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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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even as it out the military commanders estimate that at least two thousand five hundred eisel fighters remain in dead is during and other syrian towns close to the border brigadier general you hear us who says that office positions have been fortified and the border is being secured disability went up where intensifying our intelligence gathering effort as well and we have installed he seeker and thermal surveillance cameras supported by drones were also conducting strikes and shelling and ice. where located on the highest hill overlooking the syrian border. the threat posed by ice along the border isn't just worrying it off the forces people living in the nearby town of a caught him are also concerned they've suffered in the past and are still suffering in two thousand and fourteen when a client was still under eisel control samir how mood lost a leg in an explosion the improvised device had been planted by isis to halt the
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advance of an alkie forces who were attempting to take back the town like it was with them i started working as a fisherman but the job is difficult i need to feed a large family i call on the government to help us said these are no thems husband was killed by eisel fighters in two thousand and fifteen she tries to support her family by selling milk from her two cows one and i know my children are students and need heat and electricity at home. sadness and desperation seemingly deepening even as a borders defenses are both. still ahead on al-jazeera why the democrats are raising concerns about the new acting attorney general in the u.s. . plus how world war one reshaped life in the united states longer after the fighting ended.
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and i know there is a rather unsettled for many of us across the middle east over the next few days for a look at the satellite picture we can see the clouds here that brought us thunderstorms as they roll their way to prosecute wait into the southern parts of iraq and through iran a few heavy outbreaks of rain from this that system slips southwards but it does say would open the door for more cloud and rain that's going to be working in from the mediterranean say for some of us here it's going to stay rather unsettled as we head through friday and into saturday too i mean if ever towards the south and the rates here actually look fairly low easily over the next few days particularly in this region between cattle and over q weight so in the middle is where expecting some of the heaviest of the downpour so for some of us in saudi and across into iran it really does look pretty wet at times there could well be some flooding out of this system to the south of that here in doha we're likely to see some rain as
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well particularly as you had three sunday and into monday them towards the southern parts of africa in the wettest weather here is the middle of the parts of our chango that does look pretty stormy at times but to the south of all of that it's fine and drive fairly warm really cape time getting to around twenty six degrees we do have a storm system that's making its way towards madagascar but it shouldn't reach is just yet the winds big picking up a tough thing. a moroccan man spoke out against french. and was exiled. extremist. spoke out against the regime and was sentenced to life imprisonment he spent twenty two months in hiding thirteen years in exile and seventeen years in jail. tells the story of the dissident. who's montana.
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again you're watching. top stories this hour police have told prosecutors and the body of. that traces of found at the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul and. may have been disposed of chemical. police say the gunman who killed twelve people after opening fire in a crowded bar in california was a former marine who served in afghanistan but is still unknown and long opened fire in a bar in the city of. food program says it's doubling the amount of food aid
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it gives to gammon to try to prevent. new an agency says it's aiming to reach up to fourteen million people. a u.s. federal judge has blocked the construction of a controversial keystone x.l. pipeline project the judge said that the government failed to properly account for the risk of future oil spills in the low oil prices could have on the project. failed to fully explain the factors behind why they approved the pipeline last year after it was rejected by the obama administration twenty fifteen one thousand nine hundred. up to eight hundred thirty thousand barrels of crude from canada to the u.s. . moved to restrict claims for asylum by those who try to cross the us mexico border illegally under the new regulations asylum seekers caught crossing the border places other than official border posts or not be allowed to present asylum
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claims that comes at a time when caravans with thousands of people from central america currently making their way towards the u.s. border. the democrats have demanded a measure of the hearings in the house of representatives to investigate donald thomas from louvel of attorney general jeff sessions they accuse trump of trying to undermine robot mode as investigation into russian meddling in the twenty six thousand election the white house denies those allegations has. a day after losing one of the houses of congress the president was a man on the defensive we keep hearing about. investigations now facing investigations on two fronts special counsel robert mueller looking into potential russian collusion and obstruction of justice and in january a democratic controlled u.s. house of representatives looking into pretty much anything it chooses to. with that a dramatic move his attorney general fired replaced by matthew whitaker
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a man close to the president in tweets in articles he's made it clear he thinks the moeller probe should be limited whitacre will have tremendous power over the investigation now not just the scope of it but under law he has the ultimate say as to what happens to muller's findings he could simply shred his final report but the midterm elections makes that less likely that the democrats will in fact invite. special counsel mauler to testify before the committee and testify in public about what were the findings in other words there are more ways to get the information to be public now that congress is in the hands of the democrats mother and his team have kept remarkably quiet letting their convictions speak in their stead. they've got a lot of people close to the president so far those charged include his former campaign
