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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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ideologically that is significant even as a crime gangs are. very significant by dictating the government and the fucked up policy he vows shalt not kill part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump is attorney general casting doubt over the future of special counsel robert millicent best occasion. on the russian vest a geisha are you concerned that you may have not concerned about anything with. him because it's a hoax or you that's enough put down the mike the movie was announced just after trump held a combative news conference following in light of mixed results for his party and choose days mid term elections.
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and you're watching all just headquarters here in doha also coming up seventy nine schoolchildren kidnapped in cameroon all freed up misstates the street surrounds who took the. boat for a new leader to lift them out of poverty even though three of the frontrunners all former presidents. welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump attorney general jeff sessions the amount spent comes just hours after trump's republican party lost control of the house of representatives and chief state's midterm elections they would also increased its majority in the u.s. senate we'll have much more on the election and its aftermath in a few moments but first particle hain has this report on the man who was one of trump's earliest backus but his time at the justice department was troubled almost from day one. attorney general jeff sessions was an early and enthusiastic
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supporter of donald trump's bid for the white house. now when that bid succeeded president appointed his loyal supporter attorney general. but in his confirmation hearings sessions failed to tell the whole truth about a campaign error meeting he had with russian ambassador surrogate his lack session stunned washington. in with this statement in march of two thousand and seventeen and that is to do with it is was there any. investigations even. if. you know. sessions move enraged trump who saw it as enabling the probe into whether his campaign colluded with the kremlin to win in two thousand and sixteen trump publicly taunted and denigrated his attorney general often in june he tweeted the russian which on hoax continues all because jeff sessions didn't tell me he was going to recuse himself i would have quickly picked
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someone else of course sessions had no idea he would recuse himself when trump offered him the job but once he did he couldn't interfere in the russian probe or fire special counsel robert mueller who reports to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein numerous reports indicate trump repeatedly considered firing sessions only to be talked out of it by his advisors but he continued to vent his ire he took and then he said i'm going to recuse myself i said what kind of a man is this session's refused to quit and fired back a trumpet a statement saying well i'm attorney general the actions of the department of justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations we're not battling his boss in the white house sessions formally a hard line judge an alabama senator was implementing to conan law and order policies most notably the so-called zero tolerance policy on migrants and asylum
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seekers that resulted in thousands of children and babies being separated from their parents if you are some are doing a child then we will prosecute you and that child may be separated from you as required by law. in the end sessions loss of support among former republican senate colleagues signaled the death knell for his attorney general ship. whether his departure will signal an end to the russia probe or be seen as another effort by trump to darrelle that investigation remains to be seen political gain al-jazeera washington the u.s. justice department says matthew whitaker will be in charge of all the departments including assuming control of the mill investigation senate democrat leader chuck schumer says would come must immediately recuse himself from oversight of the russia probe i find the timing very suspect number one but number two number the our paramount view is that any attorney
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general whether this one or another one should not be able to interfere with the moller investigation in any way they should not be able to end it they should not be able to limit it they should not be able to interfere with our going forward and doing what he thinks is the right thing and that will help guide us as we go through this process all the firing of sessions was announced just after president trouble talked up his republican party's gains in the senate from she states mid-term elections but i have to contend with democrats who powerful committees in the lower house after the opposition party secured a majority in the chamber rob reynolds wolf in washington d.c. who is a big day yesterday white house spin zone despite the midterm loss of the house to the democrats president donald trump declared victory citing republican gains in the senate they did focus on the senate and we had tremendous success with the
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senate democratic house leader nancy pelosi said the democrats victory was an opportunity to work together with drum will strive for bipartisanship we believe that we have a responsibility to seek common ground. well we can but we cannot we must stand aside from our control of the house gives democrats power to block much of the republican legislative agenda and launch investigations into trump's russian business dealings taxes and other ethical issues dogging several senior officials yes democrats are here to strengthen the institution in which we serve and not to have a board of rubber stamp. president shop. many democratic voters believe the house should begin impeachment proceedings against trump but the senate republican leader had a warning for democrats drawn from republicans own experience i remember when we
