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tv   We Are Still Here A Story From Native Alaska  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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luk pummel keeps watch over her fields while born deer often devour her crops. she resorts to age old techniques to safeguard her livelihood. the government installed an electric fence nearby but it needs repair there's a compensation scheme if livestock a killed but the payout often doesn't cover the price of a new animal killing a large predator will almost certainly lead to a jail sentence despite the challenges butin e show unlikely levels of tolerance towards wildlife help by hydropower. twenty five percent of putin's national income comes from selling energy to neighboring india it also allows the government to provide farmers with free electricity. but hydro projects account for hoffa of the national debt political
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promises conservationists fear the country may compromise its forests in order to balance its books we all huge sums of money some sums of money we cannot afford sums of money that have been borrowed from international agencies on the world bank and the asian development bank man is such a greedy force and the natural resources of the easiest way to make money the pace of change is increasing. the country's future depends on preserving a delicate balance between humans and nature need al-jazeera bhutan. zero these are the top stories u.s. president donald trump has fired attorney general just sessions. will replace him where he has been highly critical of the liberal investigation into alleged russian
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interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election they didn't democrats say he must immediately accuse himself the firing of sessions was announced just after the president talked up as republican party's gains in the senate and chooses midterm elections but he'll have to contend with democrats who will chat powerful committees in the house of representatives after the opposition party secured a majority in the chamber president says he will have a much stronger opinion on the case of jamal khashoggi next week the journalist was murdered in saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul last month that mattered more than a month since the death of mr show you know your list. very terrible thing do you think saudi arabia is guilty of of having to murder and if so what marshall your opinion on that subject over the next week and i'm working very closely with congress we're working together some very talented people and we're working with congress we're working with turkey and we're working with saudi arabia and i'm forming a very strong opinion. on that the students kidnapped from
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a high school in cameroon have been released men took the seventy nine people from a presbyterian boarding school and. the regional governor says four people are still missing including the driver teachers and the principal. the aid groups save the children says one of its health facilities in yemen has been damaged by an asteroid a pharmacy providing lifesaving supplies was hit in the port city of data despite u.n. and stache no calls for a cease fire the saudi m.r.c. coalition as escalates its military offensive against who the rebels in the city over the last three days. a pakistani christian woman a crist's acquitted of blasphemy has been released from prison as babies a question left to eight years on death row sparks nationwide protests by hardline as she was convicted in two thousand and ten on charges of insulting the prophet mohammad after a dispute with muslim. has several countries have offered baby asylum.
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with all the headlines the kill revisits it is that. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera.
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the health care workers have been trained how to defend attack but they touch the skin lightly and the patient is just a ball to make her feel. so in some way could be an organism that's producing the next antibiotics. over the last twenty is more than fourteen million people have been missing and the number of new the detective cases this fall and dramatically but in the last decade progress has stagnated threatening our chances of completely eradicating the disease. and i'm here in cambodia to see how a new israeli transmission strategy is being used to track down and treat potential sufferers in the hope that leprosy can be wiped out unfold. leprosy is a chronic infection caused by the bacteria mycobacterium lepper a the disease spreads in droplets of nasal mucus between people in close and
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frequent contact it damages peripheral nerves and as the disease progresses nerves swell hands feet and facial skin become numb and muscles paralyzed leading to deformity. loss of sensation also increases the risk of injury with open wounds often becoming infected leprosy is entirely curable and if treated in the early stages disability can be averted yet it still affects thousands of people around the world. so how big a problem is that in cambodia. program. in cambodia. eliminating.