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manager his deputy campaign manager his former national security advisor and foreign policy adviser all have pled guilty to federal charges and agreed to cooperate giving every indication that. special counsel is making his way up the food chain the president has made it clear from the beginning he wants the investigation to go away there was no collusion it was know anything the midterm results make it much less likely he has the power to do that ilia. al-jazeera washington counting is continuing in some closely for us mid-term election races in arizona the release of over one hundred thousand previously uncounted ballots so a democrat christianson them or move into a nine thousand vote lead a republican often mcsorley had been leading by more than seventeen thousand votes if cinema wins it will be the first time in around three decades that the state has elected a democrat and half a million votes are still to be counted across the state
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a fast moving wildfire has forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people in northern california the entire town of paradise with a population of around twenty seven thousand people was emptied as the flames and gulf homes and businesses there are reports of a number of injuries to residents and firefighters china is showing off its military might as in the air and weapons show in southern quandong province china international aviation aerospace exhibitions attract around seven hundred exhibitors from more than forty countries among them some american companies who are taking a long term view on the ongoing trade war scott highly reports from two high. tech onstage in the air china's most advanced stealth fighter jet the g twenty performing at the ju high air show an impressive display but the goal to make it one hundred percent chinese has not yet been realized. it's still powered by russian made engines after delays and issues with a purpose built chinese engine under development. also at the air show the
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pakistani air force customers of the j.f. seventeen and earlier generation chinese fighter along with ally russia pakistan is the only other foreign military taking part in the aerial displays. and started having johnny had a new sixty's and then we moved on to go production but a very important for buck funny and forced to have good relations with china. commercial travel demands could see china take over from the u.s. as the world's largest aviation market in the next decade and that means a big need for more airliners for years china has been developing indigenous commercial aircraft as with the stealth fighter they have been delays. but for the first time a life sized model of the wide body c.r. nine tonight a joint project with russia was unveiled at the show a move to break into the market dominated by air bus and boeing but the first
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version of the plane won't take flight for at least five years and it will be powered by engines from either the u.s. or europe the jew high airshow is now in its twenty second year traditionally china has used it as a showcase for its booming aviation industry and advanced weapons but this year is much more subdued thanks to budget cuts and an ongoing trade war with the united states but the trade war has not kept american companies away in fact the organizers of the usa pavilion at the expo say they've seen a twenty five percent growth since the last show two years ago aviation companies and suppliers view their business in china in the long term and at least one sees china as a market not a place for manufacturing i think you know it's going to be. challenging in the next tell me two to three years. it's only the beginning of this kind of trade war the model of our company will never have been a base company and you say home first. but i mean us want to mate.
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and we've got to keep it this way on the spot of our culture so with the expected rapid growth in the number of chinese passengers taking to the sky over the next ten years some companies are willing to put up with the trade war for now. joins us now live from the. jew high going to maybe want to get them looking pretty busy behind you. absolutely yeah i know it's been it's you know that right now today is the first public day of the air so the last couple of days have been you know the industry and there are a lot of displays as we saw in that story and one thing that's that's interesting going off and what we heard for the tail end of that package that american manufacturing company they make small compressors for aircraft very important but small bits what's going to be happening next month is that boeing massive massive company powerhouse in the aviation industry they are opening
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a completion plant here in china underlying that these companies here because of the rapid growth in aviation in china they are taking a long view of what's going on with the trade war they're opening this completion plant for seven thirty seven aircraft now what's going to happen is if there comes a manufacturer for the most part in the united states shipped over here to china and then they're completed that means the interiors are built and then they're painted with paint schemes of a certain airlines that is specifically for a chinese audience the chinese market so obviously boeing playing the long game even though there's a trade war going on even though there's talk about increasing tariffs and how long tariffs are going to be in place is unknown they are taking a long game look at it and they are opening this plant in december ok so many of interest but is anyone buying. right now yes i mean the chinese airliners have been buying up any aircraft they can really get because there is such a rapid rapid growth of me. airplanes now one thing that's interesting is you fold
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into the indigenous commercial aircraft that are being built are being developed here in china that has been a little bit delayed then the chinese officials would like you saw in that piece there's a wide body that's been developing been in development with russia that has not really take. hold as quickly as they expected that's probably not going to take its maiden flight for another five years and then with these commercial airliners particularly a brand spanking new one with a brand spanking new joint. efforts from russia and china that's going to take years before it's certified to actually carry passengers so when you talk a long game yes the american manufacturers are looking at that despite what's going on with a trade war but the chinese manufacturing aircraft manufacturing is also taking a look at that but they're still covering about pretty much any of the planes they can order any the planes that are growing up. into hi thanks very much scott. final preparations are underway in paris to mark one hundred years since the end of