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tried in the late ninety's we impeach president clinton his numbers one often are going down and we underperform in the national election so the democrats on the house will have to decide just how much presidential harassments they think is good strategy i'm not so sure it will work for them. when it's sworn in early next year the new congress will include more women than any in history among them will be the first female muslim representatives including russia to t.m. who is also the first palestinian american ever elected a black and latino women one including alexandria cortez who will be the youngest person in the house and the first ever native american women will take their seats in the senate some races are still too close to call and may be headed for recounts but republican control of that body is
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a certainty there's not very much common ground between the parties on major issues like immigration and health care so the forecast for the next two years is lots of talk but little action robert oulds al-jazeera washington. well the action is in all of course the top stories in that story of course is jeff sessions and his resignation of the she joins me now from washington d.c. for more on this the removal of the attorney general was perhaps something that we were expecting but it does come as a surprise even when you look at the fine detail of his resignation letter. well a couple of things on that first of all donald trump was asked about it at his news conference that he held knowing that his chief of staff had already had a conversation with the attorney general but said there was no decision made at that point so clearly he was misleading not just the media in the room but all of the united states and yes the letter is is or there was a story that went around washington that jeff sessions that was so beleaguered by
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the pressure that he was under from the white house that he gave donald trump a signed letter undated which offered his resignation saying that he was going because that's what donald trump wanted and if you look at the letter that was issued after jeff sessions unknowns to resignation there was no data on it interestingly enough also didn't say thank you for serving in unit ministration the normal pro-forma that you get to the resignation letters of this kind he said i was ordered to follow the agenda the you'd in your presidential campaign which is a bit different and may seem like they're splitting hairs but he wasn't thanking donald trump for all the pressure that he put him under since essentially he was appointed to the ports and many people are upset with donald trump because jeff sessions wasn't just one of the first high profile people to support his campaign for presidency he was the only person in the senate to do that well jeff sessions has in the last couple of hours left the department of justice as attorney general for the last time he was choking back the tears it was an emotional moment because
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more than one hundred staff came out to applaud him to thank him for his service and he no goes off into the distance but people will remember jeff sessions as perhaps the man who had the most contentious relationship with a sitting president while sitting in the position of attorney general in modern political history and of course it's not just jeff sessions as a contentious relationship with the president the media too there in the firing line again today as we've seen from the reports nothing surprising there but yet again another surreal moment in the trump presidency. well so i was watching the news conference live and also following twitter and people saying can you believe this have you seen anything like this before yes trump's last press conference it's just what he does it's how he behaves so no one should be surprised by this the fact that donald trump did what donald trump does is nothing new in this he criticized his critics he criticized his opponents he talked about what
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came with the democrats and then he criticized the democrats he said he was a huge supporter of the first amendment that he criticized the press he said he wasn't getting fair coverage he went on to talk about how you is a huge success he hit all the things he normally talks about in these news conferences how people in israel love him so he couldn't possibly be anti-semitic he talked about how the economy was doing well and because of the black people and asian american people loved him as well all of this is typical donald trump but yet even now two years on from when he won the election we still sit back and we are still surprised and to a degree many people are still shocked that donald trump is donald trump indeed for the moment there are thank you for president drug says that he will have a much stronger opinion in the case of jamal khashoggi next week the saudi journalist was murdered in the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul last month but
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on the matter ignore than a month since the death of mr show you know here in this. very terrible thing do you think saudi arabia is guilty of of having to murder and if so we're going to marshal your opinion on that subject over the next week and i'm working very closely with congress we're working together some very talented people and we're working with congress we're working with turkey and we're working with saudi arabia and i'm forming a very strong opinion. all of the students kidnapped from a high school in cameroon have been released and took the seventy nine people from a presbyterian boarding school in demand that the regional governor says four people are still missing including the driver two teachers of the principal the mentor is one of english speaking regions where separatists have been fighting for an independent state. that what is not enough to defend if they went to when they left or they have been was because i saw my son. being
