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tv   Eye Of The Fire  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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why the government has launched a major campaign to sell argentine products around the world. it's true many argentine industries are facing difficulties because of a drop in demand locally and there is financial stress but we believe it's only in the short run because we're hoping to export more beef grain shoes we are improving the situation in the ports people are ocracy we had before and this will help herself faster and more. times eat an average of fifty eight kilos of feed a year and even though the world health organization may recommend otherwise the plan is to spread a passion for beef that exists here to the rest of the world once again. pakistan's government is denying that a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy has left the country amid threats of renewed violent demonstrations by conservative islamic groups asieh bibi was
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released from jail in the city of wednesday a week after her conviction was overturned by the supreme court the decision provoked mass protests across pakistan and there were more on thursday both the level ends and italy have offered her safe haven has more now from islamabad. after the court ordered the baby was released from a prison and the city of moore looked on hold on especially. to the old ben as it entered national airport in islamabad which is more secure all the government is saying that the media reports about her leaving the country are totally false and the information minister gnashing out against the media is saying that this was in response a bit of behavior given the fact that the country had come to a standstill and i'll still violent protests broke out across pakistan and the government forces forced to make it read the protest the protesters were now warned
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get indeed that share bibi leave the country a difficult predicament indeed for the government why did really be interesting to see where the opposition parties are once again going to try to gain momentum and come back on the streets. pollution levels in the indian capital new delhi have soared to twenty times the safe level that they after the hindu divide the festival celebrations in what's becoming an annual problem the government is blaming the combination of devoutly firework displays and seasonal crop burning by farmers plans to restrict the sale of the most polluting fireworks and restrict the times they could be set off appear to have been largely ignored. if you decrease our driving an auto rickshaw since ninety nine it's become very difficult due to the pollution sometimes when we clean and black when we speak talk
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about the problem we're speaking of pollution to more german cities have been ordered by the courts to ban older diesel cars from parts of their city center starting next april cologne and bonn joined berlin frankfurt and start to guard him behave in having high producing these roles taken off some of their roads it's the latest victory for environmental groups who have lost the series of court cases local authorities in the two cities are appealing against the. well still ahead in this news hour of. world records. will be here with that and the rest of the. business updates. going places together.
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business updates. going places together.
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on. thanks very much barbara well the world's chess championship begins back there in london on friday between two players in their twenty's who have helped change the image of the sports norwegian magnus carlsen became world champion aged just twenty two five years ago but his american challenge at fabiano caruana is a year younger and a special talent leaving experts undecided who will win the wellings reports in the world of chess that could be more than one grand master the highest right in the guy but i can only be one world champion in the men's guy and that's going to be decided over the next few weights in london just two men head to head the twelve
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guys the defending champion norwegian magnus carlsen has helped change the image of chess champion for five years and he's only twenty seven he has the highest rating of a player in history a human getting into magazines and films and t.v. of sometimes made approaches in this must be good for the game it's never been my man motivation i just play for the love of the game just as they can more and more of an important part of my life and. i mean just the playing part i don't care so much about the other stuff anymore he's opponent fabiano caruana the new kid on the board has been given a genuine chance of victory by chess experts his mother encourage him to take up the game as a small boy in brooklyn and he's been absorbed by it ever since it's taken him to what's been called the most eagerly awaited title match in chess history do you think this is your profile is not i is making chess cool. so i
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think that chess has definitely come in color and and there are a lot of people. in the celebrity world in movies and music who who have an interest in chess. so i think it's definitely gaining more exposure. and i also think that is a great thing. and definitely can be very beautiful and can also be caught and and accessible to the larger audience do we have female support for this much do you have female support for this match i don't think so women hate me i recall the. thank you magnus prize money on offer is over a million dollars it costs over one hundred dollars per ticket for some of the four hundred spectators per day in a venue customized chess millions will watch streamed coverage around the globe if it's tied at six six after twelve goings by the end of november there would be a speed tie break but whoever wins the profile of tournament chess is about to move