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world war one on sunday french president of. this that officially ended the conflict well in sixteen million people were killed of a four year is well and jordan takes a look at how the u.s. got involved and the legacy it has left on the american people on april second one nine hundred seventeen u.s. president woodrow wilson issued the battle cry the world must be made safe for democracy many americans approved of the decision to go to war against germany and its allies a government that is running amok but despite the headlines and propaganda efforts just as many americans opposed fighting in the so-called great war. the u.s. historian michael kazin described the antiwar movement in his recent book war against war it didn't seem like a war that was in the american national interests seem like a war that most europeans had not wanted to fight in the first place so there was
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a sense that if america got involved the war it would only make the eyes face more militarist country which is just the fall face saw in the european powers that had gone to war in the first place even so kazan says the impact of the war on us society was far reaching some suffragist leveraged women's performance in the workplace to convince congress they should have the right to vote black soldiers including the harlem hell fighters who fought in france discovered their service did not protect them from racism after the war and that inspired the work of civil rights activists in the decades ahead and the us started a long running debate about what it means to be a global power economically militarily and diplomatically. wilson had resisted calls to enter the war since it began in one nine hundred fourteen but after a german u. boat torpedo the cargo ship aztec on april first getting congress to declare war was easy by the time the armistice was signed on november eleventh one thousand
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nine hundred eighteen one hundred sixteen thousand u.s. troops had died either in combat or because of the flu pandemic kazan says that does not mean the antiwar movement had failed what the story there to we're moving doing what one can teach us is that it's crucial for americans for people for the nation to force their politicians and their media. and their businesses those of other businesses to. think very carefully about this decision because once you decide to go to war there's no going back an important insight one hundred years on especially given that americans still don't agree on when and why the u.s. should go to war rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington persian levels in the indian capsule in new delhi have sought to twenty times the safe level they often handed
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to festival celebrations and what's becoming an annual problem the government is blaming a combination of a firework displays and seasonal crop burning by farmers answers to a sale of the most polluting fireworks and restrict the times they can be set off but have been largely ignored. and finally the classic rubik's cube has been entertaining and frustrating people for almost forty years now but some people find it infuriatingly easy a thirteen year old chinese schoolboy has set the first world record for solving three rubik's cubes simle taney asli using both hands and both feet john knew took a scarcely believe one minute thirty six seconds it's not a record that expected to be easily piece i'm. here with zero these are our top stories turkish police have told prosecutors that
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they've ended their search for the body of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi sources have told al jazeera that traces of acid were found at the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul and it's believed that a soldier's body may have been disposed of using chemicals the journalist was killed after entering the saudi consulate more than a month ago. police say the gunman who killed twelve people after opening fire inside a crowded bar in california was a former marine in david long's motive is still unknown he took his own life after being confronted by police officers the world food program says it's doubling the amount of food aid it gives yemen to try to prevent mass starvation the countries currently suffering the largest food crisis in the world the own agency says it's aiming to reach up to fourteen million people at risk the u.s. federal judge has blocked the construction of the controversial keystone x.l. pipeline project the judge said the government failed to properly account for the
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risk of future oil spills and the impacts that low oil prices could have on the project those are the trump administration failed to fully explain the factors behind why they approved the pipeline last year after it was rejected by the obama administration twenty fifteen one thousand nine hundred clung to long pipeline would transport up to eight hundred thirty thousand barrels of crude from canada to the u.s. . driver ministration has moved to restrict claims for asylum by those who try to cross the us mexico border illegally under regulations issued asylum seekers caught crossing the border at places other than official border posts will not be allowed to present asylum claims a fast moving wildfire has forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people in northern california paradise town reports that a number of injuries of a number of injuries to residents and firefighters as the plains and gulf homes and businesses and one of the schoolchildren kidnapped in cameroon this week says the
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captors wanted to goals in the region close to seventy nine children were released on wednesday two days after being taken to members of staff are still in captivity the government says the kidnappers a separatist from cameroon english speaking minority. those are your headlines are back with more news here on al-jazeera that's after al-jazeera select. stigmatised suffering. by society people. and. in war can be done. community. health workers who are challenging attitudes and working tirelessly to combat leprosy in india like ancient enemy.