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the. many leprosy in. affective treatment. their activity is limited. so they cannot access to gold roads you know that's why i didn't touch them. over time patients new sensation in their hands and feet meaning that any cuts and so as they develop a painless if these become infected it committal to the loss of fingers and toes as he's left isa big house right and also maybe today people can still so they make the show and i'm taking yeah is it painful or you just have just said real thursday yes and. just a little bit of today getting the eggs and for them to continue my studies their feet still going to be how freeze over old and new to me i mean i make it and we do
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leg we can miles and ya. can you tell us what music you're listening to harm me or i'll head off. some thing go wild you know and so yeah when feelings tries to go to our all be quiet i'm happy thank you very much and good luck feel leg getting a new leg and that ain't all that it was used thank you very much. when. i said i said ok. thank you oh chin can you show us how it looked to say is affected you there was one kid in the. middle seat to the knees. with a chain we can stay here that is affected the long in the in the body is close to toast become amputated because this area gets nothing and then what happens is
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people damage it just just doing the daily activities walking around and not want to get someone so the damage it self can actually take off the tires of the person on the good night as affect the eyes. frankly were cheap and. medicines to cure leprosy are available free of charge all around the world these are provided by pharmaceutical company novartis through the world health organization and have been hugely successful in the fight against leprosy but recently progress has stagnated in june twenty thirty experts from around the world met to develop a new strategy to completely halt the transmission of leprosy the last mai-ling fighting leprosy proved to be the most difficult one what we now do space look at every patient who is diagnosed specially and look up the look of his contacts
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persons in his family his household the neighbors his colleagues examine them for their procedure and if they do have signs of the procedure opus the they should be treated fairly with the multi-group terrapins literacy is also very much associated with stigma when you get a diagnosis of leprosy you may be excluded from society completely in some countries or you may lose your job which very often is the case. our plan is to introduce that in several pilot areas in six countries in the world to demonstrate that this is feasible and when we have critical mass of data we could come vins the rest of the world to apply to it as well yes and this is what we hope to do. i pay out yearly net to know that means that now but what if i. i didn't know i said these guys health workers and they could go into the local communities and. diagnose a chance to receive a hypoxia but it will be at the end got it.
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new for the new on new exam the news and not the labor well i run now we each member sit on the under the mat casing the fifty or so three hundred meters around the house where the person was identified yeah yeah it is reading tracking down the receiving end is the how to go through it are the fish in among them that the second through. to eradicate it if you hit the obvious that you don't want to match that particularly when you're. in a country still recovering from civil war and genocide the basic health care provision available means that knowledge about leprosy is limited a key element of the strategy is raising awareness of the disease reducing the stigma surrounding it and informing the communities about health workers are coming before the contact tracing begins the team put on a festival for the local community so that when it just just getting ready for the
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field to show where people are going to be told about leprosy and then actually going to announce it and began to speak is going on the next day from the open like a way to do yes really good. to see. that this is fun this is not what i was expecting with ecstasy to be driving along in the band but over the program i have found some of the problems of the fires of all of them are going to pop out of i don't know about i don't know kind of caught up in what wasn't found i'm about i don't tell my people that man was not afraid of me it's not as easy for me from the bottom of the bottom of the problem about what i. might have. this is the key elements of the stuff to go out into the pit and tell people about the show but again that let her see her mom on her own car number one i would call her little girl violet girl call or five or whatever haha.
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i'm amazed by how many people arrive for the show. it really demonstrates the power of putting on a show and for communities such as this one we. would . like to. know what. to. do with these shows telling of a show about eradicating leprosy is as much information as if you met him i didn't know what was the real one who was like who. the little one is that will. give you a little bit more likely than one of the last.
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night the actors perform parables about leprosy to educate the community about the reality of the disease and also to inform them about the contact tracing that will take place the next day. we come to. ok have. we going to check. how many think. about what to actually go to. the team doctors at the home of the cured leprosy patient from where they will head out into the surrounding community to trace his contacts to check if anyone has been infected. with the person. hello nice to you it diagnosed five years ago. do you have any
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symptoms from the leprosy still a min. know not on me and on who lives with you. but i'm not holding my tongue when i see the three children that keep me very busy yes ok. so you have one child affected by let's see. how can we meet your child. oh hello. i am live. to be legalized are we to how do you. do so and when did you get diagnosed. and how did they diagnose you how did they know that you had leprosy. where's that where is the package can you show us. thank you so it's very it's very very subtle. so the health
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care workers have been trained how to defend the test for they touch the skin lightly and the patient is asked to report if they can feel it whether leprosy is the coffee that because the area is now no more fertile now but the team confirms that germany has been entirely cured of leprosy thanks to the medication what do you think might have happened had the health care workers not come to find you and i mean connie do you do you give them yes so this is this is how easy it is to treat leprosy there's no big deal needles there's no drips there's literally a small pack of pills the patient just keeps in the home just takes one every day and it's free. for more on him you know going for i mean. i'm about there were known for me. it was really important and little part of the tracing health care i came here had been burned you know there are fine with that
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they've got even members of the family. or their name i wasn't around in the area they were in is meticulously. so we're going to cover an area of about three hundred meters asking to go into the home and examine people looking for the signs lights or just read the pale patches or asking if people have symptoms. from the bottom at dot bottom of my day to. remember. that. yet another hurdle was really going to. come in and that. was. going to. be on my shoulders when i was in the ranks of the one. who live on the let me change the outcome of the union movement.