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forward the wellings al-jazeera. to another ancient sport and the rather strange move by the world's highest earning boxer floyd mayweather on monday the american announced he was going to fight a japanese kickboxer now he says he's pulling out and they may never agree to it in the first place david stokes has the story. to you don't we use our boss mascot teach the date was set new year's eve inside thomas japan floyd mayweather was to face kick boxing sensation tension. but just three days after the launch in tokyo mayweather has pulled out claiming he and his team had been juked into the fight on instagram he wrote our floyd mayweather never agreed to an official bout with tension asacol were in fact i have never heard of him until this recent trip to japan i was originally informed that this was to be an exhibition put on for a small group of wealthy spectators for a very large fee i want to sincerely apologize to my friends i can assure you that
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i too was completely blindsided by the arrangements that were being made was so mayweather claims to have been ambushed but he seemed pretty comfortable at the press conference on monday when launching the fight that was reportedly going to see him pocket up to one hundred million dollars this brazil so i spoke with my team i got we rising and we put it together and i chose japan because it's such a great place in the got great people there's no doubting mayweather skills as a boxer he won all fifty of his fights and was the world champion at five different weight but the rules for the nasa cover fight had not been agreed on and that could have been where things broke down it wouldn't surprise me if he's actually had a good look at this a car well. and just so you know what is highlight reel shows what a dangerous flood syrias he might be twenty years old he might look like a quiet boy but he's got dangerous kicks he's
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a dangerous aggressive. sound we're twenty years old and between twenty points you stepped into the fire he's got to look at didn't want to give a speech but it's all his ribs maybe by the knees and pics of this young japanese sponsor. for the man nickname money pulling out today's fight won't make too much of a dent in his finances but his reputation has certainly taken a bit of a blow. david stokes al-jazeera. basketball on the end to an unwanted record for twenty thirteen n.b.a. champions the miami heat the heat broke a four year drought against the san antonio spurs have somewhat side had twenty nine points twenty rebounds and nine what shots a season high for the n.b.a. finished ninety five points to eighty eight to the heat. the trouble to cherish and one of the fiercest rivalries in all of football will take center stage in south america's biggest club competition when baka genius face river plate in the cup
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a limited or its final barca host river in the first leg on saturday the teams have never met in the final and after a disappointing few years for argentina's national team back a bosky g.m.o. bottle says it has renewed the country love football. resident dog do you know that argentine football in terms of its national team has been punished in the past years individually the names of the players in the national team as well because of its results and i think that day baka and river have reached a state that is important beyond what happens in these finals i think we have put argentine football on top of. southeast asia's international competition the suzuki cup has kicked off with cambodia hosting malaysia in phnom penh cambodia manager keisuke honda absentees he's still playing in australia malaysia got the end goal of the game north show. heading in after half an hour. over in vietnam one woman up against laos nguyen kong with the finnish. nguyen flying high
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is free cake but in the visitors in charge of group a louse go to malaysia on monday. england were in a commanding position at the close of the third day of the first test against sri lanka in goal thanks to a century from opening batsman keaton jennings the twenty six year old managed only his second test hundred to date scored an unbeaten hundred forty six as the english declared on three two two for six that left the hosts with a daunting victory target of four hundred sixty two they reached the close of play unscathed at fifteen without a loss. so if you're garcia's great run of form since the ryder cup in september seems to have no end in sight after helping europe when he went on to win the underlying theme of his masters at valderrama in spain now he's leading the way after the first round of the nedbank golf challenge known as africa's major at the sun city resort in south africa the spaniard carded a bogey free round of sixty four that's eight under salsa his lowest opening round
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since the twenty eight fifteen garcia has a one hundred four shot lead over his rivals he won this tournament back in two thousand and one and two thousand and three. and i will leave you with some record breaking stunts from the world of wheelchair motocross this is american our unfaltering him he was born with spinal bifida he set three historic marks in california making the highest ever wheelchair hunt plumper. also the farthest wheelchair ramps jump and finally the tallest pipe drop in on a wheelchair all of them validated by guinness world records just so tourist quarter pipe drop in on a wheelchair stands at eight meters forty congratulations thank you for them. barber in london that is amazing paul thank you very much and another record breaking feat here the classic rubik's cube puzzle has been entertaining and