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we work hard to take the place that. was. meant to. last us. and. to. live in a. sense that i mean. this is destroying everything is destroying the country as a whole people have lost hold because they just don't feel like it will change i was very upset about it i want to remind them that we do something about. this leave it to get worse than it really is. i think it is the best way to do it it's
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a powerful tool. house my house. sale about how i have set up and have that house them and how i spoke to them i see why there are plenty what happens actually however similar is basically a track that is just focusing on corruption corruption that is going on in our country that is going on in the government and we see it we were you go cops in every way from all families forces to people that we actually look up to you know what i mean so it's just a track that is just sending out a message you want to know interest so i have made and it has to stop i teamed up
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with corruption watch so it's a. it's a movement ok. i'm the director for fiesta black's tiresomely music video we are coming from you as for me janice byrd so we're taking this entire car filled with the most obvious interrogate people in the whole world until it upside down this is another part of the the purposes of the start shooting that there should. be about how we. have. the. time to watch them and. the hour we. don't.
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have. time to shoot. a few. shots that. should. see. that. connection to the chest that we have institutions the people who suffer the most those that are. poor and. you know the period line because they are. being provided and they still get. paid for and i do believe that crime is
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a major cause of this between our society. the use of south africa. you know i just want people to join me on this fight because obviously i can't do it alone i can be the only one willing to fight i want to see i've got a big mouth to talk about so this is a time for me to just. say everything that i want to say. yeah we in the hood now hey now we're now in the slammer by the yeah we in cape town. and i'm going to. just look around you. do not. make a league that has days. i love you i say.
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who what do ya do you have like twenty people living in one yard which is like all the checks and everything so i'm going to talk to them about it and figure out what they think should be happening what should be given to them what they feel is money you know being delivered and how they feel about everything that. we've done but. we. must get. in the education and because young people in this tune. in and see in. the. open when the wind blows these things goes like oh my sleeping can't even sleep it's so cold this is opposed to if this is me if we don't talk to was lying just
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because here. no this blue top that was signed and i think yes it is the church but this is the place government was supposed to look at first because everybody go through them because of becoming. close. to the moon or all over your life yes yes. anyway yes. float well. yes. that's right i'm not. ok
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and here's my great. ok brooke who are all know now. he says he's strong my grandmother is ninety seven as you see how she's standing she's trying and she can. if you mess with her she will hit you with the stick. in a man and woman at a tender never intended maybe i would i do you know around. all my womb which would you. know must not do it it's a good tex no as a general matter let i lay a little it's a we're going to get into medicine that isn't phone. face a new teacher. of aids the pain bomb the world war we. hundreds and. hundreds of times over we have us now you think you can actually tell
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it all and i'm on about was about and all that i got would have a whole lot of that and then ever end of the day that's when they're like i want to get some nice. raul valiant and i was wrong with the mother is see. the other day that. it's a very good example of corruption and. you corruption watch how you get corruption at its best sequence and it's not only my mom i don't know must do something about it. in this do something about it and i can tell when i'm going to talk to a corruption watch going to do something about it it's bed. there's so many old people yeah it was a dream that is making so much money every man from cooking in the out of the pension many.
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people are receiving it very well and. they love the name of the song by stealing the group it's catchy and they believe they leak it. people actually do ok and they do want to change. how i see. longer. than sampling of time last in the eighty fifth must.
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go if you don't mind. let's go on a good biased. opinion that he did this. week on the end of the memo closed. off in one of them a bit of a bill. from the he said again you need. to. step left with more of me that you're not. going to get the money i must.
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have had. a lot i think ok i want all. of them but i'm one of them into my phone number. and they must've been up front of the bus but i doubt. that i once i did it must be the size of my. body now i mean my post my feeling to the other side of the bed but. i think. it's ok. thank you.


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