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something like that the night of the demo and it will remain a deer in the back. in the same venue is another previous patient who was reexamined to insure the treatment has been entirely successful here like the mayor how i have a go this is child abuse is almost all it was the prison ok when you had your diagnosis of leprosy how were your friends with you differently or with a just the same. give him a job. you know. it had your god to move. him a job that he and i have had hope. and does that still happen or friends more understanding of the condition now i'm ok len i get the corner from
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cracked open land when i am and i. i'm wondering do you. feel that they have actually just identified. a little area here that you can see on this young man's leg on top of that he put on the second. they. now know to put him back on that and then back again. you get the money the one. ram. another on them one. and then the. the feeling for the nerves on the inside of the arm just by the elbow sometimes they can be second with the disease these are the most typical lives that can be affected. after various noninvasive tests the team finally confirms that prac has
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leprosy. so have we made the diagnosis and. this is leprosy. non-starters treatment today starts its day. you know. within the span of you know. how to listen here is recorded the area of skin that was affected when he saw the date that mental function what it was now i was absolutely vital is that this young man's family members the potential contacts with the disease are all recorded on here so they can either be checked today for the health of the visitors come back and check them another day when they're all present. so this is a very them up to come up person so it doesn't mean. early you know disability yeah
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we will be wait until three more he'll have this ability so this is the very valuable the great use of. a human products diagnosis means that you can start treatment immediately and should be able to cure himself and it's a perfect example of the importance of this strategy the team will continue to go from community to community tracing the contacts of previous patients with this new strategy on the existing drugs the hope must be that one day no one need to suffer from the devastating impact of. one of the greatest challenges facing the world today is increasing rise of bacteria resistant to antibiotics meaning that even the most common infections could become impossible to treat and taking us into what is being known as a post. i'm dr john place and i'm here in norway to join the first part of
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a worldwide expedition on the hunt for new antibiotics. the pharmacy project is a collaboration between scientists from across the world the goal is to collect marine organisms from some of the hottest deepest and coldest places on the planet which have never been searched before the hope is to create vital new drugs and antibiotics from them and the project starts here in the fields of norway. funds can you explain to me why is there a name for finding your own doctor it's been in years since the war seven years ago and already a lot of people are immune to pencil in order different at their belt explain how more and more people die of the force of infection with antibiotics but by killing or preventing growth of bacteria by breaking down the cell walls or interfering protein synthesis but over time bacteria can build
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a natural resistance this is drastically celebrated when they are misused such as when we don't finish our prescription the surviving bacteria will then be produced with inbuilt resistance to that antibiotic. runs his hope is that the incredible marine life here will provide solutions to this problem but in organists they have the means to repairing the womb to get there the infection so we can isolate the not trying to boss it so they produce weaker maybe produce a new antibiotic for human use yeah it's a long process and it takes many years but. it must be done. the team on board the helm hunts and will be trolling organisms from the bottom of the sea as well as sending out dive teams to hand-pick marine life from the sea floor. eighty miles north of the arctic circle marine life that can survive under these conditions will hopefully have. the right properties to become the basis of new
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antibiotics. why do you think this environment seems to be the key bindings when you want to kill them and my meds have. finally shifting away from the county stream the snow the north and also you these are. extreme old farts as we. have through evolution adapted stache to make lists that organists further so long as. you have large amounts of morgan this diversity that must compete for space. so they can compete for example by reducing deterrence chemicals
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right all over the species. turns out the songs will. take everything back to the bio have a look at the closer look. at this time of year is part of norway doesn't get dog meaning that for three weeks the team will be working for twenty four hours a day. writing. one i mean. once the organisms are collected the team and the on board lab arrange them into species ready to be sent ashore and see what we've got. so there are some interesting stuff to start with. i do it's this kind of. space rich harbors like you're going to need to separate everything out to this world. but it's. not here we also have some new difference on people's hearts
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just with your bare bones through filler to get blisters really so these guys must produce a lot of interesting chemicals as well then they would just put everything on the table you take the course with thank you intel on the new guard. and. the civil lawyers sue stores so lovely of the time consuming work here would separate thing i love with takes to get through this system to do the find work and drive them a long way that would mark the start. so in some way i could be an organism that's producing the next antibiotic maybe maybe this petri dish. soap so . the species are taken to the state of the all lab at the university of trauma. on my hard resume on job hard work you know.