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frustrating people for almost forty years but some however do find it infuriatingly easy a thirteen year old chinese schoolboy has set the first world record for solving get this three rubik's cubes. using both hands and why not both feet away here in new look took a scarcely believe or one minute thirty six seconds it's not a record that is expected to attract many challengers no i have tried for decades never work anyway that is it has seen a few of my. in
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twenty twenty tokyo will host the paralympic games but the nation has a troubled history caring for people with disabilities when used examines to pass disability. on al-jazeera. generation after generation men work under the merciless son of northeastern state. in this slum there's no sewerage in water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not living in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars of course if i'm a politician and i give cold. sure an education to people i'm in pairing them and if i'm impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep those as they are. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by
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a severe recession and government austerity that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even if the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. china could be facing a debt that's according to s. and p. global trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and other producers that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. new evidence in the case turkish sources say hydrofluoric acid has been found that
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the saudi consul general's residence. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. a decorated former marine opens fire at a popular bar in california killing twelve people and sending hundreds. the world food program says it plans to double its food aid to yemen to try to avert mass starvation and the house of commons hosts of female politicians from around the world to celebrate a hundred years of women's suffrage in the u.k. . turkish sources have told al jazeera that traces of hydrofluoric acid have been found at the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul the house was
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searched following the murder of journalist who disappeared after entering the saudi consulate five weeks ago they believe his body could have been destroyed using the substance meanwhile fiance has expressed her grief via twitter that she won't be able to bury him in medina andrew symonds reports from istanbul. the revelation follows the poetry analysis of samples taken by turkish investigators more than a fortnight after jamal khashoggi is murder a source of the turkish prosecutor's office has told our jazeera it was here at the consul general's residence that traces of hydrofluoric acid and a non-domestic chemical were found the source says the dismembered body parts were dissolved in a chemical process and the source speaks of samples also taken from a well in the garden of the residence and in nearby sewage systems this information follows on from an early arrival ation by the newspaper accusing two saudi men said
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to be a chemical expert at a toxicologist being involved in the cover up operation even though they've been sent out in an official saudi investigation team. turkish president brigette tell you heard of one appeared in public on thursday but made no comment about the new leak all remarks made by the us president officials in turkey's ruling party say it's stronger action not opinion that's needed from the u.s. soldier was going to was an underneath about it turkey's position was made clear from the beginning but a stance adopted by president early on we will not allow any person to cover up his inhumane crime committed in this cruel and brutal a manner but even if as the prosecution source says investigators are convinced that georgie's body was totally destroyed here in the consular residence is there enough evidence to convict the suspects in this case turkey believes there will be
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enough evidence and it wants the united states to pressure the saudis to extradite all of the suspects not only that the turks want saudi arabia to reveal who ordered the killing of a man whose remains appear to have been washed away in the sewage system andrew symonds al jazeera istanbul. fetish a heroine is a criminologist in istanbul she explains how the acid may have been acquired. it would have been fought simple really very difficult to actually bring an ass of life. with that team it could have been forced by other people. working at the consulate all the mc for example that's a question that the chill would have that i'm sure will put have been provided to the team as i said because it's their lease that they actually travel placidly
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although they were travelling on diplomatic passports and go through a different it's an entry a. i believe could have been perhaps purchased by somebody else and given some base people before hand time ease of the waves since that trade and that is where we actually understand the class the stalling tactics that were displayed from day one by the saudi officials because right from the beginning banks in the right bank said that sequentially had met and then it was the denial in tripoli to actual he's to go into the building and then to go about almost two weeks as well so i'm all for example dismembered body is actually in essence is going to dissolve. time is the most important thing and we saw that stalling tactic and the fact that . when that crime scene investigators that search on phone use the phone to the residence of the consulate general's office that. we have heard of prism a get a has broken out in the us the late one i want to search the well.
