the support of. your finds
2:57 am
your families you know coming to see you and i think you know follows is a great deal too to regain the title here and not just in the first. twenty. three so you definitely want to create. and i will finish with some incredible shots of world motocross champion. he teamed up with drone filming point. and those were pretty amazing the dragon was able to stay very close while he performed his stunts sometimes flying within centimeters of his head hitting him as a frontrunner on a summer x. games gold medalist. will have more. thanks very much paul and you have been watching the elves there and he's out with meat so rob will be back with up a full of these on the other side of the break
2:58 am
insulin for me on the team thanks for your time and your company. eradicating electricity in cambodia relies on education i'm treatment in equal measure on following him buddy early you know disability yeah the live evade until three year old boy i'm all he'll have this ability to play it again and didn't know wait for the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taking place at the bottom of the ocean may be mistaken to have it this hope so to have revisited on
2:59 am
al-jazeera. it's the fust day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. has this school as a military base firing rocket propelled grenades a multitude of nearby and out it falsus. most helpful gluten what it is like to be in school up to three years hope war. six year old sala that has house of survived an ass like home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the past his son for the first day in school he is hopeful making new friends would hope is that a company. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and mishit name off nashik you know. that's not in. significant in that insignificant ideologically that insignificant even as a crime gag. very significant by dictating the government and the
3:00 am
fucked up policy he vows shall not kill part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump clauses attorney general casting doubt over the future of special counsel robert mueller said best occasion. on the russian vest a geisha are you concerned that that you may have not concerned about anything with you may have been investigation because it's a hoax or you that's enough put down the mike the movie was announced just after trump held a combative news conference following in light of mixed results party and choose days midterm elections.


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