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if. as you can see this is a good start so i well that's what he is doing now is kind of catching up for simply just putting up with office shifts thing i want to face try the sample. it's is somewhat dense the system and this is the stuff bush ground up in your problem with microorganisms such as plankton which are also collected on the boat need to be cultivated in the lab to create enough quantities to analyze what we have here this is where we have our full ethanol are on the chemicals and expect that the fed the good the molecules of at the end with the few growing. so the psystar is now in the tube inside one of these test you could be a new drug a new antibiotic or even but i think that when these. such wrong order. we are going to do next with these samples though are going through what you say screened
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. we want a final go to the activities we have been doing this the samples. that this is a robot which actually is doing all the screening though you see the bacteria in one of them solution on the home of the actual act in all of one of those total mixing them and so if you find that one of those samples has killed the bacteria in your petri dish what's the next stage or do well the next thing is that to find out which of the most cures are actually the actor one against the bacteria. finding the active molecule is a painstaking process and even when one is found the scientists have to make sure it isn't an existing antibiotic. trying for free work what is the dream what it would do you hope to come out of this whole process well done that we can come up with some new molecules active against bacterial even more and more bacteria are develop resistance ability and that's
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a big challenge for the i mean for the whole world of the world. we.
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a journey of personal discovery feel more american here and then more air and b.s. outages there is a mirror image of mara highlights the struggles and resourcefulness of honey to the mask and people trying to preserve their way of life. bones one of those who could assume no photo of. your mom's from here you can. al-jazeera correspondent we are still here.
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it's just it's with every. china could be facing a debt iceberg that's according to us and p. global trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and other old cold uses that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. as president donald trump fires his attorney general costing down say over the future of special counsel robert muller as investigation. on the russian vest occasion are you concerned that that you may have not good alternative that anything where you may have i think you should because it's a hoax for you that's enough put down the mike and move was not was just off to
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trying to come by some news conference following a night of mixed results in chief day's midterm elections. hello them or a col this is al jazeera life and also coming. fighting has reporters around the city of homs data as the incessant grantee calls for peace talks. also seventy nine school students kidnapped in cameroon all frayed mystery surrounds who took the. u.s. president donald trump has fired attorney general jeff sessions the announcement came a day off the trunk republican party lost control of the house of representatives in tuesday's midterm elections although it increased its majority in the senate we'll have much more on the election and its aftermath in a few moments but first. more on a contentious day at the white house worried i should not that's another it was
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supposed to be a news conference about the outcome of the midterm elections as well sit down but it quickly turned into a testy exchange with reporters which included questions about the future of president donald trump's cabinet and the fate of his a battled attorney general jeff sessions and i'm very happy with most of my cabinet will look into that different people for different positions shortly after the president tweeted that his attorney general was out sessions writing in a letter to the president at your request i am submitting my resignation trumpets muse publicly about getting rid of sessions ever since the attorney general recused himself from the investigation into alleged ties between the truck campaign and the kremlin during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign sessions is replaced by matthew whitaker who will serve as acting attorney general whitaker is viewed as a trump loyalist and penned an op ed last year arguing the moeller probe was going
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too far he is now officially overseeing that same investigation over any attorney general whether this one or another one. should not be able to interfere with the mall or investigation in any way they should not be able to end it they should not be able to limit it right one of you know that i mean on monday trump said he wanted to take a softer tone but his post mid term news conference was his longest and arguably the most contentious in his press duration at times boiled over as he railed yet again at the media after he was asked repeatedly about the muller probe through c.n.n. should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person if i may i don't know who are you at once well to a white house aide tried to take a microphone from a reporter another reporter asked about concerns over the rise of white nationalism that such a racist question the sessions firing in the fall of from the u.s.
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midterms comes as donald trump prepares to head to paris where he'll attend an event along with russian president vladimir putin on wednesday trying once again declined to directly criticize putin for his twenty fourteen addicks ation of crimea instead blaming it on former president barack obama can really help get al-jazeera the why.


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