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harassed to talk loudly you understand you you are strong and that also made me more. so acknowledge that i've been here present i have seen and i've talked with them and i'm sure that they will be for now i know they are fine but i'm not sure of the safety of the school so my wish is that they close the school for now because of the security problems or they. will still al-jazeera deter the kind of stops to rest of mexico city before pushing on to the u.s. border and wildlife experts reveal a troubling side of a cute baby video that's been used more than twenty million times. from the neon lights of asia. to the city never sleeps. hello remember that band of rain it was flowing across the yangtze valley
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in china and then heading science and there it is is talking a bit rocky to have to say you'd be right to think that because it's exactly what is is in the forming a passage that i think by the end of thursday to be nothing much left exit the line there they will be some rain out of in the morning but by then the day virtually nothing go on search dry once again for a couple of days the rain still focusing to the south there and the bottom end is revealing more showers and the arms the coast of vietnam in fact is a bit of a strange thing going on here though it's largely dry in sas china sea we've got this massive tide it even looks like a circulation heavy through southern vietnam and sudden thailand is already there and he's not going anywhere quickly so it looks like significant rain is possible not just in vietnam but more especially when it's to malaysia but folksy i think consultant time should really see it that often this time of year but it's there and also hidden to some pretty dark green somewhere nice sumatra as well which is showers and they stretch all the way down towards jakarta yep i'm afraid the rain
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is with you it's also there in sort of ways whereas the northeast monsoon is set in now for india so mostly it's a dry picture with the usual exceptions for lanka in the southeast corner. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. american man spoke out against french colonial rule and was exiled. you moved big you were isolated by a extremist views mr he spoke out against the regime and was sentenced to life imprisonment he spent twenty two months in hiding thirteen years in exile and seventeen years in jail. al-jazeera while tells the story of the dissident abraham serfaty morocco's montana.
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killed what challenges there i'm so rob a reminder of all top stories u.s. president donald trump as far as attorney general jeff sessions so he replaced by his chief of staff and matthew whitaker who's been highly critical of the bullet investigation and even democrats saying must immediately recuse himself from oversight of the russia probe. the firing of sessions was about just after president trump talked up his republican party's gains in the senate from chooses mid term elections but still have to contend with democrat so powerful committees in the lower house after the opposition parties cause a major a majority in the chamber. over the students could fall behind scolding corroborative been released all but two things up to the people's former presbyterian school it but the regional government says four people are still
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missing including a driver teachers of the principal. the aid group save the children says one of its health facilities of yemen has been damaged by the strike a pharmacy providing lifesaving supplies was hit in the port city of data despite you had an international calls for a cease fire the saudi ever r.t. coalition as a skeleton its military offensive against the rebels in the city over the past three days one hundred fifty people have been killed save the children is calling for both sides to stop fighting saying hundreds of thousands of lives are at risk the state department says it's all parties involved in the conflict to agree to a say should of hostilities we've been urging all parties to come to the table and to recognize that there is no military victory that can be achieved in yemen and we continue to call for a say sion of hostilities and for all parties to support united nations special
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envoy martin griffiths in finding a peaceful solution to the conflict we've been clear with. saudi iranian yemeni officials at every level that the destruction of critical infrastructure or destruction of the delivery of vital humanitarian aid and commercial goods is unacceptable and we are in close contact with our partners a pakistani christian woman acquitted of blasphemy has been freed from prison bibi's lawyers says she's on a plane but no one knows where she's doing babies acquittal after eight years on death row spot nationwide protest by hardliners she was convicted in two thousand and ten on charges of insulting the prophet mohammed after a dispute with muslim we've been to a farm she'd get the by taking a sip of water from a cup she fetched for the several countries of b.p. asylum. well voting has started in madagascar after the presidential election of
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the african island nation of no less than thirty six candidates to choose from three of the former presidents but there are concerns about the low turnout with many people saying they weren't able to cast their ballot for readability spoke to voters in the capital and to the river. a steady stream of people at polling stations across the capital. now that are slow to drown is trying to cost a ballot at a.


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