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police say the gunman who killed twelve people after opening fire in a crowded bar in california was a decorated marine who had served in afghanistan his motive though is not yet known in david law also died in the attack just outside los angeles he opened fire on the borderline bar and grill in the city of thousand venue that is popular with college students it's the three hundred seventh mass shooting in the u.s. this year alone she had reports the borderline bar and groom was packed for it's wednesday college country music night it was before eleven thirty pm in the city of thousand oaks about sixty kilometers from los angeles there were people saying i'm just hanging out having a good time running to hear that and you just. stay in an open fire with
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a legally purchased with an extended magazine witnesses said he was also throwing smoke bombs. on the ski mask over his face but the bottom and then had a black baseball cap on it is just is my shooting everything from. anything so it was. just ok if you just taking off that we just try to get down and we couldn't get out of there police was one officer was shot dead as he entered the building was found dead police believe he shot himself he was a twenty eight year old marine corps veteran who lived nearby in april of this year . for a subject disturbing they went to the house they talked to. he was somewhat irate. a little irrationally they called out our crisis intervention team mental health specialist who met with them talked to. this comes always two weeks after another
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mass shooting eleven people killed at a synagogue in pittsburgh pennsylvania she watch over the families. of the fallen the brady campaign says an average of thirty two people are murdered each day in gun violence in the u.s. gun control advocates had mixed results in the midterm congressional and given a tauriel elections but many analysts have concluded that the intensity with which the national rifle association has four previous elections is now being matched by those supporting the restriction of firearm availability. al-jazeera. live now to rob reynolds who is in thousand oaks for a says so rob i mean it's still less than twenty four hours since the shooting but what more do we know about the killer. well a buddy in long we know the bare bones that he was a twenty nine year old man that he was living with his mother
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not far from thousand oaks it's been described what he did last night burst into the bar and began shooting immediately and apparently took his own life we know that in the long served at least one term. of service in afghanistan want to or i should say the proper word he was in the marines from the from the two thousand and ten to two thousand and thirteen two thousand and eight to two thousand and thirteen scuse me. and he apparently was a changed person when he came home because we've been hearing stories from people who knew him when he was a high school student or a younger person before he went off to afghanistan and they said when he came home he was a different person with the a lot of hostility and anger issues you just heard the police officer in shihab rattansi story saying about how they had been called to the house and the.
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on several occasions tried to determine in long state of mind and so forth so. we may never know at this point exactly why or even if there was anything resembling a a reason that we could recognize as such for why he did this but it's the second mass shooting in less than two weeks and barbara there are this is three the . hundred and seventy three hundred in the eleventh day of two thousand and eighteen and in the united states there have already been three hundred and seven mass shootings involving four or more fatalities so you can see that this is something that people really frankly are almost no longer even shocked about so rob i mean they may not be shocked about it but how is the community where you are who
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obviously had it happen on their doorstep how are they being reacted. with you know with great sadness with grieving this building behind me is where family members were told to come so that they could if they were were missing their children for the most part because these let's remember these were all young people mostly college kids. and they would come to this building to to dig to get the word and there were some heart rending scenes here earlier today when parents were finding out that their children had not survived the mass shooting right now across the street there are several people holding up signs in in solidarity there are a lot of vigils planned in thousand oaks in the surrounding communities tomorrow
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and and in the coming days i'm sure that there will be a lot of attention paid to the to the funerals of the lives lost here and the attempt to find some answers and the attempt to try to figure out why this keeps happening of reynolds with the latest there from thousand oaks strong thank you. saying in the u.s. democrats have demanded emergency hearings in the house of representatives to investigate donald trump's remove all of attorney general jeff sessions they accuse trump of trying to undermine robert miller's investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election people are also currently out in times square and washington protesting against any efforts to undermine it sessions has been replaced by matthew whitaker who has openly criticized the inquiry classical hain reports now from washington. d. .


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